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The Hartford Chronicle
NOVEMBER 23, 1946
Many things happened the
other night at Bushnell at the
opera performance of Aida,
some obvious and others not
quite so obvious. The obvious
was that Stella Roman became
ill and was unable to sing the
role of Aida. Everybody knew
that prior to the performance
and therefore was ready for the
The less obvious was the fact
that a whole group of prospec
tive African natives appeared
at Bushnell prior to the per
formance and left the scene post
haste. The secret being that
these individuals were seeming
ly lured into a position that
they knew nothing about and
when they were informed, re
treated in a blaze of indigna
tion. It seems that someone made
some telephone calls for the
Connecticut Opera , Association
and asked that ten Negro boys
be secured for ushers. But in
the interim they had the happy
idea that these ushers could
easily be transformed into Af
rican natives. Only they reck
oned without the temperament
of individuals who have noth
ing in common with the African
natives but similiarity of com
plexion. Hence the objection
of the prospective natives and
Aida had to sail along without
this additional atmosphere.
Now some "of the disillusioned
ushers want to ..know why it is
possible for producers to con
tort leads so that you find y6ur
self with an Italian or Slav
singing the role of a character
of color and yet the same peo
ple feel it is preposterous to
have white boys playing the
role of African natives.
Dick Stimson, chairman of
the Citizen's Housing Commit
tee, spoke out against the lack
of cooperation of city officials
and the general apathy of the
veteran at a recent meeting of
the committee.
Mr. Stimson pointed out the
fact that he had written a letter
to Mayor Moylan over a month
ago suggesting that the City
make some effort to ascertain
how much third floor space
could be used in houses. This
letter has remained unanswered
by the Mayor's office.
The committee suggested that
something be done about the
conversion of unused space in
private dwellings, as well as the
renovation of empty buildings
into apartments for veterans.
A canvasing committee under
the chairmanship of Mrs. Henry
P. Ludorf was set up to secure
the information on unused space
The Common Council at its
last meeting voted unanimously
to limit the voting on the Char
ter to a Yes-No basis on Decem
ber 3rd election.
The meeting's phase that had
to do with the Charter was ex
ceedingly peaceful except for a
single interjection that was
made by Alderman "Wilbert I.
Tarbox, who submitted a re
quest of Thomas Reardon an
employee of the Board of Edu
cation. Mr. Reardon recom
mended that the Charter pro
posal be amended in three in
stances. '.First to change the proposed
Charter so that it would feature
a strong Mayor. Second, a re
ferendum of voters that would
force the abandonment of the
managerial charter. Third, that
candidates seeking city offices
be required to file with the city
clerk a copy of the rules of his
political party.
( These recommendations were
referred , to the Aledermanic
Legislature Committee from
whence there is little likelyhood
that they will ever reappear.
Members of the Veterans Ser
vice Commission were fighting
mad the other night at their
session because of two acts of
ommission that they claim are"
interfering with their efficiency
of operation.
Their first complaint was the
fact that the two aldermanic
representatives appointed by
Mayor Moylan had never been
of any service or consequence to
the Commission, because they do
not attend meetings. These rep
resentatives are Rocco Curto
and Dominic DeLucco. They
allege that Mr. Curto has at
tended one meeting of the Com
mission and that Mr. DeLucco
has never put in an appearance.
The other complaint had to
do with the long windedness of
the capital expenditures com
mittee's delay in authorizing
three existing openings.
The Jamaican Workers of the
Imperial Agricultural Corpora
tion are to give their annual
special Thanksgiving service at
the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church,
Sunday, November 24, at 3:30
The Glee Club will furnish
the music for the occasion. The
Thanksgiving sermon will be
preached by Rev Reverdy C.
Ransom, III, Director of Pro
gram Activities for the workers.
Rev. Ransom was formerly a
member of the faculty of Wil
berforce University and the lat
ter part of the war period was
director of the Service Canteen
at the Arsenal School.
There is considerable dis
agreement in the Board of Al
dermen about the wisdom in
having taken the traffic light
away from the corner of Main
and Florence Streets, supposed
ly because a Police Board sur
vey showed that there was no
need for such. '
Some people are of the opin
ion that having no stop light
between the Tunnel and Mai
ther Street indues hundreds of
motorists to turn that stretch
into a speedway. That this is
an area in which a great many
women and small children are
using the crossings plus the
fact there is a Fire Engine sta
tion in the very middle of the
Alderman Dominick DeLucco
sponsored the request along
with Democratic Minority Lead
er Joseph J. Fauliso. Alderman
Rocco Curto made the' state
ment that his committee had
turned' the proposal down be
cause ff the findings of the
Mr. Curto is the owner of a
gas station within this specific
area where he ean observe the
many dangers that are involved
in this traffic problem for
Los Angeles, Nov. Special
When the Daily News, self
styled 'liberal' white paper an
nounced its opposition only a
few days before election to the
bill that would set up in Cali
fornia a state FEPC, a commit
tee of distinguished citizens
called on the editor and asked
him to reverse his stand.
Although he admitted the
News had erred "tactically on
one instance and factually in
another", the editor refused to
change his decision, preferring
to believe that the objectives
of FEPC legislation could "best
be served by education and by
efforts to bring about greater
cooperation of the community
for that purpose".
Among those who called on
the editor were Daniel G.
Marshall, president of the
Catholic Interracial Council ;
Dr. H. C. Hudson, NAACP;
Assemblyman Augustus F.
Hawking; and John T. McTer
nan, of the National Lawyers
New York, Nov. Frank
Sheed, noted Catholic publish
er, led the discussion on "The
Formation of a Catholic Mind"
at the first Fall meeting of the
Friendship House Outer Circle
here. The Outer Circle is a
group of young Catholic intel
lectuals, staff members and
workers at Harlem's Friendship
House, who meet regularly to
discuss Catholic theology and
social teaching.
Thursday evening, November
14th, the Mothers and Home
Makers Club honored three fos
ter mothers with a banquet at
the North End Community Cen
ter. The mothers honored were
Mrs. Julius Blanton, Mrs. Ar
mond Green and Mrs. Oscar
There were about a hundred
guests in attendance and Mrs.
John Chafin, president of the
club, presided at the dinner.
The speakers were Mrs. Robert
Swain, public relations secre
tary of the Connecticut Chil
dren's Aid Society and Dr J.
Elmer Dixon, Mrs. McKean,
head worker District Child Wel
fare and Mrs. Hutchinson, Case
In a Good Neighbor observ
ance Mrs. Alfred Powers, Mrs.
Sydney Carroll and Mrs. Beebe,
neigbhors of the mothers who
were honored, extolled the high
character and diligent service
that had been exhibited by these
mothers from day to day.'
There was also the presenta
tion of orchids to the mothers
by Mr. Charles Jones, Exalted
Ruler of New Nutmeg Lodge,
No. 67, IBPOE of W. !
The committee that was re
sponsible for this most signifi
cant gathering was Mrs. Eugene
Shaw, Chairman, Mrs Dorothy
Hodges, Mrs. Cornelia Peteway,
Mrs. Pearl Spivey and Mrs.
Marshall Wood. A great many
individuals, organizations and
business concerns helped to
make this venture more than a
passing success and the Mothers
and Home Makers Club are
deeply indebted to them for
their services.
The Musical Club of Hartford
presented a most unique pro
gram at the Bushnell Colonial
Room the past week in which
they featured outstanding local
Negro artists. The caption of
the musical presentation was
"The Negro and His Influence
on American Music."
Among the local artists ap
pearing were Esther De Loach
Watson, soprano ; Sarah Powers
contralto ; Russell Moore, tenor ;
and Don Watson, bass.
This quartet sang the follow
ing numbers: Couldn't Hear
Nobody Pray, Lord I Want To
Be A Christian, Walk Together
Augusta, Ga. Nov. Rev.
John Walter Bowman, S.V.D.,
former U. S. Army chaplain re
cently conducted a week's spi
ritual mission at Immaculate
Conception Church here.
The Negro priest served with
the nation's Armed Forces in
World War II.
It is a little difficult! to under
stand why as many as 4000 GIs
in Connecticut could be neg
ligent enough not to have sub
mitted a report of their earn
ings to the Veterans Admini
stration, prior to having their
subsistence allowance cut off.
These reports were due on
Nov. 5th and the deadline was
Nov. 12th. In the state there
are approximately 6000 vet
erans who are taking advantage
of the G.I. Bill so that they
might continue their educations.
Of this group only 75 filed
their reports on earnings.
While this group of 25 de
linquents now find themselves
faced with suspended allow
ances, they have the additional
opportunity to file within the
next four months. But if in
the face of this allowance a
veteran still fails to file, his
training under the G.I. Bill will
be suspended.
With the recent announce
ment that because the incoming
jstate legislature will bring so
many new members that there
will be a repetition of the prac
tice Assembly to familiarize
many with the procedure, some
wits are saying, Here we go
again." 1
For it will be recalled that
some such procedure was fol
lowed prior to the meeting of'
the last legislature and from
that point on it performed in a
most incorrigible fashion.
160 members of this incoming
legislature will be individuals
who were not members in the
last session. Not all of. these
new incumbents are without any
legislature experience but ,'a
good number of them have had
vacations that have extended
from 2-10 years.
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