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16, 1907.
Willi im J. Wrinn. '.lames P. Conroy. ;
.Standing: committee Jaws A. Dow- ,
npy. John B. Gavin. William J. Fitz
gerald. John 1 Koacti and John J, .
Houlihan. ..
Rev. Henry .Stone had charge of the
services at I he Masonic home to-day.
A pleasant coincidence. With our initial issue in our new
dress, on our new press,, comes the advice of inproved and en-
hanced advertising facilities in our foreign field.
11. n. La Costa.. 11. Maxwell, Jr.
Monolith Building;
Now York, X. Y.
Marquette Building
Chicago, 111.
. i ' New York, December 12, 1907.
The Morning Journal Courier, New Haven, Conn. :
Gentlemen We are pleased to advise you that after Decem
ber 14 our New York offices will be located in the new Monolith
Building, at 45 West Thirty-fourth Street, New York City, just
a few step3 east of Broadway. Please favor us by addressing
all mail and papers accordingly.
We believe that the "Journal-Courier" will have in the
Monolith a New York office second to none in the point of equip
ment, character of building and location. The Waldorf-Astoria
is on the same block; The Martinique, The Imperial, The Marl
borough, The Gregorian, The Collingwood and The Wolcott ho
' t'els are only very short walks away.
" ' " Trusting that the added convenience in enabling you to
reach us when you come to town wiM justify us in having made
this" change, we are, with our very best wishes for a very pro
ductive year during 1908,
AJ Respectfully yours, '
,.,... . LA COSTE & MAXWELL.
" k V. It. MAXWELL, JR. '
Next Friday evening tne l.nrisimas
entertainment of the Congregational
Pun-lay school will he held in the par
lors of the church.
James Valente, the young desperado
of Wallingford, with his . pal, Louis
Boni, were committed to the state re
form school at Morideh Saturday af
ternoon by Officer O'Reilly.
Mrs. John .1. Dunn, who his been ill
at her home ,,n Church street for the
past week, is imported this evening as
much improved.
John O'Brien, of Chicago, was . the
guest of friends in the borough to-day.
Dr. A. T. Gilyard, a veterinary sur
geon, who has ber.n associated with Dr.
Kcllv in New Haven is contemplating
opening an office in Wallingford.
:Miss Bertha Wildman, daughter of
Rev. J. E. Wildman. who Is librarian
at. the Madison, N. J., library, has been
offered a fine position as librarian at
the Carnegie library, Pittsburg, Ta.
' The St. Rose society will give a
French play In the Temperance naJi on
Thursday evening, January 18.
(Spci'lnl Joiii-niil-Courler Nen Scrtlre.)
A piu.no recital was Riven at the
Nonpareil rooms on Main street for the
pleasure of the members. The recital
was so well received that the associa
tion is prepraing to give several dur
ing the comlner winter months. The as
sociation has jus!. begun a. pool tour
nament among Its members. ' ' i
The line that William Bailey Incurred '
for gambling 1" Nnugatuek last, week j
which amounted to $.'2.t7 was paid by
Patrick O'Brien of this city. j
The l.U-to-tbe-Oood basketball team
was completely outclassed by the Pi- i
rates in the game played Saturday j
evening at the y. M. C. A. gymnasium. ,
Tho final score was 39 to 10,
tnuayaBfl Night
i Stents
it a m
This boss" of the heating plant !oo!;3 after
your comfort, stands guard over your coal bin and
safeguards the family from colds due to uneven
temperature in the home. ;
with Time Clock attachment .
is tho only device that automatically provides for a higher
temperature in the rooming without losing thermostatic
control through the night. .. S '
For example : . ' '
Suppose you want to rcduca the temperature of the
house to 60 degrees duriig the night, but would like to
have it at 70 degrees by the time the family arises.
' Before retiring, you set back the controller to 60 degrees.
Then you set the time clock attachment to bring the tem
perature up to 70 at seven o'clock.
In spite of any sudden changes out-doors during the
night, the Controller will maintain the temperature you
wish, and the faithful clock will open the drafts in timo to
cive you the desired warmth in the moraine.
'And then all day the Controller goes right on keeping i
it is adapted for use with steam, hot water or hot air.
Why not unload your heating worries on the "Jewell"
land save money too ? ;
Investigate this wonderful device.
Shown and sold by , ,
131 Court Street.
for $22.50'. '
F "
ney, Miss Eva Booth, Harold Porter,
.1. W. McGroty; music committee, Wil
liam S. Warren. Ralph Pniuck, Then.
Yaas, Miss Rena Banbler.
(Special Joiirnnl-roiirtfr Hie'wii Service,!
Wallingford, Dec. 15. Choate sent Wallingford'a lack of trolley ser
'toth their arsitv and sortih teams, vice was clearly ' shown when the
, .. ' '"r.r,. o.,-,i miniature -bllwand of Saturday" tfft tho
despite the snow :storm, to Stamford , . ...... , . ,...,
. borough without cars on the principal
Saturday, where they played the Man- strnf,t, No ,.flvs -eaehetl Wallingford'
or school at basketball and were (le- on the New Haven line from 3 o'clock
feated 'by., a score of 42 to lira hi the afternoon until 7:30 in the
, ' ... . . ., ' ' ; evening. During this time more than
last and exc t ne; contest. Both games ' . , , ,
, " iOne Christmas shopper and citizen
"were well playe.i and Choate showed j st00(l on thP cornt,r;(,f Majn. Hnn (n-
the result , of last t week's vlgorpus ter streets in the blinding snowstorm
training under Conch Brown. The first and was finally forced to make his
.. , ,, r way home with the slush up to the
half of the 'varsity game was full of ! 1 1
. . tops ot his shoes and. arriving at his
hard fighting on Tioth sides and Choate ; destination in no good temper. The
got In some tin? . team ' work which i single track cars which have always
had Its effect. The haff ended with ;lheen r,m on this lin" '"M fasily
.,, . :,. . " .. t j make their way with a small amount
the score, Manor 18, .Choate lt.- In , ,, .., ... .
! of power together with the help of
the next half Choate was unable to the local snow plow, while the big
keep up the pace, and failed to fecnre-jrtouhe truckers on the New Haven
once. Brooks and Sverson played a j linP WPre without, sufficient power
great game for Choate, and had they I patUrdav. and 'the long bleak stretch
been supported during the last half , nf road between North Haven and this
place was covered with drifts which
would have undoubtedly made the
score much" closer. Manor ' scored
thirteen times in this half. The fresh
man game .was even closer than the.
'varsity, and the score at the end of
the-ftrst half .stood: Choate 10, Manor
7. The scrub team is made up of a.
plucky lot of fellows who understand
the game and will surely give a good
account of themselves before the sea
son is over. The second half was very
close and was won In 'the last few
seriously impeded the progress of the
cars. Traffic Manager Smith of the
Connecticut; company .should have
been here Saturday and there is no
doubt what his decision would have
been In regard to the restoration of
the Main street line.
The train service was kept In fine
shape, ail of the trains being on time
minutes of play: The 'final, score was: j The Meriden-Wallingford line, ran
Manor 19, Choate 16.. Coffin and
Keith did good work or, Choate. No
more contests ill,beiiayed until the
Uhristmajs vacation '.is 'over: - .
about an hour behind its schedule dur
ing the day. but in the evening sched
ule time was resumed. ,
Wallingford should rejoice over the
fact that her most dangerous charac
ter is safely lodged behind the bars in
the New It-Jven jail awaiting trial In
the January term of the superior
court under $,fi00 bonds. This pcr.'on
In John Bruton, who has a had police
record. Karly Saturday morning he
broke Into Patrick Mcl.auginin s store i Thursday
at 23 South Colony street, the residence j
of Samuel -Markovltz on Prince street.!
and the grocery store of Louis Cuenao,
40 Prince street. At the two tlrst nimed
ho obtained nothing, and at the Csenge
place stole some valuable papers and
threatened to kill Mrs. Csenge wilh a
knife which be carried. Tlfe papers,
knife and one of t"' o'lvr art. clou
were found .on. him and v. ere s'lown
In court. Saturday. . Bruton was irrest
ed at the Csenge house by OhVers
White and O'Kielly, who haf been
summoned by Mr. McLaughlin. At
torney Ernest 1. Averlll w.-s counsel
for the accused and Attorney O. II. D,
Fowler represented the state, The fol
lowing were witnesses for the state;
Officers White and O'Hellly, Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Csenge, Mr. and Mr:-. Frank
Fritz, Samuel Markovltz and William
McLaughlin. Bruton w;s arrested
some time ago for assault, of Lizzie
Keicber with intent, to kill, hut was
rel- ased on account of lack of evidence.
Henry A. chamberlain. Mil agd resi
dent of this city, died at the h me of
hin daughter, Mrs. A. N. Tryui, on
Wakclie avenue, Saturday, after an ill
ness of several months. Mr, Chamber
lain was 76 years old. , 1'P to t Ight
ycarslt ago when ,he removed to .ibis
cl!y, Mr. .Chamberlain was a prominent
riilien of Mkldletown. where, he had
J i held the offices of tar collector and r o
t'llice commissioner. Me wart an active
. ... .1. . .u., rwl.i 1--,l-
- ir.emoor ni uie .nnsoim, -mi j.
lows and the Knithtr, ot Honor in tnav
city. , i: ;'
! He is survived by three c'.illdr.h,
children, Menry B. Chamberlain, of
W lllinorfonl. and. Mrs. 1-0'ia NIeholsj
and Mrs. Albert N. Tryon, both of this
The funeral services will be h Id
from the home of Mrs. Tryon, No. 222
waketee avenue, this afternvoit at 2:So
o'llock. Interment win b- in Pine
Grove cemetery.
Our standard grade
9x12 feet, to reduce stock, at $22.50 each.
The funeral of Mrs. Maty K. Jones,
the. us-Hl and well known coVuel lady
who riled suddenly of lioart fal.ure
evening, was he'd from the
A. M. K. Zlon i huroh this aliernoon at
2::i0 o'clock. The, services w4f largely
nttetided by the many frlend.i of the
deeeised. Tho' members of Siieba Chap
trr.'O. 10. S., of which the oeceas'd ;as
a member, attended lb" services In a
body. Interment took pUuo In i'.M
drove cemetery. ,
tSpoelnt JnnrnnUC'tjurlcf .Kew Reprice.)
Rev. W. II. Alrxani.ler, of the Sec
ond Congregational church,) give an
Interesting and Instructive lecture, las;
evening on "Whitlier, the Boe:."
"Oriental Rugs'
for Holiday Gifts.
Otir values and qualities are right. Prices very
low. An unusually large showing of the finer grades
of Irans and Cabristans, $25.00 to $60.00.
Coniicctlcut'S Iargcst Carpet, Rug and Drapery Store.
;' ' .:' ., . -'.-'" ' V '.'! -' '
Window Shade Co,
75 8i ORANGE STREET. 1 '
Open Saturday Kvcninss. Foot of Center Street.
Honest Service Quick Result
At a meeting of the. Baptist Young
I'eople's union held . this, evening . at
the First Baptist church the follow-;
ne officers and committees were elect- j"
ed: Pastor, W. A.'. Spinney; president,
Blrs. M. E. ' Sellew; vice
Ralph R. I'niacke; secretary, Ida
Lewis; treasurer. Stewart W. Hall:
prayer meeting committee. Miss F.thel
May Norton, Mist; Stella G. .I'niacke,
9nd Miss Helen -.(.- Spinney; social
committee, Miss Edna. E. Church,
Mis Esther Hall, Miss Irene. Doo'little.
Miss Mildred Page, and Harold Whit
worth; floral .committee, Mrs. Ger
trude Hunt, Nathan A. Curtiss. Ronald
Hall, M. E. l.eete; lookout committee,
B..H. Wooding, Mrs.. Burton Hall, Miss
Alice Cushman. Miss Olive Post; mis
sionary committee, .Mrs. W. A. Spin-
Tho Holy Trinity Sunday School
association held a meeting this after
noon at the church at 3:30 o'clock and
was voted to give another per
formance of "Ye Destrict School' on
president. I Monday evening. Decern iter in, tor
'the boys and girls of the church. Ad-
The standing of the teams in the
city bowling league for the. past week
Is as follows:
Won Lost. P.C.I
Olymplas f 13 2 .SS6
Wallingfords S 4 ,6SG
West Ends 9 6 XM
Odd Fellows' x 7 .533
Kickers . 7 8 .4-56
Independents -. .. 6 9 .inn
I Owcnocos 4 8 .V.Z3
Crescents 2 13 .133
Morris with the hieh average of 172
is the leader in the individual stand
ing to date, with Williams second.
The schedule for the games this
week is as, follows: Mond.iy, Odd Fel
lows vs. West Ends: Tuesday, Wall
ingfords vs. Crescents; Hnirsjay,
Kickers vs. Independents; Friday,
mission will be free and the annual
Christmas donation of candy, fruit Olympian vs. Owenocos.
and presents to the Sunday school !
will be held Immediately after the j Mr. and Airs. P. J. Griffin entertained
'Destric School." The production of ' over Sunday Mr. Louis Langford, Miss
the old time school as given in the ; Alice -Langford and Mr. Edward O'-
The Hecoml nnnuil concert a'id r!a"ce
of Camp Henley W. l.awt n, Spanlsri
Amerlcan War Veterans, tra.i held In
Could armory. Although the atten
dance was small, .on account of the
storm, sllll the ndv.ihcc mic of tick
ets w?s a very large one, tne camp
realized a small sum on tne event. ;
Zieglej's orchestra furnished the music j
for diinclng. , j
The committee In cb trge of the .con
cert comprised the following: 'I!. W. j
Piper, chairman;' Charb s H. Cenlne. i
secretary; .laincs Iiykes, . treau er; j
John L. Larkin, and Mil ward lyona.
The members on the noor committee;
were Edw.ird Lyons, chtirmah; John!
1'. McCarthy, Joseph .iff, Thomas lie
Malum and George Xolan.
The quarterly meeting rf the St.
Alysius T. A. & li. society will' be held
in St. Aloysius' hall this evniing. Th
officers for the ensuing year will b?
elected and the full attendance of
members is desired.
(with watery back),
All on Demonstration at Our Salesroom,
93 Crown Street.
A man named Warner
stopped at "Disbrow's"
Some underwear to buy; .
He came into the store,
Bought two shirts and the
-'s, .
And says, "I'll be back for
some more." .
' YOVRS, ' "
P. S. Never mind the weather
you need underwear. ,
Ji '
Corner Church and Center Streets.
A clever clothing sales
man may be able to con
vince you that, a hand-me-down
fits you until you
have worn it a few times,
and then well, you will
probably .wlslr you had or
dered n suit of us, made
especially for ' you ono
1 that alwajs looks dressy
and Ills you to perfection.
We guarantee our gar
ments to lit, wear and
keep slmpe, and, If not sat
isfactory, jour money
back. '
1048 Chapei Street.
Before yon decide on jour HOLIDAY
GIFT look in at
Always glad to show goods, and (he
Inspection of all is invile'il.- New goods
Invoiced daily. . , , , '
J C-HUbiGrt
Watches. CIttclts and Jewelry repaired.
Temperance hall a short time ago was
a. grand success, and the boys and
girls of the Holy Trinity hhinday
school have a great, treat, in store for
them on the Monday after Christmas
through the kindness of the association.
Beautify the Home
Luughlin, of Naugatuck.
Miss Henrietta Perkins, of Rutland,
Vt., arrived yesterday for n visit with
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Huffum.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. YVIlkins, of Fair
street, are entertaining Mr. Wilkinson's
mother from Brooklyn, X. Y.
Nothing ndtls more to the attractiveness of tbc home
tlinii taste displayed in the selection of wall hangings. They
form a background not only for the pictures, but also for the
est of the- furnishings..- We bnvc not only made a study
of this specialty, but li"c years of experience back of it.
Many owners of 1-eautlful homes in this city will gladly
endorse our work in this line. We have helped tlicm very
satisfactorily; let us advise with yon.
ROE BROS.. 353 Grown St.
Telephone 2761.
1 "J--?
At the last, meeting of Division No.
2, A. O. IT., held In Foresters' hall, the
following officers were elected.
Chaphin Hev. J H.'Cfirroll.
President James M. llennessy.
Fice president-James F. Kenny.
Fciording secretary Michael f-'ulli-van.
Financial secretary William J.
', Treasurer James K. McCabe.
C',i-(Toji,t it arms; P.Ttrii.lr T Pnqn I
? Sentinel-Bernard J. Murphy. '
i ! Kick commit te Jam"-: Pniith. A. John '
b j Barrv, James Patterson.
T 1 Rmployment committee -John F. Cal-
f lahan. Michael W. Brown, Thomas L..
Despite the stormy weather prevail
ing Saturday afternoeil and evening,
the fair and sale given In the parh rs
of the Unitarian church
mail's Alliance was atteni
sized crowd and the affair cam to a i
i by the Wo-jVbvr;
ndei by a fair J .
nlr noma Irt fl '
1 ' :evi.3M'.fC
Bassett's Gun Store. I
It is not what you PAY for at
'thing, but what you GET for
what you pay, that counts.
Quality and Good Value are
in every item in our stock.
Guard Chains set with fancy;
stones. .';v;;:; I
' Gold Beads, single and grad-l
uated strands, from $10 up.
Gold Necklaces mounted witlf
pearls, sapphires,; topaz, ctcj
$16 to $38. : ' :-:.;. :' ;:'
", -: ' '.,s I
Sterling Toilet' . Ware-f
Combs, Brushes, Mirrors an
Manicure Sets.
Cut-Glass Vases, that ever
one appreciates, and beautifi
pieces of Pouyat China.
successful ending. The entertainment .j,
presented in the evening by the young!
people of the. church pleased those ' J
present. Th-proceeds, it Is th Might j !
by the conimit'tee in charge, will be T
quite la'rse. -
Guns and Ammunition. Full line of Hunters' Coats a7id Boots.
,' Complete line of Talking Machines Victor and Edison. October
List of Records Now Keady.
AM the leading makes cf Gtms and Rifles. Including the Winchester,
Martin, Remington, Parker, I:cfever, Baker, Ithaca. Stevens and other
well-known makes. '
The members of tli? Derby Aerie of
Eagles enjoyed a turkey supper at
their nest on Main street last evenlrg.
About sixty were present and all en
joyed the repist served. Following the
serving of the supper a mut'ical en
tertainment, was finely rendered by the
best of loral talent.
JJ E. BASSETT, T,,t Gl,sVS,.
4 !
Finance committee John J. Barry,
iterary committeeJames J. Kane,
rtin Loughlin. Frank J. Taylor.
(f pcelnl Journnl-f onrler Neivn Service.
The Rhelton' Reading circle will meet
with Mrs. D. p. ltrinsmade this after-n-ii-n
at :H0 oleinek.
The Dadier.'Aid society ef the Bap
tist church is) arranging to hold a,
bread and cali and fancy and useful
article sale in jt; lecture, room of the
church on Wednesday afternoon' of this
weeK, i
" W. F.
OPP. P. 0.
Jewelry Store.
857-859 Chapel St.
Wo'-ore now showing a most cm$
plete line of brooches, especially in t j
dainty enamel and semi-prccJo
The early purchaser has tho fi
variety to choose from, ;
78a chapel Street, mew haven.
N " '' ' '

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