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Shop Early in the Day. Hf&z Beginning Wednesday, This Store Will ' Be Open Evenings Until Christmas. eS3fr Shop Early in the Week
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Grand Daily Parade Malley s
Greatest Show on harm, Ham, Mail, shine.
- " ' 1 . !
Gift Certificates.
Many oiks prefer to leave, the choice
of a gift'to the recipient. More es
pecially is this true in the giving of
Gloves or .similar articles where the
size or other detail is unknown. To
cover this difficulty we issue GIFT
CERTIFICATES. These are issued
for any amount desired ; they can be
exchanged at any time for merchan
dise in any part of the Mallcy Store.
They are not redeemable in cash.. No
extra charge istnade for this service.
Obtainable at Main Office, Second
Floor; Ask Aisle Managers.
A Frolic Thru Christmas
HE Christmas spirit is broad-awake crying cheerily "GIVE! GIVE ! GIVE ! GIVE what you can, but GIVE!" The hurly-
burly of Malley Christmas-1 own is right next-of-kin to such hearty sentiment, tsroaa avenues or ousy marts DUDDiing overflows
of Christmas gifts, humming with Christmas excitement. Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! ever hearer, ever louder, comes the eagrr
tread of good Santa Claus. "SHOP NOW AND HERE ! " is the motto of the hour. What lots to see! What lots to do!
What lots to get ! AT M ALLEY'S. Why not shop early and spend the whole day with us. Lunch leisurely in the Palm Tea Room,
save double-traveling, time, hurried meals, hurried choosing. Choose in. solid comfort. See all the sights and let all the children see.
Take them to " Toy Town" and the parade of the" Great Show". The large, generous lines of holiday merchandise, unequalled in size,
variety in our Christmas-trade history, are alert to help your Christmas, choices most satisfying in dainty novelties or practical, helpful
remembrances. r- Come early, stay late, but come.! Come where your Christmas-gift money will, in all cases, go farthest and fare best.
Use Shopping Card.
" Malley's " Quick Shopping Cord "
gotten up especially for our public's
convenience. Right in line, just now 1
Saves lots of precious Xmas shopping
time and bother, simplifies paying,
quickens deliveries. Ask at counter
of first clerk who waits on you for one.
You pay fori everything together, at
the Main Dssk, when tDru your
w.iole day's buying.
A Christmas Reminder.
Time is getting short for the en
graving Christmas Gift Visiting Cards
Stationery, etc. Better order now.
Men's Lounging Robes.
The new Blanket Louneing Robes are
verv popular wirti men. They come here
in fine imported and domestic Blankets,
rich, reliable grades, handsome, striking
designs. Splendid assortment from $3 00
to $12.00. Here's a Christmas Special:
Lotinging Robes $4.00.
Of heavy California Blanket, in a variety of the
most correct patterns and desirable colors, warm,
comfortable and stylish ; very excellent value.
Men's " Wellington "' Gloves
1 $1.10 a pair.
Far and away the best value for $1.10 a pair
you ever put on- Of strong English Cape, perfect
titling, splendid wearing qualities. As good as
any fcl.50 Glove. ,
p -cEnrting Waists.
In ddinty'Stylish JVW,' Messa
lines, Crepe de ChineyChiffon
$12.50 Values at $7.50.
An exceptionally pretty Chiffon
Waist, lined with Jap Silk, trimmed
with "PinWheel" lace, collar and
cuffs all lace.
j $15.00 Values at $11.75.
A Messaiine 'Waist with a lace yoke
and panels-with silk ribbon, embroid
ered daisies, ands!eeves trimmed to
match. '. ' i
H '
Chrhtmas Slippers.
A.splendSd showii.in all the new
kid, leathr-and furMrimmed styles
of the seaison.
Men's RomeoiSlippers.
Tan and Black, soft turned sou,
kid lined. Prices rang; $ 1 .50, $ 1 .65,
$2j0C and $3.00. ,
Kid Opera and Everett styles, ex
ceptional values at$ 1.50.
- For Women and Children.
Women's Felt, fur trimmed, in all
colors, $1.19 and 98c.
Misses' and Children's Felt, fur
trimmed, at 69c, 79c, 89c.
Warm Leggins.
Girls' and Boys', in Astrachan and
Bearskin. Suede and Leather, 50c,
$1.00 and $1.25.
Evening Coat Sale.
Most Opportune Sale; .1-3
to 1-2 Off Regular Prices.
$39.50 Values at $19.50.
Beautiful Imported Broadcloth
Coats, satin lined and trimmed with
silk Hercules braid.
Other Evening Codts.
Other styles In all the evening
shades, Blue, Maize, White and
Leather, at $22.50, $29.50, S32. 50,
and $49.50.
Evening Capes.
The new "Mandarin " model, in
Purple, Cardinal and Leather shades
at $17.50, $29.50 and $35.00. ,
Xmas Leather Goods Show.
As dainty and delightful as can be, abounding in the picked novelties
which present themselves, in many instances, exclusively here, in a varie
ty of attractive forms for Xmas1 giving. Europe and America's largest
leather goods manufacturers guarantee us satisfaction, and we you. No
matter what you purchase, it must come up to the measure of your re-
i!ii"4A.fcl and attractive newness and, in the main run, considerably less expensive.
Medicine Cases, .50c to
, $3.50.i
Letter Cases, 59c to $4.75.
Bill Folds, 25c to $1.00.
Card Cases, 50c to $2.00.
Men's Strap Books 50c to
Coat Hangers, in leather
cases, 50c to $2.50.
Tpilet Cases for men and
women, $1.00 to $20.00.
Jewel Boxes 50c to $6.50.
Music Rolls, 50c to $2.50.
An endless variety of Leath
er Purses, 10c to $2.00.
Strap back, inside frame
Vanities, 500 to $2.00.
Wrist Bags, in all kinds of
leathers, $1.00 to $20.00.
Pocket Books, every good
kind, 25c to $3.95.
Bill Books for Men, S9c
to $5.00.
Cigar Cases, all shapes
and styles, 50c to $3.50.
Leather covered Flasks,
50c to $5.00.
Cuff and Collar Cases,
soft, 50c to $1.50.
Shopping Bags, 50c up to
$2.50. ,
Cuff and Collar Boxes,
50c to $4.00.
German Stiver Mesh Bags,
$2.00 to $15.00.
German Silver Finger
Purses, $1.00 and $2.50.
Steriing Silver Purse and
Card Case, $8.00 to $10.00.
Half-Price Christmas Leather Goods Ledders.
Vanity Purses, made from
good leather 39:, worth' $1.
Strap back Vanity Bag, in
side frame 49c, worth $1.
, Leather Opera Glass Bag
chain and frame gold plated,
fancy calf leather 75c. Reg
ular $1.75.
Leather covered Match
Safes 10c, worth 25c.
Strap top Vanity Bag 40c,
worth $1.00.
Japanese Purses 10c, reg
ular 25c.
dhristmas Gloves.
Our ilJouvin " Gloves'.
New Haven Agents for this Giov;;
known to the public as the best sold
in America, under the maker's brand
' Two-clasp $1.75 pair.
12 Button Length $3.25 pair.
16 Button Length $3.75 pair.
"Monogram" Gloves $1.
Two-clasp .Glace Kid Gloves for
Women, in Black and White, and all
the wanted shades. The Glove that
made Malley Gloves famous. Only
$l.O0, and equal to any $1.25 Glove
sold anywhere. . "
"Regent" Gloves $1.50.
Two-clasp, real French Kid, Black
and White and all the desirable col
ors. Imported direct from the best
maker in Grenoble, France ; if Clove
had maker's name on we could not
sell for less than $1.75 a pair.
$1.00 and $1.25 Manufacturers'' Sample Dolls 79c each.
A great Monday Special from the Doll Show. Your choice of handsomely dressed imported Dolls, 19 1-2
ipches high, moving eyes, sewed wigs, smart hats to match costume, shoss and stockings, or lull jainted Dolls
18 inches high, movinR eyes, sewed wig, regular Sl.OO. or large sizs kid body Doll, moving eyes, sewed wigs,,
shoes and stockings, regular $1.25. One price choice Monday 79c.
' ' i ' '
Christmas Furniture Gift Specials, Etc,
House Coat Show.1
Few gifts are more appreciated by men than
a comfortable, smart looking, up-to-date
House Coat. The women givers will find a
goodly array of the best styles., materials
and colors cf the season, likely to appeal to
. the most critical recipient. Chcosings all
the way from $3.95 to $12.50.
$5.00 House Coat Special.
One' of our great Christmas leaders, in
double-faced Wool Cassimere, outside in
plain colors, inside and collar and cuffs in
fancy Plaids, handsomely trimmed with
braid and silk frops. Most places regular
$6.50. . I , '
Men's Christmas Half Hose $1.00 to $2.50 pair.
Plenty of the staple Blacks and many new season's fancies in fine Silk Ha'f
Hose that will especially please the men. Prices range $1. to $2.50 a pair.
I.. i
Couch Covers.
Acceptable, practical, useful, dec
orative, attractive gifts. Fine collec
tion of Tspsstry Couch Covers, rich
Oriental designs and colorings, full
size, fringed all 'round. Special
valur $4.50.
Christmas Fiction 45c
This notable series is wade up of
recent popular successes taken from
the original $ 1 .50 copyrights. They
are all exceedingly well bound and
printed from new plates in clear type
on good paper. Among the many ;
Silent Places, Steward Edward White;
The Gambler, Mrs. Thurston ; The
Masquerader, Mrs.. Thurston ; The
Man bf the Hour, Octave Thanet ;
Lady Rose's Daughter, Mrs. Hum--'
olirey Ward; Princess Mantiza, Percy
s'rebner; The Man on the Bcf;, Har
"d Mac Grath; The Rose ofOld St.
'Viis, Mary Dillon ; The Sea Wolf,
tk London.
Christmas Corsets.
Nice holiday gift for a Lady or
young Lady. A pair of " Redfern "
Corsets or any other good make kept
here. If size or style are not just
right, can exchange after holidays.
50c to $6.00 pair.
HsaKh Waists for Ladies', Misses'
and Children, useful holiday gifts 25c
to$l.iOpair. '
Xmas Quadruple Plate.
A holiday presentation cf hand
some quadtuple, silver plated, gold
lined nut or salad bowl, regular $2.00
sellers, Christmas Price $1.50.
m ww - - w
St PWfeNl AIJ .F.Wfbf
The Metropolitan Store of New Haven.
0 SA
Christmas Sofa Cushions
Full size, well filled with Java floss,
covered in woven tapestry, lithograph
and Pyro etched leather, handsomely
finished, mostlv girdles and tassels.
Regular to $2.95, at $1.95.
Fine American
Muslin Wear.
'-.". ... -j .
Very choice and dainty garments,
parlicularly matched sets, all beauti
fully made and daintilv and tastefully
trimmed with laces, ribbons and em
broideries. '
Matched Sets $2.95 to $35.00.
. Xmas Skirts $1.95,' to $14.95.
' Beautifully trimmed with lace and
embroidery. .
Xmas Gowns $1.50 to $11.95.
In about twenty different styles.wilh
all the new laces, medallions and em
broideries used in trimming. '
Xmas Corset Covers
59c to $4.95.
Made in French Style of fine Lawn,
Nainsook, Batiste or all over Em
broideries, trimmed with fine, dainty
Laces and Beadihgs, both back and
Xmas Chemise and Drawers
$1.00 to $5.95.
Equally beautiful and attractive.
Illustrated Books 25c.
This is a very attrze ive series of
holiday g ft volumes put up in special
holly boxes and bound in holly covers,
Bingen on the Rhine, The Bells, The
Night Before Christmas, Greenland's
Icy Mountains, The Cotter's Satur
day Night.
"Good Value" Series 25c.
Here's a choosing of 150 choice
titles which range over the widest
fields of fiction and inc'ude such pop
ular authors as Mary J. Hdlmes,
Southworth, Sheldon, Evans. The
series is tastefully decorated, cloth
bound, printed in good clear type.
Choice' 50c Fiction:
Exceedingly appropriate and attrac
tive Christmas presents' for book
lovers. Handsomely decorated cloth
covers, exceptionally well bound with
10 full page illustrations, especially
drawn for each title. . L"rne Doone,
Vanity Fair, Stepping Heavenward,
Ishmael, Self Raised, Uncle Tom's
Gibson Folios 50c.
Life and times of Charles Dina
Gibson with full size portrait frontis
piece of th? outhor, including six of
the famous Gibson pictures mounted
ready for framing, 3 with each book.
Xmas Silver Warp. Sets.
26-piece set of the famous Rogers
guaranteed ware, consisting of 8 tab'e
6 tea spoons, 6 knives and forks,
sugar shell and butter knife, in fancy
satin lined case. Wor:h $10.00,
Christmas Price $6.98.
French China Dinner Sets
100-piece dainty Limoges Dinner
Sets in beautiful floral decorations,,
treated with dappled sold' knobs and
handles. Regular $28. tO, Christ
mas Price $17.05.
Imported China Plates. ,
Of fine German China, in neat de
corated flcral defigns, for bread and
butter service. Regular 15c, Christ
mas Pfi:e 5c '' ; ,
Cix Glass Celery Tray.
' Rich beautiful brilliantly cut glass
pieces, deeply and elaborately cut,
sparkling with' brilliance. Regular
$3.00, Christmas Price $1.98.
Parlor Table $9.75.
Correctly designed " Colonial"
Mahcgany,28 1-2 in. high, 24 in.
wide, 16 in. deep! Very decora
tive and stylish ; a worthy orna
ment to any room. Very moder
ately priced, too.
The large variety of Parlor and
Tea Tables includes all the best
and novel styles, Oak, Mahogany,
Marqueterie, Rookwood and Vern
is Martin, $1.95 to J45.00.
Work Table $11.25.
This dainty Work Table or
l.tdies' Companion is a beauti
fully finished bit of Mahogany
furniture, 24 in. high, top 14 in.
square. Top lifts upon hirges,
"revealing I convenient, nicely ar
ranged work compartment, with
spindles and divisions for all sew
ing requisites, capacious sewing
bag at bottom. Just the gift to
delight any lady. On'.y $1 1.25.
Music Cabinets $18.95.
Like illustration, handsome M.i
hogriny, 3 it. 6 in. high, 1 ft. 3 1-2
in. deep, splendidly constructed,
with double auTomc'ticaly op;ning
doors, and seven removable tray
shelves fitted with ' fronts ' an 1
hapdjes. Every . point studied
to facilitate convenient care of
music and kesp it in f.ood con
dition. O her Mu-ic Cabinets, in Oik,
Mahogany, Inlaid, Rcokwooi and
Vernis Martin, $6.75 to 532.10.
Two Groups of Christmas Dress Goods.
Lot No. 1, 50c yard. ,
Eighteen pieces very choice suiting, 54-inch all
wool, new Fall Novelties, Stripes and Plaic'ed: ef
fects, for coats, suits, or skuis. rceguiar jn.uu.
Lot No. 2, 75c yard.
Twenty-six pieces, a'l wool, self color stripes and
over Plaids, Herringbones, etc., all the best shades
of Navy, Brown, Wine. $1.00 and $1.25 quality.
French Lingerie.
Hand made.
Distinct've Chrbtmas presents, nothing
more acceptable or dainty than a one-piece
or set of French Underwear, exquisitely
hand embroidered anl hand sewn. Set? are
made up of elegant Gowns, Chemises and
Drawers, quile recent novelties, just re
ceived. French hand made Sets $8.95 to 330.00
French hand msde Gowns $1.50 to $12,
French hand made Chemises $1.25
up to J6.95.
French handmade Drawers $1.35 13 $6. 95
French hand made Skirts $3.95,10 $1 1 .95. :
French hand made Corset Covers $1.50 to J 4 95.
Monday Special 95c. 1
Hand embroidered Chemise, made
of fine Frenc',1 Cambric, embroidered
in new design, and worth $1.50.
Monday 95c.
Monday Special $2.19.
Hand embroidered Gown, of fine
French Cambric, cbemite style, extra
lull, low ntck and short sleeves, em
broidered in newest designs. Regj-'
lar$3.50. Monday $2.19.
The Metropolitan Store of New Haven.
attack of illness, was taken to the New 4i llas returned to her home.
iiaven hospital Saturday..
Mrs. Ruby Cooley, who came here
from Kirkfcville's Mission to oomnlete
rl avenue, ! her musical studies with Maestivi Sul-
eh was broken by the fall, will rr-
-e several weeks before it will be streets, is imp r-in
Mrs. Charles 11. Merwiu of it Biah- I in condition a;in
cp street, who was knocked down by a
.swiftly driven doctor's airriage 3a she
was boarding aUar at State, and Elm
Her richt wrist,
mi..'.. .i vjnv!, . !. hn hwn i Rev Tir Dpnel pastor of the Metho- I Mrs. Ford and daughter,
iupndine soire time visitlns her broth-jdist church in Woodbury, received a than, of Waterbury. arc the guests
church i week ot Jir?. au -""".
crs in New Haven, has returned to her i class of probationers into tha
home at Glldersleeve.
y ester day.
1246 Columbus avenuo.
'S. M

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