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' t-t, ttiti n.,rlMp u-hi.vi ic a TiPivtiiiancr first I tablished remitaiion. Sir A. Conan
.aNUjOuKftAl-uyUlWH.fr; - ' (j ' , Mp Kinlinir could obtain a ! pie. and only
FOI,oU.rt KOC. r , . ; n.ie' rrrc-ed of I mHcv lnsurimr that 'any book they borders of Mississippi.
,E oi,ni:T jvVKR Pf n- the publishing office; a newspaper j wrote would have a sale running into
USlir.D i.v l.ixXCTlCi;T. I which owns itself and has no axes to j hundreds of thousands lof copies. Mr.
Vl-'U' 1MVBX, NN". o-rir.fi .(.,.. h hM. which onntrlh. iPinero. as a nlavwrieht. would be sim-
52. Outi ranio from wnite peo-
$20n from beyond tne
O'JlTfmi !.y CnrTur, in the City, 13 1 ute to a better appreciation of the ob- ; ilarty insured. If we were asked to in-
ligatlon Involved toward the public. It sure the success of a new painting by
is a good thing for the country and - a tolerably well known artist we would
n! :t week. SO ro si month, S3 for
, nix month, a icar. The same term
; ly m.'iii. Single .-iiple.i, 2 rents,
editorial uooh, cg-i.
Issued ThurNAsr. One Dollar n Year.
J. B. Carrtn&'toa Publisher
7i. G. Ohborn. EdHor-la-Chlef
Arthur J. Sfioone M-tunsins Editor
T. E. F. Noriniin Advertising: Manager
Monday, December 1C, 1007.
ii TJIf. JoUHSAl.-COUltlEH.
P Street tne reauera uiiu jiauwn 'i
spaper this mprning with a
jnd enthusiasm born of a larg-
. .oi'tunity to serve the community
;ich it has been printed for one
,-ed and forty-ono years. The most
jrn facilities are now ours with
fi to live up to that standard of
.rialistic service which we have set
Selves with deliberation and eon
Lion. As the youngest oldster in this
etion of the State of Connecticut we
Are as fit as a fiddle for the construc-
fcve work ahead, which knows no lim
it and which is equal in spirit to the
needd of the fit yof New Haven and its
vVe print elsewhere ir. Uis columns
of The Journal-Courier an illustration
f the, new printing press which for
She immediate future v.;ill do what w
require of it. It is in r.o spirit of odi
ous comparison or undue self-fclicita-tlon
that we state that it is the most
modern printing plant yet devised by
the wizards 'of the designing room and
the foundry. In its grasp of the needs
cf the newspaper of to-day it does ev
erything but talk. It does permit the
newspaper to talk in a language which
this community understands and
kwhich will more and more express its
' aims and ambitions. It is the p.-.iduct
' of what used to be known as the West,
before the bold explorers set their
faces towards the Pacific coast and
over the Rocky Mountains. For years
, the city of Chicago has been wrosi'ig
from the East the supremacy in the
manufacture of printing machinery
and the press which The Journal-
,' Courier now uses embodies the best
Ideas its makers have evolved out of
a lifetime in the study of that class of
' machinery. It is unique in this respect,
that it permits and encourages its own
growth. As the prosperity of the news
paper increases it can be added to nn-
itrDtnany. it cajjtsti' that the latest
printing iprecan do.JVTncTudlng"
W-asrrfig of matter in colors. And the
machinery which accompanies it, and
; which makes the matrices and the
cylindrical plates from which the pa
per Is printed is likewise of the most
modern construction and design.. So
; that when we refer now to the ,ic
chanleal excellence of our Goss print
ing press plant wo do so without fear
of either criticism or denial.
It will be but a fetv days' more be
fore the business office will be located
on the ground floor and the entire sec
ond floor of the Courier building will
be jiven over to the editorial and type
setting departments. The mating ar.J
circulation departments aro aireaT.'
happily situated in the basement. We
fcpoak'of these details a', this time be
cause they all play a Mr; in the
achievement of making a ftrst-etass
morning newspaper for the go .d . ;
this section of Southern New Enghtr.d
As we said at the time of the reorgan
ization of The Journal-Courier, six
months ago, we have only gratitude in
our hearts for those who hav? d-ne so
njiicii lor me institution flii"ii g the
one hundred and forty-one veers its
.rrsperduS existence. No on a man and.
X-'no one set of men make a newspaper,
nor can the glory of it be given to a
' single generation. To account for a
j newspaper the age oi this one the stu
dent of its growth and influence must
dwell upon the work, the fidelity and
the Judgment of many men of a, any
generations who were the leader In
we welcome this attitude of the public.
The kind of newspaper it wants rk the
kind of newspaper The Journal
Courier is to-day and will continue 'to
be with, the facilities it now has to re
inforce its policy. Aveiew the future
with confidence. The past wc part
from with a lively sense of affection.
More long messages in sight. Toledo,
San Francisco and Boston have chosen
literary mayors.
submit it to our art critic."
Wonder if any of those English in
surance companies would insure
shrinking and protesting inhabitants
of the United States against being
nominated for President.
This country is now in its seventh
week of "panic,"i and it is standing it
pretty well. The scare has long been
over, and the attempt now is to get at
the actual facts of finance and busi
ness. Progress is being made In these
directions. The premium on currency
continues, but is small, and will van
ish soon, perhaps this week. Business
is being Carefully clone, and more as
it ought to be. There does not seem to
be such unsoundness and weakness as
there have been in most of our past
The eagle can withstand a twenty
eight day fast. Is that why they put
him on the new coin?
311 1C lltEl1 SAILS.
It. is not at all difficult, even though
one is not President of the- United
States, to imagine in a lively spirit
what President Roosevelt's feelings
will be to-day as he watches from the
bridge of the Mayflower the procession
of battleships as thty start on tVir
long journey to the Pacific coast. What
Admiral Evans calls a practice trip
was conceived by the. President and is
in scope and spirit thoroughly char
acteristic of his world power views.
The feeling of pride in country
which will be his as the immense float-
This really remarkable achievement
is making the Mississippi negroes cele
brated, and celebrated i:i a much bet
ter way than Vardaraan has been and
is. They owe him a vote of thanks for
his action, which wrs ;
and he owes them a hearty acknowl
edgment of their ' zeal, tinsolfisaners
and persistence. Of course such an ac
knowledgment voiiloiii uj x..v... ,
good, but it would lo hi -
The ethereal oils are first mixed with
the wine spirits, and the mixture, after
t to months' digestion, is distilled at I
gentle heat. The preparation is thn ;
placed in kegs and removed to the cel
lar, where it lies five or six years, and
only then is placed on the market.
fieasy for Chri
mas j
The United States government wis
recently represented by Governor Gen
eral Smith of the Philippines at a cele
bration of an almost medieval custom,
that of enriching favorite shrines and
religious images with costly offerings.
&n IT it" Phi Urines! I And they'll finil use lor them before the
The Filipinos contributed $50.00.) in : Winter S (Wr.
: jewels for the shrine of the Virgin of If you're hllVino- a s!eJ consider the
tne uosary, in 4Marnia, ana a i clrnoth .;;u k. Rriirht naint
j O NOW or nfo snow, some boys 'and
: puis expj
tt 'o find Sleds in their
Christmas morning.
and a
crown was placed upon the head of the
image, with imposing cc-remonies, tne
would indicate that he has a streak ; apostolic delegate and five bishops,
representing liie arcmpeiuKu unu -"-
of white In him.
I inc armaments pass him out to sea
"panics." and though it is evident that i .... . . ,)V ..,..,. cl)lzcn ln the
'country, even those who question the
the slowing-down process must go on
until the real level is reached it is
going on in an orderly and sensible
way. Tho best opinion is that the de
pression will not be long and that the
country will soon he as active and
hopeful as its grandeur and wealth en
title it to be., Then we shall all be hsip
py again.
Secretary Taft is lucky in the quality
of his Connecticut friends, They know
a good thing when they see it and they
know how to get after the good thing
when they want it. The friends of Mr,
Taft in this State have power and they
timeliness or perhaps the necessity for
such an endurance test of the ships
and the men. The people of this coun
try are not so lost to the 'emotions
i which spring lightly to the surface or
the human breast as to overlook the
gratification of knowing that this is
the greatest battleship fleet, the world
has ever seen collected together and
sent upon a journey. A's an achieve
ment it appeals to everybody. Someone
has said that it is the get there spirit
of the American people that fascinates
tho onlooker in another country; the
determination to succeed in what is
undertaken even though it does not aN
together commend itself to all. It is the
The Jersey mosquito has been in.
danger ever since it was flifecoverec
that 1 y cleaning-up and abolishing his
breeding places he could be abolished.
Reasons enough why he shoujd be
abolished were long ago given, and
now there is another. Even as the mos
quito in Cuba, is charged with trans
mitting yellow fever, so is the mca:
quito in Jersey charged with transmit
ting malaria. This charge will doubt
less hold, for, as nobody knows what
malaria is, or how it is transmitted,
the mosquito is evidently guilty. Does
he not go from one to the other, sing
ing and stinging and transmitting?
Plainly he docs. He must therefore die
more than he formerly must, and some
of the good people of New Jersey are
showing new energy in their long fight
against him. Wfccn they succeed and
when New Jersey is free from mos
quitoes and malaria sle will be even
more famous than she now Is, and
Connecticut and other States will has
ten t4 do her tho honor of imitation.
If malaria and mosquitoes can bo
wiped out with one fell blow, or sev
eral fell blows, the sooner it or they
are delivered the better.
ntal countries, officiating in the pres
ence, of 15.000 persons. Governor Gen
eral Smith is a devout Catholic.
A semi-centennial reunion of the sur
vivors of the first territorial free-state
legislature of Kansas was held the oth
er day In Lawrence. There are six
survivors, and all were present. They
were E. N. Morrill of Hiawatha, former
congressman and afterward governor;
Dr. A. T. Still of Kirksville, Mo., found
er of osteopathy; O. E. Learnard aiod R.
J. iil'iot, both prcminent citisens) of
Lawrence; Col. Samuel J. Stewat of
Humboldt, who has made much uoney
in the oil business, and H. Miles jMoore
of Leavenworth, who was electedattoi--nev-general
by the free-state party
back in 1S56. The roll of thelegisla
ture which met in Lecomptpn fifty
years ago to frame Kansas' ttrst laws
was caueti, ana tn men present iota
what they had known abouv the mem
The Popular Scienjc Menthly has dis
covered that it Is largely scientific dis
covery that has lessened the Incomes of
Ecientific men.' Prices depend on ail
sorts, of conditions, psychological as
well as material, but . in the end they
are determined by the value of gold, and
the value ok gold depends on tho cost
of production. The cyanide process
and otho,f advances in metallurgy, min
liif? ami' prcology, as well as the discov
ery of new tlel.ls, have greatly lessened
the ccfst of producing gold. The world's
production tji g-old in 1896 amounted to
2ti2,iwio.'.()0. in 1;mh; to S40n.OOO,oOO, or
almost double. Unlike tho wheat crop,
the aiinual output of gold is not con
sumed,', and the supply probably bi
asing vinore ran ally than industry
and eoir.nierc-o. "he decreased cost or
pronuclei' gom u mis to moKe :ui prices
igher, anil wages :-u
may make a pretty sl.d but it never
makes it stronger.
Our s'eJs Are well built and som:are
handsome asj well as sluidy. We show
a largeasso,r;mer.t ol styles and sizes.
-'Frarao Sleda. B0ctoS3.75
J "Pigstickers,", 76c to s3.b0
I iesiblo Flyers,
81.75 toSlO.OO
' Toboggans, 4.00
Open evenings until Christmss
754GhAPir.i-ST.,-320 &TATE rVr,
We are offering only
articles' of beauty
and Artistic merit
suitable -for Holiday
It is fair to assume from Mr. GU-
iJett's findings tht, while it is not ne
cessary to go so tar as Mr. fox in
sounding the crji of alarm, the money
is truly dying at Panama, as well as
the dirt. Mr. Gil'elt is doubtless right
in thinking - that this in the way the
American people would vote to have
tho work done But that it will, when
completed, constitute one of tho big
gest enterprises ever undertaken by
any governnifrit in the history ot the
world., entailing 'a huge toU! outlay,
admits of no reasonable doubt. i
827 ChijBl SM .
w mW m m
wh". use it for his good.
Charles Hopkins Clark, the able aid I get thore Rpirit 0t this battleship cruise
experienced editor of the ' Hartford
Courant, says in an interview with a
representative of the Leader: "I not
only think he will get the nomination,
but I also firmly believe he will be
elected. I can't see how the country
can afford to let such an opportunity
pass. Secretary Taft has had experi
ence that would prove invaluable to
him; he is a big man in every sense of
the word. I think that Secretary Taft
would make the finest President the
country has ever hnd."
are not to be undervalued on that ac
count. It is certainly true that no man
has ever had the preparation Mr. Tai't
ha3 had for the office. He has worked
in every possible field of political ser
vice and has in each acquitted himself
with the greatest satisfaction to those
who employed hfm. Upon what
grounds then will the Republican or
ganization of Connecticut turn to an
other in preference? It will be Inter
esting to, wait and kpc t '
More than two hundred men in New
York city are working to Improve au
tomobiles, and more than two million
men are working to move them:
tow in at h.nihr:$.
New Haven's snowstorm was a good
ope, and a bad one, but it wont have
any such far-reaching effort as the
snowstorm which came down on Chi
cago in January, l:i05, and doesn't
seem to have been cleared away yet.
The Civil Service commission of Chi
cago has discovered that eleven hun
dred street laborers are still employed
by the city for; the Pemoval of that re
markable fall of snow. According to
the records these eleven ' hundred
emergency laborers were kept at work
at the removal of that snow all
through the campaign for the. re-election
of Mayor Dunne, and, curiously
enough, the number of emergency la
borers for the removal of the snow
rose to 1,500 in July, 1906.
That's something like a snowstorm.
Even the "Wizwrd" diminishes before
which has quitted what apprehension
there was when the trip was first men
tioned and it is the get there spirit
which will sustain the officers and men
until the fleet has been divided and re
turned to. routine duty. It has been
demonstrated that what no other ni-
... .. ...jfs.
tion on the race or tno cartnomti in
probably undertake is tieing w ,
,l Jt-.ncB and
en with the greatest confjf ,
, 'he doing
ease by the United Ptateir
;-s the country
of It cannot fail to iaf
j'own power;.',
with the sense otj ,
j ,- , gm-t " -a o uuuei utnuiB
and has not been clear beyond tlie sin
gle fact of achievement along the lines
suggested. Admiral Evans tn a speech
before a" New V'ork club insuring them
th?t the navy will give n good account
of itself added "whether it turns out
to be a feast, a fight or a .frolic." It
is not likely to be any one of the three.
Such a trip as the bcttieshirs have en
tered upon can be neb her a, feast nor
a frolic, and it is not at all likely to bo
a fight. If there ever was n prospect of
a, fight the mobilization of this ma
moth fleet and its dispatch to tho
waters In which a fight was clone pos
sible have eliminatva it. It has been
a disagreeable thought that the United
States had in any way so conducted
itself as to run the risk of a fight with
another nation, but it. is an agreeable
thought that if conditions appeared to
place tha country In that altitude it
0.3 m-oiily
ot) i l-on mis ovc.
New Haven has some flourishing
and useful clubs, but there is room
here for one more. Pig Brother clubs
are being organized In .several cities,
New York being one of the latest to
have one. Every member of a Big
Brother club is pledged to take a per-
ial interest in the welfare of some
Mu1 delinquent, become his really
next u, m6 U)0 fl ,rnj (,; t
personal meet M i ""5Sr.J,rm of
charity, nor yet throngn lens
Hies upon tne importance of upngtit
Iking, bur ny tno natural ptay cf nu
man Interest, by actual contact with
the lad, by acts of friendliness arising
from this real Interest, and by tne
power of example and by a skilful di
rection of his thong endeavor to lift
him above the plane upon which his
tinfortunat3 young lifo has been cast,
and direct bis endeavors to make the
in opt of himself.
The old quesdon, Am I my brother's
keeper? can be thus answered. A
Big Brother who can make, or help
make a useful mr.n of a little brother
Is doing work which (he world very
much needs.
n:n.-i, nt.rb--. tiny
bie in valtic less than had be n agreed
end debts are puya -
was able to meet them with ,a show
of power. This is and ought to be the
most peaceful nation on the face of
the earthJSmd possibly it will remain
so because it possesses the tools which
make peace sure even where the spirit
awaket-.ed is for war.
"'"Whatever the mystery which lies
back of this impressive demonstration
and whatever comes of the trial of en
durance and the lesson of experience,
only the most affectionate regard will
go with the officers and men from the
that. It is now hoped U;;;t Chicago will great American public. Here in the
be able to get that sr.cw cleared away ' Stato of Connecticut the thought that
i before the Republican national con-!1-ie ip which bears itii name leads
vention meets there next June.
SATIS't; .lo doisgs.
It costs nearly as much, to pav the
salaries of the municipal servants of
New York city ns it ,'oe to sunnort the
If it the way to the Pacific will be dwelt ent!re army of the United States. The
salaries amount close to J, 0,000,000 annually
I bought my fine gold watch on time,
Terms on an auto wrote for
And purchased one, the same one I'm
,1'ist due to pay a note for.
I have acquired p. house and lot
The nouse ''s furnarp heated:
In twenty years I shall have got
My payments till completed.
I've books some very handsome sets
Thill by degrees I m buying.
One must inoiir some trifling d"bts
While such s'Oiill wants supplying.
I've furniture, '1 he man just came
And 1 knew what that call meant.
He was collecting for the s-'ir,e
And I paid one installment.
It's lovely, i his installment plin.
For gelling what, you're needing,
If yon are not a careful man
And' like a little hleedlng.
l'rr. even worked It in regard
To stylish, ready rn Intent.
But still 1 n -rcl !' mighty hard
To inset the easy payment,
i Chicago News.
their period of service; the far-sceii
men who looked irito the future while j rto"!;n't the u mcn v'"ln Set a bad , P- ilh Increasing pride. Tho first
t they recorded the news event ot tuo ! m,Prcs&!r'n 01 tnc "!S ty, .inn will not nx a written constitution t.-
moment Too ofte'- in tbu ii'-i -v I oe -"Kmy to oreier anotner convention I -" " 'v uio urm uuo to cn-
jook the sacrifices of those, who tolled I
that we might the better live and have j
our day. So in acknowledging this I
hold there.
i joy the. distinction of plowing the tv
The fir.n er.veiope ever made Is
j to new
I mcnt3 i
ml undrcameu
n:ial str-it'g;-.
of aehievo-
"Tht! lit;k
kpii: i ., ....
morn In ir the debt nfm.i.,,,1,. - ! t .- ... i",v "" vn ':aJ'- u"'r" '
----- o- .... i,i uiU fcJIILi.-iU Ili'l.M-OUl. OOIUC Oi lUC
those who were at Jic helm' before we jsubset'ttt-r.t ones. are kept In tho pock
wero permitted to consider the holdinr ' cts r toc-3lesas men who l.-.is -sol-
f h w - a ... -:. I en" rromiseu to mail tne
,s, j v tuv HUM V oH'HU I'J VU h-
ourselves to carry on the work along
!v similar lines, lines which recognize tho
iiitduty a newspaper owes the community
i, which it is published first of all, and
ji 'l ieh believe in tho unwritten ethics
yjcivi j solicit ixsuji iscr.
This is a lively cojntry, but England
tho Identification Do Tocqucville gave
it in his remarkable book, haa rich
red blood In its veins and so has the
big white ship which bears its name.
Borne people know what they want.
The male population ot Leyton, Eng
land, is disgruntled because the curate
sent to 1111 a v.-.cancv there could not
play cricket as well as Rev. F. H Gil
iiagham, an army chaplain, for whoso
services the parish had asked.'
The Joney Flylus nt Panama.
(Tht) Eostoij Transcript.)
In an acidressiefore tho Yale Politi
cal Science club, on "The Panama Canal
as a Business Venture," Mr. George L.
Fox of New Haven presents as the con
clusions of his investigations of the
subject tho belief that the structure
will cost at least half a billion dollars,
and perhaps greatly in excess of that
figure. He believes the annual in
come from tolls, on tho dollar a ton
basis which has been commonly sug
gested, may fail as low a3 four hun
dred thousand dollars, while the an
nual cost of maintenance will be be
tween two and tnrce millions. Its bens
fl-lfileft'ects In loweringiififht'fsrt-" -i
w i oem! tb t 1 ua of
loioiguc--.'$'. i'".' greatly to our own
people. In short, he agrees with Sam
uel lull of Seattle a son-in-law ot
James J. Mill tnat the building of tha
Panama C anal la "trn monumental tolly
of tiio age." and chiefly because it will
ct so extravagantly.
Mr. Frederick H. uillott of Spring
field, a member of the house commit
tee on appropriations, has Just returned
from a visit to Panama., chiefly de
signed to secure the soft ot informa
tion which would equip him tor the
discussion cf canal tutnirs as they arise
in congress. Mr. Giiicti. acknowledges
that the expenditures impress him fur
niioubly, although ho. feels sure that
Mr. pox has greatly overestimated
them. The Massachusetts representative
lias always been rather sceptical of the
commercial value of tho enterprise. He
reasons, however, that we have become
so audacious as a people that if we
once make up our mind, sentimentally,
on rtnv sih'Ii underta kinur hm ihis fh,,
probaole balance of Income and outgo j
resulting uoes not greatly Denent our
decision as to It.
Everything at Panama, lie found, had
been done on an expensive scale. The
army Is never economical anywhere.
The conditions from the beginning
wets such that Uncle Sain was bound
to err, it at all, In the direction of lib
erality. H was necessary to mass a
huge working force on the Isthmus at.
once, and under such conditions that it
would stay. If from Insanitary or eith
er objectionable conditions, an exodus'
of laborers had set in, it might have
taken years to re-establish a necessary
working force, and to live down the
reputation once acquired. No expense
has been spared ln eradicating disease
germs, and in offering wages which
would bring laborers from all parts of
tho world, policies which have doubt
less been necessu'ry as well as hu
mane. From all the testimony Mr. C I lift t
received, he concluded that the forty
thousand men on the government pay-roll.-i
there, were getting just about
twice as much as they would receive
from private concn ns employed in tho
United Slates. A yount; man from
Holyoke, the foreman in one of the
foundries, reported that the moulders
under iiim received from sixty-five to
eighty cents an hour, when they would
not get over two-thirds that at home.
In addition to wages all employes get
medical attendance tree? and each.
American gets free quarters a com
fortably furnished room if lie is sin
gle, or a pleasant furnished home of
tour or five roonls if he is , married,
with light and fuel also free. Huge
mess halls are run by the government
where meals are furnished for thlrty
eents, the best! tor the price that Mr.
Glllett has evr seen. The government-
has besides hul'.t four clubhouses
at thirty-live thousand dollars each,
furnished with bowling alleys and bil
liard fables, turning them over to the
Y. id. C. A. to run. In short, not only
are 'he wages good, but everything
which contributes to the health, com
fort and entertainment of the employes
has been provided on a generous scale.
ri inLic.
"It's a mystery to me why so many
men marry for the second time."
"Well, you see, nn two women are
alike." Cleveland Leader.
Chesterfield explained his manners.
"i always behave us though Christ
mas were coming." he remarked.
Herewith they no. longer marveled at
his courtesy New York Bun.
- Customer Waiter, bring me n por
terhouse steak smothered in mush
Waiter (to conkl Choke one with
the toadstools. Chicago Journal.
You folks are doubtless well aware,
December is the closing month
It's time, therefore, for you to think
Ot what to give up Jan, the oneth,
Louisville Herald.
A public school magazine contains
this courteous announcement "The
editor will bo very glad to hear of the
deaths' of any of the old boys." No
doubt the old boys will oblige the edi
tor from time to time. -New York
Mrs. Casey I don't know what we'll
put In little Patsy's stockin', Mike. He
writ a letther t' Santy Claus axih' 'r
a rale auttymobile, noHss,
Mr. Casey Shure, wa'll drop a few
drops tv gassyline In It nn' I'll bet he'll
be thankful he didn't git th' rlst iv th'
machine. Puck. '
"There's a lot pf ..talk Jh'-tfr" -t-cit,
said MJDuU''-'aKv- U1,a necessity
forttaifO'-m., ' laws.' Wonder
J'.ii" .m'fn by that?" "Probably.''
ip.uirgested Mrs. Dumley, "it's to compel
divorced people to wear a uniform so
other folks can recognise 'em." The
Catholic, Standard and Tlm3.
Minister Why la it, John, that you
ea i go to town without getting un
der the Influence of liquor?
John De folks axes me ter drinks an"
I kain't bery well 'fuse, sab.
Minister Tut! People don't ask mo
to drink when I visit them.
John I reckon I's mo' pop'lar dan
yo' Is, sah. Judge.
"That s n bum horse you sold me last
week," blurted the angry customer.
"ln what way. sir?'' queried the
crafty denier, rubbing his handa.
"Why. you told me he would go like
the wind. We watched him nil day ami
couldn't see him move, at all,"
"Well,, neither could you see the
wind." Chicago News.
The Arnold
'. Safet Razor
Ts in effect a combined "Kcg
jilur" and "Safety" with all the
advantages of both; with no
disadvantages of either; ant!
with many exclusive advantages
of its own. r
In its case it has the shape,
size and exact appearance of a
Fountain Pen.
It is something entirely new,
practical and requires no strop
ping or honing.
Kazor with 10 double edged
blades, .
zkHarvey& Lewis &
B61 Chapel St Yewf&wen
865 Main. St Hartford.
360 "Melit, St. Spring fi'eid. Mass.
1 MW-ei,
tr.'&iW'rw-M;' iash
Grace, and' beauty of
figure debe'nd in a great
degree, on correct cor
setlng.- The "Todd" cof
best conforms b
... - '
off latest decree.
Made to order only,
EJastiq stockings, etc,
made to measure.'
Henr H. Todd
2S2-2S4 YORK ST.
I ' . -- . -i" H
w ?. tit," "
Piano like "his
; 9150.00
Everything i
that makes mu
sic, and all mu,
s i c that is
(te H. LoDmis'
837 Chaocl St.
) ! mr
, Ml
1 ,J lr
1 ' lr
I jbeer
1 elUOl
1 rnti
The announcement that Thcmas V.
is away ahead of it in some branches i Lawson Is going out oi the reform
of insurance. Tho manager ot a Lon- j business is to some a conspicuous in
ch should control ev.;:y great force don insurance company points out that U'L"'1'1 " ,H ot nit in.
It Is easier fron: siic tttost of the companies are prepared to ' ; , . , .
view to print a newspaper ' accept risks which a short time ago
than.it wfia a generation iijjo. v.-ould havo been considered ridiculous.
:'r.Have You
ood or e.AJ.!
j. of
Vardaman of Mississippi hasn't been
"'egraph,' the telephone, the do- Under policies ntov obtainable insur
'nt of the police organisation, ianco can be obtained by an author that
. yluctlor. 'of ,-apid transit and j his luteal book will sell to a given
'wlication of new devices to. ! number of copies; a playwright that
'world more compact have !
Aught ,h:imar. cond'act ,and '
Jt directly under ti e Me-.v I
lis drama will not be taken off the
age. through failure before a stipti-
A great pageant of "Darkness and
Ugh'," a series of descriptive rcpre-
senlatiors of famous scenes in the his
tory of missions!, is being Hrransol for
tho exhibition of the London Mission
ary Society, to he liolet In London next J . t . k
June, an af.'irtr for which 10,000 helpers I Hinfl7 T H
havo enlisted. ' i Ulliill &
There is an Impression that King
IMward lies the royal box of each the
ater always at his free disposal, but
although there is not, a manager who
would not bo delighted to have !h--
royal patronage on those, terms, the
king, as a mailer of fact, always pays
looked on as a very warm friend of the j for his box (or rather two boxesi at
(the same me as any ordinary individ
ual would pay lor the same accommodation.
I B ' fta of Ml
CAn inspection x I
twM of our stock ' pij 1
I Kl may suggest mm I
I fflfflj some gift that MfM I
fllgl thought has-. - m
I lpj . been unable to , Hj
1 i ! ' 330 dljaprl Bttstt i
1 ' i IwbM I
fi ML.. igy I
negro, and it isn't probable, that he in
tended to do him a. good turn when, as
Governor, he vetoed the. legislature's
appropriation for the. State Normal
School for negro students at Holly
(or. Bcca-'s
:4.o make a r.ew-caper It
;somi upon the judg
iuntition rVf t'noso who
' a time In the h!s-
s in that ! painter that his canvas will be accept-
! eel by the Paris Salon or tho Tloval
' 19
he renonsl-
crv-cij we.c as
and there arc
tnat the puhhc
.tent upon a
Intel number of performances; a jSprings, Mississippi. Vardaman's action
compelled the school to close its doors,
and that isn't ail it dirl It. set the ne
groes of Mississippi at work to build a
better 'school than the State had given
them. Kow.jjt the end of five years,
hey are in proud possession of three
iundr4 acres of land on the; outskirts
of the town, on which has been crcct
aNichool building costing $38,000,
Arjdmily, or will be sold within a time
agreed upon; a composer that his song
will be ,-t success: a golfer that he will
be relieved of financial responsibility If
ho hits or iuj'.'res his caddie. "Of
course," said the insurance man, "we
will not !r.s-.:o a policy If the risk is
obviously too great. An cufhor, artist,
or playwright would have to be of cs-
Of thei, 5,000 raised for ".and and build-
The announcement, tint King Ed
ward's great diamond will probably be
taken to Amsterdam to be cut, and
that it. may be reduced in weight to 1.
oeo carats, shows 'now much these
great gems lose in (ho process of cut
ting. For moderately large gems the
lo:; is generally reckoned at about
half, but for one of such a size as the
Culliran it is admitted that it cannot
with safely be estimated at less than
two-thirds. ,
It Is stated In a foreign contempor
ary that the chief condition to tho
achievement of a perfect preparation of
eau de cologne Is prolonged storage.
The production of this world-famous
article in t's original home in Cologne
13 curried n in the simplest manner.
If not, perhaps it will prove worth i
l.. . !. 1 I- ... 1
VOur wllio ir., mm.-: a i.jiitt at uui
Sf0!.c at canes anil tics and um
brellas and studs and trunks and
jewel cases and scarf pins and glerecs
and dressing gowns am! smoking
jackets attd plush robes and rein
deer waistcoats ami briar pipes.
That list, in its variety, ui.ty sound
disorderly, but the display of goods
Is wkhio direct and systematic in
spection. These nre only random
suggestions for your Christmasing.
Have ton Forgotten
e ran lira
Still some very handsome Work Tables, La
dies' Desks., Library and Parlor Tables, Armchairs,
Rockers, etc. the kind, that, by their beauty as
well as their usefulness, are buso to delight those to
whom they are presented. With our
Chase & Co.
1018 an.- 1020 Chapel St,
Furniture gifts are very reasonable. No trash
that we are trying to get rid of nothing but what
is worth having our entire stock to select from.
Gifts' of inferior quality would reflect upon the giver
and our store. .
100, 102, 104, 106 ORANGE STREET.

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