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, DECEMBER 19, 1907.
? "
large amount of work which has to be
accomplished this term.
The value of merchan
dize I ves long alter Its
price Is forgotten
Your Gilt need not be
expensive If It ts
carefully selected
Public School'
gifts boujht for school
A4 fistivals.
To help "Him" select "Her" gifts.
To help "Her" select "His" gifts.
To help everybody select
everybody else's gift.
And it needn't be an expensive gift.
Put personality into it, select it with care,
watch for' price opportunities
like these of today.
School festivals.- fW
Sunday School
A reduction mace on
gifti bought for Sunday
chool festivals.-
For Tonight's Selling and Thursday's
Prices on Toys
65c Dolls Houses, 49:
75c Toy Stoves, 49c
75c Magic Lanterni, 49c
75c White Enamel Beds, 49c
75c China Toy Tea Set. 49c
35c Folding Board Gam;s 19c
$3 Rocking Horse, $2.50
$2.50 Roll Top Desk, $1.98
$5 English Doll Carriage $3,98
$1.50 ImportedTeddy Bears
in brown, white or cinna-
, mon, for 98cts ,
Gut Prices
On Gift China
$1.50 Fancy China Vases 98c
$3.50 Fancy China Vases, for
$2.50 Each.
$6.50 Black Enamel Clocks,
for $5.00 Each.
$1.00 Tobacco Jars, 75c
$125 Tobacco Jars, 98:
$10.50 Dinner Set, 100 pieces
for $8.50
$25.00 English Dinner Set3,
for $18.50 ' :
$25.00 China Dinner Sets,
for $18.50
Gift Coat Hangers
Coat Hangers In leather cases, Jianjer
that holds the garment in perfect form
complete collection here, 2Sc and $2.50
Children's Purses
Children's Purses and Bags in all the
colors and styles, nice for Sunday School
gilts ind.no end of cunning designs ts
choose from. 25cts and 50cts.
Manicure Sets
Sterling Silver Manicure Sets, in hand
some designs, all the wanted fittings for
thedressing table. $3.50 and $3.98 va'us
Special for $2.98 -
UL-ovely Comb Sets
Comb Sets comprising Back and Side
Combs, mounted with . white stone and
combination, in gold . nail head effects,
$1.39 and $1.25 Sets. Special 98:ti v
Table-fulpf Nice Gifts :
Hundreds of pretty Perfumery Bas
kets, Glove and Handkerchief Boxes,
Frames and other useful Knick-Knacks
for Sunday school gifts under the eleof
trie clock. At 10c. 19c. 25: and 39: ,
Fine Gift Stationery
"' $1.25 Box of Eaton Hurlbut's Fine
Fabric' Stationery, four quires in assorted
sizes. Stationery and envelopes to match
in a pretty cabinet. Special for 89cts
Men's House Coats
and Warm Blanket Robes
Even the lowest-priced among these House Coats is
made of double-faced cheviot,' fine, smooth cloth with
every inside seam finished so well that you could weis
one inside out and the coat wou'.d look right;
The price range is from $5 to $1?.50
We especially commend for your consideration the
Coats at $6 and S 6.50. "
In the same section are the Blanket Robes. .
- This price range too starts from $5, then climbs by
easy stages to $16. You will only appreciate the val-.
'ue of these Blanket Robes of ours after .you've i:ea
how badly many of su:h Robes are finished.
The seams are all piped and the gussets are of silk
aeyway the lowest-priced on:s are up to the highest
prioed standard in workmanship detail.
A Lucky Lot
of Xmas Damask
A rare piece of good luck
this, only three pieces
72 Inch Pure Irish Linea
Damask at last year's prices.
We sell this Damask at
$1.25 today.
Whi'e these three piects
last, and the pitterns are love
lyfor $1.00 a Yard.
Napkins to match ,
22 Inch Napkins to match,
for $2.98 a Dozen.
Boxed Pattern
Table Linen
Pattern Cloths, 2x24 yards
Double Damisk, the purest
of Irish Linen, and there are
5'8 Napkins to mitch.
Box :d for giving.
The set $5.25
Hemstitched Sets, 2x2
cloths, and 1 dozen Napkins
to mstch, Pure Linen.
Made in Germany.
The set $3.75 '
Hemstitched Tble Cloths,
2x2, $1.69; 2x2 $1.98
Made for us especially for
Christmas, patterned after the
very expensive Silk Comfor
tables, covered with he ivy fig
ured sateen with wide borders
of plain color to match the
pattern filled with purest cf
white cotton. $3.98
finished, full size, three fine
patterni. $1.75
Same spread,' fringed $1.98
Solid Gold Jewelry
'OST popular spot in
all this great, busy
Christmas Store. '
The Jewelry See-
where this sale of
Solid Gold Jewelry
is going on. V :"'
,A scrap of detail;
. . 19c's and 39cts
. . . 49cts
', . S8:'s and $1.25.
. ZOcit to $5.00
. . $1.79 to $5.98
Eaby Pin Sets, for . . ' 4 4 . .
Gold Top Stick Pins, for ' .4 ,
Gold Top Hat Pins, for ; . . '
Gold Signet Rings, fcr , . .
Gold Cuff Euttons, for k .
' Beautiful Art Designs in Belt' Buck"es. old silver, mat, bright and
, , new rose gold, some exquisite buckles among th;m, 50c t3 $5.00
Rosaiy Bead, in all the wanted color beads, on ten year warrant,
ed gold-p'ated chains ani cross, $1.50 value.' ; Special $1.19
A Fountain Pen ?
Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pens, you
can't get a better'ner a mor appropriate
gift, all pikes. From $2.50 to $5.00
Post Card Books
Extra strong, hand bound Post Card
Albums, cloth covered. Noapariel brand
the best Album msdr, holding 200 cards,
regularly 79cts, fcr 50ct3
Silver Vanity Purses
$2.49 German Silver Vanitz Purses, in
oxidized effects, and with Ion? chain's,
a popular and useful purse. $1.4?
Pretty Silver Things
Fretty designs in gold-plated and silver
Jewel Boxes, Pin Triys. Comports, Hair
Receivers and Fuff Jars, it Toiitt Gocids
section, at 50c, 75c, 89c. $1 an! $1.25
Much Asked-for Gifts
Every kind conceivable In Collar and
Cuff Boxes; in caritan, leather, wood and
celluloid. 2Scts to $3.50 Each
On sale In Toilet Goods' section.
Everybody say3 that we'vs got the
greatest Bag vaiu;s in the city it $1
In the Leather Goods Section,
Sample Brasses
' 3tip 'ps? iit J liNi if4
Baby Things To Give, '
At Christmas
Don't rack your brain an in- tant over what to give
Baby. Come rijht down hire to the East Store at
Gamble-Desmond's and pick and choose. It will be
quite easy. A few things tp give baby at Christmas;
Knit Leggins, from 50cts to $1.39 a Pair.
Mitttni of all kinds, including the wooly Angora
and dear little Gloves, too, 19cts ta $1 a Pair.
Sweaters for 1 to 5 year tots. 89cts to $2.25
Knit Jackets, perfect darlings, 39cts to $2.50
Cashmere Sacques, some of them exquisitely har.d-embroide-ed
in white and colors. - $1 to $5.50"
Veils. Knit and Net Veils, the latter lace trimmed,
.from 25cts to $1.00
Booties, wool and silk, from 19cts to $1 a Pair.
Mocassins and Shoes, all sorts, from 50cts to 89cts
Hsnd-made White Dresses, exquisite, $1.50 to $7.98
Inexpensive price range on this'beiu
iful Brasses is fnm 35cts to $$.'; ror
instance a big Eeoares, hand-carved Tray
, an exquisitething, is only $10.50
A Few Rare Offerings"
Of. Furs For Christmas Gifts .
It's passible to pick u? beautiful Furs this sesson
for LESS than they're WORTH.
Why not take advantage of the disastrous Fur sea
son, and give "her" a set for Christmas
The manufacturers are sacrificing rizht and and left
to maks up for this lack of Fur weather. A few;
Blue Wolf Sets, large muff, with 60 inch long Throw
Scarf. For $19.00
Blue Oppsssum Sets. fan:y scarf with tai's, mu:f
with tails. , Fcr $15.90
Chinchilla Set; pillow muff, 57 inch throw scarf, $3 9
. Isabella Fox Set; large 4 stripe rnuff, 60 inch
throw scarf. For $29.90 ,
Young Girls' Sets of Sable Squirrel, suitable fcr
misses of from 14 to 16 yrs. - $12.90 and $13.50
Dainty Gif t
Paris sends such beautiful
squares this year, all hand
embroidered and hand hemstitched.-and
they're' all so
reasonably priced at
50c and 75c
Fresh novelties in all white
and colo-ed effects in the
Handkerchiefs, at
25c and even 12'jc
Ask to see the black embroi
dered Hemstitched Petti
coats. ,, They're beautiful.
.-..'v $1.75
y Handsome Heatherbloom
Skirts in black and all the col
ors asked for; extra wide,
shirred and hemstitched. ' '
' $2.88
, Jabeaux , are the smartest
things" for giving this Christ
mas. They're" shown in the
fluffies)t, daintiest of chiffon
and Swisses, all lace trimmed,
designed especially for this
50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50
v to $2.50
Cellar and
Cuff Sets
There are so jnany designs
this year to choose from if
you want a collar and cuff
set to give. They're particu
larly beautiful; embroidered
and lace trimmed, sheer and
heavy as you like.
50c, 75c, $1 OO, $1.25
Our Silk
Petticoats at $5
These Silk Petticoats at $5
are of the heaviest silk, we've
ever seen in skirts at this
price, and the colors, too, are
very rich and handsome.: solid
colors and changeable effects
in various colorings. i ,
.7" f
Hiinpi-intpmlent Preston of the Or
cnized Charities association is enjoy- i i & Tew days
I ing his vacation triii and is out in
I Michigan, where he has relatives. His
wife is with him. Word was receiVid
jiesterday that they expect to be lumo
Miss Dudley of Chicago is the guest Mrs. I; N. Tanner in Lowell, Mass , is
of her brother and family, li. 13. Dud- j expected home to-dav.
ley of Washington avenue.
The Radium club was entertained at
the house of Mrs. F. B. Stroet, East
Haven, Monday evening, and was quite
well attended with the usual pleasant
social hour.
'Parson" Willis Isbeil, who has been
ill at his home on Whalley avenue, is
much better and it is hoped he will be
out soon if good weather continues.
Miss Alice Loper, who has been con
lined to. her home for two weeks with
sciatic rheumatism. Is convalescing.
The Saturday chapter of . Christ
church, West Haven, will meet this
afternoon at 2.30 o'clock in the chape 1
of the church.
Mr. E. J. Gannon of 111 Putnam
street has just returned from a trip to
Florida, which he thoroughly enjoyed.
During his visit ho purchased some
valuable property in that state.
George Kelsey of West Haven, who
has been spending a few days with his
sister, Mrs, William Moseley, in Craw
ford, N. J., has returned home.
The marriage of Miss Augusta Green
wood to Mr. William S. Bailey occurred
on December 16 at 6 o'clock, the Rev.
Dr. Ford of Olivet Baptist church per
forming the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs.
Bailey left immediately after the cere
mony for a short wec'.ding trip.
fjeiv Haven
& ftartford
NOVEMBER un, 1907.
xu:jd, S-.bii. x7:20. 8:00, xS:20,
iVh' .,?.10:00' -12:10,
1:22. .1:25, .2:C3,- 2:25.
b.!2 i:03, ,:52, 118:22, 9:03,
in.1 aunaaya '4:20. 4-4r; nT S
a. m., 12.no,
4:35, 5: )3,
9:20 p
I'ort o( New Illivcn.
' ARiilVKR
Sch Robert C. McQu'illen, Burroughs,
1 Brunswick. . , .
Srhl Theollne, Cooper, New York.
Sell Keystone, Bishon, New London.
Seh R. W. Hopkins, Hopkins, Bruns
wick. ,
Sch J. H. Lord, (Br.), Harris,'- .
New ixmdon. Dec 18. Arrived : Seh.
Maggie Todd, Morrison, New York for
Kastiiori, Me.
Sailed: Tugs Mars, with three
barges bound east; Charles B. Sanford,
with Ave ba rises bound weust.
Mouth Welliloet, Mass., Dee. 18.
Steamer Maiestie, Southampton, Cher
bourg nnd Qut'enstown for New York.
00 miles east of Nantucket lightship at
2 p. in.; probably dock about 0 a. m.
New York. Dee. 1 8. Snlled: Steam
ersers Rvndani, Rotterdam via Bou
logne; Saiiiland, Antwerp; Kherson,
Rotterdam and Libau.
New York, Iec. IS. Sterner XTltonia,
TrlaBts, etc., for New York, 170 miles
east of Sandy Hook at 3 V- m.; proba
bly dock about 9n. m. Tiiursqar.
Cape Race, N. F. Dec. lS.-St earner
Empress of Ireland. Liverpool for Hall
fax a.id St. John N. B., in communica
tion with th? Marconi station hero
when 150 miles east at 2 p. m.
Inlstrahull. Dee. 1 8. Passed: Steam-,
er Lake Manitoba, St. John N. B., for
Liverpool. ' ' .,
Antwerp. Dee. 16. Arrived: Steamer
Merlon. New York. "- -
Rotterdam, Dec. 17. Arrived: Steam
er Smolensk, New York for Lilian.
Queenstown. Dee. 18. Arrived:
Steamer Ivernla, Boston for Liverpool
(and proceeded). f
Soiilhampton, Deo. 18. Sailed: Steam
er Adriatic, New York via Cherbourg
and Oueenstown. . '
London, Dee. 18. Arrived: Steamer
Asian. New Orleans.
lAverpool, Dec. 1 8. Arrived : SI earn
er Boitonlnn. Boston for Manchester.
rhllndelnhln. Dec. IS. .. Cleared:
Steamer, Corean, St. John, N. F., and
Glasgow. . , ,, i.
For Wnslilnsrlon via Harlem Rv
1:00, p. ni., 12:00, niKlit. dai'v.
or BoNton via Hartford nnd YVI111
mnniic 10.07. a. m.. i:i)a p. m.
For Roman via New London nnd
Providence 2:211, '2-55 7 47 llll-4'
Vi". ,1.VA6K- 2:. 2:&S. '4:20,".4:'53J:
10 V--'.,iV,;0-5n' P- m- Sundays 2:20,
;.5u, "!ll:to, a. m., 12:05, 2:55. 4:53.
i :05 p. m.
For Boston via Sprlngfleld '1:10,
11:11 a m., '1:46, 5:4. p. m. Sun
days l:j a. m., .1:45. 5:46 p. m
For Hartford, luprlnefleld. Etc. ! -1(1
x4:00, e:3S. 7:45. 10:07. a -m
xl:00, 1:45, 3:1), '4:05, x5:00. 6 4g"
h:u8 (to Hai tfcrd), 7:10, x8:in; D;5; d m
Sundays -1:10, x9:05, , xll :45 a. i m".
1:45, 5:4, 7.10. xi:li. x9:20 p. ni
For, New, London, Etc. 2:20. 2 55
7:;7, 11:1S, (to Saybrook), llllU?'
a. m. 12.05. 112:42. 2:55. S-'nsj
!;2?. 6:3S. (to Saybrook)
!b:42, 'Oo. 11:30, (to Saybrook). n.
m.. Sundays 2:20, 2:55, 8:52, "IIU'53
a. m., 12:05. 2:55. 4:63, 7:05 p. m.' '
For Middletonn, U lllimnnllc. Etc.
7:35 ii. -m 12:5S, 5:38.... (to Worcester
and Fitchbuig), 5:55, p. m. , Sundays
7:20 p. m.
For Shellmrne Falls. Etc. 7:44 a. m
12:20. (to New Hartford), 4:01. 5:54, (to
Westfleld) 3. ni.
For Waierbarjr 6:50 (via Naugatuek
Junction), 8:00, 9;32 a. m., 12:01, 2:35
5:45. 7:40, 1 1:40 p. in. Sundays S :25,
11:15 a. in., 0:45, 8':60 p. m.
For WliiK(ed-r6:50 fvia Naucatnrlt
Junction). 0:S2 a. m., 13:01, 2:35, 5:45.
7:40 p. m. Sundays 8:25 a. m 6:45
p. in.
For Pidsflelrt nnd Intermediate Points
5:55 (via Bridgeport), 9:32 a. m., 3:53
(via Bridgeport) 4:05 p. m. Sundays
7:55 (via Bridgeport) a. m. . k
For Litchfield 9:32, a. m., 4:05 p. in.
Sundays 7:55 (via Bridgeport) a. m.
Express trains. xLocal express.
I'Parlor ear limited. ;
W. (i. BIERD, F. C. COI.EY.
(Sen. Sunt. Asst. Gen. Pus. Ajft.'
Going South
This Winter?
If so, arrange for yonr stattroom, '
berths and sleeping-car acconimo
ilations, and purchase your tickets
or the old, reliable llmi or Bishop &
Co., 183-185 Orange Street.
Baggage checked from residence
to destination.
Also direct agents for all Euro
pean lines.
Daring January, Febru
ary and March.
19 days, $131
37 days, $320
56 days,. $410
62 days, $565
63 days, $800
Egypt and
the Nile
Rates include all expenses aboardshlp
and ashore.
Hamburg-American Line.
Tourist Pcpt. 57 BR0ADWAY, X Y.
For local aigents see other advertlse-
StarlrTs N.Y.&N.H.tjW
UAIUX iUJk.Ji!ijf i.' OA i U tiiJA 1 .
Leaves Kew Haven :00 p; m., Stftr'n
PUr, foot of Brown Street. Leave)
New Tork fr:00 p. m., Cortland Btrest
Pier No. 18. N. R. Farsi 'c, excursion
tickets SI. 26. Roonii II. vBke UhairJ
1 Street oar to Brewery street
, C H. FISHKH. AireB4
lw lluvcau Ooaai
ComiiUfnuie Cunt rule TrMnitHtliiHtlqns,
Direct Line to HAVRE PARIS, France,
, Sailing every THURSDAY, 10 a. m.
From Pier 42 North River,
. New York. ,iv, -
La Lorraine ............ Pec IB
La Brotngrne Dec.-2
La Provence ................ ...Jan. 2
La Gaseofrne Jan. 9
Ia Lorraine Jan. 18
La Bretasne ................... Jan. 23
Twin-screw steamers. ' m ;
. Extra Sailings. I '
S. S. "Florlde' (new) Dec. 21, 3 p. m.
Second class- $40.00 only.' Low steeraga
rates to continental points. r " i
Apply to French Lire. 19 State St., N. Y.
or Sweeney & Kelsey, 102 Church SL,
Bishop & Co., 183 Oraigce St.,
Parish A Co.. 18 Orange Bt
New York and New Orleans
Connections for Points In
Inquire " '
E. E. Currier. N. E. A., 170
Washington Street, Boston.
By most modern and luxurious levia
thans. Chrisimasjai lings
InnHin t "liPennsylvanla..Dec. 21
uuiiu jii l p Grftnt. (new) ..Dec, 2S
PariS i Kalserln (new). ..Jan. 4l
Hamburg ( IK:;,
Sails to Hamburg: direct.
! Genoa
. . ..Tan, 4
..Jan. U
via Gibraltar
and Italy.
Hamburg1, Ja. 4. Fe. 1
Batavla, Ja. 14. Mar.
Moltk'e. Jan. 29, Apr. Is
Snfieinl tfln hv , S. . s!
Hamburg, Jan. 4 And
West Indies & Orienll
A dellgbtful three weeks' cruise from New
York to and around the Island oi Porto Rico,
topping ut all interesllng points. Luxurious
teamers furulsli hotel aecommodfttions for
entire trip. Special tourist rate, whieli in
cludes evervexpense,$140. Write for Illustrated
booklet, salUnfSiJBt.. to The New VorU
ami Porto Riro Strmnship Co., 12 Broad
way. N. Y.. or Sweezey & Kelsey,. 10J
Church street, New Haven, Conn.
Jlrs. D. Hy' Ccrwin.
spending aweek with her daughter, j paifiy.
Mife Edith Agnew has accepted a
who has been ; position with the Chatfield PaDer com-
: i - -
The Christmas vacation of the
Westville school will begin next Tues
day, and the pupils will return on the
day after Nsw Year's. The vacation
was shortened this year because of the
Office of the Board of Kducatlon,
S7 Orane-e Street.
New Haven. Conn.. Dec. IS. 1907.
Sealed prooosals will be received at
the Office of the Board of Kducatlon, S7
Orange street. New Haven, Conn., until
Mo nd iily, December 30, 1907. at 12
o'cloeli noon, at which time lliey will
he opened by the committee on ne-.v
school buildiiifs of the Board of F.rtu
cation, in public meeting, for furniture
required In the Ivy Street. School
building nn the corner of Winchester
avenue and Ivy street in this city.
Copies of specifications and form3 of
proposals may be obtained at the of
fice of the board of education, S7 Or
ange street. New Haven. Conn.
Tim committee reserves the risM to
reject all bids or to waive any defects
in same, if it be deemed to the interest
of the District so to do.
dlD 3t Secretary Board of Education.
Special cruises by superb steamers!
lasting from 10-70 days. Cost from t""
JS300 and ud.
NILE SKRVICE. Bookings here fo
stemners of Hamburg and Angio-Amer
Icon Nile Co.
Tourist denartment fir irenoral In
formation. Travelers' checks good a
over the world.
Company's office, 35-37 Brondivny, n
Y. Sweezey tb Kelsey. 102 Church Stj
M. Zunder & Son, 249 State street: J. H
Parish & Co., 8C Orange street; Blshoj
(k Co., 185 Orange street; H. BussmaJ
71 Oranffo street. j
'lours to Jamalef
P n n a in n, Spnnl
Main, Trinidad, Rn
Ii n d o e h, ' Wlndwn
Ixlnmls, etc.. 12 to .13 Days ?T0 to f2
2fl-lyi nutoinobile or enrrlasre to
of Jnmnlca,, $130 or ?t."0. IHustrni
booklet on request.
La Plata.. DecV 28 I Atrato. . . ...Feb.!
Tagus ....Jan. HI, " i
Luxurious Steamers of 0,000 tons,
SANDERSON & SON, ?2 State Stre
Bishop & Co., 1S5 Orange stre
Sweezey & Kelsey. 102 Church street
fe New Haven Lir
liiiiUlilbula rUrtfioiiTii ami west
ttMMj FAltKS ltKDl tlil). 1
Prom Men Haven Leave Belle Ui
daily, except Mondays 1:30 fi. m. j
Krom New York Leave Pier 20, B
River, foot Peck Slip. 5:00 p. m. di
except Sundays. Time between
Haven and New York about five ho.
Tickets and stateroom at Bishop!
Co.'s, 185 Orange street, also at Bi
Dock and on Steamer. j
OEO. C. BLACK. Agent. New Hava
F. C. COLEY, Gen. Pass. Asct.. H "t

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