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Father Officer the Preacher at
Big Service Last Night
at Trinity.
Father Huntington, in Talk on Home,
i Decries the Evils That it
Trinity Cliurch.
7 a. m. Holy communion.
10:30 a. m. Morning prayer, fol-
. lowed by Biblo study.
12:15 p. m. Service of intermis-
3 p. m. Masting for women.
4 p. m. Children's mission.
6 p. m. Evening prayer.
7:45 p. m. Preaching service.
St. PpuI'h Church.
7 a. m. Holy communion.
9 a. m. Morning prayer.
9:30 a. m Holy communion with
', instruction.
3 p. m. Meeting for women, ex
cept Mondays and Saturdays.
.4 p. m. Children's mission.
5 p. m. Evening prayer.
7:45 p. m. Preaching service.
f hrlHt Church.
6 and 7:30 a. m: Holy commun
ion. -
9 a. m. Morning prayer.
9:30 a. m. Holy communion with
3 p. m. Meeting- for womni.
4 p. m. Children's mission.
6 p. m. Evening prayer.
7:45 p. in. Preaching service.
the service with much enthusiasm.
Over one hundred and fifty children
attended yesterday afternoon. The
services are conducted in the simplest
possible manner and in such a way
that the youngest child can under
stand. The children are taught the
rule of prayer and learn how to pray
and sing. They are given five ques
tions and are expected next day to
bring the answers to them. They then
receive instruction, and a simple ser
monette is preached to them. A game
of good marks is another novel feat
ure of the service which greatly in
terests the little ones, and the dili
gence composition is being taken up
heartily by, the older scholars. Twenty-five
papers were handed in for this
composition yesterday. Those which
are adjudged good received a gold
seal, the next a red seal and the
poorer ones a blue seal. These ser
vices will be continued each day at 4
Prosecution of Mortimer Smith
for Embezzlement is
' Now on.
At St. Paul's.
There was great enthusiasm at then
children's service at St. Pauls yester
day afternoon. A large number of
children were present and all showed
great Interest. Father Sill gave the
instruction taking for his subject the
story of Adam and Eve-. Father An
derson, who gave the catechism, used
the same story
Many women attended the women's
service and listened to Father Sill
preach on the home.
In the evening Father Sill preached
on God's love and the redemption of
the world. Father Anderson took the
same subject for the instruction.
Italians Get Penalties of fifty Dollars
Each for Cruelty to
judgment suspended; Mary Hart,
drunkenness, judgment suspended.
A Jury listened in the criminal su
perior court yesterday afternoon on the
case against Mortimer T Smith. He
was formerly in the employ of the Ben
ton-Armstrong company. It is alleged
that he took money belonging to the
The case has been on the books for
several months. Smith has been out on
bail. There were several witnesses ex
amined by State tAttorney Williams.
One of them was F. u. Cooper, a man
who is given to figures.
He said he had made footings of
Smith's accounts and saw here and
there a deficit and here and there some
thing to the good.
. Frederick E. Holt of the County Bank
testified as to some attendance by
Smith on the bank.
The case was not concluded as
Judge ordered a postponement.
Police Court Doings.
In the city court yesterday morning
Andrew J. McLean and Frank J. Gill
were before Judge Tyner charged with
theft of insulated wire, and a quantity
of brass from the railroad company.
They had sold the stuff to Louis Al
pert, an Oak street junk dealer, and it
was recovered.
There were two counts against each
man, and after several witnesses had
been heard Judge Tyner fined the de
fendants $7 and costs on each of the
two counts, with an additional jail
penalty of thirty days on each count.
Additional charges of burglary were
brought against the duo and they were
bound over to the higher court on this
charge. , . "
The mission services at Trinity, St.
Paul's and Christ churches were again
attonded by large numbers yesterday.
The services are Intended for the pub
lic in general and everybody will be
made welcome at any of the three
'churches and also at the special ser
vices drlng the early part of the day.
The Journal-Courier 'prints the " full
program of the services, the hour which
they take place and the churches where
they will be held.
Father Officer preached the sermon at
Trinity cjhureh at 7:45 In the evening.
He took for his text, "Depart From Me,
For I Am a Sinful Man, 0 Lord." After
connecting his thoughts with the Tues
day evening sermon,, which was on con
version, he went on to speak of the
two things which kept men from turn
ing to God ,a failure to perceive God's
holiness, and an unwillingness to give
up' their own eln. He developed these
two points in the course of the ser
mdn, thus, leading up to Father Hunt
ington's Instruction The instruction
was a definite clear-cut explanation of
what sin really Is. He defined sin in
the following words: "Sin Is the de
liberate contradiction In thought, word,
or deed, of the perfectly holy- will of
God by the free will of Hts Intelligent
creation." i
Sin was hostile to God, and contrary
to his will. Sin, he said, brought about
adversity, and in that way
Christ Church.
The women's service at Christ
church yesterday and the children's
service both showed a marked In
crease. At the women's service the
subject was "Home."
( In the evening Father Houston
preached about the aspects of sin, the
meanness, deceitfulness and desperate
and blighting nature of it. It is not
natural and inherent, for even the
most desperate convict can look back
on childhood purity.
Father Sill spoke of God's love. He
hates sin bitterly because He loves us
so tenderly. Christ Is a barrier to hell
and to get there we must pass over
His dead body.
On Conversion.
Father Huntington's sermon at. Trin
ity church Tuesday was on "Conver
sion." It was exceedingly InterestVig.
He began by the assertion that every
created spirit rrust be converted or
must be' separated from God forever.
But he pointed out that It was Import
ant to understand what was meant by
"conversion," what spiritual experi
ence that word represents. Father
Huntington then said that it might bo
well to see first what conversion was
not. . He declared first that it must not
be Identified with a single state of
excited religious emotion. Such stir
ring emotion of the feelings would be
a mutual accompaniment of the change
involved In conversion in many per
sons, but beneath, the feeling thers
must be the unconditional surrender of
the will or there was no conversion.
And on the other -' hand, conversion
might be true and lasting though at-
Deer Torturers Fined.
Judge Curtiss in the superior court
yesterday morning, sentenced the two
man accused was fined $50 and costs
for killing and torturing a deer. Each
man accused was fined $10 and costs. I
The accused were Lorenzo Campari and
Guiseppl Lamendo. The story about
the cruelty to the deer has been often
told. It seemed to be a very cruel pro
cess. The Italians said they caught It
in a park in Woodbridge.
They took the creature home through
a barbed wire string and the wire had
gone through the tongue of the animal.
The tongue was shown In court in al
cohol. Theft of Bicycle.
Albert Leonardo, 65 Wallace Btreet,
was arraigned in city court yesterday
morning for theft of a bicycle belong
ing to Attorney William Minor. After
a lengthy trial during which some un
usual evidence was introduced, Leon
ardo was discharged.
tended by no emctlonal dlsru'rhann.
brought 1 Secondlv rnnversinn wn 'Anf
many a :man to God, who In the day of rily evidenced by a state of compl.i-
oficent satisfaction with one's nu-n tail
i Els prosperity had never thought
! the Father. If we waste our time In
! sin, said Father Huntington, we ean
' not make any headway with God. Sin
! Is a loosing game. There is no middle
' road to travel by and deliberate sin is
a prayer to Satin that God's will might'
be defeated.
Father Huntington preached a spe
jclal sermon at Trinity church yester
Iday afternoon.' The service was for wo.
l men and was one of a special series of
eigHt to be held during the. mission..
The' theme of Father Huntinzton's ad-
f ; dresfc yesterday afternoon was "Home."
.He dwelt at length on the meaning of
-.r tne word home and 'what it conveys.
He pointed out in a clear and concise
-I; manner what the home should be, how
,1T1 trv Via ,, a.a J J ......
, v.w6i,,. vuiiuuv-icy mm une neeu
,i of ' prayer and the reverence of God
J jj within Its walls. Father Huntington
comaemnea very strongly the apartment
ihouie of to-day as it now exists. He
?"s aid it was responsible for a great
many evils, and tendered to swell the
Already too long list of divorces which
existed In this country.
! Father Huntington's remarks were ln-
ytentiy listened to by all present. At
.3 o'clock this afternoon the third of
the series will be delivered by Father
nunnngton. The subject Is "Chlld-
' The Special Children's Service.
? , At Trinity church, conducted each
afternoon by Father Officer, Is proving
'A great success and the children at
tending are entering Into the spirit of
gious condition. Not to trouble one's
self about one's spiritual state was no
proof of conversion Some people who
boast of "enjoying their religion" might
be much safer If they were to be In
vaded by anxiety and alarm.1
Father Huntington then described
the surrender of the angels to the di
vine sovereignty, ;nd showed that m
that, surrender they found their true
conversion. He quoted a passage from
Dean Church about Pascal as a defini
tion of conversion
"Pascal was a converted man. by
which I mean a mui who, at a defin'te
time of life had felt himself touched
and overcome by th greatness and rea-
Llquor Law Violation.
J. F. Reynolds, who keeps a saloon at
261 Chapel street, was charged with
violation of the liquor law on three
counts in the City court yesterday
morning for having open communica
tions between his saloon and living
apartments. One of the counts was
nolled and the accused was fined $10
and costs on each of the others.
How He Looks After the Furnishing of
the Committee Rooms.
John McGrain, the storekeeper en
the senate side of the capltol, knows
what it means to cater to the whims
an4 desires of members of the upper
branch of congress and his force is
probably the most Industrious In h a
big building on the hill. His position
as storekeeper means that he Is re
sponsible for the furnishing of all the L
committee rooms in the senate, and
that is a big enough Job for any one
man, especially at this time, when
senators are moving from one plaoe to
another as the result of comimtt ?e
Some senators prefer green sftccta
in their rooms, and if they have just
moved Into a new one that mans to
begin at the beginning with the fur
nishings. Others like red, and still
others yellow and it is up to MoGnuu
to find the proper rugs and tho accom
panying nxtures to mane rue r.-jm
furnishings harmonize. Then ther-a
are some who prefer blue, unJ Mc
Grain must have all the accoutrements
that go to make up a blue rjo n h'in
dy and ready to slio in at a minute's
Senatorial "finickness" extends even
to the manner of heating too, and that
means more work. There are three
brands of heat on tap In the capltol
hot air, steam and open firep'd;e.
Perhaps a senator has moved from a
room where he enjoyed the crackling
blaze of hickory logs to a room whra
the fireplace has been hidden ba-.k rf
a desk and the furniture dried out by
steam. Then It Js up to Jie fi-.rre
from the storeroom to change every
thing and arrange so a cheerful b:.ie
will not only give heat but not be
out of harmony with the color se wne
of the room. Some prefer liquid fo-ip
others Insist upon the old bty to kind
that can be grasped In the fist, and
the 'work of the storekeeper extend
even to the personal requirements of
secretaries and clerks In the matter
of typewriters. Washlnjvn ileraid.
The regular 50 cent
size jar (each averaging 45 Olives)
a lucky alighting 011 an Importers'
end of - the - season over - stock.
Absolutely fresh, perfect goods
"Olives An:elleaux laicies aux
Anchois" from Frauce.
Special at
39ct5. a bottle.
Along the ....
they are serving
a new Cocktail, made from
equal parts of Dubonnet and
Orange Gin trapped.
Fresh Poultry.
Fresh-Killed Turkeys, 25c pound. , t . -
Fresh-Killed Long Island Ducks, 22c pound.
Fresh-Killed Young Chickens, 20c pound.
Fresh-Killed Tender Fowl, 19c pound.
All our Poultry is sold full-dressed.
Fresh Spinach and Kale, ' ',
'civ Potatoes, Egg Plant, Green Beans,
Boston Head Lettuce, California Celery and Green Pepper.
Ten-pound boxes Oregon (tart) Prunes, 80c box.
Ten-pound boxes California (sweet) Prunes, $1.00 box.
We also have tbem at 5c, 8c, and 10c per pound.
A very good Fig in bags, 7c pound.
Choice Layer Figs at 10c pound.
Hair Turned White.
Because he felt his arrest so keenly
that his hair had turned white on ac
count of it, as testified by his friends,
State's Attorney Williams urged this
fact in mitigation of the penalty to be
given Stefano Feronl. He was h?ld
for assault on Alfonso Frosst in West
ville on December 21. The two men
were friends and were going home to
gether when they quarreled. Feronl,
It wag said, fired a revolver, narrowly
grazing Frossj.
Judge Curtis In the superior court,
fined Feroni $100 with costs.
Dubonnet, $1.00'
Orange Gin, , 1.60
3Bt S-toXi Sir-
Breakwater Case.
Attachments that ' have been filed
against the Sm Coatt Construction and
the Breakwater Engineering companies
have tied up the equipment of the com
panies here and stopped work oh the
West hrP.lVwflter On nf tV. olm.
SSf.&:?..L",fSen-t!l!!f had ! on which the concerns have beeiv used
convincingly turned to God. tint frnm
vice, but from bondage to the Interests
of time, from the fascination ot a
merely intellectual life, from th friv
olty that forgets the other world In
The sermon closed with a striking
story of a famous Frenchman, ai as
tronomer, who. in the critical moment
of his life said to Ood. "I cannot will
It. but if Thou wilt, take mv soul and
do with It as thou wilt," and declar.
ed Just before his death, thirty years
after, that at that hour he knew that
he belonged to God, that he was His
.'id that he hart hf-tn Hl nl hi lif.
is of Joseph De Luca, a store keeper at
Sachems Head for $12,00 and another
Fresh Fruits
From Florida.
Grape Fruit, russctt, SO's,
10c each, S for 25c
Grape Fruit, russctt, Ci's,
12c ench, $1.40 dor.
Grape Fruit, russctt, 51s,
15e ench, $1.75 do. Brights, 18e
each, 3 for 50c. $2.00 dot.
Grape Fruit, brights, 38's,
18c, 3 for 50c, $2.00 doz.
Grope Fruit, brights, 48"s.
25c; $2.75 doz.
Indian Rlvrr Oranges, 200's, 25c doz.
Indian' River Oranges, ISO's, 45e doz.
Indian River Oranges, 120'g, 50c doz.
Tangerines, 35c doz.
Yellow Bananas, " 25c doz.
Red Bananas, 50c doz.
Pineapples (18's), 30c and 85c each
We are told dally that our fruit sur
passes any In town. There's only one
reason WE BLV THE BEST. Com-
$ 1.000,000 WHEAT FIRE.
Kenora, Ont.. .Tan. 15. The Maple
Leaf Mills, belonging to the Hedley
Shaw company, were burned early to
day. The elevator In which were stor
ed over 300,000 bushels of wheat was
also destroyed. The loss will reach
$1,000,000; Insured.
r Health
comes into thousands of homes every morn
ing, bringing rosy health, steady nerves and
a clear brain
This wholesome breakfast drink has all
the good qualities of a morning beverage
warmth, aroma, sustaining power MINUS
the caffeine and tannin of coffee and tea.
us ahead.
CJ ate VI cham i tftSIM.
for $1,500 by George Walter, a mer- ,.alv rr)crs ad quality, aud you'll find
tnam ui uuiuora. tsotn claims ar tor
supplies furnished the companies.
It was stated yesterdiy by Attorney
George E. Beers, who represents Wal
ter that a settlement will probably be
effected and the work on the break
water resumed soon. Frank A. Barn-
aby of Xew York, is the president of
the companies and Charles Fred Wood,
who Is a civil engineer and formerly
with the Fidelity and Guarantee com
pany of Batimore, Md., Is vice-presi
dent. The company, it was stated to
day, is solvent, but that the payment
of the claims was held up because a
disput i between the companies and the
Thursday Bakery Sale
S. S. Adams' Home-Made
KRULLERS, 8 cents dozen.
Fresh-Baked, Large
LOAF CAKES, 8 cents dozen.
SODA BISCUIT, 6 cents dozen.
WHOLESALE prices on all
The' Biscuits, Buns, Rolls, Cakes,
Pies, Cooki
ery Goods.
Gluten Flour
All of the so-railed Gluten Flours
on the market heretofore are from
flour mills and do not contain any
more gluten than whole wheat flour.
We procure our Gluten Products from
a manufacturer of whent starch and
the Gluten is a by-product. If such
were not the ease, we would not be
able to offer Genuine Gluten Flour for
twice the price asked, ns a barrel of
flour yields less than twenty pounds
of pure Gluten.
Those troubled with diabetes and
desiring the most perfect health .food
will do ' well to give these products
Gluten Flour, 5-pound bags .70
Gluten Fkmr, 1-pound package. . .15
Gluten Self-Rnlsing Flour, 1 -pound
package 18
Gluten Breakfast Cereal, 1-pound
package .20
Gluten Crackers, package .25
Baldwin Estate.
Charles A. Baldwin, as executor of
the estate of Mary A. Baldwin, filed
the administration account In the pro
bate court yesterday morning.
appraisers were Wallace E. Clark and pie8 Cookies and Fancy Bak
Lurerne J. Thomas, and they showj ' f
tne estate, to amount to $T.2?,S.46.
Under the head of real estate comes
the hoise and lot at 297 Howard ave
nue. This is valued at $6,800 and Is
Swift's Pride Soap is the best for laundry purposes,
the box.
Special price by '
New Numbers 38-40 CONGRESS AVENUE
Huntley & Palmer's Fancy Biscuit
The very fact that they are . obtainable in
practically every country in the world bespeaks
their universal popularity.
We have a fresh importation of their Superior
English Biscuit on hand, and the list is long, too,
but some of the most popular ones are :
TABLE. :(' ...
Native Corri'fed Pork
t from North Madison, Cota.
L. G. Pfaff & Son,
7 AND 9 CHURCH ST., Phone 1 046.
Home-made Sausage and Sausage Meat. y
04 George St. 19 Congress Ave. ' 1316 and 770 State St., 839 Grand Ave.
s Li... air . J Tnn.., n i
sgbject to a morteae of $3,400. Fur- 8 '" vo-uiu veieai
iiishings amount to $1,038. 4fi, and choes Co.'S Goods.
in action $2,!!00.
S Ten days' trial will convince you
5 V "There's a Reason"
' k .
Facing City Court.
y"" C'lyJ Trro Tlepho.e. C nll 4200 a, AMI
. . ' ",",M,S "s a result OI; MAIN STORK. fOH. STATE ASD
a raid upon a gaming resort at 95 i i.oiht streets.
Washington avenue lat night. Captain ! Branch Siorem 3.TO Hr Ave, 745
Tripp aa Sergeant Doherty of the! !ir"d Avt:."?i An T Sh'lm
Howard avenue precinct made the raid.j ,0" le" 155 ' ,
Abraham KaJetzky and Leon "
were charged with being the proprie
tors of a gaming house and on this
charge were fined $10 and costs each.
The following men were fined $3 and
costs each for 'requenting a gaming
house: Abraham F.uhinsky .Samuel Co
hen. Samuel Lewin. Charles Rosen.
Nathan Johnson. Charles Labovitch and
Maurice Marm.
Fred Tribbals, a 13-year-old boy, em
ployed as plumbers' helper, was ar
ranged for theft of a Docketbook con-
Witnesses seemed to
4M btai fttreat
433 rsDtcll Amn. Wee Harem.
which taxes the capacity of the store,
the salesmen and the delivery service
to the utmost does not need milch
This will account for our seemingly
quiet attitude during the holidays just
We appreciate the liberal patronage
we have enjoyed In the past, and will
endeavor to merit a continuance of It.
856 CHAP L ST.
Hamburg, 3 lbs..... 25c
Fresh Shoulders, Pork 9c
Fresh Liver-; 7c
Lamb Chops!.,.. ...14c
Breakfast Bacon.... 16c Pork Chops.,. . . 12c
Sperry & Barnes Sausage, 12c.
. ..... i
615 Howard A vs.
11 Shelton Ate. 521 Elm St ." 150 Greenwood St.
f desi. e to announce to my friends and the
1 1 talnmg some $10.
4. fix the guilt upon the boy. but he main-! public eenmliv. that pendinr a readjustment
? i tained his Innnppnr. m-v.am v ; i .f 4air -alu intended for mr miv K
attorney .Capt Donovan, urged him to sent to Messrs. Lewis & M-cocIc, No. 1112
ten the court the whole truth. Chapel Street. All woric win receive prompt
The money was recovered and the nd rarfful attention. Telephone 675.
judge placed the boy under the care of. ROBT. N. BUR WELL,
the probattcn officer until March 16
Martin Quinn was before the court
for drunkenness and was put on proba
tion until March 16.
Other cases were disposed of as follows-
Gustav Bayard, improper con
duct .discharged: Bertha Williams, im
proper conduct, discharged; Peter Fud
gensky, injury to private property and
tresspass on railroad property. $10 and
ccsts: Frank Redmond, drunkenness.
Cut Flowers and
Flowering Plants.
John N. Champion & Co.
In Selling Papers the Italian Is Dis
lancing His Rivals.
The element of speculation is one of
the reasons why the Italian boy Is dis-
tanctng alt other boys in the business
of selling newspapers. He is almost as
good a bargainer as the Jewish boy,
while, at the same time, he is almost
There Is a satisfaction In selling and
a satisfaction in buying choice meats
and xmltry. We make a feature of
QUALITY In our selections, and feci
confident of pleasing those who seek
180 Temple St.
Prime Meats
Fresh Killed Poultry.
The high standard of quality main,
tained by this store's (neat department
is not an indication that our prices
arc exorbitant. On the contrary, our
prices arc the lowest for which choice
prime meats and poultry can be sold.
A trial will convince you. Choice
Prime Rib Roast Beef, Xatlve Dressed
Lamb, Native Veal, French and Eng
lish Chops, Fine Turkeys, Fresh-Killed
Broiling and Roasting Chickens,
Young Ducks, Philadelphia Sqcaba.
The B.H.NesbitGo.
Church and Elm Streets.
275 Edgewood Avenue.
as good a fighter as the Irish boy. His
power of bargaining and fighting sim
ultaneously renders him almost irre
sistible, especially when it is combined
with his marvelous power of persist'
ence. The Italian boy will stay at his
stand till the last paper is sold.
A few years ago a Chicago publish-
er, making a Sunday morning tour in
his automobile, happened to notice
that the Irish corners were deserted
very early in the day. The Irish boy
was a skillful salesman, but as soon
as he had made as much money as he
needed for temporary purposes he
closed up his stand and went to a
picnic. The Italian boy, .on the other
hand, never had money enough until
all his papers had been exchanged for
an equal number of nickels. The Irish
boy was interested in getting money to
spend. The Italian boy was interested'
in getting money. William Hara tn
Everybody's. . . ?
Lbat enpioys
The Vacuum
Telephone 2700 acd get the
small cost.

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