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S "
1 ftg Fine Untrimmed Hats You know what t h a t 19c Boys "Ideal" Waisls
Hatsrked to sell at from 98cts to 1, 13 t!l best 0ne f The well-known Underwaist for boys.
$1.63 tnoe In black, brown, navy.grem m"n " , . known as the "Ideal" to fit boys at from
- andwtnein the seas on's newest shapes. I YOU 11 note that when you 3 to 12 years, the kind sold the year
49cto $l25 Flowers and Wings. 19c , read'the detail, 'round everywhere at 2Scti
' - u (J Some of the values are as
1 Qc3 Pairs, Men's Socks hi?h J5ctB and $J 03 19C Prelly Mailing Rugs
"M r fl It saway we have of clear- r ;
F-Sst'black cotton' Half Hose, seamlass ing Stock after-Inventory. Yard square Matting Ruis. color ef-
fine'uBsSocVs.,madetoseUfor 12c : ., fts. varied colors, imported d i r e c t
- urday morning.
..r JMen'sH-dh-ts JZmemt 19C ly PIUoW Tops
- Men's vWhite Hemstitched Handker- Among these Lithogriph Pillow Tops
chie'i the-6:t kinrA; on la'e in the Men's (J Someof the best news is soms bought to sell for 49c.
section ora spsciaiKtibie Saturday. atMhe end so don't skip an item. t No" of them haJe been old for less
4 Handkerchiefs-for 19cts. . thsn 25cti. Any Saturday 19cts
VEonrcets and Kimonos flgc For Yards ToWellng 19C Women's Fine Hosiery
. i
Silk and'Velvet?Bonnnts for babies thit The bestblcached cotton Toweling.the An odd and end lot of 29c, 39c and
have bemvever so much more expmsive. grade made to sell for 6cti a yard and 50c French Lisle Thread and Fins Cot-
andvcunnicg,,warm iittlcfltnneletta Kim- sol(j tt,e year rouni for that figure. ton- lace and embroidered Stockings, , in
onos In Baty Store Saturday. 4 yarjs for 19cts Saturday. bck white nd colors. 19ct a Pair.
1 9 Baby Shoes, Legqlns 19c Good linen Towels 19C 2 Prs Child's Hosiery
Soft sol e,Kid Shoes, and warm black Hemmed Huck Towels, of pure Irish All sizes from 6 to 9 in this lot of
knit Drawer ,Leggin for babies; just odd L;nen w;th red borders, they're full 17x , Children's lxl rib fast black Stockings,
; and etidik).? taiarkedoriginally to sell at 34 inches and are going on Saturday' for children, regularly worth 12 cts
50 centvandtmore. only, at I9:ts Each. . , Saturday 2 Pairs for 19cts.
; 1 fid ChiMrens White Wear 19c cw While Stuffs 19C Men's Neckwear
A pile of "White -wear irnthe Children's The bist 25ct White Figured Madrass, Oa a special table in the Men's section
section. -EasUStore; Muslin Drawsrs for figured lawn and dotted swiss, fresh.new Saturday, Colored Silk Four.In-Hands,
1 to 3 yr children. Aprons, with bretelles ciein. White Stuffs just in. made to sell at from'39cts to 50cts..
for Svyr cfciWren. andlittleWhiteGuimps Fer 19 cents a Yard. t Saturday for I9cts Each.
19gyPor 9cl Warm Skirls 19C tor Charming Pictures 19c Men's 2fc, 38c Socks
Women'sVcclored striped Flannelette Imitation Water Colors, many subjtcts ' Including this season's importation of
Skirts,. finished with f ml' ruffle, fresh. framed in gilt, with fancy corners, or in fine cotton Half Hose, all i;oods import
' c!ein, new. thisvscasorf'A Skirts. dark oak, your choice of 11x14 or 8x18 ed to sell t 25c and 38c pair.
AlwaystsMd at 29cts nd 39cts Pictures. Rrgularly 39cts. Your choice Saturday at 19a
I IflCfLof of Girdle Corsels 19c Bay CaPS and Tarns 19c Men's Fine H'dk'fs
Only.a f:wdozen v-cirs of Girdle Cor- In the millinery seption for the Tarn . Your choice of any 25ct Handkerchief
-sets, soif you like this scy'.e of Corset O'Shanters that were as hieh as 98c for in the Men's Store; plain hemstitched, cr
.cpme'get a first-class pair of '50ct Cor- either boys or girls. And in the boys' nitiil, pure Linen
sets for 19"Cents. . store for the new Golf Caps. All new. clew, fr:sh goods.
19C ' Colored Dress Goods Leather Bags, Books 19c Small Lot of Waisls
ty'isivnew Plaids and Checks, plaii Vanity Strap Bags in black. Grey and Won't last more than half an hour this
VCdlored .Poplins and' Cashmer;s. 36 to 40 brown; also a few 50c patent leather Bags lot of colored wool waists that are going
inch Stuffs, fine for children's school Soft Leather Bags with draw strings. at 19cts. They've been as hieh as $2 ,
, drsrs-Endiprettystuffs for grown-ups. b'ack, brown, tan and red. 25c Bags. A .'ew soiled light wash wsists too. ,
1 9dFor Fancy Rifebons 19c Jewelry and Belt g 19C Knl Fascinators
v ... ... . 1
Handsome. Roman stripes, Dresden Erooches, Stick Pins, Hat Pins, Stock 39ct Colored Sqnare Knit Fascinators,
I and other patterns in a crou? of Fancy and Baby Pins. 50ct kind 19cts not a large lot but while they last Sat-
: Ribbons. marked to selUregularly at 25c, Farcy and Black Silk Tailor-msde and urday in the Muslin Underwear siction,
29ctsand 39cts a Yard. Girdle Ee'.ts, 50c to $1.50 value 19cts . at 19cts Each.
, mmmamm''mmm'immmtmmmmKm'mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmtmmmmmamamKmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "(MSHMa
19CPair o PiHow Cases 19c China Store OHerfng 19C Tvvo Inlanl's Specials
, . r : " ;
,, PillowCases. made ofiextra heavy lin- $5 Doz Cut Glass Tumb'ess, 19cts Each 2Sc and 29c Knit Mittens, and White
en-finished Cotton, the cases measure Colonial Glass Sherbet Cups. 3 for 19cls Croche'ed 25c Booties in the baby sec-
45x36 am? re made to sell for 15c. Colonial Glass Oil Cruets. 19cts - - tion on Saturday.,
! 2 PillowtCases Saturday for 19cts Fancy Glats Candle Sticks, 19cts v Your choice, the pair, at 19cts
1 9d Fine Black Ribbons gc More China Olterings 19c 3 Yards Flannelette
Black Taffeta Hair R;bbons. 5 and 6 Blue Chin? Salt Boxes, for 19cts ' Pretty 12c Flatnelette in fancy de-"
inchts wide, abrade of Ribbon always 10 Lb Stone Eutttr Jars, 19cts signs and you'll nd them on sa'e in the
sold af29cts ai.yard a great chance this Fancy China Cup, Saucers, 2 prs 19c Colored Wash Goods section Saturday
to buy a year' s stock. - ' 39c Fancy Jardinieres, for 19cts 3 Yards for 19cts
19C For a Dozen H'dk'is qc Honselurntshlngs 19c 3 Yards cl Gingham
Children's School H'dk'fs, all-white, Green Corn Floor Brftoms, 19cts ' Apron and Dress Gingham in stripn
on a special table in the, west store and Covered Sleeve Ironing Boards. 19cts and checks. lOct quality,
we must limit the sale of theie 5 Packages of Toilet Paper, for 19cts On sale Saturday morning in the Wash
1 Dozen to each purchaser. 5 Cakes of Naptha Soap, for 19cts ' Goods store. 3 Yards for 19cts
19C For 2 Fine H'dk'is 19c fror Best 25c H'dk'is 19c Fine Fabric Stationery
A lot of Women's Swiss Embroidered Take any 25c H'dk'f we have for 19c A cabinet of Fine Fabric-finished Sta-
Hndkerchiefs that have become mussed Saturday, which means Linen or Swiss, tioneiy containing 60 sheets and 50 en-
and dust soiled but are otherwise as imported embroidered ones, initialed or veloFes. a cabinet worth and sold for 396
sound as can be.. 12J4c H'dk'fs. pUin hemstitched ones. always. Saturday only 19cts
Four Heavy Warm Coats, 98 Cents
Small sizes, (only four Coats) the. Suit Section.
Miss Mabel Kllfcr who has been visit
ing relatives in Meriden has returned
Mrs. Perv Pmith of BridFtepnrt is
spending a ouple of days with her sis
ters, tlie Misses Clara an Theresa
O'Neii, a' their home in thi oitr.
Mrs. John Balfe of Stamford has re
teurned to her home after an en.iovahle
visit with Mrs. F. L. White of Hnni-
i phrey street
Miss A Amanda Allyn of Fast
nnxn is visiting her schoolmate.
Frnak Kennedy of Sylvan avenue.
Miss Bessie HarrinRton of Kast Main
street is the gnst of her aunt. Mrs. T.
Harrington, in New- Haven. Miss Har
rington will return to her home nei.t
t Is summer mow
In Beautiful Jamaica, the Land of Sunshine .
Quickly reached by the magnificent Trans-Atlantic Steamers Of the
Tickets Sold and Staterooms Reserved yy ,
Telephone 32094
A dlfg htfBl three weeki' crulie from New
Ik to and around the liland of Porto Rico,
topping at all Interesting point. Luxurious
teamen furnish hotel accommodation (or
entire trip. Special tourist rate, which In
clude every ex penie,$140. Write for Illustrated
booklet, Ballings, etc., to The Hew York
and Porto Biro Steamehlp Co., 12 Broad
way, N. y.. . r Sweezey & Kelsey, 10
Church street. New Haven. Conn.
street are spending
tlves In New Haven.
to-day with rela-
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stanley of
New Haven are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Giles of East Washington
Miss Louisa Becker of New Haven Is
spending a week with her cousin. Miss
Martha Gregory of Calhoun avenue.
Miss Esther Blumberg of East Main
street is spending a few days with her
aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Goldberg at their home In New Haven.
Miss Ruth Rlchmnn of Franklin
street, returned from New Haven yes
terday, where she visited friends for a
few days. . , t .
Mrs. Charles H. Merwln or 52 Bishop
street Is recovering from a series at
tack of tonsilltls.
Attorney Freeriok L. Averlll came
to this city from Middletown yesterday
morning and visited a number of old
friend around the court buildings.
Concerning his further plans, the for
mer slate senator said that he could
not say. Ha may coe back to this city
to reside; he may go to Branford or
he may go elsewhere. ,
Interesting Talk Given on South
, American Journeys. (
A lecture was given last evening
under the auspices of , the Associated
Civic societies at Grannis lhall, Strong
school. Prof. Hiram Bingham of yale-
university was the speaker, and his
subject, "Journej's Across Venezuela
and the United States of Colombia."
Irving Hurlburt rendered selections on
the violin, accompanied on the piano
by Miss Florence Jacobs. Everybody
was cordially Invited to attend.. It is
the Intention to have several of these
lectures In Grannis hall during the
season and the next lecture will be
given In about two weeks. There was
a large attendance last evening and
the audience was greatly Interested
and entertained. The .lecture was Il
lustrated with many fine pictures
which added In no small measure to
the lecture. Prof. Bingham and Prof.
Rice organized an expenditlon a few
months ago and I journeyed across
South America, having a number of
thrilling adventures and narrow es
capes. His narration of Incidents In
this Journey of four months was well
told and exceedingly Interesting.
Few People Know How rueful It Is In
Preserving Health and Beauty.
Coiuungule Geaerale Tranaatlutiaue,
Direct Une to HA VRE X'ARIB, Franco.
Balling every thukbuax, 10 a. m.
From Pier 42. North River,
New fork.
La Savole Feb. 6
La Lorraine Feb. 13
La Bretagne Feb. 20
La Touraine Feb. 27
La Savole March 5
La Provence March 12
Twln-ecrew steamer.
Apply to French Line, it State SC. N. T.
or eweexey a neisey, jjj unurcn ou
Bishop Co.,. 1(S Orange Bt,
Parish ft CoJtt Oranca 8b .
LondonPans Hamburg
Pennsylvan. Feb 8 Pretorla. .Feb. 29
Kalserln. . .Feb. 15 Amerika,new,Mar.7
. 'Sails to Hambcrg direct.
Hamburg. . .Feb. 15 Oceana Apr. 2
Hamburg.. Mar. 81 Moltke. J ...Apr. 22
Company' "Office, 35-87 Broudwrny, N. Y,
Sweezey & Kelsey, 102 Church St.,
M. Zunder & Son. 249 State street: J. H.
Parish & Co., S6 Orange street! Bishop
& Co., 185 orange street; H. uussman,
71 Orange street.
Hew Haven Line
r fin new York, Thn
From Me if Havea Leave Bell Dock
dailv. exceot Monday 1:30 a. m.
Froat New York Leav Pier 20, East
River, foot Peck Slip, 8:00 p. m. dally
except Sundays. Time between New
Haven and New York about five hours.
Tlcketo and stateroom at Bishop A
Co.', lt& Orange (treat, also at Sell
Dock and on Steamer. 1
GEO. C. BLACK, Agent, NW Haven.
F. C COLEY. Oen. Pas. Art. IT. T.
25 days WEST INDIES $125
Zij. FEB. 8th, 15th, fssa;
Superb Prinz Steamers, -6&vf
Itineraries Include .Fortune Island,
Port Antonio, Kingston, SavanlUa, Car
tnrona Port Union I San Jose. Costa
Rica), Colon, Kingston, Fortune Island,
New Turk. l;ot rociuae oumiae o
stateroom accommodation and meal.
T liMliPl nnlv "nnd up one way '
10 JAMAIM Dlllj 72 and up round trip...
Special Tours Including hotel and oth
er expenses, 03 up; 6 days'-Auto-
mobile tour In Jamaica.
Hamburg-American Line
35-37 BROADWAY, N. Y. " '
For local agents see other advertise
ment. 1 - .' t -
jew n avert
' NEW "
YORK M:20,
'8:00, x8:15,
a. ra., . 12:03,
:, i-io,
i. I4:23, 4:35, -6:03, 6:36.
I4,?j03, 7:63, 8:33, ;.
bunday 4:z0, 4:46. x7:5l
:3u D.
65. n:ii).
3:03. :63.
7:8, i:bt.
a. ax.. 12:00. 1:56.
4:35, 6:)3, x:10, B:2.
9:o3. 9:20 o. m.
4'or Washlnstoa via Harlem River
l:ou, p. m, l:oo, night, dally.
tor Boatoa via Hartford -nil Willi,
mantle lU!7, a. m.. ;u6 p. m. -a ,
For Boston via New London and
Providence '2:1), .2:66 J:47 .u,
tiA lVU "U1". '3:65, 4:20, 4:58.
I 6:42, j 7:05, p. m. Sundays 2:3u,
2:66. a. m.. 12:06,. 2;66, '4:63. 7;0&.
p. 111. . I ;
. , . Boston via " SprlnKfleld 1 -.lO.
li:U, a. m., 1:46,.:4, p. m. Buaf
day j a. m., 1;46, ; p. m. .-. V
or HartHord, Sprtneid, lute. 1:1
x4:U0, 6:36. J:46,, lo:iW, ll:U a. m,
, -.':0S.x6:50. -S'
6.08 (to Hai Herd), .7:10, x8:lo. d. iu.
ounaays -i:io,. x:06. xll:4b ... a.
7:47, 11:13, . m0 fcaybrook). 1111:4.
.,fj,l fi53V 8:1'- 'i10 lt Saybrook);
116:42. ?:,. ll:30,to Saybrook). p.
sunaavs a-M n-ir. u-n-i
12:06, '2:66, Ui 7i05p. ntT!
uletown, WlUuuantlo, Etc.-J
; it-Dts, .vz, p. m. Sunat.ys
"ui'iurut tniis, Ktc 7:44 a, tJ
Viu new tlUTUQTl), 4 01, 6:64 P.
m..(to Westfield.l - -.
For Waterburir 8:S0 rvln Maiiiii..bl
Ji nction ), 8 m;j H :32 a. m , . I :sl
6 46 :40. 11:40 1 m. , Sunday;..!
11:16 a m., 5:60 p. m. , ' f
or Wlosted fe:6fl (via NaugattwV
Junction),. K:32 (it.; m., . 2:86,
7:4i) p. m. Sundays S:2S a. m it
Mr. aid Mrs Carl Prhneider of
Gilbert avenue, Thursday welcomed
baby girl at their home.
singer, returned Thrsdrty to busine
arter his recent attack of grip
Ernest Robinson, the'well-knoirn
Mr. and Mrs. James Kennedy of State
Cost Nothing To Try.
Nearly everybody knows that char
coal Is the safest and most efficient
disinfectant and purifier In nature, but
few realize its value when taken Into
the human system for the sarme cleans
ing purpose. - 1 - , ( .'
Charcoal Is a remedy that the more
you take of it the better; It Is not a
drug at all, but simply absorbs the
gases and impurities always present
In the stomach and Intestines and car
ries them out of the system.
Charcoal sweetens the breath after
smoking, drinking or after eating' on
ions and other odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and Im
proves the complexion, It whitens the
j teeth and further acts as a natural
and eminently safe cathartic.
j It absorbs the injurious gases which
; collect in the stomach and bowels; It
; disinfects the mouth and throat from
; the poison of catarrh.
All druggists, sell charcoal in one
i form or another; but probably the best
I charcoal and the most for the money
' Is in Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges; they
I are composed of the finest powdered
j Willow charcoal, and other harmless
' antiseptics in tablet form or rather In
j the form of large pleasant tasting loz
enges, ,the charcoal being mixed with
; The daily use of these lozenges will
1 soon tell in a much improved condl-
Hon of the general health, better com
! plexion. sweeter breath "an d purer
blood, and the beauty of it is, that no
! possible harm can result from their
: continued use, but, on the contrary,
j great benefit.
A Buffalo physician, in speaking of
: the benefits of .chart-oal, says: "I ad
vise Stuart's Charcoal Lozenge's to all
patients suffering from gas in stom
! ach and bowey. and to clear the com
I plexion and purify the breath, mouth
I end throat; I also believe the liver Is
! greatly benefitted by the dally use of
! them: they cost but twenty-five cents a
box at drug stores, and although in
some .sense a patent preparation, yet
I believa 1 gt more and better char
coal In Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges
than in any of the ordinary charcoal
tablets "
Send your name and address to-day
for a free trial package and see for
yourself. F. A. Stuart Co., 200 Stuart
Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
The report of the commissioners of
the department of charities and correc
tion has been made for the year end
ing December 31, 1907. The most In
teresting part, 'that relating to
Sprlngside farm. , ' ' ,
At the home the average number of
Inmates forf the year was 399.5 and the
cost per capita per week was $1.97, and
Including the farm, the cost per capita
was $2.26.
The finances of the home are shown
to be very flourishing and encouraging
for the coming year.
3i3 Marine Record. 0
White Cloud, McKay, NeW London.'
Sch Eclipse, Martin, Ambov.
Sch Sarah Ann. Carpenter, Duffle, N. Y.
Sc-h Red Jacket, Phillips, .
Sch Olio, Knowlton. N. Y. '
For PittsSelii anil iitm.jiiia ni
777' oSV "''"eepTrt, D:32 a. in., S:b
I" fy Tg"' ; P. m. :Bundayi
i.ui. v' i lugepunj a. m. i
For I.Hcliilenl 9:3f, a. m.. 4:05 .
Sunday7:66 (via Bridgeport) a. w,
Lxpress trains, xLocal express.
llParlor car limited. . .
W. G. BIE1ID, . k : F. C. COLEY,
oujii,. ;-jimmx. uen. ram. A;
Superb Cruise - b g.
S. Oeeann T.8,00' tons)
as Days. Leaving- N.
T. Feb. 27, '09. - - 1
Write or '"'send 'for
"Winter Voyages,".a
beautifully lllpstrslt
ed book, tree - upon
request,; : .'"
Hnmburgr -American
37 B'dvi-ay, New York
Colon, .
Puerto i
Cabello, :.
La Guayra,:
Port of
Bridgeton, .
St. Thoirasj
San Juan,
Nassau. '
f ;
Starjn's N. Y. &N. H. LinfJ
Leaves New Haven 9:00, p. m., star
Pier, foot of Br-own Street. Lea
New York 9:00 p.-i m., Cortlandt Strea
Pier No.' IS.' N. R.. Fare 76c., excursld
tickets $1.25. ROoms $1. Take Cha
el Street cars" to Brewery street.
C. H. FISHER, Agent,
, .New Haven, Con!
New York, Jan. 31. Arrived: Steam
er Lazio, Naples.
Halifax, Jan. 31. Arrived: Steamer
Sardinian. London via Havre,' for St.
John, N. B. ,
Cape Race, N. F Jan. 31. Arrived:
Steamer Caledonia, Glasgow and Mo
ville for New York, in communication
with the Marconi station 190 miles
southeast at 10:30 a. m. Probably dock
10 a. m. Monda?.
Sagres, Jan. 28. Passed: Steamer
Nord America, New York for Naples
and G-noa. " .
Lizard, Jan. 29. Passed: Steamer
Valdivia. New York for Hamburg.
Naples. Jan. 30. Arrived- previously:
Steamer Algeria, New York.
Liverpool, Jan. 30. Arrived: Steam
er Bostonlan. Boston for Manchester;
Haverford, . Philadelphia via Queens
town; 31st. Mauretania, New York via
London? Jan. 31 Arrived: ; Steamer
Monteiuma, St. John, N. B., and Hall
fax for Antwero.
Naples, J.m 29. Saileft: Steamefc
Europa. New York.
Liverpool, Jan. ?0. Sailed: Steamer
Jamaican. Co!on.
"Cherbourg. Jan. 30. Sailed: Steamer
Europa, New York.
Liverpool. Jan. 30. Sailed: Steamer
Jamaican. Colon. 1
Cherbourg. Jan. 30. Sailed: Steamer
Kalserln Auguste Victoria (from Ham
burg and Southampton). New York.
London, Jan. 31. Passed: Steamer
Tamplcan. New Orleans.
Lizard. Jan. 31. Passed: Steamer
Ryndnm, New York for Boulogne and
Queenstown. Jan. 31. Arrived:
Steamer Baltic. New York for Liverpool
and (proceeded.
Libau, aJn. 31. Sailed: Steamer Ko
ra. New York via Rotterdam.
loan 10 Jamniq
Panama, Spnnli
Main, Trinidad, Baj
b a d o e a. Wlndwa
Ulnnda, etc... IS to S3 Daye f0 to 92'
Ilustrated booklet on request.
Atrato Feb. I I Oroya ...March
"Tagus" March 21st.
Luxurious Steamers of ff.000 tonn,
SANDERSON SON, 22 State Btref
Rlshon & Co..' 185 Orange tr
Sweezey & Kelsey. 102 Church street
New London. Jan. 30 Arrived: Tugs
Charles McWilllam. with one barge
from west; Harold, with four from
Sailed: Tug Aries, towing steamer
Frank Jones, bound for New York; Ger-
i trude. with tlTree barges bound east;
I Hokendanua, with three barges bound
' eats.
Sjilin" Wednrsdavsas tier sailitie list 1
let Cabin, $KO and up.. 2d Cabin S
Twin-Screw Steamers of 12.600 24.
NOORDAM Feb. a, Mar. 11, Apr.
STATENDAM. .Feb 12. Mar. IIS, Apr.
RYNDAM ....Feb. 26, Mar. 31. Ma:
N. AMSTERDAM, Mar. 25. Apr. 29, J
POTSDAM Apr. 8, May IS. June
Holland-America Line, 39 B'way N.
Or Local Agent.
Going South
This Winter?
II so, arrange for your statero
berths and sleeping-car acconai
datlons, and purchase your Ucf
of the old, reliable nrm ol BUbol
Co., 183-185 Orange Street.
Baggage checked from reside)
to destination.
Also direct agents for all Et)
pean line. -,
1 1
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