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To Head Program at Request
Concert in Woolsey Hall
on April 7.
Saturday, with Saturday matinee,
April 3-4, is indicated in the large
number of requests that seats he laid
aside before the regular advance sale
: optns and in the extraordinary num
ber of mail orders for seats. These
have not been equalled, except upon
very few occasions, in the history of
the theater. It appears to be general
ly understood that this production of
"The Land of Nod" is an unusual af
fair, and the conditions surrounding
the advance, Kale are the same here as
' elsewhere. This means that all seats
'are quite likely to be sold before the
Much Imprest Shown In the Las-t Dig 'great company arrives here. A spec
ial train service is required to trans
port the eighty-six members of the
excellent afternoon or evening enter
tainment awaits all who attend.
Jluj-iinl Event of
There Is more than usual interest in
the last concert of the season by the
New Haven Symphony Orchestra on
organization and two ou-toot Passage
cars are necessary to carry the scen
ery and other effects. There are few
companies of this magnitude touring
the country. It is not ony unusual in
this respect, but it is a company of
Tuesday, April 7, because, of the an-' comedians, singers and dancers who
nouncement that there would be a re
Quest program. That the idea of having
I have won distinction by their extreme
! cleverness. That this will be one of
1 request program aroused interest was ithe distinctly interesting performances
Evidenced by the number of requests ! of the season is a foregone conclusion
received. These began to reach the j and it will quite likely be witnessed
dean's office of the University Depart- ! by as many people as can be crowded
ment of Music in Februarv, soon after i within the four walls of the theater."
Royal Swedish Band.
The Royal Kronoberg regiment band
will give a grand concert at the New
Haven theater on Friday night this
The military musicians of S?w?den
form a class by themselves, a rare
combination of soldiers, musicians and
gentlemen. Of this class the mem
bers of the, Hoyal Kronoberg Regi
ment band are typical representatives,
who have won distinction as musicians
during their tours throughout the
northern parts of the European con
tinent and the admiration as gentle
manly soldinrs from the country of
Charles XII. They all hold the rank
of otticers, with or without commis
sion, within a regiment that fought
and bled at Luetzen under Gustavus
Adolphus, and upon whose, colors are
inscribed all the names of the bloody
and glorious battles in Swedish his
tory. They all have the training of
officers and soldiers, combined with a
thorough musical education.
The sale of seats is now open.
Y. M il
Ises to ' L
the announcement of the plan was
made in the concert program of that
month. It is probable that Dr. Parker
will have a similar concert every sea
son in the future.
Tschaikowski's symphony No. 6. that
known as the Pathetic, will head the
program. There were many requests
for this symphony aside from the fact
that the first communication asked for
this, one of the greatest of Russian
compositions we know.
Mr. Lee Sehulz will be the soloist. He
will play the A minor concert for violoncello.
TlMish Players To-morrow "A Yan
kee Tourist" and "Land of Xod."
The Yiddish players give a powerful
performance! This is the verdict of
the entire press in the principal cities
of America after witnessing a Yiddish
performance by the Xew York all-star
Yiddish company headed by the two
eminent Yiddish players. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Xathanson. and supported by
a capable company of prominent ar
tists, almost every one of which Is a
Btar. This company will produce here
a new and original play by a well
known writer, entitled "The Martyr,"
a play of Yiddish life in four acts In
terwoven with sweet Yiddish music.
The management of this theater guar
antees the standard of this comoany
and the reputation of its stars. The
above play will be presented on Wed
nesday evening, April 1, at the Hyper
Ion theater.
The advance sale of seats opens on
A Yankee Tourist.
Facts concerning the principals of
"A Yankee Tourist," which will ap
pear at the Hyperion, Thursday, April
Betty Doddridge, the little soubrette
cf "A Yankee Tourist" company, has
commendable ambitions for becom ng
a grand opera star. Her voice is a
spWndld soprano, and with a course of
' training In France, which she expacta
to begin at the close of the present
season, it should make Its owner
known In a few years.
"Phillips Smalley, who will play here
In the support of Raymond Hitcheock,
Is a son of the famous London jour
nalist, George AY. Smalley, and a
grandson of Wendell Phillips. He was
educated at Oxford and graduated
from the law school at Harvard! Mr.
fimalley is quite an accomplished
painter, having studied for some time
under the celebrated Alma Tadema.
"The Land of Xod."
Interest in the forthcoming produc
tion of the famous musical comedy
iuccess, "The Land of Nod," which
occurs at the Hyperion, Friday and
Fine Performance of "The Girl from
Eagle Ranch."
Last night's performance, "The Girl
of Eagle Ranch," made the hit of the
season at the Xevv Haven theater. The
show was the cleverest piece of melo
drama which has thus far visited the
"Grand." Miss Mamie Fleming, as
the star, 'Won repeated applause and
was finally forced to answer a loudly
claimed curtain call. But that was
only to be expected because Miss Flem
ing is one of those charming actresses
who by her clever acting and winning
mannerisms captivates an audience
from the very start. She was listen
ed to with breathless interest and in
terrupted by numerous outbursts of
approval. There is something about
Miss Fleming which reminds one of
"Eltie Janis," her combination of halt
ing speech, purely intentional, especial
ly w hen trying to express her love for
big "Lucky Jim," along with her won
derful facial expression kept the au
dience in a roar.
As for the plot, but that Is unneces
sary, Miss Fleming, together with
Harry Bannister, leads a cast which is
wifhout a flaw, and to mention the plot
would deprive the rest of the company
of much deserved mention.
' George Connors and Henry Alexand
er were realiitle villains of the first
water and by good acting earned the
hatred of the entire audience. To off
set the villainy a whole carload of
comedy was furnished by Tommy West
don't fail to see Tommy and hear his
song, Charles Mylott and Tommy Cul
lers. Tommy West, in addition to a
broad sense of humor, has the gift of
song. The first verse makes you
laugh, the second brings tears and
then Tommy makes you laugh again.
Those who ilke good singing by
male voices ought to hear the miners'
quartet in the catchy selections of fine
ly arranged music. That is the best
feature of the show. The melodrama is
perfectly balanced by comedy and
music. Miss Fleming herself, pang her
favorite "Set. Saw" song assisted by
the quartet. -The third act was follow
ed by a novel speciality by W. H.
Gracey, the manager. After a selection
on the tubephone and sleigh bells he
played the "Musical RattleR." This is
something absolutely new in the line of
musical novelties. There are only two
in existence and require unusual skill
and dexterity in manipulation. Mr.
Gracey has all of these and made a
very marked hit.
In brief the play is a most charm
ing musical melodrama, brightened by
comedy, and skillfully presented. Miss
Fle.mlng and company will appear
to-night and Wednesday evening, with
a matinee Wednesday afternoon. An
Trick Elephant, Imitation Bear, Live
ly Lad, Musical Quartet, Etc.
Have you met Little Hip? He is a
charming fellow. Too bad he drinks.
Yes, he is very young, out very fond
of the bottle. Drinks the sparkling
liquid down and then goes to bed on
the stage. Not really? Just go and see
the trick elephant. As Patrick would
say, "'Tis the dandy young crature Is
the animal at Poll's this week. I be
hearin he made the New Yorkers pay
out their cold cash fer to look at him.
And, be jabers, it's worth it. The little
rascal has one endearln' thrlck that
would do credit to a son of the ould
sod. He hands out a program to each
of the ladles and children at every per
formance as they enter the theatre.
Thfaith what do you think ov that
Patrick was also proud to say that
he enjoyed the "Shine Flirtation" of
McKenztf, Shannon and a bootblack.
The first twa who ha wl Wallace bled,
sing a number of popular airs, working
In the words to fit their parts in the
conversation. The audience Is regaled
with "I'm going away," etc. The sing
ing is first class. Withal it is a pleas
ing skit and makes one Jolly up a bit.
Music that holds the gallery gods in
fond embrace and shows versatile abil
ity for the Exposition Four also adds
to a pleasing bill. They are also light
ning change artists such as would
make a fireman "vera enveous." Their
costumes correspond with their work,
and for the sake of clearness be It said
that the costumes are becoming and en
tertaining. They stop at nothing from a
trombone to the human voice. One even
plays two horns at once.
A little different and a lively lad is
Laddie Cliff, whose dancing is eccen
tric and his songs rollicking Jolts of
Jollity. With the calcium light blazing
away at him, his act really consists of
two people, Laddie and his shadow, the
latter an elongated specimen that
dances up and down the back curtain
with enjoyable grotesque humor. Cliff
has some excellent Imitations of vari
ous personages as they would sit down
on a chair where a pin proudly points
upward thereon. Most anyone can ap
preciate the Impression this bit of act
ing makes.
Moreover, In keeping with the usual
excellent bill vouchsafed at Poll's there
Is to be seen the Camllle Comedy Trio,
whose bar act is advertised as unique
and unsurpassed. So be It. The Town
Topic Tickle T3lk"fs tickle the risibili
ties, and Barry and Wolford can lie
guaranteed to attempt to stay on the
Job during each and every performance.
Those six little girls and Teddy Bear
are what the matinee young lady rails
"Just too sweet for anything." 'Tis a
pretty thing and In dance and song
rushes along with Everett Scott at the
bead a feature in himself, In his little
Teddy bear suit of brown. As an nnl
nial of Intelligence he comes a close
second to Little Hip.
Go to Poll's and partake of Joy.
(Special Jnrnal-Courir Sun Service,
Derby. March 30.-The Y. M. C.
Debating dub held a very interesting j
and largely attended meeting at the
association building on Elizabeth j
street last evening. The officers elected
tit tin. tact motitintr n-oro 1 net a llnH nn1 !
other important matters were consid
ered. The constitution drew up by the
ways and means committee was adopt
ed by the club. Vice-President Greene
presided in the absence of the presi
The debate which was on the sub
ject: Resolved, That Immigration
should be further restricted, was de
cided In favor of the negative side w f ich
presented the better arguments. The
affirmative side was upheld by A.
Whitehead and C. Peterson while T.
Whitehead and C. Peterson argued for
the affirmative. The judges were A,
Steble, W. MeSheahy and- Edward
Gardner. .A.' 'A. Pack was the critic of
the evening.
At the next regular meeting the de
bate will be on the subject: Resolved,
That the automobile will never sup
plant the horse. On the affirmative eide
wnt bo Cecil Gardner and Mr. Siioddy
The negative side will be upheld by
Fred Weruli and Charles Morse. The
Judges will be Messrs. Harrison,
Lambkin and Ring. The critic will be
A, D. Fallot.
(Special Journal-Courier Slews Service.!
Ansonia, March 3C The reception
which will be held at the local
C. A. building this evening promises
be a very successful one. in everv re- ', V
spect. The people of the city are invited : ',
to attend and inspect the building. A i
pleasing program has been arranged.
A musical program w ill be rendered !
and refreshments served. For the ! '
speaker of the evening the association j ,
has secured Rev. Charies G. Smith, j
president of the Xew Haven Christian
Endeavor union.
St. Mary's choir will meet for re
hearsal this evening at 'the home of
Mrs. William Sheeny on Smith street.
Joseph Webrlck and John Barilo, the
two Polanders who were arrested Sat
urday evening, were arranged in the
police court yesterday morning charg
ed with mutual assault. Judge Kelty
found both guilty and found each $2
and costs which was paid.
The Ladies' Benevolent society of
St. James' church will meet on Wed
nesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
John R. Llghtfoot on Caroline street.
Oates Eros, removed the piano that
was given away at the Sterling Opera
House last week to the home of Miss
Josephine Conaty on Olivia street yes
terday afternoon.
The local police arrested Polmetlno
Movi yesterday charged with assault
ing Pasqualo Tartagllono. The as
sault took place on Sunday. Movl will
be given a hearing this morning.
Sake Get
A Treat That
Maijes You Eat
Corn Syrup
Is more than "goodness"
it' 6 afood so valuable in
its properties that author
ities class it high among
food products. Not only
nutritious but delicious
a golden syrup of ex
quisite flavor that pleases
all palates. For every use
from griddle cakes to
10c, 25c, and SOc.
in tir-tight tins
ni. ztaiit ni
sea e iww!
California Wash,
Target Brand Scale Destroyer.
One Gallon diluted makes Fifty for spraying.
Per Gallon $1.00 Per 5 Gals, $3.25 and $3.75
30 Gallons $16.00.
Kevlval of "!u Harry" by Stork Com
pany a Brilliant Sucre.
"u Barry," the play which receiv
ed the second choice by popular vote
for revival this season by Miss Ger
trude Shlpman and her supporting
company at the HIJou, Is being pro
duced this week with gorgeous cos
tumes and speclnl scenery, with an
excellent care as to detail and Is
quite as great a success as anything
that has been put on by the Stock
company so far this season. The
piece is an Interesting one and calls
for an entirely different vein of acting
from the popular "Carmen," yet It is
quite as charming In every way, and
Miss Shlpman is positively delightful
In every mood she displays and they
are many. Lawrence McGill is splen
did as the Puke de Richelieu, fore fill
without being over dramatic, and the
same can be said of Paul Anderson as
the Duke de Choiseul. who Is a very
smooth v Mian, liert King as Iiuls
XV is good also going from fury to
tenderness with a gradual conclusion
that is remarkable, and falling at last
Into the mood of his lady, so that hers
makes his own. Kor the rest of the
company they have never been cast to
better advantage, as the parts of the
remaining members not already men
tioned are about on an equal footing,
one with another.
The 'special matinee will be given
on Friday, souvenir bring a picture of
Miss Shipman in street costume, which
Is quite new and said to he one of
the best she has had. Seats on sale
for every performance.
A class of ten candidates for Bir
mingham lodge, N. E. O. P. will go to
Seymour this evening where the Initi
atory degree will he conferred by Val
ley lodge of that place. A lodge, dele
gation will accompany the class.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Jacob j
A. Fiske took place yesterday after- i
noon, services being conducted at her i
home on Franklin street at 2:30 o'clock i
by the Rev. W. D. McKinney, of Port i
Jervis, X. Y. Interment took nlace tn ;
Pine Grove cemetery, the pallbearers i
being W. R. Steele, Henry C. Cook, j
William H. Fielding, Lewis I. Cook, '
Fred B. Baldwin and Henry W. Case.
Undertaker A. C. Kaiser had charge of i
the funeral arrangements.
Rev. Arthur P. Greenleaf. of Walling-
ford will be the speaker at this even
ing s services at Christ church.
the inmate of
What Does it Mean
It means that 45,000 homes luive bad the Gabler Piano In use tor
periods varying from one to forty-nlno years that the great majority
of these owners are people of sound Judgment and fine musical taste.
It means that local owners of Gabler Pianos send their friends and
neighbors to us because they are satisfied with their instrument satis
fied with our square dealing. How much better it is to buy a Gabler
than to buy some other that you can know but little about! The
Gabler is a piano of excellence and durability. Come and see them.
The M. Sonnenberg Piano Co.
801 Chapel Street. .
(Special Journal-Courier Ncnt Service)
The Shelton Athletic association
held an enthusiastic meeting at the
club rooms on Howe avenue, last eve
ning at which the plans for the com
ing season were discussed. The fu
ture looks blight for this association
which now has a membership of thirty-five.
The rooms are to be enlarg
ed and refurnished Immediately. The
officers for the ensuing year were
elected and are as follows: Charles
Burns, president; John Johnson, vice
president; Burt Hotchkiss, secretary
and treasurer; and William Shorten,
The regular meeting of the Derby
C. E. union was held last evening In
the local Congregational church. The
meeting was a, very successful one, ev
ery society in the union being well
represented. The program rendered
was a pleasing one and was appreciat
ed by everyone present. Following an
eloquent address by Rev. Watson L.
Phillips, D.D., of New Haven, a fine
song service was held, the Winona
hymn books being used. At the close
of the meeting a social hour was en
joyed during which the members of
the various societies mingled together
and became better acquainted with
one another.
The regular weekly whist of the
W. R. C. will he held at Odd Follows'
hall this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
The t-ack team of the Derby High
school practices regularly on the
meadows every. day for the track meet
with the alumni team which takes
place on Friday afternoon, April 3.
Peter Shepherd was arrested last
evening by the local police on charges
of non-support preferred by his wife
who resides on Third street. He will
be given a hearing this morning.
Tho St. Aloyplus T. A. R. society
held a very largely attended special
meeting last evening at Its rooms on
Main street. At the meeting final ar
rangements for the concert and socia
ble that Is to he held In St. Mary's
hall on Monday evening, April 27 were
There will be a meeting of Stead
fast circle, King's Sons, at the home
of Howard W. Pierce, on Prospect
street, this evening, nt 7:45 o'clock.
Rev. William P. Downes, of New
Haven, will be. the speaker at the
Wednesday evening services at
Church of the Good Shepherd.
Offered by Arthur Herrmann
Pabst's Restaurant.
To stimulate interest In his mer
chants' noon day lunches (because the
appetites need no Incentive), Arthur
Herrmann of Pabst's Restaurant on
Chapel street, will give away Saturday,
July 4th a beautiful cut-glass water
set (valued at $35) consisting of large
water pitcher and six goblets. The set
is on exhibition In bis show window.
The menu for these noon day lunches
is published dally by the firm (on
page 4) In this paper. For the price
charged they are exceptionally 'attrac
tive. With each dinner check the firm
gives a numbered coupon. On Saturday,
July 4th, there will be a public draw
ing and the person holding the corre
sponding number will receive the cut
glass set. It Is done for the purpose of
fostering greater public Interest In
these excellent popular-priced lunches.
37 Church Street, Tel. 1157-4 I
Oldest Established Furrier in New Haven. '.'
739 CHAPEL STREET Over Hull's Drug Store
No matter what you want in the fur line
goods from stock, goods made to order, fur repairs j
or alterations we guarantee satisfaction. That
means quality, workmanship and price.
Bijou Theatre.
SYLVESTER 35. POM, Proprietor.
DIJou Theater Stock Company,
nil BARUV."
Poll's Popular FriceB: lie, 20c, SOe.
Ladies at matinees with children re
ceive special attention. Souvenir mat
inee Friday. Daily matinees.
Seats reserved In advance. Tel. 5013.
vom;x to race ox skates.
at Homestead Rink Prl7.e for ;
Fastest Woman Skater. j
A hi crowd attended the Home- j
stad skating rink, at Savin Rock, j
last evenlnp. to witness the potato j
race among the skate hoys. The boys
created lots of fun for everyone. j
This evening a handsome prize will j
be given to the fastest woman skater. 1
This feature Is sure to attract a good j
manv people to the rink. There will
be skating from 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock
and dancing from 10:15 to 11:15.
Music by the $5,000 orchestral organ.
TVilliam H. Moseley of the Xew Ha
ven house Is out $25 as a result of some
clever work on the part of a vlckpock
et, who took h's wallet from his pocket
in a crowd at the railroad station Sat
urday. It vir, Mr. Mosoley's first ex
perience with a pickpocket.
By Terrible Itching Eczema-Face
.and Head a Solid Sore Spread
to His Hand and Legs Would
Scratch Until He Bled Tiny Suf
ferer Immediately Relieved and
" When my ton Walter was thw weeks
old, eczema appeared on his face. We did
noi Know wnas
it was so wpnfc
to a dortor who
treated him for
three months.
Then he was tin
bad that his fac
end head were
nothing but on
eore. and his ears
looked as if ther
were going to fall
off, so we tried
another doctor.
He said he could
cur him and ws
doctored ther four months, the hahr
never getting anr better. His hand
and legs then had big sores on them
and as for his sleeping. w could not
think of it, the po"r tt,e Mlow suf
fered so terriblr. First. I tied his hands
to the crib to keep him from scratching,
but when it got so bad I tied him in a
fhawl or he would scratch himself all
bloodr. When he was sven months old
wo tried a set of the Cuticura Bemedies.
Tho first application of Cuticura let
him sleep and rest well, in one week
th sores were gone but it stayed red
and sometimes it would itch so we
used Cuticura for two months, then he
had a clear and white face. Now he is
two "ears and seven months old and
has never had eczema again. I hipe,
this letter will help some who are suffer
ing from skin disease). Every mother
who has a babv suffering with skin
disease should just trv Cuticura: there
ls nothing better. Mrs. Louis Beck, R.
F.D.3,Saa Antonio, Tex., Apr. 15, '07."
A single set of Cuticura Remedies is
often sufficient to cure torturing, dis
figuring, itching, burning, and scaly
humors, ecremas. rashes, and irritations,
from infancy to age, when ail other
remedies fail.
Conrtets Etteral ttii Tntennl Trratttfti fn
twT Humor coDtWK o! Cmtcura Sop. 2V t
'.nw tbe BUn. cu"rur ummm 'Our.i to neu
Ilaltlcii (Vovcrnmcnt Pronilscs Lnt
Prisoner Civil Trlnl.
Port au Prince. March 30. Numerous
arrests were made hre lust night and
to-day of officers suspected of com
plicity In the latest conspiracy, of
whli-h Gen. IrraqUe, chief of the cav
alry, was alleged to he the leader.
The Haitler government announces
its Intention of giving these prisoners
a hearing, before the civil courts and
df-clarrs that no summary executions
will take place.
Squads of soldlrs are continuing
their search of houses in quest of fugi
tives. Five officers, including General
larraque, hive taken refuge In the
French legation, and one officer is a?y
lumed in the German legation.
Added Feature
l.AtmtK CI.IKF.
Hartford vs. New Haven.
Qnlnnlplnc Hlnk (185 Grnnil Avenue).
Prices 25c, 35c and 50c.
Tlrket on Sale nt l.nulicr'n, POO Chapel
A new arrival recently came to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dug
gan. Mr. Duggan Is proprietor of the
Majestic laundry and the new arrival
Is a rohu.'t biy. Thomas F. Maxwell
land MIfs Miry Conlon acted as god-
father and godmother respectively at
the christening.
756-758 Chapul St,
25c LUNCH 25c
Consomme Clenr Puree-Bretonne
Filet Sea Kiiss Bordelaise
Brown Hcpf and Onions ,
Corned Reef and Cahhage
Prime Rl'os of Meef aujus
Frl'l Egsr Plant
Boiled and Slashed Potatoes
Gel V In Oporto
Bread and Rutter Pudding
Apple ami Cocoanut Pies
All our pies, puddings, pastries, etc.,
made by our own flief. Ladles' Cafe
up stairs. Also meals a la carte.
and 5nurlny Mntlnee,
APRIL 3 a.nd 4.
The Rork Company's Big Musical Ex
75 People in the Company.
Sale Optns Wednesday, April 1.
Prices: Evenings, 26c. to 11.60; mat
inees, 25c. to $1.
Hyperion Theater.
Mr. nmt Mrs. Clins. Natlianaoa
Assisted by a Cast of Yiddish Players
A Play of yiddlsli Life in- Four Acts
Interwoven with Music. t
Prices: 25c, 35c, ,5t)c, 75c, 11. Seat
sale Alonday. '
Hyperion Theater.
Henry lavage Offers
In the New Comic Onera Hit,
"A Yankee Tourist."
By Richard Harding Davis. ' )
Wallace Irwin and A. 0. Bobyn.
Prices: 25c, Bftc. 75c, tl, $1.60. Seat
sale Tuesday. Carriages at 11.'
G. R. BUNNELL; Manager.
March 3fl. 31, A jfrll 1.
Matinee Wednesday.
In "The Girl of Enjftr Ranch."
The Grpat Musical Western Dram.
. Grand Concert by the
Swedeii's Crack Military Orchestra
Seat sale opens Monoay at Box Of
fice. Prices, 50c, 76c, and $1.
Admission 10 cents,
Including Dancing from 10:13 to 11:1S'
Skating 15 cents.
Mexico City, March SO. The Most
Rev. Prospero Maria Alarcen y San
chez de Ia Rarquera, archhishop and
head of the Roman Catholic church In
Mexico, died to-day. He was 8) year
R. D. PRYDE, Professional.
j Why the "Fortune"?
In ustnj The Fortune you are sav
ing mones- every minute, as com
pared Tilth the cort of nslng coal. Because It Is a savin
of gas, as compared with other ranges. Because this sav
ing goes on twelve months In the year, as the gas range is no
longer a summer range only. Because In efficiency there
Is none better. Because wheu you have "The Fortune"
you have the best.
h siai. Md Cnt1cur RfsnirrM 60r.). (nr tn tla
rm of Cro'otiv cos
Purifv the Biood .
brm of CK-o!v Contrd PH JSc. pft Ttl ot q
a lorruwmiJT use warifc
Mld9 by
Thomas. Roberts,
Stevenson Co.
The Fortune Range !
fotm brut CSeai Corp., Sole Propt.. Boston
. T 1UM Ftm. Oiurur, Book Site MMI ' J ttttt4.t H1tW W WW- 1 1 frrmt-H"M-m

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