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1 1
Raymond Hitchcock at the Hy- j
perion To-night 'Land of j
Nod," To-morrow. !
One, of the daintiest. features In the
performance r.f "A Yankee Tourist,"
at the. Hyperion to-night, Ir the Teddy
Ulrl chorus. This la the pride (if
Henry W. Havago for tho girls sol.-ct-eel
for thi' work are amotiK thn best,
on his list. All of them can dime as
gracefully as premiers bcllerlmis, find
as for appearance, a.T one eminent
orltlo, put It "thoy nro ns heart lick
ing a bevy nf beauties ns ever graced
a light opera performance." Most of
the girls have been with Mr. ftrivagn.
for some years and show that won
derful precision In their sliming anil
dancing which characterizes all of the.
Savage ensembles. There Is a vim
and dash to their work which leads
tho on-looker to feel that there Is a
keen enjoyment In the whole, thing
for the players themselves, and which
communicates Itself to the audience, In
the, most Infectious manner. The cos
tume Is the Idealization of the cow
girl rig, with all tho features, usually
bo clumsy, brought down to the most
dainty lines, and In the most delicate
"The Lnnd of Nod."
When the big musical comedy pro
duction, "T,ho Land of Nod," Is pre
sented at the Hyperion, Friday and
Saturday, with Saturday matinee,
theatergoers of New Haven will have
1 an opportunity of witnessing what Is
generaly conceded to bo by far the
most successful stage offering of 1 1 3
klpcl that 1ms been given In this coun
try at any period of time. Tills
beautiful spectacle was first seen In
Chicago two years ago when It enjoy
ed an unlnterrur.ted run of twenty
seven weeks at the big Chicago opera
house. Thence, It toured tho prlnel-
, pal cities of the south and we?t with
an unvarying degree of popular favor,
and finally reached the bin New York
theater, where its hit was most em
phatic. There must be something un
usually attractive in a performance
which can achieve a record so re
markable and so wholly unparalleled.
And it not far to seek the reason.
It Is a great, big spectacle In which
everything, apparently, has been
thrust to make it delightful to all of
the senses regardless of financial ont-
1 lay or of pnlnstaklhg industry to ac
complish a perfect ensemble. ' The
Bale of seats for this unusual perform-
I ance bpgan yesterday,
P . Miss Nollson In "Faust."
Thn announcement that Mr. I-Tenrv
Russell, director of the Pan Carlo
Grand Opera company Is to bring his
excellent organization to New Haven
for one performance to he given nt
the Hyperion next Monday evening.
April 6, will be gladly welcomed by
the music lovers of the city. The op
era selected for this performance Is
Gounod's masterpiece "Faust" with
MIks Alice Nielsen ns "Mareuerlte."
Jf',i'be San Carlo Grand Opera company
Is fcftld to be the greatest grand opera
organization en route In the United
States or In Europe and appeals to all
lovers of music not only because of
the excellence of Its stars, but be
cause of the high musical stand ird.
Have a
On Us.
See Us
Make Them
In Our
We will have three candy ex
perts, direct from the factory in
Boston, making these delicious
confections. They combine
the choicest Maraschino cher
ries, purest cream, most deli
cious juices and finest choco
late obtainable. Intoxicate
only with delight.
Wed., Thurs., Fri.
and Saturday.
B4 Church St. .61 Center St.
E. L. Washburn
Hmoothness of presentation and pf'i"- '
'fectlon 111 artistic ensemble It has i
been Mid by the critics In all the 1
principal cltlei) of the United States,
that the operas as presented by Mils !
company have never been excelled by j
any company on the road. The rrt.1"
nf prices will be from CO cents to .
$2. BO. The box olllee advance sail of i
KcntB will open Friday, April S. Ma'l !
irdcrn necompnnie 1 by checkH mad" ;
payable to thn manager of the 1 1 y-
perinn can be Hint now an 1 I hey wl'.l i
be filled In order of their receipt.
Fritz! fcelicfY Coming. j
Fritz! S"heff, alio who has been
clubbed by New York critics and critl- ;
clzers In general as "thn Incomparable !
Frltzl," will play at the Hyperion.
Wednesday and Thursday, April 3-!). !
Madame Seheff If to appear In the 1
great light opera mictions, "M'lle. !
Modiste," written for her hy Henry i
HloHKom and Victor Herbert. ;
Fritz! Sehcff can bent be describe!
an Frltzl P-lieff. In "M'lle. Mod law" j
she has a real light opera, a worl: i
which marks a return to the legiti
mate light opera of the highest class,
and which Is entirely distinct from th"
so-called musical comedy. Frit:'.l
Schorl' la a woman who Is unique In
her Held of end avor, On the atage
alio Is the most vivacious, chic, vola
tile and capricious little creature that
one could Imagine, Incidentally, r.h"
ia the leading comedienne on the
English-speaking light opera stage to
day, and more wonderful to relate,
she is an actress who can sing. Her
voice Is a high (40prn.no of exquisite
tonal quality and of delightful tim
bre. In the role of Fill in "M'lle,
Modiste" she has scored a personal
trlumrlh, while her company demon
strates how perfect a pcrforman ?e of
light opera may be made in America.
fixe ieuiu-:e WOUK.
Kngles' Team (Jives One of the Host
Exhibitions F.ver Seen Here.
The drill nf the Eagle degree team
at Foil's theatre at the recent benefit
concert was the finest exhibition of
team drill work ever seen In this city.
This team has been um'or the personal
supervision of Sergeant William G.
Doherty for the past three years. The
members are: R. H. Rellly, A. Johnson,
M. Flynn, James McCabe, Frederick
Muntz, Charles Cummlngs, M. McGnnn,
William Grens, George Sullivan, Iiren
Chapel, John niesslngton, John Mc
Cabe and Dana Fitzgerald.
Their dress is a fine white flannel
naval officer's uniform.
On August fi, inns, at Worcester,
Mass., this teim, In competition with
eight others, won the championship of
New England.
At the Jamestown Exposition, Sept.
7. 1W7, In competition with twelve oth
er teams they were awarded the second
prize. The first prize went to the Kan
ma City team and thn tljlrd to the
team from Pawluoket, ft. I. On this oc
casion the general Impression w-is that
the New Haven team had won the first
prize. The Kansas City team dined
them after the contest and congratu
lated them on their supposed success.
Their drill Sunday evening, which
was a repetition of their Jamestown
exhibition, consumes eighteen minutes' j terested in his clever work during his
continuous silent drill and was per-, visit here and will no doubt give him
formed without a single break. a rousing reception next Monday
Included in the evo utlnns Is the for- nlglit. Pauline will give a series of
matlon by the team of the letters Y, j entertainments practically on the
E, A. the Kngles word of recognition; itfnme lines, though vastly different In
the letfers U T, J. K, (liberty, truth, character, w hich are Voth nmu.dng
Justice nnd eqnnlltj) the motto of the j and Instructive and fully demon
Eagles; nnd F. O. E. Fraternal Order istrute the power of the mind over
of Eagles. matter. His work Is of such rhnrnc-
They also form ft rrom In memory of ter that the most skeptical must nd
departed members, at which time thnmlt thnt It Ik genuine hypnotism and
martial music eeass nnd the orches
tra plnys "Nearer. My Ood to Thee,"
adding much to Its Impresslveness.
They also go .through the formation
of the Oreek cross and a number of
fine evolutions connected therewith;
also successive formations of 2, 3. 4. (I
and 12 men. followed flnnk wheeling,
which Invariably wins applause.
While the evolutions themselves show
excellent drill and special personal apt
ness on the pnrt of each individual
member of the team, from a military
standpoint, every detail -the height ot ; one who places these studies In n
the feet from the floor, thn steps, swing j more Interesting or amazing tight, his
of the arms, position of body nnd nh- j entertainment being one compelling
polute Attention- shows the most care- i the nttentlon nnd arousing the rtir
ful precision and excellence, Asld j (oslty i.i 'ls audiences from start to
from the cross all the evolutions wer , llnbh. 'l ne program Is one In which
given tinder the "Second Tteglment fun predominates and those who on
March." The tesm has accepted an In- ! joy a real hearty laugh, nnd nt the
vltntion to compete n a competition ! same time, witness n performance
drill July 14 nt Fall River, Mass., for j that .must' appeal strongly to the think
the ?os championship of New Kng- ng mind, had better pay a visit to
lnd. Poll's during Pauline's visit to this
city. No confederates or any sort nf
TTOMFSTM.VD Mi VTIVC, RINK. ! electrical appliance are used by Pnu
A handsome prlae will he given to I line, lie depends entirely upon th
the most, graceful woman skater nt the ' audience for his subjects nnd Inviting
Hntner.tend Skating Rink, this evening. ! Investigation from any one desiring to
There will be skating from 7 to 10, i test his fcnK The performances nre
nnd dancing from 10 to 11 : IR. Music by
th" $.1,000 orchestral organ. The rink
Is open every Afternoon from 1:15 to 5,
and every evnlng from 7 to 11:30.
According to Consul (ien'ral Wil
liam H. Michael, at Calcutta, It is pro
posed hy the nrlllsh India government
to link the five rivers -the Indus, Je
lum, -Chens h, Pens, Ravi nnd PutleJ -together
In such manner as to equalize
the flow of water when one river or
more Is In flood, and thus supply the:"1'1 h"yo ""; "I"" f'" tH- children
whole canal system connected with
teese rivers. Mr. .MichRf I continues:
"Hy this nrrnngemenl the Punjah
(the meaning of Punjab Is "five riv
ers") will be given a water supply for
Irrigation sufficient nt all times. The
decision of the government of India to
tidopt. the northern alignment for the
f-'Ind-Rornhny connection railroad, pirl
ly on military grounds nnd partly ow
ing to the objections raised hy the Hno
of Culcli to the southern alignment,
puts an end, for tho present at least,
to en-operatlon between the Irrigation'
department and the railway company,
which was expected to effect great ben
e In that, pari of the Punjab through
which the Hues would have run.
"In time, when the great Irrigation
projects In the Punjab, now in cotirce
of construction, shall have l.eeti com
pleted, the Irrigation department will
take up the scheme of drawing and
tendering tit for cultivation die low
lands and Mt mnrshoM which make up
wbal Is known as the Ruun of Cutch.
It Is claimed that, the irrigation de
piit'lnient has work In hand on plans
flint have been adoplel to engage Its
time, energies nnd avnlhhle capital
for thirty' years."--Dally Consular
Report a.
When they had showed hlni these
cotirleides, thev borrowed $lo of lilin,
after which he went his w.iv.
But in the fullness of time lis re.
"Show ino fonieihlng elienper. If you
pleaiie," guoth ho, gently. Puck.
' ww',waw ' lift : fyjm ; ; 1 v':?!: ''!;'.
SW , if ; :
' '. . j ' " i - ;C " ' 1 v-v ... . ' : ' 't ;:;v:'
' " - .-' . - i .',. : ' ... I ,':.
Clnrencp A. HIHs the son of Mr. '
and Mrs. F. O. Hills of Pirwutt xlreet, j
Torrl.mtou. I the vo,.nK nmn ho ;
mis (.elec ted by the 10. It. 1 hnintis i
company of Detroit for their a.htHl- j
Pauline, the Eminent French
Hypnotist and Mind Read
er, Next Week.
I'nullne, the eminent French hyp
notist and mind reader, will begin a
! special engagement nt Foil s, next
'week, People become very much In-
no sllght-of-hand work. It in claim
ed by the management of Poll's that
n"thlng has appeared In this city In
many years that will furnish so much,
clean nmusement and. at the nam"
time, give a peep Into the myst Ties
of this great unexplained occult sci
ence. Perhaps there are no modern
science about which more eontroe. rsy
exists than hypnotism and mental tel
epathy, or ns some people like to term
it "Transmission of Thought," and In
I'nullne there Is no better fpon-nt or
thoroughly abreast of the times and
Little llll it Wonder.
Little Hip, the cute elephant that
hands you a program In the grand
foyer of Poll's tills week ns you enter
has been greeted by crowded bouses
'all this week nnd nn doubt when f-ot-iurdny
matinee comes nnd the illtl
1 folks from school ran rnloy him he
will have a real picnic, The little Hip
Saturday, besides programs but be ts
keeping It to himself until the proper
lime arrives wh-n nnnouncement will
lie ma ile.
The show Is a good one throughout
this week and Is making the hit of
II,,. season. Laddie Cliff ns special
feature being one of the big Piiceesues
of Ihe bill.
Among the wild tribes to he found
in ine i niiippiin-s me no- -'""'.; j f( P Rock railroad man gave up a
the mojit picturesque people In the rhp 1nll , ,.mrnde with wife
tropics, Theij- origin Is unknown and :,, (,,lM(1) wholl, ho rnnm;i, VV1,,,
nil sorts of opinions have neen ex
pressed concerning them. one tale
told of them Is thnt their ft-ft ances
tors were all poeis and musicians,
and that the dlr.llke for the practical
which In always tioilcrahle among -them,
has come down Ihrongh the
gi'Ueriilh'n". '
These that have taught among the
Pivpohos sa- that, given a song or a :
poem to leirn, and they will sludy
and dream over it for hours, but give
the Rogoho a pro'hlcm III mat hetnnl -lis,
and he Immediately becomes III
and wants to f, i home.
l.hlng at ."niit'i t'niJi. in (lie navao,Kf,t tw.i or three hiindii'd hid nwav In
dlftrlct. Im Ml.s Penedlct, a, l"nl ersl my china pig, ho I'm In a little belter
ty of Chicago woman, who Is colled - 1 shape for a Job-hunt than ynii-so
lug everything peculiar lo the Pngobo, ! long."
It has been found that the bear)- , Two hands clnnped, nnd that was
work done h.v them Is quite llle that. I all of the Mage business to adorn an
of the American Indian, but there Is Incident which happened In this age
no other likeness In tha races beyond I of dollar worship. Little ltock Ha
that Manila, American. ictt
mile iiuto-textlm; trip
ilnnii ami Illinois
,., ,,.
' ""' 1 "f
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CIlHholm, ! ,ed.. I'he (olden Stalr
ense; poems for chlldr-n.
Mahle, H. W eil F:-'snys That Av
ery child Should Kiei.v.
N'esblt, K., 'liie Story of the 'mulet.
(Allies' AM Society of St. Raphael's
Discuss Plans for t imilwil,
The meeting of the I .mil, V Aid soci
ety of SI. Raphael's hospital held yes-te-dny
afternoon was n very enlhmd
''sllc one, and there ins a brae at
tendance. The committee reported pro
gress In their at rango;nentn for the
big carnival lo Ihe exlent thai . It would
be held about the middle or May In
one of the I irser halls of the city, Hnh
commlltees were appo'nteil for each
pirlsh and they will report on their
work hI the next meeting of the so
ciety which will lie held on Monday af
ternoon, April (1, at I) o'clock In Duncan
Vonr cheap cynic received a cruel
Jolt the other dav when nn unmarried
greater need of It. In thei.e davs when m ''' fnitneni Mines tor ine
"retrenchmrnl" Is the word mo'-t mm. I " 'Pope of ohpervl.ig a solar eclipse,
ed In railroad i Ircln. and John are not! ',,1(' ,,;l.v b"fore the event one of the
so easy to be had ns duns, the degree : V" "fevso-s snhl lo an old darky he
of such Micrldce In correspondingly I l"n"liig to the hoiisnhohl wherein the
advaiiced, 'scientist :i iin rtered :
A behest from on high had decreed "Tern. If you will watch your chick
that one of the two most go, and that ;r" to-morrow morning you'll flrd thnt
wns the way their bona put t to them, they'll all go to i-oost at II o'clock."
t'nhosllnthiglv, and without any piwe 1 Tom was. of course, sceptical; but
of noblesse oblige, thin ptlnco In sleeve : " Hi" I'opelnled hour the heavens
guards said, with a, hitis;li that had a
oiieer calch In It :
"Well, old man. jmi stay. It'll
healthier for the .vlfe and kiddle.
(Pi p,b fhlo, power runabout "Snow Dli'd," at
Smith I'cnil, 1 ml., where lie whs stall
photo dinw4 ! cd for ii week, by the big; bll..ard
his ln-hoi-M juliiih a I -lli il that sei thin.
"I.aiul of Nod" Aduincc Sale Open-
With a Hush.
There was an unusual demand for
feats for "The I,and of Nod" when the
idvanee sale opened at ihe Hyperion
theatre yesterday morning. A long ln
of men and women, was In waiting
when the window was. opened at 9
o'clock, and throughout the day the
calls for seats were Incessant.' It w'.is
i one of the largest "irst day's sales nf
! the season, and the result will un
doubtedly be three Immense audiences Hertrude ShlpmHn In the tile role. The
commencing to-morrow night, when ; magnificent staging and superb cos
ine famous musical extravaganza will j turning of the piece provided hy Direc
tive Its first presentation In this ctv. ' tor McOlll entirely eclipses any pro
"The I.nd of Nod" has been one of i auction In the hlatory of the RIJou.
the most remarkable snccrsses of the' To-niorrow nftotnonn there will be
past two seasons In this country, in'11"' u!,ll!l1 weekly souvenir matinee.
New York. Philadelphia and Chicago. 1 This week, the picture to be distributed
and throughout the south and .west i I" heretofore unpublished picture of
generally. It has rolled up on amazing ' J'1"" Hhlpmnn In street costume. It is
record, nnd It Is now en route for Bos- in picture that every RIJou patron will
ton w here. It Is helleved. It will eon- I ant to odd to his or her collection.
! Untie throughout the entire spring and
............ i. ...it, .-
summer. It will he presented here pre
cisely ns during the forthcoming Bos
ton run, which means i production nnd
a performance nf (he very best possible
Result of Experiment, to Show Ruth
Sile of n Coin nt Once.
The beginning of the moving pic
tures was In this wise; Sir John Her
sehel afl-r dinner In 182 asked his
friend Charh's Pabhage how he would
sit ov both sides of a shilling at once,
Rahhige replied by taking a shilling
from his pocket and holding It to a
ThU did not satisfy Sir John, who
.-et the shilling sp'nnlng upon the din
ner table, at the same time pointing
out that If the eye Is placed on a level
with the rotating coin both sides can
he sei n at once., Pabhage was so
struck by the experiment that the
next day he described It to a friend,
Dr. Flt.lon, who Immediately made a
workim; model,
'in one side of a dNk was drawn a
bird, pit the other side an empty bird
cage; when (lie card was revolving m
a. silk thread the bird appeared to be
In the cage. ThJ. mode) showed the
ftf ri-lf-'l' nee of v.slon upon which all
moving pictures depend for their ef
fect. The eve retains the Image of
the objei ts sren for a fraction of a
second after the object h.ii been re
ni' vcd. This model was called the
Next came Ihe zoetrope, or wheel
I of l!fe. .. cylinder wis perforated
j with a. serif,-! ft slots ami within Ihe
i c; Under wnv placed a band of draw-
Int.i ft dancing mrn. i'n the appa
I ratui being slowly rotated Ihe figures
seen through the slots appeared to be
In motion. The llrst systematic pho
i ("graph taken nt regular Intervals of
men and animals were made by Muy
brldge In 177.- Chicago Tribune.
I Some years ago an expedition from
i the Cnlverslty of Pensylvanla was sent
were d.-r l-.i-ned, add the ch!ck-n retir
ed to roost, At this the ne:o's
ainazeini'iit dhowed no hounds, and he
i s night nut the scientist.
"I'erte.-'ser, , sain n. tnw ie-ig ago
did you knoiv deui chickens would go
to root?"
"About a year ago," said the profes
sor, fin 1 1 1 n e I .
"Well, ef dat flout heat nK!" wan
the darky's comment. "Pei-refier, n
year ago dept chickens wa'n't even
haiched!"--Harper's Weekly.
Ho urltc (o Ids parents thai the
snow Mux drifted ten feci deep, nut!
nothing could he done but to wait fur
(he rouds to he broken out.
Superb Drama of "Du Barry"
Sets New Standard of Ex
cellence for Stock
The RIJou Theater Stock company
has set n new standard of excellence
In Its production this week of the su
perb drama of "Du Barry" with Miss
' Bomp B00"1 '",,,s Fl111 remnn for to-
ino-rnw anil Snttirdnv.
nru-n a t in iu ii at night.
Work of a Congregation Thnt Could
Not Afford lo Pay for I-nbor.
With the light from ft dozen lan
terns helping them to see where to
place Joists and how to nail on weath
erboards, ten members of the Vecker
Avenue Baptist Church worked until
nfier 11 o'clock lnt night on their
new church building.
The Vecker Avenue RaptWt Church
was organl'ed about three years ago.
t "nt II recently the congregation wor
shipped In a small frame building.
Additions to the rnngregntlnn made a
larger building necessary nnd It was
decided to build a church.
Put the congregation wns not a
wealthy ne, nnd the members felt
thnt they could not give money enough
for a , new building. Then tho Rev.
William 1. Harms, pastor of the
church, hail an Idea.
"We can nfford to buy mnterinl for
a new building nnd each one of us
can give a little of his time In work,"
Mr. Harms said. The congregation
agreed nnd the material wns bought.
Every day and many nights, under
the direction of some nf the members
of the congregation who are carpen
ters, the work goes on. Those who
ennnot work by day give n little of
Ihelr time nt night and the women
of the church have coffee ready for
the men when the work Is over. Kan
sas City Times.
I have seen a barefooted boy, when
the alligator refused to respond to his
call, wade In the mud to his walat,
explore with his to?i till he felt the
wiggle of the 'gntor beneath them,
then worry him to the surface graih
hlni hy the nnse before he could open
hl;t Jaws, nnd tow the creature nhore
lo he photographed. When nn alli
gator l lint we were hunting crawled
Inn hln cave, I held a noosed rope
over his mouth while the hoy poked
a. stick through the mud until It hit
the creature In his hiding place, and
soon I hud him snared, ready to be
dragged out on the prairie and tied,
to he kept till the camera man was
readv for him, Then we turned the
repjlle loose on n, hit of prairie, and
the hoy and T, armed with sticks,
headed him off when he tried to es
cape, while the camera man. with his
head In the hood nf his Instrument,
followed tbo creature about seeking
for evidence of the case of "rtonsnn
vs. Instinct." When the camera man
was through with him the alligator
was set free, a final shot being taken
at him a: he walked i ff. Our hunter
hoys could never he made to compre
hend our reasons for restoring to the
creatures their freedom. They un
derstood the photographing, but wbrn
this was done why not collect a dol
lar for the rrptlle's hide? Their
, manner Implied thnt to this question
no sane answer wn possible. A. W,
1 Dlmock In Harper's Magazine for
I April,
Mrs. alter Camp will give a tea
on Friday afternoon at the New Ha
ven house In honor of Mrs. Holt and
Miss Holt of (Jranl Rapids, Mlclf.
Mrs. Frank R. I,uckey, who Is to
open her house r orange street on
Friday afternoon for the benefit of the
Florence Crlttenton Mission building
fund, asks that all fancy articles do
nated may be sent to her to-day, or
to-morrow morning at the latest. The
cake and cand, too, should ho there
as early nn pom-tlile, ,
The members of the board of man
agers of the mission are working very
hard for the fair and hope to clear
several hundred dollars for the fund.
The repairs on the house recently pur
chased for the new home are complet
ed and It Is hoped the house will be
ready for occupancy early In May
Mrs. Frank W. Hodges of 13 Orch-, '
ard street, will open her house for a
cake sale on Saturday afternoon for
the benefit of the Elm City branch of ' -the
Tribune Sunshine society. Mrs,
Frederick 0. Hull and Mrs. Arthur' '
H. Ryder will asnht the hostess. Tea
will 1)0 Berved from 3 to 6 o'clock.
Victoria lodge, D. O. S.f will hold
an Informal tea In St. George's hall,.
RflO Chapel street, thin afternoon from
3 to 6 o'clock. The proceeds of thesa
teas will be used for the fund to de
fray the expenses Incurred in connec
tion with the convention to bo held In
this city next September.
756-758 Chapsl St.
25c LUNCH 25c
MEXlt) FOR TlU nsiMY, APRIL, 3.
Consomme a In Afrlcalne
Cream Palestine
Broiled Shad Butter See
UMBI-.E. .
Blamiuettn de. Veal Noodles
Prime Ribs lieef au Jus ' ' "
Fresh Nn'lve Ham -Sauerkraut.
Boiled and Mut-hed Potatoes
Macaroni Itallrnne
Gelee a la Crenie de Mentha
Apple Pumpkin
Tea and Coffee
All our pies, puddings, pastries, etc., .
made hy our own chef. Ladles' Cafa
up stairs. Also meals a la carte.
unci Saturday Matinee,
APIlll. 3 n.nd 4.
The Rork Company's nig Musical Ex
travaganza, "TIIR I, AMI OK XOD."
75 People In the Company.
Sale Opens Wednesday, April t.
Prices: Evenings, 25e. to $l.fiO; mat
inees, CBc. to $1.
Hyperion Theater.
Henry Kavage offeri . ;';
In the New Comic Onera Hit,' i
"A Vnnkie Tourist." 'r
Hy Kleh.ird Harding Davis.
Wallace Irwin and A. O. pobyn.
Prices: 2fie.. BOc.. 7 Be, II, $1.50. Seat
sale Tuesday, Carriages at 11. i
ka rAiu.o ;nM opfii com-
! " Y
With A I. ICR NKI.HICN and Company
of Knrnnean Artists In "I'.UST"
4B Trained Musicians (.'herns nf 69
Prices: B0e., 7Be., $1, 1 Be. I?, J2.b
Heats on ssle Friday. C'arrlHges at
In M'l.l.K MOniSTR
Prl-es: Brtc. to VI Sale opens Mon'
Urand Concert liy tlifl
Sweden's Crack Military Orchestra
Heat snln now cpen. Prices, B0e 6c,
nnd ?l.
Anrll fl, 7, nnd 8. . '
M-llm-e WeilnCMiliij'.
Harry l.acy's O'nrlons .Southern Play,
Presented by a Company of Surprising
First tlnio nt. POPI.'LAR PRTCK8.
Bijou Theatre.
YI,Vl5si'l'Il '.. POM, Proprietor.
Illjnn Theater Stock Cniiipnnrt
nu nAiwy."
Poll's Popular Prices: Un, 20e, 30e.
I ailles at matinees with children re
ceive special attention. Souvenir mat
Ina. Jrldny. Dally mntlnees. '
Bents reserved In advanne. Tel. 5013.
i,irri,is hip.
Added Feature. .
I.AOIHK 11,11'K.
Admission 10 cents,
Including DniU'lng (rum 10:15 to 11:15
Skating 15 cents.
R. D. PRYDE, Professional.
CITY MEMBKnsmr 812.00

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