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If It'a News and True,
It's Hero.
Weather To-day :
VOL. LXIII,, NO. 110.
caucus accepts"
yreeland plan
Kcpubliciuis Agreo on Emer
gency Currency Based
on Commercial
Action Assures. Legislation During (ho
Present, Session- Currency Com
mission Also Approved.
1 1 1 Washington, May 6.At 11:20 o'clock
, ,';, tonight the republican ratten of the
house of representatives committed It-
pelf by a vote of 115 to 21 to the princi
ple of commercial paper as an asset on
Now Haven lioml Keturns for April
Show Loss of Over !1 Per Cent.
Over Iteport of Your Ago.
Th it returns of the, Now York, New
Haven & Hartford llalli'on.rt company
fur April business contlnuo to reflect
a slight Improvement in rnllroml truf
fle. Freight, gross eiirninga oa compar
ed with April last yenr having fallen
off only uhoiit 20 per cent, aa compared
with five to 10 per cent, more during
the first Ihreo month of 190S. Passen
ger business for April has shown only
the trifling loss of about three per
cent, as compared with April of hint
year. April returns of the traction com
panion of the system remnln about
the name, showing, however, slight
gains In Connecticut as compared with
In Mt. year unci losses In lihodo l.dnnd.
The returns of the MasrnohusetU trol
leys showing a Rood condition of bus
iness. Another good Index of business
recovery to pome extent Is the diminu
tion of the laid -up freight cars of (ho
rystem from about. n.nflO at the begin
ning of April to about, half that mi in
ner nt the end of that month.
I'lilUii'lan Headquarters May Leave
New 1 inland.
New York, May 6. At a meeting
of the t'nilarinn club of New Yolk
Thia Question to Be Settled at
Meeting to Be Held in
Thia City Next
Currency Plan Agreed Kpcin 1
C ft. M. Merger lllll HI pel 1
Three Head in Virginia Tend 1
Nine HocIIps I'neartlied on Knrm.... 5
financial News anil Quotations 14
Muilo Himself Familiar In Hartford-
Says He AVII1 Tn kc the N'oni.
limtion If It's llmulcd
Whether Connecticut as a. whole will
b" solid fnr To ft, will be divided In
this city on Monday afternoon at a
meeting of the delrgniea to the nation
al convention s railed by National
Committeeman Charles F. Prooker of
Ansiinln, yesterday, after the state rnii
ventlon. The, meeting will be held at
the I'nlon League club In this city nt 1
o'clock and will determine Just what
policy the cloirgaif s to the national ron
j ventlon win pursue. That they are all
ity nt the Hotel Manhattan to-night, i Tnft "1f,n Is conceded, as according to
f the i ' convention none but
Child Labor Hill ('usm-d
Lllloy Must Show Papers
Hay Plate for Hr.van
Mental Hygiene Society Kenned...
Cigarmakers Won't Go Hack
Aftermath of Convention
I'nlon League farmers Curious. . .
A ie oo-ales to Work for Tart 1
I ' 1 1 1 Peta ICnppa Elects 1
President Hadley on Berlin 3
Governor Praises Children 0
Pig A. O. II. Heinnnstratlnn 9
Criminal Court K.ncls 9
Fountain f"r Westvllle 1
ST'Oin S Piigps 6 and T.
New Haven Iises to Ponies,
Yale. Lowers Urown'H Colors.
Hartford and Waterbury Win,
peltnnnt Horse Heat the King'.
Sande,, American, Wins at Tennis.
llllams Powm Harvard,
Princeton Slaughters Syracuse.
Trimmers Lead ot Howling.
Yale Kreslinien Ixise.
Pittsburg Humbles Champions.
Iloston Wins from Yankees.
Jamaica Itesnlls.
Hill CJImb of Urldgeport Auto flub.
which to Issue extra circulation In time
i' of emergency. This Is In accordance
ijwlth the Vreeland bill, but by a scp
'ara.te action the resolution was so
'amended as to eliminate Mr. Vreeland's
name from the measure. Icy still an
other vote I he caucus decided to rec
ommend the appointment of a commls-
VI. n ... .irtn.Llnp t !w. .... ir. it.. i- mipullnn
lu Ll'll.ll"' I III.- I U '.- I , , ...
'and report a Mil nt the next session " . Taft men, with fa ft on
if congress. Coupled with this provls- , ' ', ' , ' ' c ould go to Chicago.
Ion was another, providing for the In- odoplM for toe appoln.no nt .of a, T(K Vrirdon, lOhs not reached with-
medlate appointment of a committee ! 1, '" " ' ,,, a ..trur.e. The Hughes men were.
Vf five members to draft a new 1,111 in ; 'f the 1 nitarian tninl.teva ,,f i.re.a ,;r . )n artf( , foro ,, ,rP(1 tnr
th. Ir hleis
nccordaiice with the action of the ciu-
us nnd along the genera lines of the :
1 1 -econn vreeinnn nui. in ncunian
v York as to the f- anildllty of hold
ing the KUO meeting of the I'nitarlan
church In New York Instead of In
vlth this action the clnlr appointed '-o-t'oi. as neic,.uo,e.
V Ss such committee Messrs. Vree'nnd of i "' think." It-v. John llavne
' tw York, Burton of Ohio, Weeks of ! Holmes, the introduce! of the r.-.du-
.f...t..hiwMa M.-U-lnnnv nt 1 1 1 il.ols. ; ' I mil H niMlllI oc ,1 I... Ml lllllg
"end Knowlnnd, of Cndfornl i. drier the j
i 'erms of the resolution the committee j
j l .'.vlll be expected to report a perfected ,
! 'dll to an ndjotirned conference to be
, Aeld next Monday evening.
j 'f The following I th .'xt of the res- J
i:'?lutlon adopted tonight: j
ii "Resolved, That the conference np- j
' ,1 proves recognition of commercial pa-
. .fr through clearing nmis assneia-
for I'nitHi'iaiiixm If It were dciaclicd
from Hoptnn, to show otlu rs th it t'nl
tailanlsm wan not pimply an .idora
tion of the New Knicland confidence.
It would be a pood thing for I'nltar
lanlsm to take It away from its local
color and put It in New York. It
would be inspired, rnrill 'il and mode
Bill Filed in Boston for Super
vision of Railroad Combination.
Ma jor Blakcsleo, of New Haven,
Figures in Interesting Po
litical Confer
4Vt!iltiR DcdiiR With HuMons of New
York's (iovcrnor How tho
Delegation Stood for
Tn ft.
t'lons as P. rafe nnd logical asset for ; yjn mr fPA f A X flT7
. 'Emergency currency, and also approves y M I H III fill f)Mlli
i f'ie proposition for a currency com- j 1 v vv uiivix
I flia&I'Mli HMO. II'- n. mi in--. j - - ' -
"Hesnivefi. t nai tne c nair nppomr a , .,,.,,
-t '?nmmitf?e of the to perfect a bin. such 1 Cigarmakcrs Admit Their De-
-ommlt'.eo to report the perfected h!M
J ft the. conference nt an adjourned meet
''!' Vir to be held within five days."
U. . :
feat and Will Work This
Fountain for westville
rej lll of fry (i. rnrtl Offcrcfl for
aft l k Probate.
f 1 Th will of the late Mary 0. I'ord
thl .ff Woodbrldge whs filed yesterday
1" Jfternoon In the probate court dls-
i.e, 4
Rising of an estate which Is figured to
..nit., r. t tii: nee Tim nnh-
- , i. T U. lamr v'l . ... v v. ....
J i'lblic beqnest-s made In the will are
v. Pethndht Episcopal ehurvli of Hey-
llllfi!A..H ...V.I..I, la tn l.A ma. If. A
I ! J ' "i . i." ii m
V 0 'end for the support of the church
n : Mil tne otner ror tne payment m.
Conference In Sprlnttlclil To-day
Towartl ppo.lnE Agents and
P current expenses.
The remainder
"i "9 the estate Is left to a number of
''lathes of the deceased wilh the ex-
V-T:6-.. ..... r .u. ...li..M.. ,u
ppiion lllnl Olli? lit me, c.mii. I'n il uit-
-ill provides for the erection of a
Inking fountain at the junction of
ihalley avenue nnd Fountain street
the Womans Christian feniper-
rfiee union.
i t:Iine of the heirs of the estate Is
, li'lnotte E. Chatfleld of this city, but
. M ,. . .. ..... - .1 ...Ml 1. 1..
I ;icier tne irovisions or ioc win ne it
) !ii't nothing. The old homestead
R.lch passes under the will to otner
"irs out of this city, has ciilte a
lque ntory attached to It. It seems
kt the father of the deceased was
f-merly a voter In the town of Sey
iiur, but he wanied to vote In Wood
AdBf. Instead ao he was given per-
I'l.sslon to do so by removing his bed
fim Into the latter town. A survey
id shown that Instead of the proper
ly being In the town of Seymour the
ip between the two towns ran
,?-ough the homestead.
fThe exeeutrlres of the win are Airs.
ldah M. Snow and Mrs. Marie K.
neland a-s provided for by the will,
I'm hearing on the will Is set for
ipy 15.
The members of Local 39-of the
Clgarmakers' tinlo i h"ld a meeting
last evening and after a long discus
sion parsed a vote to return to work
In the shops here in accordance with
the result of tlie referendum d'-cMon
of the locals throughout the country
In regard to their differences with the
manufacturers. At lh meeting It In 'there he was nptoinhti
1 he;t .i g. t In the game. They lost,
j how ever, for although they spread
; Hughes pictures and buttons about
they didn't even have a look-in In th
Although It was In all Intents a na
tl ml meeting the coming state cam-
paifil bad a lot to do with the pose of
the delegates. Hotli I.llley nnd Lake
who had rooms In the llyn hous".
were a bout, all tbromth th" session,
buttonholing the delegates. Af'er It
was all over, It prem-fi that, t" settle
the dispute between H- iwo that the
republican party would Mand behind
tho present governor for another term,
give htm a (dunce to carry out the
measures he has advocated anil show
Just what s in lilm. This, from the
talk after the convention ndjoiirned
yr.'ie-clay, -.vou'd be Ihe program. (Iov
crnor Woodruff un:i about the lobby
of the Allyn house, making himself
fioilliar and uns free n expressing
hlmsi If as willing to stand for nnnther
term If bis party saw lit to choose him.
He said that he was not seeking a re
nnminntlon. nor did b wish It.
"I have been," he said, 'placed In
ihe highest position my fellow men can
give me. What, more omld I wish?
What more muld I ask? If the stat
want: too then 1 am readv."
Ll'ley and I ike, the to eontestors
for the nomination, didn't lose any
trbln today, lloih were about the lob
by early nnd each spent Ihe time
Fh.iktng bnnds with "so and so." With
out doubt each had many friends and
before the convention met both had n
big following.
To a Journal-Courier nun yesterday
Cingressman LIIKv stnt-1 that he
could carry seven of the eight rntintlc.1
of Ihe slate. Ihe only one h doubted
was Tolland, where Lieut -c iovernor
Lake was born and brought up. F.ven
Ilntcn of Transportation Cannot Rc In
rrcnsetl or I'roperty Sold Without
State's Approval.
Boston. May --A bill providing for
the merger of the Boston A Maine
railroad with ihe New York, New Ha-j
ven & Hartford railroad, taj tiled
with th" legislative committee on rail
roads today by James F. Jackson, for
mer chairman of the Massachusetts
state board of railroad commissioners,
and at prosent the counsel of the Busi
ness Men's Merger league of Massa
chusetts. The bill provides that the New Ha
ven road mny hold, acquire and ex
change, share for share, for New Ha
ven slock, th stock of the Boston ft
Maine that may be of record prior to
July 1. m.
The principal offices of the Boston A
Maine jihatl be In Boston nnd a major
ity of the directors shall tie residents
of Massachusetts. The Xw Haven
road shall maintain a hendnniirleri In
Boston and four residents of Massachu
setts muj-t be Included In the New Ha
ven's directorate. The governor and
jrtunol Ht'e also given th lower to
I name two directors for the roads Jolnt
jly. The New Haven road shall be sub
ject to Mas ai'husetts laws and be un
der the supervision of the Massachu
setts railroad commission. No rate for
transportation shall be Increased and
no facilities shall he decreased. The
New Havi-n road sha'l not part with
the control of, or iase to operate any
railroad now controlled or operated by
It without the consent of the railroad
Provision Is made that If at anv time
(Plierlal in the Joiirnnl-t'iiiirler.)
Hartford, May 6. As far ha en
thusiasm Is concerned to-day's con
vention wns Ihe tamest In a great
many years, the actual evidence of j n
terest In any person being the ap
plause last night at the mention of
MoKlnley's pnd Itoosevelt'a names
and the solitary reference to Secre
tary Taft to-day when National Com
mitteeman Brooker read the plat
form. The lameness was not due to
the delegates Individually, but to the
lack of a leader to start a cheer
a-going There wns one funny Inci
dent along this line. As tho dele
gates went Into the auditorium last
night: they saw a slight. Individual
tacking up large picture of Hughes.
The pictures looked mirlits against
the background of flags and bunting,
but. actually few delegates made
more than passing comment. Hp In
the gallery was the Hughes boomer.
He wns a Mr. (illbert, attorney, for
merly of Ierby, but now of New
York. Cn the floor In front of him
wns a large picture of Hughes, to
which he had tied a rope. His scheme
was to let the picture down from the
gallery If a rheer for Taft was start
ed. But Taft's name was not men
tioned nnd the Hughes man folded up
the picture, pocketed the rope and
went back to the Allyn house to swap
Hughes buttons for Taft. buttons
wth "Souvenir" Taylor nnd John V.
Oiffey of New Haven. The latter
knew (Jllhert quite well nnd took de
light In bringing up the most loyal
Taft supporter' to swap Hughes but
tons. Several score of delegates went
home with a pocketful of Hughes
buttons, for which they had no use,
The presentation of the name of
Major Wikoslee, as a delegate took
every body by surprise. It occasion
ed no little comment and a variety
of reports. The humor In It. was
that Mr. Blaneslee had been credited
with Hughes leanings and some del
ostites got rather worried over this in
view of the hours of excitement over
the Bulkeley-Brnndegee situation. A
meeting of the 'New Haven delegation
was held this morning and at It Sen
ator Butterworth put the question di
rect to Major Plake.d"e as to his pres
idential prefer' nco. He promptly an
swered that he was a Taft man, and
confirmed It by popping up to move
the adoption of the platform
fact of the matter Is
Twenty Pullets I".Wcierl from finely
of Victim of Virginia
Paitvllle, vn May B.--As the result
of a Jiltter family feud which has
caused several previous difficulties, of
a more, or less serious nature, three
men were shot to death, supposedly
from ambush, near Phllpnlt. Henry
County, todny. The victims, who nil be
longed to one faction were: Samuel
Shelton, aged 25; Charles liodson, aged
85; James Holly, nged lfl.
The following were arrested on the
charge nf having1 committed the, mur
ders nnd released on ball for a prelim
inary hearing tomorrow: William and
Grover Mas.'iey, brothers, and Ileres
ford and Thomas Spencer, brothers.
The feud existing between the Snel
len and Hudson families on one side
and the Massey ,md Spencer families
nn the other, was brought to a focus
several days ago when some unknown
parties cut up nnd destroyed a block
tide whiskey distillery operated by
Samuel Shelton. Half a dozen men set
out for vengeance, It Is supposed that
before they arrived at the destination
and while n the plantation of Heres
ford Spencer, the Spencers and Mas
seys being warned, concealed them
selves behind a cluster of bushes on
the road and opened Are with repeating
Over 75 shots were fired tn rapid
succession. Over 20 bullets were ex
tracted from the, body of one of the
Connecticut Takes the Lead in
Great Movement Inspired
by 0. W. Beers'
Committee) Named to Tci-fect Organ
lzntlon Scope, of Planned Work
of the Society Honorary
C. P. 0. Nnncrcdc, of Ann Arhor,
Heoils American Surgeons.
Richmond, Va., May 6The Amer
ican Surgical association held Its final
session today and elented the follow
ing officers for the ensuing year: Pres
ident, Pit. C. R. O. Nancrede, Ann Ar
bor, .Mich. Pelegate to the American
Congress of rhystelans and Surgeons,
Ir. Herbert I.. Bnrwnll, Boston, Mas.
Secretary, Dr. Robert O. conte,
Philadelphia. Treasurer, Pr. Charles A.
Powers, Denver, Col. Record, Pr. Rich
ard H. Harte, Philadelphia. Philadel
phia was decided on as the next place
of meeting. The new council Includes
Dr. W. H. Oarmalt, New Haven, Conn,
1 .
Coin' to Find Out if Woodruff'll
Take Job Over Again,
B'gosh. ,
t'nlon league Fnhes Plan a Trip to
fiullford to Find How Things
Will Gevernor Woodruff accept & re
pcmlnatlon for the exalted position he
The now hoIdH, Is the question that Is now
that Major disturbing the Farmers club of the
understood that the otPclnla of the n
ti rnatlonal union and nil Its agents
were subjects- of heated conversa
tion. Th men will back to work to-day,
according to the statement of one nf
j them last night. The shops have
I been made ready for tlv m and plenty
t lent i iovernor l ake on his part
stated thai he was on I to be governor,
while he wns naalnrt no man, at the
same time, If It was up to him then
; he wns there to win. Ml that could be
' got out of him further was a good btR
laugh which be dispensed about the
, Allvn lioue lobby In volumes. Llllcy
Blakeslee gome time ago expressed a U'nlon League. And according to re-
, wish to 'go ns a delegate, nut when .p,,rts that we-e given out In this cltv
ins tn renresent the cnuntv he re- n,. i,,u i ... ja..,. . tu.
MVtniM l nnllf.. II,. V... tl...... i "' . "'' '. . . 1 ...'"ii I' .1. 1
" ; stltute otners ror mo iwo senniors
Podon A Maine road standing In thelnnmp, ,h m(,,,r's name was men-
Z,'r,:Zhri'":Z J1 h" 'h' '-"IT' nT" M0 Hartford last night, to settle
" ....,i hi-, ; anXl
of stock has been prepared. In some , on his part wns busy and gave Lake n
of the shopa the tobacco strippers j deuce for every nee he played and the
Weill at work yesterday and in all nfj delegates went home content to leave
them they will be nt work to-day. , It to their successors at the state con-
Hut tile fact that the memle rs of
the union have decided to go back
d'pos not end the matter, although It
cuds any action al'lccllng the local
manufacturers. To-day in Sprlnstleld
a conference, will be held ot repri S' ti
tatlves of the radical element In the
local unions In New England anil a
nnd put It up to him direct.
..tflrinlii.Un t . V. - l..u I- ....
pame f the New Haven company shall ,in-,i f,,r rirdesate at-lanre. Ifalf mi L. " '!..
.. u- ..nij ,.i. tn. . ' " . ' ' . . . .. on io' oe a iin-i.Y o.ir. ror snmo lime
' -'"ii "oiiMiioii in cn- iinnr later when tne nnai seienion
tmliA imlll Mh.Bn.,ltn.Alln ll1.. ' ... . . .. .
v '"7 " e i'Kiiit- was maue t was i eemen oniy courie-i .. ...... i .i,. ,i, .u. .
- i ..r-n h in uic nun i"i ion imAl nolo-
sy to Colonel 1 llman to advance hlm!nntnn bt bofore ,he ..Farmprg.. M
to the nt-large place nnd give the . th(m!,Mv deplar(,d thp
..-.aI- . U a Mnt.nl.. I. ii.ua nli. net- .
limjui ill" I i "ii ii i .1 . u r. ...t
ural that a colonel should precede a
major. This explanation disposes of
a rumor that Major Hlakesleo's
iiorney .Tnoobs Makes Two One nnd
Counts Twenty.
frehnbly the biggest marriage fee
lit a Justice of the peace In this city
I; hod pnssed over to him In some
ir- In that which Attorney L, L'rwin
inbs received from a New York man
'April 2!), for uniting him to the third
'nan of his choice. It took the form
h gold eagle, that rare twenty dol
5 coin of the 1'nlted Stales govern -(it.
R. Milton Hoyt was the man
h considered the service so valuable,
came up from New York city ac
spanled by Vivas Peterson, a bund
le Swedish woman, and sought Heg
Vir Carr's office, where a license was
iired. The license was returned tn
i registrar's office yesterday, revnal
tthc! romance.
Oth Hoyt and his l.rldn gave their
y as forty years. THe woman stated
j dhe had never been married before,
,Ue the man admitted that this wan
l.hlrd matrimonial venture. He paid
j he had been divorced from his pre
is wife. When the license bad been
,iod the couple proceeded to Alter
,j Jacobs' office, and caught, him Jusf
(ie noon hour, He performed the
,'mony and the couple went away re-ing.
ventlon to choose the "better man."
M llllain V. Hiirilrn President of Phi
llctn linppn for Next Your.
Wllilam Whiting Porchm of Chlcngo,
formal protest will be lnnde against ! HI., was last night elected president of
the employment of agents such as (I. Ihe Phi Heia Kappa society In Yale for
Jl. French by ihe Internationiil union the coming year. The Phi Heta Kappa
In the future. If such a protest society is mad. up of the SO men In
should be acted upon favorably it each of the two upper classes who have
would mean Unit there would bo no 'he highest stand In their studies dur
more arbitration of strikes and lock-.hig the first two years. Rorden was
outs and that the employers ind em- In the highest group. Reside being
ployos would try to tire each other President of Phi Reta. Kappa, ho Is a
out until one side gave in. In order class deacon In Umn.
to do hwhj' with the ngentB a .ihatige l"hn Rates Peri In of Indianapolis
would have to be made in the consll- iv'flf" looked upon ns the most probable
tutlon of the International unl m, and choice for the position, but Perrln cle
tbe maturity of tho locals would on- , ''lined to run. He was chairman of the
pos-'i; this.
Police Say Prisoners Are Hcsponslble
for (treat ConllnKrntlun,
Ronton, May 6, After pevernl
weeks' work by the stale police two
men were arrested to-night charged
with being responsible In part for the
great conflagration at Chelsea cm
April 12.
The two men under arrest tire
Jacob Lewllsky, twenty-three years
old of BohIoii, and Abraham Wnl
nilz, aged thirty, of (,'helaca. Roth
are charged with nrsnn.
Junior promenade committee and next,
year will be president of the Yale
navy. Jn the yoilng the closest oppon
ent to ponbm was Harvey Rnndy of
fpnnd Rapids, captain of the Yale ten
nis team.
The other elections were: Vice-president,
Harvey Holllster Rundy of Clrand
Rapids; secretary and treasurer, Sid
ney MarceRus Phelan, Jr., of St. Louis,
Mm.; keeper of the archives, lilcksoti
Hammond Leavens of Norwich, I'oiin.;
executive committee, Jesse McMillan
Harding of Omaha, Frank Thompson
Case nf Hnrlford, and John Rates Per
rln of Indianapolis.
(Continued on Second Page.)
turn shall remove It. The state Is giv
en the right to purchase the stock of
the Roston Maine hep by the w
I'aven road subsequent to July 1, 1 ft 1 3.
for every vlo'iitlon of the provisions nf
the bill the New Haven corporation
shall be liable to a penalty of 1,nno.
and any of Its off! 'ers aiding or abet
ting a violation shall he liable to a fine
of 11. not, Imprisonment pot exceeding
iit.A t'AAr fit tit.l1. (Ina an.f liii,l,nn.
'"Jl"' , ., , Health Hoard Cniiscs Arrests on inr-
The supreme Judicial court of Ma-1 . ,. ., ,.
saehusotts Is given jurisdiction to rom-h hn ' "" '""rwi-
pe nhservance nf the provisions of the The board of health has started a
The act Is to take effect upon
(Continued on Second Page.)
crusade, against landlords who fall to
want to Know wnere tne crop was
coming from or In other words, If they
i stood for Woodruff, would the ground
be fertile enough for another plowing,
The governor has Just gotten down to
his summer home at Guilford and Sat,
urday's affair will be the first nf his
entertainments. Although, the Farm
ers come with their hats In hand and
to ask the governor a question they
still will be his guests,
The leaders last night declared that
the visit of Saturday was but one of
allegiance and was not to have any-
nn.vlrtn o-n rhn ire chiis for the tenants! I
In their tenements. Yesterday about h,nt0 do w,,h '10"",,R' The ra"t
sixteen warrants, all for Italian prop-I""'1 however stated that It was to
ertv owners, were drawn up for the ! p1 Pnp,tlon nf h" wvwnor
board and most of these were nerved ! f"r, ho ,1PX, Wlm so that they
last night. Felix Casoline of Fa,r , go out and support him with the
street, whs arrested and taken to the ""rl hop lf no hB ,0
central station where he was later ,-e- ",nn f(i; " rennmlnatlon. With the
leased on 150 bonds. He Is accused irf,s'llt "f J't.rday convention still
of falling to supply a garbage can for t himf "'"1 the sentiment of the
his tenement at 22 Hamilton street, ' 'atcs at the Hartford meeting fresh
Ho was very indignant over the ar- j , h'" m, n Kwrmr Woodruffs an
rest and declares ho will fight tho,"" 1 'h' niiestlon ta put up to him,
America Takes ITrst Place In Amateur
New York, May S Tho order of fin
ish In tho International amateur bil
liard championship at IS. 2 bulk line
wns decided tonight. Calvin Pemarest,
of Chicago A. C, takes the title and
TV... ntllAM b.tn..H. I. I .
11,.,'u... iii'ivmi"-i nfi,i t-i s in nroer are; , cajiri,
Liiclen Rerolle, of France: t'hnrles V. m'... .-. ,.
Conklln, of Chicago A, C; Kdward W. ! ,,.',' ,.u,i .-,.' Btt,tlon i,wI 'l",m,ts to smooth over the ground be
The first meeting of the Connecticut
Society for Mental Hygiene wag held
at the home of the Rev. Anson rhelp
Stokes, Jr., yesterday afternoon. Stepg
were taken to place the society on a
working basis, and to that end ths
Rev. Mr. Stokes, Prof. Russell H.
Chittenden and James Klngslev.
Rlaks were delegated to select a comi
mlttee to perfect the organization of
tho society. Clifford W. Beers ! of
this city, through .whose efforts this
society has been brought Into exist
ence, was appointed acting secretary.
Work will be begun at once.
Below will be found a list of those
who have already agreed to serve M
honorary members of the soclaty:
New Haven Harry W. Asher. Mlsa
Rebekah Bacon, Prof. Wllilam B.
Bailey, Prof. C. M. Bakewell, Robert
A. Beers, Oeorge B. Beers, Thomaa O.
Bennett, Mrs. Thomaa Q. Bennett, J.
Klngsley Blake, Dr. Oeorge Blumer,
Prof. William H. Brewer, Dr. B. A,
Cheney, Prof. Oeorge J. Brush, Dr. B.
II. Cheney, Prof. R. H. Chittenden, Dr.
William Q. Daggett, Dr. A. R. Dlefen
dorf, Dr. Timothy Dwlght, Frederick!
p. Earle, Dr. Gustavua Eliot, Henr
F. English, Lewis H. English, Prof.
Irving Fisher,, Dr. J. P. C. Foster,
Dr. Arthur T. Hadley, Rev. Artemas J.
Haynes, J. Edward Heaton, E. O. Hill,
John Day Jackson, Prof. Charles H,
Judd, Prof. Charles F. Kent, Prof.
Thomas R. Lounsbury, Dr. Stewart
Means, Dr. C. P. LlndBley, Burton
Mansfletd, A. McClellan Mathawson,
Norrls O. Osbnrn, Edwin H. Ovlatt,
Rev. J. DeWolff Perry, Prof. William 1
Lyon Phelps, Dr. H. W. Ring, A. Hea- I
tor. Robertson, Prof. Henry Wad
Rogers, Dr. H. L. Swain, George D.
eeymour, itev. Anson fneips titOKea,
Jr., Louis E. Stoddard, Prof. Wil
liam O. Sumner, Alexander Troup,
Rutherford Trowbridge, Victor Morrl
Tyler, Isaac Ulltnan, Herbert C. War
ren, ' Prof. George D. Watrous, Gov- '
emor Rollln S. Woodruff.
Hartford Bishop Chauncey B.
Brewster, Hon. Edward W. Hooker,
Rev. E. P. Parker, Dr. F. T. 3lmpon,
Miss Augusta Williams.
Bridgeport Charles G. fianrord. '
Waterbury Rev. Charles A. Dins
more, Charles P. Kellogg, Rev. John
N. Lewis, Jr., Dr. Elizabeth C. Spen
cer, Rev. J. G. Davenport.
New London Frank V. Chappell.
Naugatuck J. H. Whlttemore,
Mrs. J. H. Whlttemore.
Norwich Mrs. Frank A. Mitchell. ( j
Greenwich William J. Hoggson.
Brook Held F. S. Curtis. 1
Glastonbury Samuel IL Williams.
Farmlngton Alfred Atmore Pope.
The preliminary propectus or scop
of the planned work of the society t
was made public yesterday as follows:
1. "After all, what the Insane most
need is a friend I" ,
By co-ordinating the friendly lm j
pulses of those, who,- if they but !
knew how, would gladly help the In- j
sane, tho Society for Mental Hyglenft
can prove itself that friend.
2. It Is the aim of the Society foil '
Mental Hygiene to become a perman- '
ent agency for education and reform
In the field of nervous and ' mental
diseases; an agency for education al-
ways, for reform as long as radical
changes may be needed.
3. The chief object of the Society!
for Mental Hygiene shall be the im
provement of conditions among thosa
actually Insane and confined, and the
protection of the mental health of
the public at large.
Conditions In this neglected field
may be bettered by arousing through
I " hi muium iiouni n go anean, so
, !thft Farmers better be limbering up the
Gardner of Passaic, N. J.; and J. F. i tn following were apprehended: f,io
roggennurg, nt .New lorn, in the play
off for second place, Rerolle tonight de
feated Conklln by a score of 400 tn 341.
He played a consistent game, finishing
with an average of an even H. His
high run was 1)1.
i fore the state convention,
Jw London, May fi. Ground will be
3,.yi h.. fn.nmrrnw fnr the erection
D', two story manufacturing' building
'jje occupied by the W. I.i. Forbes
J.-... nf ITrtVinWian K .1 . who evnect
""pplciy at least. 100 skilled mechanics
X ' Jo manufacture of engines and nut
f ).vy. The plant will be located near
i Trumbull, and Is to bs ready fnr
jiess on July 1.
; y
Senate Prohibits Kmplojniiiit of CblL
(Ircn Within Ccrlulii Hour-.
Washington, May fi Tbc i-ennte to
rlny passed u, bill prohibiting I lie em
ployment within certain bourn of chil
dren under 14 years of age In tc 1 1 1 -trlct
of Columbia in any factor,!., work
shop, telegraph otllce, resltnirant, hold,
apartment, house, sal"on, pool or bil
liard room, bowling alley or theatre or
ill the distribution or tr;inmis:lni) of
merchandise or ine:;fa(te,.i i
Another arrest for trefpat-slng nn
railroad ears was made li; one of th,.
special rnllroad ntflcers b."t nlMil. A
man who pave the iinme jf William T.
Wlmlen was arrested.
Submarine Probers Insist That He
Produce Personal Let lorn.
Washington, Mny II.- The cnnimlltei
nf (he house appointed to Investigate
(lie legislative methods nf the Fleclrle
Hunt ompany lias decided to Insist
tllHt Representative r,nrgn L, Lllley,
under whose resolution the I uveh ga .
tloii was inftrtc, prcuiuce the lelteri.
press letter horikH and stenographer's
aide books, demanded nf him before the
Itivept lira t Ion elnsd. I.llley Is In I 'on -ticrtlcMl,
and I '1 1 a i r nui it Roiitell has
written lilm that the cotninittee will be
ready o receive the documents' next
Monday nnd evainlne Iheiu In execnllve
pension. No rcci,i,oi has yet been reach
ed regarding the brnks nf tlie Klctric
l'nat company and (he Ijike Torpedo
Bout company, which also have been
asked for by the cummlHee.
for your special use a forge
desk and rhn Irs, wit h pen and
paper at hand, have heen placed
In the .lounial-Coiirler office at
100 Stnte street.. Ground floor;
no slabs to climb,
Would It he. Irrelevant to
state that many women arc
find lug the desk a convenient
place to wrlle such advertise,
incuts as "help wanted" the
sort (lint appear In the rlas.-lllcd
columns on Page IS?
AU.Mit Ah ,.,A...I.AMH .1.- -t.. ...
vnnnl Mco, Manclsco .'amino. Lulgl ' " ".' , ' r'"
Sine... Michael Anastaslo, viwlo D' Z"nn ' chedule,l td
Androslo, Taiello Tercslno, Piiipuilo j
Annulata, Lulga Rones. Andrew I
Panza and Oulseppe Pasalli. Warn- j NURSES GET TOGETHER
Ings had previously been sent about
to those found failing to comply with ! State Association Kiwis Officers and
the ordinance.- I Tn4S s,)pi
(Continued on Fourth Page.)
Then Pnnlts duaglcil With Proprietor
of Hcstiiurnnt.
Trouble arising from the failure of
Joseph Habits, a paperhanger, to pay
for eatables ordered at the restaurant
of John J. Ryan, tit. .UJI State hi rent,
resulted In Haul's' arrest by Patrol
man Koher last night. 1 'anils Is
charged with getting Into a scutlic
with Ryan when the latter demanded
payment, and when he followed him
out Into the street Dnnlls took Ryan,
who Is a small man, and threw hint
heavily to the sidewalk. The result
whs bruises and pains for Ityun
Danlts wns token Into custody on a
breach of the peace char?,'", lie was
released on bonds.
I'MIUIt I F. MM I S UiitmiM;,
! Providence, R. 1, May fi. The woolen
I mills a) Allenlown and Miplevllle, K.
1, and at I'lilnheld. ''nun., iin t rnlKol
; bv .Iniiepli V, Fletchi r of Hih city, will
work over time every night until ii
o'clock un'll further notice, it was su
I iinuneed In-day. About 1,309 hands are
nveutlon nf the Uraduat.e Nurses'
Hlale association here today attracted
Ian atieiidance of about. 100. Addresses
I on subjects pertaining to nursing of
the sick were made by Mrs. Isabella
Wilcox, Pine Meadow; Miss Martha
Wilkinson, Hartford; and Miss Butler,
Hartford, (ifllcers were elected as fol
lows; President., Mii.s Martha J. Wilkinson,
Hartford; first vice-president, uMrs.
Isitbollu Wilcox, pine Meadow; second
vlc p. president, Miss Kllaabeth Homers,
Waterbury; corresponding secretary,
Mrs. K. Lnckwuocl, Oranby; recording
secretary, Miss Margaret Gallagher,
Panbury; treasurer, Miss Rose.Heav
en, New HavAti.
i mi nutitiKR o i;m mi i,i; nvv.
Newporl, H. I,, May . The stihrn'sr
jine lorpecin boat Plunger, in command
i of Knslgn Prentiss P. Bsssett, arrived
nt (he torpedo utatlon here late to day
from the New York navy yard, Under
electric engines the Plunger covered
130 miles In 17 1.-2 hours. SJ-' was
convoyed by the tender Nina.
Washington, May . Forecast fop
Thursday nnd Friday:
For New England: Rain Thursday,
clearing Friday, brisk to high east t
southeast winds on the coast.
Knr Knstern New York: Rain Thurs
day. Friday fair and somewhat warm
er, brisk, possibly high southeast tot
is rnursna
east wlndi
lay morning.
Observations at Vnlted States weath
er bureau stations, taken at 8 p. m. yes
tcrclay, seventy-fifth meridian time.
Tern. Dir. Vel. Pre. Weath.
AlhnnV. MiBslng.
Atlanta M S
Bismarck. .. . 64 K
Boston 44 K
Chicago 44 N
Cincinnati.... AO W
Denver SR E
Detroit Missing.
Hartford &0 E
llattciras 4 SB
Jacksonville.. 70 810
Nantucket.... 42 K
N. Orleans. ... 72 NW
New York. . . . Missing.
Norfolk 64 N
Omaha. . . .
Portland, Me.
Providence. . ,
St. Louis
Kt. Paul
48 E
10 04 Rain
Now Haven, May 0, 1908,
A.M. P.M.
Temperature 62 48
Wind direction B B
Wind velocity 6 15
Precipitation . 0 T,
Weather Cloudy Cloudy
Minimum temperature. 45
Minimum temperature. 64
Minimum last, year .... 42 1
Maximum last year ... . 52
U M. TARR, Local Forecaster,
U. S. Weather Bureau.
Ran Rises
Sun Sets
High Water
4 42

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