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Thureduy, July 0.
' -iB,!..'..' sg.-J-'-"'"--
708-800-802 CJlWF.ti STUECT.
Tub Suits
The hotter tho weather the more
the demand for tub suits. Their
wearing season la only In It Infancy.
Ladles realize that our patent shoul.
ders give to our tub suits a form luck,
luff in other makes; that, bolus; made
by our best tullors (simply to keep
them busy during tho summer
months), there Is a tailor-made style
and workmanship to (hem, hot only
when new, but when they have been
worn and washed. They are different
from the other tub suits.
Ample stock, In all sizes, in galateas,
natural linens and 'the famous Man
Chester repps, the only cloth that Im
proves by washing.
Coats are from 20 to .10 Inches long,
, French or strapped seams, lit white,
pink, lavender, light blue, brown, cadet
ond oyster gray.
Washington, Philadelphia, Atlan
tic City and New York- ,
FOR MISS.......'
NO. 36.
This ballot
must be voted
Kou. or before
JULY 14.
When presented at Journal-Courier Office on or before above date.
(Trim the ballots neatly for filing.)
Heads National Committee,
While Treasurership Goes
to G. R. Sheldon.
American Shippers Complain
to Government Against
Tntlmlrlfitorl nnrl Pnrinmfi.fi hv .laiun.
( ese Rebating Trae-tleed.
Mukden, July 8. American ship
pers In Manchuria have .lade formal
complaint to their various consuls
against the'Japanese rallrjatl In Man
churia discriminating against them.
This discrimination Is carried on by
means of a rebate system under which i
foreign shippers are excluded from
using the lines under the minimum
Typographical "Eight -Hour" Strike In
Hartford Not to lo Called Off.
Indianapolis, Ind., July 8. Jiimcs M.
Lynch, president of the International
Typographical union said, today, there
Is no Intention of calling off tho strike
In Hartford, Conn., or In any other
city. The strike benefits that have
been held because of tho strike Inau
gurated throughout the country In Sep
tember, 1905, commonly known as the
"eight hour" strike VIII be dlscontn
ued July IS, ho said, on tho theory that
tho men who receved benefits have, had
ample time to secure positions either
In their own or other cities and he
cause many of those who are drawing
these benefits are men who will par
ticipate In the old age pension which
will go Into effect tho first of next
Vorys Tut In Charge of Work In Ohio
Campaign Publicity Endorsed.
! Ministry nf Interior Admits Crisis Due
to Crop Failures.
St. Petersburg, July 8. The llkell
i hood of another famine In Russia
cargo regulation, and they are not al-! during the coming winter was admit
lowed to combine their cargoes. The I td by a representative of tho mlnis-
, try ot the 'interior in the Duma to
day In answer to a Interpellation re-
gardlng the. present rondl'lon of Rus
Islan crops. Two-thirds of the winter
j wheat Is a failure In eljr.iteen pro-
Japanese secure rebates by combining
the shipments they make over the i
The Viceroy of .Mukden has Issued
n. tirnolflmnMon ordprlnir that Her. '
.man trade, to Feng-hwang-eherig bo
treated on an equality with Japanese
trade to the same point. Tho cus
toms' authorities at Klran ire discrim
inating in favor of Japanese lmport
'ers; of arms.
' The present state of affairs Is own
ing to tha various nations concerned
having mado use of coercion! each one
Independently In the Interests of Its
own trade. The local Vlewoy Is too
weak to resist Japunese rhtlmldatlon
and corruption, and the Japanese nave !
succeeded In making him do what they ! Mary Fox Inventory Shows Value of
want. The foreign consults have to j $uo,00O,
wage a constant warfare for the pro
tection Of their trade. The Inventory of the estate of the
Japan, has proposed certain special I late Mary A. Fox was tiled yesterday
Conditions -in ma new regulations to t In Hip nrohnfn court. It showed that
Hot Springs, Va., July 8.-Ftank H.
Hitchcock of Massachusetts, chairman
of the republican national committee,
and manager of the national campaign,
George R. Sheldon of New York, treas
urer of the national committee. Arthur
I. Vorys of .Ohio, member of the na
tional committee In charge of the Ohio
republican headquarters, which are to
he In Cincinnati. This whs the result
ot the meeting of the executive com
mittee of the republican national Com
mittee here today.
All of the eight members ot the exe
cutive committee were pifsent and
their report was ununlmous. Tho en
tire, action of the committee was an
approval of the recommendations of
William H. Taft, the nominee ot the
republican party for the presidency,
who presided at the meeting. Tho se
lection ot Mr. Hitchcock as chairman
was expected, as the presence here of
representatives of all factions of the
party who would be likely to make a
fight against his appointment had not
developed any purpose to oppose his
selection. He was known to bfc the
choice of Mr. Tuft, and several of those
who had been called In consultation
with Mr. Taft subordinated their per
sonal preferences In deference to the
wishes of the presidential nominee In
the selection of the man who Is to man
ape his campaign.
The designation of Mr. Vorys to be
Early Morning Hluze In Commerce
. Street DuriiH Many Chickens.
Fire In a fifteen-foot square one
story cabin used by tha owner, Mrs.
Salberg as a candy store and Ice cream
parlor on Commerce street wt ubnve
Temple street called tho (Ire deport
ment out for an early morning blaze,
which did domnga estimated at about
$200. Tho fire started among a pile
of rags which wero stored In one com
partment of the placo either from spon
taneous combustion or pofslbly from
rats. Tho little store is situated right
In the midst of a group of four-story
tenements and of course the excitement
which surrounded the scene of the flro
was Intense. One man in the second
story of the adjoining tenement house
started to spring out of tho window af
ter throwing out a mHttress but was
restrained. An alarm was sent In
from Rox IS, the great danger box and
tho fire companies that respond to that
call were quickly on the scene, When
they arrived tho Are was blazing fierce
ly but It was soon placed under con
trol. In the yard adjoining the store
that was burned there were a number
of chicken houses which were also
hprned and scores of chickens which
were being raised for a Jewish religi
ous rite were burned to death.
The store itself was not badly dam
aged by the fire hut the contents were
ruined by smoke and water. The build
ing Itself was badly damaged. There
was no Insurance on the place.
Gillespie's Specials
Reef, Wlno and Iron 20o
(Regular price 85e.)
Paul Jones Whiskey, quarts 83o
(Regular price $1.25.)
At the Toilet Goods Counter.
PrliU'i'j-s Tulcum Powder (glass
Jar) ......... 10a
(A regular 2r! article.)
Palmer's Violet Talc 150
. (Regular lirlec 25c)
Florida Water (largo bottle) .... .35e
Gillespie's Assorted Chocolut.es
.' . . . , . lOn per lb
Gillespie's Assorted Chocolates
title pur lb
None better at any price.
F.gg Lemonade. H0
Egg Chocolate 10c
Special sale of 1810 Cigars, a regular
10c cigar,' ot Be straight.
GilSespie's Drug Store
744 Chapel Street.
tioods Delivered. 'Phono your order,
Keep Your Shoes in Shape
s and Women's
(Continued from First Pago.)
I vlnees, the southern district the worst
off. Two and one-half million ocr?s i in charge of tho national campaign
of land have not been seeded. Warm
weather In June and an abundance nr.
rain In the center and south have
somewhat Improved the prospect of
the spring crop hut nevertheless relief
measures on a large scalo v.'ll be nee
essary both for seeding jnd feedln,;
. tw(TmmTstates .
govern the, residence of foreigners In
Manchuria. She does not want to ad
mit the right of the Chinese authori
ties to tax foreigners, and she desires
to prevent the mortgaging of Chinese
property to foreigners. Some of the
other nations are at one with Japan
In wanting to put a stop to this mort
gage business.
Salvadorean Revolutionists Take Chol
uteca After Siege.
Tegucigalpa," Honduras, July 8.
Armed revolutionists from Savador,
after tlW had captured the town of
Graclas, attacked Choluteca, the capi
tal of the department of the same
'name, seventy miles southwest of here.
The residents of Choluteca made a
, strong resistance, holding back the
revolutionists for three days. Vol
unteer forces In, large numbers aro
now on their way to both Oraelas and
Choluteca to assist In driving back
the Insurgents, who, It Is stated,' have
proclaimed Manuel Bonllla president.
Washington, July 8. Nicaragua has
taken up arms In support of Hon-
duras, which has a revolutionary
movement on Its hands, according to
a dispatch received at the state de
partment to-day. This dispatch
says that an army Is being recruited
by Nicaragua, and that troops are be
ing hurried forward with maxim bat
teries In aid of Honduras.
th entire estate consists of stocks
and bonds which total up to tho fig
ure of J20.430.06. The appraisers of
the estate are Clarence E. Thompson
and E. Porter Thompson. The ad
ministrator Is Wlllard H. Fox.
In the estate of George E. Haight
tho Inventory which was filed yester
day afternoon showed the value to be
$12,934.?il which likewise consists of
shares of . stocks, bonds and bank ac
counts. John T. Sloan and H. J. Con
way were appraisers., George E. Fria
ble Is executor.
Application was made yesterday for
the probate of the will ot Caroline B.
Webster of Hamden. The estate Is
left mainly to relatives with the fol
lowing public , bequests: Mr. Carmel
Children's home, $200; Whltneyvllle
Congregational church, $200, and
Home for Aged and Destitute Wo
men, $260.
Judge Landls Gives Keller Two Years
ot Hard Labor.
Chicago, July 8. Daniel F. Keller,
formerly a captain In the United States
army was sentenced by Judge Landls
in the United States district court to
day to serve two years at hard labor
at the federal prison at Leavenworth,
Kan. Keller recently was found guilty
of defrauding the government through
the use of stolen quartermaster's checks
to tho extent of $7,000.
Former Well-Known New Haven Man
In Motor-Cycle Accident.
OVfB K. Foster, who Is well remem
bered in this city as clerk for the E. E.
Hewitt Sr. Co., on Chapel street, where
the Medicine Shop now 'Is, had a nar
row escape from death recently at Miles
City, Mont. He was riding a motor
cycle at the time and was traveling;
st the rate of almost fifty miles an
Mr. Foster was training for the motor
cycle race which was to be one of tho
Fourth of July features at Miles City.
Something went wrong with the front
wheel of his machine, and It ran Into
the track fence and was smashed. He
was thrown violently, but Instead of
hitting a fence post, skidded along the
ground. He was rendered unconscious,
his nose broken and flesh under Ms
eyes gouged.
London, July 8. The earl of Clan
carty,, according to the Dally Mall, Is
enjtaged to marry a wealthy New Yoik
In Ohio Is regarded as solution of
tho embarrassment arising from the
selection of Mr. Hitchcock In prefer
ence to Mr. Vorys. By 'his arrange
ment the campaign In Ohio will be In
a sense separate from the balance of
the country. Vorys will be accounta
ble only to Mr. Taft. The appoint
ment of Mr. Sheldon as treasurer was
a surprise and was accompanied by
an element of mystery. Pi-j :edlng the
meetlnjr of the executive' committee
discussion of the treasureshlp had cen
tered upon Representative McKlnlcy
of Illinois, treasurer of the republi
can congressional committee. It was
generally believed by the leaders of
the party who have been here to
consult with Mr. Taft that he desired
to have Mr. McKlnlcy serve as treas
urer of the national committee and
had practically told blm that he
would have to submit to being "draft
ed" for that position, and until to
day the name of George R. Sheldon
had not been canvassed In the many
conferences In relation ol the treas
urership. This was the situation so far as
known, When William Nelson Crom
well arrived on the midnight train
and It was announced he lad a candi
date to propose, having telegraphed
ahead requesting that no selection be
made pending his arrival. The com
mittee met at noon, but twenty min
utes elapsed before the last member
arrived. About an hour snd twenty
minutes later the report of the com
mittee, signed by all the members,
was made publlo.
Tt is stated that Mr. Sheldon's ap
pointment was upon the recommenda
tion ot Cornelius N. BIIms, treasurer
of the committee since 1892.
It Is also stated that his selection
had to be approved by President Roose
velt, with whom he was a classmate at
Harvard. Mr. Sheldon Is a close per
sonal friend of Mr. Bliss, whose coun
sel will be st his commend relntlnjr to
the campaign funds. His appointment
Is also regarded as bringing the ques
tion of the publicity ot campaign fun. Is
Into the campaign with the same force
that would apply were there a national
law, as It is said by the comlttes that
I he laws of New York state will govern
his actions In relation to the national
In discussing the filling of offices for
the national campaign In the meeting
of the committee, Mr. Taft stated that
Senator Crane of Massachusetts could
not accept the chairmanship, that ex
Governor Herrlek of Ohio could accept
neither the chairmanship nor the treas.
prershlp, and that Senator Warren of
Wyoming could not take the chairman
ship without great personal sacrifice.
The situation In Ohio was discussed at
ltaflrnnd Machinist Suffers Painful In
jury Karly To-day.
Alex Johnson, a machinist employed
by the New York, New Haven and
Hartford railroad, was painfully In
jured early to-day while assisting In
repairing an engine that had broken
down In the Cedar Hill yards. John
son lives at 43 View street and was
one of a squad of men sent to the
yards. While walking backwards
with one end of the driving rod In his
hands, he stumbled over the ties
and the rod falling upon his right leg
broke It above the knee. Johnson Is
thlrty-slx years old and married.
Several Hotels Destroyed or
Damaged, With Loss of
Panic Among 500 Inmates Firemen
Work Among Tangle of
Mve Wires.
739 Chapel St.
Over. Hull's Drug Store.
New York, July !. A fire loss est!
mated at nearly $200,ono was suffered
today by College Folnt, L. I., In a blaze
that destroyed Zehden's hotel and
casino, Dondera's raslno and a number
of small adjoining buildings. Relsen
berger's hotel, the College Tolnt police
station and Partenscllcr's hotel were
somewhat damaged, but were saved nf
ter much hard work by the firemen
The big factory of the American Hard
Rubber Co., occupying two blocks, was
on fire once, but' was saved by the
compuny's own fire brigade., The Beth
lehem orphan asylum, sheltering over
BOO children, was menaced for a 'time,
and there was a panic among the In
mates. The ferry house of the Ninety
ninth street line' Caught fire, but the
blaze was extinguished before, much
damage was done. The firemen, com
posed mostly of volunteers, had to
work among a tnngle of live wires and
were Jn constant danger of b?ln
shocked to death. Bursting hose was
another source of trouble, and coupled
with the high wind that blew sparks
great distances, hard work was neces
sary to check the fire, which Was final
ly got under control about two hours
after It started. A flreboat from New
York rendered much assistance along
the water front, saving much property.
The fire started In the dining room of
the Zehden hotel. Two flnmen were
overcome by the smoke and heat.
Shoe Forms 19c.
See Window Number 3
Hobson was compelled to cease his
speech entirely, but stood calm and
tense, determined to finish his addresj
as soon as he was given an opportuni
ty to do so.
. ''My countrymen, my message Is
nearly through," said Mr. Hobsjn
when he had attention. A cry ol
"Amen'' sent a peal of laughter over
the hall. .
'1 want to say to you," went on
Mr. Hobson, gritting his teeth In de
termination, "that not so veny long ago
tho president of the United States sal.l
In my presence, 'there exists tha
greatest probability of a war with
."No. no, coins off," shouted th
crowd and there was an outburst of
cries which continued for several mln
"Gentlemen," said Chilrman Bell,
'this speaker will be allowed to finlBti,
and, If he Is Interrupted ig'jln by the
galleries, the sergeant at irms will be
directed to clear them,"
This announcement was greeted
with cheers, which sprang from the
coast delegations.
"If this grent war comes,", said
Mr. Hobson with Intense earnestness,
the party upon which the responsi
bility comes will be ground to pow
der. I believe that at this Juncture we
should place the responsibility where
It belongs upon the paty now In
power and which has neglected to
provide adequate coa. t defenses." 'Ho
was for a time heard In sib nee but
a roar of laughter went, up when a
voice far In the rear shouted:
'Hurry for the Merrlinuc."
that when the democrats acred' to pow
er In the nation they phall prepare to
ward off war as to bring about a dawn
ot pesce and goocU will towards men
throughout the world.
The chair .wishes to Vay a word
or two, said the chairman, as noon
as the. tumult that followed Hobsi-i's
retreat had given him a chanio to
speak, and then he added:
"The chnlr halls from the' Pacific
coast, end up to the present moment he
has seen no oct-aslon to enlist.' A roar
of laughter greeted tho remark, which
urned Into applause when he said:
"If we have our way on tho Pa
cific coast we will have a big enough
navy to protect our coast.'
ColiWl Haldoman of Kentucky was
was recognized by the chair and stand
ing at his place in the center of the
slsla. he asserted that ths convention
had business to transact and ought to
proceed to It without further flights
of oratory. Colonel Huldeman then
proceeded to take Issue with Mr. Hob
ton, declaring that the United States
has twenty-two first-class battleships
and Japan but sixteen.
"And I want to say we are not afraid
of Japan, or anybody else on the face
of the globe," concluded Colonel Halde
man, amid applause.
New Haven
842 and 846 Chapel Street:
Modern Decorating
Calls for original and Individual treatment Don't be
satisfied with the commonplace, when you can have -jrouf
decorating done In a manner expressive ot your own Ideaa
decorating different from your neighbors, unique and
artistic, and at practically the same cost. We'd be pleased
to have you consult us.
MONROE BROS., 353 Crown &
XMcpbona tlttj
Biggest Dollar in New Haven.
Two Dollars Worth tor One. '
July 1 1
, Reg. Pricey
Washburn's Superior Toilet Cream.... $ .25
Washburn's Liquid Shampoo. ,25
Washburn's Prophylactic Tooth Powder. .25
Washburn's Violet Witch Hazel. . .25
Washburn's Violet Ammonia.......... .15
Washburn's Cold Cream Soap.... 10
Washburn's Talcum Powder, large size. .25
Washburn's Violet Cream .25
Washburn's Imported Tooth Brush .25
Government Agent Seeks to Crush In
I clplent I'prlsltifl.
Muskogee, Okla., July 8. Dana H.
Kelsey, United Slates Indian agent, left
this afternoon for Hickory Ground,
where he will make a federal Investi
gation Into the alleged Snake, uprising.
He will confer with Crazy Snake, who
in a measure Is responsible for the
scars and try to induce him to break
up the corn dance and have tho full
bloods go to their home. Up to the
present time no overt act has been
committed and government 6fflclals
say that reports are widely exagger
ated. It Is not believed that any serious
outbreak will occur.
If You Ask
What For?
We'll Tell
Placed with us now, your furs will
be carefully examined, repaired, stored
for the summer and insured against
moths and fire.
Twenty-two B. M. Passengers Injur
ed as Windows Arc Demolished.
Boston, July 8. Tweny-two pas
sengers on a Boston and Maine rail
road train were Injured but none ser
iously, In a peculiar manner late to
day. As the train which left Boston
at 4:28 p. m. to-day for South Acton,
was passing through Union Square,
the locomotive struck a dump cart.
The horses were killed and the. driver,
Dennis Sweeney, was thr)wn a dis
tance of fifteen feet and severely In
jured. Two cars of the train were
raked by the broken cart In such a
manner that all the windows on one
Bide of two cars were demo'lshed, The
coaches were crowded with passen
gers and many' of them wero cut about,
ths face and hands.
Secretory of Interior Must Put Up
$82,000 Before Prosecuting.
Washington, July 8. Secretary Gar
field must give a personal bond for
$82,000, with surety to be approved by
tha court, If he desires to prosecute
the appeal noted by him from the re
cent decision of Justice Wright, of the
district supreme court, directing writs
of mandamus to Ifcsue against him In
the recent disbarment order by which
certain attorneys were excluded from
practice before the department of the
This Is said to be the first time that
a cabinet officer has been required to
give a personal bond In prosecuting
an appeal In a government motter.
. A person that uses these articles once will use then)
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'soap our own formula, the tooth brushes our own lmportaj '
tlon. They are all fine goods. OXLTf" ONE LOT TO EACH
the finest and largest stock of toilet sundries In this cltjt l
and are anxious that the fact becomes more gcnerallj .
bnrtnn. fninblnntlnn 'uroi n nnti slnffla urtlrlivi at thi .'
respective prices quoted. ' i
E. L. Washburn S Co.
84 Church St.
61 Center St
London, July 8. Ambassador and
Mrs. Held gave a dinner nt Dorcheslor
house this evening, the guests Including
the French and Spanish ambassadors,
Lord and Lady Lansdowne, Senator and
Miss Wetmore of Rhode Island, and J.
P. Morgan.
They All Say
dispensed at the soda water fountain
of the City Hall Pharmacy are tho
lluest summer annus in tills city. Wo
would like to have your Judgment on
Gun and Locksmithinj.
, 68 Center SI, E. H. Basset!, Mzr,
I The American "Colonial" Hall
! In spite of modern styles, this
American style is still most popular.
I We are showing many reproductions of the old
Colonial Wall Papers of interest, most suited for the
I hall. ' ,
00-92 Orange Street.
'Phone 839.
i im ens. a v v.iii.iiin.i j.i
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J. A. McKEE'S.
Nonpareil Laundry M
We do the work for the leading fam '
Lies and stores.
271 Blitcblen Av New Urn Cq.ii.

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