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VOL. LXIII., NO. 197.
Flagrant Abuse of Justice in
Present Procedure, Says
American Bar Asso-ciation.
Appenln Klinuld Ho Podded on Merits
of the Cnsc Inkteail of Sink
ing; Trial a Legal
New York, Aug. 18. Court of appeal
will no longer 'decide either civil or i
criminal litigation brought before
them on purely technical points, but
will base their rulings on the merits
of the cases If the recommendations
formulated by a special committee of
the American Bar association shall be
come law.
The committee was appointed by the
association at Its last nnnual meeting
to suggest remedies and draft proposal
laws to prevent delay and unnecessary
copt In litigation. Its report will
presented at the next annual meeting
to be held In Seattle from Aug. 2!i to 2S.
It openn with a .statement that tlw
existing evil which seems most s"Hous
to the committee Is the disposition In
ninny Jurisdictions to dispose of ap
peals, or vrlJtH of error, both In IH
and criminal ensrs, upon te'-hnl"!!
grounds, and dot to decide them upon
the merits. In the judgment of the
committee, the rule for deriding ap
peals and writs of error should not b"
based on reversible error committed In
the court, below, but upon the merits as
the case appears upon the record. '.
Continuing, the report calls attention
to the fact that the tendency of .he
courts In common law cases is to con
strue adherence to strict legal rules as
the right of each party, and to reverse
If there has been any Infraction of
those rules.
"This mak"N the trial of a case a
game," decWired the committee, In
which the one wins who playa the
most skilfully, the merits of the con
troversy having no part."
The unrestricted right to a writ of
error In criminal cases Is characterized
by the committee as a flagrant abusi
In Judicial procedure
"These writs," the committee add,
"are constantly sued out solely for de
lay. The punishment of 'notorious
;rlm!nals thus Is constantly being post
poned In violation of every principle of
justice. This Is especially flagrant In
the Milng out -of writs of error from j
the Supreme court of the United States
to review the decision of the highest
reiirts of criminal Jurisdiction. In 'the
everal states. We recommend that no
erli of error returnable In criminal
raffs to the Supreme court of the
United States should he allowed unless
a Jilstloe of that court shall certify
that there s probable cause to believe
that the defendant was unjustly con
victed." In support ' of this recommendation
the committee quotes an address of
Andrew P. White In which he Mated
that while murders were Increasing
rapidly, yet the procedure against them
was becoming more and more Ineffec
tive, and In the light of recent cases
, In New York and elsewhere was seen
tit be a farce, adding that lie favored
preventing appeals based on mere tech
nical matters and upon errors of trial
Judges In trifling matters of procedure
and Hie like which have nothing to do
with the guilt or Innocence.
The committee declared that the re
forms In civil procedure which It rec
ommends are not theoretical hut have
been tried and adopted In England to
the satisfaction of the bar and the
benefit of litigants.
"Ho far a reform In criminal pro
cedure Is concerned." sa.vR the report
"the. grievance of which we complain
Ms never exiatcd In England, but the
tatntory provisions there are similar
tn those recommended by us."
The committee will submit the draft
of an act to amend In, the particulars
coneernel the judicial procedure of
courts of the United States.
$500,00Q,000 IFOR NAVY
Great Britain Intends to Maintain
Two-Power Slandnrd nt, All Costs,
London, Aug. 17. The British gov
ernment, according to the Daily Tele
graph, contemplates raising a large
loan In view of the growing naval
competition abroad. It Is stated that
financiers of the highest standing
have undertaken to find $500,000,000
on nominal terms to meet the neces
sities of the fleet for the, next few
years without disorganizing the an
nual budgets, or casting a heavy bur
den upon the present generation.
If such a plan Is adopted It will be
because it is Impossible to forecast the
future requirements of the navy until
foreign shlp-hulldlng programs have
crystallized, and the setting aside of
this fund would be a declaration, trans
lated Into terms of cash, of the coun
try's Intention to maintain a two-power
standard at all costs.
Fall River, Mass., Aug. 111. When of
ficials of the local board of health
vent today to the home of Mrs. MBry
Costa, an Oregon street resident, who
on Saturday was discovered to be af
llletetl with leprosy, they found that
she had disappeared sometime during
the night.' Members of the woman's
family say, that becoming frightened
because she knew she was to be sent
away, Mrs, Costa went to Providence.
The woman hafl not yet been found.
Washington, Aug. 16. The cruiser
Colorado, which ran aground at
Double Bluff, In Puget Sound, yester
day was not. seriously damaged ac
cording to a telegram received here
to-day from Hear Admiral Seebree,.
Applications from Various Cities
Next Meeting Here.
Providence, 11. I., Aug. R-The mid
summer meeting of the National Roller
Polo league was held at Rocky Point
today with nil the. clubs represented. It
was voted to Increase, the circuit to
ten clubs and start the season October
1!) to continue 22 weeks. Applications
wero received from Lawrence, Worces
ter, Fall River and Brockton, two dif
ferent parties asking for franchises for
tho Inst two cities.
Messrs. Cunningham of Pawtucket,
Mctlllvray of Providence and Bone of
New Haven, were apoplnted a fran
chise committee to visit the cities
named and report to the next meet
ing. MoMahon and Halllwell were given
permission to transfer their franchise
rrom Wnterbury, If they sea fit, to any
city not already taken.
The next meeting will be held at Pav
In Rock, New Haven, Conn., Aug. 30.
Probably Will Be Named Temporary
Registrar J Mayor.
The vacancy caused In City ball by
the death of Registrar of Vital Statis
tics James J. Carr, which occurred
yesterday will probably he filled In a
day or so by the mayor with a tem
porary appointment. Under the char
tor a (.pedal election Is required in
such a case within thirty days. Chief
Clerk John Buckley, who has been
Mr. Carr's right hand man for many
year will probably he named to take
charge of the office until the people
shall elect a successor for the office.
This at least seems to be the general
But New Britain Party Leaders
Said to Favor Lilley for
Delegation from Manchester Will
Probably Be for Hartford Man
General Dwlglit righting.
Political matters are becoming
warmer and warmer as the
days go
bv nt. in wanfnivi i,. i v ,.
Britain to-morrow evening will be
held the cnucua for the election of
delegates to tho state convention and
the Lilley and Lake forces are both
very active.
The branch of the state machine
which Is located In New Britain Is
naturally for Lilley and the people
now backing the Waterhnry man are
the same ones who 'backed Lake for
lieutenant governor against Prank B.
Weeks' of Mlddletown two years ago.
Ernet N. Humphrey, who Is at pres
ent acting mayor of New Britain, will
probably head the local delegation
and he Is believed to be a Llllev man.
Following the usual custom the dele-.
gatlon will be uninstructed except by
the machine leader.
At present It looks as If the dele
gation to the state convention from
Manchester would be for Lake. The
caucus will be held next Monday
evening and there has been little talk
In favor of Lilley. The Cheney family
Is In favor of tho lieutenant gover
nor. In Bristol the friends of General
Dwlght of Hartford, who Is out to se
cure the nomination for congressman
against Mr. Henry of Rockvllle, have
hecome very n.ctlve and will try to se
cure a delegation favorable to the
Hartford man. The only thing which
lies In their path Is that Congressman
Henry procured a largo appropriation
for a postofMce In Bristol and the peo
ple have not forgotten It.
Thinks Depositors of Palled Bunks
Will Endorse) One Plank.
Falrvlew, Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 18.
A suggestion, novel fn its character
and regarded by democratic leaders
as one that will strengthen the party
In the campaign, will be acted upon
by the democratic national committee
during the visit of W. J. Bryan to
Chicago next week. ' Much stress Is
laid by the democratic nominee on the
plank In the Denver platform relating
to the guaranty of bank deposits and
this topic will be discussed fully by
him in his speech at Topeka on Aug.
27. If the suggestion is followed every
community In which a. bank has failed
during the last year or more will get
especial attention from the literary
bureau. The sufferers from the failures
will be sought out and provided with
arguments through which It Is hoped
to convince them of the soundness of
the guaranty plank.
"Sonny" Bridge Hurled Fifty Feet
When Machine Runs Amuck.
Paterson, N. J Aug. 16 In the
presence of several thousand spectators
at the Clifton Cycle stadium today,
"Sonny" Bridge, a motor cyclist and
former lightweight pugilist, was thrown
50 feet from the motorcycle, which he
was testing on the track and Instantly
Bridge, whose home was In Waltham.
Mass., had been scheduled to ride a
twenty-mile raee with James Moran.
New York, Aug. 16. The cruise of
the amateur sailors of six eastern
states closed to-day when the Buffalo,
New York and Brooklyn members of
the naval militia disembarked from
the converted cruiser Prairie at the
Tompklnsvllle anchorage. One of the
officers said: "
"1 don't want, any better or more
expert sailors with me. Must of them,
are as fit for the -wardroom as the
fore ua tie."
Failed to Rally After Operation
at St. Raphael's Hospital for
Long Troublesome In
testinal Growth.
FfuYlent anil Popular Democratic (MIL
Hul Missed But One Term In
EleetUe Olllco Siw-o
His strength sapped hy hi long and
courageous struggle with his affliction
so that he was unable to rally from an !
operation performed for Intestinal trou-1
blfl, Registrar of Vital Statistics James!
J. Carr, who has held that oflloe in city
hall since 1SS8 with the exception of
one term, died at six o'clock yesterday
morning at St. Raphael's hospital. At
his bedside at the time of his death
was his wife, who went wltlnhlm to
the hospital whrti he was taknn there
Wednesday evening and wh p rein'iln 'd
at his side until the end came. Al
though Mr. Carr had been 111 for f ev
eral years his death will come as a
great shock to the community and will
be felt rot only as a city loss but to a
host of frlenda as a real personal af
(llctlon. James ,T. Carr was one of the itK'St
popular city officials that New Haven
has ever bad In office and this fact
explains his repeated re-election by
comfortable majorities year after
year when he has been a candidate for
the reglstrarshlp. He was a man of
sterling Integrity, courageous even in
the face of the affliction he has ben
lighting for four long years, a g io.I
friend and a man of the highest char
acter. Beloved by all and known as a
friend to all who came in contact with
him, his death will be mourned by all
who knew him.'
Mr, Cut was taken to St. Raphael's
hospital Wednesday after his physi
cians b.td told him that an operation
was the only possible hope for his re
covery. With Christian firtltude and
with high hope of the success of the
operation, Mr. Carr went to the hospi
tal, where the operation was perform
fd Saturday by Dr. E. Reed Whllte-
more uith T)rs. l.iibv and Shell in !is
i ols'lng. When tin- operation was per- I
1 lormen u necame evtneiu mat tits con-
dltlon was not so nopctui as nan neon j
thought and he failed to rally from the
shock. Death came early yesterdiy
morning. Mr. Carr had been mlTerlng
from the trouble for which the opera-
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Sultan of Morocco Defeats Usurper
With 800 Killed and Wounded.
Tangier, Aug. 16. A wireless dis
patch received from Abd-el-Azl7 the
Mtltan of record, announcing the vic
tory of his troops over the troops un
der Mulal Ilafld. the usurping sultan,
In an engagement which was fought
recently during the march toward
Morocco City, states that the defeat
of the enemy was complete. The losses
of the adherents of Mulal llatld are
estimated at 30 killed and 500
wounded. An Immense amount of
booty, Including a large number of
cattle, was captured. The booty wns
so great that the victors were obliged
to sell at quarter the market price In
order to get rid of It.
Ahd-cl-AzIz, at the head of a col
umn, defeated the ltehamna tribe,
who were supporting Mulal Halld,
killing fifty of the tribesmen and tak
ing L'OO prisoners.
Negro I livmnn Slashes Partner With
Haw With I'ntnl Effect.
Auckland, N. Z., Aug. 16 -Tlie Amer
ican battleship fleet which started for
Sydney on Saturday morning passed
Cape Maria Van Diemen, the northwest
extreme of North Island, at 4:45 this i
morning Light winds prevailed and I
tho weather was clear ami fine.
Tt Is reported here that during the
stay of the fleet at. tills port., two ne
gro firemen quarreled aboard one of
the battleships and that one slashed
tho other with a razor resulting In the
man's death. It Is also reported that
the fireman who did the killing will be
taken to the United States for trial.
Second Advent Xcnr nt Ilinul, Says
Xorllifleld Preacher.
East Northfleld, Mass., Aug. 16.
The final address at the Northfleld
conference was delivered In the audi
torium to-day by Dr. A. T. Plerson,
of Brooklyn, to over 3,0nn people.
His subject was "The Second Coming
of Christ," and he said that, since
the prophecies and revelations had
nearly all been fulfilled, ho expected
this would happen soon.
He said that the Bahylons which
are to be destroyed are the very cities
which we. are bonstlng about, to-day.
The church, he thought, was never
more worldly than to-day,
This evening an evangelistic service
was held.
Supt. James Grant of tlm fire alarm
tetlegraph and Supt, A. I,. Kit t.roileo
of the police telegraph system leave
early thlf. morning to attend the an
nual convention of the Municipal
Electricians which will be held this
week In Detroit.
Harry S. Nelmlta, the Brooklyn
man, who was so badly Injured in tho
auto mobil
accident, in East Haven
last week that one of his feet hud to
be uoiputHted, was reported us doing
Well at. Dr. Cheney s sanllai 1. no, laat
Demand Reforms In Higher Court, , 1
('apt. Mains I'liperturbed 1
Mol Sim Rampant I
I'olo Meeting Called 1
Financial News and Quotations 10
Turkish Minister Drops Dead..,
SliermHii's Notification 1
Murder on I', S. Itattleslilp 1
Lake Men Active Around State 1
SPORTS I'nge l.
Lewis Girl Maintain Klrt Story.,,, 1
Conductor Lynch' Funeral 1
Death of Registrar ('arr 1
Escaped from County Jail , 1
No Clew to Silk Stocking Mystery ,. 1
Buckley to Succeed Carr I
Grocery Raided Whiskey Kound... 1
Kltiger Tip Shot Off 3
Colored Cook Robbed 3
Dog Bites Policeman 1
Now Rrltaln Take Doubleheader.
Cincinnati Does the Same.
As do Also the St. Loul National.
Phillies Keen l!p Fust Pace.
Kx-Iili School Plnyera Win.
Sporting Program for the Week.
Plans ror A, O. Jf. name.
Katonn Now In the Lead.
Yankees In Close Oame With Orator.
Army Officer Who Killed Man
Who Wrecked His Home
Shows Indifference as
to Outcome.
tetters Written In Past Few Bays
round In Victim's Pockets
Rrotlier Suys He Tried to
Prevent Art.
New York, Aug. 16. The arraign
ment of Captain Peter C. Haiti, Jr.,
U. S. A., who yesterday shot and kill
ed William E. Annls, advertising man
ager of Recreation ad Burr Mcin
tosh's Monthly, on the landing float
of the Ftayslde Yacht club at Hayslde,
L. I., was postponed to-day until 9
o'clock to-morrow morning at Long
island City. Similar action was tak-
en in tne case or mormon J- flams,
of Peter C. Halns, amateur
yachtsman and author, who held the
society crowd at bay with a drawn
revolver while the captain accomplish
ed his work of vengeance, The two
men were removed to Long Island
City to-day from the Flushing police
station where they had spent the
night In separate cells, and were at
once taken before Magistrate Smith,
Both brothers appeared absolutely tin-
pernirnen ana ncttner showed any
trace of the uncomfortable night spent
In Jail. They showed ome em
barrassment while being subjected to
the Indignity of having handcuffs
placed upon them but soon regained
their equanimity.
The killing took place on Saturday
afternoon. Captain Halns holds An
nls responsible for wrecking his home
during his ahsence on duty In the
Philippines. The announcement In
the spring that a divorce as pending
caused a scandal In army circles.
Among tho new developments In
the case was the discovery made to
day that Annls had received several
threatening letters within the past
few days. These letters, according to
Annls' fellow club members of the
linyshh' Yacht-club, were found In
Annis's pockets after his death by
Harvey Uockvllle, who had been the
dead man's most Intimate friend, and
were turned over to District Attorney
, Charles 11. Roberts, who helped to
(Continued on Third Page,)
Xew Turkish War Secretary Dies of
Henri Disease.
Constantinople, Aug. 16. The new
cabinet suffered a great loss to-day
by the sudden death of War Minister
Rcdjeb Pasha, from heart disease.
The ports has requested, through
the American ambassador, John G. A.
Irishman, the approval of the United
States government to the appoint
ment of Hussein Klazln Bey, the pres
ent Turkish minister at Bucharest as
ambassador at Washington.
New Rrltaln (inrtnan Strangled to
Death In Falling.
New Britain, Aug. 16. With the
head between two fence pickets the
body of Anton Hennlg,,a well known
German resident, was found In the
rear, yard of the house In which he
lived to-day. Medical Examiner
Wright, gave strangulation as the
cause of death. It Is believed that, last
night. Hennlg tried to climb the fence
and fell In such a way that his head
came between the pickets and death
came before he could extricate him
self. He was sixty years of age and
leaves a. daughter, In Gla-'tonbury.
Unable to Swim. They Step Into Hole
in Fake Clinmplnln.
Grand Isle, Vermont, Aug. m.Three
young women who were staying at a
cottage near Adafns Landing, were
drowned today while bathing In Lake
1 C'hampluln. They were: Miss Lucy Per
ry, aged 13, Plattsburg, N. T
aged 19, Plattsburg, N. T.; Miss
farah Dlsasway, aged 2?. Plattsburg,
N. V., Miss Elizabeth Dlsasway,
irooklu, N. V., a cousin of Suuli DIs-asay
John Connors, of Ansonia, With
Four Days to Serve, Makes
Successful Sunday
To Bo Charged Willi Burglary I'pon
Expiration of Time Her' Kin
ployed im Helper In En
gine Boom.
With four days more of a sentence
of thirty days and costs to serve John
Connors, thirty-four years of age,
from Ansonia, made good his escape
from the county Jail In Whalley ave
nue some time between 11 a. m. and
2 o'clock p. in, yesterday and has not
yet been recaptured. Connors was
sent In on a charge of Idleness and
the sentence was almost complete, but
there was a warrant out against him
on the more serious charge of burg
lary, which Is probably what tempted
hlni to try to get away with the term
so near an end. Be was to be served
with the wairant on the expiration of
his present term In the Jail.
Connors was employed In the Jail
as an assistant to the fireman In the
fire room, which Is In the basement of
the Jail building. He was present at
roll call In the morning and then went
down Into this room to work as usual.
He got hold of some pieces of heavy
Iron which are used In the factory
connected with the Jail and when
there was no one to watch him he
succeeded In wrenching free two bars
from one of the windows. All the
windows In the basement are heavily
barred as they are right on a level
with the ground. When he got the
bars nut It was ah easy matter to
climb out through the window and he
was lucky enough to escape from the
grounds without being detected. He
was found missing at roll call and In
vestigation showed how the bird had
Besides serving this term Connors
had been at the county Jail here once
before serving ninety days at that
time. All the police stations were no
tified and a general alarm for him
has been sent out.
(icnnati Impersonator Doesn't Serve
Four-Years' Sentence.
Berlin, Aug. 18. William Volgt, no
torious as "The captain of Coepenlck."
has been liberated from prison by or
der of the emperor. Volgt on Decem
ber 1, 1906, was sentenced to scrv
four years In prison. A few weeks
prior to this he impersonated a cap
tain of the gernadlers, produced a forg
ed order authorizing him to take com
mand of a detachment of twelve men
whom he met on the streets of Rerlln,
and proceeded to Coepenlck, a small
town near here, where he arrested the
burgomaster ahd the treasurer of the
town and took possession of the cash,
amounting to about $1,000. Soon all the
world, Including Germany Itself, was
laughing at the absurdity of the affair,
for It was not long before the nature of
the trick was discovered.
Sherman's Dny Will Include Horse
and Auto liners and Baseball.
L'tlca, N. i Aug. I6.-N0 event In
the history of Utlca, has brought out
decorations as elaborate nor plans as
extensive for a single day as those for
Tuesday, when Congressman Sherman
will be officially notified that he has
been nominated by the republicans for
the ofllce of vice-president.
1 ne nouncation exercises will occur
ahout noon. A platform has been
erected at the Sherman home where
the decorations are elaborate. Hon,
Judas C. Burrows of Michigan, the
chairman of the notification committee
will address Mr. Sherman and the lat
ter will respond. An address will be
made by Secretary of State Ellhu Boot.
During the afternoon at Utlca Park
a program will he given Including a
State league baseball game, trotting
and pacing .races, motor cycle race,
automobile race, balloon ascension,
running race and athletic events. The
guests win ije tanen 10 tne parK in a
body In fifty-five automobiles.
Spend a Week on Lake
Island at End of Month,
Hot Springs, Va., Aug. 16. Judge
Taft and party will leave Virginia
Hot Springs, Friday, August 28, for a
week's fishing In Lake Erie, at the
end of which he will go to Cincin
nati, September 5, or 6, to remain un
til election day. The announcement
of the Itinerary which la to conclude,
the candidates pre-campalgn vacation
was made to-day. Mr. and Mrs. Taft
will be the guests of the Middle. Bass
I club, the headquarters of which are
on Middle Bass Island, a short dis
tance nut tin Lake Erie, from Putin-Bay,
The club claims distinction for hav
ing as members Presidents Hayes, Gar
field and McKlnley, and being the host
on a number of' occasions of President
Mr. Taft is fond of fishing and has
been Induced to believe that tho
change for a week from the mountains
to the like will put. Just the proper
edge on his finish for the work he is
to do In his native city.
Victoria, B. (., Aug. 16. The world's
record for a. week's catch by any coist,
whaling station was broken last, weuk
by the Kuqunt station to which 2H
whales were taken by the steam whaler
bt. Lunrence.
Held at St.
rands' ('lnn'ch
The funeral of Jeremiah Lynch, the
freight conductor who was killed Fri
day morning at Naugatuck Junction,
took place yesterday afternoon lrom
his late residence, 22 Main street, Fair
Haven, at 2 o'clock and sn'viecs were
conducted at St, Francis' church t
half-piist two. The funeral was tho
largest in Fair Haven In hoiuo time,
and the number of sorrowing friends
who followed his remains to the gr.ive
was a testimonial of the esteem In
which the deceased was held. At St.
Francis' church the services were slmj
ule, ami luted but a few minutes. At
delegation from the Order of Railroad
Conductors acted as a guard of honor
at the funeral and the pallbearers were
all rallrond men. At tho grave In fit.
Lawrence cemetery services were con
ducted hy" the chaplain -of the local
lodge of the Order of Rallrond Con
ductors. Mr. Lynch Is survived by a
widow and eight children.
Detectives Doubtful Ahout Foul Piny
In Fast Rock Case.
Nothing new has been "discovered by
the detective bureau In the mystery
which surrounds the finding of a pair
of lady's tan shoes and tan stockings
with blood spots on them In a ledge
In the rocks on English drive at East
Rock park. The detectives are work
ing on the Idea that the woman may
have met foul play, or have committed
suicide but It seem to be the opinion
now that there Is nothing very serious
about the unusual affair.
Springfield Rioters Try to Cut
Off City's Fire Alarm
System. .
Xcgrn Refugees Crowd Arsenal
Chicago Pastor Vrgrs Armed
Springfield, III., (Aug. l.-Two
deaths resulting from Injuries suffered
In previous mob fights, ,tha attempted
cutting of the fire, alarm wires, the ex
oneration of Private J. B. Klein, Com
pany A, First Illinois Infantry by a
court of Inquiry for the killing of Earl
Nelson at Kankakee yesterday ahd
H16 pursuit of a mob by guardsmen,
were the chief of today' development
In the race war In Springfield. The
attempt to cut telephone and fire alarm
wires leading Into the city hall was
not successful. A policeman saw
three men on top of an outbuilding
trying to reach the lines overhead. He
turned In an alarm to the headquarters
of Gen. Wells commanding a provi
sional brigade and the latter dispatch
ed a wagon load of soldiers to the
scene. They arrived before the trio
had done any damage. The wire cut
ters escaped, leaving their nippers be
hind. After sitting all day the court of In
quiry reported to Adjutant General
Scott that Klein's act was performed
In the strict line of duty.
State's Attorney Cooper of Kankakee
probably will Institute action against
Klein In the criminal court at Kanka
kee. The arsenal was crowded tonight
with negro refugees from Springfield
and surrounding towns. About 200, wo
men and children sought shelter In the
building and slept on tho floor, or In
chairs. Most of these people wero old
and Infirm but they endured the hard
ships of their quarters rather than
face tho prospect of passing the night
In their homes, beset with momentary
fear of attack.
Chicago, Aug. 16. Five hundred
members of the Congregation of Qulnn
chapel, a leading negro church, today
were told by their pastor, Rev. D. P.
Roberts, to arm themselves and be
prepared to defend their homes In the
event of an outbreak here similar to
that at Springfield. "Arm yourselves
and be men," he said. "It a raging mob
surrounds your home, protect your
household; and when the man who
would ruin your family and destroy
your property steps across the thres
hold, let him step across the body of
a dead man."
Wrll-Known Freneh Wireless Expert
to Do tho Trick.
Paris, Aug. 16. The naval lieuten
ants, Colin, Jeance and Mercler, the
Inventors of a. wireless telephone ap
paratus, which recent tests have
shown to be superior to anything ex
isting, achieved remarkable success
with their new Instruments yesterday,
communicating with the wireless sta
tion at Raz de Seln, department of
Flnlstere, a distance of ahout 310
miles. The transmitted words were
somewhat faint, hut could be plainly
distinguished, and the officers are con
fident that they can make great im
provements In the apparatus, which
has been the result of only four
months' experimentation, enabling the
exchange of conversation up to 60(1
or "10 miles.'
Lieutenant Colin, the chief inven
tor, is a well known wireless expert,
having Installed the wireless station In
the Eiffel tower, which Is one of the
most, efficient In the world, He is
now superintending the Installation of
an Improved and more powerful plant,
making possible the transmission of
dispatches between Paris and New
Italians She Positively Identi
fies As Lover's Murderers
Are Evasive And Contra-
dictory. Under Exam- .
Corroboration of Sweetheart'
Story Seems Certain Shot y
gun, With Only One Bar ;
rel Fired, Recovered ( .'.
from Di Lucia !
After a lengthy session In th Invet
tlgation Into the murder of Geore D.j
Sheehan, the nineteen year old son' off!
ex-Policeman Denis Sheehan,, whal
was killed by two assailants In a lone'-j
ly spot In Barnes avenue about 9:30!
Saturday nlgbt. Deputy Coroner Pond,,
who Is acting In the caae In the ab
sence of Coroner Mix, has Just gotten,
a real start In the case and could rlv
no report on. the matter last night
As soon as the murder ku reported,1
to police headquarters red llghta wri
put up all over town and Captain,
u Keere in charge at the Grand ave
nue station sent out a patrol waron.
witn sergeant Bowers, Officer Lawlort.
and .Medical Examiner Bartlett, and!
they hastened to the spot, picking up:
Detective James Ward from his horn1
on their way. When they arrived oa!
the spot th young man was already
dead and MlsS Bessie Leiwls, the younf '
woman whom Sheehan was escorting:1
to the trolley car at the time he was
assaulted was weeping over hit body1.
The men who had committed tm
crime had disappeared by the tlm,
aid came at the cries of the girl, but.
If the men whom the pollpe are now,
holding and feel are the perpetratqrV
of the crime are the right men they
made no attempt to make good their
escape, Officer Lawlor and Detectives
Ward and Dunlap, arrived at th
widely known DiLucIa house on
Barnes avenue, from which the girt
believed the men came, and toward
which she asserted they went and
within an hour and a half they had
two men under arrest, and these two
are now held under orders from th
coroner .for his examination. ' Thesa
men are Joseph Campaganll,; twenty
seven years of age, who worlts som
at the rolling mill, but has Jived oa
the DlLueta farm for about two
months past, and Ralph Carfllo, twen-!
ty years of age. The two men wer
found asleep In one room at the Dl'V
Lucia house. , ' 1 ' (
The detectives went out and made a;!
thorough examination of the plac1
where the murder occurred yesterday;!
accompanied by Officer Lawlor of th
Grand avenue station. Th story of
the Lewis girl Is that she had been outjl
to see young Sheehan to whom she waw
engaged to be married soon and that
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wasnington, Aug. 16. Forecast: Eaifl
New York, partly cloudy Monday, posJ
ii.M,y niivivris mi unernoon or mgnt in.
wcol tun, nuriitprii poruonn, warmer in
east portion. Tuesday fair, mmnvhit'
cooler, light to fresh south to'southwesti
w 1 nun, r . (
New Kngland: ' Partly cloudy Mon
day, warmer In west portion, possibly
showers by night in north portion.'
Tuesday fair, cooler In west portion,
light to fresh south to southwest wind
Observations at United States weath
er bureau stations, taken at. 8 p. m. yes'
terday, sovonty-flfth meridian time. ,
Tern. Dir. Vel. Pre.
Albany 74
Clear -
Clear ,
' Clear
Clear '
Clear !
Atlanta Sa
Bismarck,... 70
Boston 66
Buffalo 73
Cincinnati. . . ,
Cleveland. . . ,
Hartford. . , .
Nantucket.. ,
N. Orleans.. , ,
New York . . .
Pittsburg. . , .
Portland, Me.
Providence. .
80 '
, SO
St. Louis R
St. Paul 82
Washington. . 7S
New Haven, Aug. 16, 1908.
SB 14 00
N t: 10
W 18 )0
SK 8. 0(1
S 12 00
W 16 00
W 4 00
S 12 30
SW , 18 24
SB 1ft 00
SB 4 .10
R 00
SB .12 00
N 10 "04
SB 8' 00
B 8 Oft
SW 4 01
SB 6 T.
S 6 .10
SB 8 00
S 12 Oft
W 6 00
SB... 10 T.
A.M. P. jr.
16 72
N , 8
' 10 1.) '
0 0
Clear Pt.Cldy
So . 1
Wind direction
Wind velocity
Minimum temperature.'
Maximum temperature.
Minimum Inst year . . . ,
Maximum Inst rear . . .
Li, M. 'PARR, Local Forecaster.
U. S. Weather Bureau,
Sun Rises , 5:0.1
Sun Sets 6:'4
High Water ...'.. 2:81

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