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4 Saturday,
I Only a Few More
' Do You Want One
'The big "Summer Clearance" signs that
stretched across our show-windows are gone.
li cw guuus turning in turn
garments nearly gone.
savings left in
Ladies Jackets Ladies' Waists
Ladies' Suits Ladies' Skirts
and Satin Rubber Rain Coats.
Our Summer Clearance Reductions are too
well known to need comment The few garments
remaining are wonderful bargains. .
The Connecticut Hardware & Paint Co,
Telephone 1023.
galf of Russian Professors Muy Refuse
to Abjure Political AIIpkIuiicp.
Bt Petersburg, Sept, 4. The edict Is
sued yesterday by the minister of edu
cation to the effect that all professors
and Instructors In the Imperial univer
sities and schools In Russia who are
members of the constitutional demo
cratic or other lllng-nl political parties,
must either withdraw from these par
ties or resign their positions, member
ship In such organizations being In
compatible with holding office and
drawing salary from a government
which these parties are endeavoring to
destroy, threatens to cripple entirely
the faculty of the university of fit.
It U probable that over half the pro
fessors and tutors who are members
of tills party will refuse to abjure
their political allegiance, and as a re
sult the Institution will see Its force
of Instructors very materially reduced.
The university of Moscow, which Is the
largest In the emlre. Is In a similar
plight ;'
Serious Charge Brought by Thlrtcen
i. (Year-OM House Mulil.
Uew Brunswick, N. J., Bnpt. 4. Wll
lla)n B. Burns, president of te. board
dfucatlon of Hlgland Park and
leader of one of the warring republi
1 can factions In Middlesex county, was
arr.td tonight on serious charges
brought against him by Nora Gllllland,
a 13-year-old girl, whom Burns had
'taken In his employ as houee maid.
"The charge," said I'. "Is absolutely
unfounded. This Ib a case of black
mall pure and simple."
'At a late-hour tonight the friends of
4, ...: '
": "
m JI ;. t-twf
Styles Suitable forMenof all ages in this Special Suit Sale
Bridgeport, Ct.
New Loudon, Ct.
e mo
si r m nip-
Ropt, 5.
Green Tags Left.
or Two ol Them?
uic iasi ui ittsi scasuu a a
There are a few great f
Your Choice of
97 Crown Street.
Mr. Burns secured his release from the
county Jail by going on his bond for
Kaufman Broil ner Knocked Down by
One He Was Handling.
While moving a Inrce case containing
a very heavy piece of plate glass, Kauf
man Brodner of 59 Ward street was
knocked over by the toppling of the
crate, and pinned .to the sldcwnlk In
front of 109 Congress avenue early yes
terday afternoon, and slightly Injured.
Brodner, who Is a dealer In window
glass, was assisting three men In re
moving the piece of plate glass from a
truck. The . glass was twelve feet
square, and when It toppled the weight
was too ereat for him, and he was
thrown under It; At first it was thought
he had been badly hurt, and the am
bulance from the New Haven hospital
was sumoned by Patrolman Prior, who
was near by when the accident occur
red. At the hospital, however, It wan
found that the Injuries were not se
rious, and Kaufman was discharged In
a short time.
Planning for Dunce to be Held During
the Month.
Rita circle. Companions of the For
esters of America, held a meeting In
their rooms in Music hall 'ast night.
The ladles are planning for a dance to
be given some time during the month,
the date having not yet been decided.
The degree team composed 5f a num
ber of young ladles of the circle is
shortly to be uniformed.
That were $13,
Surely this is your greatest chance
to buy an-extra Suit for the rest of the
season or for next Spring's wear. A
glance at our window display and an
inspection of the stocks inside the
store, will show you the saving quickly
and concisely.
This store never disappoints you in
its promises, the Suits we offer are all
the balance of our medium weight gar
ments, in latest styles and fabrics.
813-S15 Kr CHAPEL ST.
(Continued fnm First Page,)
its employes, and so relievo itself from
its obligation thereunder, there would
bo no objection on the part of such
olfleers to the employes forming a un
ion similar to that existing among tho
employes of this company.
A majority of thu employes In
Providence, however, are determined
to hold the company to Kb obligations
under such agreement, snd, so long
ns a single employ Insists, his rights
are absolute and the company Is with
out power to release itself from the
torms of the nsreement,
Under the elreumstuneos, there Is
but one possible course open. Tho
Rhode Island company cannot change
tho situation, and if the employes of
this company persist In forcing thu
Issue, and a struggle Is to come, it
must continue until one party or the
other Is exhausted.
Had this company any prejudice or
disposition to oppress union labor or
do anything to disrupt Its organization
there is ample opportunity for exer
cise of power other than in Provi
dence, and It is well known to all the
employes of this company that the of
ficials, from the president down, have
always been disposed to 'reat the
men with Justice, and many occas
ions will testify to this.
Tho relations between this com
pany and Its employes have oeen mont
satisfactory. To . the best of my
knowledge there exists no .Ussntlsfac'.
tlon over wages, conditions of employ
ment, or otherwise. Therefore, io
cause loss and embarrassment over ft
situation developed In connection vi;h
another company with which we have
nothing to do ran only result in tio
loss of positions of those who ,nro
leaders, and in the possible reem
ployment of some of those whrrstrlks,
starting at the bottom of the list."
At a time when the tabor mnrket Is
over-stocked, when thousands of com
petent men are seeking work, the com
pany takes this opportunity to try to
dissuade Its employes from making a
serious mistake In attempting to med
dlo with a situation of which they
know nothing, except through mlsrep.
resentatlon, pertaining to another com
pany In another section' of the coun
try, to prevent their being used as
tools to accomplish an end In which
they are not interested, for such ac
tion as is In contemplation can only he
attended with disaster, discredit un
ion labor, cause loss to the company,
far greater loss to the employes, and
distressful Inconvenience to an inno
cent public, resulting In no possible
good to anyone. Yours truly,
Oeneral Manager.
What Mnnnlx Says.
Charles W. iMInnlx, chairman of the
Jrlnt board of control, which board,
report has It. will meet here this
morning, said, when seen last evening,
that he had sent out no call for a
meeting of the board and that to his
knowledge no meeting would be held
The only way In which a meeting of
this board could be called, he said,
would be for tho national officers .to
recommend It. Up to a late hour last
night, Mr. Mlnnlx said, he had ' re
j celved no communication to that ' ef
fect. In any event, he said, It would
take fully twenty-four houis to gather
the members of the board In confer
ence and this only after he had Issued
tho call. From this statement It ap
I pears that no meeting of the board
will be held during toeay.
Mr. Mlnnlx said that to the best of
his knowledge, no further change had"
developed In the situation between the
trolley men and the company.
The Strike of 1002.
The imminence el anotjiar strike on
the local trolley lines recalls the fam
ous strike of 19"2, which was the re
sult of practically a similar situation,
although it did not affect any other
than the Fair Haven & Westvllle com
$15 and
.Saratoga, N, Y,
Troy, N. Y.
$Q 50 now
pany In this olty. After making cars
tul prt.paru.Uuni. & union was organised
by ilia employes ot tho company hers
on July ii, and a few Uojs later twenty-one
nun on tha line, consisting of
the officers and the executive commit
tee, were discharged. A etriks whs or
dered at once si h meeting of tlis union,
and went Into effect on August 4, when
in tho morning everybody who had oc
casion to use the ears found to their
surprise that they were not running,
and that tho talked-of strlks was on.
The strike, lasted four days, during
which the lines were completely tlud
up. -Attempts 'to have police officers
ride on the few cars that were running
whs .stopptd by the mayor, who order
ed tlu. men off, and the effort to run
the cars .was abandoned. It was re
ports! that striktbreakers were com
ing, and fear of trouble wns In the air,
but the men who were being brought
on steamboat wore never landed. By
the Interposition ot s number of prom
inent citizens, the two sides came to
gether, and the strike ended on August
8, with the company yielding tho points
of complaint to the men.
Thete wtis a great celebration on the
part of the men and citizens when the
first cars were run again. At the bead
of the. union as first president at the
time was Bernard Mope, now a patrol
man on the New Haven police depart
ment; Charles Piatt, vice president;
Frank Buss, recording secretary; Ter
ence McVeiy, tlnnnclal secretary; and
Terrenes Reynolds, treasurer,
Worcester, Sept. 4. Inquiry In this
city to-night among the members of
the local street railway employes'
union developed the fact that tho men
were divided on the question of strik
ing In sympathy with the Providence
employes, should a general Btrlko on
the street railway lines owned or con
trolled by the, New York, New Haven
and Haroford Railroad company be
ordered. Of tha 600 men employed
by the Worcester lines, 400 are mem
bers of the union and at the meeting
of the union last Wednesday it was
stated that 200 men' expressed their
willingness to go out. '
Democrats May Yet ' Name
Judge Waller for. Gov
nurglnrs In Banbury Rnilrond 3Icn
Strike in Wllllniantic Other
Hartford, Sept. 4. Tho Times this af
ternoon prints an article In which it Is
stated that at a recent conference of
democratic lenders held at the Hotel
Belmont In New York, 'the general
opinion after a careful canvass of the
gubernatorial Held had been made
that a winning ticket would be former
Governor Thomas M. Waller of New
London for governor Snd Frank C.
Sumner for lieutenant-governor. It was
recalled at this conference and com
mented on freely that a ticket of Wal
ler and Sumner once swept the state.
The Sumner at that time was the late
George G. Sumner, a brother of the
gentleman whose name Is now men
tioned. Mr. Sumner Is- treasurer of the
Hartford Trust company.
For Felonious Assault.
Bridgeport, ' Sept. 4. Joseph Peak
was before the city court today on the
charge of felonious assault on a 13-
year-old girl. He was remanded for
trial tomorrow, ball being fixed at
, , Itallnn Gunboat. ,
Bridgeport,, Sept. 4. Deputy Sheriff
Louis K. Richards, who has been one
of the prime movers In the plan for
the celebration of Columbus day here
next month, to-day received a letter
from the Italian embassy at Washing
ton containing the information that
an Italian gunboat would probably -be
sent to this port to take part In the
celebration. It Is expected that there
will be an attendance from all over
the state and from all New England.
Strike In Wllllniantic.
. Wllllmantle, Sept. 4. Thirty men
employed on a work train of the New-
Haven toad under General Foreman
Herllhey, wnt on strike to-day. They
were t work between here and Hop
river. Mr. Herllhey has gone to. East
Hartford to raise another gang of
men. The strikers are mostly Italians.
They o'bjected to 'the discharge of two
of their number.
Arson Trial Still ,On.
Woodburv. Rent.. Tho tplnl
Benjamin Rickcr, charged with burn
in.g tne central notei, which was con
tinued from , last Monday, was re
sumed to-day. The morning session
was almost entirely devoted to the
reading of stenographic notes on tho
iprmer proceedings of the trial. O
fact brou:ht out to-dav
though Ricker had pleaded Ignorance
of the Are, until the day after It oc
curred, he is said to have told of It tho
day it happened. , '
Banbury Burglurs.
Daubury, Sept, 4. In the city court
ioaay Doy ourgiars wno were arraign
ed on charges of breaking into E. M
Baldwin & Sons' drug store and Henry
Dick's furniture warehouse were bound
over to the superior court. Frank king,
17, and William' Kelley, 14, were held in
$600 each on two charges and Patrick
Dyer, 17, In $300 on one charge.
Burglars., broke into the . Chinese
laundry of Shaw Chong Lung on West
street last . night and got . $16.50 . .and
from the residence of W. T. St. John
on West Wooster street they stole $13.
Fishermnn's Find, v - ;
Noank, Sept. 4.-aptain John Car
rlngton of the smack .Ella May has a
piece of amergrls, which was found in
one of the lobster pots set by him In
the sound. Tho piece weighs more
than a pound.-
Ire flrenkH His flack.
South Norwnlk, Sspt. 4. Adam Reh.
an employe of Pack Hersliflekl, a South
Norwnlk ice dea'ler, had his bank brok
en Mils mornlng by a'Cako. of lco
weighing nearly .300 pounds, falling. on
him. He was removed to the Norwaflt
hospital, but there IS no' hope of hl.i
recovery, Reh lived In ' Hrldgeport,
where.. he has. a wife, and nine chil
dren. nnyfi In' Ilrldgejiort. '
Bridgeport, Sept. 4. Colonel T. J.
Murphy -arrived home' from New York
this morning. While-In. that city he
lmd n. tn!k wl h John Mnvcfl. thfl Mhi-.
nthon winner, and Hayes assured liliirf
that ne wouin ne here to-morrow to
attend-the field day sports of the Clan-na-G-ael.
Hayes will he accompanied
to this city by his friend, Attorney
Daniel O'Reilly. , who was counsel for
the accused during the Thaw murder
trial. Colonel Murphy snent several agree
able days in Atlantic City last week.
. a. a a n, niU
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ness that Is not td be secured by other
means, ...........
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American ' IrugglHts Syndicate, which
controls' the' standard A.' D. B. brand
of Peroxide of Hydrogen.
Ti ...lit . . . ...U fit
ii win not encourage -a grown. v
hair on the face or bleach the hair or
r . l ' - , . . . . .. n 1 1
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morrow you will see the Improvement.
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sweet and wholesome.
Price 2.1 Cents ihe Jar.
Gillespie's Drug Store
. Goods Delivered. . ,..
Heirs Alleged to Be Found to
Estate of Ne,gro Who Died
Hereifll864. "
Wilmington (Del.) Deposition May De
prive State of $2,200 and Forty
four Years' Interest.
One of the strangest cases that has
come before the. local probate court
will come up for a hearing probably
about Thursday of next week. It In
volves the estate of a negro whose
name ns known here was Spencer Bor.-
den and who died here In 1S64. lie
left an. estate of $2,200 and no heirs
could be found, so the money remain
ed In the bank. Several years ago, as
no heirs had yet been found adminis
tration papers were taken out, so that
In accordance with provision of the
law the estate might escheat to tho
state after five years.
Now after forty-four years there
have been found persons who claim to
be the heirs to the estate which has
had considerable of an Increment
through long deposit at Interest in the
bank. Papers were filed Ifi the case yes
terdny afternoon for Attorney Bdmund
P. Helllngs of Wilmington, Delaware,
whence hall the heirs.. , Officially the
papers ask thnt the court hold a hear
Ing for the purpose of ascertainment
of heirs to the' property. Along with
this request are filed two bulky de
positions, one from a Mrs. Virginia
Tomllnson of 847 Market street, Wll
mlngton, and the other from a negress
by the name of Emallne Davis, who
claims to be the sister of the deceased.
The deposition of Mrs. Tomllnson
states that Berden was a former slave
and that he belonged to her great
grandfather. His real name, she state,
was Spencer Lingo, but his mother's
name was Flora Burton, adopted from
the family she worked for and that
this became changed lated by him to
Berden, which Is the name In which
the funds stand In the local bank. Mrs.
Tomllnson states that the dead man
was her nurse when she was a child
and that when freed he went north
and the last she heard was that about
the end of the war he' died somewhere
around Boston or Hartford. The de
ponent salth that she Is confident the
dead man was one and the same with
Spencer Lingo and that a sister of his,
Emallne Davis, now living with her, Is
legally his relative.
The deposition of Emallne Davis
states that she had a brother by the
name of Spencer Berden and that he
died north here sometime about the
close of the war. The case will be
heard la court probably next Thursday,
although the dnte has not yet been set.
The case will be mainly one' of proving
the Identity of the dead man and show
ing that he and the former slaye were
one and the same person. The deposi
tions are dated Aug. 17, and were filed
by Attorney Dwyer of Hartford for At
torney Helllngs. There are other heirs
to the estate besides the sister. accord
Ing' to the statements made In 'connec
tion with the case. , . :
Besides the Interest in the faet'that
the estate, so long without a claimant
may be held from escheating to the
state after forty-four years have elaps
ed there Is additional Interest because
about a year ago an attempt was made
to prove that Certain persons were
heirs of the dead man; At that time
the hplrs announced were white per
sons and were disqualified as not be
ing relatives at all: r
Washington. Sept. 4. A pension was
granted to-day by the United States
government to John R. Early, a suppos
ed victim of leprosy, who now is be
ing maintained by the authorities of
the District of Columbia. Early is a
native of Lynn. N. C, but the officials
of that state decline to be responsible
for his maintenance . ..
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Signature of I
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negative. If your negatives are not
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