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founded 1T(I0.
Tim CAnuiNCTON pviimsiiixg co.
Delivered l7 Currier In the City, 12
ent n week, BO ceut o month, 3 lor
rlx month, d a year. Tho "nine terra
hr moll. Mnglo conle. 3 cents.
UVftlS'EM OFFICE. 808t.
luued Thtmdny. One Dnllnr a Year.
I, D. Carrlngtnn rubllnhrr
r A.. Street.,. nulnc Manager
Vi E. K. Koruiun Advertising Mnnnger
W. G. 0hom Edltorln-Cblef
A. J. Slonne Mnnnglnff Editor
Paul Bnrnctt......' City Editor
; Subaerltier who fan to receive their
JiturnaloCnurler regularly and on time
nil confer a furor on the innnnnement
by Immediately reporting to the Cir
culation Mnnegrr. Telepnone 3081.
The Jonraul-Couner I for ante dallr
la New York City at Ilotnllng' Newe
"tasd. Corner 8Klh Street and Broad,
way, at 20th etreet and Drondway, at 1
Park Place, nod Grand Central Motion.
Saturday, Sept. 3, 1DOS.
In the confusion of comments with
regard to the candidacy of George L.
Lilley for the republican nomination
for governor we turn with gratitude
to the following from the editorial
columns of the Hartford Times apro
pos of the attitude of The Jjurnal
Courler towards the Impudent repub
lican machine: "Yet probably, like
some ethers, It (The Journal-Courier)
Is ready to Incur disfavor In a good
i cause, and cares more for the welfare
fit the state of Connecticut than for
that of any single group In the popu
lation." A better statement of our
position could not have been made
and we pass It on as If penned In
these offices.
In violent contrast with this state
ment of fact la the assertion of the
Waterbury American: "We are prob
ably as much In favor of reform as
the Times Is, but we 'have great con
tempt for hypocritical pretence of su
perior virtue, which takes the form of
an unwarranted attack on a man who
' has earned the right to be a candl-
Vdate for governor, and, if elected, will
make as good a one hs we usually
have." We will not discuss the phase
of the assertion which talks of hypo
critical pretence and superior virtue,
at the. best very vulgar language used
to ho 'effect. We are more interested
. In the assertion that Mr. Lilley has
earned the right to be a candidate for
governor of the state of Connecticut.
How has he earned It? Up to the time
of his being elected to the general as
sembly, Mr. Lilley was engaged in
business. As a member of the state
house of representatives he gave the
service the average member gives and
was conspicuous for neither great tal
ents nor Inferior talents. The one
thing he might have done to gain dis
tinction, I. e., urged the enforcement of
the law of the United States with regard
to the redlstrlctltig of the state Into
five congressional districts, he deliber
ately abandoned at the dictation of
the party machine, In the very goner
fll assembly which he- adorned with
his presence there were twenty-five
men in his party, to use a small num
ber, who are hla peers in experience
and Judgment.
As a member of the national house,
of representatives his service has been
the least Impressive of all five Connec
ticut members except in the one in
stance where he earned the reproba
tion of his colleagua.j triiejvcry na
ture of hla office precluded him from
serving his constituents except ns the
generosity of the four district mem
bers permitted. Ills political constit
uency has been the concrete evasion
ofthe law of the country and his pres
ence in the house of representatives
. has been tolerated only because ho
has been In political sympathy with
the majority. Had he been a demo
crat the slightest reference to tho law
lessness of Connecticut would prob
ably have led to his removal until
uch times as the Mate obeyed the
law. In all other respects his service,
In its impressive, features, has been
limited to his absurd and ungenerous
iubmarlne enterprise; absurd in that
lie never had any facts In his posses-
' Slon to prove his charges and ungen
erous In that he got his chance to be
heard in ah Investigation, which ho
hoped to boas as Jrldge and prosecut
ing officer, .by defaming three of hla
fellow citizens, two of them personal
friends. A more discredited member
of congress Is not on the rolls of that
body to-day, a queer title .to one's
right to a nomination foj' the high of
fice of governor of Connecticut. It
yet remains to he proved that Connec
ticut Is ready to accept Irresponsible
defamation of. respectable citizens ax
a right to its choicest honors.
Tho only right Mr. Lilley has earn
ed to be considered In connection with
tho governorship springs from hla lib
eral campaign contributions, his lav
ish hospitality and hUs lively comrade
ship. And yet theoo are such feeble
cla'ms upon the'o.TIco to which ho a.v
ptres that If the machine should to
morrow withdraw Its support from his
candidacy It would collapse like a
tired and overworked soap bubble, i
Ills strength Is machine made, Is of j
machine origin and depends for IU
nourishment upon machine determin
ation, Mr. Lilley has not been attack
ed, He has been treated with consid
eration for a man who proposes to
seize with the arts of the professional
politician, supported by the possible
fear of Mr. Taft's defeat, an office for
which he Is notoriously unfitted.
A picturesque, enthusiastic and dom
inant man was withdrawn from the
stirring life of Connecticut when Alex
ander Troup dropped suddenly Into the
silence of the unknown yesterdoy, It
was logical that he should have dial
as he did die with all of his emotional
energies active and alert. It Is too ear
ly to carefully and Justly estimate the
conspicuous phases of his character;
too early to Intelligently and accurate
ly measure the extent of his influence
as a citizen, editor and public servant.
He was a rough and ready worker in
the world, a man who met tho prob
lems of life face to face, sometimes un
derestimating their significance and
sometimes exaggerating them, but al
ways meeting them with the courage
of his own convictions convictions
which at momenta Irritated perhaps,
but whlch'later compelled one to admit
that after all one's own life Is the only
life worth living. We In the business
of Tnaklng newspapers and defending
the faith which is ours referred to him
affectionately as "Uncle Aleck." It
Is pleasant at this late hour, as
we write, to be able to say: "Good
night, Uncle Aleck. Sleep well."
At the summer outing of the Con
necticut Sons of the American Invo
lution, Mayor Hooker of Hartford
made an excellent speech upon tho
subject of the most effective way of
enthusing our foreign born resident!
and citizens with the spirit of Ameri
can Institutions. It Is a subject which
receives careful consideration wher
ever thoughtful 'men gather, but It ha
not yet reached a ttage of rafcty
Where political leaders feel that they
can discuss it openly. Mr. Hooker's
Impromptu speech was all the more
entertaining and convincing on that
Mayor Hooker reminded the sons
that while they might possess more
of the Intellectual fire, most of tho
material wealth of the country and
virtually all of the Invested capital on
election their candidates for public
office have to hustle for the support
of the foreign born voters. He re
minded them that if It became neces
sary to appeal to the community to
enlist in the army to resist an Invad
ing foe, the response would -!ome more
freely from those who are too little
considered and less freely front the
sons themselves. Because this Is o
he rightly considers it essential to let
them, with less interference and op
position, Introduce Into the life of
Xew England more of that freedom
of action, which conflicts with local
theology. He would liberalize Sunday
for one thing, confident that the re
sult would not only be moral but
would lead to a better understanding
on the part of the people he wishes to
reach of our country and Its needs,
the evolution of a conception of
American life which would necessarily
add to Its stability.
There Is no question whatever but
that Mayor Hooker has said out loud
what has long been In the thoughts
of tho great majority. Nowhere Is
there a demand for a dcmorallz-d
Sunday. It would not be tolerated by
the residents of the state, who now
feel themselves aggrieved because
they are kept from enjoyments which
do not appear to be denied the more
fortunate who havo private grounds
upon which to play on Sunday, There
has too long been a disposition on the
part of the legislating part of Connec
ticut to rely upon tho strong arm of
tho government to keep In restraint
a desire which has nothing harmful
In It, but which has had attributed to
It an evil character because of Its
secular sensation. Even to-day that
feeling exists to an extent that has
made It necessary for large communi
ties like New Haven to suspend the
laws and leave them suspended, so
long as the personal liberty allowed Is
not abused, though suspension of the
law for any purpose can scarcely be
said to have wisdom In It.
The problem to which Mayor Hook
er referred Is, however, a praetioal
one and has to do with the assimila
tion of these people who arc nearly
If not quite In tho majority on tho
voting lists. Thoy will not be. pru
dently and wisely assimilated, if there
Is mixed In with our treatment of
them, under the. old laws, a sense of
Injustice an It might be shown In (in
Indifference to their outlook upon life
an 1 their training under other sides.
It might be a good thing if they could
be swung into line for tho old New
England notions of fororcllnatlon,
predestination and election but that
obviously must follow, not precede the
more pressing work.
IlonsELENS FiitE APi'Aii ATI'S. f
Tho universal adoption of various
automnhlle devices In tho different city i
department. Is now only a question of i
tlme. Tho purchase of an automobile
for Chief rancher to hurry to fires ,ln
Is a beginning. Tho request for j
un automobile police ambulance has '
followed It closely.
Now Chief
Fancher has relumed from a meeting i
of flro chiefs at Columbus Imbued with
an enthusiasm for tho universal adop.
tlon of horseless apparatus In his de
partment at tho flrKt opportunity. Ho
concurs with cx-Chlef Hendricks who
has been known for hoiho time to fav
or such a move. The day of the beau
tiful and big fire horses Is limited In
New Haven as In every city, Intelli
gent, gentle, powerful, lovable and he
roic as nearly all of these horses have
a reputation for being, they and their
offspring will soon bo where dunging
bells, wild dashes through tho night,
and gusts of smoke und flame liro not
of such common occurrence.
The great argument In favor of tho
newer style of lire apparatus Is of
course their speed. Speed Is the first
essential in every detail of a fire de
partment. A few seconds gained In
getting out of the fire house, and a
minute or two shaved off of tne running-time
to a fire are matters of the
gieatest importance. A building, a
block of buildings, a whole section of
a city may be doomed or saved In that
short" length of time. There is no one
who realizes more than tho firemen
that prompt arrival at a fire Is more
than half the battle. Quick and Intelli
gent as the best of the fire horses may
be when the bells ring, they are cer
tain to delay the men In starting to
seme extent. Ingenious as may ba the
way In which the harness is arranged
so as to facilitate matters, there are
sure to be waits. Whereas, with the
automobile apparatus, It Is a Blmplo
matter of turning a crank or a, lever
or two and the men are on their way
as soon as they have tumbled Into
their clothes and down the brass poles.
Once on the street the superiority pf
tho horseless apparatus Is very evid
ent, especially on long runs, when
horse-flesh feels the strain. Steel knows
no fatigue. In Bridgeport and Hart
ford where they have the new automo
bile chemical wagons, there has been a
grave fear that some day there would
be a serious loss of life on the streets
duo to the high speed. Chief Fancher
report that at the convention the- au
tomobile trucks, chemicals, engines
and hose wagons all worked to perfec
tion. A seven-ton truck attained a
speed of 60 miles an hour on a three
mile run. arriving in time to raise a
75-foot aerial ladder by automatic
means in a little over seventeen min
utes. ,
There was a day when the adoption
of horseless fire apparatus was wisely
deemed Inadvisable. It cannot be
said with all Justice that the two
"Jumbo" horseless engines that Hart
ford now has have proved very satis
factory. Hut there have been many Im
provements In automoblie construction
since their adoption and the situation
is vastly different today. Uur (Ire de
pertinent deserves and requires the
bst of apparatus to do Itself Justice
and It may be believed the cnange to
the new style apparatus will bo made
In the near future. The (Ire commis
sioners are even now asking money for
the purchase of a gasolene engine and
an automobile combination chemical
and hose wagon.
We print In the new s columns" or Tho
Journal-Courier this morning a copy of
the letter sent to each delegate to tho
republican state convention by George
S. Falmer of New London. It vigorous
ly supplements his open letter to the
republican voters of the state, which
was printed August 8 In this news
paper. The original letter should have been
enough to prove the sincerity of Mr,
Palmer's motive In abandoning his
quiet life for one of controversy and
misrepresentation. A strict party man,
who was content to servo his political
organization without hope or desire of
reward, he was moved by the purest of
motives to save Ills party from the
discredit of the Lilley movement. In
this second letter he again shows to
thoughtful men that he is moved by
only a high love of state ami pride in
Its history. To question for a moment
the motives of such a man, no matter
what one may think of his Judgment,
Is to disclose a partisanship too severe
In texture to trust its personification
with political power.
It Is Interesting to observe that Mr.
I'almer stat es that his measurement 'of
Mr. Lilley has been made up from a
study of the congressional Investigation
and from "fuels obtained from emi
nent republican leaders both In Con
necticut and out. of It." More than this,
letters have been pouring Into New
London from all over the state, written
by business men, large employers ot
labor, "tin? men of character who vote
but shrink from publicity, the very
men upon whom t lie republican party
counts"; men who "will turn their
thinking Into action," unless the dis
credit of the Lilley nomination Is av rt
ed. Mr. Palmer asks the d legates what
advantage Is to be gained by tho nom
ination of a man for whom apologies
must at once be niado, and why tho
advantago of another term of Gover
nor Woodruff should be deliberately ig
nored? It may be that even now the dignified
appeal of Mr. Polmrr to the reoimn of
tho delegates will not avail and . thrjt j
tho assurance of his friend will be
JuBtlflptl; "Those doIi-gate go to the
convention to do the ono thing that
W have been told to do. 'they io jusi
that thing and they will do nothing
'''." but It will nevertheless be found
'u serious thing to have turned away
from Ihe councils of the parly men of
tho calibre of Mr. I'almer and his ad
vising friends. In a former generation
that was not thought to be the most
effective way of building up a political
The full meunlng of the German
kaiser's latest political move, In an
nouncing that tho situation in Morocco
demands the Immediate rt cognition of
Mulal Halld, the usurper, as sultun of
tho little country of the African north
coast, cannot easily be fully realised In
this country. Tho chief reason for this
Is that United States Interests, com
mereliil or political, In 'Morocco ure
very limited. Theio are few of our
countrymen there to be concerned In
tho future of the Moorish nation, Hut
to the European powers the naturul
position of Morocco, commanding as It
does one of the gateways to tho Medi
terranean, It Is naturally a grave an
nouncement. It Is because of the Algeclras act that
France Is today so olarmed over the
kaiser's announced Intention of recog
nizing the man who has usurped the
place of Abd-el-AzIz in Morocco. Stat
ed briefly, that net provides that no
man shall be recognized by the Euro
pean powers as sultan of Morocco un
til he has fully subscribed to sueh guar
antees as those powers shall between
them decide upon. The kaiser Is known
to be an open friend of Mulal Halld,
the usurping brother. Indeed at Tan
gier he is 1 inked upon as Hand's only
European friend. The present under
standing In Furls Is thnt Germany pro
poses to recognize him before he has
subscribed to the many agreements,
similar to tlu.se of his brother, now be
ing formulated. With characteristic
excitement. Frenchmen are pointing
out how all the careful and deliberate
work of the Algeclras conference will
go for naught, if Germany perBlsts in
this announced decision, and how re
lations will revert to trio stutus quo
ante. The French press Is expressing
Itself as more than ever convinced that
the kaiser Intends to take advantage of
the present Morocco situation, having
now learned that the German consul
at Tangier, Dr. Vessel, 1ms left for
Fez, ostensibly to obtain the c:ir of
Hatld. And so the Incident Is mugnlllcd
It Is recalled how npar Germany and
France came to an open breech three
years ago because of disagreements as
to (Morocco. The kaiser's announce
inent keeps on creating Its merry lltth
rumpus till there are rumors of hos
tilltles and even of war between Ger
many and France, as the hot-headed
Frenchmen force their conclusions.
Those who know the diplomatic ca
pacities of the German kaiser will be
Inclined to tblhk his pf-sltlon has eith
er been Imperfectly or incompletely
Mated or that he hns been misunder
stood. Especially would that seem to
be the case In view of his recent peace
talk at Strosburg within the week. At
that time he expressed himself as de
lighted with the present wholly eoe
tul aspect of European affairs and be
cause of It all the world rejoiced with
him. Ho said European peace now
rests n "too solid a foundation to be
easily upset by the excitements and
calumnies provoked by envious and
evil-disposed Individuals." It Is uube
llevablo that the kaiser would be so
two-sided ns to talk peaee one day and
within a week tuku an action In regard
to Morocco sure to bring about, feelings
that are anything but peuceful and
possibly open hostilities.
It Is not difficult to understand that
the kaiser had In mind the great neces
sity there Is of quelling the present
Moroccoan troubles. He saw that the
recognition of Hafld Is certain some
time, since his brother, the former sul
tan, Abd-el-Azlz, Is now a nonentity,
and he has but taken steps that seem
ed to him best toward hastening that
universal recognition of him by tho
powers. There can be no doubt thai,
the little trouble will bl.iw over, but
It only goes to show how Europe may
be walking on swords' points, even
when thanking heaven for every bless
ing of a world peace.
Convicted of no more serious crime
than of attempting to chungo the
existing form of Russian society, Prin
cess Alexandrovna Tchercisky .und
thirty-eight of her followers nave been
sentenced to long terms of exile In Si
beria. Still another outrage of tho
czar for the 1'acllo pen of Count Tol
stoy to deplore. Ueally the fount Is
about the, only Kuaslan ihu czar Is
afraid of.
The announcement was made at tha
recent Rockefeller family reunion that
John V. Is of noblo Uncase, being des
cended from the French barons. Wo
hail always suspected that ho 'count
ed" sumo in the ilnuiielul markets,
Vale conies out on top again. She
received $300,000 by the will ot Fred
erick C, llewlitt Thursday, whereas
Harvard got only $100,000 by the set
tlement of the will of Walter F. Baker,
ono of her alumni, on the samo dav.
Our esteemed fellow cltison, Gener-
nl Onrgo Hum Kord, hns developed
a Hplrlt of Inquiry and research which
attaches BuhBtnnttal valuo to his hls
turlral papers on old Connecticut.
lle'M a Piilltleinn, All night.
(Naugatuck News.) ,
That George L, Lilley will recelvs
the republican nomination for governor
Is now generally conceded, lie ha
certainly demonstrated that lie can play
tho game of politics thoroughly and
well. ,
The Two Woodruff.
(Bridgeport Post.)
The Litchfield Enquirer explain.
Tho WoinlruiTs good old democratic
inline, by tho way Goorgo and Jumo,
run the paper. (Jenrgo is strongly re
publican, James clings to the faith of
the father. When (ieorgo Is in charge,
tho Enquirer breathes out republican
hopefulness. When James Is the pen-
pusher, there Is marked sympathy for
Hryau, also for Luke, although James
will vote the democratic ticket. George,,
on the other hinul, Is for Lilley. A
mighty interesting combination.
A Hurt ford lew.
1 1 1 a it lord Co u rant.)
If. owing to a disagreement with Us
employes In providence, the manage
ment of the trolley system should Btop
operations here in Hartford, you
couldn't find a sano person In the coun
try w ho would not condemn them un
hesitatingly and most profusely. Turn
It about and see If It Is likely that the
employe of the company will under
take to take a Prjvhlence grievance
out of the riding public of Hartford.
It docs not seem very probable.
Worlhj' of Priilne.
( Bridgeport Post.)
The suggestion of Judge Wheeler as
a candidate by the Democratic manag
ers Is highly creditable to their sa
gacity, Mini Is an evidence that they
are anxious to present to the people
of ihe stale a Hta iid.i rl bearer who can
command support without, criticism.
At Its best the situation Is not hope
ful, and tho result in Vermont, so far
as New Knghind at least is concerned,
has emphasized the doubt of success,
but the p.irty lenders are making a
most vigorous effort to put their be.it
men to the front, and that Is always
worthy ot praise.
"t'rnit Apple" Now,
(Bristol Press.)
Who longer dares doubt that farm
ing is prolltable as well as fashiona
ble? Then read the story of tho Jour
ney of those New Haven agricultur
ists who went to Orange n few days
ago In automobiles, Inspected the crop
preserves of Wilson Lee and saw Gov
ernor Woodruff successfully milk a
pedigree cow tij the applause of the
witnesses. This gathering of rugged
sons of toll lacked only Itiillroad Com
missioner Fyler to give a demonstra
tion of how to effectively tlx fences, and
of Colonel (inborn to lecture on "How
my pippins became crab opplcs."
t'haaee tlrlna: Lessened.
(New Britain Herald.)
The Yress reports for the past few
days were to the effect that an ef
fort was being mae to Induco a Bridge
fort was being made to Induce a Bridge
governor, and there was much specula
tion as to whom the reference was
made It now turns out to be Judge
Wheeler, aed the possibility of his be
ing made the nominee ts being favor
ably commented on as be s n man of
nhiiity and line character. Should he
rrf-.ise It will place the leaders In a
peculinr predicament. fir ninny have
already refused to be considered as a
candidate that If there are many more
It will Inerens" the difficulty of securing
any one to run t all. Certainly the
' mces'of election are being lessen
ed. .
The Poor New York nn.
(Bridgeport Standard.)
"No time for truth telling," says the
Pprlngilebl Republican, Insultingly, as
a comment on our protest against fur
ther "offensive attacks" on Mr. Lilley
by Republicans. "The time to stop
lying." It might more fitly have said.
Wnterbury American.
Never did a retort lit better or set
closer than does that of the American.
The supercilious mentors of the morals
and manners of their fellow men,
whose time Is spent mostly In sitting
til Judgment upon matters which they
know about only by rumor or hearsay
are more false, dishonest and deserv
ing of censure than those whose bon
esiy snd understanding; they ignorantly
and persistently Impugn.
Life used to ha'-e a rosy hue,
But now It's turning green,
A measly verdance meets my view
In each domestic scene.
I'm pretty sure I never thought
1 bad Ilia self-restrnlnt
That I have shown since Mary bought
That gallon can of paint.
.She bought it to renew a chair
That age and use bad worn,
And ever since with blank despair
And rnge nnd grief I'm torn.
The color Isn't to my taste,
The odor makes me faint,
But Mary doesn't llke'to waste
She's using up that paint.
Perhaps a pint had been enough
Perhaps a little less;
Hut there's a gallon of the stuff
That causes my distress.
Sh.'s freshened this and freshened that
Till it would vex a saint,
It's green as grass nil through the flat
Klnoa Mary bought thnt paint.
Chicago News.
The treasures of the Louvre are now
guarded by watch dogs.
('bill Is now exporting nitrate at the
rate of over 2,00u,ooo tons a yeur.
The deepening and lengthening of the
Annls'iuain river has made an .island
out of Cape Cod.
Of an annual Oulpnt of manufac
tures valued at $15,000,000,0)0, we ex
port only about 6 per cent.
Fifty rllles, 2,000 rounds of ammuni
tion and a dispatch lix of Dlnljsulu'3
have been discovered concealed In caves
In Zululand.
II Is said that tho use of an oil or
gas engine on the farm results In a
saving of from 20 to 30 uer cent, as
compared with horses,
American-made automobiles are pop
ular In Norway. The character of the
roads there, however, make their uso
somewhat limited.
Acting Is a, less tempting profession
In Holland than almost anywhere else,
because there are so few cities In which
Hutch Is understood.
Hrltlsh India has $0,913 miles of tel
CKraph and cable wires In operation.
Since 11)12-03 the annual earnings of
tho cables between India mill ISuropu
show profits of from $1,00(1,000 to $1,
200,000. I'ldl'l'liU,
Mrs. B.ienn You say they are your
closest nrlghhors?
Sirs. Kftbert Yes; why, do you know,
they won't lend us a tiling! Yonkers
Von have only got to ewe a man
money to appreciate what a small place
the world Is. Lloyd's Weekly,
The office may seek the man, but the
boy looking for a job comes down on
It llku a mob. Puck. (
Kicker What's all that noise in tho
Snicker That's the minister praelle
In what he's aoiiiB to preach, Brook
lyn Llf.
"Some of the altitudes out In Colo
rado simply take one's breath away,"
"Are you tblnkliiR of mountains or
hotel rates?" Kansas City Times.
Dlobbs There is only one thing a
woman loves better than to be told a
Blolbs What Is that?
ftlobbs To llnd It out for herself.
Philadelphia Record,
Our Tackle Sale
TH I S Is a
chance for
tbe Wise
Ones to lay In t
stock for both this
d-i year and next.
U There are no faked
prices every item
has been reduced
,75, ind on some the
i.ctlces have been
cut in half.
These are sfew
?)f?--?? on'y of the Items.
$1 00 Bamboo Rod -4 piece,
.60 Nickel PIdrd Reels.
.1 S Beat Cork Floala,
.15 Rlueriah Llnea.
.40 Raw Silk Llnea.
.20 Tro ling Spoona,
.15 Gut Leadera,
.20 Snelled Hoone doien,
There are lot more
of the same kind.
vy $ if k jr $rsxa if ra ; s Stfiif mn
TP ?1
in ii jU i ' .in .ZTjZ-
Harvey & Lewis Guard
York, AuKiiat 3, 1008.
Messrs. Harvey I.imvIh, ( unpel St.
New Haven, ct.
For nttrnlliin) Mr. Moule.
I thmiiilit It mlRlit Interest you to
knnir of Hie test to whleh a pulr
of your kIiikspm lilted with tile Ilnr
vey & I.fwIm Guard wa subjected
the other lny.
While cnnnrln en the Piisnnlc
river, the writer wax upset, nn
compelled to dive lo keen from he
' Intr cnnnht In the canoe when It
went over. I h"d my eye (tlnnse on
nt the time, nnd lifter illvlng; nnl
mvlinnilnu down the river for n
conNldcrnhle dlxlnnce found them
Mill on inr nose ns though nothluw
had hnnprned.
Thin rerlnlnly spenUs well for the
Hnrvey A I.cwIn Kunrrt.
With perNonnt regitrila, I am,
Very truly yourx,
861 Chapel St. New Haven
Stores at Hartford & Spring fitld
New Furniture
At Tempting Prices
The latest designs in Furniture for the Fall and
Winter trade are arriving daily. Our selections are
from the leading manufacturers in this country. Tho
new designs are exceptionally handsome, and can be
relied upon to give entire satisfaction. By making this
store your store you gain in all ways in the latest de
signs, in the freshness of new arrivals and the lowness
of prices.
100-102. 104-10G ORANGE STREET.
The Yale National Bank.
Corner Chapel and State Streets.
Pay your rent by check. Your land'ord pre-
fers it and you insure a receipt.
Security to Depositors, $1,200,000.00.
Safe Deposit Boxes, $5.00 Per Annum Upwards.'
Itegular $!.&(), $2, SU.Ml (broken lots),
MEN'S CULLAHS, per down. . . , tzo
Ilcgulnr $11.75 per doen (broken lots),
Heijular $1-00 laiicy border.
Regular $1.75 und $2.(10 Hose.
Values front $1.00 to $11.50.
Mmlo by "Violet."
Following at Half Prico :
$5.00 to $25.00 Rath Robes.
$50,00 Imported Dressing Gowns,
$2.00 English Delta.
$3.00 to $15.00 Auto Lap Robes.
Sumo Fine Cuncs and Umbrella
ire ( limci flami)oy ot 1 p. m,
Other uui at 9 p, oi.
1018 and 1020 Chapel Street.
Only a Few Days Left
In which to take advan
v tage of our unusual
During the month of
- July we ofTm-d a 20 per
cent, reduction In tho
price of all armies of pic
lure framing. The object
of (Ills reduction was to
keep employed our large
corpa or expert fruitier.
The I'l iliiiMloti succeed
ed In Its purpose so well
Hint we lmve decided to
continue the cut in prices 1
during August, (lie lost of
the dull season months.
An important saving
nmy he innde hy (riving
its your picture framing
during lliU month,
Visitors Always Welcome.
827 Chape! Slrai!
Emiimtlf Satsfac.orf.
Depositors and silent will
find that dealing with the
Merchant National Bank Is
cin'nently s;itlnfaetory, be
cause the long experience of
lis nffls.'rs Ir. the competent 1
management of banking af
fair eniiblea them to render
that prompt and efficient eer
vice, which is so desirable.
'Your account and banking;
tit slness very cordially Invit
ed. ,
The Merchants
National Bank
State and City Depositary.
' The New
Model Todd Corset
Solves tho question ol
(lie Ions. slender, .
rritccftil llnea demand
ed hy (lie present tank
Ions. , ,
I?la(lc stocking!, eto. 1
Cloned During Auguat
m 1 Henry H. Todd
w 2S2-2SJ lo UK ST.
chaxcis ion riAXO dakgain.
WE HAVE three piano brought to u
from Vale university to be sold for
less than they are worth. Were new
last fall. Also, we have Chlckerlni?,
fitelnway and Weber upright, brought
In with our renting stock. A rar
chance if you want a piano. ,
83" Chapel Street.

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