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-H- Monday, Sept. 21.
' 708-800-802 CHAPEL STREET.
Ladies9 Suits.
Ladies to-day are on the qui-vive for the Fall
styles of suits that will be popular during the
coming season.
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Reduced Prices for 1908-9
On Ladies' Custom-Made Garments
Current retrenchment In personnl expenditures tends to the- purchase of
ready-made irarments often unsatisfactory nnd frequently not economy.
This season tre are reducing prices, but holding materials and workmanship
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Washington, I never saw him but
three times In my life, and only twice
to have any conversation with him.
Upon one nf these occasions he In
formed me that In 1832. or there
abouts, Thomas Lord, his ancestor ten
generations removed, had settled In
Connecticut. My ancestors came from
the same state some nine or ten gen
erations back. That Is as close as the
relationship between Mr. Lord nnd
mayself lies, and It Is as close ns
the "Republican"' and Mr. Lllley get
to the truth.
Now, If as the "Republican" snys,
the fiun's opinion of Lllley Is of ifo
value because Its managing editor Is a
brother of mine, then the converse of
that proposition should also be true.
Therefore, as Mr. Lord Is not a broth
er of mine and Is no relation of mine,
It argues that the Sun's opinion of Mr,
Lllley Is of some value, However, be
that as It may, here Is one of the lies,
advanced In behalf of Mr. Lllley's
cause, nailed.
Npw regarding the Interview print
ed In the Pun. I say now, as I said
upon the witness stand, that every
word and every syllable which I at
tributed to Mr. Lllley he did say, and
he said without qualification, or reser
vation. Furthermore, I told the Rou-
tell committee that I knew of two
other reputable men, both members of
congress, one a democrat and the
other a republican, who had advised
me that he made to them substantial
ly the same statements thnt I quoted
him as saying In my Interview. This,
however, was not a question for the
committee to consider, and they did
not go Into It further.
I want to say further that Mr. Lll
ley himself did not at first deny the
ntervlew. It was published In the
Washington Herald as well as the
Sun, and should not have escaped Mr.
Lllley's attention. Although I was on
the floor of the house with him he did
not seek me and demnnd to know why
I had written such a story, If It was
not true; neither did he rfse In his
place In the house, ns It was his right
and privilege to do, and denounce the
publication had It falsely attributed
anything to him. He hss not done so
yet. It was not until late In the aft
ernoon when Mr. Sherman and Mr.
Griggs, whom he had also accused,
went to him and In vigorous terms de
manded nn explanation, that he turn
ed pale and tremblingly denied that he
had said what was attributed to him.
Furthermore, If my recollection serves
me correctly, although he made sev
eral general denials of various Inter
views, Mr. Lllley never specifically
denied und'V oath the accuracy of my
I state now, as I stated upon the
witness stand, that In making the de
nial which he did to Mr. Sherman nnd
Mr. Griggs, Mr. Lllley stated what ho
knew to bo absolutely, unequivocally
and deliberately false.
The "Republican" says that I ad
mitted taking money from the Elec
tric Boat company. That Is another
falsehood, as deliberate as any of the
others, I did state then, snd I state
now, that I had done some work for
Mr. C. 8. McNelr, a Washington attor
ney, one of whose clients happens to
be the Klectrlc Roak company. Not
nil of It was literary and not all of It
had to do with any one client. The
company did not know me and T did
not know It. None of this work bad
anything to do with, the Sun or any
other paper which I represented. It
was largely magazine feature stuff, as
newspapers understand It, nnd had to
do with the submarine boat as a type,
rather than any particular design of
boat for In the principal article which
I wrote I called attention to the good
points of the rival boats, and accom
panied the story with pictures of
both boats. None or this matter was
ever printed In the Sun, or even of
fered to the Sun. Mr. Lllley's Investi
gation resolution nnd his Interview
were matters of news strictly, and of
course were printed.
I trust yon will pardon mo for en
tering Into this matter at so great
length. I would not do so but for the
fact that Mr. Lllley's record in con
gress is an Issue In your gubernato
rial campaign. My opinion of Mr.
Lllley may be biased; It may or may
not be of any consequence. I ask no
man to accept It. All I would suggest
Is that before the people of Connect!
cut vote to make him their governor,
that they should rend the estimate of
hla honor, his Integrity, his candor and
his manliness, formed by a committee
of his peers, his fellow members of
the house of representatives, ns ex
pressed In the report of the Boutell
committee adopted practically by a
two-thirds vote, after the committee
had spent many weeks thoroughly In
vestigating his "case." I would ask
them to read his own admissions, his
retractions, contradictions and qulb
bllngs, as well as his statements abso
lutely proved to be false, and then
read the testimony concerning the
acknowledged forgeries and anony
mous documents upon which his
"case" was based. Let them read the
23 findings of the committee proved
by representatives from the entire
country and men of both parties.
Let them consider his unwarranted
attacks upon his fellow members, for
they owe It to themselves to have a
full understanding of his record,
Then, If they can consistently vote to
maVe him the executive of the state,
to (111 the chair occupied so honorably
by such a long line of distinguished
governors, all I have to say is, God
help Connecticut.
Yours very truly,
SlOdente Touring Bark for the Open
liiff of Vole.
Over a hundred students who will
take up their studies at Yale this fall
arrived In town yesterday, and last
night all the hotels near the campus
were filled. To-doy the real Influx
will commence and will keep up for
three days, college opening on Thurs
day. Examinations for make-up work
and final examinations for entrance to
the freshman class stnrt to-day end
will extend through to-morrow and
Wednesday. The holes which have
adorned the campus during the recent
excavations have been filled up so thnt
one can walk across without danger to
his life.
Last night the new lighting system
was In full operation, and the line of
lamps stretching all around the cam
pus Illuminated the farthest corners.
It Is planned ultimately to use the
lighting plnnt at Woolsey hall for the
campus lamps.
Judge Rnkorlson to Confer With Dem
ocrat lo lenders To-ilny.
Judge A, Henton Robertson, who
was Inst week nomlnnted for governor
by the democrnts, will meet the state
central committee In a conference this
morning nt the state democratic heari
qunrters. A plan of campaign will be
mapped nut nnd the dnte set for the
omlnl notification of Judge Robertson
and the other candidates on the ticket.
Judge Rohertson will mnke a series
of addresses around the stnte In the
coming campaign, nnd another stump
speaker who has volunteered his ier
vlces to Judge Robertson Is Repre
sentative George M. Ounn, of Mllford.
Mr. Ounn Is a very good campaign
speaker, and, with Judge Robertson
nnd Tom Waller nlso touring the state,
there will be plenty of good demo
cratic orntory.
10c each, 3 for 25c.
85c the Dozen.
Gillespie's Drug Store
Thone 6(13-4. T44 CHAPRIi STREET.
Goods Delivered.
(Continued from First Page.)
Senator nuttorworth Represents iocal
Club nt Conference.
Senator Frank R. Butterworth, presi
dent of the New Haven Taft club,
leaves this morning at 8 o'clock for
Cincinnati where he will attend the
meeting of the delegates from the
Taft clubs nil over the country. Judge
Tnft will mnke nn address nnd the
work for the different states will be
Judge Taft will address the mem
eers of the clcib when he comes to the
October meeting of the Yale corpora
tion. On that day will be the formal
orcnlng of the Taft club's rooms.
Slight Accident In Knst Rock Tnrlc
Frederick Barrows, 10 years old, of
63 William street was playing in a
swing nt East Rock park yesterday nf
tcrnoon when he was thrown out by a
lurch of the seat nnd wns painfully
cut over the eye. A call wns made for
nn ambulance and the police ambul
anco of the Grnnd avenue station re
sponded. As the Injuries proved to be
more painful thnn serious, the hoy was
taken to his home after bandages had
teen put on the cut.
$7,500 WORTH
AT 50c. ON $1.00
Starts Saturday MorningySepl 19th, 8:30 o'Clock
tore Will Be Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Evenings Until 9.00. o'clock
Our Customers know the clean, up-to-date, high standard quality of our goods others can see it at
a glance. The community knows our advertisements never mislead. Our entire Gents Furnishing Store
will be closed out at 50 cents on the dollar. Equal values are not obtainable in this city. Our mammoth
stock of Furs and constantly increasing Fur Business demand the room taken up by our Men's Furnishing
Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Neckwear, Underwear, Hosiery
Pajamas, Night Shirts, Sweaters, Fancy Vests.
Cardigan Jackets, Handkerchiefs, Belts, Suspenders, Garters, Etc.
Collar Buttons, Cuff Buttons, Shirt Studs, Scarf Pins, Etc.
Near Orange St.
Tel. 3716.
congressmen who had been conspicuous
In continuing that favoritism had been
elected to stay at home by their con
stituents refusing them a renomlna
tlon. He described the Interstate shipment
and liquor tax receipt bill and said
that by both the national government
was assisting the Illegal seller In
breaking state laws and that If the
same attitude was assumed towards a
foreign power It would cause war.
At the afternoon meeting In West
Haven Mr. O'Brien said thnt he would
talk politics and he did? He said that
the political parties had named their
standard-bearers and adopted their
platforms and were now seeking the
votes of the cltlzenB on the principles
set forth In the platforms.
He did not have time to discuss them
In detail, he said, but wished to point
out a few Inconsistencies. There was
Just one party In the field that meant
what It declared for. That was the pro
hibition party. The other parties built
their platforms with the sole Idea In
view of catching votes while the pro
hibition party built Us platform upon
Continuing, he said: 'That great
lover of the people, William J. Bryan.
sounds ns a slogan of his campaign
tins question 'Shall the people rule?'
and by his own confession he has an
swered It In the affirmative, but Mr.
Bryan, while Intending to convey the
Idea that he favors the people ruling
says that he voted against prohibition
because the law could not be enforc
ed. "He did not favor the saloon be
cause It was a good thing for the dear
people thst he loves so much, but be
cause It was more powerful than the
people. In other words, the great
commoner does not believe the people
can rule the saloon. His leading op
ponent, Mr. Taft, agrees with that
same proposition so that both of the
candidates of the old parties confess
that all government must bow to the
will of any vice or evil when it be
comes powerful enough to defy law.
"The prohibition pnrtj declares that
right must prevail and that the people
shall rule. All of the parties had a
plank In favor of laws prohibiting
child lnbor yet with the single excep
tion of the prohibition party nil favor
the continuance of the grentest pro
ducers of child lnbor the saloon."
In speaking of local political meth
ods he said: Congressman I.llley was
nominated not by the convention held
recently but by a convention of Andy
Gates, O. K. Fyler, J. Henry Roraback
nnd Bob Katon. These men selected
Mr. Lllley and these men are known
ns the men who lobby at each session
of the legislature for special Interests.
Both the old parties are In the control
of the special Interests this year."
At Wnlllngford the service was field
In the Baptist church, the Methodist,
Congregational nnd Advent churches
uniting and the pastors of each occu
pied seats on the platform. The
church wns crowded nnd Mr. O'Brien
spoke for over one hour delivering
on of his usual forceful arraign
ments of the liquor dealers and their
claims. His address was practically
a repetition of the one he delivered a
week ngo In Branford with a few va
riations, and which was published In
this paper last month,
The prohibition campaign Is now
on In earnest. To-day the candidate
for governor speaks In Bridgeport
twice, In Yalesvllle In the evening, in
Bristol Tuesday, In New Haven at the
Good Templars' convention Wednes
day, In Danbury Wednesday night, In
Branford Thursday and In Shelton
Friday. Mr. Ptewart will spend the
week In Connecticut and will speak
three times a day In various parts of
the state. As soon as the local option
elections are over .Mr. O'Brien Intends
making an automobile campaign of
the state.
Fine Russia Oalf Button Boots, 7 inches high. ....... $6.00
Russia Calf 8 -Inch Tan Lace Boote $4.50
Russia Calf Button Boots, regular cut. . . ; $3.50
Russia Calf Bluchers, regular cut $3.50
Russia Calf Button, regular cut $3.00
Russia Calf Bluchers, regular cut $3.00
Sizes 2 to 7. Widths AA, A, B, 0, D and E
842 and 846 Chapel Street.
Optical Department.
Glasses Adj
Call and you can have
your eye-glasses prop
erly adjusted free of
charge, no matter who
made them, no matter
where they were bought.
We are always glad to
do this without charge.
usted Free.
You will find our op.
tical department 'com
plete. You will find
that we employ none
but experts in this line.
You will find we do all
work promptly and will
find our prices very
If people realized how essential it is for the
welfare of the eyes, as well as for comfort and sat
isfaction, to have proper glasses, properly adjust
ed, they would seek expert work and employ no
other. Thirty years' experience as leaders in op
tical work ought to carry assurance of satisfaction.
E. I. Washburn 6 Co.
61 Center St. Telephone. 84 Church St. X
Wllllamstown, Mass., pept. 80. The
final tribute to Dr. Henry Hepklns, la.te
president of Williams college, who dleir
In Botterdam, Holland, August IS, was
In the form of a memorial service this
afternoon In Thompson Memorial chap
el, followed by burial In the college
cemetery. The exercises were attended
by the entire student, body, the faculty,
nnd a large number of visitors.
Developing and
We use the Kodak Tank System of
development for both plates and films,
which produces a higher percentage of
good negatives thnn any other method.
Failures In development do not occur
because a fresh solution of tested tem
perature and strength is used for each
roll of film or set of pistes.
We use "Velox" to make the prints
and we choose the grade and surface
of paper which Is best suited to the
negative. It your negatives are not
satisfactory we are only too glad to
assist you In making correct expos
ures. City Hall Pharmacy Co.
Modern Decorating
Calls for original nnd individual treatment Don't bt
satisfied with the commonplace, when you can have your
decorating done in a manner expressive of your own Ideal
decorating different from your neighbor, unique and
artistic, and at practically the aame cost. We'd be pleased
to have you consult us.
MONROE BROS., 353 Crown St.
IWephoM 9701.
i; Quality or Cheapness.
Which is most satisfactory ? We
are not willing to do inferior work
to compete with men who will
neither carry put their agreements nor use good ma
terials. We aim to do as we agree. We are produc
ing first-class work at reasonable cost.
90-92 Orange Street.
'Phone 839.
J. A. McKEE'S.
Nonpareil Laundry Co-
We do the work for the leading fam
ilies and stores.
27! Blttcliley Air., New Havs.i Con,

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