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WEDNESDAY, JltC DtHittJ tmASttiAtt SEPTEMBER 23, 1908.
Heirs in Rothchild Estate Ask
for an Accounting of
And all about them thoroly and authoritatively '
illustrated in the "McCall" Fashion Sheets at
the Pattern Counter. The " McCall " Patterns
are exact and reliable and evtremelv simnle
. We present an unbroken assortment of the best
and most desirable, weaves and colors in
New Fall Dress Goods.
and easily put together. At 10c and 15c each. .
Absence of Important, Witness In Ln
bop Day Rumpus Cauww Pday'
Other Cow.
'Broadcloths, $2.00 yd.
A superior'qoality of the season's favorite
fabric, 64 in. wide with a high, lustrous per-
manent finish; all the new colors; guaran
teed not to spot. Selling at $2.00 a yd.
Fancy Suitings, $1.50 yd.
A big collection of those stunning Fancy
Striped Suitings, 54 in. wide, offering a
1 choice of all the seasons approved shades.
k iiti n . ..J
Al 9J..DV a yu.
Broadcloths at 95c yd.
' These are all pure wool fabrics in the very
beat of colors; 60 in. wide. These are sell
ing1, at 95c yd.
Broadcloths, $1.25 yd.
An excellent Duality of a bright satin fin
ished Broadcloth in a selection of the very
choicest. Fall shades; these cloths are 52 in.
wide and offer a very good value at $1.25 yd.
Cheveron Suitings, $ 1 25 yd.
Very dressy and attractive Cheveron Suit
ings in an assortment of all the new colors
and black; 54 in. wide. Selling at $1.25 yd.
Panama Cloths, $1.00 yd.
Pure Wool Panama Cloths, 54 in. wide, in
striking' shadow stripe "effects; all new
shades. At $1.00 a yd.
One of the Season's High Class Novelties--Combination Suitings.
These CombinationSuitings present a most attractive novelty in the way of dress
fabrics. These suitings are made in whole patterns. That portion intended for the
skirt comes in nobby check effects on solid coldr grounds. These give an opportunity
for working out some very striking ideas in plaiting the skirts. There are five
yards of the pattern woven in this manner. The remaining three and one-half
yards, which are intended for the coat, are jn solid colors which match the grounds
of the checks. Illustrations showing these patterns are made up in, costumes, may
be aeen at the Dress Goods Counter. The price of the complete pattern, 84 yards of
material, is $18.75.
The New Millinery Parlors Will Open Soon
. , . .
They will be located on the Second Floor.
GHE efitire space on the second floor now occupied by the
f j Suit Room will be devoted to the showing of Millinery.
ExquisiU creations from the hands f leading Parisian
makers and artistic conceptions from our own expert milliners will
constitute this superb collection of modish hats. In all cases we
will offer beauty and styles at prices which will never approach the
lexhorbitant. Watch daily papers for opening announcement.
fVF.RY cloth, everv dflRion and errv r.nlor nronminred correct fnr Fall is I
"vj included in this stock. Broadcloth, the season's favorite, is shown in all
those beautiful plain colors which are being worn. The high, lustrous
finish of this fabric makes it extremely attractive. Fancy Striped Suitings, for
( which there is an almost unlimited demand, can be seen in a great variety of pat
terns and colors. We have assembled a magnificent stock and priced it accord
ing to our usual standard of economy. Be one of the early ones and derive the
benofit of making selections from an assortment of styles which is perfect.
Th children. ni grandchildren of
th late Joseph RothHilM, a former
vail paper merchant at A8H Grand
avenue, are making a strenuous ef
fort to have th executors of the
estaU deliver an accounting. In th
complaint they charge the executor,
I,ojils and Samuel Unthchlld, fins of
Joseph, with extravagance In the man
agement of the estate, Joseph Roth
child died In 1JSS, leaving an estate
estimated to he worth $1 S.OOrt, the JIM j
use of which went to his widow. Mrs. i
Rothchild died In 181)7. The heirs
succeeding to Mrs. Rothclilld's Inter
ests claim that the executors should
have closed up the estate within a
year after Mr. Rothchild died and
give full control to the widow. In
stead of doing this the executors re
tained control for several years longer.
The heirs now want to have the execu
tors explain all the expenditures they
made during the period In which It is
alleged they, wrongfully retained con
trol of the estate.
Oas Continued f 'mil To-day.
Though the esse of I.ulgl Florlo, a
nlckofet proprietor nf HIM street,
charged with shooting Antonio Deste
fano In HIM street, on lahor.dny even
ing without apparent provocation, was
thrashed out at length In the pollre
court tWore Judge Tyner yesterday,
the court was unable to decide who
tired the shot that hit Pestefano,
As Lulgl r Blaslo, one of the Im
portant witnesses, paid no heed to the
subpoena, a capias was Issued for him
snd he will be arrested and brought
Into court to-day and the rase was
continued. The others In the case, all
charged with breach of the peace, An
tonio Hestefano, who was shot, and
Antonio Iornhnrdl and Gtilseppe Mor
rano, were discharged.
Pestefano was running down HIM
street to a fire when he claims Florli
slapped him In the face and then shot
him, though he did not se him shoot,
having turned around. This the other
witnesses deny, though they admit
that there was some trouble In which
Florlo participated earlier in the even
ing in a HIM street saloon.
Grocor Snes City. (
Conrad Rausrh, a grocer of 103
Foster street has filed notice with City
Clerk pevlne that he will enter a claim
for damages against the city because
his horse fell Into a hole in Willow
street, near the bridge, September 19,
and was severely Injured.
Amlcnhly Settled.
Mrs. Harriet Hradlcy of 1SS Oreen
wlc.h avenue, on whose complaint het
husband. Archer C. Bradley, captain
of the good ship Pea Const, was ar
rested a few weeks ago for non-support,
saved her husband from a term
of three months in ,1nll or the alterna
tive of putting tip a bond of l.ino to
support her, In the criminal side of
thi- :ni(in pleas court yesterday
Mrs. .idley was in court and It
was evident that bliss had been re
stored In the Bradley household, for
when the rase was called It was repre
sented to the court by counsel that
Mr. Bradley was ready and willing to
provide for his wife, on this account
the court suspended the Jn II sentence
and placed Mr. Rradley In th" custody
of the probation officer until the No
vember term of the court.
Miss Jessie Fraser of Black Hall Is
the.- guest, of !her sister, Mrs. C. Jones
' of Fountain street for a few weeks.
Hnry Mac Keen of Barnett street,
who is 111 8t the New Haven hospital
Is much improved.
Miss Bernlc Baldwin of Woodbrldge
who had th misfortune to break her
H Thompson O
aainnos 33N3cincmstmho3
aoNaraadXJ .shvsa iau-aa
-VIHA '3A10S OA Sfl V03 ASV3
fijsqsmjnj SJOjBiooarj
6 SfmStTktfSam
leg twice Is very much Improved.
, The street along TVhalley avenue
from Fountain to Tryon is in great
need of repairs.
Don't forget that dance which is go
ing to be given by the "Westvllle Poolal
and lAthletlc club at Lenox hall, Friday
Sir. and Mrs. William Paterson and
famHy who have ben abroad during
the summer will sail from Liverpool
October 8 on the White Star liner Cel
tic, and expect to roach home ahout
tho Wth.
PeskR, Study Tables, Desk
Chairs, Morris Chairs, Book
cases, Berts and Bedding, etc.
Everything: for "Pleasant Room
A spcialty of Study Desks
in Weathered Oak at $9.50,
usually sold for $14,50.
In great variety of style and
price for any ordinary room.
Odd or extra sizes quickly made
to order. Special sale on 9x12
Axminster Rugs at $18 and
$19, worth $30 to $35.
Everything for room or house
furnishing in large variety at
low prices, and we can assure
you quick and efficient service.
Brown & Durham
Complete House Furnishers.
Ora rifle and Center Sts.
Asks Removal of (jnardlnn,
Tn the nrohate court vesterdav Mrs.
Louise Pchofleld asked for the re
moval of her husband as euard an of
their riaiishter. (Hive Kchoflcld. three
years old, representing that, he is an
improper person 10 iook arier ine
child's interests- Mrs. Fchofleld and
her husband are not living togethy,
and she hrlngs'tbe petition to prevent
him from giving her daughter away
In adoption.
Hlnce last April Mr, Rchofleld has
had the guardianship of his two
children, being given that power by
the probate court because it was
found that' Mrs. Pchofleid was an Im
proper person to have the guardian
ship. He has already given away in
adoption one of his daughters, Mary
Elizabeth, two years old.
Sues for $4Y
Judge Ralph Wheeler, In the civil
side of the superior court, yesterday
heard the suit of Mrs. Magdalene,
Tlce, of this city, against Milton V,.
Moore, formerly of this city, but
whose present whereabouts, are un
known. The suit action Is brought
to determine the esfent of the plain
tiffs liability, on a note for $945
which she gave Moore, find which
he aligned to Attorney George II.
Ten Per Cent. Plvlilewl Prclnreil,
A fourth dividend nf 1 per rent,
was declared by Referee Newton, nf
the bankruptcy court, yesterday In
the C. W. Ives estate.
Two Sepk Divorce,
Papers In a divorce suit, brought by
Mrs. Josephine Hunt, of Independ
ence, Mo., were served yesterday by I
peputy Sheriff Bradley nn l.oiils C.
Hunt, a motorman, who' lives ftt. 203
Iloyd street, this city, The action Is
pending In the courts at Independ
ence, Mo., where Mrs, Hunt Is now
living and from which place Mr. Hunt
recently came' to this city, Jiesertlnn
1b alleged.
Suit was also brought yesterday for
divorce by John Handyaide, of 8ay
vllle, N. V., against Harali Handysld'e,
of Ropeite sirept, this city, on grouncls
of desertion Hand' side was former
ly gardener for Ell Whitney, of this
city. His wife deserted him here tn
Inly, 190S, he alleges.
The action is brought through At
torney Carl A. Wears and Is return
able to the superior court the first
Tuesday In October.
( (innnlltcil to Cnre of I'rolinl Inn
David illM.v, a nften-year-old
A Wonderful "Tailor" Waist Show.
Important Early Yalues Mark Opening. -
rHIS writing carries with It a hearty wellcome to stop In and view what's
going to be known In modern Waist-circles as .the greatest show 0 "Tail
ored Waists " eyer turned out hereabouts. Size, variety,,' attractiveness
of styles, and the possession of exclusive models all unite in making the show
unique. For the new " hlpless " woman of the period fashion decrees the wear
ing of the strictly " Tailored " Waist. And here are the most and the very
smartest of the "Tailored". ;
of dainty fabrics and superbly graceful modejs.jhe latest and loveliest of Lawns
Madrases. Linens, Taffetas, Satins, Messalines, Laces, Flannels and so on and
so on. New long sleeves, new laundered collars and cuffs, front and back open
ings, in great showings. ' . .
FIRST : The exclusive New Haven title to the famous " Royal " Waist, whose
superlative excellence of design and finish is dear to every waist-wise woman's
heart. SECOND : The special Introduction of a going-to-be-famous Waist, the
" Up-to-Date", a rarely handsome beauty, just our, also confined to us in this
city. The early chooser will find unusually excellent early season s values like
these: ' , , .;
fytibsr "Tailored
J MM91U tub M
First come the famous " Royal " in smart White Tailored Lawn, the Waist so Justly cele
brated for Its' perfection of fit, make and mode. We are exclusive New Haven aients for
the "Royal " and the "Royal " is in abundant showing here of new season's correctnesses.
Starting Trice PRc.
White Madras Waists.
Very smart and dainty, one of the most'
desirable Waists of the season. Special
showing at
$1.25 and $1.50:
Indian Head Waists.
At $1.25. Or for those who like a little
heavier material, smart "Tailored " Poplin
Waists at $1.95.
"Tailored" , '
Linen Waists.
In a dozen or more different models,
which includes the dainty Embroidered
Linen Waists
At $2., $2.50, $3., $3.50,
$3.95 and $5.
" Tailored "
Plaid Waists.
In all the smart new Plaid Silks, come at
$5., $7.50, up to $12.50.
"Tailored "v
' Flannel Waists. "
These include all the new amartnessea
both in "Scotch" Flannels and the popular
"Viyella" Flannels
At $2.50, $3., $3.95, $5.
" Tailored "
Silk Waists.
In choice Black Taffeta add new season's
smart colorings. A group of rare beauties
in different models at . ,
$3.75, $4.50, $5., $6.50.
" Tailored "
Satin Waists.
In new rich Blacks and Colors, very chic
stylish models embodying, the very new
Waist features ; ;
At $5:, $5.90, $6.50.
; "Tailored"
Black Lawn Waists $1.50.
Black " Royal " Satteen, $ 1.25.
Start Saving Up. ',r.'
0 M alley Home
Saving's Bank. Keep it in the house, put by the pennies
and bring the bank down here every now and again.
Each dollar banked draws Interest at four per cent per
annum, computed and payable every three months.
We're looking out for the little depositors ( no deposit
received above $250.00). All the facilities and conven
iences of a regular bank in the banking department of
Edward Malley & Co.
Honrs 9:00 to 5:30 Daily. Saturday 'till 9:00 P. M.
New Carpets for Old.
They '11 look like new .when they come
back from the old Staten Island Dyeing
House of Barrett Nephews & Co., whose
up-to-date method of renovating carpets are
so widely known. Exclusive New Haven
Agency here. 1
Canterbury Library Change.1
In the interest of the majority ( to circu
late more widely the "best sellers'1 ) It has
been fou.nd best to change the library rate
from 5c a week to 2c a day. This , change
has just gone into effect.:
ThttEW.M ill CtorJ. The Metropolitan Store
K- lmi,l-WV- of New Haven. Dr'mLULTn2
. m
youth, whs commit tH the rare of
Pronation (ifflrpr l.oiils I,pyerzapf hy
.7 nrlge Tyner in the city court yester
day. A fw nights ago Mlsray threw a
corncob pipe at n trolley car which
vns hnwllnf along (Virigress avenue
on its way to th city, The pipe
struck the conductor of the car, W. J.
Johnson, who happened to be count
ing his change on the rear platforrn
and scattered this coins in many di
rections, . .
MI7.7.V was arrested and yesterday
admitted his guilt, saying he threw it
"Juat for fun."

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