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A SPIRIT IN rniPOX, Ry Robert
Hlc-hens. Illuwtra tei by Cyrus Uttnen.
Tiihllshed hv Harper ft Rrn1hr, Now
1-ork ; 1 1 .Kit, -it .Imbl's.
A powerful novel, far a-bove the
average novels of the day, niid won
derfully attractive even with Its
abundance of subtle psyeliol iglcal In
tmspmsUntut nnd n.uplyzntlnnR of
woods anfl eniotl.ms. The cornerstone
Cf tli novel's foundation is embodied
In the sentence "The spirit that mat
eth upoa ft He lfl ft spirit In prison,"
and the story is a sequel or continua
tion of tha.t highly Interesting honk
"The ;nll o ha Rlo.-id." Rut with all
the a,mpHnca.tlon and Iteration, the
Intensity of color wlt.il which every
emotion and not and Incident. In ln
TftKtod and the. rigor and vitality of
the eha.rnutwIzfltlOTifl render the book
rma.rkn,bU. "The Call of the Rl.md."
atory SVIly. Tho aeene. of this
pew tn.lo i an Island In tho Buy of
Xn.ples and the adjacent country.
IMaiirlee. pelare.-. nn Kngllahman. with
a tincture of Sicilian blood In bin
veins, a, tlTi'Ttiiro which helped Impel
him to yield to th wiles of a beautiful
Slc.llle.n peasant sirl while tils wife,
the lovelv and Rifted ITcrmlotie was ;
.way In Africa, nursing back to life 1
her friend, Artols, a famous V'Tonoh
p.tvelinl. Tim Intrigue of .I.olarey with
the peasant girl led to his tragic death
Bt the hnnd.s of the girl's ex-asperated
father. Hennlone supposes 1(.r
Jiushg.rid'H datb was accidental, sup
poses be ws. ever true to her and
(fond.lv cherishes his memory, TIts
the nvw atorv takes up the Uvea of 1 sacnuc.e, msi.e a aituanon oc evtraor
Hermtone, of her faithful frlond and jWunry power. There J neither mor
lorer. Artols of Oaspa.re, the faithful I Ulng nor preaching In the story. Tt
dewrt.ed sen-ant, Fere.nt.een years ! I ""' told simply and directly full
ia,v eljvrsed since Pelarey was huil
ed over a cliff to Ills death by the
jieaaant g-lrl's father, and now appears j
n the scene nermlnne'a daughter I
-,Var. Txirn after her fat.her' death, j
and. jtmng Ruffs, son of th betrayed :
peasant glvl and of rtelar.!'. XTermi- ;
rn and lier daughter are spending i
h summer on the Islajid and Artols
from time to tlm visits them. F.nters I
now also thn gay young Xen,polltan !
Jioblnmsn .Marcheslno Isldovo Panao-
id, wlio presently finds Vere adora.ble
nnd. makes love to her, hut Yrire, la j
atm a child at hart though tha Mar- I
eheBlii.i will have It that ehe. Is a
nomnn. But Hprmione, will have none
of Marcheslno'a lore making for he,r
daughter and simply crushes his aspi
rations to become the son-in-law of
"the beautiful English lady." Thn
f'Pisnde of the merry Marchestno and
bis wooing; Is thn one lighter comedy
element of thn story and very prettily
Is It touched upon. Rut It Is Her
inlone'a devotion to the memory of
her handsome hut unfaithful lord and
the desperato and loyal effort of Ar-
tol and na-pare to keep from her '
, . . - ,. . , . j
the knowledge of his guilt, and her
rtolnfii! Bwabnnlntf Inn. iliat- finoll
tute the thread of the ton- and furn- !
Ish the author with materials which !
are woven Into a chaos of detail and
anavlsla of each character: Into a. weh i
of peraonal confidences end delicate i
dissection of motive and springs of j
thwght and feeling and emotion and
them reflex action and tendencies up-
on one auotlier; until the, reader Is
amazed at the mnv.n of intricate psy
chological discussion presented. Rut
withal thl maay dlscus'lon Is so orlg
Jnal, ao delicate, so vital and the In
dividual characterlwitlons are so ad
anlrable that one suhT.iH and sc.
knowledges tho author to he a psycho
logical roanter. Moreover, Imparting
a distinct and subtle, charm, nre the
picture of ftnllan life and Hennery,
and Italian atmosphere rprndiioort In
vivid word J.ii.tntlngs. A hnppy net
ting )nded Is thus gdvn. The Isler.
the sea In Its various moo1( the skies
sjflfh their lovely changing hues well.
reit to going to Italy Is to resul Mr.
Jflchen's description of them, Take
tor Int8nce this:
Ju?i iwn In upon the hnr. brltia-liig
-lth tt a more vivid life in the en
virons oi ixapies. A the hear ,f tt.o
U,l I '4 '"V " ' ' IM, "'11,11111
jner.es tnat once,i m
Is befVii.H weenie, 1
to increase also, in i.eennm umre bint
ant, tnorn persistent. Tim wild oleimd i
er "n'M In flower. The thoruv cactus
jolt forth upon the rim of its gro
tesque leaven pale yethny blossoms to
rival tli9 red. frorsiilninH that throng
boot It Insolently tu Italy. Jn the
,treet of the city ragg-ei( mys ran by
frying- "I'Vagele:" fn,t holding nloft, the
bklloir basl.ts Jn wlilob the rosy fruit
Jnede spTsshea ef happy color. '.('he
carters wore bright carnation above
their esn. The children eposnd iliel
tare lllub to the sun end were proud
s-hn the.v were given morsel nf p-e
wrapped up I'l vine enr;i to su,-k In
the Intervals of their endless dancs
end their play. On t,e hill nf Posiiipn
the A'onetlnn blinds of Hie limise" In the
furden olo.ided by the rounded do- k
Jt tlie greet etone plne were thrust
ps"k, the window nre tbiow'-n open,
t,h glad sum rays fell uiu.u tlin cool
aved Moors, over which few- feet, lout
trodden since the laat euinniev died.
From the shore came sounds nf
changing music,, low do-n or fujllng to
, them from the lliumtnacrt Imlgbts
ivhere people were me.kliijf rnorry In
the nlfflit- Now and then a lion t passed
them, fn one yotipf: men were singing-,
nd interrupting their snug to hi. out
with laugbter. Hero and there, a fl.'li
ernmn's torch glided like a creAl tli'eflv
above IJie oily ila-fkuess of the eei. The
ilstsnt trees of the gardew cllmblnur
up th hl'l luade an ebony blackness
beneath the stars, n hbo'tmess Hint iig
sted Impenetrable beauty that lay
)eep down with hidden face. And the
lights dlKpersoil Hliioua- them, gn.lnlim
slgnllcanoe by their enlltiide, seemed m
aumnion ndrenturous or romantic spir
it to come to them by secret paths and
leorn their revelation Over the sea lay
a depeate warmth, not. tropical, not en.
ervatlng, but softly Inspiring And he
s end the circling biinps nf Naples n
. ivies lb u" the fl-ninment -with a tor
rent of rose-colored fire that glowed
end died, end glowed again, contOnatU'
es b'-atH a. heart.
Kliic'luir, author uS 'Tim Indue Fire.'
etc Published by rmiibleibiv, t-'nge
X. rn N.nv York, 1 -fin. Hi Jndd's.
A book, until If. gets under way, is
lio-iit and iincrcHlng. but once wi)
started, the reader will become ah-
orbed and fa lusted bv ll.s streug-th
gild power and will renH?,,' that the
author of "Tim lHvltm nre" p. again
In bet- element and able to till tho bill
comnleteiv. The story npens with the
details of a few iln.v s' .sojourn of beau
tiful but. frail Kilty Tall'mur at nil
l-higlish seashore hole, Wc foot! dis
cover that Kitty's life iia.s been HolllC
liow iUcsttoia.be, lli.it she tuifi had a
past thai somehow caiisea the otlicr
gliosis to look upon her v. ill. doubt
and ml- jiicion a !i luuigli lief belli, v ior
Hid nia iiii'-l .- ,s.ie i-ni'icci. and h'T tear-
Ins refined. As ban ben well a 1.1 :
"Must of ihn guests at the hotel Itnd
suspected 'It,' from the first., from the
old lady with the knitting to tho cler
gyman who .lrcuplrs t he .cheapest
room find complains the loudeat, and
the elderly colonel who ha had ad
venture of his own In the past, but
Is now tliH vigilant, custodian of other
people's morals. Everybody had sus
pected II, that Is, hut Hubert I.uey.
young widower, and lit sinter Jane,
who are much too nice to think 'that'
about Anybody, especially anyone ao
altogether charming as 3Jrs. Kitty
Tail lour. Ton 1av utter he uf her
enter the hotel dlulng room, Robert,
asks Mm. Talllaur to be Die mother of
his two small children -a, request,
however, which he later feels c .im
pelled to withdraw upon learning the
truth about the eclectic nature of
"Mrs". Kitty's lover. Then Kitty
throws herlf over the cliff. There Is
some clever almost cruelly clever
character sketching 111 the story."
There Ir no discussion of thn psy
chology nf love, bill, just plain, piti
less, powerful story telling and the
'"" price iviny pays in "me im-
mortal monument" purs away her
flroHs. The scene In which her etrng
glo between cutting loose from Man
ton, who had paid her bills, and her
genuine love for the unworldly Rob
ert, and with It an Intense longing fori
an honoiahln llfd, jipfl tiie manifest I
Impossibility of purification and be- I
habllltatlon except by supreme self
of pathox and strength; a masterful
Pv I
the Stn- i
II. 5a, at
thuuy Hope VuHlsneil py
Clne i 'onipiinv. New Y"vk;
Mr. Hope has evolved a
siriitiiiK ,
character in .Tenny Tlrlver, a spirited,
beautiful, accomplished young Eng
lish woman who never en w her father
except In babyhood until, he lay dead
and who left a great fortuna and In
spite of her youth begins to ndrulnU-
Uvr ciffnlr. In . .Iron. t,n,,.l,l
ter her affnhs In a slrong-hnnded
way, a.i Is soon dl.scovered by the nar-
rator. hnr father's secretary, whom ;
ahe take, over and makes her devote,!
servant a.nd lifelong friend. The
etnry of Jenny's love affairs Is toll In I
the glancing Indirect fashion which
. . . . . . .
Anthony Hope manages with such
skill. IT has drawn a woman who
to use his own words, "was full of
what we call faults; full of what we
hall an virtues stubborn,
self-willed, tortuous, Jenlou of dom-I
In-ltlnn t nil ft i1 il i a ti f 1 1 htt v ir ti 1
i ! ", ' ' ', , . '.'' ; ,
1, v "1 " ' ' . " ;
cln ni to Influence or to gu de oar; ;
4 ,
I.H.INI..U". "
' 1 , " .' ' ,' '"' 1 ' 1 , "'
f"11 ,f v"hiU ' ' n'v"' 11 i
. . l, .
Thl Is a large order, but thn char
1 ' " ' ' ' ' " l"" '"'' i
"n" " , j
Zn'"r 'h, ? '
that l fc,h" T ,u"MnR
. " .. ' ',"
&n.t xelrl-i nil lint niflGtiti
ful traits and qualities she is li
h .
n 1
EM'ip..,i,'n io u.em p-,;i.,:i in'1
"Hhn wa the
laughter of her I
fether, a jnrn graciously Insistent.
persuasive, dlplomatte, nelf-contalned
Nlek Driver: a snlendld creature, can-
sbln of compelling love and yet, never
jx-rmlttlng herself to be compelled by
It; passionately Influenced and tender
ly touched by love's manifestatl m.
atid yet herself fenrfnl of giving way
to It lest she might bring iinha pplness
to her lover; a master of mop In
woman's form; a conquering spirit
over herself. The story of her rise
nnd achievements Is the stonof a re
t.iarkaJ.le woman."
Jenny inherits from tmr father, a
man of r'a.tsford, who has rlsn frim
the rank's by bis own sheer ability, his
j jnlMlcns and BrevRSte Rrlorv
Jenny takes up where the old man
had dropped ll the old tnk of driving
wedges In th county. There is Fill
Ingford Manor, which Nick 1r!ver,
baring failed to get It. In his way, be.
lleves - according to his ante-mortem
letter - she msv get In hers.
Jenny takes all Csleford by surprise
with her promptness, her .lecJsl.in. h-r
crann of huniliess her t-enora! fltneoo
f ' , ',,, .
O no nn'i sccnin(iiiwn. rne surprises i
theni preatlv from time to time and
gives them n great, shock when she
rung away with lonnrd Octop (Ju.st
as slie w- about to marry Lord T"ll
llngfordi, and stays with hi mln I'ari
three years, nl 111 retaining, however,
the reins ef governme.iil-, t. Catsford.
She given them another great sur-
prise when, after octin bad beep
ab.-lr. In a duel, she brings home as her
war.! the -beautiful seventeen year old
daughter of Oct.on, a, cha.nn big lngen
tioin girl, one sure to captlva.te and
win, hearts even among the prominent i feasors Snniuej T. Pillion and I'.'i'ld
oh) melds and niort nubending of 1 ftnedden, liave perfornied a uoievvor
aristocratic old married ladies. Jip. 1 1 1 1 v srv iee lo tiie i niiMi of eil.ical ion.
voles of Mr. Hope vlll be loth to be-I Frof. lmttou mi formerly N" lla
Hovo evil ef .lennj's rlotngj and wlll'ven's superintendent of schools and
be averse lo discrediting her In hr
Imprudenee with Octon. The hook 1s
strong, subtle and delightfully enter
taining. T'.VKKT M A.? TOn mUfiVJ.V. Bv Nor
man luineeii. anther nf 'The Cruise
nf the Hliliiliig bight." Hm-tor T.ulie of
Labrador." etc With six lllnrtr.i
ii"n Published hv Harper .Broth
ers, New T nrk ; 11, an, nt .lipid's.
Tliese heart moving slories set. In
the barren laud of Labrador among
people the author knows so well,
amply sustain the high reputation his
j previous book s have won for htm
I'he tnrls are eloquent. With atrotlg
passion fttld tnlrnsltr nf rotnettce.
They are deepb- appealing to all In
their v'. d ll'Plollotl of t.pe rugged
strength and homely, gritty. brm
fisiier folk and dwellers of the wild
na'.s of 1 a bra dor a.nd ?Cw-
foundlaml, and tn their superb plctur- ! th severHl sintee have been dm elop
es of life and M'pnery In those region ! lug systems of schools reaching often
a fe)i he ha-i (.ri-.-emptd In litem,,
Some of these slories are "They
W in. Lose at. J,ove, I'he Minstrel,"
"The Fool of Skeleton Tickle," ' Fv cry
Map for Himself," "Hj-nnd by
llrown, lips Heave llij JfunH','' "The
Revolution at Satan' Trap, Hie lae.l iiuiiiaciricnl lias aliv.i been rcc
Snrpliis." It la a strung book full of ognlzed in the condiicl, (1f public edu
ib-llght for the leisure moments. I eaiii. The adminlwl ration of indHml
j as well us colleges must be placed In
THNKK OF A KIM. A Stun- nf nnMiie IihimIm of experts; who by training
xtx- Aio,:;,;:r v;;: ! rl rrl p U;T1
triite.l by irrmiU T. Merrill. I'nhllnli-I ll0'sl rcsulls with llio, forces
erl by l.lttle, llrown Sr. t'u., HuiUunilat; llielr comninnd. It conies to pans,
' nl JuiM'"' therefore, that In orguiihiing our.es
""'""'"'"iff 'tory delishtful f ir ( , , Higher f,.,o,dH and c.dlcgea for the
young folks; equally so for grown-ups. j ri, K r , im, woiin-n I'or edit
There Is no labored pled, no Hlralnlng : (.t1M,,, w,.ki 01 1 ra M on h I (idmlnistrfl
for etfect, no psychological strenuosl. I ,! H, i,n).(irl. p(1,:n, Al
ly, but Just a pretty heart touching h, )lpVl. j.n.feHsora of school ad
cliaracter study of a lovabl.ff Ciermaii-j ,jMrall.m . Iwive bnn . a,ppo.li.n,ed, .in.
American inuslclan of real talent wh i rolirges Mnr imlvcrsillca and In all col
worships ins art, but U relegated ,rRn rU-pnrt ni.-iil.- of education some
through his frank chivalrous outapok- . nl, s BivrM u,ia subinct.
ennesg-or lack of worldly tact to j T, t-'u volume, to a Inrge ei
(HI but a. humble and minor position tnnti p , , , ( , t ii ground covered bv
as an an 1st. The other two of the !,,,, ,,i)1.t.t. ,,. j, is the Hri attempl
trio are a new.il.oy waif whom the,!,,, hring ,,,getlier In one hood, the
iiiuii-in nuns in very straigiiieneil
clrcunistances and In w le-begono
plight, and brings home; and Thin, a
rocker spaniel, who n taught to do all
sorts of tricks thereby adding to the
financial resources of the. other I wo
and who 1s wonderfully teachable,
bright and ania,lng The three be
come Inseparable friends, and money
cannot buy the little doggie, waif from
the other two, they love hlin so, even
though mopey Is so scarce an article
with the musician and hl. boy ((.in
rnde. Even when the brav.- little
Hpanle his rescued a child from
drowning in Central park and a big 1
price k offered for him by the grate
ful parents of th" rescued one, It Is!
refused. Courage, loyally and honor '
are finely exemplified and humor and I
pathos nre delightfully blended hi
"Three of a Kind." Mr. Rurt..n Is
professor of Knglish literature at the!
l'uiversity of .Michigan, where he has
'"''"""d himsiiif since leaving Connec- I
tl('". Vrof. Rnrton during the past :
year has been very busy in preparing!
for hU publishers Hire., hooks a book .
of eisatt. a new book of verse and
the present work of (let Ion lib first,
departure Into the realm of story writ- i
lug for piib1lcnlii.li In hook form, j
"Three of a Kind" is so good that Its I
frm ,,. ,, .rce It 1, if loc-.l :
S.OIl.e. It IS .IT 1 0. a 1 .
interest, the fact which few here now
, .,,.,!! fr,in, nersonnl knowled-e tint
, , f R r " JF g? e l I k
l ' BJ ,
tol. In K,r Have 1. , ue,u or ,
,,,,,. , ai.1r.,r.i l.etn. !
c-rtii'T m nop or more s onra
n ' r "
erally .enjeml.i.rc.I. ; '
,. ' ' "" aa,
literary editor, lecturer and professor ;
In Kngllsh, he lias found time to write
several hooks of poems an.l esa
cludlnc "Thimb In dune." "M
In- !
Melody--A Rook of Verse," "Lit-
. . j . , .. . ...
'"" '""'' or America, also n lire
or "'" " 'na..iai." a poetic
. ... .
It w 1 1 a Iso tie of merest to m.mv
10 ,ln,n h.it I'ror. r.iirtotrs "llnhnb,"
based ,. the deduction of Jericho,
wnicn n pnonsiied Trtt year, has b,
recently produced at the Ravlna t.i.-a-
,nr f """" " TmM out
"h"o th" fr.nr was In California
nd without his knowledge, a rrw
nf h". production says
i. anno a visum, an well as that of the
isoothsjner In !i tl,-t ,.i
niysltc.il tin-end of H e diuinn, tlm
'"B''"'1 t11'!' Hnhnb ,,i' Jericho was an
,0 , ,;",.'';.,.;;;, 'irulln
Hi" lionnrs fall to Miss Marten l.l!l,c,
? Rsluib. I'"n.-ld lhihei teon as N'aHia
i.la ami w Ilkm Owen s l'rlnce Salnom.
Ilss I'.edllcti, ti let. achieve tn tile
coniple-i and passionate ciiaraeter i.f
Hie "lt.ie of Jericho" Hie must re.
lil.'n knVile in Hug of he.- c.irc.r, in,,
among the knowing one nf i tin suill
er.ee, vvhi'ii wns enmposed lai-gel
siud-nts of (Im drama, it was treeiv
predicted ! at l - Hurtoo's ph. v might
A ; 1 1 - make Mr
R.ihpi (sou's lirllllai
leading H" man
i lit a stni . Tiie hu
preMinu "f I it.i p'-,,- .1
soinlinr, I hough the '
hole of II. e conelustni
a Whole ;is
r, pi ,,,l,. jo
lifted It .Oil
ef the in.iliient vein of despeia'
I ll"
pene. Tin. ilium. on trhks f
lighter psssegea and enmlo relief
senrned by 1 he iiullior and the nudleuce
sat fssclnai'l l. Hie sweep and power
of Hie Mil in, tine's
The tenne ,.f il,e vl.ip ef Tt.hah's si"1
ler, flnelv n. Ie. l,y ,1ii lledlleli and
Mrs. nohertsnn, was the only pause In
the trrllie hen I nf I h. nei loii, and even
through Ibis Inte'lilde of tenderness
Ihe fix ei hit lining ,ooo "f the cliv vvnn
load evident hi (lie sinister sounds nf
(lie battle ouiohle The thread of mi's-
tie Js sn dei'll. V,illllil HlHl Ihe .lionn
h- drauniHc elements Hie! in. nh Puis
rellttinus nnpeHl i made, and the pl-iy
siniid'i op lis nieilts as a slage 'iim-i,
ng nethti'K lo the familiar r, lii;,ni
cl.-h a re cenio.eied w II h
Ills tlieine
Ilie nurlienee tunuirh imt large, was
enlliiislasl i lir. Mni-ioti vns pot pres
cut, being now nil a 1 1 I t 1u H'rt V ne
m 1 1 a alfev, and be trill imt know i.f
fhe nueeeas nf ids play f.ir snnie tone,
eyept us he may lesru It Coin Hie
; TTti Al'.MlNISTR ATR N of H Rt.li
. Kl'd 'A'i toN IN TIIE I NITIOI
; TATF.fi Hv Pinfessev Raniuel T
tuition nu, I Havld lleddell Publish
f'd in 'the MaeinlHaii 1 'ninpanv ; Jl 7.'.
a I JiKld .
In this work iusl published liy Ilie
MauniiUnn company, the aiiiiiors. pro
Is professor of jn-hoot a.lniliilslratlon
In teachers' college, Columbia univer
eHy, and su l.erintendent of the college
rhool. He is n.lso nei known ns the
author of "Social Chasms of Kliic
(Ion," "School Management," etc,
rrof, Pnedden Is adjunct prof,-rnr of
educational admtnlf trntlon In Hie
aaine college, and author of "P.-hool
Report and Helm d Kftlclency." This
volume Is prefaced with an Introduc
tion by rrn.ldut Rutler of Columbia,
Tiie evolution of public education In
this ountry has beep a, significant
fcrtture of oar national life. While
the various movement; which ham
ld to the president erpetvltturo for whiie fieiaiiid bran '-her bending low
plant and service bare beet) picas. I WvniiKllt l" a ut y's i or e u 1 1 h flake ii
nrabl.v alow, they ha also beep ,;.in- i '
1 atant, and there Is no evlden,
' that
j progree "kn soon
from the kindergarten to the free nnl-
veisltj, roii,sldia bio progress has beoti
pisije in edahllHhing teaclilng on a
profeaalotial basis. Tim same enter-
prise and economic wood Judgment
which Im taken hold of modern bu.-
lin.-ss affali'fl ami vrovMed for cciii ral
data, necessary to iindersl .1 n.l.H not ..lily
the limits of the field of administra
tion but tin- principal 1'aclors which
go to make up the subject matter. As
stated by I'ivhIiIchi Under In he In
troduction which he has written for
tills work: "The wise and truly repre
sentative organization and a Imlnistra
1 1 oil of education is only a Utile leps
Important than the ngaui'.ation and
conduct of the cl neat lonnl process It
self." The authors have In a broad
way consid'Ti'd til" fore. . w hich have
operated In our national hNtory to en-
iinage schools and to l.ad to their
Pfrtrient nmnngei neut. t .ireful c.o.sl.l -
eratlon Is glm to the function and
work of the national go. .riinumt in
education, the .date, city and other
nulls of cuilrol. Xol mily are tin. re
chapters dealing with every praetiral
phase of school construct ion, too or
ganization of school boards, supervi
sion and management, but several
chnplers are devoted lo topics that,
while they bear in general on educa
tional ailiulnisiralii.il. do not. imme
diately touch the ordinary public
schools. Among these are Hie admin
istration of correctional education, of
M'bools for defectives, physical educa
tion and social education.
While this hook Is intended for
, , .
' " "' e"l'e.-..u"ii-
( , , , , sll( ent, of dlll-
,,.,,, ,,, i,iEhe,- Institutions 11 will
, , """ I""""!.
l,,K" ,M' r",n"1 "f"1 "-v "'" to""11-
" InsMnct w o. desire
' "'r '"i ! v?V n 7""
',1""'s "f U,",r .""" ' V1'' '"-
n i t n nn ,111 ok 1:111 kT i . tf.-.-ii-
me.it of any of the subjects cot,ined
it,,, table of contents, hut I
,.,,,,,,. ,,s,.,.t,11,,.,lio0. ;iod SL.
s! I vn
for the n-aib i' to gain more than an
ordinary knowledge of each Ibdd.
,"r.-,u mi sk
S'.ngs ef blr.lt,
P.oad io I.ss, l!
Mlhi I iill.erl I e. of
-.1 l.v the ,vakel n
S I si 1 1 ,.t , tlt.stou.
tr.,.-. n-...-s tt,
H on. IL Mi
h-i.,,i. ful. list,,
A collection of poems pv-
rare chiirm and which will be wclcmii-
I for their true ring In their rxposl-
th.ni and Interpretation of outdoor life
A large number of topics some nlnetv
lu all afford variety In this prettily
hound and printed book of 141 pages.
.New Haven society people will have
special Interest In these delightful Ut
ile poems as they are frmn the pep of
,Hs3 ives. n sister of Miss Frances S.
es of this city. Concerning the 1io,,k
tin. Ho: tmi Transcript of September -1
s i a :
Those win, are Intimate with trees
nnd vlth Hie denizens thereof owe a
special debt of gratitude to Mis (ill
liett Ives for her little collection of In-
. i t erprepl I inns of HleUt, "(llll-l'oor Mus-
lo," tis publi'hed In Hotdon. N'ol.ody
! i.n , i..,,, ,. enuicnla r Hie
. '
lat'giiuge oi rue nuns aihi more aecur
.icy as to phonetics or svnipnlhv n to
.'ir-ot ime.il . Sometimes llldeerl Miss
Ive.s will give not only the oce and
ni-ine of the bird, but a complete
picture and ltslon of him as In-
T'hr A eer.i .
Wl'.it lit Mo bird of ai. t knew
Is purer than Hie drh en siiot
An'l Kurei" mill to Heaven ao?
Tin. ... ry. I Hie Veorv !
Who that has ever beep startled with
the Ik-H like note of the wood thrush
dropping dn..n In Mm solemn bush of
cane fn-es of prlniev.il pli.r.s or beech,
es will imt thank her for putting that
"nnit'diles-s fdialu" of this "brav min
strel of the wood" Into print so that
one mav hear It at bis will bv opening
the book? "t know not win," she says:
Put evei v crvslal drop Is like a sigh
I'mtn t'eautv's soul, which travnlleih In
To OePI her blrllirlghl to the adoring
And , n.tleniH heart. Forever ronld 1
Ke.nitv's doer, as rnintler at
est of rjneen. though evermore tn
N'av, mil in vain, T wait a Reautv's
ITImugh sivn.it revealer nf hoe's seers'
I stair'
To .-ilmb and rllnib v-e never to allaln,
I Is In Ifeir nn e' stas. r piln
Tluui t'u more svveet To seek Hie
shlnlnir ohI,
The keenest rupture of n climbing soul,
Miss Ives sees her trees like dramatic
tie.'snnne; thev are lovers and war
riors, queens, lirhle.s. Here . a pict
ure of
,n sprit rilreh.
Tim breitil of 'l"d is tn the brer,e
And louche, all the quivering trees,
Rut one, In liinlile.i mood .mart.
To hold eninmniiloii wtli her heart,
In a ve- -si ruck beaut" now revives
The heavenly Hdii'gs In her lesies;
Relsiless Hie i.-r,den shower
That etiteied 1'ianae's braxen tf.ver,
Hod's suiiloauiK on her whiteness fall
Vnd life leap up In meet his call.
Then she vljuiullr.e the earth as a
living being, as opulent In beauty In
winter as In Milliliter:
j Kind nnveti. v.-lih -illlnenra oppressed.
' Tho liunib.lest wee. in towel di-e-.se,,
I And even- fallow Held ,,i u ead
ll'ilh ,'m'ii Ina f,ii- n l.rl.1 ,1 l,r.,l
And earene.5 u always like a locer, a
In Imr quatrain, "Living Creep";
'J'he sky and water nr a lovelv hu
A dr.nniy, soft. iMp-lnus, nieltlng blue; I
Anil bird like, nil nu soul It wel--li;
dot Ii lean
.In ftiil'tli'H t rne . rn II 11 1 1 or! llt'rtnl nt "llv.
Il'.g l''en."
, hc nn 1 1 v aympathcllc and seiisiiuin i
her liisiglil Into Hi" hearts of the (low-
era all pluvlng their 11 tile p.irt.i In i hu
drama of earlli w ith their cxik-i and en
Iranccn and the pretty dialogues which
she supplies. The same way with the
brooks, the mountains, tin; moon. Who
lias over more eloquent ly of accurately
reported the swift, strenuous mountain
luook In Its treble babblings than Miss
Ives has done in this.
Jn the inorn
Of (he world I was hern;
Tet Cm young as the far
Shining star
And as lie...
Is my life,
Yel Inexorable strife
' I nn'ist mtix's' itlv the sa,
Or bis bi ide must be;
l.el me go!
It wer woe. direst woe.
To resist destiny.
QT ' A Tit A I MS K CHRIST. A Christian
Itubalval. Hv lieorge Creel. I'anl
F.hier 'and Coiiip'in , S:in Kraiiclsj i.
and New York, ll! an,) 4n lr..isi Kith
As Julian Hawthorne well says In
Ills preface to this hook of noble verse,
"It ! straiigeMlinl. tho Chrislliin world
should have, been in need of Just such
a book as tills that after nineteen
hundred years of Christianity wc
should lack a simple, nid straight-for.
ward realliiniatlon of the truth of the
Mr. Creel s faith, Hie simple unquca
lioning creed ,,f iho early Christians
inspired every line. His Is the vision
nf both prophet and poet:
"Again slar dsn n-' In Hie ssirn sky,
Again .he startled shepherd lifts his
As waking from his midnight sleep
ll" sees ,
The iH.neii ef the Wise Men sweeping
This Ilubntyat contains no pagan
.... .f Vw.
erse. Insleail, II lens Hie puny ,. mu
soiiI'r Irfdlef in Christ, and describes a
vision of Ho. Christ- idenl as II may be
lived in this very present world. The
author sometimes olce.s one's own Im
prisoned and unexpressed thought.
This new pool seems a real interpreter
of the religious life.
"Thli.k yen Hint He who wakes the
eriMl Nee, I
From where it
sleeps Willi death he-
t.euil, 111 mead.
Will coldly lei his imaged children
To i.oihthgness, and pay no further
The tone of the poem throughout Is
lofty, sincere, reverent, never conlrov-c.-lal
- simply a glad confident paean
of an assured faith. The verses have a
perfection of structure and rii Innate
meh.dy that Is only too rare today.
In ils pure blue covers with their
simple yet appealing Inlaid design In
black and while, gold and green, the
little book Is perfect pocket volume,
a delight to dm eye as well as to the
mind. h"rn is something miggesl I ve.
of the rare old missals In the pages of
henvv Sarathinore deckle-edge finti(ie
paper, on which the Initialed stanzas
j (lrn irjllr n rtooknian old stylo jpe,
Malte.se cross,. In blue Icncling a
warmer touch tu the severe beauty of
the typography.
Hound In bine Italian Fnbriano hand
made buni'ils, 01 cents net; by mail, 7
CI lit..
ANIMAL ANALi "li.'KS. Henatured Kf.
es. No ;'t. Hv Hie sulhnr nf 'How
to Te!l the Rirds from Hi" Flower."
I'nul l-:i', r and Company, San Fran-
elm o and New York.
"Animal Analogues" is another series
of pictorial and p""Hcal essays in an
entirely pew Held of research, that
might betermed biological discrimina
tion, by the Illimitable nnlure writer.
Robert William.'. Wood, "Comparison
are odious." ami the ode which accom
pany these comparisons present nature
study lu a wholly new light.
Ry the aid of thi manual Jut com
pleted any observer will be enabled to
tell a line frnt.i a fiodo, en Antelope
from n CnnMo.e, n ype.flsi from a
Pci-gar or an Ant from a rimasnnt
without the slightest hesitation.
One of Vrofessor Wood's most Im
portant discoveries Is embodied In the
following Immortal lines;
i ni; iiF.ro. nir, iifi;t n mm
1,'ond Mr. T'srwln mice cotiiei.ded
That peetle were from flees descend
ed. And a; tnv pl"lure low, 1 think,
The Tteet tiiuot be the relsslng link;
The Sugar tieet nnd Honey-llee
Pllpplv Hie Reette's pedigree.
The fnnnlv Is pnw complete .
The lire, (lie Reefle and Hie fteef,
or.ses like and better Ihan this, II
Instrnleil with the author's absolutely
free bam! drawings, innke Hie book
ope to be enthusiastically commended
to nil lover of fun and nature-faking.
The professor's "How to Tell the
Rlrds Vnm the Hower" was Ihn best
seller ill Its class hI season, the sale
being lltnlled only by the capacity of
Hie bindery to deliver cople. It 1 now
III ils lib. Hi h.rg" printing. There 1.
tlierefiu n a numerous and lntereted
public nailing to continue this novel
nature study wltll 111" new manual,
Hound In school book hoards, til centH
uei ; by mall,. iV. cents. In Yule Tide
dre -s, ,:, ccnl net; by mall, SO cents,
TH1C FFr.'FI'CTl.T (lOOl M'lTXfiJ'et fAT
T'oNriAK, Willi nstroiimulea.J nltacli
roeiit Hv F.thel ntts-Muniford
nraut. Addison Mlaner and Oliver
tlerfnrd Faul Khler , (.'i... Pan Fran
els, o and New York.
Here it conies again, new each year
and nlusy better than before-the t
Indispensable calendar of playful cynic
ism and lively epigrams, Its tw-lsted
proverb are Irresistible, Its wit a sure
antidote fur Americnultls, th newly
discovered "worry bug."
'Among the novel features for liins are
surprising new representations of the
signs of the zodiac, accurate rleseHp.
thm, of the heavens during different
month ibui the heavens don't, know
i t. and .irarular vrognostlcatinn. tell-
tug i mi lust what to seek or to avoid
j op specified lucky or unlucky dav In
each month,
i As for the delirious little quip and
unveiled proverb with which the csl-
i e.ular ) fled, why
j "Ifs n kmc
g hivn that ha no ttirn-
! 1118
i "l'ne,.s are porn
not paid
"oman - l
; "cer strike a.
her i
can't reason."
( Ami tliat s enough to give the niM.,r.
"ll, ,v es, this Is the agronomical dedi
cation if, Hje stars;
"Then here's to those who love tile
Ami diligently lea them.
And here's to nil ambitious sniils
Who strongly strive in be them;
Hni nlost to those I Useernliig ( mes.
Who known Stars when lliey see llieni,"
Round In Imported Japanese crepe
pnper hoards (three styles) "5 cents
net ; by mall, i'! cents.
THK A ficPTl Nil rr Rt sa WAR IK.
By Carroll Wntson 1,'ankln. author of
"Hanilellon Collage," "The Olrls of
Mardenvllle," ele, Must rnlnrl liy
Mrs. Shliiu. $l,.-,n; hi Jiidd's.
The ,tory, ro pleasingly unrated,
tells of four little girls whose moth
ers allow l hem In tho summer 1 1 tun,
to play housekeeping in Dnn,l"lloi
cottage, " a real tumble down house."
if nil the guiiies played In liandelion
cottage. Ilie on., called mother H the
most, popular. Hut one lau't play
mother wlllioul. vnwcssing a family.
So Iheso little girls often borrowed
babies In thn neighborhood, due mem
orable day Mabel being sent by her
mother on an errand to tho outskirts
of the village, in passing a rough
shanty discovers outside the door a real
baby, a little toddler (wo or three years
old. Mabel nsks lo borrow tlio baby
for th" day, and the mother consenting
Mabel bears off her little churge In
triumph. On arriving at the cottage,
Hie little child, half Krcnch and half
Indian, greatly amuses the children by
her odd manners. When night coinen
Mabel going hack to the shanty villi
her borrowed baby (lmbi the hut desert
ed, and no mother In sight. Hack
again goes Mabel to tho collage and
the littlo girls manage to keep Rnjia
Marie, unbeknown to their mothers for
some weeks, hut when school begins
their secre l.s discovered.. Toor Mabel
who has grown to love the little brown
baby, Is heart broken at the prospect
of separation for all the mothers of
these little girls decide that Rosa Ma
rie must go to the Orphan asylum.
However, a heller home opetw up for
the little waif, so she Is not lost to her
devoted Mile, mother friend. What fin
ally becomes of Rosa Marie, the rend
er will learn ns they read this t harm
ing story.
Kvans. Issued by tho I'lirlly I'nb
llsblng Co., Boston, Mass. Fore sale
at Jiidd's.
A delicately written, helpful hook for
mothers In the care of children, especi
ally In the period of tran.sitioii from
youth lo adolescence with .sound and
sensible advice on thn subject Hoth the
physical and the moral well being of
llio young are dealt with nnd the tone
of the hook Is oxcVptlonnlly pure and
uplifting. The book Is subdivided Into
the following parls: Purity, PclM'nn
trol, Rlrth Problem, Scx-unl Problem,
These (subjects are treated In clenr,
delicate and Illuminating expositions,
understandable by young people as well
as their elders: the methods of genera
tion of plants and flowers are describ
ed nnd many side page Illustrations
add to the attractiveness and aid In
the evolution of the subject matter.
Tim typographical work and .printing
are of high class and the cover Is finely
Illustrated In gilt.
ent I. Hv France H. Morgan Mat
thew. The Cochrane Publishing Ch
Tribune Hiilldlng. New York. $1:
postpaid, $I.(IS; nl the Prase, Lewis
This very clever book of travels In
tho Far F.nst, Is by a New Haven au
thoress, better known to her personnl
friends as Mrs. Charles M. Matthews.
Thn story Is enlivened with bits of
exquisite description and Interesting In
cident.. II takes otm from ( libra Itar,
the gate of the Mediterranean, entirely
around those classic nhoros, where Cle
opatra and Anlhony, I lemoslhenrs and
Cicero, Caesar and Hannibal mad" his
tory; nl.so the Holy Lands In the foot
prints of Ihe Saviour. Its peruSHl
leaves the comfortable and all ton rare
feeling that, one has passed pleasant
days wdlh smite uncommonly attractive
nnd wholesome people, and of knowing
them even more fully than the text de
scribes. There Is an annum! of ma
terial In the bonk which will be valua
ble tn any one conteinplniini; a trip
abroad, as w"ll as absorbingly Interest
lug to those w'bo have made Ihe grand
Mrs. Matthews savs of her work,
Imprter and Tailors
990 Chapel St.
i'K Xew Hs,vn Hou.
(ind a, mild disposition, are easy to
maintain If you use the Waterman
Self Filling Fountain Pen. Sold bv
the OpHclst.
810-A liniicl St. EnlrniHo 810
Remove your nshes and rubbish In
a sanitary manner. Cellars cleaned and
whitewashed, Make your arrange,
men! with me for Ihn winter.
FRANK K, SWAN, Tel. 66-3.
Home Mdre, 2.-,,1 flrcl.nrd M,
litis book has not bee,, writ Inn wltll
the Idea of ji,.-.iructi,lff n, ,.Bn,,0. ,
regard to the deeper theme,, oonnected
with Oriental countries, of which 4
many of our best writers have given im
the most reliable history, gained from
long sludy, as well as from archeologl
oil research; but simply to Kv pieim.
ore, and to create a. love for travel to
these most Interesting countries, which
wo so much enjoyed, and whlcli will al
ways be to us among our most trea.
ut-ed 'Prenms of Yesterday,' "
Tin; mors m nfiT,n.
"Hush!" whispered Second-Story
T- 111. In a. low, gutteral tone, as a
sound from the directors' room fell
upon bin ears. "Drop them too,
Jake, T hear somo one movln' around
In the blink."
Jake, obediently dropped the kit to
the floor with a loud clmig.
"Who's there?" came a. startled
voice from thn other room.
"My heavens, this Is awful," moan-Pecoud-fttory
Rill, dashing a (ear from
his eye. "lla asks m who I am, ,vi I
T promised mull mother I would never
lie! Ah well," ho added, with a
heartrending sigh, "a promise Is a
promise, ami I will keep mine."
"I !iin Kecnnd-Mtnry Hill, the rioua
Rnrglar,-' he said. "Who arn you?"
There was a cry of Joy from tba
other room, and In tb open doorway
the liwure of a man appeared, a stnlla
upon hi;i face, and his hand out
stretched in Welcome.
"I am the president of this Institu
tion," . explained. "I was afral I
you were the receiver, hut, thank
heaven, you are only a plain burglar.
We may bo able to arrange a settle,
inent that wdll leave something for th
And hand In hand they went at lha
safe together. John Kendrlck Banga
In Success Magazine,
, St. Lawrence's New
Formerly Qulnnlplnc-Aisantawa.
ttir. eiaia nnd WhltUiff Street.
Rooms 7 dc, $1. Meals 35c.
I Newly-furnished, up to date I
, throughout
t ha. K. Hush, 1'rop. Tel. 2683,
151 TO 154 fjHUUtJH 8TREI5T.
Luncheon, lr jo until 2 oelook.
Service a la Carta.
New Tontine Hotel'
Our 60c. Business Men'a Lunch In
cludej Relish, Soup. Fish, Entree
Roast, Vegetable Salnd In , Be.son
Dessert and Tea, Coffee or Mllkl
here s none l.ette in New Ilaven
Served Irom is m. to 2 p. m.
GEO. T. WHITE. Prop.
- S
Comer Orange nnd Conrt Htreeita.
Hotel Garde
Opios!tn Pnlon lepot,
Connecticut's Largest Hotel.
)l nner 13'2:1S. 50 Ccnla.
ROCKY TOP, Mt. Carmei
Tiie new ante road ito the leff) hat
bn iuscnilninl7,ed and all stp grade
ellniliipieil. It Is now an easy ride t
the siiinmlt. No prettier place for i
day's nntlng. Fine cnJslne and finest o
j f:i nn products.
airs. a. lunian. Tel. 6173-12.
-- New
iihTS tT
Rooms with runnino WATF.n,i.so anou(
With bath, $? and up. suites, $5 and u
writf. for particulars,
wlrf. for reservations. our expf-nsb.
Also THE BERWICK. RUTund.vt.
I Ilftl sTRA.N'n. Always open. Cal'
1 paelty Built ef steel, hriel nn,h
; stoti..'. lorn te "i;eau end of lJennsvli .
v.iuhi avenue. Hoi and cold, freah ami ,
sea water batiis. elngle or en suite.
Il-ileiini bent 1 hri.tt w lir ill. Klevatit
i snoot level to lop floor, Fall nnd winter
i rales nn a mil leal bni. F, H. OFF, man
j nger. 11. C. KDWAK1M. assistant w.- '
ugor, .-
Ii ?
Ms r
f-alji and
4 t ,N
I M r I

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