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Wfa.lt.hy Ooffeo Mnrchnnt, Takes
the Job of Savins: th
atrandfid Cruiser for
Associated Wtth New Tork Fnnlncrs
to Try Xesv Method 'Vrecklii
CnmpanlM TCa-nted $lfln.
OOO for the Work.
TVashlnRton, Oct 1.1. The navy de
partment to-day awarded to John Ar
huckle, the wealthy coffee merchant
of Brooklyn. the contract fur floating
the United fctaten cruiser Tsnkee,
which went, on Pplndlo Itock In Run
zard's Hay, about, throe week" M-i.
The method to be used by Mr. Ar
buckle In that of compressed air,
which up to this time had been ap
plied successfully but twli.'fl. and for
this reason the outcome of the mat
ter will be watched with Interest by
naval men. By the firms ot the con
tract, Mr. Arbuckle on the delivery of
the Yankee at the Brooklyn navy yard
Is t ) receive $$7,500. Me estimates
that It will cost him 150. QUO to do the
work, thus giving a profit of $37,500.
If he spends $50,000 and Is unsuccess
ful, then the government. Is to reim
burse him to the extent of $50,000. Tf
because of "causes beyond his con
trol" be finds before the expenditure
of the $1)0,000 that the vessel cannot,
be floated, the United states will still
reimburse him for half of what lie
bus spent.
It l understood that Mr. Arbuckle
1. associated with Tl. O. King a.nd W.
AY. Wltharspoon, New York engineer,
who have already saved two vessels
that have been Abandoned by wreck
ing companies. One was the ft, nun
ton steamship Mount Temple, valued
at hnlf a million dollars. This ship
was wrecked last April on the const,
of N.-iva Scotia. It cost only llS.nwi
to get It off the rocks by the com
pressed air sjstem. Tho other was
the Bavarian, 1 1 ,000 tons, In Novem
ber. 1S10B, after It had lain of Wye
Rock In the ft. Lawrence, below Que
bec, for more than a year. The Ba
varian had been abandoned to the un
derwriters after salvage companies
bad spent $150,000 In vain attempts
r m oxjnirLiE..
Hyperion Stables,
Opposite Vandcrbllt ITnll.
1038 Chapel Street. Thone 1010.
V. K. Gillette, l're.
Thoa. F, ( ounltr, V. freat,
O. W. F. Clllettr, See.-Tres.
Th8 Gillette Construction Co
general Contractors and Builders.
113 lUalley niila.. 003 C'hiiBel St,
Telephone 879L
Ryder s
The Continental Automobile Manf'g Co.
121 Olive Street.
Economy and Expedition in Printing
Machine vs. Hand-Selling.
We are equipped with the latest typesetting machinery In the world and
can nrodueo wort at less cost and In shorter time than anv other nrintw to
p Connecticut. In one machine we have
jKo printing too large, no Job loo small,
The Mason Press.
303 State St., Opp. Journal-Courier, . Tel, 1504-6,
to save th ship hy old fsshl med
Wreckers et that time said l.ii
floating of the ussM was en accident
facilitated i;,y uiiiisunllv high H'l-',
and that this accident r'"ll'i i' ""
duplicated. The siibeiptent floating
of the Mount Temple Indicates thit
this conclusion was evron'i.
The c.oinprriiei1 air method consists
of the forcing out, of air from com
partment: after co.mpnrfuir.nt, rn'h he
Irg sealed In turn. The prm-eea is
said to have been ueitJ by ex
perience gained In the tunnel of New
York. ,
The only bid for floating the Yan
kee, aside, from that, of fhe regular
wrecking companies, asked for $105.
000 for the service.
MO OTE IV OK' r IT f),000.
Clstnn Presented to Xew York
:t.r for Ortlflmlo Issued In 1771.
New York, Oct. 13. A ten-pound
note of the KngllRh colony ot New
York. Issued February IS, 1771, one
hundred and thirty-seven years ego,
has been presented to Comptroller
Met;: with a request for payment. He
lies been staggered by the figuring of
his expert, who calculate that If the
city ts obligated to redeem the note
with compound interest to date It, will
have to pay over something llko $39,
000. 'Hie comptroller has asked the
corporation counsel for legal advice on
the subject.
Tho note was lent to Mr. Motz by a
commercial agency. It Is In a good
state of preservation. Authorized five
years before New York, with the orig
inal states, became free from British
rule, It bonis the old eoat-of-nrms of
the colony, under the grant to the
Duke of York. This coat-of-arms la
the same as that used now by the city
of New York, except for the removal
of the crown, which was not used
after the Revolutionary war. On the
bill Is the following reading:
"By the low of the colony of New
York this bill shall be received In all
payments In the treasury for ten
pounds. ,
"February 11. 1771.
; The bill bears the number 1".4S!.
lit also rarrles the ominous warning:
j " "I'ls d"nth to counterfeit."
Pai ls. Oct. 13. - According to fi Fl .
gs.ru the bishops of France have re
ceived a circular from f'anllnal Merry
del v1, the papal secretary of hIhI-v
forbidding them In the fulure to attend
the h.cturn of the state faculties.
Tarts. Oct. Ut.-Ttie sntuiun selnn
of the French parliament opened to
day. Interpellations regarding Die Mo
roccan Hituntion and the gun epinou
on board the cruiser Latoiiehe Trevlllr..
In wl-.teh thirteen men were killed, tire
: pending. The programme of the gov
I ernment Is to expedite routine ivork,
j especially the budget, and devote tic
i spare time of the chamber to consider,
jation of the proposed Income tv.
: Loudon. Oct. in. Lord Vllm.iurlee,
j perlintnentary secretary of the foreign
olflcp, lias been given a scat In the cah
I tnet ri n chancellor of the duchy of Laii
i cister. In pla- of Ylscrmnt W nlvr-
hampton of Wol eihanipton, who pro
bably will be appointed bird proudem
of council, vice (-n. pari of Crewe, iir
i lonl privy sesl, In succession to the
Mar.iiis or moon, who resigned lust
week, on account ot advanced arc.
Millinery Shop,
Personal Attention to All Tastes.
938 Chapel Pt., over Thelps' pttidlo.
Our Business.
VK M'll.il. electric motors, dynamos,
lamtis. vlr. clectrtcfil Hiinnllps nf all
MK MARK swltchbonnls, panel
bonrds, clcirlo signs, spcclnl electrical
K IN'STALl, complete lighting and
power pbints, fretgln elevators, slor
age b'Bttcrlee, telephones and signalling
K RKTATTt electrical apparatus ol
all kinds and contract to Inspect and
maintain such appnrntus for a flietl
sum per inontli or per year.
Can we servo you In any way?
The Pierson & Dean Co.
TF.I.KPITONK 142-15.
H4 Orange Street, New Haven, Coon.
Tf yon wajit a prfre w-lnner then rmj
a Continental Automobile. This car
holds the, elher cup for first prl?e In
the l.OOO-mUe ioalcd-bonnet contest
for speed and durability. The Conti
nental car la recognized as one of the
trreat successful machines In tho coun
try. If you venut one leave your order
at once orders require at least elx
weeks to fill. We would hr pleased to
five demonstration an) time.
'Phone 6232-2.
ten different, (ell new) faces of type.
to merit our attention,
Rrnliinnl Memo Hal Library
Oivon t,o Hadrlam - Spicer
for F.iglitfiPiiUi.
Mug's Daughters Meet lit Hartford
Alleged l'lrrhng llchl fur
I'pprr nurt.
Haddain, Oct 13. --The no-mortal 11
brnry erected by I'jprlnn Htrong
Brnlnard, Jr., of New York, and which i
Is dedicated to the nieninry of the
donor's parents, was formally pre
sented to th toMti this afternoon In1
Hie presenile of a largo , gathering
made up of Jlitddam people, ami from
Mlildlotown nml other places. The ex
ercises were of some length. (Jeorge
W. Ilazen presided, ami tho proseuin..
lion was made by Mr, Prrilniird In a
Short speech to which l!rv. L, fl
Lew It), pastor of the ( 'ougrcgatlonnl
church responded. 'buries l't. Illii",
secretary of the statu board of educH
tloii, spoke on "Public Libraries," and
Miss Caroline M. How Ins, llbriirlau of
th" Hart ford library, on "The Library
In Community Life." other speakers
were Rev. William C. Knowles of th"
Episcopal church, Rev, "William ,t,
Tate of the Congregational church at
Uigganuni, and Itev. Oeiyrge A. Biou
sou of the Baptist church.
Rplccr from (be Eighteenth.
New London, Oct. 1". Hdward K.
Splcr-r of Croton was nominated for
senator by the democrats nf the Eigh
teenth district here to-day. Fratik I).
Hl-dliil!, nominated last week, de. lin
ed to accept.
Vc-tlvlllos Mud In Bridgeport.
Bridgeport. Oct. 1.",. The board of
trade took the otnVcrs of the .rtnlian
cruiser l' lerHiiiosi a and Hie i . t. s.
New Hampshire o the plants of the
Union Metallic Cartridge company and
th.. American (iraphiiphoiie company
to-day in continuation of the festivi
ties of Columbus day. TIiIh noon
lunch was Nonod at the Straiflell.
TIiIh Hfternooii the hoard of trade
committee whs entertained m the twit
warships, To-night the Ida lnitt
hy the Italian sorb-lb ' to the ollteers
whs fciven at tlie Stiiitll'hl. This
olc-d the feitivltU'S.
TM-H2 Hlver for Hotly.
Hrblgeport, 'id. 1. The police (nday
dtattged the IViiuonoi'k river to find
the body of Krank De Vorrest, wlu
seems lo have. tllnppe:ired and 1
thought to have been drowned on Sun
day afternoon. ,Iolm Krapp. aged 13.
told the police today that Sunday af
ternoon he was nut rowing on the riv
er when a man standing mi a dock
nkcd him lo take )d;n out so be could
UmIi. The boy says he did this and I
tho to mi slnndiug up tool: hb coat off
and either fell or Jumped overboard. I
The boy snjs he tried to smc the man
who was too heavy for him. j
Today Peter uhi-o-o told the police
that Frank Tie Forrest who bonvded i
with him wax missing, nml v. '. 1 'c j
Forrest snld he thouglit the nuui ho j
fell out of the boat was Ills brother.
The mlsllng niaii Is said to have li-pti
subject to tll.s. and bad nl-o ben dis
couraged be.-nuse lie lllld been out of
Work. The pnllo are unable to sav
whether oForrrt'n absence Is due ,i
n'cde or accidental drowning.
King's Diitigbters Xlect.
Itartford. iicf, n. At the ;:th atioual
convent;, ,ii lure this afternoon of tin
King's naughtn-s and S.uis In the
I'hnrcli of tin- Redeemer 2nn didegatoR
Itieliiiling six International ,,ltl-mi rv
In ' af tendance nearly all of tln .socle
ties tn the tittn ner retires.. nted and
the gathering whs an ent h itsbtsttc one.
The repoi-f ,,f ho ne seel-etary,
Mrs. FMwm-d II. Smiley of this city
was In part a review of tlis year's
work ami It moat enoout 'aging.
There was n materia! Increase In mem
bership and much eavtiest activity
a motig i he member.
Shepherds of Helltlcbein.
Hai l ford. ii". .'l. The mpl enie IndRe
of tho Shepherds of U( lilelieni devill
ed a portion of today's f,eysun to Hie
framing of new by-laws for bolh iho
the Kupremn and subordinate lodges.
Officers v. cm placed hi nomination tbl;
morning. Miss Neiiin Fuller of
Tlrldgepiwi lieinn the uiiatihmois choice
for supreme comtiiandi'.r and Mrs. A.
Wickoff of Newark for supremo scribe.
The rle. tioii will take place tomorrow.
Aliened Tire Itng llelil.
Naugaluck, fict, in. i The .-a'" of
the state senln.st Mlcliael Sullh.iu.
who was arrested la.sl night charged
with setting fire to the N'migatuok
fheinical compiiny's plant, came up
In the town court nere to-day, and
probable cause being found he was
hound over fo the next term of the
superior court under $ 1 .fton bonds.
Laborer l)rops lenl.
Wllllmaiitlc. i ic, 1.1. Louis Sen
slop of Liberty Mill, Lebanon, a la
borer, dropped dead last night while
driving three yoke of oxen, hauling a
load of household goods from ihls city
to Liberty Hill. It Is .supposed that
heart disease was the i-mw r,f drntb.
He was C2 years old. A widow .ni''
vi vos.
Murder Testimony Tnl.cn.
Litchfield, net. 1.1. Til" taking of
testimony ens cnitlnued to-day w bnn
the trlil of William McLaughlin,
charged with killing Hopcr) Howns on
April 12, at Watcrlown, the home if
both, wa'i resumed In the superior
( binilTeiir Hound fiver.
A lllimanllc, i let. L'l. Mepnty Judge
Sliea of the local poller, court, to-day
rendered hi decision in 1h" case of
I'harlfs K Johnson, the Norwich
ohasuffour, tried hciv .iturday on a
I'liii.rgf of attempted felonious assault
on I'tena. Loomifi. aged 1:1. .Tudg
Shea finds probable cause and binds
the accused over to Iho .superior court.
Hoilds were fnrnb-hed by I'liarles A.
-Johnsoii of Montln, fl.niMi Ic ing re.
Man Hun ( or.
W'llllmanlle, 1 1, 1 . 1 :l. It beiiev.-.,-
that the mu.ii wIpj wuh run oct bj a,
Republican Rally
1 AT
Professor Wm. Lyon
train on the New York. New Ttaven
and Hartford railroad near Hampton,
ami whose body was found Sunday,
wa Frank Mmkey of Putnam. Se
lectman h'ltls sent a photograph of
the dead man to Mlsa Ciraco DoWitt
of Leotnlnsler. Mass., whose address
was found in a book in the dead man s ;
clothing, and he received word from ;
her this morning that tlie man w.-n
I'rank Mnckey of Putnam, and that
lie had a father and sister residing in
Putnam. Mr. flits has gone fhcro to
Sil.vx lliere Is No KcnMitt Why Ho
Mumld Not (in 1 p 3,'MHI I'eet.
Paris, t'ct 13. According to the
Paris newspapers, Wilbur Wright, tlie
aviator, has told Lazare Wo.illor, head
of the syndicate that has purchased
the French rights to tlie Wright
brothers' machine, flint as soon as he
has completed his contract with the
syndicate) by instructing three pilots In
the workings "f the aeroplane he will
attempt some Mights for height. There j
Is no reason, he Is reported to have j
said, why lie should not go up to a!
height, of .1,(1(10 fee, lie nlso spoke of j
trying sonic flights w ithout the motor
and without the derric k which Is now
required to start the aeroplane.
llluir Wright, ban received a. tele
gram from Frederick William, the
crown prince of liennany, congratu
lating liirn on bis successful flights and
regretting that It lias been Impossible
for lifm to w Itness thetn.
The county commissioners will meet
In iMerhlen today and tomorrow to re
ceive applications for licenses.
The Truth About, t.rnpo-Nuts Fond.
It doesn't matter to much what you
hear about a thing, it's what yon know
that counts. And correct knowledge
Is most likely o cMin frrni personal
"About a year ago," writes a, N. V.
man. "I was bothered hy Indigestion,
especially during the forenoofl. 1 tried
several remedbs without any perman
ent Improvement.
"My breakfast, usually- consisted of
oatmeal, steak or chops, bread, coffee
and some fruit,
"Hearing so much about trap"
Nuts, 1 concluded to give it a, trial
and And out. if all I had heard of It
was true.
"So I began with Urape NuU und
cream, " soft boiled eggs, toast, a cup
of I'oHtutn and some fruit. Before
the end of tlm first week f was rid
of iho acidity of the stomach ami
felt, much relieved.
"By Hie end of the second week all
traces o Indigestion had disappeared
and I was In first rate h"altli once
more. Before beginning this course
of diet, r never had any appetite for
lunch, but, now I can en.loy a hearty
men! at. noon lime." "There's a rtea
son," Name given hy posluni Co,, Battle
Creek, Mich. Bead, "The Bead t'i
W'elMlle." Ill pkgS.
Fcr rend thonlnne letter'.' A new
one appear from lime ( time. They
me eeiiulnc, true ami full of human
Y n IV lu 1U
Will be Addressed by
Governor J. Franklin Fort
of New Jersey,
Hon. Stiles Judson,
of Stratford.
Singing of Campaign Songs by
Bride's Love of Drink Told at
Divorce Trial in Hart
; .
Fireman Mulcahy 31 nil e HKcovcry
Soon After Marriage to Pretty
Hartford. Oct. n.-- A pitiful story
of Inebriety was disclosed in the su
perior court to-day In the divorce suit
of Thomas F. Mulcahy. captain of i
KliRlll" company No. tl, against hlM
wife, on tho grounds of habitual In- !
temperance. The ease was down for
trial as a contested suit, us the de.
fendant. In her answer denied the
alienations, but she was not In court !
to-day, and her attorney. John W. !
Coogan, said he did not know where j
she was. although he bad notified .
her Saturday thai, the trial would be
to -day. ' I
Many witnesses w.rc put on by the I
petitioner, and from them It was ;
shown Hint Fireman Mulcahy first ..met.
pretty and delicate Lily Cassel at
Block Island In August. 1 !'(K. Tho
fireman is a nice looking fellow, and
Miss 'aese was attractive, and a ro
mance grew out of .h" meeting. Mul
cahy used to go to see tlie pretty girl,
then about IIR years old. and an eperl.
milliner, earning about $50 a. week,
every once In two months, when h
had two days off.
They never drank ' arythlng to
gether, mid the fireman had no Idea,
that, the delicate little woman wan ad
dicted to the use of !biior. They were
married at the (iuarlian Angel Cath
olic church In New York on February
IS, IHO", and they came to Hartford
to live, in three weeks from the
wedding day Mulcahy found a nearly
empty bottle of gin In his wife's pos
session, and from that, time on her
life has been one of freiinetit. spregs,
The woman can Slav sober not. more
than three veeks, and then Is Intoxi
cated from three to fight, days at. a.
time. Sh told lier husband and
others that she could pot, help drink
ing, but she promised fa.eh time thit
she would stop. Her excuse wan that,
she was lonesome, ns her husband,
being a fireman, was away from home
so much. Mr. Mulcahy testified to
calling in physicians and priests to Ree
what, could be done for her. Tie also
gol young women to stay with her.
but. still she kept get n tm drunk. She
was taken to the Hartford hospital
twice, where she was treated for in
toxication, and she liad been taken to
the House of the rjood Shepherd
twice, remaining three months at a.
time. She finally went to Boston, hut
has returned to this city.
Mr. Mub-ahy has not. seen bis wife
since June of t lite year. Her people
lived at No. West. Nineteenth
street., New York, and her husband
had communicated with them and
thejr reply whs that, the only thing to
do wtth lur was lo place her in a
sanatorium. Hr. Thomas. F, Tlepler
testified to treating Mrs. Mulcahy at
the hospital and once at her home for
lnlolciiUon, Dr. Jamcn !-'. Tanner
and Dr. M. K. Laden UsUficl to sov-
Phelps will
oral treatments of tho woman for al-
uluilism, and Probation oitlcer Ar
nold told of her being placed under
his investigation by Judge, Garvnn of
the pollen court although she had
never been arrested.
Judge Sltnmway toil; the papers in
the case nml he (old James J. Qulnn,
attorney for Mr. Miilcnhy, that he
would give the 'defendant an oppor
tunity to be heard If plie had been
kept, nway accidentally, to-day.
MecfltBjs To-night.
Ladles' of the (ioldeti Kagle, New
Haven temple, No. I, 290 l'lxwell ave
nue, New- Haven Mental association, 1?5
1-2 Wlxwell avenue..
New Haven Hebrew Institute, 251!
(reorge street.
New llaven Sohwnben Vereln,
Wo.istor street,
order of the Iroquois, Mohe-?an
lodge, No. 10 2 Chapel street.
Sons o St. George, Hod Cross loijge,
No. H', Sim Chape street.
Viking Sick and Benefit society.
117 1-2 Courl ulreet.
Wonstor lodge, No. 7!, A. 1'. and A.
M., fi" Clinivii street.
Pulaski chapter, No. 2(1. R A. M
10S Grand avenue.
City lodge, No. I. O. O. F., PB
Cr iwn st rcet.
Polar Star lodge, No, 77, T. O. O. K,
1 1 S Grand avenue.
New Haven Rebekah lodge, No. 8,
Ti. of B,, 05 Crown etreet.
Court City of Kims, No. B.IBU, A.
O. of ti'., h Church street,
Kiel lodge, N. a, K. of P., sno
Chapel street.
Nutmeg lodge, No, 2, K. of P., cor
Ulxwell avenue mid Webster street.
Crusaders' Caslle, No, 3, K. of G.
R,. IS Church street.
"Whitney lodge, No. ,113, N. K. O. P.,
890 Chapel ylreet.
Perseverance council, No. 33, Ti, of
L,, 25 Grand avenue, v
Washington camp, No, 1, P, 0, S, of
A., SO') Chapel street.
Sa.vln Bock council, No. 1 0fiS, cor
ner Campbell avenue and Main street.
Harmony liwlge, No. 5, T. O, O, V.
Harmony lodge, No. 5, I, o. O. F.,
held a, regular meeting last evening
at Hm rooms in the Odd Fellows'
building at. which one .candidate was
given the Initiatory degree. Plans
Were made for the reception of a. rep
resentative front the firm of Wnni
SHIIson company of New London, o
at thejr tiot. regular meeting, The
lodge Is expecting .i buy- consider
able paraphernalia. In- view- of tlie
corning season In which they expect
lo pursue a very active campaign.
Flin Tree. No, 35, N, 1", O. P.
1'l-opn rn I lona m-e being made hy the
members of Kim Tp-. lodge, Mo, 3,1,
N. W. o. P.. for the dance and enter
tainment which It will give on Mon
day evening, October la at Mush- lull.
QubinlplBO No, t, T, O. O, F,
Qulnnlpla.e, lodge. Ni. 1, 1. 0. O. !'".,
held a regular meeting Monday In
their rooms In odd Fellows' hall mi
Crown street, at w iilch the candidate
were given hc Initiatory degree. The
Inline concluded the plans for the as
sembly, which they are lo give at
their meeting, The iu;aembly will be
known as "The Merry Wldow.s' as
sembly," and Is given both by tills
lodge and the Naomi Hebckah "lodge.
Slar of Hope Todge No. 1J,
Shepherds, of Bethlehem,
At tho regular meeting of the Star
of Hope lodge, No. 12, Shepherds of
Bethlehem, held In the lodge rooms In
tho Odd Fellows' building Monday
night, a number of proposition were
received and were ballotted upon. The
lodge Intends to have a large class
Initiation early in November.
Helena lOtlgp, o. 32, P. O. II.
Ten candidates wore Initiated at. the
regular meeting of auxiliary X.). 16,
A. O. H., held in their rooms In Muslo
hall Monday night. A committee
live members of the auxllary was
elected to confer wllh committee
from the other lodges of the city to
assist In the building of a home in
this city for the Hibernians. i
Star of Harmony Todp, Xo, 2(1,
Shepherd of Ite(hlehein.
At the regular meeting of Star of
Harmony lodge, No, 2H, Shpeherda of
of Bethlehem held In Music hall Mon
day night. The committee which has
charge of the dam-e which the lodge
Is to give November .. at Warner
hall, reporter that matters were' pro
gressing favorably. The committee In
charge follows: II. K. Baldwin, F. J.
Peck, J. Schiilter. Ida Farr, May Con
natty and Mary Prindl,
N'eNt week Thursday the members
of the lodge will go to the home of
Mrs. Moore on Thomas street whera
they will enjoy a shore dinner.
Ma.l lnec Sa turds v.
Sam ft. & Lee Khnbert (Inc.) Present
Jefferson I'nmllln Kmmai
In the N. V. Casino's Greatest Musical
Prices: Kvenlnq: 25c, to 1.50: mat
inee, ?re. to Jl. Seat sale Wednesday.
N'oit Plnjrlnar
l-'MMilnv Prices. Mat. 'Wed.
TlitirMlny, I'rMay, Saturday.
sriis Senilis.
Mat. Hat.
Manager Foil Offers
The Happiest. Hreazlesi, Most Stimpttt"
oufly st and Brilliantly Hrectaoulaf
Ael in Vaudeville,
I linrles F. Siemens.
Melnnlle Twins iCInj- smith.)
Mr. nnri Mrs. .Ilininr flnrry,
"At Hensfoot Corner."
Vile .lor.tena, 1
Hurry Hreen. ' 1
lici t nml t.i.llle alien, s

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