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If It's News and True,
It's Hero.
Weather To-day :
VOL. LXIII., NO. 284.
Dorando Defeats American
Runner by Sixty Yards in
Twenty-six-Mile Run
at Garden.
HOURS, 44 MIIM., 20 SEC.
Hayes,, Mho Hofonterl Ttnllnn (it (lie
Olympic Gaines Weakens in tlie
Last Half Mile, ns TIHnl
Did In Tondon.
Madison Square Harden. New York,
Nov. 25, --porando I'lctri, of Capri,
Italy, defeated John .1. Ha yea of this j
race nt Madison Square Garden tu- ,
night. The distance was 26 mips 35 j
yards, the sani" hh the Olympian.
Marathon, which Hay won at Ph-p-;
pnrds Bush, London, last summer. Do-I
rnndo then fell from exhaustion and j
was helped across the line but was dls- I
qualified. He proved to he Hayes' ma-- ;
ter totilgh'. for he lvdd the Pad from i
start to finish, winning; finally bv about j
6ft yards, Hayes was In the lead live;
times during the rac but only for a
few seconds pi.-li '.line. pornndo's
time was 2; 14:20 2-!i and Have' j
l-.ty.Kt l-s. !
Ten thousand people watched the
contest and while partisan fooling ran '
hieh nothing morn titan stood nature. 1 ;
raillery wns the outcome. The la.'d !
few nillen n' file n were rxolrlns:. In
the Jith mile Hayes mail" another d".-h
to the front, hut Porando, running
strongly, resumed the lead like n flash.
This was repeated half a PiMo further
on, porTdo -r; 'in proving the strong
er. The :'."th ni'le was finished In
2:S:37 1-5.
Hayes weakened In the last half mile.
The Sixty-ninth regiment hand was
stationed at the we.t side of Mio garden
and an ftadlan band wa" at the oppo
site end. They played alternate!
and j
rau'el great cheering when th" garden
rang v.ith 'Vmerlcap. Irish and It-'lhn j
nirf. The speclallc prepared d'rt and i
cinde- track was In fine condition. It i
measured 10 hips to the mile, with Ci2 j
lap.s and yards for th" winner to go, I
the starting line belnc "3 yards behind '
the finlshlnc mark.
Hayes was the first to appear on the ! and thrown down, one, of the trains
track and got a tumultuous reception. I went over him. cutting off a eC ;md
many of the spectators' waving smal! j badly mangling him. Hi' was taken
American flags. Porando appeared a J to the hospital in tlie pnijcc nmhn
few second appeared a few seconds j lance hut died there at (;::,. fe
later and then (he Italian element cut i was a man rather past the middle n','e
loose with wild yells and tlie sa rden j and was married and had several
seemed to be flllecl with Italian flairs. ! children. His wife and one dangh
At the crack of th pistol, held by th" J ter were at the hospital wlp-n he
former Tammany- leader. Pilchard died. He lived at 21 1 1'i'a'nklin street.
Crokcr, the men started nt ?.1s! George Smith, a lad of ten, wns
o'clock. ! struck by an ennlno as he was cross-
When ten mips had heen covered j ng tlie grade crossing at Grand nv
the relative positions of the men ivrc i urn. yesterday afternoon about
unaltered, porando still held the Pad I o'clock. At the New Haven hospital
but by only the same three-root mar- it was found that he had what is
gin. The time for ten miles was ope known as n d"presd frnctnro of the
hour 6.1-5 seconds. : skull. He was operated upon by Pr.
At flfen mips there was no change j Verdi and the operation was so suc
In their positions. Porando used n wet
sponge on his head frequently while
Hayes had recourse to no treatment '
except occasional advice from his j
Dorando's time tonight was nearly 111
minutes faster than Hayes made when!
he won tiip Marathon rac
herd's Push last summer.
at Miep-
tiayes cov. :
ered the distance then In 2:Vi:K
President Assigns Hevenue Colters (o
Aid Vessels In PIn'I'CS.
Washington. Nov. 2.Y--The presi
dent has designated the followed
named vessels of the revenue Service
to rrulse actively along the Atlantic
coast from December 1 to April 1
next to assist vessei.s in distress: The
Woodbury and Androscoggin on the
Maine coa.st, the former wlt,i head
kuarters at Fastport. and the latter
at Portland; the Greshani. with head
quarters In Ponton, the Acuslinet, at
Woods Hole; pp. Mohawk nt New
York .the1 Onondaga at Norfolk, the
, Apache at Paltlmore, the Pamlico at
Newberne, N, t. and toe Soniitinlo at
Wilmington, N. 0. Pn.st year revenue
cutters afforded aid to about ISO ves
sels in distress, which, with their car
goes, were valued at nearly $7,000,
Missouri and Iowa Fatally Swept by
Springfield, Mo,, Jfpv. 25. A torna
do swept through the farming coun
try nctr Sparta, Christian county, to
day, destroying fourteen houses, in
juring seven persona and fatn.lly hurt
ing a child. Trees were uprooted and
fences blown down and wires broken.
Dubuque, la.,, Nov. 25. A tornado
swept Delaware county to-day, wreck
ing outbuildings, killing livestock and
Injuring several persons. Hlnefl school
hour-e, near Manchester, was wrecked
and Miss Barrlnger, the teacher, and
two children of F. C. Pickett, were
sevei-plj Injured.
Albany, N, Y., Nov. 25. William B.
Hearst contributed $42,295 toward tha
expenses of tlie national campaign ot
the Independence party, according to
the report of h. J. O'llellly, acting
treasurer of the organization, which
was filed today with tlie secretary of
stale. The only other- contribution re
ported wa.s $207.70.
Washington, Nov. 2 o . i infinite inti
mation was given at Up. state depart
ment tills afternoon t l:,t a United
Statc.s war vessel would ',(. ordered to
IPiytian waters to protect American
,'nteies's and to keep Wauungton nc
t .u at'dy informed about tha revolu
tion in that Island.
Bonn Wright nnil Professor Bnrtlctt
Taken (in Simi.i liiy.
Camln-1.1i?o, Mnw Nov. 2r..--rrof.
John II. Wright, professor of Greek nt
Harvard and dean nf the Gnulun .tea
school, died nt Ills homo on Qulney
street today from heart trouble. Prof.
Wright was nil authority on classical
tubjecbs. Hn wtis horn In Vrnmlith,
Persia, on February 4, 1RS2, being the
son o Rev. Austin II. Wright, a mis
sionary. He was graduated from
Dartmouth In 1X7,1, and that college
a worded him the digress of A. M. In
1876 and PL. D. In mm. From 1876 to
1S7S ho studied nt I .nipple university.
Trof. George A, Rnrtlett for many
years connected with the German do
partment of llnrvnrd college, died sud
denly at his home today. Ills body
wns found on t hp floor of the bnthroom
and death, according to the medical ex
aminer, was due to natural causes.
Prof. Bartlett wns 65 yoara of age,
New York, Nov, 25. Frank C. Hoi-
'"" llpn'' " Wall street bankln
in 'li, was complainant against lie Ruy
ter M. Holllns. his son, in the night
court to-night, his son being charged
with having threatened to kill his fa
ther unless the latter paid him $50n,
which the p,in had demanded In the
banker's Wall street office to-day.
Blacksmith Helper, Caught Be
tween Trains, Pics of
Ten-Year-Obl Boy In Serious Condi
lion I'.ralvcman Also I'm
and Bruised.
As a remit of railroad Injuries yep
terday afternoon and last night thro.
persons were tahrn to the New Haven I
hot-pita! where later one died, anoth- !
r Is In a serious condition, while
the, third Is not badly hurt. The most i
serious accident was that, which hap-
pened to .lohn Marks, a blacksmith
helper In the railroad shops, He was
ci-opsins the tracks just west of I'nlon
station at on'ttl hit titiif I net fvfninn
ami was c.-u.'-l,. I,ctvee ,-n ,,v,isi
cessful that it Is believed th" boy Will
recover, although his condition j
serious, lie lives at "'. Wilson street.
I.atc i;lst night H. P. Pates, a
brakeman of 12!i iillvo street, v as
knocked off n freight car nenr I'nlon
station. He was taken to Hp. pwe-
pun nipn, Inn when he arrived there j
it wns fonm that tin-re wns notiiioi-
serious in his condition
hrtl riiq- .
tain d a number of minoi
, , ' ,
cuts about
the head and limbs and several hi-iiP-es,
but there is nothing serious about
his ease,
Young Man. Twice Punished, Caught!
in Game Agnln.
Caught remov ing i),e locks from pre-i
payment gn.s -peters In two rink street 1
basements yesterday afternoon, Joseph !
Franko was arrested for the third time !
on a charge of defrauding Uie gas j
company. Tlie young man, who is 20
years of age was caught this time by;
Special Policeman Flower who tele-
phoned for the regular police to take
hltn to the lockup,
removing the locks
yesterday by means of a file. Op the
other two occasions on which he was
arrested for the pame offense Franko
wns sentenced to 315 nnd costs In one
case and tlie samo with thirty days In
Jail added on tlie second occasion.
Four Men Picked I'n from Barge
Men Picked I'p from
Adrift on Atlantic.
St. Johns, N. F Nov. 25. -Four
men belonging to the barge Edge
water of New York, which went,
adrift, on November 15, while In low
of the tug Pnnlel Wlllurd from Gut
tenburg. N. J., for Boston, were
brought to Hello Islnnd to-dnj by the
sfpamer Wegndpsk. from Philadelphia.
Captain Olson of the Wegadesk sight
ed tho barge adrift lil mid-ocean, and
a crew from the steamer rescued the
four men on board.
The Edgewnter was one of three
barges In tow of the Wlllard and It
went adrift with the other barges by
the parting of the tow line during the
storm which prevailed off Cnpt Cod
on the night of Sunday. November 15,
Bulgaria to -Pny Turkey $2.1,00(1,000
for Her Independence,
ParlS, NOV. 2n. (Iflleial nth-Ices vp.
celved here Indicate that Bulgaria and i
Turkey have practically nuns tn lenp.C
In the matter of Bulgaria's declara I Ion j
of Independence, on the following
basis. Bulgaria. Is to pay Turkey from
$12,000,0011 to SI 4,000, inn on a in! of
Rumella did Jlu.oiin.niii on account of
the railroad. Tlie capitalization of t h
P.umclln tribute and the participation
of Bulgaria In the Turkish debt Is to
be laft to the International congress.
Seven Hundred Foreigners At
tacking Americans in Jcr
sey Factory Are Re.
Strikers line ns Comrades J 'till. Hut,
Threaten Revenge Mob Armed
With Pitchforks mid
Perth Amboy, N. J., Nov. 23. Fol
lowing a pitched battle between 70
strikers and twelve deputy sheriffs to
day at the factory of the National Fire
Proofing company nt Keasby, near
here, in which six of the strikers were
shot down, Governor J. Franklin Fort,
In response to a call for troops, dis
patched four companies of the state
national guard at Trenton to the
scone and to-night the streets are pa
trolled by 250 soldiers.
Intense excitement prevails, for the
strikers decpir the deputies were not
Justified In firing upon them. Two of
the wounded men are dying in the hos
pital here and the four others wounded
are painfully hurt. Although Keasby
was quiet to-nlcht the citizens fear for
the morrow when th strikers threaten
to renew the attack on the plant of the
Fire Proofing company. For two days
there has been rioting at Keasby and
a number of manufacturing tonus
along the Harl'.'in river. Two weeks,
ago the men employed by the Rarttan
('lay company struck for higher wages,
Th" strikers marched up the vlver to
tlie plant of the Perth Amboy Fire
Prick company and induced the men
there to tro out. Then, each sipceed
Ing day the strikers, constantly greater
In number, marched to other towns to
Induce employes to Ip.ivp their Work.
Nearly all the strikers are foreigners
and they say that they were given to
understand before election that If Tuft
I was elei'ted their pay would be v
I stored to $1.50 n day. The ofll'dnls at
I the factories say that no such promise
was made.
T,lr,rP n Hn!,h between the dep
titles and the strikers at Keasby yrs
ferday which came nenr resulting In n
battle. ,
A number of American workmen
have remained on duty at the fire
proofing plant and the foreigners w re
partl-'Ularly hitter toward them.
Fnrly to-dny a mob of strikers gath
ered around the factory In Keasby. It
was observed that the foreigners were
i armed with heavy Iron pires, pitch
forks. clnVis, stones and some nf them
with revolvers, the police say When
Chief Murke setlt n man to bring lunch
to the deputies he was met with a
shower of Moms which compelled him
I to retreat. The man succeeded later In
! leaving tlie factory unobserved and
! getting the food he was sent for An
he was returning to tlie factory the
( strikers cnucht sight of him and im
mediately there wns a general Attack.
Put the man gained the factory wlth
! out being Injured. Then there was a
i I'llfti. BtAAn Mel. Bi..ncl.A,l t.it-le
every window In the factory.
According to the chief the strikers
swarmed to the dr and many of them
i climbed the fence surrounding P'e
I building. Matters had then become so
: ,
serines, tie necmreii, mat tne uepuiics
were compelled to fire to protect them
selves. At least ii iloy.en shots were fired
poltu blank at the strikers and six
men fell. So far as known the strikers
lib pot return the fire. Peon seeing
their comrades fall the workmen fled,
leavlne the wounded lying on the
Government Siilipoonn a Pncn Offi
cer of Maine Comxaiiy.
Rn st port. Me.. Nov. 25.--Subpoena
were served late to-dny by Deputy
He U- accused of I nlted States Marsha r . G. Steven
from two houses!"" "n n dozen men who are engaged
either in tlie pai king of sardines or
! nH hodmen, and upon the ofllclnls of
i"10 Maine Mercantile company, sum-
monlng them to appear before the t rat or over the estate of his fal.ier,
federal government at Portland next;,,,,, ,v granting of this It will now
Tuesday. All the prominent packers i he possible to Include his interest
of snrdlnep were Included i through tMc administrator In the suit.
The Maine Mercantile company Is j Through the administrator the son
tiip selling company for the products
of all the sardine factories, and It Is
understood Hint ilie government will
endeavor to ascertain If (be corpora
tion has violated any of tlie pro.
visions of the Sherman n nt I-1 rust law,
which prohibits combinations In re
straint of trade.
$n, Mill. 001) Brought nt ucllon
Morse Slcnoishlp Line.
Portland, Me., Nov. i!,V The assets of
the Consolidated Steamship lines of
Maine were sold at public auction to
dny for $(l.5Ki.n'in to a sub committee
nf the bondholders of the company,
consisting of Alvln K'reeli, Henry I!.
Mnllory nnd I b ury P. Booth. The sub
cntnmltee will transfer the ritsets to Ihe
Atlantic, Gulf and West Indies Steam
ship Hues, w hlch was Incnrpnrn I cr) p
tills city yesterday for the purpose of
taking over the Affairs of the Consoli
dated Steamship lines, a holding com
pany for tie .Morse Steamship lines,
The sate was held by special masters
under a decree ot' the I nlled Stales cir.
cull court for a foreclimiire sale under
the niorlKHtre of the Atm-rl. ail Trust
riunpntiy of Boston under date nf Jan
uary I, HioT,
AMl'l Mi l!
pire, l,u- of I
lie Work- j.-rv iel,
i nil"' he; !' irinc oil. Iciiiilina lln.
Ills oUl. .. y'.-t.--d-iy About a half d
I en inoie ueic imiidfcrcd.
Six Strikers Shut by Sheriff 1
Government After Sardine Trust..., 1
Iirsciied from Marge In M hl-t icean . . I1
Milkan Indemnity Agreed I'pon 1 i
No Gunness Verdict Vet li
Slee Men Contradict i.'arneglp 2
llospiuii Ship Adrift and Afire 3 ,
Financial News and ('imitations.... 10,
General Stats News ,1
Sheath Skirt In Court I
(Utlelnl Slate Vote 7 I
1 ll'V. I
Thanksgiving Pay Program li
Administrator for Knot Kstato...... 1
Kllle,) by llin Cars .' 1
lllds on Bet'tlhin System 1
Court to Determine Plaintiff 1
Pong Puna way 1
News oi the Courts 12
Doings In Realty 12
Srnil t.h l'ne 0.
Pane;t Car Wins.
Iu the Field of Sport To-day.
Hesults at (inklnnd.
Cornell nt Philadelphia.
Howling Pesults.
General Sporting News.
Porando wins Itaep.
Hyperion--"Golden HutterlP- '
Grand "Angel nf the Trail."
Poll's - High Class Vaudeville.
Services at the Churches.
Contest Over Appointment by
Probnte Court on Estate of
Man Who Pied Twelve
Years Ago.
Pill lea thin Wns Made hi Connection
Mth $10,000 Suit Hronght on
Note I.,ucd lo Arthur
Horn's Widow.
After a contest in the probate court
that lamed about two hours yester
day afternoon Judge Studiey granted
the application made by Attorneys
Clark. Hall, peck and McLaren for
the appointment of an administrator
over the estate pf Arthur 0. Itoot,
"ho died on February 4, lSfui. Attor
ney Harry W. Atwater, of t V ofllce of
Clark. Hail, peck, A Mcliren, wai
appointed as administrator by the
court. The application was opposed
by White, Padgett Plake, on the
ground that the court could not exer
cise its discretion in appointing an
administrator on the estate of a man
who had been dead over twelve years,
The law provides that after ten years
the court my appoint an administra
tor, If asked for, If, hi his opinion
there is good cms for such appoint
ment, but the court Is not obliged,
after ten years, to name an adminis
trator, and th" opposition tried to
show that in this case there was not
suttlcient cans., for tile court to us.,
its discretion In the wav asked hv the
! applicant.
The application Is made by Clark,
Hall, Teek McParen In connection
with a suit which they are bringing
against on" Charles F. Hoot. In the
superior court. The suit Is for Pi.
ooa damages and the plaintiff In the
case Is Margaret powd Root, widow
of Arthur C. Hoof. The suit Is ha.ed
op two notes, one for JIl.ooi) ami tie
other for $1,500, which Mrs. Knot
claims Charles Ho.it gave to her after
the death of her husband. Charles
Hoot had beep sm-etv under bond of
lis.nort for William Moot, who had
been appointed guardian over Arthur
Hoot many years before, and said
William Root never, so far as t ie rrc-ord.-i
of the probnle court show, filed
any a.-connt of his guardianship,
j Ip looking up the ,-ase the atlor-
i ip ;.n found that previous to tlie notes
cneti tu the widow, after tip. death
of her husband, there ;id existed
three notes given by Charb-s Moot to
Arthur tioof, which had been cancel
led apparently to he replaced by the
notes given to (he widow. This put a
new face op the case and made It a
question whetaer or not the son of
Arthur an. I .Margaret pool, Henry,
who Is now sixteen years of ate,
wotdd not have an Interest in the
nols, and perhaps a greater interest
than hlf mother. In order t,, include
)m M the suit application was made
for the appointment of an adinlnls-
now lie included with his mother
a plaintiff In the damage suit
ught on the notes p question.
Masters Favor Shorter Lines imd Tow
ing of Put Two Marges.
Poston, Nov. "5. Of the score of
piasters of (oastiilse steamship and
railing vessels who testified to-dny at
the Boston hearing before the special
commission of the government which
Is investigating the letiKth of tows of
barges along Uie coast, all but ope fa
vored the shortening ,,f the tow lines
to 2. 150 feel at sea npd 1.500 feet In
inland waters. They also opposed
the towing of more than two Jiargen
by a. tug.
The c ommlsslon Is composed of
Hear-Admim! A. Marix ( retired i and
George- Fhler, supervising Inspector
for the department of commerce and
Jury Gels Case nl iiUMI mid Is Locked
( p for Mght at 10:1.").
Pa 1'orle, I mI , Nov. 2S. - The case of
liny Fnniphoro, on trial for the murder
of Mis, Pelle Gunness and her throe
children, was given lo-tbe Jury at i":30
ihls eienipe Alter deliberating four
hour,- nppai en'ly without rco-hlug a
i ell t the Jury at 10.4a o'clock to
night wuit to bid.
Governor Woodruffs Thanksgiving
rtellcvhiK In the simple faith of u (iod-fciiiiug people whose
forefathers braved the perils of an unknown sen and the liaarils of
a sawiRC wilderness, who were Inspired by Hh lne l'ro Idence to I'd ce
sin i'mi I Ion and death with a fortitude unexampled and n purpose
unparalleled In till huuinn history, that they might estiiblh.li it com
nioiiw'enlth In which all men should he free and equal under the law;
And In recognition of n sacred en-loin Instituted by the pioneers
and porpetnilrd by their children, I hereby appoint Thursday, the
2lth day of November, ns u day of
And I hullo nil the people of Conneellcut lo give this time to
the solemn olmeriliuee of prayer to 1 1 1 ill who directs the destinies of
men ami of nntloiis, mid whose blessings at Ihls present period nro
inn nl lest In the stability of our country and our slnle; hi the Iran
(pillllty n( our eh Hinl Ion; the iidvaiieemeiil of our children; In the,
liivlgocntlon ol our' Industries, and the Illumination and in oral de
lation of I he American republic. Let us nil imlle In praise ns a
people, regardless of color, rneo or creed, rejoicing; and fensllng
and so acknowledge, by expression of frith, of confidence and of
ehaiily. I lint love shall henceforth he the motive of our lives, lo tho
end Unit siifferhiR' shall he relieved nnd a nobler brotherhood ninln
talncd. Given under my hand and the senl of Hip stnte, this 12th duy of
November. In the year ot our Lord, one thousand nine hundred nnd
eight, nnd of Ihe Independence of the liilted Stntes, the one hun
dred nnd thlrty-lhlrd, HOLL1X S. WOODKCFF.
lSy His IWcelleney's eommnnd.
Superior Court Couldn't Tell. So Judge
Ilotobklss Is Appointed to In
qulro Into the Novel Cnse.
Unable to ascertain from the evt
dence and pleadings who wns plaintiff
and who defendant In the case of
George F. Krlpps against James Fer
guson, or vlca versa. Judge Jtoblnson
took the case off the superior court,
chil side, calender and appointed B
committee of one, or more appropriate,
a referee to decide It. In this case, the
two both prefer claims for damages
and accounting against the other. They
were formerly partners, hence the dif
ficulty In ascertaining how to enter the
The two were formerly pnrtners en
gaged In the business of dealing In
horses, having their dace of business
In Commerce street. In September,
inofi, they dissolved partnership and
soon afterwards brought suit to ench
compel the other to account.
After vainly attempting to wade
through nil Intricate series of figures
presented by each side, the court ap
pointed Judge Hobart Hotchklss to de
cide who owed who and bow much, or
If nobody owed anybody. Fn'-h side
claim several thousand dollars from
the other. The recommendation of
Judge Hofchktss will probably be fol
lowed by the superior court when the
cnse s returned to It after the novel
The first pnrt of the rase wns henrd
yesterday In the referee's rnoth In the
court house. It will he continued on
The lawyers In the case are Attor
neys Harrlmnn did peers for Krlpps
and Attorney Hownrd Webb for Fer
Adcle nibble, of Muslonl Comedy
I 'nine, A No.
I Special (- 'llie ,ln, irnn-f i, trier.)
Bridgeport, Nov. 2S. The nppearnnce
of Adcle Ritchie, the celebrated song
bird of the musical comedy stage, and
the additional attraction of the first
sheath gown ever seen In the building,
made things lively about the county
curt house this morning. Miss Ritchie,
who was handsomely gowned, Is a
friend of Mrs, Alice C, R, Pierce, the
beautiful New York girl, who claimed
she was forcibly detained In Dr. Mc
Fat'land's sanllnrlutn In Westport. Her
counsel. Attorney , John J. Wnl.sli
brought habeas corpus proceedings In
her behalf, nnd there wns a hearing
yesterday afternoon which was con
tinued until- todry.
This morning Attorney Walsh nnd
Attorney James A. Marr, representing
Mr.s. Pierce's family, got together and
n sett lenient was reached. It w as
agreed that Mrs. Pierce should be re
leased from Dr. McFnrland's place and
she has consented to enter another In
stitution. The petitioner Is n young
woman wllh more thnn her shnre of
good looks. She Is said to he wealthy
and Is an accomplished horsewoman.
When she appeared In court Mrs.
Pierce was accompanied by n number
of friends, and it was one of those who
sported the, sheath gown. It was said
that there were so many sensational
details In connection with the cnse that
to avoid scandal It was deemed best to
not have an open hearing. Everything
was done with the greatest secrecy.
Clubhouse Coimnlliee offers Fine Time
for Saturday.
The opening entertainment -if the
winter fp be given by the Qnlnnlpiack
club at Its house In Chapel street 1.3
scheduled for Saturday, and an excel
lent and varied program for the even
ing, which will be preceded by a spe
cial dinner to be served from l! to 8
In the entertainment, line Walter
W. Waters, of Metropolitan fame, has
been secured. Mr. Waters in a bright
and ready entertainer with storb-H and
sopgs, and he In hooked for a solid
season In New Vorl; wllh Ihls as th"
only break,
Musical fen 1 urea will he Hnelv rep
resented by Ihe famous Schubert
quartet, which needs no Introduction
to New 1 la '-encrs. A fine program .if
music's best is to be Klvop by fh'-lll.
Percy B. Keenan, ntioiher New Ha
vener, well known In musical circles,
will nccomuiipy and bet at the i otp
matiil of lh" members prcseiii for Im
promptu vocalizations on Hidr part.
A buffet lunch will follow tip. enter
tainment, and Is scheduled to make its.
appearance nbitit 10:1'.. Tie houe
co.niuil'tee has complete rharg of ,ir
ranements, nnd promises something
all to the good.
Supplies Committee Will Open
Them at Headquarters
Twelve Front Feet of Patrolmen's
Hoom lo Be Given to Their
Bids are to be opened by the sup
plies committee of the benrd of police
commissioners to-morrow for the in
stalatlon of the Bertlllon system of
equipment, which the loenl department
will hnve in accordance with the ap
propriation made by the board ofdnance
this year. This means that In ft short
time the" Bertlllon system will become
a part of the New Nnvcn police sys
tem, as has already been done In sev
eral cities of the state. The Bertlllon
equipment Is to be Installed In the
present deteettvs headquarters which
will he strictly the Bertlllon room,
meaning thot the detectives are going
to move their home.
The new quarters for the detectives
hns nlready been picked. It will be
the forward pnrt of what Is now the
gneral patrolmen's quarters, where the
men spend their leisure time on what
Is known In police circles ns "repori."
The partitioning off nf this section of
the room will not mnke the patrolmen's
space, very much smaller than nt pres
ent, as It Is proposed to use only the
first twelve feet ef the room all the
way Across from wnll to wall. This
will make a considerably larger quar
ter for the detectives thnn at present
nnd a more Accessible and pleasant one,
ns there will be several large windows
ncross the front and the entrance,
which Is now closed, except on rare
occasions, will be opened so as to give
entrance right from the front door of
headquarters. The room will be wider
by several feet than the present and
nearly twlee as long.
This chsnge will prehahly be adver
tised fop bidding in n few days, so
that workmen be started soon after
the conclusion, of the ehunges In the
main qimrters of the department. Tn
order to Install the Bertlllon system
the detectives will hnve to get Into
their opw room so that the work wil
probably be started within a couple of
Prince nnd Mine. Gould Hauled Over
Cnn Is) by Bonl's Attorney.
Paris, Nov. 25, The first day's
proceedings In the suit of Count Bonl
Do Castellnne against his former wife,
who wns Miss Anna Gould, of New
York", nnd who Is now the wife of
Prince Hdlo po F-ngan, for the cus
tody of his three children were char
acterized by a strong denunciation of
the prince nnd princess by M, Bonnet,
w ho represented Count De Cnstelanne.
ite nosonned trie marriage as a
ratastrophs which had resulted In the
qiiasl-ahandonnient. of the children,
and. without mercy, raked De Sagan's
past his early life, his amorous ad
ventures with questionable compan
ions, his ostracism by his family, the
mouth ho spent In Jnll before the
case charging him with the forgery
of notes lo the value of fSO.OOfl, was
nolle pressed through the Intervention
of his father and his amorous esca
pades even since bin marriage.
New liile Field There Is Nothing More
Than a Possibility.
It may he Mated on the authority
of the members of the Yale alumni
athletic advisory committee that noth
ing otriclul or definite has been done
In regard to tho selection of a now
Yale Held. Most of tin.' talk In this
connection hns been caused simply
by the lack of accommoilal Ion on last
Saturday, and has little foundation.
Attorney Charles F. Clarke of llam
dep lias, however, made an offer of
thirty acres of land In Hamdeti, pear
the upper end of Pake Whitney, being
part of Die Hliliii 1 1 u in l.-don estate, ot
which he Is Ihe administrator, lie
has quoted a, price of $7.0011 on this
properly, and at toe request of M ,-,
Camp, lias furnished hlni with a ile.
mulled pi m of the ground, It Is un
derstood that this proposition will he
presented to Uie committee later, but
un'il then no dcilnlto action will be
That Is, AU But the Weather la
in tho Best of Trim' and
Ready to Do Justice
to the Day.
City's Guests to He Well Cnred for
Dut No One Cnn Eiijoy It All
Quite Like Llttlo
An enterprising mi'thomatlclan
spent last evening trying to figure out!
by how much the weif.'ht of New Ha
vn' population will le Increased to
day If one firm In the city alone dis
posed of some eight' tons of the fowls
of the air. And meanwhile the festive;
turk exclaimed, "butchered to makei
a Roman holiday."
All the stores In the center report
ed last evening that their supply of
Thiitksglvlng edibles had been unus
ually well oleaned up, at prices Si
little below those of last year. So
little Willie will spend the mornintf.
In close proximity to the kitchen, an'
tlclpatlng In Its odors the glorloua
feast to come. Some of those of thai
older generation will attend church.
In the morning, but most of thos,
who do not stay at home will attend
oie of the numerous athletic events.
And then at noon the great even
will occur! Even tho crossest oil
bachelor uncle will confess that thera
Is really nothing quite like their feast
of all feasts.
So at noon all the family, with the;
visiting unoles and aunts, cousins and
brothers home for the holidays, will
sit down and start In on the real work
of the day which will occupy thenv
for the next 'two hours. Little Willi
will then sit down In peace and con
tentment he will be pretty sure to
sit down for a while at least, for ha
will be too full for violent exertion.
For the other members of the family
football, bowling and other " sports
will fill the afternoon.
In preparation for the day the rail
road company had Its hands full yes
terday in carrying those who were
going away for the holidays. There
will also be a somewhat heavy traf
fic this morning In bringing those
who get here Just In time for dinner.
As the weather will probably be
stormy, the trolley company does not
expect much business except In carry
ing those who are going to witness the
various athletic events.
For those who cannot get home for
the day, there will be a dinner at the
Y. M. C. and nt Pwlght hall those
Yale students who must remain in
town will be entertained.
Last evening In the center could be
seen those who were trying to da
all their buying In tho last few min
utes of grace. There could also be
seen those wiio were trying to do
secure a turkey for a quarter not
per pound, but per turkey, Those
centered about the cafes and pntlently
handed over one quarter after anoth- '
er, while some newcomer would win
on his first chance. Some patient
ones paid out four or five dollars in or
vain attempt to secure a two dollar
There were also little pigs to ba
had for the winning, but they were
not always to bo had for long. At
one Church street cafe, some lucky
ra filer won a little porker, which then
suddenly gave his possessors the slip
and ran out Into the cold world of
Church street. With a crowd after
him he threatened to beat Dorando'S
(Continued on Second Page.)
Washington, Nov, 25. Forecast for?
Thursday nnd Friday:
For Eastern New York: Partly,
cloudy Thursday, rain at night or Fri
day, colder Friday, increasing east to
souths wlndft.
, New Englnnd, partly cloudy Thurs
day, rniu nenr the const; Friday, rain
in south, rain or snow In north portion,
colder In the Interior; east to south
winds, Increasing somewhat.
Observations at United Slates weath-
er bureau stations, taken at. S p. m. yes
terday, sevonty-llfth meridian time,
Tern. Dir. Vel. Pre. Weath
Albany 06 S 12 00 Cloudv
Atlnntn 60 B 1 4 T. Pt.Cldy
Bismarck.... 20 NAY 20 42 Snow
Boston 48 N 5 T. Rain
Buffalo till SK 1 2 00 Pt.Cldy
Chicago 64 ii 43 1.00 Clear
Cincinnati.... 08 SR 10 00 Pt.Cldy
Cleveland. ... 62 SE 24 0) Pt.Cldy
Denver 26 SW 8 04 Clear
Hnrlford 52 N 4 02 Cloudy
Patterns CO NE 4 00 Clear
Jacksonville.. H6 NE 8 (0 Clear
Nantucket..-. . 52 SE 12 06 Pt Hdy
N. OrleanH. . . . "2 SE 6 00 Clear
New York 56 E 8 00 Chmdy
Norfolk 56 E 6 00 Clear
(imaha 34 NV 12 26 Cloudy
I'liisburg 84 SE 12 )0 Clear
I'ortliind.'Me.. 38 NW 8 T. Cloudy
Providence... 48 NE 8 01 Rain
St. Louis 02 3 18 44 Clear
St. Pi hi 42 N 8 26 Cloudy
Washington.. 56 NE 0 00 Clear
November 2i, 1008.
A.M. P.M.
Temperature 43 54
j Wind direct Ion NK NE
I wind velocity 7
I precipitation ol 01
Wenther Misting MlStlllJ
I Minimum temperature. 47
Maximum temperature. . 58
.Minimum ji.-h ;, i . . . .
Maviminii Inst year, ... 41
L. M. 'J'ARlt, Local Forecaster,
U. S. Weather Bureau.
M I M A l l. II U A I, M A X AC.
Sun Rises 6:"1
Sun Sets 4:2J
High Water 18:00

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