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If It's News and True,
It's Here.
Weather To-day :
VOL. LXIII., NO. 288.
Opinion of a Supporter of Bran
degee, Who Declares Latter
Will Win by Vote of
Two to One.
Over His Good Xnmc and Reputation
an i:(Tfirt Is Making to Punish
the Present Sen
ator. (Mlicrlnl to (tip .rniirnnl-t niirlrr.)
Hartford, Xov. SO, It Is not no easy
as it looks on the surface of things to
account for the apparent confluence
of Congressman Mill, and his more
active supporters, In his ability to un
horse, United .states Senator Frank
Hrandegee at the winter session of the
incoming general assembly. It Is one
thing to cry "Victory" weeks In ad
vance of the meeting of the men, al
ready elected, who will sit on the case,
and another thing to create it,
.So far as facts arc facts, they ap
pear In the case to b'.' the deliberate,
use r.f Congressman Hill's good namo
end reputation as a nvm of rerfl abil
ity and to punish Frank Brandegee
for shortcoming's, more fanciful than
real. An impressive and unexpected
republican plurality for Judge Taft In
Connecticut seems to have conveyed
to Mr. Hrandoeec's enemies the Im
pression that they they have been
given by the voters th- warrant to
chop his head off at will, regardless
of the fact that members of the up
per house of congress are not permit
ted, under the rules of senatorial
courtesy, to take command of the sen
ate during a single term.
Th" contest between Senator Bran
degee and Congressman Hill does not
involve the question of the latter's fit
ness to sit in the senate. It Is a more
practical question than that, which
does Involve Senator Brandogee's fit
ness, his personal popularity and the
Old fashioned Connecticut view of
playing the gam" fair. In this con
nection many republican stagers are
asking themselves if "the square deal"
is for national application only,
Congressman Hill has received
many letters from Connecticut ad
mirers assuring him of their Interest
in his candidacy, hut they have been
from men who cannot possibly count
but little In the real struggle. It Is
possible that If a direct primary law
was in force Mr. Hill might win at the
polls, hut there is In Connecticut only
the hope that some clay there will be
such r law.
In the meantime, and as United
States senators are elected In the
states of the union, the field was
Well ploughed and sown In Connecti
cut by Senator Brandegee and his
friends before the pells were opened
on election day. Only beginners In
politics can question this. Senator
Erandegee was a liberal contributor
to the state campalen fund. He drew
h'ls cheek for $o.0O0. His law partner
and personal friend, Michael Kenealy,
fe chairman of the republican state,
central committee, It would be a mir
acle In practical politics, If, under
these circumstances, Mr. Brandegoe's
political interests were neglected hy
th active workers In the field.
Said a close friend of Senator
Bramlegen's t"-day to your represen
tative: "Frank will he reelected by a
2 to 1 vote. Hill has ben deceive 1
by his friends, and Is ohnslng false
hopes. It Is too bad, for he is a good
man, but this Is not his time. Bran
degree has said nothing, and In my
opinion 'he won't say anything. He
and Hill ' are good friends. Why,
Frank will have a clear plurality of
members from Hill's own congression
al district,"
Therels, however, a feeling through
out the state that Mr. Hill Is a man
destined some day to sit In the sen
ate, and It Is this Justifiable confidence
in hla ability which, on general prin
ciples, Is at this time misleading his
friends and him. So much for the
gossip of the hour
Charges of George Fox Agnlnst Two
Will no Heard.
At the meeting of the board of po
lice commissioners, which will be held
this evening, the charges brought
against Patrolman Bart Daley of the
central station and Otto Peterson of
the Grand avenue precinct by George
L. Fox, will be heard. Mr. Fox
charges Daley and Peterson with
"winking" at violation of the liquor
laws In the cases of two saloonkeep
ers, who were punished for violation
of the law on Election day, and with
tipping them off, a ho. A .New York
detective employed to watch on elec
tion day, is said to have complalucrj
to Mr. Fox that the policemen were
tipping the saloonkeepers off.
Supremo Court Fpholdjt Stto Com
mission's Two-Out Order.
Washington, Nov. ,1a. The supreme
court of the Pulled Stales to-day re
versed I lie decision of the United
States I'li'ciili court for the eastern
district of Virginia, which held uncon
stitutional liie order of the state rail
road eniniulssiini (Wing a two-cent pas
senrrrr rate un slate business. The ef
fect of vlie decision is the upholding of
the unler,
I IVM (', CAPTAIN llt,MI'l,llSS.
New York. Nov. , Captain M. W.
Mowbray, of t'.ic pan,i;u line rltll..r
FlWUS-e, Will,-:, ,,,,); ,,, 'I'li'i i',s-
.;jviv,g liav In' t iie Jmv.v la j In a ,.! .
listen wit-i the -,ji rrK,tr
Georelr "'as evnic 't, ; ui-.i.t ,v !.
local beard of stea.,.,, in.pe, tms at
their formal Inquiry into lit accident.
Glittering, Whirling Thing Full Into
Arms of Two Ynlo Men.
Two studes with but. a single
thought, three cops that beat us one.
On this quotation from Ibsen hangs a
Before an emporium on Church street
whirls a. windy sign bearing the super
scription, Worhsid MIJ. At the. witch
ing hour of midnight, last evening two
athletic, nlcuhollcally exhllirated stud
ents paused beneath the whirling bau
ble wrapped In admiral Ion of Its scin
tillating nourish. At this moment, so
they explained later' to the police, the
Glittering Thing fell upon them, In
their very nrms, In fact. Yes, Indeed.
Que falre? they cogitated, ami delib
erating, lost. Bearing their burden
between them across the crowded thor
oughfare, they met three officers of the
law Faee-to-Face. So convincing was
their plea of self-defense and so np
pfnling their Innoient faces that they
were allowed to go their way after diz
zily and vainly seeking to tlestore their
burden to Its ordained place on the diz
zy height.
Charge of Crlmlnnl Libel 'Against Sen
ator McMchol. of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Xov. .10. State Sena
tor James p. MoXlohol, leader of the
republican organization In Philadel
phia, was Indicted by the grand jury
to-day on a charge of criminal libel
preferred by Max Kaufmarin, former
secretary to Mayor Rcybnrn. Kauf
mann, In turn, was Indicted for per
jury.. At the same time a bill charg
ing D. Clarence Glbboney, secretary
of the Law and Order society, with
criminal libel, preferred by Senator
WeXicnoi, was Ignored. The cases
grew out of the political campaign
of 1905.
Grievance Committee of Train
men Hopes for Answer from
the Road To-day.
Settlement Depends on His Answer
May Be Trouble on Canadian
Pacific In Alberta.
It was just a month ago yesterday
that the national officers f the rail
road trainmen and conductors came
to w Haven In recard to the trou
ble between the men and the road and
It will be at least a week before they
will be able to leave. No mootinss
have been held this week and the
men are awaiting for further word
from General Manager lliegins.
Last week Mr. Hlggins save an
answer to several of the demands of
the employes, but It was far from sat
isfactory to them and they held an
other session with Mr. HUrr.lns to pre
sent their point of view. Since then
he has had the 'matter under consid
eration and will probahly send the
grievance committee word of his de
cision to-day or ask for another
meeting wlh them.
In any case a Ileal meeting will
probably be necessarv to wind up the
odds and ends of tlv matter, or in
case of an adverse decision and a
refusal by Mr. Hiirelns to oon-lder
the questions further, the committee
will probably ask for a meeting with.
President Mellen. A peaceable set
tlement, however, Is now confidently
looked for by all of the parlies con
cerned. Mr. Hiegios last evening refused o
say whether he will make any reply
to the grievance committer, to-day, or
what the nature of his answer will be
when he ultimately gives one,
S. N. Berry, national officer of the
conductors, said last night that he
hoped to have the matter settled up
the end of th week, but could hy
no means be certain of the outcome as
all now depends on Mr. Hlgglns. Mr.
Berry is especially anxious to finish
up the .conferences and settle the dif
ficulty as he has been called to Leth
brldge, Alberta province In Canada,
where there is a line of the Canadian
Pacific railroad. He did not know the
exact nature of the summons, but it.
Is probably connected with some mis
understanding with the Canadian Pa
Warden Moru-lii and Greene Kendrb k
Lead Republicans and Democrats.
The annual borough election in
West Haven w
as usual, there
1 be held to-day, and
is a great, .leal of In-
terest. In the outcome of the day's
work at the polls. AVarden Merwin.
who has held the Job for two terms,
has again beep placed at the head of
the ticket by the republicans, while
the democrats have named Greene
Kendrlck, a former burgess and also
ex-mayor of WnterLury, as a standard
bearer. It Is expected that a heavy
vote will be polled.
Jury Finds Belief In Splrliuallsm No
Proof of Insanity.
New York, Nov. ",n, After having
been declared Insane a year ago and
incompetent to manage his affairs,
! Edward Ward Vandcrbilt, husband of
the "Spiritualistic bishop," Mary Ann
SonnnoH-Peppcr-VniwIorhilt, and a.
wealthy, retired lumln r dealer of
Brooklyn was declared sane hy a sher
iff's Jury to-night. Three commis
sioners appointed by in,, supremo
court to conduct the trial concurred
in the vend iet.
The lii'ioirles in'o Mr. Vampo-hllt's
imntal condition were Instituted by
h'.s datmhlfr. Miss Minorca Vandcr
bilt after his marriage of Mrs. Pepper
in June of last jtar.
Proposal Sent to Mayor Martin
by Washington Criminolo
gist for New City
Study of Criminal Classes (o Held
nilno When Thry Are Capable of.
Freedom Without I'mlnn
gerlng Society.
There has been sent to Mayor Marl In
of this city by Arthur McDonald, of
Washington, the honorary president of
the Third International Congress of
Criminal Anthropology of Europe, and
a noted criminologist, a letter and
enclosed pamphlets suggesting the In
troduction In this city of an Impor
tant line' of work In connection with
the criminals of the city. The win k Is
none other than a systematic city
bureau with well equipped laboratory
wherein competent, criminologists niav
study for the benefit of the city the
criminal and weakling or defective
classes of the city represented, of
course, bv those arresterl and convicted
of crime. This laboratory Idea h the
primary one In the letter sent to the
mayor and the proposition Ii that the
city should appropriate sufficient
money for such a laboratory which
would have for Its aim the lessening of
crime and the reformation of the crim
inals. The author of the letter holds
that such a department as this Is as
necessary to a city as the health de
partment. The letter follows:
Ills Honor, the Mayor.
Sir: - I beg leave to suggest that you
make some recommendation to your
city officials for the establishment of a t
city laboratory to study the 'criminal
and weakling classes.
The enclosures elv the general pur
pose of su"h studv with as much
deftnlteness as new line? of Investlc'i
tlon will permit.
As Indicated on pace 3 of enclosed
leaflet, It seems to me, that every lav.?"
city should be willing to appropriate at
least $1,200 to study the causes from
which arise. Its greatest, most constant
and most costly enemies. For this Is
the only way to giln such trust w or'hy
knowledge as will enable the rlty to
lessen theee enemies jpj. ,,nr ry,
pene. Such work Is as lieres.r-.irv to a
city as Its health department,
nequestlng your most careful and
distinguished consideration, 1 have the
honor o remain, cost re :pct fnv,
(pi.sned) ARTHCP M 'In IN" 1,1 V
12" "A" Street, Northwest, Wvihlng'on,
The theory of this proposition Is that
(Continued on Second Page )
Charles llnpfrn, Brvldi ore I nknoun,
the Man H Hied by Train.
Ident tflcatlon of the man wh
i was
found lying beside the railroad track i ,
at. Wnodmont yesterdnv morning was
obtained through papers In h'c pock
ets, which showed him to be Charles
A. Hansen. 'tis home Is unknown,
but from the papers was secured the
fact that be bad a niece residing In
Greensboro, Pa, and a tclcrain was
sent to her yeotrodav noon by Pe i e,
Graham & Haves, the West lla'.en
undertakers, who bn'e chaice of the
body An answer wa te.-eived from
this niere stating that she would come
her" and take charge of the reniaioi.
She is evpei terl to arrive here to.dav. !
The body was espied by the engineer
of an inbound train arriving here yes-
terday morning about fiiUft, The body j
was lying In a ditch at the boitotn of
the railroad embankment. The iiranr.e1
authorities were notified and they had
the bodv tn.len to Pierce, Graham .!
Mayes' rooms, tt. Is believed the man
'met bis death while unliving the i
j tracks, belna struck by a train sohm
j time Sunday night.
Mnnsoy to Try New Fvpcrlnient
Washington Times,
Washlntrton, ,'ov.
nounorment Is made
noon :
-This an
this afler-
"Heirinning next Sunday the Wash- i -5"
Incton Sunday Times will be Issued in jt
the ovenlne, Instead of the morning, j (
ns heretofore. The reasons for Ihiajj
change will be published later In lh"j.J.
week. The Sunday levelling Times j
will be strictly a newspaper mil a
feature paper. The price will be on
j no price w ill oe one
as the regular weck -
it will lie as newsy a
his cnplla! has evr
cent, the same
day Issues, and
newspaper as th
The nuteonir of the experiment
should be of int'HTSt, not only to
newspaper publishers, but to the great
body of newspaper readers.
Prog l ess
Made In
) Ihnls
Trial of
fliuaha, Neb., Nov. Ho.-Tho trial fit
Charles K. Mavis, charged with the
minder on the night of September 1,
I'.lu.'i, of Mr. Frederick T. Kiislin was
begun in the district court before .luile
Sear,., loday.
Good progress was made in tin- effort
lo yt a Jury. When courl adjourned
for the day, 41 talesmen had lien ex-
amlned. (if these HI had been excused
for la'ieo and Pi peremplorlly ciialleng -
ed Tile jury box wns full and the stale
had two challenges left and the del'ons..
four. Attorneys though! tonight thai
the Jury would be i umpleied toner.
(il'.M'.ll t
Vnndcrblll 1 leclared Sane r
Tvvo i Vnt bate ( 'mi hi 1 1 tit innri I 1
Itusi hi Jury Nenrly Ready 1
j Hi;: I'd, hi. :ii Indioiod 1
Iliiilroan SI : Ike Vole on '
I i ii ;i ii w n.-. hi. ', ' i . i nipci i.'iiist
i Ui Ti-imi 1 ill ill Helens," .
' I',.,. I 1 i, I',. ., A I, l 1
Financial News and Quotations.,.,. 10
I Jen, 'i n 1 State News 12
Hill's Friends lecelve
Study of Local Ci line 1
Carbolic In Policeman's Pace 1
licit i, of Joseph Siioninger 1
Say Campbell Was Speeding 1
Weird Experience of VHle Men 1
Tim hilnoii Expect lioply 1
Fractures llln at fl 1 Years.......... 1
Tv poi heuic .Meeting 1
News, of the Courts 12
M'oilTS Pne 0.
l.ocai poln 'renin Wins.
ft i soils at Oakland.
Kowllnu Tournament Starts In X. T,
Australians Keep Cup.
Cnpl.iln UlcliHi'ils I Hsijiia lltleil.
Plant, for Yule llnckej' TcHtn.
Kii stern Baseball League Meets.
Indoor A. A. U, Msct.
General Sport ing News.
Symphony Concert at Wnolsey Hall.
"Girl of Hie Emerald Isle" Grand.
High Clasn Vaudeville at Poll's.
Policeman Reilly Burned by Acid
Hurled at Him When He
Thwarts Ney's Death
Powerful Gorman Would-Bc Suicide
Locked Himself Inside and Tried
to Blind Bellly as He
be an
d In what the family believed to
attempt at suicide last night
Ney, n powerfully built six-foot
German, hurled a ! ottle of carbolic at
Patrolman Heilly of the Howard nve
nne rtatlon narrowly missing his face,
ruining his suit coat and burning his
hands badly. A son of the man who
caused nil the trouble Informed the
Howard avomip po'be station that his
father hnd a bottle of carbolic acid and
that he feared he Intended to commit
suicide with It. He asked that an of
ficer be s"tit over to prevent the con
templated ntlcldo Officer Heilly was
detailed to g. i to the man's home at
I'M Slan avenue
W'lieii Ibilly arrived at the house
Philip N"V locked hlmsi'lf up In his
hed'ouni and refused to come out.
Ileilly bad bad time to assure hlios"lf
'hat the man had a bottle of carbolic
H Id all i i cli t and he telephoned back
to the Howard avenue station for
further orders on his return be was
told to S"l to the man If ho hnd to
break through
the door to do It This
started b. do and w hen the dour
broke away before him Ph'llp Ney was j meeting vv is called to ordei- for dinner
stjinding tight behind It and as the of- at ! ,,Vlnek.
fler-r came through tbe door he hurled Murine the evening there wa.s a gen
iho bottle of aclrl fit him It missed his! era: discussion of trade conditions In
fa, e, however, and ?pill"d most of the the state. The cons. n.snii nf npinion
e, intents on his suit, alllioui'h consider. was that business is still riilof dull
aide wept en Ills bands and burned and that it will take some time for
them nnd Nov himself received some
i burns Tbi' condition of neither man Is
i'erlons however. polity then placed
' ey under arrest on a chT'ce of breach
j of the pence. H" alio tn iirtrl the bot
i lb' an an e ,h ine against N'ey for
court. It Is a two ounce bottle and
Iteilh declares It w as full
j Nov Is m years of age, and has never
I been n'oeste, before, (le has S S"tl
I serving out a sentence In the ja here,
however. The .ion was arrested a
l'oipo of months aco and is said at
tl'e tillie to have made threatening nnd
ridiculous remarkn. telling what he
would do to tbe police
I Ine of Ney's
the face. lie
W ben be broke
son was burned some In
was behind the officer
Into the room.
The Bed Cross Christ inns
(.lamps arc on sale here In (lie
business olhiT of (lie Morning;
,tiiiiriiiil-( oiii'lcr, 100 stall' Mioel,
one nf (ho llrst places Ibey luivc 4. j
been offered for snlc In New Ha- 4" j
i .j.
! J "M' K
; 'ur-f
en. I lie slninps arc sold fur J.
o( ciii'Ii, mill (lie proceeds 1
go lo iiss.l-1 I lie l.slllng T
flsMoi'liilinn III lis work of 1
suppressing tulii'rculosls locally.
The slumps arc nol lo be used
for mulling purpo-c, hut arc lo
he allachcd lo Cliil-linas park
in; es and Idlers during I lie holi
day season as 11 message of good
cIhmt and an cvlilcnic of Hie
lirlsliiins spirit. .Mi'i'i'haiils will
iie I hem on Hie nrllclcs and
piicliiigcs llicy send out, and 1 1 1 -dividual
will use them on what
ever they send, so 11ml the sale
piimilscs to be large. Iiiforma
(Ion regarding llicsc slumps was
(irst ghcu In this city liy Mrs. .1.
II. Tovviiscnil, of the Visiting
Nurse a-social Ion, :!! College
street, from vvliiun persons wish
ing slumps In quantities may
obtain tlicm. It should lie 1111
(Ici'siiiod that every penny real
ized from (be sale of these
hlninps will be dciolcd lo the
use of (ho New Haven (uhcri'ii
losis nurse In providing (he
licec-siry ti'endiu'ul, eggs and
milk, for those ill vvllli the
"great white plague."
j 4
j J
I "j"
; .fr
;i t Witnesses in Manslaughter Case
Testify Car Was Going Fast
When Dr. Morgan Was
Long' Mspules ItrlHccn the Attorney's
for Until Sides Make Post,
lionoment of the Trial
The trial of Samuel K. Campbell, the
auto dealer of Goffe street was contin
ued In city court yesterday afternoon
a-'d most of the evidence in th prose
cution on the charge of manslaughter
In killing the Rev. Mr. (J. Prlnley Mor
gan with his auto on November 14 was
heard. There still remain one or two
witnesses for the .state.
'A large part of the afternoon was
giv en to bickerlnc; hot ween City Attor
ney Samuel K. Jloyt and Attorney
Jacnb p, ijoodhart who appeared for
the defoiv-e with Waller Pickett assist
ing. One of the longest disputes was as to
whether Coroner Mix could testify ns
to what Campbell paid to him' at the
inquest. Flr::t the defense ,ald that
this was without precedent, offering the
coroner's testimony In a direct examin
ation. Mr. Hovf read previous cases,
where It had happened. Then Mr.
Goodharl objected on grounds that the
I'tiltcl state.., oor:ultullnn said that no
man could be compelled to testify
against himself, that Campbell had
been compelled to talk about the case
to the coroner and hence, rene.it inir
jwlnt he .said to him would bring the
evidence contrary to the constitution.
The court did not positively settle the
dispute hut Intimated that when the
rase goes on Wednesday morning that
the coroner's evidence w ill be admitted.
After trial, Judge Tynor paw the
(into In question which was In front of
the building. Frank P.. Faulkner was
the first v Itness of the afternoon. He
Is a We.sf Havener, working as a mo
tormnn on the trolleys. He saw the
death. Ho said that Mr. Morgan was
running when the auto struck him.
This was directly opposite the end of
the (irorn at the junction of Broadway
and Kim streets. He landed op his
face after being struck. Campbell went
further down Proadway and then turn
ed back.
Alfred Merrltt of 327 WhalW avenue,
registrar of Vale college, followed on
the stand. He snld that he knew Mr
(Continued on Third Page.)
No Vtliin Tnbon on Fight Hour Pay,
nt f ensf (Xlieliilly.
I Last evening at the Hotel Garde the
I Copnectleut Typothetae held their reg
j nl ir monthly mooting. Instead ,,f nevt
I -veeV as (lie i Panther of i 'nmnre
! dim. or Is to be held next totirlav nlcht
'About twerty-flvo tneri1.rK were ,,res-
j rut from i ivl the slate when the
bigs to
be. onto adlusted to normal
a'.;aln The matter of the eight hour
(iav was also disr.iss.'d very thorough
ly, but no notion was taken on the
matter last night It l. probable, how.
ever, that It v. Ml he adopted by most
of the printing houses before v-ory long.
Wilson H, Lee, president .if the Ty
pothetae. was asked what his firm In
tended to do c the matter and replied
that he was not using a spy glnss to
find any bridges ahead, but when he
gels there he will cross them, not he
fore which may mean something or
may not. The other members of the
association were as little Inclined to
give public expression to their opinions
on the subject. t
!t the nevt 'neetlnc on the first Mop
day In January, important action will
pr. bably be taken on several of these
Christ Church Not to i t on Matter
Before May I.
It has been reported that the vestry
of Christ church have decided upon a
new rector to succeed the late 1 ir.
.Morgan, but this wan denied last even
ing hy Frederick C, Earle, clerk of the
parish. To a .Pnirnal 1 'oiirlru- reporter
Mr, Karlo said :
"The subjei 1 nf selecting a rector in
! 1'iac,
of the late Mr. Morgan has not.
been broached vet and Micro will
4. be positively no action has taken In
Tithnl direction before the rst of Mnv
! ....... . n 11..... ,.. '
u'-.m ,11 1 m, v'-i.v , , i 1 1 , . 1 . in mo mean
time Itev. Mr. Burgess has been ap
pointed minister In charge and will
perform all duties of the parish. "
It may also ho slated thai the vestry
of the church have, nhVinlly or unof
ficially, no man In mind as yet for the
vacancy ami would pot lake up the
eonsldcrallon of die matter as soon
after the lab- rector's death.
The committee appointed Sunday to
have charge of the placing of a. memor
ial window In the church have held 110
furl her meetings, hut. will meet In a
few days lo prepare a circular holer to
Ihe members and friends of the parish.
HOSTOV Ml Ml II, 1111,1', si'om;,
llostoii, Nov. ;',o , nevv era In I lie
musical Mini socle I world of Huston
was marked bite te.ilriv when, In llm
mid. a of h rtl.it ui'iuislie.l nHirlnff "f
artl-t-, lintsle.l ce'elvrtl ies and others,
the cornel stone uf de lio.sin'i 1 iper.i
house war laid The new building H
s!tu.l!"d mi 1 lull! injii ui meoue, half a
let beyond Symphony hall,
Third Uqimr Violation Cliarse Against
C 'In i'a Malilmc.vcr.
(n Information furnished by Henry
Wall, Kd'.vard Scully and Frederick
Scanlon, ih roe young men who wore
arrested on charges of drunkenness
Sunday, and who claimed they obtain
ed their liquor In Meadow street
somewhere, Clara Dahlmoyer of Front
street was arrested yesterday on a
warrant, charge, with violation of th
liquor law. The woman operates, the
police say, without a license at all, so
llie violation consists not, only of sell
ing on Sunday, but. of selling without
permission. This Is the third time Lie
woman has been arrested on this
charge, one offense having been com
mitted in l!tl2 and the other In May
of this year. She was fined $25 In
each case.
Following the Information obtained
by Howard avenue policemen Sunday
that the saloon of Michael J. Stokes
at. 40 Putnam street was doing busi
ness on the Sabbath the proprietor
was arrested yesterday on a warrant
charging him with violation of the
liquor law.
1,331 "Y" MEN IN ALL
List of Those Who lime Won Letter
hi Athletic Posted.
Someone who has had nothing spe
cial to do for the past several
months and who lias deemed mission
ary work In foreign fields to difficult
to carry op, has compile,! a list of the
Vale men who have gained their Va
since (hat honor was established, and
the list was placed In a large frame
and hung In the trophy room yester
day. In the list up through last spring
there are 1.331 men who have won
the coveted y,
News Received by Relatives in
This City of New Yorker's
Death Yesterday.
Manager of Largo .Metropolitan Branch
of Pig Local Organ ami
Pin no Finn.
News reached relatives In this city
last evening of the death at his home
In New Vnrk city 0f Joseph Shonlnger,
son of Mr. nnd Mr. B. Shonlnger of
this city nnd had nf the large nietro
polltnn branch of the Slmnlngeri organ
company. Mr. Shonlnger hail been 111
but a week, death being due to pneu
monia In his Immediate family he
eivs a son, Clarence, who was asso
ciated with him In the business In New
Besides the sop, the deceased Is sur
vived by a brother In this city, Simon
B. Sbonlnger. the president of the
Shoninger company here, and five sis
ters, Mrs. Ji h B. Goodhart and Mrs.
M Sonnenberg of this city and Mrs. A.
Moses, Mr.". A. Hollander and Mrs.
Sarah Rosenherg-Shonlnger all of New
York city.
No arrangements had been arranged
last night for the funeral hut It Is prob
able that the remains will be brought
In this city for Interment. Mr. Shon
Ineor vas .Vi years nf age and was
Vnow gn among a large circle of friends
In this oltv as well as In New York.
Prominent New Britain ( Itlen Suc
cumbs to Cancer.
New Britain, Nov. 3ft. Ex-Mayor
George W. Cochin, 4fl years old, riled
at. his home, (!) Lexington street here
to night, after a year's Illness from
cancer, Mr. Corhln was born In New
I Britain in March, n.yi, the son of
Waldo and Emily Corhln. When IS
years old he entered the employ of
the p. p. Corhln company where he
remained until the organization of the
Cnrbln Cabinet Lock company, and
for the hist ten years of his connec
tion wllh the company was Its presi
dent. Muring the last year he has de
voted Ills energies to the building up
of Hie Pnlon Manufacturing company
of which he was president.
Mr. Corhln served as mayor of New
Britain from LS4 to lsnfi. He was
a director of the Nevv Brllaln Trust
company and president of the People's
Savings hank, He was a Mason, a
member of the Knights of Pythias,
both branches of the i), U, A, M., the
Bed Men, Patriotic Sons of America,
the New Britain dub and the Maple
lllll Golf club.
He leaves a widow and four daugh
Ynwmnii & Frho Company to Install
System Here.
The bids offered for the Installation
of ths new Bertlllon system for the lo
cal police department have been opened
by Ihe police board's committee on sup
plies and the award for the work has
been made to the Yavvman & Erbe
company which has the lower of the
I wo biila which were offered. The
work of Installing the system will not,
he started for some weeks yet as the
new doteellvo quarters III tile front, of
the patrolmen's room will have to be
Hindi' ready llrst In order to provide the
place for ihe Borllllon system.
Boston, Nov, ?, I, -George W. Schools,
a conductor, who was Injured In tha
rear, end collision In the South Rnsion
yard of the Nevv York, Haven Haven A
Uarifo.il ral.i'oad on Saturday night,
dleil at fie city hospital to-ny, making
th" second death as the result, of the
collision. Edward Chapman, it passen
ger 011 one of the trains Is still on
tiie dangerous list at the hospital, and
'nay not survive hll Injuries.
Mrs. Sarah S. Broughton, Old
est Member of Trinity M. E.
Church, Suffers Serious
Death of Her Brother at 75 Years Oc
tins a Few Hours Later Sister
Living In Mlddlotown Now
85 Yrnrs of Age.
Suffering from an accidental fall
sustained Just after she left her bed
yesterday morning, Mrs. Sarah S.
Broughton, !U years and six months of
age, and oldest member of the Trinity
M. K. church, lies In a serious condi
tion at the home of nor daughter, Mr3.
Charles II. Itowland, wife of Mr.
Charles 11. Howland. of 209 Sherman
avenue. On account of her advanced
age the condition of Mrs. Broughton
Is much more critical than It would
normally be. Mrs. Broughton had
started to rise and In stepping to tha
floor stumbled nnd fell, being nnabls
to save herself from the fall. Tha
I fall broke Mrs. Broughton's left hip,
I giving her a very painful fracture. Tha
i accident occurred about 5 o'clock !n
the morning.
Mrs. Broughton has been a resident
of New Haven for BO years and has
been a very prominent figure In the,
church life of the East Pearl street
anr Trinity M. E. churches. At tha
former church of which she was a
member In her younger years when
her husband was In business In Fair
Haven East she was a very aetivs
member. She entertained at her
home the various pastors of tha
church who were assigned there dur
ing her membership and she was ac
tively engaged In many duties con
nected with the church. At the same
time she was a member of the board
of managers of the Home of tha
Friendless. She Is the widow of H.
W. Broughton, who was In the hard
ware and paper hanging business In
Fair Haven East.
Of late years Mrs. Broughton has
been residing with her daughter, Mrs.
Howland, and has been a member of
the Trinity M. E. church where sha
has taken an active Interest In tha
work especially during the earllef
years of her membership. She Is at
the present time the oldest member
I on the rolls of the Trinity M. B.
Church society.
A sad coincidence connected with
thl:; Injury sustained hy Mrs. Brough
ton yesterday morning, Is the fact
that W. Hawes Clark, a younger
brother of Mrs. Broughton, died yes
terday noon after an Illness of three
years with paralysis, at his home In
Savin avenue, West Haven. Mr.
Clark was 75 years of age.
Besides the brother there Is one
other members of Mrs. Broughton'a
family, a sifter named EHa Clark,
who Is 8B years (if age. She resides
In Mlddletnwn.
The tugboat William sprung a leak
and sunk early Sunday morning at hrr
moorings near Belle dock. She was
raised yesterday wltnout any great
damage other than that done by tha
Chemical engine, from Co. 12 was
called out yesterday afternoon for a
rubbish fire In the rear of 2fiS George,
street, There was no damage. Th3
building Is owned by William Bron
Washington, Nov, 3". Forecast for
Tuenday nnd Wednesday:
For Eastern Nevv York. Bain Tues
day, much colder at night; Wednesday
colder with fair In south snd snow In
north port inn, strong southwest to
northwest whirls,
For New England: Rain Tuesdayt
Wednesday much colder with fair In
south and local snows In north portion,
strong southwest to northwest .winds.
Observations at United States weath
er bureau Matlnns, taken at 8 p. m. yes
terday, sevonty-llfth meridian time.
Tern. Mir. Vel. Pre. Weath
Alba 11 v ,54 H 20 T. Cloudy
Atlanta 12 SE 12 24 Bain
Bismarck.... no NYV 32 T. Clear
Huston 52 S 8 T. Cloudy
Buffalo 58 HV 48 OS Rain
Chicago 46 W 8S 0ft Cloudy
1 Cincinnati.. . . CO SW 10 04 Clear
Cleveland.... 90 SW 10 04 Clear
Heaver 24 N 12 MO Clear
Melrolt f$ SW 2 T. Cloudy
I Hartford 54 SW f T. Rain
Hatlr-ras 04 SW 12 00 Clear
I Jacksonville.. "0 SE 6 on Pt,cb.iy
Nantucket.... 54 S 24 00 Cloudy
I N. Orleans.. . . "2 S 8 00 Clear
I New- York. . . . 38 S 14 00 Clear
Norfolk 98 S 14 on clear
Omaha 11 NW 22 T. Clear
Pltlsburg 0 HW 14 01 Clear
Portland, Me,. PI SE ,12 Jl Cloudy
Providence,.. 51 H ii T. Cloudy
St. Louis 50 NW 10 no Clear
St. Paul 8 NW Sfi 0 Pt.Clrly
Washington,. HS H 12 00 Cloud
local wr.vriircn hkpoht.
New Haven, Nov. 30, 1 90S.
A.M. P.M.
Temperature 40 R5
Wind direction SW SW
Wind veloclly 1 1?
Precipitation T. 0
Weather Cloudy. Cloudy,
Minimum temperature. 41
Maximum tempera t ore . 55
Minimum last year. ... 28
Mxaimuin hist year.... 42
L. M. TAR It, Local Forecaster,
U. S. Weather Bureau,
Sun Rls"s
Sun Sets
High Water

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