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Unable to Score in First Two
Periods, Local Players Rally
and Win by Close
l.iii'iil Reserve Player Replaces Wnr.
hit mill Mtillvpiis ilio (imiic
iMiggnn Performs
national volo i.kagu:.
1-tiidgepnrt TO
Now Him I'll J I)
I'awtueket J r
I'm 1 1 River U
New lititnlu i:i
Worcester fi
1 1
.11 ll
.l :; l
(James Tn-nlglil.
Providence Ht New I'.ritain.
Ptidgopnit nt P.rncktuit.
New Haven nt Piuvtiickot.
Nintli Inning r.i HUf In which ri fav
orite player wns suit In In 1ml f"r an
other fur tile limiie tui m mill .succeeded
In walloping tilt ii lieme run when two
men were un liases thereby winning
liir game were nut In It with the way
in which 'I mt i-li" Se),irfer, whom
Coorge Itene 1 ! ; 1 1 1 sent 111 tn replace
"Warner, t t Hie j;amo nut nf the
h.mds nf 111" New Hritaln Inineh lust
llight mill placed it nil tile .shell' for the
lloncyards with le.m I'.inn a tnlniiel and
.n half tn play. Tile game was nil th"
isltnis U)i tn the last IT, tnlnntes nf
piny as they h.iil succeeded in scoring
twite wlille Rones' men einilil nut get
tile hall by IVnee.
In the first two periods the visitors
deserved all they jni for they played
nil around the New Haven team keep
Ins the hull nriniiiil the local ease con
stantly. The tlilnl period however was
tun inueh for theni and they ennhl nut
Veep up w ith Die fast pace set hy tlie
local boys, wiici were greatly strength
Plied hy the addition nf Sohirfer. The
"big boy" Jean from New Itiitaln tired
In this period and In n sir it? expres
sion was "nil In."
Otiggan of the nnnkwrivkers do
p'i rves special mentinn for tho manner
In which lie performed. Despite Paul
fiardncr's 'hindrance. ami attempts to
foul the fast rusher from New ftrltnln
he kept the members nf the fioneynril
quintet continually nn the jump mnl
succeeded In capturing half of the
Schiffer who was sent In nt the bo
Elnnlng of the third period certainly
put some life Into the New Haven play
ers. The "Pntchtnan" frnin Merlden
tost no time in getting right Into the
tame enpturlng the first rush from
Duggan and caging the first coal of
the period nnd Incidentally the first
for the Roneynrds p ten seconds. i,f.
er this lie kept the local team as well
is the New Hrltnln quintet continually
nn the go with his passing and driving
nnd ended the neuritis; hy driving a
pretty goal for the wind up.
The first period was uneventful with
the exception that aside from the scor
ing of a single goal by the visitors In
nearly fourteen minutes the local buys
:aged two goal? both of which Immedi
Itely rolled out ngaln. New Prltain
, gain scored In the second period while
luetics by a grand rally kept Warner
rom pushing the ball In by rushing nut
r)f his eace and intercepting his drive.
The third period started off with
chlffer showing flup form and caging
''he first goat In ten seconds, (tone foi
low'ed him In a little over two initi
ates thus tlelng the score. Jean suet
the hopes of the fans mid consequent
ly Hie. cheering to the ground when on"
minute and five seconds afterwards he
raged a goal thus giving the visitors
in advantage nf a single goal. The
oral players then started off In whirl
wind form and completely played the
B.rnkwreckers off their feet. Hone
gain tied tlie score by rolling the hall
past Prncr and Schiffer wound tilings
tp when after a tierce rally between
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by men In every walk of life. My
line is so complete, the styles and
shapes so varied, that every man
Can be fitted for permanent comfort
at any one of my numerous stores.
For all round satisfaction, for sun
shine or rain, hot weather or add,
W. L..Doujtlas shoes are best Made
from high grade materials, and made
right. As a result they have the
largest sale in the world.
Price, $3.50.
W. L. Douglas Boy Shoo - f.7 and $2.00.
rati Volar llyelrtt utd tntlunivftir. (Jalivlngne inailfrt free, v. I. Dol.'CI.AN, brockton, Nmi.
Jf. L. Douglas Shoe Store in New Haven : 870 Chapel St.
1 Church
both teams he drove the ball hy the
New Hrltnln goal tend.
The spore In detail follows:
Vow Haven. Now Britain.
Warner, Schiffer Duggnn
First. rush.
Hope Marking
Second rush.
Griffith Jean
(iardner Holderness
Sutton , Pence
First Period,
Won hy Caged by Time.
New Rrilnln Duggnn l:i:o5
Second Period.
New Britain Holriorness 9; is
Tilled Period.
New Haven Schiffer :1(l
New Haven Hone. 2;1,1
New Britain ....Jean 1:05
New Haven Hone 5:2!)
New Haven Schiffer 5:30
Score, New Haven 1, New Britain .'I;
rushes, Warner 1, Schiffer 4, Duggnn 5:
stops, Sutton 19, Pence 35; foul., Gard
ner; referee. Rorty; timer, Schreck; at
tendance, sno.
Bmi;i:porT wins.
Bridgeport. Nov. "0. Bridgeport
easily defeated Providence to-night, 1"
to I. The Line-up:
ISrlilgrporl. Position. Providence.
Lewis Curtis
l-'irst Hush,
Huberts McGilvray
Second Hush.
Canavnn Menard
Carrlgnn , Hardy
Harper Mnllnry
('on I.
flush's, Lewis 12. Curtis 5; stops.
Harper Til, Mnllnry 4; foul, Lewis;
referee, Lrahy.
At Kail Kiv.r Kail Hiver 11,
Worcester 5.
with Tin: rm.o plyi;hs.
l.cuis of Teddy Hears Props P.annnn
Lends (.nallends.
The past week has be n nil eventful
one among the polo pin vers nf the
Xntional league. Lewis of the Teddy
Bears has been relegated to second
position nninng the rushers, while Lin
coln of the Worcester dam has sujier
sded him. Wniner. the local rusher,
comes in third, while "Dutch'' Schif
fer ranks eight.
of rushers in
I Lincoln, W IS!) 4!i
I Lewis, Bridgeport . . 1 fi!) s2
I Warm r, N. I .Ml s
j lligglns. K. P. K.l 41
I Puugan, N. B 1 :!!) 5:1
I Jason. B 1 24 51
j Curtis, ITnv ll f
Schiffer. N. H 10fi lit
('unnliv.'ham. Paw. ,. its 4S
j Mci 'arih;-, K. H. ... S'J T.7
' Pone, N. H 27 4i
j Thompson. !'. H. ... 1 " 1
The records of goaltetiders follow: ,
S. M K. PC ,20 o 1 Shot Surprises Hool,lri III
IMtmnn, Paw....1.isii 117 .1 .Jn; ; s ui nnr,M,.:x sU.
Harper. Bdgp. . . :! 1 '.':: 1 v!) ,
Sutton, N. II M5 lift :: .S).S : iiakluid. Cal , Nio. ::.- Kig.-n.
Mallory, Prov. , . . S7 112 2 .dsn ! 2" to 1. proved the surprise at Knierv-
Ca.' hman, K. H... Sli2 I '.'.'! . s 7 c. ' il ! to. lay w h -n h.. won 'he s cop I
.Mitchell, W 111" l c T . S 7 2 race from Aplo (iroand ll il. t. Hilly
pence, N. i :,:,7 1::.' . v r. i i Mm i- f.il In the llrst raee, but C. Wi!-
Cusiok, t ;i;i7 ,;7 ; ,s ',7 j li 1 ms. who was riding in a race for
Will Ixiol, After the Prmiiiillc Tniln
Ing High School Senior.
I'rank P. Nelson of West Haven has
beep appointed couch for the senior
class dramatics nt the New Dawn
hisrh school this winter, lie Is also
coaching a cast which will present a
play in West Haven, pee, mhi r In and
Don't like the way In which (iardner
follows up Dugsnn, Ilie New Hrltnln
ruHher. The light-haired hoy from thej
bank wrecking town Is ton rust for any i
of tho halfbacks In the league and the !
only way they can keep him from
playing circles around them Is to hold 1
Hone Is quite a man when It comes
to tlelng the score. Twice In one gnnie
Is enough to hold any rusher in the
Three cheers for "Dutch" Schiffer!
When it comes to rallying; around the
flag- why the hoy from Merlden Is cer
tainly the only one to be selected to
Tim big boy from New Britain,
namely Jean, wns all in In Ihe third
period. He Appeared content to wait
for the bull and when It came bis way
Just swatted It without attempting to
rush it.
Pence put up a good exhibition in
goal for the visitors last evening.
Were it not for his watchfulness the
score might have been materially
Lewl.s nf the Teddy Bears had to give
way to Lincoln among the msh rs
from his performance last week.
Warner is well up nninng the leaders.
l'iidcr of Ynlo SHlmnilng Tenm
qunllllcd by SliclT. l'aciilty.
Captain Kdward C. M. Hlch.irds of
the Yale swimming team has been
disqualified by the Shetlleld sclentillc
school faculty from participation in
Yale athletics for t.'ie present, and ie
probably will be unable to swim in the
first meet of the sca.son, which takes
pinco next Saturday. This Is a se
vere blow to the team, and Is further
added to by the loss of Howe, a Shelf.
! freshman, and a brother of Captain
; 11. A. 1 lowe of Lie Yale crow,
i The disqualification of Hlchards. the
i Sheff. faculty .say. is not permanent.
; and he will be able to swim in meets
nfter Christmas at any rate. But the
action has an Influence on the chain
i plnnship of the eastern colleges for
1 Hlchards has always be.:i a sure
point gainer.
' At a recent meeting o' t ie luteieol
! legiate swimming assoi iail.iti nh'h-
' fll'ds was elected president of the is
I soclntion. and P.obert Moses, also nf
I" I
Yale, was elected secretary. Mnsis
; presliletit ,,!" the Vale swimming as
eiati'in, and look tile initiative
.forming the minor athletic bagnc la.it
; spring.
: Th work 011 the new Carnegie I,
which was started late in the summer,
Is being carried on ratjidh. and tile
rear of the g . mnla -iiini is taking on a
fairly preventable appearance. Tie
pool will be compbiH 111 the spring.
HI si I TS AT I Ml:m 1 1,1.1
;tlie llrst time, escaped injury
! Inner nf the four! a ! ace.
i up from S.'OO to $1,2 iti) by S
I n ell, w ho bought 1I111.
Nad, 1. !
w.m bid
il. Bed- -
im: - Km-
i First race, 1; t'lirbui
ma C, 1 07. Ketiig. m to
1 Priceless Jewel. 1 "7. Huvton
1 second ; l-'a ncy.
third. Time, 1
' Second raci .
Ing: Kigent, !)!.
; opto ( )ro. 1 1 1I.
llazlet. 1 -1 s . M
' Time, 1:1.1 4-5.
107. Bull
1 4.
Futurity cour
II- :
Huxtoii. 2ft to 1 , w mi ;
Miller. H to 1, sei mid;
Carth. !' to 2, tftird.
Ma b 1 it.,1-
I Third rac
I 1 I 4. alsh.
lander, I ft!)
! ond; Krank
'. mile, selling;
I fi to 5, w on ;
'.. Sullivan. 1
Lubbock. HI!),
Time. J : t J I-
7 to 5 sec-
Macbeth, 11
to 5, third,
i ! hi rt 1 rn
mile and
a quarter:
ii an. 17 to j
let'. S to 1, ;
. H'ilig. S
1-5. Lady
selling; Nadz'i, 111, F. Sul
1ft. won; Kulletta. I 10. Mi
second; L. ('. Ackerly, 1 ft
to 1, third, Time, 2;0K
Alicia. Hotr in. Huapala, Milllry Man.
and Clnwrlnnd llnis n-d as named.
I'lfth race, mile: Hi fonerdale. 1 1 I,
Miller. 5 to ::, won: Flapa, lit,
Wnlh. 21 to 5. second ; Carnielina,
Kin. Helis, 15 to 1, third. Time, I : n.
May L. N.. Knmsack, Steel Mine and
Iniadcr ran.
Sixth race. 5 1-.' furl on '.; Collector
.L'ssup. 10.1. McCarthy, li to 5. won;
Strike out, 1'pton, 13 to I, sei nnd;
TwillKht (Jueen. !)'J, Hussell, S to 1,
third. Time, I; n :i-5. J. C. Core,
K. Nuycui, Purse Hose, Hill Faton and
Hoyal N. also ran.
M Y MOTOIU Y( LI) lti:( ()HP.
Los Angeles. Nov. !10. - Fred Huyck's
motorcycle turned I lie Ascot Park oval
yesterday In 5H seconds for one mile,
which l. one second faster than the
world's record of 54 seconds that he al
ready held.
With a standinp start he made the
first mile of ten In 1:01, which was
Another world's record, and for live
miles he had another to his credit In
4: XV
i'ninbrne,n, Mass., Nov. .'10. Hamil
ton Fish, Jr., nf ( larrlsoti-oti-t lie-1 1 ud
soti, N. Y,, a nieniher of the class of
l!in. 'cas una nniously eleiied
cnptaln of the Harvard football
for tic jit year. Fi.-ii has pla.ied
tackle nn the varsity line for
yen rs.
I wo
For reliable publication of
Sporting News send your
communications to the Sport
ing Editor of Journal-Courier.
Total deaths
Total Injured M
College players killed
High school players killed....
Athletic members killed ....
College players Injured 1
High .school , players Injured.,
Athletic members Injured....
Principal Injuries.
Broken collar bones
Broken legs !
Broken arms
Broken jaws
.Broken noses
Broken rllis ( Individ mils) ....
Concussion of the brain
Torn ligaments, sprains, etc...
PislocatcilS shoulders
M iscel la neons teeth knocked
out, scalp wounds, cuts
light Year Itivord.
Year. Deaths.
11101.. 7
1 0 2 . .13
liHI.1. . I 1
III04 ..II
I n .1 . J Year. Pcntlis, TnJ.
T4ilfi()5 . .2 4 200
1 OS. 11)0(1. .11 li'.O
li.TlfiOT. .15 K,H
2tB 1 DOS, .11 204
McDonald, of Irish-American A.
C, Sets New Figures for
Throwing 5 6 -Pound
(limnplon Huns Second by
Yards In 1.000-Ynrd Him
Sheridan Strains
j Madison Square (Inrdi tl, New York,
Nov. :'.ii. (Hie world's record nnd two
I indoor records were broken on the
I';: st night of the A. A. 1'. Indoor
championship meet In .Madl:nn Square
Harden to-night. Patrick .Mcpnnald
of the Irish-American A. C, set pew
figures tor throwing tho fid-pound
v.eleht for heluht, ImiilnR it up Id
i feet H-S Inches, 5 3-S Indies betti r
j than M. .1. MeCJrnth's (iRiires last year.
; .Mcllratli bettered his old recotd, wln
; nlm; second place with 1 5 feet, S
j inches. .i Ivln Sheppard, the olym
1 pic champion, was licit en elttht. n rds
In the I.11MO j a rd run by Harry (!ls
; slnit, the time L':2u li.int; a new
i Indoor lecnld.
; M p. prison! of the -Mercury A C. of
Yonkers wop the two-mile run in the
' record time of !) minutes. '.'H J-5 seconds
n new Indoor record - ami but 11-5 of
a second slower than tlie American
outdoor record,
j Mai tin J. Slierldnn, lifter winnlni; Hie
S ill, sllotpllt, fell on Ills shoulder after
I vaulting and suffired n sever,, strain
of a llnanienl. !e will be iinalde to
i compete to-niorriHi niclu.
The points aeofed for I lie flf'l nicht
hows the Irish-American A. C. in the
I lead hy a lame maiRln. The clubs
; stand III (lie following order:
Irish-American A. (
A ('.. Jft: IM.-! line 'A.
A., fi; Mercury A. ('.,
!; New York
1'.. II: Boston a.
5; unattached, 5;
oklyn Y, M. C. A ,
(lordon House A.
Mohawk A. (, I; !n
3; I'tinceton A. A., 1
A . I.
Xftft- a rd run Final won
l.orland, Pastime A. ('.; J
by I.eroy
.1. Hosen
second: .1.
('., third;
('., fourth.
I berK, Il ish-.Vnieiican A. C,
1 ' M''Futee. New V"tk A.
Cocuins, Pnsilme A.
j Time. ?,: L'-5 seconds.
Throwinu 5fi-lb. weight - Won hv
Mcponalil, Irish-American V. ('., IS
feet nnd :i-S of nn ln-h; M J. Mcllratli,
New York A. C 15 feet 10 Inelies; S. P.
Illlles. New York A. C, 5 feet; M. .1.
Sheridan, lrlsli-Amerlcnn A. ('.. II feet
!) Inches.
Slaiulinjt; broad Jiimp Wi:! by P.
Adams, New York A. '., will 10 feet fi
inches; J. A. Hlller. Hrooklyn, Y. M. C.
A., Ifl feet, n itichs, second; H. Tomp
kins, liisb-Ainerican A. ('., In feet, 1
3-4 Inches, third; M. J. Sheridan, Irish
Ameiican A. C, !) feel, H l-1 Inches,
HunnitH: Inch Jump Won by H. F.
Porter, Irish-Amcticnn A. ('., with fi
feet; II. A. Ccdncy, Huston A. A., nnd
II. .1. (liumplet. N. Y. A. C tied for
second with 5 feet, 11 Inches; Con
j Leahy, Cork, In land, fourth, 5 feet,
10 Indies. In tlie Jump off II. A. J -i I -I
ncy w-on second place,
I Putllni; the elRht pound shot Won
i by Martin J. Slierldaii. Irish-American
A. C, with HI feet, fi -.' Inches; W.
j W, Cue, Huston. A. C., second, lift feet,
i l inches; J. J. Klllott, Irish-American
A. C third, 5!1 feet, !) inelies; A. K.
pearhorn. N. Y. A. C, fourth, 5S feet,
:! Inches.
Seventy-'lve ynnl dash Finn I heat,
won hy Itobert (inunhan, lrish-Anier-Icnn
A. C; J. !'. o'Connell, N, Y. A.
i'., scciuid; I!. Heed, (lordon A. A.,
third; F. Luki inan', Montreal A. A,,
fourth, 'lime, 7 4-5 seconds,
'.'"ft-ynrd hurdle race- Won by J. .1.
Mller, liisli-Americnn A. ('.; .!. J. Don
ahue, Irish-American A. (',, second;
M. PwIkIK, Princeton A. A third,
only three men started. Time, "i L'-5
HunnliiK hop, step and Jump Won
by P. Ada Ills., . N, X. A. ('., 45 feet, 4
inches; M. J. Sheridan, Irish-American
A. (',, second, CI feci, !l Inches; 1 1,
Ahenrne, Irish-American A. (',, third,
4 :i fi et, li 1-1 inches; .1. F. i i'i 'onnell,
N. Y. A. C, fourth, 42 feet, la 1-1
Two mile run Won by Mike Pricoll.
Men tin A . ( '. : Tom ( 'ollins, lii.li
'Niueiieaii A. ('. e nnd; (eorne ', Hon
lint, Irish Ann rkun A C. third, J. T.
Klsele, New York A. C. fourth. Time,
9:2S 2-5.
1.100 yard run -Won by Harry Glss
ing, unattached; Mclvin w. Sheppard,
Irish American A. C, .second; W. Berk
em, X. Y. A. C. third: K. .1. Kmin,
Pant line A, C, fourth. Time 2 minutes,
20 seconds.
One-mile walk -Won by S. Lleh
gold, Irish-American A. C; K. Klsen
nlng. Mohawk A. '., second; B. Mann,
Pastime A. C third; L. l.lehgnld,
Irish-American A. C, fourth. Time,
7:17 415,
Pole vault, for distance Won by W.
A. Mc Leod, 1 lish-Aiiieiica n A. C, with
2H feet !l 1-2 Inches; M. .1. Sheridan,
Irish-American A. 0., second, 2(1 feet 5
Inches; J. llanbrook, Mohawk A. C
third, 25 feet ! :i-4 Inches; .1. V, Ben
nett, Princeton A, A., fourth, 24 feet
4 1-2 Inches.
.Martin Sheiiilan, Ihe world's cham
pion pole vmilter for distance, while
competing la theji'venl fell and strain
ed 11 ligaaienl III. his left, shoulder.
Sheridan le'.l after tmiklnu a leap, Tlie
accident, 11 mlou )l oil I prevented the
hero of the Alliens Olympiad from scor
ing Ihe greslest number of Individual
points for the first niglil of tlie lilg
meet. He had Pip; lit. to Ills credit when
he met wllli Ills second accident, which
will put him out of the meet, for he
will not he aide 10 compete to-morrow,
Tom Longboat, the Indian runner,
who Is practically matched to meet
Pnri.iidn. (lie Italian, in a long distance
rare, arrived In Ihe (inrden after the
75 yard dasli lind been run. Ho receiv
ed an ni at Ion.
Wrljrlil Won but Alexander Iml
Conicst for Diivls Cup.
Melbourne, Nov, ,10. Tlie Austral
Inn plnycrs to-day won the Pavis cup,
finally defeating Messrs. Wrlcht and
Alexander, the American contestants.
Two slrcles matches wrie j lnyed to
day. The first was betwien Norman
Uronkes, Australia, and Heals C.
Wrlcht. Aiiierlcn, nnd the second be
tween A. F. WIMIn',', Australia, nnd
F. H. Alexander, America. Hrookes
lost to Wiiffht, but Wllilin? beat Alex
ander, and ns It wns necessary for
the Americans to win both these con
tests In order to take the cup back to
the 1'nited States, the famous trophy
will remain here.
In his (irst set with Wriht Hrookes
showed splendid judgment, in placing,
and the score wns (! II. The second
set was keenly contested, both men
serving beautifully; score, fi H. The
third set was a hard tifiit, nnd re
sulted In a victory for the American,
score, 7 5. in the fourth set It was
seen that Hrookes was getting tired;
Wright's service nnd volleying were
admirable, nnd he won, ti 2. It wns
now- two sets nil. The final set wns
tone drawn out nnd hnrd fought, but
Wright was eventually the winner, hy
12 1ft.
Wilding beat Alexander fi 3. fi 4,
6 1. the latter being outpaced and
outclassed, while Wilding showed re
markable neeuracy.
The day was Intensely hot. and the
men played in a dar'.IIng sun. The
nttendnnce was very Inrge, the
grounds being rowded to their fullest
en pnelty.
Melbourne, Nov. 3ft. Tlie Argus,
referring to the Australian victory In
the tennis competition on such a nar
row margin, says that never before
has such good P nnis been seen in
the southern hemisphere, nnd that the
visitors haie proved what tine sports
men are American gentlemen.
i:sii.h i,i;;rr, mi:kn;.
Owners to Meet December in Xew
ork I Ml I li li in Silent.
New York, Nov. !10. President P.
T. rowers, of the Kastern Haseball
haguc, issued a call to-dny for a
meeting In this city, December fi, of
the owners of the clubs of that league
nnd of the American association to
ratify and carry out recommendations
presented by the committee appoint
ed nt F.ullaln a fortnight ago relative
to the appial of the National com
mission for higher classification.
These two orcani.al iops. which bolted
the National association at Its meet
ing in Chicago contend that they do
not w Is'n Independence- hut took the
action they did to pain privileges
which they consider essential.
resident Harry Pulliani of the Na
tional bagtie, who returned to-day
from a. Ions vacation In the west.
when iiiesl loiied as to lite probable
notion of the National commission in
the matter, declined to make any
statement, saying be had been too
long out of touch with baseball nf
I'airs. The National commission will
meet here next week.
The first Indoor prize shoot of the
Independent Herman Pile company
was held last evening their range,
Crown street. a large number
participated In the shoot. Following are,
some nf the scores;
It. pobergot., 71: H. Schulz, 73; A.
Petzch, 72; K. Halm, fiS; J. Seliant, fifi;
C. A. HneotHlinl, ti5; J. Mohr, fi.",; H.
Class, fi,-,; c. I.lchti nsteln, H4; C. Hnhn,
fi.1; A. Lenkcnbach, H2; H. Konold, fi:!;
N. 'Andrews, HO; W. jr. Radon, 60; J. A.
Hroner, BO; A. Luhennw, 5!l.
Hanover, N. H-, Nov. 30.--Clark Wal
worth Toliin, '10, of Host on, w as to
night unanimously elected captain of
Ihe Dartmouth football team for 1909.
Tohln has played on the college font
bnll team for three years as left guard.
He .s six feet one Inch in height and
weighs 195 pounds.
Plnghnmtnn, N. Y., Nov, lift, He.
fore the Rljnu A. C, of this city to
night "Haiiein Tommy" Murphy and
"Paddy" Sulllian, both of New York,
fought, six rounds, Although Murphy
j outpointed his opponent, Sullivan was
about a inn till for him.
"I liei; .111111 pardon," said Ihe man a!
J ihe ha 11, "but woo hi imi uiiml I el I i nn'
me who HihI d isl res.-i nl y iikIv woiiki'i
is" She's lie .iwlnievt r i 1 u 1 1 1 eve i
s-i w ; she ilaii'-i-i like r nv. and she
nppea rs l-i ha e - hi ,,;,, W h Is
she'.'" " Tin v()-r," ,inswei"il ihe other
ill l II. ' bill I'I e g Ii. spoil II sl'-'i-li
I Joke. Sli. iv-n i mi wife I never i.iW
her i-elorc." Exchange
Elis Looking Forward to An
other Championship Team
This Winter.
Christmas Trip to riU.sliiirjs to
'J'nkcn Probnbln Mnke-l'p
of (lie. Tenm.
Since the winning of the champion
ship from Harvard last spring interest
In hockey at Yale has revived con
siderably and ns a result there will bo
a large number of candidates out for
the tenm next week at the call of
Captain Heron. Most of the practic
ing will be done nt the St. NMcholas
rink. New York, where all the cham
pionship games will be plnyed. Prob
ably one tenm will ho taken on here
ns Inst year when the .M. I. T. team
played Yale at Ihe rwn club grounds.
The Yale tenm has a good neucleus
from Inst yenr, the principal losses
being Cnptaln Stanley, Prlscoll end
Charlie Williams, the baseball play
er. From last year's tenm there Is
left John K. Heron, O rover C. Fein
and Lcn Stanley, forwards, and Henry
A. Howe, who Is nlso captain of the
crew, goal. H. 8. King tins a good
chance to become point this year and
promising candidates for other posi
tions are F. H. Olmstoad, the base
ball manager, C. W. Howard, and
Ford Johnson, the football quarter
back. From last year's freshman
team there, comes a likely lot of ma
terial, Ted Lllley, the football tackle,
Hob Peniing nf this city, Sterling Mar
tin, the swimmer, O. K. Melntyre, the
baseball player, and C. 0. Minks.
The hockey tenm will take a
Christmas trip this year contrary to
the usual custom. December 4 the
team will p'ny tho Wanderers at St.
Nicholas rink, and commencing with
December .10 there will bo four games
In Pittsburg, two with Corntil, one
with the Carnegie Institute of Tech
nology, and (mn with the Y'ale alumni.
After that there will be a gnme In
New York agnlnst the Crescents.
The Intercollegiate schedule Is as
follow s:
January fi Princeton vs. Columbia.
January !) Harvard vs. Columbia,
January 14 Vale vs. Dartmouth.
January 2ft Dartmouth vs. Colum
bia. January 22 Dartmouth vs. Prince
ton. January 2" Yale vs. Columbia.
February fi Yale vs. Princeton.
February fi Dartmouth vs. Har
vard February 13 Harvard vs. Yale.
All the championship matches will
be played nt St. Nicholas rink,
vorxo vt-tts wiv.
Tnke Three Straight Games from Cen
tral Y. M. ('. A. Players.
At the R. It. Y. M. C. A. alleys ln.st
night the Young Vets captured three
straight games from the Central Y. M.
C. A. players. Wsrley wns high man
with a score of S44. He also won high
single with 21ft. Score:
Yoiiiitr Vets R. R. Y. f
r. a.
m- 544
Warley 21ft
Mamske .
Porto .. ..
1111 506
HIS- 523
1(10 10
j 893 739 87725ft!
Otit.rn I Y. f. A.
! Anderson 114 144 104 3!2
I Mcliure l.ifi 148 161 465
I .(acobson lfil 161
I Abels 1 15 143 25R
! Frick 150 !17 192 439
Hill 1 19 127 142 41S
j 760 631 742-2133
J V. V. n. C. TAKK THRH'.K.
The Y. M. R. C. City league team had
1 but. little trouble In disposing of tho
j Westvllle tenm Inst night taking three
I straight games. Morgan was high sln
I gin with 215, while Putney wn.s high
! roller with 567. The score follows;
V. M. 11, V. Chili.
Short .
182 19 177 528
.(3 186 199 528
182 189 196 57
179 1S7 135- 501
1fi4 158 145 4fi7
S50 887 852-2591
I Morgan 215 199 136 550
Hrooks 147 16S 157 470
j (Sonde 155 158 JfiS 481
R. Shuniway .... 122 -- . 122
C. Shumway .... 155 167 156 509
(InrTncy 1 10 187 296
794 832 8042430
ill'llliHS CAVF, WIN TWO.
(it'll. Hale.
Finnegaii .' 151 151 159 461
Summers 178 185 179 542
Lyons 158 132 202 492
Heady 123 110 15A 383
Mueller 171 J47 170- 488
781 725 8602366
.Fudges Cave.
Bowman 183 1 19 147 - 449
McClellan 123 159 1 19- 401
Hausch 195 110 154 4S!l
Siiioonlolier 20ft 1 78 211 - 589
Lennox 166 157 192- 515
SIT '-''3 823--2'l4:i
Schocnlolu-r high single with 211 and
high three sitings of 5S!i.
London, Nov. 30. -Jimmy lirill, the
San Kranclscn ligiit.w ejKht and Johnny
Summers, the KugH.sli lightweight are
nnanitiiig to tight I'ehruarv 2:' for a
purse of Jt.niii) offered by t.lnj National
Sporting club,
Competition for Intercity Indi
vidual Championship Opens
To-night in New York,
Among Theni (;ien Riddell, Alex Dun
bur, Johnny Kelson, Billy Ileitis
mnl Others.
The fifth annual bowling compe'.U
Hon for the Hrooklyn Daily Eagle
medal nnd the Greater New York In-ter-clty
individual championship start
this evening with eighteen contestants
in New York city. JSaeh howler meets
the other In a homo and home series,
best six out of eleven games In each
mate!), In this way there will remain,
but little doubt as to the real winner
of the title at the conclusion of the
The competition Is considered the
blue ribbon event In the howling cir
cles of Greater New York and the
winner Is the acknowledged champion
of the city.
Much Interest locally will be center
ed In the outcome of the competition
as a number of Eastern league bowl
ers, who hnve appeared here this
year, are entered In the contest. The
eighteen contestants are composed of
six from Brooklyn, eight from Man
hattan, two from tho Bronx and two
from Newark.
Among the New Yorkers entered are
Glen Riddell, who by hlg pleasing
manner and clever rolling, quickly
made a number of friends here; Alex
Dunbar, who rolled the Individual
event here some two weeks ago, and
Fred Pump, Jr., and W. Helna, who
also made Jila appearance here with
that 1eam.
A Brooklyn Bowler of note, who
undoubtedly will be favored by local
acquaintances, Is John P. Nelson.
Nelson rolled against Charlie John
son on the Tuxedo alleys last Friday
night, and took four game out of the
series. Those who watched him roll
say that he Is one of the prettiest
and best Individual bowlera seen on
the local alleys.
The favorite In the competition,
however, la "Jimmy" Rmlth of New
York, who for the past three years
has been the champion. To gain the
honor this year he will undoubtedly
have to work hard, as there are many
of tho bowlers who are anxious to
gain the title he now holds. Other
bowlers entered In the tournament are
William Linden, Albert 8ch.we.bke,
John Koster, William W. Welngart.h
Lee n. Johns, John J. Voorhels,
George J. Haller, C. B. Horan, Garri
son Morris, William Durkln, Jr., Louis
Westphal and Charles Luhrs.
Kllzabeth rolls at New York to-day
In the Eastern league series. The
New Jersey howlers have made a
very good showing In the individual
and two-men events, find will give
tlie mnnhattan pin splitters a hard
To-morrow Trenton visit Newark,
and as the latter team is tied with the
local and New Brunswick teams for
first place In the flve-men event for
match will be watched with consider
able Interest.
Hartford State leaguers , at the
Academy alleys to-night. Local boys
say nothing but three straight will do.
All eyes on the Brooklyn Dally
Eagle's medal competition. It carries
with It the Individual championship
nf Greater New York. Either Johnny
Nelson or Glen Riddell will suit a
.number of New Haven followers of
the sport.
In the City league to-night the
Sterlings roll at the Y. M. R. C. aU
Rnymond, of the Winchester Bowl
ing association, won the box of Caves
offered by the Y. M. P. C. alley man
agement to the man rolling high sin
gle during the month of November.
His score, 239, did the trick.
The local Nutmejrgera go to Water
bury this evening.
To the Winchester association bowl,
er scoring high single In practice, the
. M. R. C. alley management has de
cided to glve a $5 gold pleoe.
The Washington Glee club would
like to arrange a game with the All
New Havens for this Saturday or Sun
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