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If It's News and True,
It's Here.
Weather To-day :
VOL. LXIII., NO. 292.
Towed to Now Bedford Lust Night
Arbueklo (inn SS7.MKI.
4.-The r. P.
Newport, Ft. . Pee
" jerul.-er Yankee which has been aground
ChicaCO Jvirlfrea and Tcllertiiin I "11 H-n nnd Chickens shoals In Bii.-
Offlcials Flayed by Grand
Jury in Exposing
Jury Ticlleves I'vcry Meet Inn In Tie
crnl Vrars Tfns Been Fraudu
lent Voting; Machines
T Red.
Chicago, Dee. 4. "Th ballots of
m-n long residents of other cities, the
ballot of temporary absentees, the.
ballots of the insane and even of the
dad were ea.st In the primary election
of last August In Chicago. 'Repeaters'
voter In platoons with th5 connivance
of wilfully unseeing judges and clerks
of election, and fraud, rampant to an
extent hitherto unknown In Chicago,
rendered the resultant party nomina
tions morally worthless."
These and other startling allega
tion. were made to-day In the report
of the special grand Jury, which, after
several weeks nf delving Into charge-,
growing out of Chicago's first prim
aries and returning eighty-one Indict
ments against two score or more of
politicians and other persons, adjourn
ed. The Investigation, owing to phy
sical limitations, merely scratched the
surface of the situation, according to
the report, and donht Is expressed that
there has been an honest city or gen
eral election In Chicago In years.
The findings of the Inquisitorial
body characterize the primary election
as a disgrace to the city. Voting ma
chines are urgently advised, as a step
In a remedial direction, and a wider
application of .civil service. Tt Is
stated that while the jury cannot af
firm that nn frnude wore rvrnotrn t eel
by civil service employes. It Is slgnlfi-
cant that tlv inquisitors found none, , Mrn,,,,.s of i,0uintI,rp .v,.r
card's bay for the last ten weeks, has
bfcn floated successfully and has
started for New Hertford In tow. ac
cording to a wireless message received
at the naval station here tonight, from
her commander, Charles ( ', Marsh. The
Yankee will undergo minor repairs at
X w Bedford after which It Is planned
that she will proceed under her own
steam to the New York navy yard for
a complete overhauling.
The Yankee rnn on the shoal n Sep.
etmber 23. Efforts of the navy depart
ment to ge her off were finally aban
doned. At this Mr. Arbnckle came for
ward with n. proposition to float the
veee by means of compressed air. Hy
the term of the arrangement which
Mr. Arhuokle made with the secretary
of the navy, Mr. Arbnckle Is to get
JS7,5no as a reward for the success of
his operations.
Important Revision of the City
Charter to Be Put Up to
the Aldermen Next
Hartford Ruhber Workman Nearly
Onund to a Pulp.
Hartford. Pee. 4. -Hans Nelson, em
ployed at the Hartford Rubber works
was Instantly killed today by hi
clothes catching on tome shafting in
the factory. Tn some unknown man
ner Xileon's clothing been me ranch!
on the shafting throning him around
and almost crlnding him to a pulp. He
leaves 9 widow and two children.
First Selectman of North Haven
May Succeed G. W. Miller as
County Commissioner.
such. On the other hand the report
remarks the fact that although the
police were near every polling booth
the investigators received no aid from
them In seeking to fasten responsibil
ity for the conditions which prevailed.
Referring to the fact that Frank J
Loesch, special state's attorney ap
pointed to perform his public duty
without compensation, even drawing
on his own purse for necessary ex
penses in one Instance, the report
'.'We denounce the men who have
thrust upon the pounty the shame of
forcing Mr. Loesch to perform his
public duty without, the compensation
to which he Is entitled and which,
thus far, he has ably and consequen
tially earned."
"We find, and so report, that no
confidence can he placed In the re
ported results In favor of, or against
any candidate for-a. party nomination
at the primary election, and yet that
election cost the taxpayers of Chica
go fully $75.nnn."
While there has been no formal cau
cus of the members of the next leglf.
lature from New Haven county, still
i' has been almost decided and can be
said on good authority that ihe next
county commissioner will be p. Walter
Talten of North Hav.n and that
George v. Miller, who was appointed
after the death of K. Foote Thompson
will bo retired. Further than this It is
stated that line of the present county
commissioners, Jacob 1. Waller, and
Internal Revenue Collector Robert (1.
Eaton are actively working In favor of
Mr. Patten. Tlv caucus of the dcle
gates win be held at the time of the
opening of the legislature, bill lung be
fore that it will he decided who will
have the plum.
Candidates beside Mr. Patten and
Mr. Miller Include IVpnty Judge John
Wllkin.-on of Orange and Representa-
: live-elect Kmil 1ios of ihis city. Mr.
j I.ons believe that New Haven should
. ... ,. , . 'have a representative on the cnmmls-
End Split of Two VearV Pnratlon in ( as tWp non(Wfrom ,h
International Brotherhood. : largest city In the county for many
Chicago. Dee. 4. Peace In the i years. Many citizen support him In
lllm A Malm That Country
Town icts Too Much.
Provision Calling for a Speclnl 1'lec
Hon In Cusp the Otllcc ol
Major lieonines
m:fm 1 .
nlltloal ScHinlal lilts Cliic en 1
'erlnral Mediators I'reve'nl Strike... 3
Ji'tui.oii id Forgery by Gotham Broker 4
Lake Steamer ,usl With i 'few I
I dipt. Stewart Price Insane I
i Hooth Mementos Sold ('heap 1
Tom Johnson's Pnuciiter Plvnrcrd 1
Cruiser Yankee Floated 1
Financial News and 'Junta t Ions ... . II
enerl Stale News 10
Prof, Fnrnam on Child Labor I
Fox Files His Papers 1
Hall road Troubles Knded 1
More Money fur Park Beard 1
Formal Opening hy the Knights.,.,
t onsiiici- minding bines
Patti n for Cnunlv Commissioner..
Larly Morning Fish.
i m I
Althongh the public hearing
hy the aldermanic committee mi
Islatlon lasted only about a quarter of
an hour last night the committee held
a very lengthy ex"cutlve session af
terwards in conjunction with the cor
poration counsel at which a number
of Important changes In the charter of
the city were considered, approved
of and prepared with favorable re
ports for the meeting of the board '
aldermen on Monday night. The first
one which wa heard at the public
session was that submitted by t1
hoard of park commissioners askln.:
that th" special a-t referring to that
department be amended or suggested
to tlv legislature for amendment wi
as to allow th. board of aldermen and
the board of finance to appropriate as
much as one-third of a mill from the
taxes each year for that department
and also to alter tlv charter so that
the park board may make purchases
of land and nthr property without
the consent of the board of aldermen
which Is at present required by the
The present act permits the grant
ing of but one-fifth of a mill from the
taxes each year for the park depart
ment. This makes a maximum. In
this section the committee de. bb d
to grant the petition of the park
board and to permit tlv appropria
tion, if the legislature passes the
amendment of one. third of a mill a
ear if tlv board of finance and tlv
board of aldermen see tit. The third
section nf the present act reads thnt
tlv department shall not expend more t worn
than unit on any one paik. Tlv I (hour
park boa'd wanted this changed and
the committee win report in favor of
changing this maximum to read $,
nnn. The fourth section permitted the
board of finance to make an extra
appropriation of money not otherwise
appropriated, to the use nf the psrk
department, not to exceed $7,ono for
the year 1901 only, and this section
amended will strike out this maxi
mum and allow tlv appropriation of
any such sum that may seem deslrnj
hie for anj .oar Instead of Just a
single year.
President Henry T. Rlake of the
park board appeared In favor of the
petition. He explained the reason por
the request w hich was mainly that the
board needed more money to properly
care for the park system. He said
that at present the park board Is pur
chasing land without permission ex
pressly of the board of aldermen
'nibrpround Wires I
i of the ( 'ourl s 1 li
M-OltTS I'liitr
New Haven Polo Team Loses.
Results at F.nieryvllle.
Results of Yale Cross Country Run.
Vile and Crescent A. C. Soccer Teams,
Caledonians tn Play.
Punuar and l.uhrs Win.
With the Howlers.
(icncrnl Sporting Results.
KW.NTS Tl-nl rngr fl.
Hyperion---"The Witching Hour."
(irand "His Terrible Secret."
Poll's- High Class Vaudeville.
Speech on Child Labor Law
One of the Features of Im
portant Hartford Con-vention.
Mitchell mill Owen
National Child Labor
niltlcc, Also Address
F-e Ready To-day for Avalanche
of Pretty St. Raphael's
No f)ue on Street Must He Without
lied Insignia Re Happy All
the Time.
lAcry Htl7.cn of New listen can
wear a worthy drcnrnlion to-day, and
lio proud or It. The red "tag" which
will lie In the hand of nearly the
hundred joung Indies, who will glio
their services for the good cause
an enthusiastic Interest In the new
and progressive Institution, St. Haph
ad's hospital will ho offered tn corj
body, and It Is not nccrssHrj- that large
sums ho shen. The "tags" rnn bo
with n much satisfaction hy
who contribute a little ns hy
! those who can afford I" she much.
I,et thop who asst the lair tncgers
to carry In goodly sums In their mite
boxes, rcincnilwr Hint each patient
who Is In need of rare may hnio hi
own physician at St, IhiphnH'. H
oprns Its doors to all religious denom
(Continued on Seventh Tnge.)
ranks of organized teamsters Is said
to be assured by the amalgamation,
after a split of two years' duration, of
tlv International Brotherhood of
Teamsters and the I'nlted Teamsters
of America, announced to-day.
The division of the old organization
occurred in 1 !)(!. principally on ac
count of the action of President Shea I North Haven people and New Haven
In not allowing seats to the Xew Vork I people claim thnt this Is unfair since
delegates. The underlying cause of i there are scarcely 40(1 voters In that
the spilt, however, lay further back
this contention. Some effort has been
made to get Captain Luzerne Ludlng
ton to enter the race, but he has been
holding gloof and now has practically
decided to make no effort to break up
the slate.
If Mr. Patten gets the office it will
! be the third In a verv short time for
In the great strike of teamsters In
Chicago In 1905. The New York dele
gates disapproved of some of Shea's
policies during that strike and their
unseating at the ensuing convention
et which Shea presided followed. The
New York men later formed a separ
ate organization, which has now re
joined the parent body.
fcpniilsh Wnr Captain, Harvard rnd
tiate and Broadway Habitue.
New York. Pec. 4. Stewart M.
Price, a. former councilman and a
son nf the late I'nlted States Senator
Calvin S. Price of Ohio, was before a
commission ami a sheriff's Jury to
day, and after a hearing was declared
Insane and Incapable of managing his
own affairs. Some questions were put
to him hut he did not seem to under
Btand them. His property, consisting
of stocks and bonds, was found by
the Jury to be worth $7 6,000.
price, for years a well known figure
on Broadway, was born In !Vti. was
graduated from Harvard In isn:
nerved through the Spanish v. a
celvlng the rank of captain. II
elected city councilman In ISO.
tewn. Robert n. F.aton Is Internal
revenue .collector at $1,500 a year; Hu
bert F. Potter Is dairy commissioner at
$2,000, and the county onmmlsslnner
.ship has a salary of $2. One, with very lit
tle work. Mr. Patten handled the cam
paign of Frank Stiles In his race for
the republican nomination for senator
against pvvlght V. Tnttle of Fast Ha
ven and Mr. utiles was nominated and
later elected.
Fhe Italians t aught In Little Hill
t'oiirt I ire.
Fire starting In one of (he bedrooms
on the top floor of a little wooden two
story bouse In Hill court shortly alter
1 o'clock this morning caused onsbler
able excltoment and did damage or
probably $iri(l. The house was occupied
by five Italians of the Iimlano family
and the fire was well under way when
their dog gave the alarm by barking.
The Are cut off retreat by the stairs s i
Ihe flve, mother, daughter, Iwo sons
and grandson came down an im
provised life line made by breaking the
clothes line stretched from a pnllev at
tached to the house. They all got down
In safety and were taken In the poll ',
wagon to the home of relatives in an
other section nf the city. The Ml"
damaged the second floor and stairwav
and renderd Ihe bouse uninhabitable.
The house is owned by Andrew Mib
tagh. The alarm was given from box
Inntlous. all nationalities and all class
es, so Hint any may also receive the
ministration of the clergymen of
their own creed.
Sonic of those lolerotcd have ex
pressed a fear that they inny he nn
plcnenntly Importuned, others fear
thnt the taggers will be abruptly re
buffed. It Is not at all necessary thnt
either condition should exist. The
"niils" have hern Impressed hy their
chiefs that they inut show consider
ation, patience and lact In order to lie
I successful.
Mrs. (iambic, the committer. Ihe
' rhnperoncM and the aids arc most an
I xlons thnt the "tagging" will not wear
! Its welcome out. Let all remember
I the ilnjs of their jouth and 'when
"laoced" renienibcr to fori that "you
I are It." It was derided at the mint
ing hist evening thnt unless the
i wenthcr was desperately Inclement,
i the "tugs" would do their good work,
i starting well, nny time after mld
i night. Let everyone help and let
j everybody he rcspei lful and coimI
, iintiircd.
Hartford, Pee. 4, Many speaker
both state anil national, addressed j
the Child Labor convention hold un
der the auspices of the Consumers'
league of Connecticut, to consider the
preparation of a bill to be presented
to the coming session of the general
assembly for an eight-hour work il.'iy
for minors between 14 and Pi years
at work In stores and factories.
Among the afternoon speakers were
Miss Julia Coiighlin, depuly slab' In
spector; Miss Floreiiie. K'elley, secre
tary of the National Consumers baguo
and Owen Lovejoy, secretary of the
national committee on child labor. To
night the speakers were M. v. Alex
ander of West Lynn, Mass., who spoke
on "Child Labor and the Trade
Schools"; John Mitchell, former presi
dent of the anthracite miners, Mr.
Mitchell spoke on Ihe "proper Mini
mum Age for Working Children," lie
spoke on the humane side of the sub
ject, telling of his experience,; among
tbo children worKinc In the luird conl
regions of Pennsylvania, and of Ids Amicable
lit. pes Tor tne future welfare or tliose
children In particular. The last
speaker. Prof. Henry W. Fnrnani. of i
Yale, spoke on "The Federal Child j
Labor Law" which he upheld in every
particular. Ills paper was of great In
terest and In part was as follows;
The ladles who planned tie pro
gram of this evening have assigned
to nv a verv definite topic and a vi ry
limited tlnv In which to treat It. I
will, tlvrrfoiv, not enter upon the
general subject nf child labor legisla
tion, which has already been so well
discussed hy others. but. assuming
that we are all agreed upon the neces
sity of some legal protection of the
children engaged In industrial work,
lake up at once the specific question
before u.
In Inviting nv to open the subject,
the committee of the Consumers'
league were doubtless a.vvare that they
were asking an economist, and I as
sume, therefore, thai t.vy expect nv
to treat the matter from the point of
view nf the student and not from thit
of tlv statesman or the politician.
It is Important At the outset to em
phasise this distinction. If Is the use
ful function of the politician, vvlvn at
Ills best, to secure those majorities by
which statesmen nhtaln otllcc and util
ize their talents for the public good.
He Is the tactician of the campaign.
It Is the province of the statesman
to seize the psychological moment at
which the people are ready to adopt
j S. N. D. NORTH.
7 few hi
Com- . ts" ff
! 1 i 111
Refuses to Discuss His Action,
as Do Also the Lawyers
Connected With
the Case.
Several Well-Known Local Politicians
Arc Said (o Re Included
Among Those Coi""
plained nf.
Census Director Accused of Assisting
In n Tariff Deal.
It was reported last night that early
In the wel Internal Pevnue Collector
pohert m. Ivilou bad again been sum
moned to Washington. II was Impossi
ble to find out w hether Mr. Raton had
yet rehirn vl or what his mission there
this time was.
(ieorge h. Fox has died papers In
connection with alleged violations or
the corrupt practices act at the recent
election and the court Is considering
the charges be brings with a view tD
calling an Vied Inn court and actively
prosecuting those charged with Illegal
acts on or about last November.
Judge William L. Rennet! of the supe
rior court was asked by a represent
tlve of Ihe Journal-Courier last night
what be Intended to do with the papers
and when he expected more definite ac
j tlon to be taken.
"I have nothing to say," he replied.
Pld Mr. Fox file the papers with
you In Waterbury or In New H,ivn on
i Thursday or sooner?" lie was asl " 1.
"I have nothing to
will It h
the next
Settlement Reached
by Manager Higgins and
Grievance Committee.
t little
of Hay to
Prevents Securing
Pack Toys.
(Continued on Second Page.)
Chief Kaiieher Favors and Mr. Harlan
( ipposes.
The spoeial aldermanic commit tee
appointed to consider the proposition of
Alderman Burke that all telephone,
telegraph and trolley feed wires e
I place. In conduits under ground In the
business section of the clly hold a short
hearing on that matter last night.
Chief rancher of the fire department
favored Ihe bill, showing that II would
he n great help to the (ire department
Satisfactory Interprrlnllon of innj
Agreement Arrived at After
Month's Negotiations,
After conferences lasting nearly a
month, during which there have been
threats of strikes and of appeals to
the hoard of directors, an amicable
settlement, was reached yesterday aft
ernoon between the New Vork, New
Haven and Hartford fiallroad com
pany and the grievance committee
representing t.v conductors and train
men. I'p tn the last day of the confer
ence It was not prCclaely certain what
the outcome would he, although tlv?
men felt yesterday nvrnlng that a sef
tlenvn was In sight. In preparation
for a decisive meeting the committee
went into session in Ihe morning at
odd Fellows' hall. Puling the course
of the afternoon they were summoned
to the yellow building to meet fiener
al Manager lllgglns. It was then but
the work of a brief conference to
clear up all the matters still In (pies
tion and the committee adjourned late
in tin- afternoon.
Tlv definite agreement was more or
bs.s of a compromise, toward which
both parties have been approaching
during the past month. Poth the road
and the representatives of the men
Again lv replied,
"If such a court is called,
held In New Haven?" was
"I cannot say," he varied his answer.
As to what he was doing now about
the matter and what Mr. Fox was do.
Ing, lv replied as above and closed th
Mr. Fox was not at home when
railed on, but answered a 'phone call
an hour or two later, He unhung his
receiver long enough to find out what
was wanted, and then bung It up again
with an sngry exclamation.
Attorneys Arvlne, Reynolds and Par
dee, who are connected with ihe case,
likewise declined to discuss It.
Sev eral poll! id inn and court officers
who are in a position to know say that
some well know men In New Haven,
politics are named as having broken
conditions of the corrupt practices act
at Inst election and men from Cheshlrs
and other places are Included In th
charges. They allege such violations
as buying voters, especially Intoxlcatel
men, and getting them to cast their
ballot for certain men. attempted stuff
ing of ballots, using undue influences
with voters, and opening saloons. They
say that, If such papers are In exist
ence, several local politicians are sur
to be marked. The complaint as to
these matters can be filed with any
court or Judge in the state within
thirty days after election day. Thes
papers are for the consideration of th
court. After having seen the allega
tions. It Is for the court to decldis
i wiietner or not runner action snan no
taken. If the allegations and evidence,
warrant It, a special electton court Is
called and the ' nvn concerned sum
moned lo If. Anyone charged with th
violations whether republican or demo
crat can be summoned.
Finishes Record-Testimony.
Witness Finally
After having been on the stand as a
witness 62 1-2 hours, Peter Beattie tin.
Ished his testimony in the suit he ami
bis brother are conducting against th
McMillan, Wennd & Mcpermott com.
express themselves as very well satis- I puny In the civil side of superior court.
I'ollcc Crusade Against Dnrk Ktibher.
Tired Vehicles Starts.
The crnade against rubber tired
vehicles whHi are not living up to the
law requiting them to display a light
during the night season stnrted yester
nay and Patrolmen Heenon and Mur
phj who have been so active In the
crusade against automobillsts were as
signed to gel their eagle eyes on Ihe
violators of this law which has been
somewhat dormant for a time. 'A strict
crusade is to be carried out and all ve
ii ;. les without lighle and with rubber
tbrs are to lie strbiiv brought lo ae
ce.l'lit. vVhilo bicycles arc ji, r j . -i n 1
ccuse "f ;he erusad" Hum will not get
the iiioiuuiolv of the v Igil.ucv to be dis
placed Huiigics and even other vehi
cle that convs under to., rubber tji-ed
lies' ripi ion will be '..ucfulv watched
fioin now on.
F.levator Without Bids Report Seems
to Me (Gaining.
The two committee reports from the i
special committee on the new City
ball elevator, one a majority report
opposing the Installation of the e1ea-
1 tor without, advertising for bids and
the other a minority favoring this
! petition will come up for a tlrst hear
! Ing at. the board of aldrrnvn meeting
for Pecemlier on Monday night. Sup
porters of tlv minority report are
j fpilte confident that their side of the
lease will triumph and that the pcr
j mission will be given for the director
j of public works to build the elevator
v It bout bids.
! In Ihe event of the erection of a
j n w elevator a site has already been
selected. It Is at the side of the new
i vault and In the rear of the new-
access to the hasemenl. This will
allow a dear space In the from of
the hall downstairs Instead of tlv
big cage being tight In the center
of the floor space and requiring every
one to dodge around It.
llond of Hartford and Hiker of Hridgr
port on National Socleij's Hoard,
New York, Pec. 4, Tin- convent ion
of. the American Society of Mechani
cal Engineers closed to-day. Je.-..
,M. S mllh. New Vork. vas elected pres
ident. The v b-c presidents include
Ib'orge M. I'.ond. Hartford, Conn.;
managers Include A. L. Hiker. Hrblge
port. Conn.; 11. L. flantt, Pawtuckd,
;. J.; I. h Moultrop, Huston. Wil
liam 11. Wiley, ..iv York, was elect
ed trepsurer and C. . Rice, New
l urk. SL-crctar; .
Small Prices Deceived for Tragedian's
Wardrobe and Drie-n-Drne,
New Vork. Pee. I. l'vvn hundred nail
fifty nieces of (lie theatrical wanlrnh"
of Ivlwin Hooih. the tragedian, and
nearly as many pieces of furniture and
hrlr-;i - hrnc from Ms collecllons were
sold l auction in ihis eitv In-dac.
Scarcely a hundred people were nt the
! sale, and the nrices paid for the v.i
' Hons article were considered small.
I A pall "f Shylnck si'Hles brought $?5;
1 a little Shv lock bag. with kevs. $12. and
I a Sh.viock knife, often sharpened, stag,,
; fashion, on the shoe. $2e. Smne hnnd-
some robes brought. alr price.
Richard 111. mace, Jewelled, was nought
! for $ 1 S, his steel coal of mall, with
buckles, "made lo order." $27; prut us"
sword, in deerskin scabbard. $17.
The collections were sold by Mrs,
F.dwin Hooth Grossman, the tragedian's
danghlrr, who Is to reside abroad.
Washington, pec. 4.--Secretary
Wilson to-day denied that he was In
terfering with the work of Panta
Clans as has been charged by dealers
in Christmas goods who claim that
on nci mint of the ipinrantlne estab
lished hy the department In Michigan.
New Vork, Pennsylvania and Mary
land to prevent the spread of tlv
foot and mouth disease among cattle
It Is Impossible to secure hay with
which to pack toys and otlvr Christ
mas goods. The secretary pointed
out Hint there are forty-two other
slates where hay for this purpose can
be secured.
fled with the result. Moth sides con
ceded a great deal, but In general the
men gained substantially the points for
willed they were .striving.
No ivw agreement has been signed,
the one made In 11107 Ktill being In
force. Most nf the time has been de
voted tn an attempt to arrive at a sat
isfactory interpretation of .some dis-
! puled polni.s In the agreement. An
I especial cause of grievance was the
point whereby the men received only
In many ways If the wires Unit are now
overhead near tall buildlnga were out I
of tlv way. The only opponent of llte
petition was acting Manager Harlan j
of the Connecticut company. He op- i
posed It for the company on the ground
that the change was not a necessary one
and that It would involve expense .ml ! Ililir l,M mlll h I0'' nlll r"r second
of proportion to the good results to be I
This Is the Conr.ec -t lent record for on
w itness in one stilt.
Heat tie finished about 2:.10 yesterday
and between then and recess at a, half
a dozen witnesses for the plaintiff took
the stand.
Charles Herbert Moore. Plrecloc of
Art Museum, (o I'cllre.
Cambridge. Mass., pec. 1. The re
signation of Charles Herbert Moore,
, professor of art and director of the
; Fogg Art museum at Harvard univer
sity, was announced by the college of.
1 flee tonight Tlv resignation will fake
! effect September 1, trm'i. Mr. Moore
; was born in New York in IMH and hc
' i sine professor of art and director of
tlv Fogg mu-euin In lai. lie entered
(he service of Harvard In IS7I as an in.
si meter. H" decided to retire en c
ttunt of age,
Italy Hound to stick hy Triple Alliance
or Hit (o Pieces.
Home. r. 4.- Foreign Minister Tit
tonl made n speech In the chatnher of
deputies to day In which he defended
his conduct of the foreign pulley of
; Italy during the recent troubles in the
Halkans. He "aid It was Impossible fur
i him to have done other than he did. for
the simple reason that If Italy vvilh-
drew from the triple alliance she would
' not be able to find suffl lent support In
' Fnrope to guarantee the Integrity or
i the realm.
t Son Clly for Twenty Years on (irrnt
Lakes Flghtcen Men Drown.
I St. Johns. N. V., Per. 4. - Wreckage
j which has come ashore at Cape Ray
I leaves little room for doubt that the
! steamer Son Clly. which for twenty
years piled as an excursion vessel on
illie (ireat Lakes, went down with her
i crew In the great gale which lashed
; the Newfoundland coast for two days
this week, The steamer was In com
inland of Caplaln John U, f'llloii of
i Hrooklyn, who was formerly In coin
inn ml of the I'nlted Slates government
.transport Missouri. The exact num
ber of the crew Is In doubt. II 1" known,
iiowev(r. that no less liiini elghteeii
men were alie.ird ami possiblv twenty
! eight.
Tin. Soo i H i v a- of li tons iiei
Sim i. a. valued at $3S,um) and hatled
f'-om Chic ago.
I obtained. Representatives from the
j telephone company were on hand but
did not enter Into the discussion. Tlv
commit tee did not decide un a report'
i but will probably rivet on the matter
again In about a week.
j Hearing Ijisl Night to He Followed by
Another Inspection.
1 The committee on building lines held
iH public hearing on a half dozen pell
llons for new building lines last night,
j Mile beating was a short otv and at lis
I conclusion the committee decided in
I look over the premises affected on Snu
I liny and report Monday night. Fxcept
ion tlv petition or Mr. Ha or of pixwc
'avenue which Is for a line In front of
'one piece of property the reports are
! Ilkley to be favorable,
j There is being discussed a proposition
i to pass by the board of aldermen a
J rule that, there shall be no building line
established In Ihe city under Iwo fed.
I This Is the result of opposition from
Several aldermen to petitions being
i gt anted for building lines or eighteen
j Inches. The mailer was suggested l ist
I night, hut w hether It will crv sta lll;;e
' Into a petition for (he hoard Is uncer
! tain.
Washington, pec. 5.-- Forecast
J Saturday and Sunday;
I Fur Kasiern New Vork: Showers fol.
' lowed hy fair Saturday cooler at night!
j Sunday probnbly fair, and nmderata
I ii'nil ii-lmla l.n, .,,,, I ... Inkln
as they have been doing, Knr .New Fngland ; Rain or snow and
colder Saturday; fair hy nigiit Riol
Sunday; fresh west winds, becnmlng
Tom .Inhiison's Daughter Savs Piny
vviighl Did Not Support Her.
Cleveland. U. Pee. I. - Mrs. KUzahcth
h'hnsnn Maiianl, daughter ol .bio
Tom L. .Inhliwnti, obtained a divorce
to-day from Frodorlco Maria nl of Xew
Vork, a play wriKl't. Mr". .Vlanaiil c
iiticil ton' her hu-l'and never vipportcl
iter pom Hi" time she u .c- married
lo lilm in March, l''7, al Hi" home of
ihe mav r Shortly afterward.' Hie pair
n.nt lo New Voi k o, li ,. ja a cw
muntlis they separated.
as for tlv first hundred miles. It
was alleged that the company took
advantage of this article, which was
originally Intended lo discourage ex
cessive overtime work, In that they
made fewer men work longer hours
at an Inverse ratio of cost tn the com
pany. On tills and some other points
the railroad company has agreed nol
t.o make use nf those parts of the
for the past several months. That Is
to say that the company will not avail
Itself of the terms of Lie agreement
except In cases of actual necessity. 1
on the whole a mutual understand
ing has been reached which Is satis
factory to both parties to the agree
ment and .should avert all cause for
trouble on Ihe road for some time to
come, The length of time consumed
In tile negotiations Is good evidence of
the fact that none nf the minor point?
likely to cause trouble in the future.
were sklninieil over, and there should
be no ground for further dispute, if
both sides abide hy their promises,
which there Is no doubt, of their do
ing. Ureal credit In due to both Cienor.il
Manager lllgglns and to the grievance
committee for their work
a settlement, without extreme meas
ures, and their success In arriving at'a
mutual and satisfactory understand
ing. After the work with Mr. Higgins
was llni-dicd up, the men's committee
I adjourned perniatienth , and the out
of town members either left for ihelr
homos lait night or will do so this
j nim-nlng.
Observations at I'nlted Slates vveatli
pr bureau stations, taken nt H p. m. yes
terday, seventy-fifth meridian time.
Dir. Vel, Pre,
A Iha nv
Alia nln
Jtlsmarck . . .
Cincinnati.. .
Cleveland . . .
Pe liver
Hart ford
Hal terns, . . .
Nantucket,, ,
N. ( irleaus,, ,
New Vork. . .
n reaching 1 i nnn ha
Pltlshiirg. . . .
fori land. Me.
Providence. .
Pi. Louis
SI. Paul
. 32
. 4s
. 1
. 42
. 3a
. 3 '3
, 3
. 3
. I'l
. 32
. 3
, "it
. iiR
. 61
. US
. 3
. c:
, 24
. 34
, tn
. 14
. 12
. 12
. 31
2 11
1 1
a 2
0 4
' 'leaf
( iottdv
cloudy '
Mirtii wr.ATiiKtt nKPiinr.
New Haven, Pee. 4, I !0 S.
A.M. P.M.
30 37
sim:iiiu i,kks to-imy.
Cnngre-sinai N. I I. Sperrv will leave
on th" express tills noon for Wnshlug
lon lo alietid tlie final session of the
Slxtielh congi'e-s. wlileli opetiR next
week. Cougi-eusma n Mill has been in
Waehingten I lv urea I nr pai l of the bis!
few week, and Congrensinan -at Lnrge
Lllley will leave Alunduy or Tuesday.
Wind direct Inn
Wind velocity
Pre Ipltiillnn
; Minimum temperature.
Maximum temperature,
i Minimum last year. . . .
I Maximum last year
L. M
Cloudy Hula
J'ARR, Local. Forecaster,
II. S. Weather Bureau,
Sun Rlss 7n?
Sun Sets 4
High Water t.ii

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