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Reorganized Concern Expects to
Be Running at Full Capacity
by Spring.
Newly-Farcied O nicer Srttlliiff l Olil
Concern l.ni'Ko Orders fiu
IJartfdi'd, tire. 21. The work nf re-
orKanl.lnR the Pnpr Miinu racturlnp
rmnpany Is belnc rapidly curried out,
mid It Is expeetnd Ihdt tile locnl plant.
will ponn tie In a more floiirblilnc rnn
'Htlon t h a 11 ever before.
At a meeting of the directors In the
nffleen of tho. company's counsel, In
N'ew Vorl city, recently, tile complete
Its', of otliccrs of the company whs
a.".tuninrcd ns follows:
''liwlrmnn Hofinl of nirectors Mar
ry I iriiniii-r.
Presldci.t Albert 1,. Pope,
VIv.'.T'TPKtdont.--Chnrles K. Wiilkor.
Tr-.-flSliri'r Colonel OnrirP Purie.
-Wilbur ('. Walker,
Treasurer- Kzra ,M. Cut-
lenei al
I .ark In and
t 'ounsel -Mepsrs. .Inline,
Rath hone.
A petition of tile receivers to the
courts of New Jersey for permission
to nmke the final :5 per cent, dlvl
ibnil on debts of the old company will
probably be made to-morrow anil It Is
"U'l'etei, nmt nffnirs of the old
eoneeni will be prartlrnlly wound up
n.'i'ore Christmas day.
Speaking of the roiulll inns of the
new company President Albert I..
Pope raid flint the faeterles nt Hart
ford and at UVstfWd will he puslcd
"very minute from now until th Mid
of the enmmerelal yen r- July 1. to
nil order now In band. Tic receiv
ers bad permission nf (lie eioirt to
build TOO automobile ;,n, ;,n,nin hl
'yee, and If the cars ennld be mad.
the number of TOO could be sold Iwleo
over. There arp now l.nnn men em
ployed In the Hartford plant and this
number will he Increased to 1.;nn by
spring when the producing season Is
at Its height. This will be us ninny If
no more than have ever been employ
ed slurp the plant has been used as an
automobile factory and Is Indeed all
that there Is room fur In the build
ings. It. will mean that the Popo
company will b clvlni; employment to
evpry one of the men who have been
broucht up. as It were, to look to It for
I.mils J. Well (lioscn I'rcdilent nt
Ht'i-cnl Session.
At a recent meeting rf Horeh lodRe
No. 25. I. O. R. R, the following elec
tion of officers occurred:
President Louis ,1. Well.
Vice president Jacob ("apian,
Secretary Afrnm 1,. Friedman,
Thea surer 1, Su gnu h "Inter.
Inside cuardl.-in- Isadore fioblstein.
outside Rtiardian Meier Slodid.
Representatives to the grand lodae
Joseph II riloian, 2d. Joseph H.
rilnii.n, 1st.. Samuel J. Well, Abram
Freeilman, and 1. Sucenhetmer,
Paper Head ul HIsKirlciil Society on
1 11 Willi lie) P.lukr, ;
Some very luteresliim facts about,
the stone crusher and Its inventor
were hroiiRht out at the meeting of
the iilslorical society lust evening In
a paper by Henry 'I'. Make on "I'M
Whitney P.ltiko; Scientist and Invent-j
nr l"i(-l SSB. t here w as smni't 'nn;;
in a nanin hi this case, for F.ll Whii
ney Make. was the nr.uid.-ion and
namesake of p; Whitney, and Ills In
vention (ilmost equalled the cotton Kin
In Importance.
Mr. Make compared the stone
crusher and cotton gin as Inventions,
and declared that both were epoch
making, but that neither Inventor re
ceived his due reward owing to the
fact. that, both Inventions were brought
out during a time of war and finan
cial depression, "Not many persons
are aware of the Importance of this
invention, nor are they aware that be
fore that time there had been no me
chanical means for crushing stone,"
He then oulllned the Increased Im
portance of the crusher- how It help
ed to develop roads anil above all Its
present use in the manufacture of
concrete. .Mention was made of th"
extended use of concrete In the con
struction of sci-walls, bridges, llgfil
houses, structures of all kinds, and
even In decorative architecture. In
connection "Itli the use of crushed
stone in road huibllng, .especially on
I macadam roads, he looked toward the
'future use id' automobiles, even for
carrying freight, and spoke of the
need for care in the driving of all such
vehicles on public highways.
After the address an Informal re
ception for members ami their friends
was held an I refreshments were
Locked In Pa. bled ( VII ami Held ill J
StriiiljiK-UcI hi I'alii'e.
P'Tlln. lec. 21.- King Mti) nf !a
varla. who for more than twenty years
has been a hopeless Imbecile, became1
ralns mad to-day and was locked
In n padded cell in bis place at Curse,
eni eld. Ib ra v s wildly and is held
I in n .'traitjacket so that be cannot
! Injure hims. lf. Although no action
j lias been taken, it K though! that now'
j the absurdity of liavarla being ruled
! In the name of an Insane king will
be ended, ami Prince l.nltpnld, the
I regent, ascend the throne.
I The king Is now sixlv years of ac".
land though he n- In Hue physical enn- I
dltion, it Is said that he Is breaking.
mm boot
Weeping Eczema Kept Spreading
on Little Sufferer A Score or
Treatments Prove Dismal Failures
-Grateful Father Tells of
"It glea me great pleasure to express
my deep gratitude in appreciation of
r,ne inoniouiabis benefit
that, tlm Cutlcura Boap,
Ointment and Hesolvent
did my little boy. He
bad an awful rash all
over his body and the
doctor said it was eczema.
lit was terrible and used
to water awfully. Any
place the water went it
would form another sore
and It would become
crusted. A score or more
i physicians fo.ilod utterly
and dismally in their
efforts to remove the
trouble. Then X was told
to use the CnticAira Reme
dies. I got a cake of
Cutlcura Soap, a box of Cutlcura Oint
ment and a bot tie of Cut icura Resolvent,
and before we had used half the Insol
vent I could see a change in him. In
about two months he was entirely well.
When people ace him now they ask.
'What (lid you get to cure your baby?1
nd all we can say is, 'It was the Cutl
cura Remedies.' So In na Cutlcura will
alwavs have firm and warm friends.
George F. Ijambert, 139 West Centre
fit., Mahanoy City, Pa., September 26
and November 4, 11(7,"
Rely on Cutlcura Remedies.
Millions of the world's best people use
Cut icura Reap and Cut lcura Ointment,
assisted, when necessary, by Cuticura
Rtvolvent (liquid or pills) for preserv
ing, purifying and beautifying the skin,
for ecwmon, irritations and inflamma
tions, for cleansing the scalp of crusts,
scales and dandruff, and the stopping
of falling hair, for bahy raahos, Ib-hlnifs
and chafings, and many sanative, anti
septic purposes which readily suggest
themselves to women, an well as for all
the purposes of the toilet, bath and
nursery. Guaranteed absolutely pure.
nitlctim dop !f.), Otnttnfnt (ftOc 1, Wro1vit
(finf.), mil C.lKiiMliit Cnrl I'll), liisc.). nr( puld
ttiremiiout th worl.i. I'ottr lira A rhin. Corp..
6oi Prep., i;(7 Columbus Kip. hoatnn.
Mrualid rrr. rutinm Meet on Min dimiuw.
Won't (ic( 11 Slml lit lllopliiinls ViiIcrs
Finns Are Clmna.vl.
Wa.hini;ton, Iiec. L'l.- ('id. ,T. V
Colenhrander. woo leaded a regiment
of Hriti.b nnhtins,' scouts during the
floer war in South Africa, who was
bom In that country and has lived
there ever ulin e, (old President Roose
velt to-day that he would probably
not get any elephants If he followed
the route be hai mapped out fur him
self In central Africa. Co). Colenbran
der himself Is going on a long hunt
ing trip In South Africa In April to h
gone two years, He said that the
president would have to make a wide
detour Into the Interior from Like
Victoria. Nyanza if he expected to gel
a shot at any elephant.
Alexandra i:vprcscs Hope for Itocoy
cry nf (tcneral flootb's Sight.
London, Dec 11. Queen Alexan
dra's well-known Interest In the Sal
vation Army was emphasized to-day
in a telegram to Oneral William
Rooth. commander in chief of that
body, who was recently operated upon
for a cataract. The telegram M
1 pw s:
"I have felt so much for you and
hop, th" operation will he successful.
T t-nst you a iv getting on towards
complete recovery and that the sight
yea need so much "111 ...ion be rntire-
Ib nerat Booth's pin shdans are ful
ly satisfied with Ids progress and be
lieve he will recover his sight,
At the annual meeting of the Chris
tian Kndcavor society held In the
chapel, Thursday evening, the annual
supper was served at 6:45; this was
followed by the election of officers
which was as follows: President. Ray
Van Sickles; vice-president, S. K. Dib
ble; recording secretary, Mrs. S. T.
Ila.keli; corresponding secretary, Miss
Alice Van Haaften; treasurer, Mrs. .4.
T. Haskell; organist, Miss ICtnellno
Street; coinmltties: lookout, John
Scovllle, Harry Page, Agnes Holbrook;
prayer meeting, Mrs. A. .(. Tultle,
Kthel Ball, Sherwln T. Haskell; social,
Mrs. Harry B, Page, Mrs. W. S. Coker,
Hay Vim Pickle., Miss Jessie Page;
music, Emellne Street, Mrs. S. E. Dib
ble, Mrs. S. T. Haskell, Edith Agnew,
Nancy Goodyear; missionary, L.L. Wil
der, Kdlth Agnew, lAnna Van Haaften;
Dowers, Mrs. S. R. Ohldsey, Lottie
Falrchlld, Ray Coleman, Ruth Hol
brook, Irene Van Haaften, Elsie Kriiil
Ing, Ethel Turner, Harry Mo Lay, Cora
Thayer, Mrs. H. C. Nlckerson, Harold
Holbrook, Marvin Tnrr, Eric Bradley,
Hes.slc (joodyer.
Mrs. Alice Rrown of Howe street, will
be hostess for the S. B, Whist club
tills afternoon which change semed ad
visable because the regular day com
ing the day before Xmas.
Freddie Norton, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Pred Norton of Hemingway avenue Is
confined to the house with a hard cold,
Master Raymond Smith who has been
111 with bronchitis for the past two
weeks has quite recovered and is able
to be out.
Tonight the young people will meet
In the chapel to tie grens for decorat
ing the church. About three loads of
the green were gathered yesterday.
Ernest Stepp has moved to the house
vacated by his father, Howard Stepp,
the latter now occupying the Andrew's
house near the church which was left
htm by the Uitp Mrs Andrews.
Sunday was observed In the local
churches as Xmas Sunday. The pastor
taking as his text the, words found In
i!al. 4-4, and a very pleasing and In
teresting sermon was given, The choir
which was assisted by the Misses Hen
rletta I.nnty and Edith Hotchklss and
I.evl Pease rendered R very pleasing
pronrnm. In the morning the follow
ing anthems were sung: "O 7,lon That
Tellest Ulad Tidings," by Ruck; and
"Nativity," by Ilaesche Mr. Reechler
rendering for the offertory "Olory to
nod," by Rotoll. The evening service
was a continuation of the morning ser.
vice and the subject for the sermon
was "What Christ's Birth Means to the
Young " The choir again added much
to the service with two anthems name
ly. "Rofhlehem," by Pnrtlett and "Na
starlth," by (Joiinnd, and for the offer
tory. Miss Irene Footn rendered "Night
of Night," by Vandewnter. At the
Christian Endeavor meeting Mr. Sol
mon, the converted Jewish rabbi gave
n short tlk which was very Interesting..
Keep the Disease-Wolves
From the Door
Every man and woman should repel disease-wolves which are
no respecters of persons and may attack at any time.
What are tnese disease-wolves ? They arc constipation,
biliousness, indigestion, nervous headaches, sleeplessness and
other little ailments, at first so trivial as to appear almost harm
less. Disperse them now, and drive them from your door with
o i k i n imv Monrc.
Is tweniy per cent, worth vavlng?
Wo allow that discount on our entire,
stock of furniture, carpets, sieves,
ranges, eic. as well ns on the thousand
and one idrres which have a holiday
before they grow dangerous. There is poison In their fangs that
will harm the whole body unless you rid yourself of them at once.
When your digestion is upset, when the bowels do not act
freely, when the head is heavy, the sleep troubled, the liver out
of order disease is at the door.
Mewiseintime. Take Bcecham's Pillsimmediately. Forthese
pills, alone and unaided, will keep the disease-wolves at bay, and
Protect the Body
Against Attacks of Illness
In boxes with full directions, 10c. and 25c.
SCHMvl'FR fN roiW fiT.
Chicago, Deo. 21. Jake Schaefer,
once the "Mar" of the billiard world,
now trying to regain ids health In Col
orado, has telegraphed to Thomas Fo
ley that he will challenge the winner
of the coming match between Sutton
and Slosson for the world's champion
ship at 18.1.
Schaefer went west last summer,
broken down In health, but his condi
tion is Improving rapidly, and within
thirty days he will begin practice.
Tnts roi,r,nrc.
Waterbury, Dec. 21. About 7 ; 1 0
this evening the Highland division
passenger train, southbound, collided
head-on with a switch online near
the Merblen Junction In this city.
None of the pa.ssengers was injured,
but (radio was delayed over an hour.
Of Our Own Make
They are done up In fancy holly
boxes tied with rlbhons. the ou(slrln
looks nice, Hie Inside tastes nice, and
ou know it Is absolutely pure.
Pound 25 Cents
1 Pound 50 Cents
. Our Clirlslnins hones, lined or iin.
lined, ranging from 35 cents to $1.2S.
I We have a whole liost of attractive
I novelties eqnnlly tempting In price.
29 Church St. Near Poll's Theater.
I ml
yuijiwiewnw w hi imm vwti
mimuwuwL .1 l ill vaKJp
For Boys and Men
Boys' Pooket Knives 100
. .kinds $ .25 up
Men's Poclot Knives, war
ranted 50 up
Rarors $1.00, $1.50, $2 00 up
Safety Rsrors ,,. 1.00 up
GiMeHe Razors 12 blades..., 5.00 up
Intjersoll Watches 1,00 up
Pedometers 1.00 up
Hunting Knives in sheaths... 1.50 up
Revolvers all sizes 2.50 up
Tool Chests ten styles 1.00 up
Tool Cabinets six stylas 6.65 up
Electrin Pocket Lamps 65 up
Fine Fishing Rods 2.00 up
Thermos Botlles 3.75 up
Shaving Sets 3.20 up
Shaving Glasses 2.00 up
Alarm Clocks 1,00 up
Postal Scales 1,50 up
Rubberset Bruohos 25 up
Watch Fobs 10 up
iW 'I'
Do you realize how msny things we sell which will
fit in nicely for Holiday Gifts? Do you know we
have the finest display of Carving Knives in New
England, have you ever noticed our stook of Pockot
Knives thousands of thnm, or have you seen our
big line of Skates and Sleds? If you don't know all
about us we really think you will find the time well
spent In looking us over and we won't Inaist on your
spending anything but time.
For the Skaters
Boys' All Clamp Steel Skates $ .55
Nirkel Plated All Clamp Skates.. 1.00
Nickeled and Hardened Skates.. 1.75
Hockey 9kates to aorew on 75
Hockey 9kates flanged runner.. 3.50
Key Clamp Hockey Skates 1.50
Key Skates flanged runner 4.50
Key Skates, Hardened Runners... 2.50
Girls' 9trap Skates 75
Girls' Half Clamp Skates 1418
Ladles' Nickel Clamp Skates 1.76
Ladies' All Clamp Skates 3.D0
Polo Sticks 5c to .25
Hoekey Sticks 25o to .78
Rollr Skate 80
Bill Bearing 8kates 3.00
Martin Folding Skate 2.G0
Canadian Hookey Skates 5.00
Donoghue Rseer 480
Double Runner Skates 45
Looks forward to Christmas with mixed feelings. He likes to receive presents oh
yes but there are certain things he may get at Christmas time that strike terror to his
soul neckties which speak of themselves in no uncertain tones, freak-fitting house
coats, osoranco cigars, or shaving sets which are all set and no shave. Then there are
other things which his masculine heart longs for and for which he will heap blessings on
the giver. We sell some of them. 1
In many households there is a mutual understanding that all Christmas gifts shall
be useful. And in no store will you find a display of holiday goods so essentially prac
tical as in ours. Sdme things we have are both useful and ornamental, while in others
utility is the chief feature. To this latter class belong the goods in our Kitchen Depart
ment. This Kitchen Department Is receiving a lot of praise from the ladies who visit it. If you're not familiar with
It come In and seat the opportunities it gives for buying senslblo Christmas Gifts.
For Ladies and Girls
Manioure Sets In ease.; $2.00 up
Chafing Dishes, nickel plated.. 2.30 up
Coffee Percolators with lamp. 8.15 up
Brass Candlesticks .75 up
Silver Plated Ladlea 1.S5 up
Nut Picks, in cases 30 up
Child's Sets, in cases 1.00 up
Small Carpet Sweepers 25 up
Bissell Carpet Sweepers 2.00 up
Nickel Coffee Pots all copper, 2.00 up
Family Scales 24 lbs 85 up
Bread Mixers "Universal". . . 2.00 up
Carving Sets, In eases 2.50 up
8oissors Sets, In oasea 2.00 up
Fruit Knlvaa set of aix 1.50 up
Christmas Tree Holder 35 up
Library Bolster Set 1.75 up
Coffee Spoon Plated 1.13 set
Teaspoon Roger 75 set
Tea Kettlea with lamp 2.35 up
Every man want, on good Pooktt Knife and ha
wouldn't mmd several. If ha shavea, really good
Razor ia alway appreciated. If ha la meohantoal we
have Tool and Tool Kits that would bring tear of
Joy. If he's an out-door man thra ae Fiah Rod,
Revolver, Thermo Bottle and othor tblnga whloh
always appeal to the fisherman and empoi
Chapel St.
314 State St.
PHONE 318.
Sleds and Wagons
Beys' Sled curved runner $V25
Boy' Sleds larger clze 1.50
Boy' Sledvery largo......,.... 2.00
Solid Oak Large Clippers........ 3.00
Black Beauty Coasters 3.50
Qirla' 8leds well mada. ......... . .50
Bow Runner Girls' Sleds 1.25
Oak Frame Girls' Sleds V75
Double Rail Girls' 8led. 3.00
Flexible Flyer small 1,75
Flexible Flyers larger S.ftO
Lightning Gulders 150
Toboggans 4.00
Boya' Wagons 2.00
Larger Wagons 3.60
Buokboarda 4.50
Patrol Wagon 6.50
Farm Wagon 7.00
Braoket Saws 4.00
Imperio Seta 25

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