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Let Us
A few of the many Smokers'
The t. L. Stoddard Tobacco Co., 940 Chape! St.
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7115 CHArFT. ST R FIT.
St. Agnes' T. A. and B. Society
Holds Annual Show at'
Music Hall.
Dancing; Follows Musical Fntertaln
nirnt Officers to Re Installed
on January 11.
Over l.nnn persons attended the
minstrel phow and dance given In
Music hall by ft. Asmes T. A. and R
society last even Inn and over $150 was
cleared. The entertainment wan the
sixth annual onp. v
James Ryan whs In'terlneutnr of the
minstrel show, which took up the first
part of the evening. Promptly at 8
o'clock t h curtflln was drawn back
from the platform discovering? an up-to-date
minstrel troupe. The opening
chorus Introduced "Way Pnwn I'pon
the Pwanee River," "Taffy." and
"Won't You Be My Honey :" At the
close of this number there was en
j. Made of the best prepared rubber. Perfectly healthy,
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Money for
Itooiri 815 Washington Building.
Articles we have in stock
hattfrs and ftorikrs.
thusiastic applause nnd from then un
til the flnbih of the minstrels the, fun
was fast and furious. The rest of the
mnstrel program was:
Knd song, James Cofigrove; ballad,
Allle Fox: end souk. John Cummlngs;
ballad, luitherine lilake; end souk.
William Walsh; ballad. Harold Reno;
song nnd dance, Messrs. t'ondon nnd
Me.Wrney; ballad, Margaret Martin;
end song, Joseph Gordon; ballad,
Gertrude Donovan; end song. William
Newman; ballad, Elizabeth Alhn; bal
lad. Mary Mahoney; end song, Joseph
Following the minstrel show there
was dancing unill midnight and the
whole evening was thoroughly enjoy
able. The committee which had the
affair in charge was made up f
Nellie Ryan, chairman; Mary Mor
an, secretary; May Slnttery, Kitty
flattery. Marion Keegnn,. Mary l.on
drlgan, Mary lloylc, Dorothy Shea and
Mary Pnylnn.
There will be a meeting of the so
ciety in Sassacus hall, January It,
when officers for the coming year will
be installed.
! xiti rtonnrcn. nr.cii'Tinrcn.
Mnnrliead, Minn.. Dee. CS. t'nlted
! Slates Marsliel Merryfleld of Montana,
i arrived to-day and Identified George
; T. Frnndhmurr, who escaped from Jail
' In Helena Inst March, lie was held
' there on a charge of robbing n Xorth
! ern I'aeltle train of about $ tn.U0 .
Male C, Richmond. President.
Ulllnn B. Russell. Secretary.
Something Long Needed,
But Never Before Obtained.
ubber Lined
Bust Reducers.
If j-nn want a prize winner then bnj
ContmeiiHiI Automobile, This "enr
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for speed nnd durability. Tlie Contl
iiental car Is recognized as one of the
grcnt sii(!'essful mnclihies In thf coun
try. If you want one leave yonr order
nt once orders require At least six
weeks to till. We would br pleased to
(rive deiuoiiHirntioii an time.
the Holidays
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1"iT!t,w" f""1Pi.!l,s
Play Founded On Winston
Churchill's Novel Presented
for the First Time.
Fritz Ullliunis as Mr, Crewe Does
(mhmI Clmrneter Acllim
Others Score,
"Mr. Crewe's Career," the play
founded upon Mr. Winston i 'hnrclilll's
well-known novel of the same inline,
is founded upon very broad lines as
was shown at the Hyperion theater
here last evening when It was present
ed for the first time upon any stage,
obviously It has a number of glaring
dramatic defects, but It certainly Is an
entertaining burlesrpie and as an eye
opener for the "common pecpul" who
know "hut little of the way In which
political nominations are brought
about, by intricate maneuvers much
like those on a chess-board H Is cer
tainly Instructive.
In "Mr. Crewe's Career" Marion
Fairfax, the dramatist, has undoubted
ly written something which will np
penl to a large class of theater-goers.
For that reason Its financial, If not Its
artistic success is already assured and
we predict for It a long run. To say
of It that It can boast not one dull
moment, would be to put the situation
mildly. It Is like a three-ring circus
n large part of the time. Especially
Is tills the case In the third nnd last
art, which is set In the ante-room to
the state convention hall, from which
place the generals who are the pjiwus
of th! octopus-like railroad manlplate
the delegates like manikins.
The plot of the play is much the
same as that of the novel, "only none
so." The leading role, that of An--ten
Vane, Is played by William l.ew
ers, who showed some ncrvouMvss
during the early part of the evening
atd for that reason missed some of
his cues, but Who later succeeded ex
cellently in carrying his audience tri
umphantly along with him whenever
he appeared on the stage. Ansb 11
Vane Is one kind of a buries, ue --a
burlesque on goodness. He is all that
is good and noble. In direct contrast
to him is Mr. I'llnf. president of the
great railroad, an exaggerated bur
lesque on badness. Hetwe.-n these
two extremes there are any number of
v.irbtles. ("if tluse the p.st two ex
amples of skilful character-drawing
came with Adam Hunt, the railroad's
candidate for governor, as empty
headed a jackass as was ever depicted
on the Ma go, uproariously funny, but
quite to think of n .1 possible candi
date for even a jack-straws team, nnd
with Humphrey Crewe, the title role,
a neif-st.vb-d reformer but really a
man with nothing but his own person
al alms and ambitions in view' at
Austen Vane has just won an Im
portant rase for a farmer against the
railroad when the play opens. For
that reason the president of the latter
sees how necessary it is that the young
man be got und; r his thurrth. So that
he will not accept more c.isis against
the road, he n nds young Austen an
'annual pass on the road, hoping to
buy him off and lc als'i s-nds Au"
1 ten' father, the road's head counsel,
i to him with promise of future posi
tions In the road's employ. All these
i offers are Indignantly refused by the
"high-browed" young man, who Ik ac
claimed at the end of the act by a
I crowd of farmers as their m ut candi
date for the governor.
I The peeoud R''t Was one of political
plotting and of iove-ma king. It han
! pens some months later. In the mean
i time Austen has fallen In hue with
I the railroad president's daughter,
'Victoria Flint. So hns The Honorable
i Humphrey ('n wc a role ptaed to
I perfection by Fritz Williams. Mr. Wil
li liams' love-scene with Molly Pearson.
,;who pbiyid Victoria, was ex dingle
'j fenny. His description to le-r of )ds
I ! idea of an Ideal wit'., was ,riei" and
his proposal while holding hi watch
y. in his hand ami counting the mln
.jiiles lie bad to span, was uproarious.,
'jThe way he took his refusal was t x j I -jcal
of his kind of man. Miss J'ear
1 1 son was eharmine, throughout.
The 'hlgit-hnt" con fen n.-e of (lie
I j magna les followed At (1ms it w as il"
, jcliled to run Mr. Ih.nl us the railroad'
' ; candidate upon t lie promise In In mV
en hy the elder ane thai his sen did
not intend to run for governor, the
lallei depi tiding upon a promla - nf his
son made to lilm to that efi'eei some
lime before, I pun Austen Vane's con
fession of Ills love for Victoria, hew
ever, she u''eo ;;,, to make Hie IIkIiI
n" his life for the nomination ami win,
which he promises to do.
is nniile known it ions Ihe
very Wail light, lie turn
son a ml Vim s to down him
vent Ion if ii takes his life
I. s seldom that such an
tinned ectenient and si
w li
I ills
I I lie r in a
against hp
at Ihe con
act nf con-nsaioin-.
shown 1. 11 the slap- as in "Mr. Crewe's
Career." There will he these, perhftos,
to say It Is not much oveidrawn. Out
side the door Is the roirl'm com flit Ion
with lis hands plating, and Its chairs
rattling on the lloor, ,1m ihe 1 m sits
Ihe eider Vfilc white haired. t01Uilc4
si i.is pope' s. and keening ihe situa
tion limroiihit in lmmi ai iter 010
inert. At litms runt! d-deii-it" "dlli
IhhIkcs uliaclicd are r .lud in at doom
or tit windows met balconies and into
Ihe bull to swe I',,' ole or a;;'lll
rushed out to prevent a ooo'-nni. In
rushes the red-laced, perspiring' chair
man, at his wits' end to do the work the
railroad's secret agents hate liirefj him
to iiceiitiipllsh. Vote nfier vote Is l iken
without a selection belup- nnde. In a
mmneni of Indecision Ihe name of Aus
ten Vane Is presented It can all he
heard I hrongb thedoor. The cheers tvliieli
follow show pointedly that Ihe rjele
gater are with htm, find tbsl Ihe rail
road's candidate, Hunt, will lie dawned
In the whirlpool to follow
The despair of the elder Vane Is p
Irenie. He threatens his son that he
will go on the finer and publicly dis
own him If he is selected. Austen
realizes the position he has put his fa
ther 111 nnd consequently orders Ills
name withdrawn, and the end comes
quickly and unexpectedly. Hunt, the
Impossible, gets the nomltintlon. and
Austen gets Victoria anparenlly from
Ihe embraces which follow, and Ihe
Vnnes. father stul con. resolve to he
worthv of Ihir profession from then
en. The denouement Is strangely n 1 1 -tidal.
IMIH .Kt nt, VSOt'.H Hs.
Purls, llee. 2d,. The police Invesllpn
tlon Into the Mnttls Ineldetit -Mattls 1s
the uiternplot ed waiter w ho on Christ
mas flay wajtnld President t'allleres on
the slreets, and attempted to pull his
heard- ha? revealed Mat lis' reUHI'ihl
with the "Ve'leiv Sr I"1 ica te." a royalist
organist, and as a restt'l tlie police yes
terdny sealed up the offices of the news
Seasonable Goods.
Wlmt wo seek Ik In sell, to satisfy
; and llierohj sell nKaln. Your srli'4'-
! ,i0IIH " '""i'",i ''' ""'"
pi'i'ipniil jiiKwitlnn hn Imtii ciircfiill.v
1 jjuru in ihe eie inn or nil our mo u.
' Wr offer ii nli e MHNiuiiiiriil of
nvru ncmus,
t.l.OV F.S,
l .MP.KI .l.IiAS, ( AM S,
SII.K and Ol'Flt.V II ATS.
Chamber of Commerce Votes to
Aid New York Weekly in Il
lustrated Write-Up of City.
Mcxi. Porter. Natlmnsnn and Halo
Fleeted Kcport 011 Hhers and
Harbors Congress,
'At the meeting of the chamber of
1'. maicice last evening three m-w
member '.'ere admitted to the Cham
ber as follow: William F. Porter.
y."ni'ii J. Xatli.insoti nnd Charles C.
Hale. T'te secretary also read a let
ter from the Honolulu chamber, re
questing copies of the publications of
the lo. a! chamber and enrollment on
their mailing list.
Special mention wa.s made of the call
from libraries and associations all over
the country for the publications of the
Chamber, and the work being done hy
this body in advertising New Haven. In
this connection It was announced that
one d the New York weekly publica
tions will. In about a month, give up
the latger part of one number to an Il
lustrated article on this city It was
oled that the sum of $! be placed
at the disposal of the executive com
mittee to use as they may think best
in purchasing nnd mailing compliment
ary copies nf tills issue to different
pans of die country.
The report of the banquet, committed
was received and showed a deficit
larger than in previous jeiir, owing to
the fact that the attendance was less
than on previous years by some llfty
odd. The only other matter of husl
nrss taken tip was a communication
from President Kegelmeyer of the
heard of fire commissioner, asking the
use of the Chamber of Commerce hall
for the meeting of fire chiefs nnd com.
missloners of the state nn Wednesday
afternoon. This was readily granted
by the board.
icneral Bradley, one of the delegate
of the board to the National Rivers
and Harbor." congress In Washington,
gave 11 very Interesting account nf the
pro, eedhifrs and addresses, nnd the re
sults of the congress. After giving
(icneral Prnlley a vote of tiinnks fol
k's talk, the mcetlAg adjourned.
This was the InM meeting of !9a and
ihe, regular business of the, hoard Is
well cleared up for the yenr.
I,eghliitie t oinniHlce Now to Wall
for Met lung.
After a conference last night nf mein
betsi.f the legislation enntmlltee of the
board of aldermen on the matter of
meeting I'resldi til (Pulley of Vale on
the matter of Yale taxation the tnem
hi rs decided to postpone their tneellnR,
which wa" Intended fur this wndt. tin 1 11
after the return of Treasurer MeCliing.
One of the menthols of Ihe committee
pointed out last night that Treasurer
i Mei 'ping would be custodian of the rec
ords needed to determine the fuels In
the case and II was decided In notify
President Dudley that Ihe meeting
wmil lie postponed until after Mr. Me.
ciutig returns, when the matter will
lie taken up with both otlblsls.
l it 1 MM) or (. via 11:1,11 111; mi.
Ilerkeley. il. Dec. :S - ttoherl Mm
met I'lsh for thirty-live tears e.lllor
I of the clet,,i. Mont., Herald, and con
! Ildetlllal II lend of President llarlleld
ami .limes ii. Hhiluc. died to day nl
his home here, ag"d seventy-nne years.
A RsIiaM r.ssacty
Ely's Crcem Eslin
11 e-Kixi
-.,1 niil 17-;'
It quickly abPrtd.
fnvei Rfltrl at Onrp.
(i, cleanses, (tool he,
liealH and jno'eets
:he, diseased nuin-
St ,t'f
I rnne resulting from Oalnrrb and driret
nvny a Cold in tne Head quickly. II f stores
ii Senses nf T'.-ie nnd Smell. Full si
id cts. at JrtipttB or by mail. Liquid
Cream Jlal'.n for use in atomizers 75 cts.
Uly Piroihet". oil Wnrren Sirnet, New York.
New Haven House.
(Conilniteil from First Pag'',)
night and football nlghtx and he rn
plled hy saying lie did not remember
tli at he ever had. lie said ho asked
for them one prmu, concert nlgnt,
but failed to get them, and the stud
ents hud hired fuipernumi railes. As
to football night lie said he did not
think any were needed then as ll wa.s
almost like a pink ten. He could not
remember ever linking for any on foot
ball night. Chief Cmvlcs on being
questioned slated that ne had sent n
squad I i.i tlie llypoi'lun for inside duty
on tlie night, of the last football game
as he had done at other theaters.
After Mr. Khlredge had been ex
cused Sergeant Imhcrty wa.s called.
He testitlcl to watching to see wheth
er or nut. lifllcer Holllnger patrolled
certain part of his .bent rm cerialn
night litis month. Iln testllb-d that
the first, night he had watched wa.s
liecoinber II, which was a wet night,
and Ihal night he had taken his nla-
tion In Crown sti t, which Is on
Holl!nger',u heal. lie. said lie first saw
Holllnger that night at 11:20 at that
corner (he dud gone on duty there at
li o'clock, which wa.s Holllnger's start
lug lime), and did not see him again
unill II; 1 2 In lite morning. He swore
lie had not pn.s.sed that way but those
two times between ll in the evening
and it;. in In the morning.
The next night he said he took his
stand In York street, between Clin pel
and tleorge, nnd that he failed to pass
that way between 9 und 12, and that
between 1 nnd SiHO he failed to show
up In York street from Chapel to
Crown or Chapel between High and
Kegatdlng Iieeember 1?. he said he
watched in forge between 9 nnd 3:?.0
and did not see him until 3.10. Then
lie saw him In conversation with Stan
ford and he was on Stanford's beat
His testimony regarding December :,
was that he saw Holllnger and Stan
ford talk together for a period of IS
minutes. Sergeant poherty explained
what Hie beat was which Holllnger
hail, and alo added that during the
period III question he had two beats to
c.tre for, being hIso assigned to what
Is known as the college heat. When
asked his opinion as to how many
times he thought a man should cover
kis beat he said he thought nt least
once on each report, which would be
about three tinus. When asked by
whose order he had kept watch on
lloilliigcr he said by orders of the
Sergeant Tighe followed. Me testi
fied only to the night of December 15
when he sai l he was ordered to assist
lioherty In the work. He was In plain
clothes ns was Doherty. He took up
his station that night about fl:13 In
Crown street near High and was there
until 12:2il Holllnger came through
College street, crossing crown he said
about n o'clock and he saw him no
more until 4:?0 In the morning Me
said he had not seen him patrol Col
lege or York streets or fieorge street
or Chapel and High.
Commissioner Smith queried as to
the reason that Chief Cowles had as
signed tie sergennts to this watch
duty. Tim chief explained thnt he had
received Information t'ml Holllnger
was not properly patrolling Ids beat
and was going on the statre of the Hy
perion theater. He assigned Sergeant
Doherty to watch and see If he could
Und Holllnger koIiir onto the stage but
Ihe sergennt after trying several nights
reported thnt he could not see without
being seen but Hint he had not seen
Hollnger op certain portions of his
heat In general. The chief nlso e.
plained Hint Holllnger ndmlted before
the, efficiency committee that he had
been on the stage of ttff theater on twfl
occasions, so these hnd ben Included
In the charges. No evidence ns to
these occasions was Introduced before
the board.
Patrolman Holllnger was then called
to the stand In his own defense. He
Admitted at the start that he went
onto the stage of the Hyperion on the
night of December 11 He said he hnd
seen n crowd of students banging
shout Hie singe entrance, hnd gone and
driven them away and that lie then
went In to see what time the piny
would hn over. It wns the opening
night of Kihlie Toy. He admitted he
might hnve been In the theater about
ten minutes. e said lie stood by the.
nwltclibonrd its the sit Itchhoard opera
tor was the only person there he knew
and he waited for him to nsk him the
question he wanted to nsft, p.egnrdlng
December I" he absolutely denied the
charge, staling thi't the theater had a
dark night IJiHt night. There was no
play on and the plnce was locked up.
He said also that It was thnt night be
was before the efficiency committee re
garding the charges.
He then went on to explain why he
had not patrolled Ills beat so o'ften
ns might be expected on the other
nights named, lie said In the llrst
place that be had two heats to cover,
lie told of bow he wcnl around in the
rear of stores along his beat right
along and patrolled very carefully.
On December K'. he said he came lit
to report nt and went out on
three successive patrol wsgon calls so
that It whs 1:110 before he started out
again. Then he had trouble witli
students In the center, followed them
and finally brought two Into the sta
tion so that It was about 2:30 before
be got onto his beat which made It
Impossible to cover nil of it before
report time again thnt night. On the
other days he testified that h covered
his beat as well as n' number of simi
lar Interruptions gave hlin time to do
so. Ho explained the conversation
with Stanford by declaring that Stan
ford lit'd asked hltu fur Information
and ndvloe regarding a case he had
beford him. Stanford Is a supernum
erary and wanted the advice of an
older man. He did not think, how
ever, that the talk had been so long
as had been testified to.
Regarding the testimony nf Ser
geant Tighe, Holllnger differed front
the sergeant. Sergeant Tighe testified
to meeting Holllnger and talking with
him. bul certain questions whbdi I nl -linger
asked him If he did not say at
that time which pertained to Hollln
ger's work Sergeant Tighe declared
he had not said to the best of Ills rec
ollection, Holllnger also asked the
seriMHtit if he had not been standing
behind a tree in citizen clothes In
Crown street when lie came along,
bnl the sergeant denied that story.
Holllnger insisted on It in his testi
mony, however, and claimed that h
was about to hit the in, in behind the
Practical Things
i Tastefully decorated, tliat will
'attract the belated Christmas
! purchaser or for a New Year's
There arc also many small Ihinss In Clilnn nnd Glass that make very at
tractive birthday remembrances card prizes and anniversary (rifts.
A. F. WYLIE, 821 Chapel St.
liuccnMor Ui John Bright A Co.
Friend E. Brooks, Furrier.
Friend K Brooks, formerly of Brooks-Collin. Co., is
located at 7111 1 'lmprl slrerf, npstalrs, where ho is
showing; a line lino of ladles' neck wear, muffs, fur and
fiir-linal coats, and doing fur work at very reason
able prices
(Only "Brooks" in the city actively engaged in fur business.)
real Reductions
on our entire stock,
For the next 3 weeks reductions of 10 per cent
to 30 per cent off our lowest cash prices.
"Look to-day and you'll buy to-day."
Foot of Center Street. Open Saturday Evenings.
tree with his club. He said he a'lmost
hit the sergeant before he found out
who he was.
In conclusion, Ilollinper. In response
to questions stated that he had never
been cautioned at all. hnd never been
before the hnard or even the efficiency
committee before In ten nnd a half
years of service and had never been
spoken to.
The commissioners considered th
case executively for about a quarter
of an hour, after which the decision
acquitting Ilollinijer completely was
Not a dollar's worth of 1908 stock will be carried
over. You know you never see any back numbers ia
any goods in our store. The reason is, we clean up
everything right in season at prices that everyone wants
to pay. '
This week we are at it again, so you know what
that means.
'84 Church &
It is not one but a hundred and one little things that con
duce to this end. One of them is to have the furniture, wood
work and floors always bright and clean. One of the best prep
arations (and it is inexpensive) for this purpose is our
Thompson & Belden
Reliable Paint Dealers,
398 State St. Tel. 2140. 106 Court St.
a, I It , ? . 1 1 1 ll!.-
OF-M"NUruNTfll-'YVHIWrylv PtRHArj'XNTTrllNQ' cLjC
announced. He will receive full pay
for the time of suspension and beln
allowed last night off will resume duty
to-nljrht. y
Cincinnati, Dee. 28. Giving1 as a rea
son that tholr business, though solvent,
was being run at a loss on account of
the prohibition wave, a receiver was (
appointed for the Eekhou.se Brothers,
wholesale liquor dealers, to-day. Ben
ton Oppenhelmer was appointed re
ceiver. The assets are given at t00,
000, and the liabilities. at $75,000.
63 Center Sts.
Jlitisfic iUeiasr ials
-"T -

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