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mcwTowiv, coiviv., nov. i, ih77.
JOHN T. PEARCE, Editor and Manager.
Subscription Price, $1.00 A Year
M. H. ft tit it 1, ....
J.r.Vn, .
Put'rtwit 3rop'r.
Jllditor m Hit Man V.
W'M. C. WILE, M. D.,
Phrelciau and Surueon, Sandy Hook, Ct.
J-JH. 1(. N. BETTS, J It..
BandyHoox, Conn.
My Office In Hrooictleld la opened every Wednea.
day (over 1.. Ueborne'e atorei.
Xuberipti.u 1'rlee, 1.00 A Tr. ,ank K CLARK. M. a
lwk. twka. lino. Smoa. Giuca.
I Inah. .71 Mi
i lack. 1 ti J "0
JIucli, U .M
1-4 Uwi J.00 1 1 0
1-tCol t.lM 4.40
I Cul J 00 1.00
4 00
4 JO
6 00
12 01
JO 00
13 00
Oyer Jlaliteai't Strug Store,
OFFICE H0l'B8:io to
A. H.
4 to 6, r. u.
ftpeeial NoUcea, Ten Cent per line tint, and
Xive Cant for each aubaequaot insertion.
Traneient advertielnfc payable lu advance. No
dead-beat advertlelng taken. Yearly advertise
ments parable at the eud of each quarter. Pro-
feeaional and Buaineaa Card tto occupy not more
than fire luteal $i.00 a year. Rogular yearly ad.
a-arlliera, whoee bille amount to $10 or over, will
i-eeeive tha paper tree.
Maila Open: From the South, 11.20 A. . ami
.00 r. M. from the A'orth, l.t 0 M . and o .( 0 P. M.
Alalia cloae; Ooiux North. 1".30 a. m. and 4.4.0
9. M. Ooiaa boutb, at 11. '.'j a. n. and 4.45 r. M
is . ri.cK, i'.m.
Tbibitt ChpBCH. Main Street, Rev. Newton E.
Jfarbie. D. 1., rector, bervicea 10 3 . a, a. buu
41 School, 12 Hi Atteruuou aerviue, al 1 .
CoNftBBUATloVAL Ma:u Street, Rev. Jumue P.
Heyt, paator. neivicea 10.30 a. u. ouudaj rtchuol
ii,4A a H. Aftoruuau bervioca, 1 l. m.
Catholic: Main Street, Rev. Falher McCurton
t,ator. Service, 10.14 a. m. bunuy bebool,
3.80 r. m.
Uuti Bkasch JrvaviLE Teupls xo 14. Pub
. tit meeting every auuuay afternoon .it a o'eioek,
in (South Centre dthuol tiou.e, tliceia: Mrs b N
ttae, Dupt, Miaa at If Peck, b. c.
IIT. rATklCI'B TKAtai.x,''H,f.-.w -.-..
r Jaw.a McCarlan Ifraaidtut, John -Mooiiey lee
Preaideut, ihoiua. Jijan becreury, trick tain
aoo Prealdelit. Chanea lirre.luid Vice i'remueut,
H, F. Peck bacrelaiy and Trearurer.
11. V. Pti-K, Librarian.
Kf Collision?, prcmpt. Officv ii: B'udic:'s Blr.ck
QliLKST A. bKNKUluT, M. D ,
391 Slate Sirect (Mjrl!j Bkck,l BRIDGEPORT.
ICUci-rUityront o he Thei ajtculic Agtnti.
TudUys ai.d F. id.'-ys f. 01 8 A. M. to 5 r. u.
3HlJ Main btreet, Bridgeport, Coun.
Stxl door to Riidtty K Co.)
450 Main 8U'fi:t, liiiuiietwn, ives Oan frt-e of
cliui t- ttod eXttucU teelli wituuul pmn lor oOcU.
Now neatly fall the tVi!x Uffbt,
The autumn'R unjt vull,
Wbile Uunky grow tbt wtiwring flight
Of whl; ))0( r-will tud quail.
The grain 1m bound, tltv nut are browa
On every wooded bill.
Tbf light 1a noftc ned on the down.
Andailvered on UwriJl.
The parbtiilge druaii ; tbe plovtr a eall
Ha lutes Urn HporUinmi't tar, ,
And Jum above tbu water-tall
The tlabr iwUi bi weir.
The reddonMl leaven with withered wlngi
fcwiep lightly to the Hfnl,
And Autumn walka the land and aiUKi.
With rustling aanduU al.od.
Norman Gunniton, 1n $cribiUT,
Practices in all the courts ot Law and Equity, in this
State, and in tlie Distiict, i.iicuit and Supreme
V-ou ts 1 the United States. All business entrusted
to hts ca e wut be la tlilu ty attended tu, ai d success
ful y acc Jinplisbed s la as depe ids upon his efforts.
oituated in tlie centre of the towt,, newly fur-mln-.d
tlnoufL'buiit. All liiuui-rii ituprcveuieitiB.
Eveij tbifit; done to aad to tbf biifiptntnK und cum.
fort of the "tifftH . l re carriage to ull truiu.
A Happy Mist.ike.
Day by Jny I had een the lines of
curu deepi-n round my fnthcr's mouth
nd forehead, and wnlched my mother's
pale and anxious g7.e rest upon him.
Night after night did Maudo and I lie
side by side, and spend the hours when
sleep, they tell us, lends us beauty --in
wondering what trouble was hoveling
over us.
But the knowledge came all too soon.
My father had lent money which he sup
posed he could eall in at any time. The
me arrived, but the money was not
irihcoming. His health was rapidly
ailing him, a fact his business anxieties
n no way ltclMid, and wcttoon knew he
must mortgage heayily the farm, and
hat if his health continued to fail he
inigh' soon be unable even to pay the
MjOBOBiai. Rev Jamea Taylor, paator. Ser
vice. 10. JO a. M. , 1.90 and 8 P. it- ouiiday
Khool li. 45 A. H. Prayer nuelinij Thilratluy
aveajjiK, Sr. u.
Bt. Joax'i I hapei- Rev. 1'rancia W. Bar
I.lt aaaiataut mml.ter. Service 1 P.M. Sunday
ae&Ml It 11.
TBMAJiHa: ttiaet ia ball over H. L. V hueti'r'.
ftuuttara WarerooM e.v.ery Friday cveniuB. oth
ra. P. Biackmaa, VV. U i', Mra. W. W. Pr
aiua W. V. 1, Ch.iallau Beahler, V. b., Mra. E.
A. Bannatt.W.F. Mr.. H. L. Wheel.r, VV.
J rTm. B.Terrill, W. M , Mua S. A. Judaon,
(' 1. 1 , Mia. Ella S. Pack, tV. O. G, John i.
4rutm. P. .T.
HlBAM LoDflK, NoJS, F. A. M.-lIeet in Ma
BOuie UaU, let and Jd adneadaya of oacb mouth.
t)eara: V,l. 1 oandtord, W. M., John sandlord,
dr. W., oieraCroiut, Jr. W., Jair.ea A. Vtuaon
tait H. i Wheeler, Treaa and t'b.pn., Am.
Ackley. Br. Dan., Chester Hard, Steward. A. Vv .
OrKaiwaun. Ttier-
Botai. Aech CHArTft--Meet Seoond Thursday
ul each manib, lu Maaonic BalL Onicere; Ueo.
' WvSraaVn . P., H. L. Vt heeler, K., Jama. M.
JtlMbBiaa, Scribe., Wiu. L auford, C ot H., Ja
A. WiUvm, P. .,U. A ilougb, B. A. U.
Aupha JtrvaalLl Timplb No 1. meet in Lodge
Room ver FatBltura alore, every Buuday afu-T-Boob,
at 4 10 o'elock. Jtiaa Jilla tack, Uupt. F W
Parklaa. VY C T.
Fresh & Cared MaatB fcc.
Near the Bridge.
Bandy Hook, Conn.
tSTlermi: Cask. '
Graining, Paper Hanging, Kalsoraining
Frescoing and Painting in all its
branches done with dis
patch, Residence, Newtown, Conn.
Made to order, at the thoriett notice, and
on mont JUusonable l'trmt.
Call and see me.
aiud thai iba would defmy the Deceasary
1 111110111 gaaped when I ri ad the name
Dr. Melroiut. His tame litid renohetl
even our earn. 1 wondered how tdie could
have approitcbed him with such a request
but I said nothing to father of her de
sire, and one morning, about a week
later, hit card was put Into my hands.
Willi quick, trembling limbs, I hasten
ed down to mtwl him, and opened the
parlor door to And myself face to face
with the atrnnger who, weeks before, had
at in the Leonards' pew.
My face grew red and pale ns I re
cognized him, but he came forward very
quietly, and, taking my hand, said
"Come, we will have a little bilk first,
and then you ahull take me to aee your
father. "
1 quickly olieyed him, and ant down
heside him, as he directed, while he, n t
teeming to observe my agitation told
me of my sister of her happincaa in her
new home, how already she had won her
way into their hearts, and how glad he
whs that business at this time called him
to this spot, and enabled him to perhaps
be of some assistance.
Then I fouud words, and when he
left me to visit my father, I found my
self awaiting his return with a calm as
surance that, could mortal aid avail him,
he would find it iu Dr. Melrose's healing
A half hour passed before his return,
and when he enteied the room I knew I
might hope.
"It is not so bad as I feared," he said.
"Time and careful nursing will soon re
store him. The lutter I shall intrust to
Then he gave me his .'directions 10
clearly that I could not misunderstand
them, and when lie bade me good by,
holding both my hands for a moment
i his own, and said, "You must take
care pf yonrse.lt as well ond not irive ine
Then Maude and I began to hold our so kindly that 1 felt my heart leap as I
whispered conversations to belter pur- ihonght
,0,teto decide tliat we were strong.and "It was for Maude s sake lie nas none
omig, and healthy, and such gifts were this lhi"g. He loves her."
iven to us to lie made use of. And so It did not st em strange that she should
it ended in our sending off a mysterious have won tne heart of a man as mgu in
letter to the old Bchool-ieucher.aud wait- the world's favor as hrnesl aieirose
iniranil wulcliinff days for a reply, stood It would not have feemetl strange
which came at last to tell us she bad
succeede.t in Sliding a situation as gover
ness, at a competency, which to us
seemed wealth.
to me hail she won royalty ; in my eyes
she might have graced any throne.
So I wrote her of his visit, arid its
wonderful results; how father improved
"Kllie, darling, wliero aro you V"
questioned aswe. t, girlish voice; aud I
sprang up, ashamed of my momentary
weakness, to find myulf clasped in my
sister's warm, loviog embrace.
She had come buck lovelier than ever.
Ah, I could gu:s what had deepened
the flush upon iter cheek, the radiance of
her eyt !
I smoothed my disordered hair, listen
ing the while to her merry talk, though
lint a word did she say of bim whose
deep, manly tones I could bear now and
then as he sat talking.
"Look your best," six said, with a ro
guish twinklo "your very, very best !
There I am satisfied."
And, taking me by the hand, she ran
rapidly down into the room wherethey
all sat.
Dr. Melrose Instnntly arose and came
forward with bis old smile of welcome,
and made a movement us though lie
would already give me a brother's kiss,
but remembered in time I hat his secret
was not yet disclosed.
The evening pussed rapidly away in
pleasant laugh and jest. Occasionally I
intercepted a glance between Maude and
her guest, full of meaning, but no one
else seemed to notice it. At last he rose
to hid us good-night, and as lie held my
hand a moment in his own, he whisper
ed :
"You have always been most indefn
tiguable in pressing my small claim up
on you. To-morrow I will present it to
you for payment. May I see you for a
few moments in the morning?"
"Certainly," I answered, but my voice
trembled, ami, I think, had he staved a
moment longer, I should have burst in
to tears.
All through that long niglit I watched
my sister, sleeping so peacefully by my
side, waging my little war with self.
How natural that lie should love her.
uivnmte ,a l.....li, I n, di 'vvhv hn,4
his? At least the seciet was all my own
none should suspect it.
I had not known it myself until T had
seen them side by side. With, perhaps,
n. shade hs color, a little quivering of
eyelids, but nothing more, I enteral '.be
parlor next niorning to greet Dr. Mel
rose, who stood wailing for nie.
The lady was willing to take any one day by day, and how, with nealtli, came
on her recommendation, and either of hope and cournge,so mat soon me cowoa
us, she fell assured, would fill the role, would scatter, and we mouw nave uer
So she left it for us to "decide one must home ngain.
go and one must, tny. But she answered, begging me never
At last Maude said it must be she who to inina ner mi imu.Y
would mi. She was older than 1. and vin she had found a second mother, and
she thought she would be happier away in her work only pleasure.
u,..rkiir than at home sitiiiiir with fold- She rarely mentioned Dr.
i.,u KIih was so urettv. so lovelv name, but I could well understand why
Tit id LiVH htp that it seemed as ihouirh we I site was silent
Ing prices the factory takes the overplu.
The packing eonipnilei are one impor
tant lact.ir in the solution of the quo
lion of a cheap food supply for the mil
ion. An almost Inconceivable amount
of wholesome food is gathered and mar
keled at cheap rates thatjwotil.l other
wise he lost. In many ways this indus
try stimulates the production of fruit
Bnd vegetables In districts remote from
large markets. It gathers up the frag
ments, so that nothing is lost.
Your readers will he Interested In a
description of the canning process as
earrlcd on by the Dudley Packing Com
pany at their factory. The capital en li
ed for in a factory that will use up a
thousand bushels of tomntoes a day is
about $15,000. The company began
with tomatoes because the demand for
them is very large, and they can l
grown in quantity at short notice. Senls
were distributed during the Winie: anil
Spring, and the farmers pledged lliem.
selves to cultivate at least 115 acres of to
matoes, and the price was fixed at 30 cts.
a bushel. It was regarded as uii e.xpcii-
ment, many of the farmers doubting;
whether the crop would pay it t thut
price. The company engaged to take
all that they would raise. Hoth pirlie
have kept their engagements, and not
only has the f.ictory consuinod all the
tomatoes produced in this vicinity. Inn
htrgequantilie have been brought Irom
New Jersey by steamer and rail for pick
ing here. The yield on good land, w. It
cultivated, has reached, in some cases,
400 bushels to the. acre, which pay luir
ly for a rather bulky crop.
The company furnish crates, holding
just a bushel, opu at the lop, and tur.
nisbed with projecting posts at the di
ners, so thai Ibey can be packed one
crate on lop of anotlaer without damag
ing the fruit. The payments are in caati
on delivery of the goods.
The first operation in thecanning pro.
long, three feet wide and two deep, and
stands upon the platform, outside of tne
building, near the door. This tank is
tilled with water, and kept near the b -il
ing point tiy steam. A sieve of iron
wile tits into the top of the tank, and
receives two bushels of tomatoes for u
charge. A jet of steam is tuned l i
I have come, ns you know, to claim J tlie Wlll(!ri Bj u,e tomatoes remain it, it
Hoi-fe-Shorr and Uinernt Blacksmith,
(Near the Orut-mill),
KyStone-cutters' and Maaona' hammera made
to order. Working iu teol apeclalty. Rep-Jr-ini!
done neatly and promptly.
So the Winter passed. Two or three
times the doctor came to relieve its mo
notony. My parents grew to welcome
him as a friend, and I, in my heart of
hearts, as a brother, for I felt sure I had
guessed the secret of his love for Maude.
He talked of her so constantly, telling
TRAVELER'S GUIDE, qmith & pkrkins.
Newtown 1 Wwdburjf Stage Line.
Laavae Woadbury at ;.Wa. m., aontubury at
f M B.a boatb Britain at a.m., llennetta
jrUfatl.tu, ai.. Berkahiro at 10 a. ia., bandy
flavs at 10.10 a, ba, arnviba: at wtowu to meet
la 10.47 a. kl. If I'raiu, and le.v lor Wood
ary va tha arrival of the It. 40 a. m. Uowu Tiaio,
ad arrivaa at Woodbury at 9 p. nt., ihe aauia time
aa tka Woudkury and Seymour lae.
UkOHOK AkLfcK, Proprietor.
atm, Auf, Id, lsij.
Paper Hanging, Katamining,
Painting ana training
Dona at the shortest notice, and in the Beat
could not let her go among strangers.
At tiret, lather and mother would not
listen to it, but we overruled all object
ion, aud Maude wrote and appointed a
day tor her coming.
The intervening time passed rapidly
au...v ;,, ltimv nrermrHtion. and at last
a,..,,,. Hi .vlrft ns dawned briirht me bow bravely she did her duty, and
nd clear Maude looked so lovely that how her beauty or cnaracter eceeou
morning iu her pretty hat, with its long even the charm of face and form,
drooping feather, that I did not wonder We looked to him almost as our de-
theeyesofa stranger in the church Hverer, lor iamers neauu n..u ...,.
wandered persistently to our pew were al last restord j but when he asked
lie was a tall, handsome man, sitting mm lor nis oiu, ue ia..8u...B.j tp -.
.1 l.mi a - - to mulfA,!! U'itll MlCtl
with the Leonards a name which, in 'ii ""
. . I , OL. !- ... ,..tln "
ill,.,,. rnr..nt..rt IIS ST StOCTaCV JJlllUUe. D"B la lu aviwc turn.
nd wealth.
People's Line.
ItryarT:ato the travelinj public and cao
betaaadalant maa ready loonvey pasani!ra to A. d
f,,m Oja Deot, or w Sai.dy HJa a .d -ewt wn St.
GkarieeaKalerata. Remember the "O 'yernor "
Hwusaionic Railroad,
Tim Table. To Lake effect July 10, 1S7T.
! Z - "V
an 1 .44 . ..auu ..nap. m. lo.4l . m.
m. i JS p. na. ttaana cnnecl at Brooaheld Jiaoc
twa wiik umina" Uaiiiiiry. . - -
g,int jafi, t,u and 11.40 b. m , J.OS and
- fTm7 train, . P-
Iti 1-4? X2ZZ?J-ir--:
aa rUk train, fee I'Aliimry. , ;. , .
p m. suuaaay Milk Train, 7.W p m
Main Strtel, A'eatoua, Conn.,
Oalla the attention of the citiieiis of thiitowa and vici
nity to Bia new atock of f ooda, whick he baa on hand.
at h,i Store m GLover'i baildiag.
He will make All Wool pants to order far f 3-75, and
Whole Suita for lia-oe. Give him acall, aodaee lor
ff Cutlino done at lie tkoHetl noliet,
4 Shp.ujf Railroad.
Antpax ia, i...
Can hrr mtot Umt Xftn at 10J, aj.
-a "w . aa. Amv. a4 Uudineld .JandT.S
- L-A. an additional Connecuo
JTZ1 kwis;. -.
wiTTTrLn am..7 UtcblWd at lo.w p.
j , r Werl sMIan. illowlara ..IS J.
T?3 TZZ m . amnuar nt Uawnynlla 11 JO
Corner of Main and Wett aST, Nexloten.
Shaving. rAbeanpaoint: and Hair Dreaaing dona
in the Boat artnrac etyle.
Tha ladiaa arerequered to examine epecunem
of work, noch as 8 wi tehee, Braida. Carle, Puffa,
etc. La.iiea con bav their comblnra td op.
in Rasdr Hook, openea every
ItAtnrdar aiUnKw eShop next to the Font Onto
For The
mv payment, F.lnc. dm you not guess
it?" !
A momentary strmrjlc wi ll myseif,
then I answered bravely:
"Yes, I know it all. Yon have my
consent, Dr. Melrose, although you take
our dearest possession."
"Then vou know. Ellie? Since the
day I first saw vou in church I have
loved you. have cherished as my fondest
dream the hope of making you my wife.
Darling, you ru sure I have your con
sent?" "But Maude ?" I almost gasped.
"Maude if only too happy in the hope
that 1 mrv win you. She is engaged to
a cousin whom she met at Mrs. Marvin's
and who is soon coming to claim tier.
He is a splendid fellow, and well worthy
other; but I. ah ! my darling, can ac
cept no other p tyment lhan yourself."
And. in a wild burst of passionate j''
of marvelous unbelief. I gave it to bim,
aa he sealed it with the first kiss of our
My father looked amazed, but I could
There were gentlemen from the city appreciate the payment he would accept,
i. .iio h,,t ttia.ii- ze and imagined their surprise when he de
manded it at their hands.
visiting there constantly, but their gaze
did not otten wander from the stylish,
elegant Miss Leonards to seek any other
I saw them glance around once or
wice, as if to discover what else in tlie
church could possibly distract attention
from themselves, aud I iear I felt more
pride in Madde'a beauty than was quite
consistent with the sacred place in which
we were.
But al:er she bad goue, and at night
I went, for tlie first time, to my room
alone, 1 felt that she had chosen the bet
ter part Hint it was easier even to go
forlli among strangers, wilu your nana
at the plow, titan U' sit dowu quietly on
the vacant hearthstone.
How-ever, I soon found plenty for
heart aud hands. My father grew rapid
1? worse msteaa of better, and H was
hard work so to word my letters to Maude
that aha should not know of the skeleton
in our borne the shadow of coming
Her Utters ware bright and cheery,
like herself ; ud when at last I told her
father itrew uo belter, she answered she
had met Dr. Melrose, who was relative
of the lady whose children she taught.
and asked him to go down and ece fa'-pei
The Summer was rapidly approaching
the time for Maude's coining home
was at hand.
With glad, happy heart, I decorated
our room with the roses she so loved ;
hung the fresh muslin curtains from the
windows, looped them back with sprays
of floweis, all the while singing uloud in
I had reason to be happy, lor Jiaune
was coming to a Home over which uuu6
uo shadow of debt. The mortgage had
been p ud What she had saved should
go toward her trouueau when she
needed one. for father had prospered ue-
yond all expectation.
At last 1 heard tbe sounu 01 wneeis.
Nearer and nearer they came. I sprang
down stairs to meet her, caught siglii of
the carriage coming rapidly up tlie drive
saw her smile ii welcome and saw
that ahe was not alone.
"I bri"g you a surprise." she had
written, and bv her side sal Dr. Melrose.
1 knew it alL ' Was it nl as I pictured,
fancied, hoped f 1 n!y know that an
impulse which sprang from some corner
of my being, caused the to turn hastily
up the stairs, and, burying my fccad in
bit pHU nobbed aloud.
How Tomatoes ars Canned.
The large consumption nf canned
eoods in this country, and the market
which is opening for them in Europe;
the great variety of farm products which
the factories demand, and tlm near home
market which they make for perishable
fruits and vegetables, render tlii. indus
try a matter of interest to all intelligent
farmer!. Besides meats and fish pieatr
ved by this method, nearly all the nmie
common and perishable trutls ana v. ge-
tuliles are canned and made available tor
food during the whole year. A canning
factory is one f Ihe mosl useful Bnd eco
nomical insliluiions lhat can be estab
lished iu an agricultural community.
The Drocess of preserving is now so well
understood, and the work is so thorough
ly done that tbe goods will keep ior
u half minute, when the are raised by
the sieve, which turns on a hinsrn. nnd
are dropped into two boxes at the lower
end of the tank. Two men manage the
scalding lank, and a boy distribute! tuc
fruit among the peelers within.
Thirty six women and girls attend to
this ileparliueiit. They ure arranged at
Ihe sides of troughs, elevittrd sufficiently
for convenience, each workman having
a pail and a box for the deposit of the
skins and refuse. Each tomato is peeled
and cleaned of all decay and green
around the stem. The price paid for
this work is 3 1 3 cents a pail, and the
day's work Is from 80 to 40 palls to eac h
operative, according to her skill and ac
tivity The pa;ls are carried try boys to
the steamer, which is upon an elev ile 1
platform, and discharges into the hopper
! for packing. The overseer of the stum
er carefully examines eacn pninui, s it
is spread nut. for any neglect among the
peelers, and removes the unripe portion
if any 1b found, She also gives a cher!:
foreiich pailful, which the boy retur'.s
to the operative, and these checks a r
the certificates of the amount of labor
From the steamer the tomatoes fall in
to a hopper, and then into 11m stuffer.
which is a cylinde worked by a treadle.
Tlie cans used here are quarts and gV
Ions, of which a large Hlock is kept m
nand in the loft above the packing Renin,
The cans are passed down to the packer
Ivy a trough, which is kepi constantly
full. The filling is done throutrh a bole
alHiut an inch and a bait in oiamiier lu
ihe top of each can. This hole is placed
over the end of the stuffer. and with a
slight pres-ure of the foot upon the
treadle, the packer fills his can. and near
ly excludes all ai' and water. The next
ip in the process is regulating tbe cans
for soldering. Homo of the cans arc a
liitle loo lull, and some do not contain,
quite enough. This work Is done by
two girls. A boy fits the caps over the
holes, and puis seven cans uiion a tray,
and ile!i ws them to the solderers- T..U
is done by boys at tbe Gulden s patent
. . t- :V- X.. .. v xcto, 1 1 n . 1 V
years, and can be sent on long sea voya- j - . acbiDe which exceedingly
ges to all climates and to the letuolesl ; " adsavesa great deal of kW.
countries. There is hardly any limit iq j - ,, put npim it.e
Ihe tlemana ior incw -,
factory will ittuke a good home market
for nearly all fruits and vegelnhk that
cannot he disptajed of in the fresh condi
tion. It is complete remedy for ny
. 4 ti local markets : for when tne
platform of the machine. The soldering
lr. . semicircular piece qf iron adjur
ed to the size of lfc p. I imnoe-JiaicIy
lowered uoou the edge of theC.n.wh.cU
hucksters or mi.UtJf8it' 10 W ,u"
fye workman turns w
ith one hand, whija
tJ-t,;iVT'0pL I ET Only ON E DOLLAR X IE AB.

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