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Thursday Jim. 17. 1S78.
iPffldt hi Sanford 4 Hawlet Store,
Aa Af pttd s ItaaB tat Hswtowa Library,
e tM uibn&t ef jtrwtown.
Within Ikr next twe weekt you will ho
ChIim Bjpotj hy euatmlitaw of 3aUusitiid
.feMtatrn, pMinil at our meeting
held Wn Saturday evening last, 40 gl
yur subscription! for e yeara member-
hip lo that jajcleiy, - W lion that to
gtiod a cmim may meet with your appro
t1, tad subscription, and , that eur om
iniltte may report large accessions to obr
prrttmt subscription list. T We, one and
.all, thould Uka au Interest la thii pro-
JutV Starter! at It was by Iba liberality
til itMAttHN, thould not be allow-
ad W drop for.wael of a UtcW united ef
'Z -tacit Wa have already a good many
valuable ete In our library, but we
propose lo add largely to the number as
aoM u our present iubacriptian lint can
be filled. The price for yearly subtcrlp.
ttiea baa been pliaed within the reach of
all, ooe dollar for one year being fixed
at the yearly rale.' fall that can will
aid tbit enterprise we can have a library
here in thia wn that we would be proud
oC . Shall we have your aasistauce J
,.. MAStcva 0. Hawlby, President.
mw or tei bsoisi eas o births,
,, , IOWS 70S THE TEAB 1877.- ' '
JIarrlaget.'. . : . '. ;.: .17
Mirths returned .,93
J)aatbl do 05
" from 1 4o 5 years .- 12
. " 0 to 10 yrt... 2
.. lOloSO yrs. 4
" i " go to so yrs.-. 5
." . " : 80 to 40 yri... .7
' 40W60 yra ........ 4
" 50 to 80 yrs., j..,,,
" " 60 to 70 yre... 8
" " 70 lo80 yrs.. 10
' 80 to 90 yrs.....,.; 6
" SOtoloO yrs....... 3
-. Total, 65
tin, . . usi or deaths.
1 Jan. t , tine May HrXtne, .
. f 14, P-lly Pairmnn.
ek, i, John Sberman,
' ' ' 11, June P. LeUnd,
- ii, Henrietta Pack,
31, Lena Wagner,
- ' M, Eeektel Been, ''
- 17, terab Aon Peck,
It, Anton Wagner,
Ma, I, Pbebe Sbepard, .
, Welle Allie.
, 1 Abigail Prmalee,
It, Maria Been,
t, Margaret Jane MeCerly
Apt. , Hersaan Korthrop
7, William Wuod,
" 14, Afirippa FeaM (colored),
"14, Henry B. Boteford,
- It, Bntb A. Sherman,
..' 11, Asaie Lillia,
.;--.' -.11, KoraUllia,. ' ,
JS, InfaBt ' i
Mat t. Katie B. Biley. .
T. Ye. D.'
11 IB
I 10 21
71 4
i 7
It 11
SO 4
S 1
60 t
0 4
8 .
t; TSomm Bakejr, - tl
, t Infant-
n yt Uuknowii man (eol'd) fono4
-'. . II, Wi O.Cologon,
14, Daniel W. Webewt,
x- 17 JobnColgm, 1
Jnne , larib B. Olara, ;
' . 11, Martha Jane Merrle, 41
1; Murk S. Leavenworta, 7
..." . M. Vtbei Bourordl'eek, !3
jaly 81, Carrie Camp, SI
vi H - M, Ana McNaoiara, 86
' M, tevia Biggins, Hi
Aag. la, Mary Mcrfamara.
11 11 Hylen f. Warner, .
11 Daniel Lvi.ch. 4
' " II, Elisabeth Lavery,
.pt 1, Louie Hnry Peck,
1 t, Bsaera MoMahon
' . i, Bridget Coetello,
' J, rrederiek Hawlejr,
- IV A. Francieco.
" K, Loniaa Jane Brown,
li, Ellia Fraaola Baeeett,
e, t o;
'ornella Homo.
H. Merr Ellon Weldon.
" IT, Leri B. atillaan,
-M, Mary Berry,
. II, Sheldon Berry.
9f 1, larab M, Ulart,
' 14, frank B, Piatt,
" W, Harriet Been,
" U, Mary Ana Madigan,
" at, Mn. Andrew Bull,
Pea, li, Cbarlotta FalrchUd,
" It. fennel B. Bawle j,
'. t4, Bty Piatt,
tt, Laara Bennett,
' JO, Infant
11, Qaorg Eatsnnyer,
- On Saturday last a man named Cbartes
B Grover, aged about fifty-flve years,
and issldlng abobt two miles from Dan
bary, on the line of the Housatonic
Branch railroad, was run over, and hor-
- ribly cot to pleoes by the 5.87 p. m. pas
aenger train. The-roan walked Iwm
Aimnoory iQwara Bis liome, and was
very drunk ; ad much to 4haf he laid
downopon the track, and was found,
ana remoreq, oy ineoas,. u appeara
that he again aUrted for his home, and
:ef entering a deepcut he again laid down
Jn length acrott the raiU, and was in
"it i.e . , .
poamon . wu-n; atrucit, The car
hrili out Mm In two, aererine both
Jfgl, and crushiEgin hit head, from
aanark that he i said to have mddc. 'k
might be rtaaonably-rn (erred that be de
liberately laid himself down opon the
track to bekllW-He wa, only a abort
disUnee from hiahooje. -There -is no
blaaie to be attached to lha engineer or
aayone oa the train. (f Conductor
Wataoa jathered up the remains or bit
return trip, (baring; left a nrsttinait ' in
ebarge of.tbem and took; them to Dan
bary, Oroter was Ja-. Unit bor, and
was barlld by the Hat Finishers' Socie
ty, Bawds. Se leaves a wife and tir
. . . : . A HJtTT. ,
tjrlday aaasiog a company of ' young
Udies aad ggntlenjen wera entertained
at the reaidatvue of Henry T, Hichola,
laxj., Prof. Blakalea, with his Bddle. as
lted by Jtr. iebola, who presided
t the organ, Corni'shed - the music
for the dancers. A very sice supper
wis spread for U.g Roasts, which with
the merry-mskiatt afforded a very plea
taat tirne to all until shopman boon ar
lel We aaeratapd that tne party
was gotten aphy Mra. yicbt)!j, in honor
At WAUie,kali, and awa jiighly ap
rwoiaVed by a!l preaent. "
D H. sraua wUl ramaia at aJloTera
JU0 . ot)fl Vast; jwra.
Owing to the storm of last Thursday
lilktlit only a ftiw persons were, prasant
at the Q i nrnl Contntl Hotel at the hour
appointed and as it was desirable to hare
if poaailile, a full attendance, the meet'
lug adjourned until Baturday evening.
On Suturriay evening, quite a number
of Indira and gentlemen were prewnt, and
a dtttp Interetl was manifested in the
success of the library. The doings of a
prvvlous meeting, of which notice was
given lust wcvk were reconsidered, some
Important chungva made, and new me
etuus adopted, - - ;
'The changes were, fixing the salary of
the lilrrarlun at a suited sum, $16 for sli
months,' eud making the rnl of books
ten con ta lor two week
- it was voted to bave an honorary mem
bersblp, consisting of those who, upon
paying twenty five dollars would attain
life ueinberebip; and all the privileges
of the library. The reduction of yearly
subscription f rom two lo oue dollar met
with unnnlmous favor.
A number of ladies and gentlemen
were named as committees to solicit sub
scriptions to the library. ' For Newtown
Street, a arcus 0. Hawley,. Edgar F.
Hnwley, Miss M, F. Blackman and Miss
M. G. Morgan, weie appointed. For
Sandy Hook, Daniel fJ.Betrs, Charley
Bereeford.Thomas Scales aud the Misses
Ella and Carrie Galely. " ' " ! - , '
For Mile Hill, E. L. Johnson and Miss
. F, Peck. For Hawleyville, Glover
Hawley and Homer Hawley. ' For Taun
ton, E. O. Barnuin. ' For Zoar, Chester
Hurd. For Hanover, 8. B. Wheeler and
Siim'l 0. Glover. For general commit
tee. John F. GrifQn,
A proposition was then offered, to have
what is called a pound parly, which will
be held to-night, at the Grand Centrtl
Uolul. Each person is expected to bring
oue pouud of some useful article, which
will-be sold at auction, and all are ex
pected to uke away one pound package
at least. There will be good music furn
ished, and a jolly- time for all who wish
to puiticipate. The tickets for dancing
will be only fifty cents. ' Mr. Browne.lhe
proprietor of the Hotel, will furnish re
freshments lo those who desire it
We have depended upon memory m
giving this outline of the library meeting
and may have omitted something that
ought to have been mentioned. It was
certainly a very sociable gtthering, and
we hope that the meeting to-night will
prove a grund success. We hope that
all who were present Saturduy night
will remember the fine of 25 cents that
each one will have to pay if not present
by eight o clock.
Last Satnrday sheriff Aaron Sanford
brought to Newtown a man named Isaac
H. 'Gall, who souio live years ago he ar
rested, charged with mutilating horse
belonging to Mr. Isaac Briscoe, of Taun.
totf.' ' Officer Sanford took Ihe fellow to
bis borne for sate keeping, and as he re
quested certain privileges, on account of
sickness, Mr, Sanford let him go into
the yard two or three times. , Eaoa tisg
Mr. Sanford bad bis eye on him. The
last time that the man went out he acted
so strangely, Mr. Sanford followed him
outside, and from the prisoner's move
ments divined bis intentions to escape,
and hs be was making tracks from the
barn Mr. Sanford fired upon him two or
three times, without effect Gall made
good his escape, and has kept out of the
State, until a recent crime of rape, made
It necessary for him to leave New York,
and coming to Danbury fell into the
hands of chief of Police Crofut, who,
knowing that Sheriff Sanford wanted
Gall telegraphed to him, and Mr. San
ford went lo Danbury and got his man,
last S iturday, and took him before Jus
tice Betts for trial, Gall plead guilty to
ir.e cnarge, anq oeing put under bonds,
which he could not raise, be was taken
to jail, in Bridgeport, by the Sheriff.
Gall is .powerful looking, over six feet
neignt, ana uas a squmiy eye, anq a
caBt of countenance best admired behind
strongiron bars. As Gall has already
served a term In the Sta'e's prison its
diet will not terrify him, should he be
sentenced hgaTn.'whicli'ls very probable.
Wa have purposely refrained from des
ignating the nationality of this man, for
the simple reason that we do . not wish
to classify hiui without knowledge. We
hava been told that be is part white, part
indiaa, and part negro. We give it op.
;.' , j,",,: .TRAMPS. , ..
There has been no perceptible 'change
in lliK number of tramps visiting this
town, as yet. " Their frequent calls at
some houses is getting to be very annoy
ing. We know of one house that ia visi
ted about every day in the week, and
their demands for something to eat are
satisfied through fear, the lady being
alone.- ' '
Our town authorities have 'absolute
control in this bare-faced dead-beating
through the town; it ought to be stopped
The following it the list of letters re
maining in the Newtown Pott Office
Jan.' 14- ' ' - ' -
Miss Hattie Clark. Marv Brad lev.
Joseph A Kellogg, Maggie Ker.ne, Mrs.
Annie oruirup, deary ii. Stephens. L
E 8hepard. A. 1 Vanderbiit, Oliver
Woleott. .-
Persons calling for any. of the above
letter will pleat say "advertised-
; Z. S. Pick, P. M. -
The legislature was duly opened ' last
Wednesday, ia Hartford. The newly
elected speaker of tbe House, Cbarlea
Briscoe, of Enfield, it a native of New
town, and well known here by the older
resident He left ibis town some twen.
ty -fire year afo, went o EnJeld and
practiced lew.
AxiiTAU aiid Mf Ainrwtt.
Last Saturday Mr. Homer IWb.cIerk
of tba FtrM National Bank, and one of
the firm of Wni. If. Ivors t Uo , Union
Granite works, Bridgeport, arrived In
town, and took quarters at Dick's Hotel,
and will remain several weeks, recruit
ing bit bralili.
Mr. John F. Rlnniuslanif,o( ?opklyn
arrived Satnrday evening, and la the
guest of hit brother, Charles lUuolnt
land. Mrs. Norman B. Glover left town last
week Wednesday, to visit her daughter,
Mrs. IL L. Beers, in Bdenburg, Pen.
Mr. Albion Onpell takes a vacation of
one week, visiting bis home In N. T.
ctf. . ' -
Dr. R H. BotU and lady.of Woodbury
pent a very atiloyubl Chiittmaa and
now I ear, wiui ineir son, ur. n a.
Belts, Jr., of Bandy Hook, and returned
att week to their home.
Mrs. F.L. . Wallate, child, and MUa
Munson, of Cheshire, Cunn., arrived
Saturday, and are stopping at tba Grand
Central Hotel.
Mr. D. M. Reynolds and family were
visiting Bridgepuil tbit week.
On Sunday, the Sih of January,
gentleman, David Condon, residing In
Oxford,' died very suddenly, from tome
unknown cause. Wt learn that in the
morning be went out Into bis barn to
milk bit cows,and not returning as early
at was his cus'om, tome one of the
family went out to tee the cause of his
delay, and found him lying insensible,
having apparently fallen over from a
sitting position. Mr. Condon, was re
moved to hit house, and died in a few
minutes. . , i
The funeral took place Wednesday,
the 9tU inst,and the remaius were brought
to Newtown, and taken to St, lVue'a
church, where the solemu service of tbe
dead was read by Kuv. Father MoCar
tan, after which he very feeliugly spoke
of tbe deceased, whom be knew. He
urged his hearers to a greater faithful
nets to their duties, and lo be always
ready for the last summons. At the
close of the services In the church tbe
remains were taken to tbe Catholic cem
etery In Ihe Glen, and buried.
Last Sunday afternoon, between four
and five o'clock, a young couple were
married in St, Rosa's church, by Rev.
Father MoOaruin. The contracting par
ties were Mr. Patrick Lynch, and Mias
Catharine McMuhon, both of Newtowu,'
Quite a number of their friends were
present to witness the interesting cere
many. ;
' , , ' AH0IHEB MAD DOG.
Wednesday of last week Mr. Wm,, Ry
an, an employee of tbe Housatonic ruiJ
roud, while riding on a handcar in tbe
vicinity of Stepney, came across a dog
thai was evidently mad, running down
the track. The dog did not turn out for
the hand-car, but jumped on to it, and
went on hit way.
Local Jottings.
Mr. Harsou Twitchell, of Berkshire,
died Tuesday morning, aged 73 years,
Mr. Henry Samford Is somewhat indis
posed, suffering froui cold.
For tVe champion checker players, go
to Sandy Hook.
A horse belonging to Mr, C. Rinint
land, died Tuesday. He waa valued at
Dr. W.C. Wile, of Sandy Hook, has
two good !ramd-hand parlor stoves, that
be will sell cheap. Call and tee them.
Messrs. J. B. Gillette, D. S. Peck, and
Gnggs,have placed at ander obligation!
ta them for favors. Mr. Peck teat ur a
fine lot of Celery.
Abbl. of St Lonit Patent Procers
Flour for $9 warranted, at 8anford A
Two letters are held in the Post-offlce, .
for insufficient postafla. One it address
ed to L. P. Treadwell, Danbury. Conn ,
and the other to F. H. Tows.New York.
Mr. Saml. Scudder received a message
from Rochester, N. Y-, Monday of this
week, informing him of the death of hit
mother. , .
Fpr tuition In the manly art of having
a bead put on yon." apply up In New
town tt., Sanford'a Hall. ' Sat offjoe
opened any lima.
, Mr, Asa N. Hawley invited hit mason,
io brethern to bit hospitable home, after
leaving the cemetery tba day Mr. Black
man wa buried, and received their
warmest thanks for bit attention lo them.
Loekwood't shoe store, in rear of San
ford & Hawley't ttore is doing a good
lot of work, in repairing, and the new
boots that bave been made in this thop
attract attention, and are pronounced to
be equal to any other establishment, and
at cheap.
CoRtcMpnorT CvxKit. An old physi- i
ciao, retired frjro practice, having had
placed in hit hands by an East India
missionary the formula of a simple vege
table remedy, for tbe speedy and perma
nent care "f consumption, bronchitis,
catarrh, asthma, and all throat and lung;
affections, alto a positive and radical
cure for nervoqt debility and all nervoos
complaints, after having tested its won
derful curative powers la thousands of
cases, hat felt it hit dnty to make it
known to hit suffering fellows. Actua
ted by this motive, and a das ire to re
lieve haman tufferiuc, I will tend, free
of charge, to - all who desir it, tbit re
ejpe io German. French or English with
full direct loss for preparing and using.
Sent by mail by addressing with stamp,
naming this paper. W, W, Sherar, 124
Powers' Block, Rochester, N. Y.
Taylor HobbeU bava just received
another car of their celebrated "Metros
flow whtoa tfttv art avMef at flQiM
Prof. Siaplet lecture did not Uke
place Monday ami Tuesday -nights ow
ing lo a want of patronage. .
Out of the most Interesting placet to
visit, that wa know of, It the Town
Clerk's office, when the Board of Relief
Is In session; 'Here you will find, to a
dot, how much the owner of a house
a cow, a horse, or an acre of Itnd values
these trllcles after they have been assess
ed for taxes
Rev. Isaae C, Sturglt, of Kent, tt
changed pulpits with the Rev, F. W.
BarneU, last Sunday. Rev, Mr. Sturgla
read tha morning service lu Trinity
churob, and preached from the words
"Jesus of Nazareth passeth by." In the
afternoon he also fflclated lu St. John's
church, Bandy Hook.
There It to be a dance at the Grand
Central Hotel, lo-nig lit (Thursday), for
the benefit of the Newtown Library.
Tickets ooly 50 ctt. Let everybody go
and take a one pound package, of some
thing valuable, nnd useful and when
they go away let them take a package.
There will be no ctrdt of Invitation Mint
to anyone. If you do not wish to dance
onuie tnybow. '
Last week, previous to the rain, Mr,
Win. J. Dick and Mr. Bennett Blackmau
cut from F. N, Hawlcy's pond, 'and
stored sway, about 05 tons of excellent
Ice, about 9 Inobca thick, Mr. Dick be
lieves lu culling ice the first of the season
and acting opon the theory that it it the
bes' time to get good ice, ho secured bis
present stock, and feels much more hap
py over It than tome of his friendt .who
have put it off. Mr. Wm. Blaktlee and
the Misses Glover have at90 put in a
good supply of ice. jt '"' j'.
Many things have coma before the puit
llc as curative agents, but no one of them
has stood (lie test that electricity has. It
has grown in favor every year, and tho'
by no means considered a "cure-all," V
relieves or cures a wide margin of dis
eases. Many men have.buill up a lucra
tive business in manufacturing electrical
batteries for the profession, and some of
their machines are marvels of mechanic
al ingenuity. Many professional men
have made a scientific study of electtici
ty, and the befit means of applying it to
the human Eastern for the cure of dis
ease, and among them mny be mentioned
Dr. J. D. S. Smith, of Bridgeport.whose
reputation as a successful medical elec
trician has spread all over our State, an
well as portions of New York and other
states, from which he has many patients.
The busy life of the general practitioner
precludes the use of electricity generally
among bis patients, even where he hat a
knowledge of its etfleaoy, and under
stands its adminisiralian ; the specialist
ia therefore sought, ns one having the fa
cilities and the time to apply itaa-il
should be applied, and in this way Dr
Smith has recu'ved many patients, ami
his good works among the sick have won
for him the respect and confidence of
the. oouimunity,' and. hrs office, at 117
State street, hus become one of the iuli
tiitinns of Bridgeport.
Editor of Iht Bee t
Dear SiK: It was my good fortune
to be present last Tuesday Eve., at one
of the "NeiL'hborhood Sociables." of
Mile Hill. This, the second one of the
season, was held at the residence of Zul
mon Peck, Esq., the assembled gvuaii
comprising some ten families, who bave
agreed to meet together fur mutual ira:
provement, and each hostess of the eve
ning is permitted to Invite ;just four and
no more ' outsider?. This sociable was
very entertaining as well as instvuettve.
The reading of one of Bayard Taylor's
poems, by Mrs. E. L. Johnson, was lis
tened to with much pleasure. Also an
extract from "They All D It,',' by Misi
M. F. Peck, together with games, cha
rades, and a Presbyterian dance, the eve
ning passed quite merrily. Out of the
twenty-five who were present I think I
can safely say that all both old mi.)
young will look forward with pleasure
to No. 3, at tbe house of 1. Lake, Esq.
Out of regard for tbe host I have omit
ted stating the number of accident!, Ow
ing to the shade of lhat new horse-block.
' 'OOTUMO.' ;
Would it not be well for our town to
provide accommodations for tramps, the
same at our neighboring town, which
"Nameless" describes as being so effec
tual for Woodbury. I think it weuld be
money well invested, and do away With
he greatest nuisance of Ihe present day.
Mr. W. C. Roberts, of New Haven,
delivered a lecture , in -Lyceum Hall, at
White Oak, last Friday night, subject :
"Stepping Stones." Unfortunately, tbe
weather was very unfavorable, and pre
vented many from attending, which wss
quite a disappointment. Those who
were present were well paid, and pro
nounce it quite a treat, Mr. R. it a
young man, and a very pleasing aaA in
teresting speaker. In addition - to the
lecture tbe Misses Churchill, Belts, and
Warner, from Woodbury, favored tbe
audience with excellent singing and mu
sic For the benefit of those who were
not present it will be repeated sett 8at-
arday night, if it it not stormy. Tbe
admission is 15 cents, and it ia safe to
say ibat no one will grumble about not
getting tneir money t wortn. f lease re
member the data, Saturday, night, Jan.
19lb. Em.
"No cure, no pay.'' We authorise our
Agents lo guarantee teat our medicine,
if taken according to directions, will re
lieve constipation snd the diseasea Inci
dent to a torpid liver; and if any oaa
will abow by poetive proof that it has
not prod nod what wa fnanolea, they
are entitled to a retont of their mover.
provided they take the genuine Sunoroa't
AJvor ttagwacw ay tne drrejeooaa.
Brooiilleld. --
Mr, Theodora Osborne Is dolcg a flour.
lsblng buslneaa in hit ttore. lit started
on a tmall scale, last Spring, but by his
strict attention to business, and gentle
manly deportment, bat gained hit share
of customers, and hat an assortment of
groceries second lo conn In Brook field.
Mr, A. Odell, our veteran shoemaker,
hat moved hit place of business to a room
In tha Brookfleld hotel, that was former
ly used as a barber thop, It Is needlisi
to say that La a 111 Iota none of hit old
eottnmert by tba change, for hu has been
in hoiloeas here for over twenty years,
and we have never yet heard a word of
fault found with any work that hat come
from his shop.
Wildmaa dt Hocum are doing a good
business in their market, for this season
of th year. They deserve Ihe patron
age of all, and wa hope they will get It.
Instead of making tbe japanned, the
Bennett & Wslmore Shear Company are
preparing to manufacture tie ailvcr-hur
Mr. Homer Wildman showed us an egg
the other day, tha production of a Pat
t idge-Cocbln fowl, which measured 71 9
inches in circumference. .
' The Housatuulo Mining Company bat
suspended work until It can erect a build'
lug for a smelling furnace, and such oth
er machinery as it mny require for re
pairing tools, Ac. Tbe building it to be
30x80 feet. In our next letter we will
write more In reference to the mine.
S80API of ytowir, the bat thii?,
George Brown was arrested In New
ark, and brought to . Danbury for trial,
as one of the parties who broke into the
Union Hat Factory, and atole halt. He
wat bound over to the sujierior court un
der $300 bonds. His brother remarked
' all the time that it waa too bad to put him
in jail for so small a sum, and said that
ha would have put the amount In his
pocket,' if he had only known that il
would btve been necrieu. As ho one
was ready with the bonds be was kepi
under custody, over night, at the Turner
House, bit brother returning toNorwalk
for money to give bail for his appearance
at court.
In the morning he was put in jail, and
in the course of the day, Friday, his bro
ther returned' with the money, to give
bull for him, which was refused by Mr.
Sherwood, ihe keeper of the jail. Brown's
brother then went to the offcer that had
him in charge, who went with him to the
jail, and released Brown. His brother
slipped some money in hit' hand., and
said "go 1' which was all that was re
quired, and off he went, so the officers
of Dajibury have got to look-) once more
for their prisonor. We- hope" they will
catch him, and profit by this lesson, and
keep him. " ' ,
Th weather for the p-tst week or tea
dya has beo A combination of all sea
sons. ' First we had an opera f Winter
winds, then a blanket of snow, and soon
after the Ibetmometer and our ears poin-
tllo some inches below zero. Runners
and wheels entered in'o a contest for the
championship of the road, ; and for a
time there was not much ' advantage on
ei her side. The hell did not (tare Ihe
Jolly ring that denote good sMghing,
and the wheels were without much ani
mation In their movements. Juck Frotl
made soma very fine etchings on the
panes of our chamber window, but the
pictures lacked warmth of cxpreision,au
index of his nur character, which he
had brought out in tbe tranquil quiet oi
the night, and the pervading seatiaeM
appealed directly to our feelings. A
change was toon apparent Wednesday
appeared to bare been transferred from
May to January, and for Ihe remainder
of the wtek tha latter was as leader
hearted and weeping as . April. In'tead
of the artistic touches of Jack Frost
there were tear-drops on the ' window.
Pickerel fishing is now the. prevailing.
sport, and our bkee have yielded up a
large quantity within the past few days.
Over a kumlred were taken' at Kenoeia
on Wednesday, and the Oaberiuen at
Lake Nevereihk have been, very success
ful, securing several that weighed.singly,
two pounds snd over. It it tome years
tinea we dropped a Una to tha denizens
of Taunton "Lake. Since then several
generative of black bast have come
and gone, tome of litem bat we are an
ticipating a period not far in tbe future
when we shall meet the BsB-man there,
break the its between, us and the inhabi
tant beneath, and arrive at closer rela
tionship (assimilative) wiib tome of , the
best of them. Wit bava frequently
thought there was a strong cbaracleristk
that marked both editor and pike they
are always ready to eeize an item, and
for the life of ut cannot tell which does
il ihe matt voraciously. But we must
"look out,'' fur we imagine we sea the
sling of that Baa, .ia pert pec tire and
that it just where an editor baa the ad
vantage. --
The doting lecture of tba Lyceum
Course waa delivered by CoL Htggtasoe
on Friday evening last, and waa very in
teresting and instructive; Tha speaker's
vkwt on tha "Aristocracy of lb Dollar1
were received with general antic Met ion
Rev. Mr. Hertbey stated that be weuld
endeavor to secure Joseph Cook, snd if
sacceesfal be woald appear ia starch
Mr. Hertbey thanked his patrons, and
promised then that hit next lecture
coarse should be eqoal to tbe ota joat
Tbe tenth ennaal masquerade ball, of
James E. Moore Poet, No. 18, G. A R.
will take place Thursday eveniag. Jam.
17lh, at Military Hall From what wa
hear tbe committee propose to soaks this
gathering far toperior to aay of tbe kind
sa Daabary.
--. s .' ' 1 ' ' ' I
( With Fine. Selection of
- ' '" '''LalcXAluMc,)
, or; a.'. , . '.
AOU Caa procure These
Ana ALL Musical Notions.
At LESS than- New York
or BoMonlffices.
t- v.. it
j -ef " '
Call fi Male tar Selecfiotis,
" . . ., ' 1 - ' "
J. E. M orriNo, Zffesl Sfreet,
- -.- j v.'--'-'.-- '
... ..-v-t
PA 0?
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