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ThurtdaT Feb. 14, 167S.
Offlc In Ssnford ti Hiwley! Store.
Great Treat In Store for Onr
Citizens will be gives fit San
ford's HalL on Saturday Even
ing, FeV. XSih, 1273, at 3 p. m.
The Newtowu Library Association
We been fbr two months negotiating
to (ret a popular lecturer to appear be.
tVeour people, and one that would
come within . their means, but have not
been able to find such a one until re
cently, when they .bj mere, accident
secured the services of Mr.; A. P. Bur
bank, of Chicago, one Of the finest, if
cot the best," humorous renders in the
country. His engagements embrace.
every night in succession, except the
evening named above, for a month to
come, mostly in New York and Brook
lyn, at an average of $75 a night
Through personal application and
friendly influence he.has been secured,
and it is greatly to be hoped that
large audience may greet hira on this
, occasion, as the benefit, over and above
- small sum, goes to increase the fund
of the Newtown Library Association
Last Friday morning a dog evidently
tnad.cflme rushing through Sandy Hook.
The alnrm was given, and Mr. Edward
Taylor, proprietor of the Sandy Hook
. Hotel, . seized his gun, jumped into a
wagnn and went in pursuit of the dog,
overtook her near the bridge above Mr.
John Carmoody's house, and killed her.
This dog came from the district of
oar, and was seen to pass the house of
Mr. James Bailey, and again seen com
ing, out of the barn yard of Hsfl. Geo.
W, Bradley, but what damages she di
- if any) we have not been able to learn
If is remarkable that all of these dogs
that have been killed come through the
jEastern part of the town. There is
little more interest felt in this mad dog
question, and several persons who Were
Inclined to doubt the matter, previous to
the appearance, and killing of the dog
last week, are now willing to admit that
there is something in it,
Uur citizens should be careful in muz
eling their dogs, We saw gome.end have
been told of others, that have been muz
pled with leather muzzles, which are but
poorly constructed. ' The wire muzzle is
the most durable, and safest, A dog
that can take a none as large as , your
two fiatwnto his mouth, and carry it off
is not properly muzzled, and some of the
dogs with leather muzzles have been
seen to do it. Owners of dogs, need not
complain if their dogs are killed, while
wearing a loose leather muzzle, In the
present state of the public mind dogs
wflf have to be taken care of according
to law, or else they will be destroyed,
The editor of the Seymour Retard
raves like a man stung to the quick, and
in bis Indignation attempts to tell us of
what other men did to him, and what be
did for a certain man that " went for
him," and want us to take warning, or
a lung wulk, snake-root and arnica, and
last of all tbut horrid vegetable (r) Ah
rnvip. Well, we don't Au ,riwif so
easy. Wait awhile, We ars sorry that
a press of busings prevents us from
accepting an invitation to make a bee
line to your sauctuin, and as you have
Sles at baud, select one instance out of
many, and show us at what lime, and
by Whom, were your itetns or editorials
copied verbatim, ' This would put the
matter uto a small business ccmpass.and
while you are thus engaged, pleat throw
a little light on the subject of your ed
itorial published January 4, 1878, for we
see that there is a striking resemblance
between it, and the editorial of the
Belhtl frtst, published Tuesday January
1st, )8?8. you will see that here is plain
sailing. ; The dates, name of paper, all
right athand. . May we be excused for
asking the question, who did the most
winking overthat new year's editorial?
Hey 1 now It's time to Au revoir, to we
Au remiv-re-or,. "
liocal Jottings,
Xast Friday morning four tramps, giv
Jog their names as James Wilson, Ed
ward Hope, James Kinney, and Frank
Howard, were arraigned before Justiee
R. N, Betts, charged with using threat?
eningand abusive language to Governor
George Redstone, who because of his
' close proximity to the lock-up is made to
pay tribute in matches to scores of tramps
and it-was for refusing matches to these
men that the Governor was invited by
them to come outside of his house, and
they would whip him. The Gov, made
complaint and officer Blackman waltzed
them before the Justice, who, finding
them guests of Newtown with out visible
means of support, breathed upon them
his benediction of 30 days In Panbury
jail, to which retreat they were taken by
officers Blackman, and Camp, in the Hi r
tel team of Mr, Pick, They are happy
pow, while the taxpayer digs to pay pp
cost fo- tue town's running a hotel.
1 he tramps are on the increase.' On
Wednesday night of last week seventeen
Jodgedin the lock-up. Thursday they
went to Woodbury. Last Saturday we
aw six tramps try to get food at one
house. They did rot all go at once, but
tvent singly, and that loo In the space
pt ten minutes. They tried a.t every door
out got nothing. '
vIt does seem as if tametbiug could be
alone to abate this nuisance, and certain
Jt Is that something ought to be done.
Bqt the question seems to be whose us
Iness is it to do anything.
- . - a I .SJ I a
At the Grand Central Hotel, the
Xwlown library Association will give
another one of their social entertainments
Consisting of salerof express packages,
,valeatines and 'the newly-organized Post
office, and a grand dance. The reptrta--tiwn
of the Association is such that we
predict, that this entertainment will pot
-be behind any previous one. The pro
prietor of the Hotel will furnish refresh
ments to those desiring it. Bear in mind
ithal this is for the hencfitof the Librarv
. i unutinf , omy ou -cents.
- Oo Wednesday evening of last week a
iarge number of children, accompaiosd
bv their friends.
Residence of Mr Win. L Sanford, aod
rave his sons Jackson and Willie, a sur
prise. It is sa;d that there were pieseot
not less than one hundred children, and
Vml they enjoyed the evening jery much,
f rof. Urnktiee and assistants were pres
ent, and enlivened the entertainment
Jf Ufa mod hUW . jWtar - . -r- kIJ
s o - - mvb m J VMJII
f pleasant time tu all, asd-eKpectaUy to the
ittle folks, the com; any dispersed a boat
i o'clock, '
Miss Mary E, Beers is at present visit
ing friends In Brooklyn, N, Y.
Board of Relief meets to day, at the
usual place, ,
Enos Beiiham.of Woodbury is offering
ready-made clothjug at cost.
Nathan Cbatfield is at present visiting
friends In Wolcottvillo, and will ba ab
sent several days,'.'
The Alert Fire Compauy, of Bethel,
will give a Ball to-morrow evening, in
Fisher's Hall,
Mr, George Stanley, of Ohio, arrived
in town Saturday, and was the guest of
the Misses Glover.
Miss Ida Gilbert, of Bethel, has agai
entered upon her studies in the Newtown
, Mr, William J. Dick and daughter,
Miss Ella, started for Washington, D. C.
on Monday, to remain a tew weeks.
A sociable will be given at the resi
dence of Mr. Panic G, Beers, Mile Hill
this evening, ,
" Major C, T, Greene and family left
town Tuesday, for a visit to New York
" Governor Redstone's borso, old Pomp,
went into Sandy Hook and came home
Mr. Michael Keenan, of Hawleyville.
has recently finished building a very sub
stantial barn.
. Haw)ey & odd, the millers of South
Genlre district, have an advertisement
in this issue, which tells its own story.
Mr. and Mrs.-Arthur Peck celebrated
tbe fifth anniversary of their marriage,
Tuesday. A number of friends were
.The sociable held at the residence of
E, L. Johnson.Esq., last Thursday eve-
uiiig, was wen aitenoea ana a very en
joyable affair.
In last week's issue the note placed at
the bottom of our Brookfleld letter.
should have been placed following, tbe
letter from Nevada, Cal,
A dog belonging to Mr, McCarthy.
residing near the depot, was shot by some
one and seriously wounded. We have
not been able to know for what cause.
Miss Mary Frank Peck returned home
this week, from Bridgeport, where she
has been visiting friends for several days
past. -
Mr. Zslmon Peck, P. M , has had new
blinds put upon his house, which is a
good improvement. Mile Hill is look
ing up
31r. W. W. Betts, of Woodbury, has
conseuted to receive subscriptions for
this paper, and will receipt for the same-
Subscription price only $1.00 a year.
Services were held in the Catholic
church last Monday morning.and prayers
offered for the repose of the soul of the
deceased Pope, Pius IX.
The mauagers of the Hawleyville Sun
day-school have taken ont of the Sunday
school treasury money sufficient to pur
chase a rery fine melodepn for the use
of the school.
We shall miss our friend Rowell, who
leaves for Woodbury this week, for the
purpose of doing business in that town.
We hope that he wjll have a successful
aetts, of Bndgeport.took a pho
tograph-of us, and judges pronounce it
a very correct picture of the orginsl. Mr,
Bells' pjace of business is No, 858 Main
t and bis reputation as a first-class
artist is well established.
We have received a "copy of a verv
spicy paper, called the South Norwalk
Shidd, edjted and published by C. V.
Arnold. 'It is a very bice appearing
sheet, and one that its fearless editor
may justly pride himself u being bois
Mr. Endsley Ouunetl, eldest son of
Anthony A, Ueunett, of Taunton, died
at the residence of his father, Monday
evening, at 830 o'clock, aged 83 years
Mr. Bennett was taken sick In Bridge
port, about three weeks ago, aud return
ed borne Feb. lib. His funeral will lake
pluce to-day, at 8 o'clock from bis fath
rs residence,
We visited the estsbllshmeot of Mr. H
L, Wheular, In Sandy Hook, last Uon
day, and were agreeably surprised to see
how neu and clean the store bad beeo
li ft by a recent overhauling. A free dm
pulut and a cartful arrangement of the
goods, has produced an effect that must
be seen to be appreciated. Mr, Wheeler
has a good selection of stoves, tin-ware
and furniture. Ue is abreast of the
times, end ft offering goods, especially
handsome stoves, at price thai cannot
bo beat.
Reliable. It is useless to deny tbe
great curuti ve effects of Simmons' Liver
Regulator. Its virtues are attested by
thousands who have used tbe medicine,
and it Is now largely in demand- It
commends itself to the publio by its com
ponent parts being entirely vegetable,
no injurious effects from its use, being
pleasant to tbe taste, and Its operation
upon the Liver being perfect, a! tbe same
time so imperceptible that it interferes
with neither business nor pleasure,
I have heard Mr, Bsrbant in bis char
acteristic readings and recitations, and
have no hesitation in pronouncing him
one of the most facile, entertaining, and
accomplished men in his profession that
tbe country possesses. I cheerfully com.
mend him to the publie as an artist and
a gentleman.
J. G. Holland.
New York, Nov. 17, 1874.
A correspondent asks us the question
" why it is that his paper does not reach
bun until Monday, although the paper
is published on Thursday." The dis
tanee between ibis office, and the Post-
office of our inquiring friend is only six.
miles. We mail the papers Thursday
afternoon, and they leave the PoBt-offlce
tbe same day. But why it takes until
Monday to go six miles, we are unable
to answer.
Mr. Wm Piatt is fitting up a Button
Factory in Cold Spring, in the building
formerly used by him as a' plaster nitlL
and will soon have the factory in opera
tion. we are glad to note this addition
to the business and industry of the towrj,
and we hope that Mr. Piatt wilp'make I
a success. " ' - J
Wakeley Bros, are adding -more mi-
chinery to their carriage and blacksmith
shop. This firm have au ' abundance
of work, and they are compelled to w.
crease their manufacturing labilities.' It
is a good sign to see So much ' acti'Vily
with our mechanics!" In Sand Hook,
and in other portions of the town ."busi
ness has been .brisk with blacksmiths,
-carriage-makers, carpenters, ,fcc. . j
That experimental sh'oesbopfof A,' B.
Lockwood's has proved too' mtidb for
one man, and so great 'is rtjie'demind
mat air, ijocawooo, in oraer to meet It,
has procured the services -of j another
bookmaker to help Uncle Peter,: ? j
A vote was taken to boy twenty feet
of lend en each side of the scboolbouae,
ruuuHig back lo a distance of twenty-
five feet, A vote was also taken to
build a woodshed, and other out build
legs neoniiuiry for said school.
A Motion was made and seconded to
adjourn without dale, and tried, by
yeas ana nays, ana decided In favor ol
the yeas. An attempt was made to up
set the decision of the moderator, but be
fore- the dlsputers could marshal their
forces the moderator left bis chair, and
was on bis way home.
It would seem proper that at the next
meeting held for school purposes that
our Newtowo lawyer should be on
; Mr. Btarr Polly has traded off bis pro
perly uere, lor nniiuina lots in uan
bury. '
' Mr, B. Fuirchlld has been making
some needed improvements about b'
i iirv. J. Biddle preached In tbe Chapel
Sunday, Feb. Id, and will occupy the
same nulnil Feb. 17lh.
Mr, Wheeler Drew is gettiug along
flneJy. Mention has been made of the
scalding of a little child of Mr. Frank
Drew, aod we heur It, is also doing well.
the child was burned by the upsetting
of a cud of hot tea.
in, K). Hulcuer met with an accident
last week, while gelling ice one of his
feet was lammed, and hurt.
Mr.-'Knsiey Bennett returned borne
from Bridgeport, sick and it is feared
that he will have an attack of pneu
monia. .
Mr. Clark Blackman was engaged on
Thursday, storing his icehouse. He is
fixing for cool drinks next Summer.
South Britain.
Sandy Hook, . ;i
Mrs. Geo, W. Stuart, of Newtown, ac
companied by her friend Mrs. Judd.
walked from Newtown to Betbel.and ac
complished the feat in two hours, which,
considering the condition of the roads,
was done jn goo? time Mrs. Stuart
visited her friend Mrs. Chapman, and
returned borne by rail on Saturday.
Be sure and read the advertisement of
the Lecture lo be given in Sanford's
Hall, Saturday night. Mr. A. P. Bur-
bank will be present, and give pne of
hia splendid entertainments, consisting
Of Humorous and Dramatic Beading.and
Personations. When yon have read the
advertisement make up joar mind to go
and hear' Mr. Burbank, and 0U will
neyar regret
News this week is rather scarce, ana if
it was not for "tramps'' and ."mad-dogs"
we would have verv little to sav. Id re:
gard to the former we do pot intend ' to
say much, but merely post 'Nameless''
to tneir whereabouts. Last Fridair
morn there were twelve so cdlled raujps,
met before Judson Bro's. store, where
they held a short consultation, then se
parating into squads, some taking one
road, and some another; to mi r sue il4r
, . . :. t.
iazy ragaoona lire, " . Tliese were.
mostly young men, and as able to -work
as any one, and we do not believe but
what they could get work enouirh , of
some kind, if they should - try, but the
fact of it is tbey do not want to work,
and as long as tbe people will indulge
them in this laziness, by giving tbem
food, clothing etc, and . allow them to
plod the highway, committing crim&anri
Dicaiiug,Tntuuut uciug puuisueu lor if;
usi bo long will nuisance exist, aud will
increase instead of decrease. In last
week Btanaara, and other papers, there
was an elaborate report, said to have
oeen copied irom tne diaries of two d
tectives, authorized by the State, to re
press crime and investigate tbe doings of
u-auips, we tuougui mere was something
abhorrent in the idea of two sworn
officers as they ware, traveling around
in a gang of thieves, seeing and assist
ing them in stealing &c, as the report
siuieu, wunout making any effort to
cnecs: tnem, out we are glad to add,
"that it has since been shown, tbe report
was almost wholly inaccurate, and made
up for effect,"but this will do for tramps
this time.
The "8wir.e disease" has made its ap
pearance here, and Mr. Jas. Smith lost a
tine pig last week. Mr. Charles Hurl
butt has one sick, and it is not expected
to live long. . .. .
St, Valentine's day, so eagerly antici
pated by all the young people, is at band
and a large fine assortment of "souiic,"
as well as sentimental, Valentines is dis
played in the window of Mr, Wm. B.
Saiffin, jeweler. ' ; -
Miss. Ella C. Gately returned home
from N. Y. last week. Mt. Glkno.
Geo. W. Mitchell is building him
new barn. John D. Seeley, Esq., is the
Duilqer. lo those who know anythinii
about John's work it is enough to say he
is the builder to have people know tbe
uuuuiua w urei-ciaaa, lu loose wno
don't know him (aud tbey are as scarce
as chickens teeth about here) I will say
John is no wood-butcher but an A. No.
1 carpenter, in every respect.
I), u. riatl has had his circular saw
hammered and set, and it now saws to a
hair s breadth. ' No more wedge shaped
uonrus at lus mill, until be has the mis
fortune to'spring his saw again.
Geo. Canfieid is buildine him a hen
house, hog-pen, or something else. No
one could tell which, by the looks.
uuess ueorge aid not nave any square
handy when he laid out tbe plan of that
Ueo. Wells carries too many euns for
any or me ooys yet. Uanneld has given
up cobbling and gone to traveling lor a
wnoiesaie grocery house. Whether be
gave it up because Wells got all the
work or because he thought he could do
oeiter on tue road, vour correspondent
is unable to say. . One thing, however, is
sure, Wells is tbe only Boot aud Shoe
uiaKei in town now.
ArG, Wiushlp, our blacksmith, has
got upon bis ear about some of bis old
bills, and has put Several uf them into
other hands for collection, If he means
half what he says be will make lively
business for some one before long, un
less some of his old delinquents walk up
to tue captain's, omce and settle in a very
few days. Good for Austin: no one
thought he had so much spunk.
The Dramatic Club was obliged to re
peal Its; public entertainment.- Both
nights to a crowded bouse, aud peopli
were so well pleased that were the suihe
thing to be gone over again I believe.it
w.onld, draw; enough to fill the hall
1 he actors all did well, and seemed
io ui inio tne pans assigned -litem as
natural as if It was real instead of a olav.
Geo: Peck Pierce is more than ordinary
in sqch things. His part is always well
,lear,md and well acted,' and in all the
exlMbitinna thus. far he. has taken a lead
ing part with honor to himself and the
club.-i Xour correspondent is informed
that the club is drilling for still ano ther
exhibition, tbe time ot which, aod the
name of pluy I am unable to give at pre
sent, ,
' We have just had a very forcible illus
tration or the silver bill question. -John
Pierce, our town treasurer returned from
New -York last week, with a bushel of
trade dollars, and those who have been
unfortunate enough to get any amount
or mem; complain that they require
strong suspenders to cart them around.
Mr. A. Winship got a piece of steel in
one of Ji is eyes and had to procure the
services of a doctor to remove, ii.
, .Sam,
. . Taunton,
There was a very interesting school
meeting held in this district, t the
schoolbouse. Fridav eveninr. Feb. 2A
The meeting was called lo order by the
clerk. Mr. Legrand Fairohild was elect
ed moderator. Tbe warning was read
and accepted. The object for which tbe
meeting was called was to purchase land.
Objections were made to this purchase,
and the law was read with tbe view - of
upsetting tbe scheme, and was the means
of provoking a good laugh. Some one
brought down the boase by referring to
the Newtown lawyer who recently re
ceived a Valuable collection of booka.and
Suggested that it' wouW be wise to send
for the lawyer r
, Marshall Gann.our colored citizen, the
maty owner ot mat celebrated mule.now
languishes within ihe walls of Litchfield
jail, for having given one blow with bis
list, which took effect upon the lower
jaw of one John Carroll, an Irish resi
dent, oreaaing me same, f or this of
fence he was sentenced to tix months'
imprisonment in jail. Craig, the tramp,
for tbe attempted murder of Wyant. ot
Washington, by shooting, which came
very near ueing etrectual, was sentenced
to imprisonment in the same lull for
eight months. It is presumed that Cann
will, the next time Carroll seizes his be
nevolent mule by the bits, and imnedea
his locomotion, tire three effective shots
from a revolver at him, because he
would have a great deal more satisfac
tion for only itio months more imprison
ment, This is a wonderful exbibitiou of
the vagaries of retributive justice, as ad
ministered by our courts. It is said by
way of explanation, Jiowever, that Caun,
who bos tbe most extensive 11d of anv
colored individual in town, used tbe
said lip on tbe trial, in a manner very
disastrous to his best interests. He' was
defended by Hon. G. U. Hollister, -and
it is siid he advised him, with the assent
of the Slate's attorney, to plead guilty to
a simple assault, with thirty days' in..
prisoument, wbich.be indignantly refus
ed to do ; and, when put uooa tbe stand
in his own defence, swore that he "gave
Carroll an everlasting blow.'' the result
of which was to break bis lower jaw in
two places, This will teach Clients the
lesson, that when tbey have tbe services
of counsel, they had better follow their
W. ' H. Rowell. a silversmith, from
Newtown, has engaeed rooms io Hitch.
cock's Block, aod takes possession this
week. He is represented as a young man
of exceiient character, and well versed
fu all the branches of his trade. Success
to him. r
- J. H, Allen, our worthy barnessmaker,
who bae been very HI fur several week a,
is rapidly convalescing. We are glad to
see him on the street again.
Siitl they come '. the tramps, tramps,
tramps I ! Last Thursday evening 18 of
them were boosed in our lock-up A
fire, three small benches, three blankets,
crackers and water were the extent of
their accommodations ; and yet tbty
seemed happy seemed to enjoy such s
otr.modatmuJ as a well sdocatod bog
would testily against Tbey sang J tbey
danced crowded as they were; tbey
told stories aud cracked Jokes. Four of
them said they staid at Bethlehem the j
nignt oeiore, and when mey applied to
tbe old selectman, be very harshly asked
ot tnem, "How many mora oi you lousy
c s are coming to-nlgut r ruts garn
ering seemed to bee sort of convention.
A good many of them claimed to have
come from Hewtown, Tbe opening ode
with Which they began tjielr exercises
was, "Home Again, from a Foreign
Snore," which Ibey sang wltb much fer
vor. Tbey bad a ventriloquist among
them who imitated tbe banlo. drum, etc
lo perfectloo-rso much so, that several
persons called on your correspondent du
ring the evening, affirming (bat tbey had
a banjo there aod were dancing to Its
music. A large number of people, some
or litem claiming lo be respectable, as
sembled about the lock-up and, previous
to the key being turned, even crowded
in, and associated with them. Seeing
mis, our selectman, in ockip." uo. Dur-
poscly came near locking tbem in with
mose wan wnom tuev thus delimited to
associate. It is even asserted (hope it
is not true) that a bat wm passed round
several times to gather funds to Induce
the tramps more zealously to continue
meir performances, and that, as a result
of the collections (which amounted to a
considerable sum), refreshments, such
as are prohibited by the liquor law, were
passeo in to tnem through tbe grates, if
this be true, those people must have been
oesiue tbemseives. It would be a wick
ed encouragement to the tramps to come
The poetic fraternity of Woodbury
seem io nave engaged in a suite oi rnvm
ing. The local naners abound with their
productions ail but your paper: and
you, I believe, refuse poetical contribu
tions. Still, I have concluded to send
you my estimate of our local poets, and
see if you will publish iU It is as fol
lows :
TU Tory iwMt at ntnUdt,
10 sit ur cozy are beude,
And c&lmly there to cogiUte ' , ' ' '
Upon ou- heroes, mall ud gret. -
Ttua i a proud, hiatoho Tale, --
Nor ahall its yloriea ever pale, - , t .
Wtjile yet renaliu the amalleat tne '
Ot the pure blood of that old rca
Which Unit beheld Una ancient town ,
From old Good Hill erat looking down.
In every age, in every time,
We've had true men to weave our rhvme s
F om those tad daya when, all agog,
Hen read on mountain, plain and bog,
From Quaesapaug to old ghepaug,
From Kiaaewaug to Waramaug,
''The Chronicles of Nonnewaug,"
' True men, we aay, have ahowered down
Poetic nlorlea on our town .
To Uiose still living there's no blame
They still keep up our glorious name.
To this our thoughts ware turned, of Ms,
By poems, truthlul. aweeL ornate.
Which we were glad to contemplate ;
And learn were on Parnaasus stilled,
Aud all our local papers tilled.
Our poets number hair s score ;
There are. in traiuinir mauv mora.
Does any ask, that we should name
Our sons poeticlinked to rame 1
Perhaps 'tis well, lent any "Hat" ,
Should hesitate to credit that, t
Though they are round, with ilibl, tr.ri
Tue loftiest radiance e'er to shed.
Well first refer to Swamn de flat
And to the bard, who illumines that
lu him we have, in glorious measure,
A true, high-toned, noetic treasure.
"He's one of us" none of your bummers-
His real name is David Summers.
As we descend from that high region,
Whose oUartna are numbered by tne legion,
Emerging- on our level nlain. '
We find the bard of Quiet Lana j
Sweet singer he, whose well-known same
Is ever liuked with well-earned fame.
Again ascend, it .you would greet
The ror glad of ProSDect aireer. ,
Poetic tieasurea sbe has won
Her name is Sallie Neltleton... J r
II you will go to Middle Quarter,
You there will find s glj.ioua daughter,
Of true noetic soul and sense .
The poet's greatest competence, - - ;
Long years ago, ere time was full,
we looaea, witn joy, to Oavid Bull
His verses pithy, "short and sweet." .
Written with care were nil AUs .,
Nsxt we'll repair to Hitchcock's Block,
For there we'U find poetic atock,
As yen will aee, in every way,
If you'll examine Will McKay.
Unto the hills let as repair,
For we shall find the doctor there . ,v
Retired from but-y haunta ol me i - - '
Ke, with a true noetic ken.
Finds thoughts that breathe, words that burn
images at every turn.
We'll to the plain again repair.
And find the old hiatorian thnra -
His verse In many book is found,
HiS thOUtthtS have Sned tha nan MimJ
In papers, writ at friendship's calls,
And in the periodicals . .......
Our people a)l, ot every name,
auow wen ne-e sought an honest fame.
So atands our old, historic town,
On which we call Heaven's hlMnr,cM Anmn
That she may etand In favor high, '
An emblem true, eternally.
(With Fine Selection of
A Latest Music,).
OR 4 ,
You Can Procure Thua.
An4 AU Miulcftl Notion
Quite s number of Dcreom in this vil.
luge have hud the measles. Mrs. D. Tay
inr, Josephine Dawson, sod several chil
dren are sick with them now; Mrs. Ma- TVTTTQT'i am"TT
ry Markham has been very sick, but is XVI (J OlV oTU XL K
now mnvalpcnmit-
Middle Quarter boasts of. its ichonl
and teacher. , So have we a trout) snhnnl
and never has there been a teacher more
highly appreciated. We have heard tbe
scholars say that the teacher was rery
kind to them, but they bad to toe tue
Mr. Robert Drakelev has brought from
part'ttrnVe &tZ.$&' USS than York
tnat our worthy butcher Tnos O Shea n- A7. Ttnstn P'...'
lends to have the fat ones, t - 1 XiOStOn JTlCeS
Tramps pass throueh Middle Quarter.
so on up Town, where thev find heliM-
tu tue locs-up. uuisumeof them not!
beinsr ftr.r.iitnmfrl 1st anph h-;n4 nr a I
l0' 1100:" respec- Pall ll0Lfl V..,. 0lnA..
eiuun ot l UUI OGIGWIUIlit
iaoie in appearance, (winch some are
quite so,) they are treated with respect,
and ought to be, w; know of men in this
J own, tbat are willing to work, and
cannot get anything ti do. They are
meu of families,are poor mutt have some-
ining to eat. wnen such men are com
pelled to go out of town and look for
worn they cannot get it, When tbey call
for a nights lodging, it is toj bad to give
them board to sleep on, and start them
off in tbe morning without any thing to
eat, worst of all is, our towns men boast
ot IV.
Mr. George DeWolf an old citizen of
Woodbury died Tuesday, about 75 years
Not having seen anything in the Bu
from this place for some time, few
items, perhaps, will not be amiss to some
of its readers, at least.
We now have our nsuel complement
of snow drifts, which makes the travel
ing of some of ihe roads almost impassa
ble, especially the one leading over ML
Nebo, as those two yonng gentlemen
from "Sandytown" who had occasion to
Pass over the Mount Sunday night, can
verify. The "grave philosopher who
keeps watch on the tower' always
most, happy when pointing out the ob
opera. - house:
J. E. Morris, No. 2 West Street)

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