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Diy 3-ood.e Hews, .-va-g-vast 1, 1894.
f m
To those were unable to reach the counters, last week, we would say that we have now brought forward the balance of the reserve stock at our old store and the reserve of the W- B. Hall & Co- stock will ba brought forward and quick selling pric3s made to make equally as good values for this Second
Week- We shall convert every dollar's worth of goods into cash, this month.
Women's Duck Suits-
Iti-tuly mailt) snltn, last colors ami of a ooil
Hi in cloth ami well uiailc, at prices loss than
I ho cloth woulil cost.
Navy ami White Stripe Suits soltl by W. B.
Mall .V Co. at 2; our price l-W.
1,1mm Color anil Navy Stripes, aoW, by W.B.
Hall X Co. at :; our price 1.5!.
Women's Serge Suits-
Itoaily to wear, Navy anil Black Serge Suits
soli) by V. B. Hall . Co at i!.5; our price is
f:l !.".
Women's Shirt Waists.
Crowils ot people buying ahlrt waists on
Saturday, more will buy to-day anil every ilay
as long as they last at these prices.
Launilered collars anil cuffs, handsome
stripes, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 75c; our
price 5iic.
A better one, soltl by W. B. Hall A Co. at $1,
our price llilc.
Percale cloth waists, sold Wy VV. B. Hall &
Co. at ftoc ; our price 28c.
Women's wrappers, made irom good calico,
sold by W. B. Hall A Co. at $1, our price 45c
Black Goods Department-
Read the tollowlng low prices and avail
yourself ot a chance of a llletime.
411-lncU wool serge, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price
Tftc ; our price 41ic.
4ti-inch wool serge, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price
Site ; our price 5iic.
4 inch wool serge, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price
.15c ; our price Uc.
lU-lnch Henrietta, W. B. Hall A Co.'s prico
$1 ; our price i9c.
54-inch Storm Serge, W. B Hall ACo.'s price
1.25; our price (".to
14-inch Storm Serge, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price
75c; our price 4i)c.
Prtestly'a Silk Warp Henrietta's, W. B. Hall
A Co.'s price 1.50, our price sue.
I'liestly's Silk Warp Henrietta's, W. 1!. Hall
A Co.'s 1.75; our price 1.1.
Silk Department-
Uadit'S, those of you that have known the
past reputation of this department, know
that It is first class, both tor style and quality
and that to create an excitement and give
you a chance to prepare tor fall, we ask you
to follow us with a few prices.
Black Surah Silk, W. B. Hall Co.'s price
5!'c ; our price 3!lo.
Black Surah Silk, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price
75c; our price 49c.
Double wan, extra quality, wide width Su
rah, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price $1.35; our price
Colored Surahs, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 75c ;
our price .Hc.
I'laid Surahs, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price $1.25;
our price 75c.
Fancy Chinas, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price G9c;
qiir price 3i)c.
Black Chinas, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price $1;
our price 5!(c.
Black Chinas, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 75c,
ou r price 49c-
Black Brocade Iutlias, W. B. Hall A Co.'s
price $1 25 ; our price 89c .
Make your purchases now and save money.
The above gives you a grand opportunity to
draw your money lrom the bauk anil spend it
here, it will give you bettor returns.
Colored Dress Goods Department-
Selling Dress Goods at prices like these is
not encouraging to profits, but it means lively
trading and reduces stock. This is our aim.
LOT 1. Pattern suits, enough tor a dress in
eaeh pattern, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price $-2; our
price 89c each .
LOT 2. Pattern suits, W.B. Hall A Co.'s
price $;i; oue price $1.59 40 inch Henrietta
cloth, W.B. Hall A Co 's price $1; our price
(!9c. Extra quality 46-inch Habit Cloth, W. B.
Hall A Co.'s price $1.25; our price 75c a yard.
Wool filled Suiting, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price
25c; our price 10c a yard. 30-inch all wool
Flannel, W.irHti!l A Co 's price 50c; our price
25c a yard.
Wash Goods-
The wash goods counters were lour and five
deep every day last week, but with tlie re
servo stock forward, those that were unable
to reach the counters, last week, must come
again and try to secure some of the wonder
ful bargains to be lound in this department
Dress Prints, W.B. Hall & Co.'s price 8c;
our price 3o.
Ginghams, W. B. Hall A-Co.'s price 12 l-2c;
Our price G l-4c.
Ginghams, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 19c; our
price 12 l-2c.
Ginghams, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 8c; our
price 4c.
Printed Ducliess, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price
15c; our price 10c.
Duck Suitings, W. 11. Hall & Co.'s price 15c;
our price 8c.
Flannelettes, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 12 l-2c ;
our price 5c.
Handkerchief Department.
Fancy Embroidered Handkerchiefs, W, B.
Hall A Co.'s price 10c; our price 4c each.
x.mbroidered Handkerchiefs, W. B
Co.'s price 25c; our price 12 1 2c each.
Fancy Handkerchiefs, W. B. Hall A Co.'s
goods sold at 50c and 75c; our price 19c eaeh.
Iu this department are a lot of floe Japan
ese Silk Handkerchiefs which have been
marked just one half less than W. B. Hall &
Co.'s prices and it is sate to say this is the
greates values ever shown in Handkerchiefs.
Fan Department
Jap Open Fans, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price 15c;
our price 5c.
Jap Open Fans, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price 25c;
our price 10c.
Feather Fans, W.B.Hall & Co.'s price $1 25;
our price 50c.
Feather Fans, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price $5; our
price $1.50.
Feather Fans, W.B.Hall & Co.'s price $12;
our price $5.
We do not want to keep one ot the fans and
no matter how cheap we sell them they must
all go.
Beaded Jet Department
More of the Parisian Novelties are coming
to light. Hemember these were bought by
W. B. Hall A Co.'s buyer on his last visit to
Paris, and we shall sell them for one quarter
the regular price.
Jetgirdles, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price $1 25; our
price 25c. -
Jet Girdles, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price $3 ; our
price 95c.
JetEtons, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price $9; our
price $2.50.
Eton Fronts, W.B.Hall & Co.'s price $0; our
price $1. .
French Yokes, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price $18;
our price $4.50.
Pearl Girdles, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price $7;
our price $3.50.
Pearl Girdles, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price $0;
our price $2.90.
Pearl Girdles, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price $10;
our price $5.90.
Pearl Collars, W.B.Hall A Co.'s price $12;
our price $2 50.
Haii a Cotton Underwear Department-
One of the departments that is everlasting
ly letting out bargains, but now It is more so.
Read about it.
Lot. 1. Corset Covers, W. 11 Hall A Co.'s
price 39c; our price 23c.
Lot 2. Corset Covers, W. B. Hall A Co.'s
price 73c; our price 4Sc.
Lot 3. Corset Covers, W. B. Hall Co.'s
price. $1 ; our price 57c.
Lot 1. Gowns with tucked yoke, trimmed
with ruffle neck and sleeves, W B.Hall A Co.'s
price 50c; our price 39e.
Lot 2 Gowns with tucked yoke, trimmed
with fine Hamburg, neck and sleeves, W. B.
Hall A Co.'s price 75c; our price 49c.
Lot 3. Gowns In six different styles, W. B.
Hall A Co.'s price $1 ; our price 69c.
Lot 4. Gowns in four different styles, W.B.
Hall & co.'s price $1.25; our price flic.
Lot 5. Gowns in five different styles, W. B.
Hall A Co.'s price $150 and $175; our price
Skirts, Drawers, Chemises in grat variety.
Every quality ma- ked down to close out.
Ribbon Department
No stock in the city compares with this one
and the prices are baying tbe same effect here
as throughout the store.
Satin Stripe Moire Ribbon, W.B.Hall A Co.'s
price 50c ; our price 29c.
5-inch Black Moire Ribbon, W.B.Hall A Co.'s
price 60c ; our price 39c.
One lot Silk Moire Ribbon, No. 5 to 12, W. B.
Hall A Co.'s price 25c; our price 5c a yard.
Notion Department.
The counters where you all visit. A jewel
ry sale is in progress here just now and prices
are so low you can't get past them.
Breast Pins lor infants, W. B.Hall A Co.'s
price 37c ; our price 19c
Stick Pins, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 37c ; our
price 19c.
Ladies' Shirt Waist Studs, W.B.Hall A Co.'s
price 25c ; our price 9c.
Watch Charms, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price $1 ;
our price 59c.
Men's Necktie Pins, W B. Hall A Co.'s price
$1.50; our price 59c.
Men's Wafch Chains, W. B. Hall A Co.'s
price $1.50; our price 89o.
Hair Brnnhes, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 25e;
our price 17c
Pocket Books, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 59c;
our price 39e
Pocket Boobs, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 50c;
our price 25c
Perfumeries, W. B. Hall & Co.'s 5c kind for
25c. Great reductions al! through this depftrt
ment. Lace Department.
All the fine laces at a great reduction from
W. B. Hall A Co.'s prices.
Fine Black Laces, 10 inch width?, W. B. Hall
A Co.'s price $2.50; our price 95c.
Black Laces, all widths. W. B. Hall A Co.'s
prices 75c and $1 ; our price 25c per yard.
Cream Lacea.lO inch width.W B.Hall A Co.'s
price 50c; our price 15c.
Butter color Laces, nine inch width. W. B.
Hall A Co.'s price 75e a yard; our price 25c a
Men's Furnishing Department.
Gentlemen, you can supply yourself with
little money here now.
Men's Scarfs, W. B. Hall & Co '8 price 29c
and 39c; our price 19c.
Men's fine Kid Gloves, W. B. Hall & Co.'s
price $1.25; our price 50c.
Men's Seamless Hose, W. B. Hall A Co.'s
price 12 l-2c pair; our price three for 25c.
Men's Suspenders, W. B. Hall & Co.'s price
50c pair; our price 25c.
Men's Gauze Shirts and Drawers, W. B Hall
A Co.'s price 42; our price 25o.
Men's Laundeied Shirts, W. B. Hall A Co.'s
price 75c ; our price 54c.
Parasols, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price $1.25; our
price 69c.
Umbrellas, W. B. Hall A Co.'s price 79c; 6ur
price 39c.
Ladies' fast black Fose, W. B. Hall A Co.'s
price 15c ; our price 10c a pair.
Ladies' last black Hose, W. B. Hall A Co.'s
price 25c a pair; our price 19c a pair.
Ladies' fast black Hose. W. B. Hull A Co "s
price 50c a pair; our price 29c.
Children's fast black Hose, W.B Hall ACo.'s
price 55c a pair; our price 15c a pHir
Ladles' Ribbed Vests, W.B. Hall A C i.'s price
12 1 2c each; gjir price 5e.
Ladies' Silk Vests, W.B.Hall A Co 'a price
89c; our price 50c.
Domestic Department
A lively trading renter for the housekeeper.
Your wants here at very low prices.
French Flsnnels, W.B.Hall ACo.'s price 29c;
our price 12 l-2c a yard.
2-4 White Flannel, W. B. Hall A Cm.'s price
37 1 2c; our price 19c a yard.
18-inch Bleached Crashes, W.B. Hall A Co.'s
price 10c ; our price 7c
11-4 Blankets, W B. Hall A Co.'s prU-e 1 25;
our price 79c.
Flannelette Skirt Patterns, W.B.Hall A Co 'a
price 37c; our price 15c.
Turkey Red Table Cloths, 8 4 size, W B Hull
A Co 's price $1 50; our price 75c.
Bath Towels, bleached Tarkish to vis, rx
tra size, sold by W. B. Hall A Co. I 33c; our
price 19c.
Glove Department.
The glove department has a wide spread
reputation and you are bound to get some
thing of special value.
Chamois Gloves. W.B.Hall A Co.'s price $1 ;
our price 75c.
Suede Mousquetaire, all shades, W. B. Hall
& Co.'s price $1.75; our price $1.15.
French Kid Gloves, all shades, sold by W.B.
Hall A Co. at $2; our price $1.59.
Taffeta Gloves, sold by W. B. Hall A Co. at
67c; our price 88c.
8Uk Gloves, sold by W. B. Hall A Co. at $1 ;
our price 50c.
Silk Mitts, sold by W. B. Hall A Co. at 38c;
our price 19c.
Special evening Gloves, 20 button length,
sold by W. B.Hall A Co. for $3 25; onr price
Carpet and Upholstery Department.
We have made some great reductions in
this department that we may Btart the people
buying lor fall. Bring in your measure tor
carpets or let us do your draping work and
save your dollars.
Best all wool Lowell Ingrain, sold by W. B
Hall lor 85c ; onr price 55c.
Tanestry Carpets, sold by W. B. Halt A Co
for 75c ; our price 43c.
Best Tapestry Brussels, sold by W. B. Hall
A Co. tor $1 ; our price 75c
Best quality Axminster Carpets, sold by
W B.Hall A Co for $1 50; our price 97c.
Best quality &Ioqutte Carpetsold by W.B.
Hall tor $1 35; our price c.
Nottingham Curtains, sold by W. B Hall A
Co. for 75c; onr price Sec.
Nottinnhara Curtains, sold by W. B. Hall A
Co. for 89c; our price 49c.
Nottingham Curtains, void by W. B. Hall A
Co. for $1.25; onr price 7Sc.
One lot of Cottage Curtains, sold by W. B.
Hall A Co. for $2; our price 1 19.
45-inch Curtain Muslin, sold by W. B. Hall A
Co. for 30c; our price 17c.
36-inch Silboline.new designs, soi l by W.B
H ill A Co. for 17c; our price 10c.
Furniture Covering, sold oy W.B Hall A Co.
for 62 1 2c; onr price 39c.
Furniture Covering, sold by W.B H ill A Co
tor $1 ; our price 6!.
IF ..
mm i i iTi ra
S1.2S t Tear, 75 Cents for Six Months
60 Cents for Four Months, Four Cents a Copy.
EWT0WH. COSH.. FRIDAY, ADO. 10, 1894
druukards are among the Catholics. The
American saloon is the vile den of in
temperance. It is laden with blasphemy
and sensuality. Tempations are there
created which bring men to drink. I
make no reference to the personal charac
ters of saloon-keepers, but the business
is bad. It is the enemy of good and the
country. Let the day soon come when
we shall not see the name of a Catholic
above the portals of a saloon. Those in
the saloon trafic should seek a more
worthy calling."
Editorial Ink Drops.
In the August Forum John Brooks
Leavltt has a forcible article on "The
degredation of our citizenship." He
does not mince matters, but strikes
right out from the shoulder. Here is a
suggestive paragraph from his article :
"We are confronted by the fact, if tbe
situation in New York la any criterion,
that the admlnstration of our political
affairs Is largely in the hands of the
criminal classes. By criminal classes is
meant the classes which habitually
break the law, not merely thieves, pros
tttudes, gamblers and rogues of every
hue, but men who buy or sell office,
legislation, official action, or protection
The police onicial who sells police pro
tection to a thief, a prostitute, or a
gambler, Is a criminal. Will any one
dare to maintain that the "reputable
citizen" who purchases a United States
senatorship, or a statute, or the privilege
of storing bis goods upon tbe sidewalk
In defiance of the rights of his fellow
citizens and in plain breach of the law,
is not a criminal? Into such hands as
these has the control of our country
mainly passed. The making of our
laws Is the business of a partnership
between the men in office who sell, and
the men out ot office who buy, legisla
tion. ine execution or our laws, or
'' rather their non-execution, is also
partnersnip Dusiness oetween the men
In office who sell, and the men out of
office who buy, indulgences.". ,
The noble position taken by Monseig
neur Satolli on the temperance question
is being applauded by people of all de
nominations throughout the land. Arch.
bishop Ireland, who stands high in tbe
councils of the Roman Catholic church
recently delivered a burning temperance
address In which he upheld Monselgneur
Satolll's attitude and declared that the
church which will not come out for
temperance is an odious excrescence on
the soil. lie went on : "lam not looking
for the millennium but we can reduce
the number of drinking men so that it
r"l be fr.i uccrted saying that no
It was a matter for congratulation that
the collision at Stepney on the Berkshire
division, last week, did not result more
seriously. The Berkshire division, and
the entire Consolidated system, in fact,
has been remarkably free from disas
trous accidents. The Consolidated is
without doubt tbe best managed system
in the Eastern states.
In Fairfield County.
Mrs Munson and family are boarding
with Mrs Mary Beardsley.
Mr Hawley and family are visiting at
Dr J. G. Stevens'.
F. D. Hollister, Jr., who has spent a
few days in West Haven, Is now at
Mr Kimberly Is visiting his aunt, Mrs
Dr Beardsley and wife attended the
funeral of D. D. Coley of Weston.
-The Sunday schools of the Episcopal
ian, Congregational and Methodist
churches expect to picnic at Parlor
Rock on Tuesday, August 14.
The annual picnic of the Granges of
Fairfield county will be Eeld at Parlor
Rock on Thursday, August 23.
Miss Allen of Stratford is visiting
Miss Van Duyne.
Misses Lillian and Jessie Wheeler are
with Miss Hoffman in Norwich.
preached in this place, Sunday, Rev J.
E. Zeiter going to fill the place of Rev
Arbuckle at Shelton.
There will not be any preaching ser
vice in this place, Sunday, as Rev J. E.
Zeiter will be absent on his vacation.
Sunday echool will be held as usual at
12 30.
Mrs Sophronia Jennings, widow of the
late Augustus Jennings, died Saturday
morning. She was 77 years old and had
for some time been in feeble health. She
was one of tbe best known women of the
town and respected by all. For many
years she had been a member of Trinity,
and from that church her funeral was
held on Tuesday afternoons when a large
number of friends gathered in the
church. Rev Dr Guilbert officiated.
Rev Mr Raymond of Westport preach
ed at tbe Methodist church, Sunday. Rev
Mr Boswell is expected back, next Sun
day. The Congregational pulpit was filled,
Sunday, by Rev Mr Hamlin. .s
Attorney George E. Beers is visiting
here. Mrs Beers is in Kentucky.
Attorney George E. Hill and party of
Bridgeport are cruising on the Sound in
the yacht, Fanna, of Southport.
Dr B. H. Wells of New York is at Mrs
F. P. Sherwood is rusticating in the
Maine woods. ,-
Mrs O. H. Perry has sailed for Europe,
where she will visit her daughter.
Attorneys E.L. Wells and E. S. Banks
have been appointed commissioners on
the estate of F. D. Archer.
The frame of Miss Thorpe's house is
being raised. Contractor French of
Bridgeport is doing the work. He has
erected a tent in the rear of the house.
and will live in it till the bouse is finish
The B. C. & M. M. R. club has been
painted and a large new float put in tbe
place of the old one.
was well worth going some distauce to
Miss Einina P :ck of Bridgeport is the
guest of Miss Julia C. Hawley.
Mrs Ernmeline Tysen and granddaugh
ter, Miss Addie Guy on of Toctenville, L.
1., are visiting Mrs D. S. French.
Mr and Mrs Howard Lewis of Dan
bury have been visiting relatives in town
for the past few days.
E. Lynch has given up business here,
and is to open a shop, this week, in
T. Wade is moving to Nichols into bis
wife's old home. He has rented his
place here to Mrs Kuhne.
Mrs S. French is entertaining a niece,
Mrs Lewis of Danbury.
Mr and Mrs F. S. Shelton drove to Ox
ford, Wednesday, retuning, Thursday.
Peter Lynch rents the shop here in
piace or nit. Drotner, .tudward.
wards, Everett and Ernest Sherman I the Couch estate about 30 acres of lnd
spent Tuesday at Seaside Park.
A. B. Curtiss and C. W. Ed wards have
purchased cows of Waiter Mitchell.
A valuable horse bing led from the
pasture by W. J. Candee suddenly
dropped dead in front of John Bene
dict's. Charles Smalley has had masons from
Bridgeport laying the foundations for
his house.
W. B. Coan has a steani ...sawmill in
operation at the Depot.
Mrs John Hawley has been very sick.
Little Maurice Nichols, with his broth
er Lonnie, have visited their grandmoth
er, Mrs Agur Beardsley.
Beardsley has gone to
Mrs Sophia
Mrs Allbright and child have returned
to Brooklyn, Mrs Brotherton to Bridge
port and Mrs Jay ne to Chicago.
The frame of the new store in Ham
mertown is up.
E. Zeiter has gone
to New
Rev J.
York for two weeks
N; T. Morse and family of Birming
ham spent Sunday with Albert Stevens.
Miss Beardsley and friend of Shelton
are guest of her aunt, Mrs C. M. Beards
ley. .
Mrs Ackerman and children of New
York are at the parsonage.
R. Hubbell and family of Shelton were
guests of F. M. Cargill, Sunday.
Rev A. L. Hubbard of Shelton
Mr and Mrs
Einneo, Maine.
John Gorham are at
The Ladies' Aid society will hold a
lawn party at the residence of Miss
Melissa Hurd on Tuesday evening, the
14th. If stormy it will be held on
Wednesday evening. Quite an elabo
rate program has been prepared by the
committee and the grounds will be illu
minated. A fine time is expected. All
are cordially invited. The admission
will be free. Cake and Ice cream will be
served at popular prices.
August 12, 12th Sunday after Trinity
At 9.30 a. m., Holy Communion; at
10.30, morning prayer; Sunday school
after morning service.
The ' always - interesting occasion
of the flowering of a night-bloom
ing cereus was an especial attrac
tion at the residence of George
wtieeier, tnis week, on Monday and
Tuesday evenings, Mrs Wheeler Invited
a few of her friends to eDjoy with her
the pleasure of watching the exquisite
blossoms unfold. The extraordinary
beauty and rich perfume of the flowers
One more milk patron at the creamery
and still another one promised, E. Haw
ley of Elm street. Another cream pat
ron is also promised, Oliver Blakeman of
Barn Hill. He has a fine, large farm
that is producing gras heavily and has
ample buildings. Mr Blakeman is about
to order a creamer. Several patrons are
so much pleased with the returns that
they talk seriously of buying more cows.
Hobart Beardsley, one of the best farm
ers of the famous old town of Monroe.
and who has owned one of tbe finest
butter herds, has been considering the
subject for some time and favorably,
and has expressed himself convinced of
the wisdom of patronizing the creamery.
air cearosiey disposed or ms entire herd
a few years ago because there was not a
satisfactory sale for cream, but intends
to soon stock the farm again.
The creamery has just ordered 28 tons
of coal, taking advantage of low prices
current in hot weather. ,
A large lot of the best and purest
.ftngusn saic nas Deen laid in also.
Everything indicates the permanency of
the institution.
Edwards Beardsley has visited in Sey
mour and Birmingham.
The Sunday : school continues in
growth and interest. The secretary's
report, last 3unday, was 24 present and
oo cents collection. . . ., ;
A number of our people attended the
Bridgeport Christian Endeavor picnic at
jranor kock ob Tuesday. The reports
given by the Cleveland delegates were
at once inspiring and lull of humor.
Mr and Mrs - Buckingham and family
and Mrs Carrie Yeomans and son of
Bridgeport are boarding at Mrs Moses
Mrs Thomas Clingan is visiting her
old friend, Mrs Susan Judd, aged 94, at
Fairneid woods.
Miss Westlake has returned to Port
Miss Maudie Downs, who has been
for some time at the Bridgeport hospi
tal, has returned home but she is quite
feeble yet. . ,
Harry Nichols and wife Of Danbury
haye visited at L. O. Osborne's.
Rev Mr Jones has a very pretty new
pleasure carriage which with his fine
horse makes a very fine turnout.
Andrew Bradley and wife of New Mil
ford have been entertained at Mrs C. E.
B. Hawley & Go., have built a large
storehouse to be used principally for
shingle and lumber.
A daughter was born, July 27, to Mr
and Mrs John T. Eastwood.
Died, Friday, August 3, in the 87th
year of her use, Mrs Eliza Benedict, tbe
(widow of John Benedict, formerly of
Sandy Hook. For the past few years,
alia vmn ar) n nrrm in t ria hfMiaa ft H
Whitehead, and lived alone. She has
been quite feeble, and almost helpless
for some time. fortunately she had
kind neighbors, who ministered to her
wants, and soothed her last few hours.
A nephew and niece from Hartford were
the only relatives at her funeral, which
took place at Christ church on Sunday.
She was buried in the Ridge cemetery
beside her brother, David Taylor. Steph
hen Sanford, W. C. Sanford, Charles
Sanford and J. Close were the pill bear
ers. ' -
Friday afternoon the house of George
Dudley on Umpawaugh Hill caught fire
and was totally consumed together with
most of its contents. Tae family were
all in the fields, picking berries, when
the fire was discovered, and before help
could be obtaioed, the house was nearly
destroyed. There, is much sympathy
felt for the unfortunate man, who had
no insurance and is in need of assistance.
The neighbors are trying to help build
him another home.
At a meeting of the society of the
Methodist church held on Tuesday even
ing to devise ways and means for repair
ing tbe cnurcn, a committee ol six was
appointed to see what alterations can be
made to add to -the attractiveness and
convenience of the church edifice and to
report to a future meeting. The follow
ing persons were appointed On said com
mittee : Rev B. C. Pillsbury, T. E. Piatt,
J. W. Nickerson, Mrs W. H. Hill, Mrs
Arthur J. Sherwood and Mrs J. L. San
The next day the remains of Mrs. Bliz
zard, sister of Mrs Charles Woodruff,
were interred in the same cemetery
She died in Danbury.
Mrs George Hunted of East Norwalk
and her children are visiting Mrs W. S.
Bassett. -.
J. N. Nickerson, Jr., and wife are. the
happy parents of a girl baby born on
Ii is said that Murphy or Davis, one of
the party . arrested for being in plot to
flood the country with counterfeit money,
boarded for a while with w. J. uornam
Miss Jennie McDonald gave a picnic In
Putman Park on Thursday to her child
ren and friends. About20 took part in. tbe
The Park is used nearly every day for
picnics and excursions from surrounding
towns. The West Street Congregational
adjoining her homestead.
J. A. Sherwood went to New York,
last week, accompanied by hi wife.
The Faithful Workers of the Metho-di-t
church will hold a fir and festival
at Whitehead's hall on V eduerday even
ing, August 15. Articles useful and
ornamental iu great variety will be on
sale besiies ice cream and other refresh
meats. TRUMBULL.
Rev Charles E. Upson of tbe second
Congregational church, Milford, preach
ed in exchange with Rev W F. White,
Sunday morning.
Quite a large number attended the
Endeavor convention rally at Parlor
Rock, Tuesday. The day was pleasant,
and considering tbe number ot picnics of
late, was well attended. Many very
interesting and helpful reports of the
Cleveland convention weie given by the 1
delegates who were in attendance. The
singing of the Convention hymns was an
inspiring feature of the day.
No services will be held in the Congre
gational church, Sabbath morning or
evening, and those not already out 01
town will worship in neighboring
churches. The pastor will be away on
his vacation, but willj return to conduct
services as usual the following Sunday.
Tait & Son have ' been running late
hours to fill orders.
Mrs David Nichols has been quite ill.
She is with her si3ter in Hattertown.
Robert Brinsniade, of Sc Louis, was
with his parents, Mr and Mrs Lewis
Brinsniade, a fe-v days, this week. Mrs
Bnnsmade is stopping with friends in
Redding. Their two sons, Robert and
Louis, who are fitting themselves to
become mining engineers, are to remain 1
East for special study. Mr Brinsmade
is one of many of Trumbull's successful
youDg men whom we are always pleased
to welcome back among us.
Jjamers barm people went down to
Nettleton's Grove, Milford, Wednesday,
for their annual shore dinner.
Mrs W. O. Beach," who has been
spending some time with friends at
Westorook, returned home last weeK.
O. B. Barton 'has returned from a
pleasant . trip to Meriden and other
Miss Mary Tait will spend a part of
August with her grandparents in Hunt
ington. Mr and Mrs W. S. Plumb are at
Woodmont, Mr and Mrs William Tait,
Mr and Mrs W. F. Tait, Miss Grace
Golden and Mr and Mrs Andrew Tait
are at Walnut Grove, Milford.
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Mr and Mrs Hartley Sherman have re- church Sunday school gathered there
turned to Danbury
Mrs Ernest Sherman entertains her
sister, Mrs Sadie Syrrinej aod'two hil
dren. The families of Birdseye and Hartley
Sherman, Ii. B. Rockwell, C, W. Ei-
abont 200 strong on Wednesday.
T. M. Ryan is putting his tenement
house on the: corner in first rate repair
He has a family at his house waiting to
go in as soon as it is finished.
Mrs Sarah Osborne has purchased of
There were two burials in the new
cemetery here, last week, MrsYan Vleet,
who died at tbe home of her daughter,
Mrs Frank Upton in Shelton, aid a Mr
Hamlin who died in Waterbury. "
Tbe report iu the Sentinel that Charles
Eizei and Thomas Quick had enlisted in j
tne united states army was an error, as
they only talked of so doing and did go
to New Haven. Mr E zel is putting tbe
finishing touch on to Postmaster Les
ley's bouse which now presents a fine
appearance. . " '
Fred Brownson is to teach the school
in the Center again this winter.
Warm, dry and dusty is still the word
here and the farmers are wondering
what they will do for fall feed..
N.B.Nichols U quite improved in
health and rides out now quite often.
Fred A. Wilcox, who has been on the
sick list for the paat four weeks, Is slow-j
ly Improving.
Rev Ralph P. Bowles is convalescing.
Selectman Brownson has repaired the
bridge on the road leading to lawn cemetery..-.
Qn account of the-hot and dry spell
many of the farmers are. plowing up
their fields of potatoes and sowing the
ground to buckwheat or turnips.
Monday morning the mail stage
started out with the largest load of pas
sengers of the season, 16 on board, and
always room for one more.
Charles Beard spent Sunday in Dan-burv.
Miss Bessie Stevens U spending the!
ujisubu t.i August at me isennam cottage
at Walnut Grove.
Willaid L. Beard will be ordained to
the mini-try at the Congregational
church, Huntington Center, September
12. Mr Beard goes as a missionary to
Fong Choo, China, in November.
A sad' drown'ng accident occurred at
Pine Creek, on Monday afternoon. Mar
vin Wilon, while in bathing with a
party of others, was seen to go down
out of sight. His companions put forth
every eff irt to save him but were unable
to render him any assistance. Tbe body
was recovered a few hoars larr. hn
an iuquest was held, nd a verdk-t was
rendered of heart failure. The body
was then removed to BUhop's,where the
funeral wan held on Thursday.
Born, on Tuesday afternoon, August 7,
a daughter to Mr and Mrs N. W. Ogden.
Mr Ferris is laying underpinning to
Mrs Hopkins' house.
A number of the fresh air children
returned to the city, this week.
The school houses are being inspected
by members of school board, this week.
Miss Hattie Banks has returned from
an extended visit in Danbury and is
now entertaining relatives from that
Mr and Mrs Fred Wllrlman of Wut.
port have visited at Burr Disbrow's.
" Elmer Buckley's son, Willard, who'
has been quite sick with dysentery, is '
improving. !
Mrs Grumman and family have visited
at D. B. Adams.
Mr and Mrs W. S. Pennoyer spent
Sunday at E. Gray's.
Mr and Mrs D. B- Adams and Mrs
Joseph Hill were admitted members of
the Grange, last Tuesday evening.
Litchfield County N ews.
Rev Mr Misc of Ashland, Fa.,
preached in Christ church, last Sunday,
Next Sundav afternoon at 4 o'clock the
Brotherhood of St Andrew will bold
evening service in the Poverty street dis
trict school. Rev Mr Schwurta of New
York Is expected to-preaob in Christ
church, next Sunday.
Secretary Scoville of the Watertown
Agricultural and Horse association has
issued the premium list ff the 25th an
nual fair. It neat and attractive and
worth v of exam. nstim bv all interested.
The fair will be beld on September 11, ;
12 and 13. ;
., LEMAN O. PECK. ,!
Leman O. Pck, 70 ves old, died,'
Tuesday, July 31. Mr Petk baa been i
invalid for the last few years of his life.
The funeral was held from his late home,
Thursday afrernrrfin, Rev I. E. Smith
officiating. The pall bearers were John
Bryan, George S. Stilton, W. O. Atwood
nd George Pardee. Interment in Ever
green cemetery.
The Odd Fellows of Watertown have
formed an organization for mutual bene
fit and instruction to mm iir. r.r
Sunda v ol the month at 4 o'clock. ' There
are in w atmown representatives of seven
different lodges scattered over tbe Union.
It has been considered among the mem
bers for a long time that such an organ
ization ought to be founded but ir was
put off from time to time until E. N.
Zeidler undertook the task and called a
meeting of the bro hers for last Sunday
afternoon. The name of the organiza
tion will be known as The L'oited
Twelve, I. O. O. F. The officers are as
follows : T. E. Parker, president; John
Benedict, vice president; H. F.Baker,
secretary ; George W. Barton, treasurer;
John J. Gailey, chaplain.
The Y. P. S. C. E. held their social on
Wednesday evening, on the parsonage
lawn. Members of tbe Waterbury so
cieties were Invited.
E. C. Goodwin and wife of Terry vlUe,
spent Sunday in town. .
MrsEllenMcCleary is building a cellar
for anotber tenement house on ber
property east of tbe silk factory.
The regular monthly meeting of tbe
Watertown Fire department was held at
the Town ball, last Tuesday evening.
The Union picnic will be held at Han
over Park, Wednesday August 15. The
special train will leave the depot at
Watertown at 9 a. m.
Mrs Edwin C Brown and family and
Mini Minnie Whit, all nt TVwnr
ada, are the guests rtMrt Annie Moore.
Miss Martha AlcNulty baa gone to
New Haven on a week's vacation.
B. H. Mattonn attended tbe annual
meeting of tbe Mercantile Co-orjermtinn
Bnk of New York, last Wednesday.
William H. Beers was elected by the
Watertown branch to represent tbetn at
tbe meeting, but business matters pre
vented his attendance. The Watertown
branch organized June 1, 1S31, and bas
over $20,000 subscribed. At tbe nest an
nual meeting thi branch expects to be
represented by $100,000.
To." Barlow Brothers' Co., of Water?
hurv are putting a new roof on the M.
O. & Son's silk mill.
Qti ih case of Tyler va Lwlr triet
in Middh-bury, lat week, before Justice
Towne, judgement was rendered for the
plaintiff. The dependent appealed Ut
Waterbury term ot tbe district court.
Theodore Branaon ha g.ne on an ex
tended vacation ro the West.
"I have ued Hood's SartaruMllla for
a number of yrars a a family medietas
and have never paid any money to A
doctor inc I commenced u-ing It.
Hnrv Mrbach, Hurl butt Sr. Own
Hood's Pills cure all liver ill.
Find line ct 11 ktnla ot stomped gooim
juxtloMK F. Hawleys.
Fresh arrival at B. F. Hurley's; aat-lrgaat
line "t Wallace's candle and ciiocolales.
None bttef.
Pitcher's C&ctorJa.

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