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.A'GaST 1.
Last week
run at, rB. 1,
Affairs About Town.
Our Inventory bnlnsc taken we find a
lot of odda and ends in wlntor wear uoh
aa odd jacket, long coats for children
which must go for some price. Do you
want to make more than your expenses
by calling on Stem & Harris, 185 Main
street, Danbury. We will be more than
pleased to have you help us by clearing
out some of our odd ttock. Headquar
ters for bargains In millinery aud cloaks,
183 Main street, Danbury. N. B. Five
per cent rebate allowed to all out-of-town
h t called into her loom, where he
questioned her again in the presence of
Messrs Leonard and Blackman. To his
question regarding people being able to
tret Into her room she answered that no
one as far as she knew had access to her
room, but the door was not locked and
Springfield (Mass.,; Republican.
the town of Amherst, Mass.,
Thesrguments ou the question that
troubled the lawyers en last Saturday
night when court closed were resumed
when court re-opencd on Wednesday
morning at 11 o'clock and after the law
yers had finished Justice Camp rendered
his decision as sustaining the objection.
Mr Leonard continued his testimony
under the cross examination and testified
that he did not see anything about Kate's
conduct but what a person in like circum
stances would have acted the same.
That hedidu't leeall hearing anything
about the lock up.
John II. Blackman was the next called
to the stand. His story was short. He
had lived in Newtown since birth and ou
the day of the Are went down at Mr Lov
ell's about 8 o'clock p. m., with Messrs
Leonard and Northrop and was shown
Into the sitting room where Mrs Lovell
was and the three children were sleeping
on the floor. That Mr Northrop Inquir
ed of Mrs Lovell If her husband had bad
trouble with the hired help and that she
aid as far as she knew he hud had none.
That he went down to Mr Johnson's
with Mr Leonard and returned to the
house, having been gone about half an
hour. That they weut into Miss Hurley's
room and found the piece of burned paper
in the bed and that Miss Hurley was con
fronted with it and questioned by Mr
Northrop. That she occupied that room
and at first said that no one could get in
to the room but her, but afterward quali
fied the remark and said that they could
and she had nut known of it. That when
asked If three persons saw her set the Are
In her bed she said they couldn't for she
didn't do It. That he went down cellar
and saw the burned paper and after he
bad come back up he asked Kate if she
bad a pocket. At first she said yes and
be asked if he might put his hand in her
pocket, but she said afterward he would
have to excuse her for she made a mis
take and did not have a pocket. That he
beard Mrs Lovell say she didn't see how
she could spare Kate and take care of the
house and men. Thnt he aW when the
paper in the bed u.' fount! that it look
imI as if ihtiy Imd found iht lire bu.
During the cross exuiiiiiiation hi! riiii he
did not insist on examining fo-. Kute s
fCfinev for believed what atie tCld h'.
That there wn no other reason lot ie
marking about the fire bug excepting for
the Hading of the tjuroea paper m me
bed. That lie weut up to John's roi m
but merely looked in at the door.
Jumes Farrcll next took the stand. He
was born in Newtown and arrived at the
' fire at Mr Lovell' about 2.30. That he
I jfl At took a wood beatle and broke in side
any one could go in, but she had not seen Qe0rge B. Pierce and his mother are the
anyone. That he could not bring wit- proprietors of the Amherst- Creamery
neises who saw her set the fire in her Association. Mrs Pierce has guttered
nesse wno saw ner set ine iir lor a lonir time wltn alt rheum and a
jrooro, lor sne man s ao it. mr uomrei COugh that forboded consumption, but
asked about the conversation Detween tnev nave given way to health and vigor,
the witness and himself, but Mr Williams Hearing of this a reporter called on Mrs
objected and Justice Camp sustained him. Pierce, andthe following experience
Mr Northrop further stated that he did WtVor along time I suffered from Salt
not say to Mrs Lovell in Kate's presence Rheum," said Mrs Pierce, ''bp about
that the Incident of finding the paper in two years ago I slipped and hurt nuy
Kate's bed was enough to teil who set JJt
the fires. became a mass of raw flesh covered
During the cross examination he testi- witn running sores. My friends would
fled that he bad been a lawyer since 1830, say I could not live long, and I thought
ard was eecretary and treasurer of the so too. WelI, I heard of Dr David Ken
xt . o i t h Thof oobed nedy's Favorite Remedy and Dr David
Newtown Savings Bank. That he asked Kenedy,, Salt Kn0um Cream ; I corn
Kate a great many questions which she menCed using them, and in three weeks
answered frankly and as far as he knew I walked out of doors. Last night I
honestiy and without the slightest best JSES
tancy on her part. To questions asked edy!g favorite Remedy and Salt Rheum
by Mr Beecher he remembered Kate say- Cream can do more than the physicians,
imr .h hari ncn nr. onanlflnna nersons for thev made me well after my doctor
. nJ In uoird tn t tip 1,010 Ult! 1 was luvuiauio
Friday, February 1. 18915. ,
Howland, Gow, Stark
Bridgeport, Conn.
69c '
about the house
barns she had said to the best of his re
collection that she supposed they'd be
burning the barns next.
Mr Lovell was again introduced and
Identified the drip cup to the oil tank
which was found in the ash barrel which
was exhibited In court. That the closet
In the northeast chamber was directly
over a cupboard in Kate's room. Mr
Beecher inquired about the discoloring
I must also
tell you of another preparation Dr Ken
nedy advised me to use, which did as
much for me. It was Dr Kennedy's
Cherry balsam. I have had a wretched
cough for the past fifteen years, tne
best doctors in tne state umtea in saying
that it was incurable, and that it was
only a matter of time before my lungs
would give out my sleep was restless,
I would lie awake for hours. I well
recollect the first time I used Dr Ken
nedy's Cherry Balsam. It relieved my
throat at once, and I slept all through
There's a way to gobble
the trade in men's white shirts.
There's a way to gobble it
with a jerk to sell for noth
ing. Frankly that's what we
shall do for a while.
Here are the prices:
ITnlanndered Laundered
790 '
We have more of some
sizes in certain sorts of Men's
winter underwear than we
ought to have at this time;
hence these prices:
18 cents; recently 37 1-2
SI cents; recently 60
75 cents; recently 1.00
98 cents; recently 1.25, 1X0, 1.75
91.25, recently (1.50
.All the winter shoes we
. i i
have men s, women s dnu
children's that we are not
of the ceiling and Mr Williams objected that night, the first night's rest I had in
but Justice Camp ailowed the question S&S
He testified that the wall was discolored Df Davld Kennedy's Cherry Balsam
in the northwest corner of the cures asthma, bronchitis, coughs, colds,
room and was badly discolored in the incipient consumption, whooping cough
ih.. L'ou .,IW bonf. her Or Croup. ISEeD witurYunreimcuj,,
closet, and
trunk In the northeast corner of the room.
Mr Williams then took a turn at questioning-Mr
Lovell, who stated that pans,
etc., were kept in the closet in Kate's
it never fails. Price 25c, 50c and ai a
bottle. 4 Dr David Kennedy's Salt Rheum
Cream is sold at 50c a Package. Dr Dav
id Kennedy's Favorite Remedy costs
$1.00 a bottle or six bottles for 85 00.
CanA.lri. TAwiaAu rsulra with, t.hft mp.d-
room and there was no closet for Kate to . . Drofeg8ion a8 the most perfect of all
bans her clothes in. That his insurance 1 hlood and nerve medicines. It restores
Dolicies were cancelled when the loss
was settled on the Monday or Tuesday
after the fire.
A conversation between Messrs Glover
and Lovell at the bank was referred to,
but Mr Beecher objected and the lawyers
argued the question till court adjourned
till Thursday at 10 o'clock, Justice Camp
reserving his decision till that time.
the liver to a healthy condition, ana
cures constipation. It is a certain cure
for all diseases peculiar to women, and
affords protection from attacks that or
iginate in change of life. It cures
scrofula, salt rheum, tumors, rheuma
tism, dyspepsia, all kidney, bladder and
urinarv diseases, eravel. diabetes and
Brieht'a disease. In this last disease it
has cured where all else failed.
of wood bouse and then poured in water
That afterward be went around to the
west side of the bouse with John R.
Peck and put a ladder up on the house
where smoke was thought to be coming
from the bouse. That he came from the
ladder and went to the front door,eelr g
Mrs Lovell silting at the window in the
sitting room. That be knocked twice be
fore any one let him in and bad to wait
more than two minutes before any. one
let him in. That be was let In by Mr
Lovell's little girl, (not the fleshy one)
and asked the way to the attic, but she
ld she didn't know tbe way. That be
went up stairs ahead and pushed In a
tiOvV Deln- followed by others. That
.hey went up garret and came down
stairs again and went up a second time,
when the fire was foucd in John's room
That be beard Charles B. Johnson say
that there was where the trouble was and
went tn but the smoke blinded him so be
couldn't see the doorway to get out but
ot down on bis hands and knees and
found tbe door and came out and went
down stairs and afterward carried up
jn of water. That he saw Kate twice,
once In tbe kitchen door and once in the
front ball and that was all, but she was
lolng nothing, no more than Mrs Lovell.
During the cross examination he fuitber
stated that he saw nothing Kate ought to
lo that she did not do, and there was
I ,int of helo. That be only saw the
I ,!, Mttle girl. Mr Beecher then asked
If Mr Williams bad been down to see biro
md he testified be bad and commenced
!,o tell about and be cross questioned
when Mr Williams objected, claiming be
' iad no right to cross examine bis own
witness, Justice Camp sustaining him.
pourtattbls point adjourned for tbe noon
lour but convened again at a o cioca
VLt Farrell on the stand. Some reference
jtis made to a conversation between Mi
Lo veil and the witness and he testified
te did not tell Mr Lovell that he saw
fate op stairs. That be got home about
Court convened at 10 o'clock, Mr Lov
ell in the witness chair. The lawyers
argued on the question that troubled
them at the closing of the court, Wednes
day night and Justice Camp sustained
the objection.
Mr Lovell then told of a bracket that
was in Kate's room that had hooks on it
for hanging clotnes upon, and he further
testified that at the examination of Kate
at his house, which was arranged for,
Mr Beecher was not to be present. Mr
Williams then started on to question Mr
Lovell regarding the presence of Detec
tive Arnold, but Mr Beecher objected and
was sustained by the court.
John F. McNamara was called and tes
tified that he lived in Newtown on the
day of tbe fire and went to Mr Lovell's
house in tbe evening and was in the sit
ting room when he saw Kate and Mr Lov
ell's three children, two of whom were ly
ing on mattress ou the floor" and oue on
u cot. That Kate called him in there
from the dining room and asked him if
be saw Johu Breslin around al! the time.
That he aild no. Thai she then told him
they had found some burned paper in her
bed, and that she hadn't been in there
since morning only to make her bed and
take out her trunk, and he swore that he
didn't hear her say anything else that he
could remember; or hear ber say "That
no matter bow much they draw me out
I'll not tell them but I'll tell you." He
thought bis memory was as good on the
day of the Are as since, and (bat he had
not talked with any one about the fire
since that day, but when reminded, after
ward said he bad talked with Mr Williams
and Mr Beecher. He then related the
conversation he had with Mr Williams.
He told him when be was going up tbe
road he saw the fire in tbe bouse and
broke in the front door, took up water
and put the fire out. That he came down
stairs and talked with Mrs Lovell and
suggested she telegraph for Mr Lovell,
but she thought it not necessary and
guessed there was no danger. How be
was up to the northeast corner room and
found It full of smoke and went to the
window but became suffocated and was
led out by Kate and George Drew and
went down stairs to tbe north side of tbe
house and saw Breslin and Drew sitting
on the window sill and beard Breslin say
tbe house would have to go this time
ure. That be went back up stairs and
some one had opened the closet door and
be dashed on water and put It out and
afterward saw evidence of where the fire
had been started in the other closets.
state. Postmaster Northrop is awake to
the wants of the patrons of the office
We now have five mails a day going
south and every one of them necessarv
One at 8.30. 9.45 and 11.10 a.m., 4.10 and
6 p. m. The 4.10 is a recently establish
ed one. Registered mail south goes at
9.45 a. m. and 4 10 p. m. We also have
two exchanges daily with Sandy Hook,
at 9.45 a. m. and 4.10 p. m. The alter-
noon exchange was recently secured and
Is the first time in the history of the post
office. The north mail leaves the office
at 10.20 a. m.. and 5 p. m. Through the
kindness of M. A. Butricks, chief clerk
at New Haven, and Superintendant Ed
ward J. Ryan of Boston, a closed pouch
from Newtown to Danbury on the 10.47
a. m. train, containing mail fcr Bethel,
Redding, Ridgefield, and other near-by
towns, has been established, this week,
and will be greatly appreciated. Mails
are received from the sontb at 8 and 11
a. ro.. and 5.45 p. m., and from tbe north
at 10.15 a. ui., and 4.40 p. m. From San
dy Hook at 11 a. m., and 4.40 p. m.
Tlie Firm of Jones, Keane & Co. Has Been Dissolved and the En
tire Assets Must be Converted Into Cash to Pay the
Retiring Partner.
Therefore, a sale of this stock of Clothing. Hats and Men's Furnishings is
peremptory, and will go on record as the greatest value giving
sale that has ever taken place in this city. With a view
to giving a faint idea of the values to be
given, we place before you the
following prices on Men's ,
young Men's and
. Children's
We have collected on our tables 200 suits that have soM for CIS, 18, :0 and 25 and I
have putthe low price of 7.25 on each. This looks like a big out, aid It Is a big out in price. I
For 10 we Rive the choicest production" ot this season's goods, including Clay Wor-1
Bted Dress Suits, Fancy Cheviot, Dress and Business Suits that two weeks ago we consider
ad ffrAnt ralnnfl at S15.
On Boys" Suits we have been very extreme ana nave put a lot, oi iau suits ai uj uuuuim
price of $5. Tbe sizesrun 15 to 19 years, and have sow ior8,iu ana i.ou,
For J7.25 we have put in all our new gooas ana mey snow a reuuniua ui s. j j i
each suit.
All our Children's Suits are put In at the following prices : l.5U, Sou ana sjhi x nis sea
arm's nrices were were 2.50. 4.60 and 6.50 Tbe best Child's suit in tne store tor s. no.
Men's Pants, all our $3 and 3.50 Pants now s. uar .i ana o runu
; it
KiPTh9 balance of our stock of Dress Trimmings, consisting of Fine
Men's Ulsters, we have a first-class Ulster that we offer tort. Ask to see it. For $10 FRENCH PASSEMENTERIES in Black and Colors, the former pHCeS 01
The best Pan4 1
in the store costs only 3.50.
wa nut in A.U nnr ItlR &nd A1A Ulsters. For 15 we tut in all our 820 and 25 Ulsters. 'Ine Des'
Irish Frieze Ulster that has sold for 25 no sr $15. Jome in ana iook at mese gouus. yuu
can not resist the temptation to buy It will do no harm.
Neckwear 19c was 35o. All our 50c Neckwear 85o. All our $1 Neckwear 500. 50c ana use
Gloves, lined, 35o. $1 Gloves, lined, 65o. '
Underwear. We have put in our all wool underwear at the uniform price oi i. i nis in
eludes the famous Chest Shield shirts and Dnuble set)d Drwers, and all the "Luzerne Hy
which were from 91 50 to 96 per yard.
At 5c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 25c, 50c and $!
. . i uiuuco biJQ lauivuu viiwu w -"- wu. uUu o - i
ffOina" tO fet more OI are dOWn g0nio" we have In the store. This season's prices were 1 25, 1 50and $2 All our 60 and 75c
. . ... ah ... anir onl rrnrlci-wcxii. thnt. hn.a anld for -2and C2 50 now $15. I
tO aS lOW aS they 11 gt. These are prices that will not admit a doubf. as to our determination to have the pur
chasers (ret the ereatst value and enable us to get money
We trv trv to please the byB, and will put on sale one lot oi tsiaoK, ume, uirnm uuu
White Sweaters for their exclusive benefit, and put the low price of $1.10 on them. These I
SnAitara are fine worsted rlbbe'd and rearular made. No cheap seams or slazy fabric. Ever? I
article in the store has felt the knife's edge to the very core .
Sale Begins Saturday Morning, Jan. 25. ,
$1.75 for $1.33 tor instance
8.50 lor 1.75
4.00 for 2 75; and so on.
There's no end to the bar
gains in dress goods; or at least
the end isn t vet. nere are
some of the good things on
sale now.
Storm serge of eight acceptable colors, aU
wool. 29 cents ; recently 50.
Cheviot genre, all wool, 50 lncnes wiae, mi
cents a yard; recently $1.25
All-wool fabrics, odds and enas oi season
able 39 and 50 cents stuffs now 25. cents.
Armure In ten handsome colors.12 1-2 cents ;
recently 25.
We have iust cleared a
maker's stock of plush and
nersian cloth caoes. Some
are trimmed with thibet or
marten and all are lined with
heavy silk.
$10.00, recently $17.50 :
12.50, recently 20-,
15 00, recently 25.'-.
17.30, recently 27.50
Blankets, slightly soiled,
349 Main Street, corner John street, Bridgeport, Ct
A. H.
Opposite the Fountain
At Greatly Reduced Prices At
to be sold as we have to sell
ciirh thincrs lower than we
like. , . s
2.35 a pair
3.00 a pair
8.50 a pair
4.50 a pair
Domestics and linens are
croino- now for so little as to
make vou laueh at hard i
If you are to do any paintlnfr fbl Spring.
you will save money v puruuamH j"1
lead, oil, color, mixed paints and brushes of
(Successors to SWAN & BUSHNELL.)
362 Water St., - Bridgeport, Conn.
The Howland, Gow, Stark
"SIS4 Company. . SSo&
afreets. Patterns.
Bridgeport, Conn.
district deputy will install the officers
and other business oi importance to come
hpfore this roeetinar, f U. H. BreunaD,
F. S.
Come and see the Wagons and Buggies we
have on hand. Popular prices and quick
sales. Now is tne time to Duy.
D- Q BEERS & CO., Newtown, Conn-
Best Grades in Black and Colors,
$5 and $6 Silk Skirts now $3 48.
$6.50 to $10 Silk Skirts now $4 93.
.. $9 and $12 Silk Skirts now $6.98.
Better Values Were Never Seen.
Night Gowns at 3e, 48c, 50c, 93c and $1.
Muslin Draiwrt at 21c, 23c. 25c, 50c to $1-
Core Oovoro at 10c. 13c, 25c. 50c to $1.
Children's Canton Flannel Night Drawers, 25 c, 45 c
Long Tresses, Short Dresses, Slips.
Short Skirts in Cambric. Nainsook and Flannel.
Christening Robesi Wrappers and Double Gowns.
Cream Silk Caps and Dainty Little Bonnets
Baby Shoes and Socks, Pillow Case, Afghans, Etc
Bridgeport;' conn. s
8 Sanford Building, Bridgeport, Conn.
We make a specialty of Conntry Property. If vou want to seU or exchange, writ u. We
are having Inquiries daily for good farms.
The prayer meeting is to be held nex'
week on Monday evening, in order tnat
.. i :.u ,! .1.
tne pasuor may uc wim i t i.
most on the eve of his departure to tne l IX C W uu w u f
Holy Land. The subject for the meet
ing will be. "Christ'8 Preciousnesa as 8
Saviour from sin." Special efforts are to Edward Riley of Sindy Hoou on lues-
Next Wednesday marks the fifth anni
versary of Kev Mr Linsley'a pastorate at
Trinity, and the event will be celebrated
by an Informal parish reception at the
rectory, Wednesday evening, February
2. A cordhil Invitation Is extended by
Rev and Mrs Llnsley to all the members
of tbe parish to attend. Rev . Mr Lins-
i. 1 I W ntfanrlarl Kit
ley s rectorsmp u uu , together at day
-: u tt a a Tint nil l v nrrpnnpn i D i
proapci.ty. . thla time, and all who can possibly aE-
tnnil n asked to be there. The hour
for the meeting is 7.15
The Ladies' Missionary Society will
hold its February meeting on Monday
afternoon, February 4, at 3 o'clock
This change of the day is made to con
form with the change in the prayer
mpptint. The missionary subject win
be, "The Life and Work oi Mrs &. a
Canned Corn, 3 for 25c, 90c doz
en, 1 lb Baking Powder as good as
Rcyalor money refunded for 25c, a
few pairs of Men's Fine Shoes, odd siz
es at about ha' f-price- - The bsst flour
for the least money at
The Leading: Grocer,
He has not only attended
faithfully to all the duties of his office,
hnt has Identified himself with every
movement for the betterment of the town.
His many friends outside Trinity 'parish
will join with his parishioners in extend
ing congratulations at this time.
C. M. Penny of Bridgeport was the
guest of bis father, J
W. Penny, over Canron. 30 years a missionary in India."
The Young Ladies Mission Circle will
Patrick Cu' ran, who has been in the
employ of Landlord I.ponard for two
years, was caught in the cellar of the
hotel about 2 o'clock, Tuesday morning,
about to help himself from the ca ks of
liquors. . He was arrested by Constable
Rlni-kman : and broueht before Justice
Cavanaugh. ; The case 8 gainst bim was
polled on the payment of the costs and
damages. , ATwarrant was aleo Ueued for
the arrest of John Kelly,beUer known as
TWO Belters, two year oio, aue ui cuivo m i
April or May. One five year old cow due to 1
calve in September; also one farrow cow and I
others due in March.
J. B. 8TILL.SON, New Preoton. Conn.
For th next 80 days all our stock of Glov J
Mittens and heavy over and underwear will b
marked way down to close out bafore inventory.
Com and convince yourself at the store.
A. B. Fancher,
White Jacket Flour
Best on Earth. Far Sale by
. rioh ..wwi.h u, return thanks to All
A who have so MiHlly remniiwii us dur
ing th ree-nt s'elim""" nl rteth in our lm.
l y JlRnit MRSIOtrii waij.mk, whuu.
inton l. pot. Conn.
Briilsr'-wat'-r, hImhiT o mu norm n
Snutliville Apply to D Br. Kits, uanpnry.vt
this week, to see her friends off for
r the o d and nw viirW-ties. Risp';erry
II lh.L Urn UnuiwU C WUClM flow
pteaent wUI not M
avinjr bought trom
ol C 11- Wakelee ail ot luo onjo-
nnt. i.t not. and lor tue
made in Koxuurv. ct-
t .-M f . T M li ('. 11. wa
nnl ptow patterns trom wnicb the old reliatiie
n aKeJee plow was inuue, eu.i no
to turuish all ot hi old eust mera and a
manv new ones as will lavor us wiu uu-iror.
ders tor the original plow and repairs. or a
low price, tor a nrst class article, call on me
a, lue nop lorintrny wwihw ui wa mu -W.
Botst.ird, Botolord Depot. Conn. Yours
UespecUully, It- S. ISOTSfuRD.
NOTICE -Repairs tor tne I.TO wn Kange, wr
sale at C. K. Ob ttOR-Mv'ci, eooUibory, Ct.
"Red Jack," on the charge of receiving
Master Reuben Lane has sold his fine meet at the parsonage on Saturday after- gtoien good. Creamery, butter, empty
steers to Turney Northrop of Palestine
The neoule in this place have finished
harvesting their ice. Mrs Richard Patch
en filled her house, this week, under the
directions of John Roberts,
Mr and Mrs Frank Hodge and Master
Georgie of Danbury were guests of Mrs
George W. Turney on Sunday.
Lnther Stillson is cuttinit logs and
noon OI tniS weeK, xeoruary , u
o'clock. There will be plenty, of work
for all who can come.
The Congregationalists turned out in
force at the residence of S. S. Scudder in
Dodgingtown district, Wednesday.night,
for a sociable. A feature of the evening
was the presentation to Rev Mr Barker,
the pastor, of a handsome purse of mon
ey, -mere was a snort uiusiuai t""si,uj
His conversation with Mr Beecher at the J drawing them to the mill, preparing to after whJcn refreshments were served.
The evening proved highly enjoyable to
all present.
tatter's office was then called up and oc
cupied the time till court adjourned for
dinner, tbe lawyers dividing the time
between themselves, the witness and the
Court commenced at 2 o'clock Thurs
day afternoon, Mr McNamara on ine
Hand. He stated that he talked witn
M. J. Bradley in Newtown Street about
the fire In addition to those he bad al
ready mentioned. Messrs Williams and
Beecher. That all the conversation In
tbe sitting room with Kate was In a loud
tone of voice and there was no whisper
ing. Croes examined he testified that
he knew Kate first on the day of tbe are
and was in no way related, lnat ne
had a brother who married a girl by the
name of Hurley, but didn't know wheth
er she was related to Kate or not.
Flora E. Lovell was Introduced and
i 30 tnai aneruoou. - -,, the house on the " r.,.
recalled and testified "001""c " " . I awves as uuug
her mother's room and rememoerea
build a new house in tbe spring on the
same site of the one burned last fall.
Mrs Richard Patchen has secured tbe
services of J. W. Roberts to run the farm
the coming season.
Ralph Benedict was 77 years old, Sun
day. He spent the day before working
4a bis blacksmith shop ironing off a wag
on. Would that some of our younger
men were as ambitious.
Isaac Patchen has gone to Long Hill
to snend the remainder oi tne winter
with his son, Charles Patchen.
Flenrv Moriran has eone to Rhode Is
land on a business trip.
George Dlkeman,- has been at William
Fischer's for several weeks; he returned
to his home in Stony Hill, this week.
Mrs C. D. Stillson has visited witn rei-
ttroaltn was
lot tak
sleeping room nor see any
i jouu . matches from
hat be dia not wise any ;
Irt Lovell's
n that did.
I John Steiogart was also recalled and
aid he dldt'f, get any matches from Mrs
1 wveU's room.
! Charles H. Northrop was the witnes
ext called. He testified that he lived In
ewtown and his business was that of
er and banker. That he went down
,M( Lovell's 6 about 8.30 on the even.
o the day of the flree, Injcompany
' h Messrs Blackman and Leonard
itt Messrs Blackman and Leonard weni
... while he was In tbe sitting room
-t he Interviewed Mrs Lovell and then
-reduced himself to Kate and question
. . ,r. That she told bim sha was on
1 tfrtui with Mr Lovell's people and
' - ve htm no Information as to who
7 ires. That afterward the burned
r rju discovered In Kate's ld and
showing a Mr Farrel the way to the attic.
Tn Mr Will lama ouestion she said sne
didn't let Mr Farrell in tbe front door.
Knew the door was kept locked and
there were a good many men all about
the house, some she knew and some she
didn't know.
A recess was taken at this time waiting
for Emma Lovell, the next witness, who
was soon Introduced. She was the last
witness for the nrosecutlon. At the
Richard Patchen Is home from Water
hnrv. as mason work is quite dull at
present. ,
Mrs Orlando Piatt is with her daugh
ter, Mrs J, Porter, who is very sick,
Selectman Beers did a good deed when
he caused Mrs Johnson to be supplied
with good wood and plenty f it. A.nd
the neighbors are also deserving of praise j flay afternoon at 3 o'clock
for cutting IS up ror ner.
nooricK TTrench has has! a new water
F. S. Curnlck,representlng C. H. White
r.n. of New York, was in town ou
wnuiiii ind Thnrsdav. the gueBt 01
Banker C. H. Northrop. t
fMrs William Ryan, after an absence of
about two months in New York, caring
for her son, returned last week, bringing
him home with her. At the present he
is on the fair way of recovery.
All arrangements are completed for the
concert and ball of Court Sandy Hook,
A. O. F. of A., atCostello's hall In Sandy
Hook on the evening ot February 5
McGrath's orchestra of five pieces has
honn onorno-Ril for. danclns. and a first
class prompter will be in attendance
The tickets for the floor, admitting gen
tleman and ladies, are $1. The supper
mm h oTf.n and will be served In the
dfnlne rooms on the first noon The gal
lerv tickets for spectators will be 50c, In
order to secure a good attendance oi
those who will enjoy a lively spectacle
and inspect the new hall.
The ladies' .prayer meeting: will be held
orirh Mrs Homers Crof utt on next 1 ues
of her tefltlmonv Lawver Williams wheel Disced In his mill. It was built by
moved Jfor the prisoner's dlschargejand as Sherman Botsford of wauser b arm,
Ormiil Morgan has Dnrehased a new
saw for his mill.
we go to press the eloquent arguments
of the lawvers are being heard by the
court. ,
Miss Nellie Gilbert left home for Flor
ida on Thursday and sails on Friday for
a sojourn of a week In the sunny land of
wine and champague bottles, were found
at his house, which had evidently been
etninn from the hotel. He was fined $2
and iiostst Mr, Leonard had been missing
various food and liquid goods for some j
time, and was glad to. iocate the thief.
Mr Leonard suspects that other parties
besides "Red Jack" were enjoying
spreads" at his expense, who may be at
tended to in due. time. ,
Mr and Mrs -Benjamin Maynard of
Taunton district welcomed a-son in their
home, last week Tuesday.
V.. M. Peck filled bis Ice house, last
week, with ice taken from Griffin's pond.
Miss Ethel Patterson is visiting friends
in New Milford.,
" ... . . -
Mra rharlea Booth of Trumbull, with
her mother, Mrs Philo Hall of Easton,
have visited A. B. Blakem.an and family.
Report has it that the place owned by
Howard Stone, near Bi.tsford, is soon to
be occupied by a family by the name of
P. H. Skidmore, who is now at New
Orleans, in' writing to C. H. Northrop,
speaks of the "unpleasant norttiers,
which he finds more uocomlortaDie wan
the steady cold of New England. Aside
from these occasionabblasts from the icy
regions, he finds the climate delightful.
Don't neglect that cough, it leads to
consumption. One Minute Cough Cure
possesses a double virtue. It cures and
cutes quickly. E. F. Hawley,Newtown ;
S. C. Bull, Sandy Hook.
Newtowu has a treat in store in the
concert by the Wealeyan Glee club
The Chicago Tribune says: The Audito
rium was well filled last evening with
members of the Alumni of Wealeyan
University and their friends, drawn
thither by the concert given by the glee
club of the college. The program was
varied and attractive. Nearly every
number was encored, and memories of
Middletown revived when tne giee ciuu
sang a medley of college songs.
-Strn berry r-lat.ts. nil
r varieties. RHSD' err'
plants aU the h-st fcind. Rltck berry plants
all the BMd Mn.1s n.i Kl-lor- da new. e
-ore and ir t mv price u-i '"-"
i-nt. Hhlppi-cl the twin oav an 5
BUTTERY. Lock ''ox 146, Norwalk. Fairfield
cnuntVi ' onn.
vin n ir new- milch cow, two
coionii-rt ot Itali n ones, and one humr. nr
would i-Xfliang- lor pigs. maun.
LEV, Monroe, Ct, Elm St
r c
FOR SALE 1 handsome bay mare, 5 y-ars
old very stylish oriver. Bind in harness
and barn ; al 1 handsome Hat leu wairon,
reversible seots. for i or I persons, canopy
top lull rubber curtains and sionn apron, run
but verr little; alno a very eaxv running spin
dle and one get ol harness, win wu wnma
or rrt at a-brgnin. Address REV H. W.
JOSE3, Baptist Prsonffe. Stepney, Ct.
at mv slaoiea every n ounesaay so cup
b. rsti. Charges i-Su nr Horse. C t. llA v -LEY,
Sandy uooa.Cunn.
N OTICE. llav ng bought all ot tbe origlual
patterns .or auiun luoolU reliable o. H.
VVaaelre plow was luaile 1 am prepared to
luruk-b Uio plows ail complete uii repairs lor
Ibe same at a low prioe. 1 also cau turuiau,
you wit a a Merrills o K aieel Coulter Har
row. Tne best harrow uiadu lor all aluds ot
work ; saves a large auiouut ot plowing on
gnmud. or low prices ou ungidal Wakelee
plows, and repairs, or UleO. .. uarrow Ad
dress 11. 6. BuTarOKD, itOIsiuKU, CONN.
FARM FOR SALE Containing WO acres, sit
uated ii Uie weal pari ol Uie town ol Xruui
uuil, 1 S- uiuta lixi ui Lrtjug Hill tlepolon Berk
suire ll.vi iou ol New lun, New dsrn and
HarilorM I aiiroad. 1 lulie Ir ui postuffiee, 8
unit s Irum Uie city ol Urulepon, uear acnooi
aud cuurca, suitably uividea into meadow
aud pasture, well watered, large two story
bouse, two barns wiui sued containing tS
laii9,ouehaUoox,oibernece9Sar buiiuiugs.
T he taiui uas ueeu used lor a ears lor ooard.
tn aeuuiueu'a,urivuig burses, suinuiot and.
M inter. Wouid make ag od uiila urin. Ad
dress J. aOoAnYi: MALLtrr, Long llill,Ct.
I OfT On January Si,
itfur Steunev. a rox
Hound; color a "blue mix tic-k with tan and
tan ears ani witn a isn-e 'i
back and ihet p hall ot the tU while, and inn
swers to the name oi -Sport." A reward will
he iriv.-n lor the return ot the dog. W. M.
JENNINGS, Plattsville, Conn.
reliable Wakelee plow, send me your ad
dress, on a postal card and 1 will tell you
wuere)ou can get tile plow, also the repairs
lor tbe same, u.ade irotn the Only original
patterns (which 1 have bought trom the C ii.
Wakrlee eaaie; and wUI flu My castings are
made by a nrtn a bo has bad 40 years exper
ience iu Uie foundry business. Tne ore in an
ot tuis department bas 3u years experience In.
plow ami outer wor. m or arviuie
t-isewnere auu at a tow pnvq -
BOT6rOltI. tOToFoKO, CT.
N0TI E !
Canned goods were never cheaper and
never better. This is the season to use
them. Eead what E. F. Hawley has to
say about them in his advertisement,this
week. '
The arguments on tlje demurrer in the
Grav's Plains school case were made be
fore Judge Prentiss in the Superior
court at Bridgeport, last week. The
judge reserved his decision.
Sliding positively forbidden from Church
Hill, Newtown, to tne Sandy Hook Bridge. By
ord-r of the wwmfjn.uur,- ...
CLOVER. TiMOTil I wioulu,
Newtown, Feb. L 1895. -
FOR SALE Good bouse and barns with 45
u..n.d nt ratMtiirA. niMadow and wood land.
situated oue mile from fcastoo. Center and
nine wiles iroin Bridgeport. Will be sold on
reasonable terms or exchange lor city pro
perty. Write MRS N. 15. ra i iiso.oneiion,
CU, orcaUon GEvKUE GUERNSEk, Eastoa,
r. .v. wiiwiiitii of Bridiret Johnson, a
native ot Brunbref, Ireland, who came to
Ur .Tjl.:.j with Mra Wil ard on
ZV: "i. ' At lt accounts M Ws John-
son removed to the country a- d assumed an
other nme. Any inlo.mation concernina
her will he inanmuiiy r"TivHi j - -
JOHNSON. No. II Laurel Court Brldgerort,Ct
rtoRSALE a farm ol 1M acres wiin good
X double uouse, out buildings and a mill
with water power. frioe low aa-1 liuie
money reuuireil. PvMsession given any time.
Also a larm ol acres, with good buildings
no plenty ol truiL Botb larms near iwepney
UepoU Inquire ol A. fCKUX.Stepney. txnn.
o A I I.' i..a heh innne cow. Holntttin.
r with calf, five days old, A. S. C. COOK,
Good oranges, 20 for 25o;
pound at E. F. Hawley's.
dates 5c
Nichols, Ct.
Newtown has now the best mail con
veniences of any country town in tne
At the regular meeting of Putnam
council, No. 64, Sunday, Februaiy 8, the
Rev Joseph Munson called on friends
In Sandy Hook, last week, and dined at
A daughter was born to Mr and Mra
Dr E M, Smith has been made happy
bv the gift from the estate of his uncle,
the late Andrew Smith of Poughkeepsie,
N. V.,' oan elegant doubiesleigh,doubie
harness, robes, plush blankets, bells, etc.
County Commissioner Houljhan was at
rrovrfnrri on Taesdav and visited the
Legislature. ' ' " r -
t?ow K. C Booth of New York, who
has been 111, and"hls niece, Miss Grace L.
Peck, sailed for Bermuda on the steamer
rioKtod .Tannarv 30. Thev expect to
remain there three months.
Mrs Albert W. Peck was inNew Yorkt
.. .. F0S SALE ..
' the
Main St., Newtown, Ct.
ir naviculars address E- K. MORGAN
Bridgeport, Ct, or C. H. Fr-CK, Rewrown,
When Baby vraa sici, we nave ber Castorie.'
When sbo was a CbilJ, she cried for Castorkw
Vhpu she became Jliss, she clung to Castoria.
A'hen she had Children, she gave them Castoria
Court, Jannirv Si. 1. v ' .
F.t7tfe ot ANGRI1NE WARNER late Of
Newtown, in said dimrict,oeceaai.
Itownfcath limited and allowed six month
from tne iste nereoi iur mo
:-.i,.it thii-fiaima tor settlemetit-
esiaie ii,
Those wno iiegieci t i"". ;r. r
nronerlv attested, within said time, will be
debarred a recovery. All persons im.euj.
... ,t. to William Frlndle, execu
tor. ' 1 -
m im - i, i a w mil rai i " &
Caveats and Trade-Marks ohtsinerl. and all patent
business conducted for MODKR'TK Vt.V.X My
office is in theimmGdlate vicinity of the Patent OfBce,
and my facilities ior securinR patents are unsurpassed
Send model, sketch or photograph of invention, with
description and statement as to advantages claimed.
v-AFo charge is made for a ti opinion as to
patentabUilif, and my fee Jor prosecuting toe
application will not he called for wUil the
patent i allnweA. "Invrnioks; Cuidf. con
tainine full information sent free. All f ommuBl
cations Considered ss Mrlctly ConBdnllal.
9SB r Strwwt, WASIHSfCTOM, 1- c
oromiit answer and an honest otmion. write to
SiiiSm a- l . -ho have had nearly tifty year-
experience in the patent business. Communiji
tionVsirictly eonfldentwl. A llandbook ot In
formation ooncernina l'B tents and bow to Ob
tain them sent free. Also a catalogue of mechan
ical and sciontlrlc books sent free.
Patents taken through Munn ft Co. receive
special notioelntbe firieatiac Aaierirtja. and
thus sre M'JEMrMaS
SuedeeHeleiantly innttedb by Martha
Building EdHiarionthly. tJiOa year. Blrwle
colea cents. Jvery munher nta.Dbean
r..... .r.i- in nninrit and Dliouwrrantis of new
nooses, wiiB plana enaniins ooilrters-tmwtaw
.. . :... a mars fTtnt ITM fM. A tr
BEIXU FULLY SOUirriU-s iu s wwinv
uower portable eiixina, we are now pre
naivd to taae coutxaou, tor iiawuig Ties and
limber In lbs woods. Money caunot bay
belter outnu BEARD WUlTUEKi, ohelfcoa.
Cou u
NOTICE I will be at Uie Brick budding, on
Saturday, September U, aud every Satur
day tuereatter till lurtber notice, u reoeiva
. . . Da UtuTA n.lllk
laxas. n-mrs ihip wt.
Collector, Newtown, Conn.
. . . i i l u ii. . i nau. in. nuuasnce k
ri 1-no.iora Branson. iaxUes' and chil
dren's bair cutting a specialty.
Watertown, conn.
LET, sandy liooa, unu.
r RENT Sood large bouse, mm ana u
acres ot land in Boxbury Center. Inquire
ot Dtt PONS, Hoxbury, Conn.
Swiss watch maker located one mile north
of HoL-tord LK-pot. A U kinds ol watches and
clocks repaired in the uet manner possible.
Cbartres moderate. JiENaU BOCKQUENEZ,
Botsionl, Conn,
cows a young, sound, family none. B. b.
nEACU. Trumbull, ct.
HAT FOR SALE Can be Been at barn at C.
C.Warner place. J.H. WAKSER, Sandy
iii 'knnt Rirlsa watch. German silver
ca-es, a good timer, warranted for one year,
given to anyone mailing us as for 16 lbs tea or
Lakinsr powder. Ladle- coin silver given 1
lbs tea or baking powder. THIS oner IS tor a
limited timeto introduce ou-gootla. Cut this
advertisement out it may not appear ag-ln.
No take. Genuine Watch. B-t tiooiis. rt"lia
ble House. 11 UFEi '3 TEA HOUSED Mam
St, Hartford, CL
TX)RSLE 10 tons of hav in barn on Bota.
1? lord Hill. Q.V UUNCOMBE. Newtown.
WANTED I want to exchange monumen
tal work lor a good sound young hprje,
Mod .'river or a nair ot good workers. F. W.
BATES, Norwalk, Ct.
TjlUR SALE A pair ot Devon irrj1ertle.
A' four yaar-oias.
WashinKloD. Ct.
OHSaL E A y oka of tat OS nJ'. H. bLACat
X W asulngton. Ct.

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