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The Newtown Bcckr,"' ,n
FRIDAY, MAKCH 8. 1895.
uaiuKi ;. i82.
. . f 10
r Litcblield County News.
While Charles 11. Kandall and his son,
Bert, were chopping in the woods the;
cut a tree contalniug a nest ol flying
iqulrrelt. Mr Kauuall tbloka there
were about 13 In all. Thev succeeded In
capturing live of them and have them on
exhibition at hi hop and they are quite
a curloklty about here.
VI alter Ed wards ha been vUItlog In
town. Owing to a throat trouble he has
been obliged to give up hU petition at
the Odd Fellows home lor the aged and
will go to Florida for a time aud then
will vilt a brother In New Mexico.
Mr Frank i. Allen Ua little better.
She ha a trained nurse to care for her.
Several member of the TCpwortn
League In a body visited member of the
aiue name in Woodbury on Tuesday
Mr I. E. Stone and Miss Minnie .
8 tone vlfllied Huston, last week.
Jhv I) wight U. 8 tone preached again
la Morri tongregatlcnal.church on Sun
day. 11a wa accompanied by hi eUler,
MU Minnie E. Stone.
Mr II. Wilbur Judaon U convalescing,
but unable to alt up.
At the annual church meeting at the
Congregational chapel on Friday,
William It. UarrUon was re-elected Sun
day school superintendent. ..
Mrs A. It ce Staruy of Lancaster, Pa.,
came to her mother', Mr ltalph Muu
son's, on Saturday. Mr Munnon is soon
to leave her home of over 50 years and
move to her residence In the Center.
William W. WaUon of Shelcon la visit
ing relatives and friend in Pennsylvania.
MirS Alice Hardy, granddaughter of
the late Dea Fred Alien, on confession
01 laltn united witn the Congregational
church, of which Mr Allen waa deacon,
on Sunday, March 3.
The annual meeting of the Town
library" association waa adjourned to
Saturday, March 9. A large attendance
I solicited as there is some talk of new
plans in regard to the loaning of book.
Miss Nellie Blerce goes to Waterbury
on March IS and takes a position in A.
V. Cowles' millinery store. She will be
much misled here and the withes of
many friend will follow her.
J. W. Smith and wife spent Sunday St
ner mother s,urs K. timch f,in Washing
Ml Ann L Churchill of Waterbury
and Deloss D. Piatt of Brooklyn, N. V.,
were married at 2.30 p. m., February 20,
inua, in wawroury. i ney win reside In
Brooklyn. Mist Churchill Is a grand
daughter of the late ti M. Kasaon of
George Oriswold waa In town, last
week, looking for a larm.
After a lingering Illness of several
weeks Mi Mary Jane Daly, daughter of
Denis Daly, died last Saturday morning
at 10 o'clock at the untimely age of only
21 year.- Miss Daly was young ladv
very popular lu the home circle and
among her friends, of which she had
many, and her death, though not entire
ty unexpected, was a sad blow. The be
reaved family have the sympathies of a
largn circle or acquaintances in their be.
reavenjenf. The funeral services were
' held from St Rose' church on Tuesday
of this week at 1 o'clock and were very
Mrs Gregory W gaining slowly and ex
pects to go with her son and family to
Bethel as boon as she is able.
Mr and Mrs Horace Allen and Mrs
Kinney were guests of -I. M. Ford, last
Eddie Ford is suflring from a second
attack of it.floinatory rheumatism.
Mr and Mrs Salmon Couch from
Northvllle were recent guests of Mrs E.
W.Smith; also Mrs W. S. Hooper of
Mrs Edson Roswell and Miss Agnes
are on the Bick list.
There are rumors of one or more spring
wedding in th! air. Perhap j the inter
est shown by the press of the country in
tne wedding of Mm Anna (jould to her
titled but impecunious Frenchman, may
encou-age more of our Kent young peo
ple to venture into tne state 01 matri
mony. There may noc be as much
money at the disposal of the Kent young
people, but we feel safe in predicting
that there is quite as much happiness in
store for theui in married life aofor this
estimable young American woman who
has seen tit to go abroad lor a titled
spouse, especially if her marriage turns
out as too many such matches have done
in too past. ;
There are a few auctions set down for
this mouth In town. We think the
changes among the farmers will be no
larger than uual this spring. William
Wolcott U to leave hU farm in Macedo
nia. Joseph Dwy, who has worked the
.lerimlah Fuller farm for several years
past, 1 to move to Oakville and will be
be succeeded by Henry Cum ruing and
his mother.
Legrand Killson and Sherman Barton
broke through the ice in the Housatonic
river, last week, and got quite a wetting
Killson went In over his head, but for
Itlchard Lee, wto was with him, the re
salt might have been mote serious. As
soon as he came op and grasped the ice.
Richard gave him his band .and helped
bim out. , ; .. ..
Rev W, F. Bielby is delivering a series
of lectures, Wednesday evenings, at 7 30
on the surject, "Why I am a church
man. "
Fred Iograham's youngest child is ill.
The sick reported last week are all on
the gain.
The highways throughout the town
are In bad shape owing to the thaw, but
in a few days mud will take the place of
the soft snow, which it is hoped will
oon settle.
The village churches have been rather
thinly attended of late. We hope to see
better weather soon and trust with that
more will be able to get out at the Sun
day morning services.
Luther Eaton will close his tobacco
warehouse, this week. It Is rumored
that he will open In the upper shop be
fore Jong, and that Thompson Barton
and his men will sort a number of cases.
Dr Marcv makes daily visits to Warren.
The most critical patients are Mrs Mar
tin Strong, with pneumonia, Buel Sedg
wick, the postmaster, with pleuro pneu
monia, Mr and Mrs Peck with the grip
or general prostration and Mrs Sturte
vant. A few davs may lead to great
and startling changes. Mrs Htne Is
more comfortable and Mrs Edward
Carter and Miss Meagher.
The last snow arrested the tbaw and
The Bowker Fertilizer Company
Is a Massachusetts corporation, organized for the purpose of manufacturing and dealing in fertilizers
and fertilizer materials. It is not interested in any other company, nor is any other company interested in it. It buys its
own goods, manufactures on its own formulas under the personal supervision of its own officers, conducts its own busi
ness without any interference or control by any other company or officers of any other company, all statements to the
contrary notwithstanding. 'All its brands bear the Bowker name as manufacturer. The
originated by Prof. Levi Stockbridge, of Amherst, Mass., are its leading brands. They are made double the strength of
ordinary fertilizers, and farmers will find them the most economical to buy because they go twice as far in the field. The
Company, however, manufactures fertilizers of all grades, and farmers who think a lower-priced fertilizer will answer their
needs should consult our agents before buying. We use only the best material in either case.
The home office of the Company is located at 43 Chatham Street, Boston, where the responsible officers and managers can be found at any time ; and
factories are located, one at Brighton, Mass., and one at Elizabethport, N.J., which can be visited at any time by interested patrons to see what the
is doing and what it is using in the way of fertilizer stock. It has a large and growing business among the best farmers, which it has built up and hopes
tain without pursuing any unusual or unbusiness-like course.
Our specialties are fully described in our catalogue, which will be sent free
improved the roads. March has not
manifested much stubbornness thus far,
and a duplication of February is not de
sired. The winter has dragged its slow
length along and the vernal equinox will
be welcomed, when it can be said the
winter of '94 and '95, is ended. The
necrological roll, has been large, even
among the ranks of the great men, and
the communities have been few that
have been exempt from a visit by the
king of terrois.
It is no uncommon sight on a Satur
day to find among the customers that
throng Robertson's boot snd shoe house,
New Milford, representatives from near
ly every town in the Housatonic valley.
It is the great shoe trading center of this
valley, and the reputation it eDjoys for
meritorious goods only and low prices is
well deserved.
The Prophet of The Bee in this watch
tower has been dumb for some weeks,
but as the dumb-devil has been duly ex
ercised by the editor of The Bee, and
cast. out, we are able to resume our
prophesying, as followeth, . to wit,
The farmers hereabouts, having seen some
of the "never known to tall" signs, will soon
begin to tickle their land tor crops.
Thatmaay will not heed the lessons of the
past and will endeavor to raise as much to
bacco this year as formerly.
That many who do will next year complain
of lhi "barn times." as they have been doing
lor the pat Indefinite period 'f time.
That a word to the wise does not always
seem to be sulHoient, nor will It be in the fu
ture. - ,
That you cannot tell by the size of a toad
how far he'll jump, nor by the size of hat a
man wears how much brains be has.
The above may be continued on and
forward in our next; as for village news,
the Prophet finds a few items to chron
icle, ... -
The sociable at Mrs Evelyn Newton's
was well attended, considering the condi
tion of the roads.
This (Friday) evening, the Literary
society and the Ladies' Benevolent so
ciety are to have a joint entertainment.
The Literary society are to have a de
bate at 7 30, followed immediately by
the supper and sociable of the Ladies'
society. This will all be given at the
home of Mr and Mrs Edmund Hatch.
Mr. Baldwin closed his echool on Mon
day. The patrons of the school desired
Mr Baldwin to continue his school two
weeks longer, but he thought best not
to accept on account of illness among
his pupils and.bad traveling. .
Robert Zeiner, Jr., will work for Mrs
Toohy the coming summer.
Mrs Leavenworth is quite 111 with a
lung trouble and under the care of Dr
F E. Baldwin has the grip, also Mr
Dewitt Ford has rented the house be
longing to Lee Stone.
Miss Fingleton after a stay of several
weeks has returned to her home in
Mrs Luddington is spending a few
davs in New Haven. V
F. W. Gregory is stopping at William
Gregory's, while doing carpentering
E. W. Pond and family are to move in
to the Joseph Norton place.
Gideon Allen is at home. He has left
the employ of L. E. Dawson at the cor
ner. Married, February 20, In New York
City, Arthur Wright and Miss Carrie L.
Fred Roberts of Thomaston was in
town, last week, to see his father who is
The accident which befell Rev Alvin
P. Knell, pastor of the Methodist Episco
pal church in this place on Wednesday,
February 27, in Brooklyn, N. Y., got
badly ''twisted" in the columns of most
of the New York City dailies. The New
1 ork World was the only paper which
gave the facts as they were, that we
have seen. We quote from the World as
follows: "While Rev A. P. Knell of
Cornwall, Conn., was alighting from car
No. 3919, of the Meeker avenue line, yes
terday, the trolley pole broke and fell
on him, inflicting severe cuts of the face
and lips. His injuries were dressed at
the Eastern District Hospital." Mr
Knell is recovering and expects to preach
to his own congregation, next Sabbath.
In New Haven County.
The Pierce Hollow echool gave an en
tertainment attheschoolhouse, February
'26 consisting of recitationstableaux and
dialogues. The house was crowded.
Standing rroin being at a premium. It
howa that the teacher has done some
good wors, as the whole program wag
rendered without a mistake. - The teach
er is Miss Mary Gates of Vermont. The
program was ss follows :
Singing, school.
"Welcome." Sara Piatt.
"Mother's Dunce," Nettie Pierce.
"I Will Be Good, Gertie Kometzek.
Dialogue. "Trials of a Teacher."
"Papa's Letter," Bessie Pierce. .
"A Big Bite," Mary Piatt.
Dialonue, '"Aunt Kitty's Shopping."
Tableau, "Penitence."
Singing, school.
"The Street Musican," Dora Pierce.
"Bv and By," Edward Piatt.
"We Little Boys," Irving Piatt.
"Entertaining Big Sister's Beau,"Sara Piatt.
"There Will Be Room in Heaven," Eunice
Dialosrup, "Telling Stories."
. "Be Polite," Edwin Pierce.
Dialogue, "17H5 im "
"Welcome Holiday," Myron Pierce.
Tableaux, "Innocence," "The Tambourine
Rev Mr Smiley had a reception at the
parish house, last Thursday evening. A
goodly audience were present. In the
course of the evening Doa Mitchell pre
sented the pastor with a purse of $55. A
bounteous collation was spread and all
enjoyed the evening to the fullest extent.
Mrs J. W. Elliott and Miss Bessie
Mitchell have returned from a week's
visit at Judge (Bronson's, New Haven,
taking, in the sights at the art exhibition
in New York. . Miss S. G.. Stoddard, an
artist, of New Ilaven, accompanied them
to New York. '
Mrs Henry Mitchell has returned from
a visit with her son, Amos Mitchell, of
B. W. Collins and Miss Sophia L.
Northrop were united in marriage at the
home of the bride's mother, West Haven,
on Tuesday, March 5 at 4 p. m. ; also her
brother, William Northrop, and Miss
Pritchard were married at the church In
the evering of the same day. C. L.
Mitchell's family witnessed the ceremony.
George Wentsch has discovered a
granite mine on his farm and will in
vestigate it in thespring.
Potter & Roberts, the enterprising
merchants, are running a full line of
goods for the spring trade and are doing
a hustling business, carry log their egg 3
and produce to Waterbury every week,
B. C. Bradley has finished jury duty at
New Haven.
Mrs Jane Piatt, having fully recovered
from her late illness, has been the guest
of her children in the Center for a week.
Burton Can Held was the guest of his
parents, Mr and Mrs Henry Canfleld,
over Sunday. .
The news of the death of Mrs Sarah
Comstock (nee Sarah Allen, formerly of
to any address.
this place), was a surprise and shock to
her many friends here, as she died very
suddenly after a short illness with pneu
monia, at her nephew's, W. A. Fenn's in
Mrs G. N. Piatt has had a second at
tack of grip, and her daughter, MrsF.E.
Wyckoff, is with her.
Mr and Mrs Ezra Pierce, Mr and Mrs
A. N. Piatt, Mr and Mrs George Russell
nr and Mrs C. B. Pierce, W. E. Piatt
and wife and Miss Anna Stiles attended
the concert given by the Wesleyan Glee
club in Newtown on the 21st.
Mrs N. W. Mitchell returned on Thurs
day from an extended visit with her
daughter in Ohio.
Mrs Jane E Piatt is spending the week
with her daughter, Mrs G. W. Mitchell.
Amos Treat, while splitting wood,
was struck by a stick in the eye, injuring
it so it is feared be will lose the sight
of it. Dr Cooley attends him.
Mrs Theodore Mallory, who has been
sick for some time, was taken worse hut
The sleighing is nearly gone. The
stage, as well as the heavy teams have
used runners until Monday, for a long
time, and unless more snow comes they
will be obliged to take to wheels again.
. Mrs Sherman Tuttle entertained her
cousin for a few days.
Miss Ann Stiles has returned from a
trip to Hartford. -
Benjamin Strong and his sister, Mrs
Atwood, have recovered from the pre
vailing epidemic.
Services In the Episcopal church for
the month of March, commence at 11 a.
m. '
Lenten services will be held on Fri
day's at 3 p. m.
Rev Mr Morris has been suffering from
a severe attack of grip, the past week,
and was too ill to hold service on Sun
day. - C. H. Butler would like to have it un
derstood that he will be at home on Sat
urdays to transact any business, town
orxtberwlse, the public may have with
him. - !-.
Mrs Morris has been confined to her
bed the past two weeks with a severe
attack of grip.
Most of the people who were so
seriously prostrated with the grip, last
week, in town are slowly convalescing.
The snow is rapidly disappearing as a
result of the ; mild temperature and
bright sunshine of the past few days.
Owing to there being no service at the
Episcopal church on Sunday, the con
gregation at the Congregational church,
was quite large. Rev Mr Beach of Yale
Divinity school preached in the absence
of Rev Mr Armstrong.
Fairfield County News.
... The ladies of Grace church, as their
Lenten work, are preparing to send a bar
rel of clothing and bed furniture to Mrs
Buford in Virginia, after Easter. It is
hoped that the Interest in this work will
be as great as heretofore. It Is not re
quired that all the clothing shall be new,
as Mrs Buford has use : for garments
partly worn if they are still serviceable
and - suitable for 'children or adults of
any age in her extensive work among
the colored. Nearly every one there
fore will be able to make some contribu
tion to this excellent and worthy object.
Second Sunday in Lent, JMareh 10:
At 9 30 a. m., Holy Communion ; at 10.30
Morning Prayer, Litany and sermon;
Sunday School after morning service.
Thursday, March 14: At 7 p. m.,
Evening Prayer and lecture.
It was only last week the remainder of
the roads In Obtuse district were dug
out, making cuts from eight to 10 feet
The funeral of Simon McNamara
tookj place last Sunday. The interment
was in the Catholic cemetery at Sandy
Paul Jones spent Sunday with his
Mrs Sagendorf is recovering from a
severe cold.
Dr A. L. Williams is able to be out
again and attend some patients.
Mr Whitcome attended the funeral of
Mrs Allen Rodgers, her grandchild being
buried in the same casket. This makes
the fourth death in this family in two
weeks. The son, Howard Warner, who
was shot, was buried but a few days
The working chapter of the Guild
meets with Mrs Stanley Terrill on Fri
day afternoon.
Dr J. F. Smith has been quite sick
with quinsy under the care of Dr E. M.
Smith of Newtown. "
R. T. Clarke has been quite indisposed
from a severe cold, but is now improv
ing. . .
A. S. Manfield is doing quite a business
in the coal line. The severe weather
has used fuel beyot.d ordinary anticipa
tions, making an unusual demand.
The Junior Guild met at the rectory
on Monday of last week.
Lenten services were held at St Paul's
on Wednesday at 2 p. m., and Friday
evening at 7 p. o 1.
The tobacco sales seem to have stopped
with from one-quarter to one-third of the
'94 crop unsold; probably two-thirds of
the '93 crop is still on hand.
The Sunday school children meet onco
a week to rehearse for an Easter con
cert. . . ; -
Mrs Philo Birdsey has rented her farm
to a young man wbo is .to run a milk
route. " .' - . .
Edward Wixom, Jr., has bought a
horse. ' 1
Miss Emma Wheeler is suffering with
a lame ' arm, the result of a bruise.
The Mission circle of Trumbull will
It is a Fact
that Cottolene makes better pastry than - lard, is
more reliable than lard, more cleanly than lard,
more healtbul than lard, and is superior to lard for
frying and shortening. COTTOLEN E is recom
mended by expert cooks and endorsed by scientists.
Once used always used. Sold in 3 and 5 lb. pails.
See that trade mark steer's head
. in cotton-plant wreath is ou the
l pail. Made only by
. w : CHICAGO, and
O mdaos Ixehiaffo, S. T,, tt State
its two
to main
give an entertainment in the parlors of
the church entitled "Tennyson's vision
of fair women," Wednesday evening,
March 13. If stormy the entertainment
will be held the first fair evening. The
entertainment will be follower1 by a pink
tea and each person will be given the
cup they drink from as a souvenir.
' The ladies of the Methodist church of
Saugatuck are busily engaged in prepar
ing for a grand entertainment to be give 1
in the church, Tuesday evening. March 1
12, assisted uy miss r ranees oetriey hdu
others, including the fine mandolin club
of six members from Bridgeport. If
stormy the 12th, the entertainment will
be given the first fair evening. The pro
gram will be as follows : -March,
Mandolin club.
Reading, Miss Seeley.
Vocal duet, Mr and Mrs Godfrey. ,
Banjo solo, Mr 8eeley.
Reading, Miss Seeley.
Chilian Dance, Mandolin club.
Vocal duet, Mrs Buckley and Mrs Godfrey.
Reading, Miss Seeley.
Waltz, mandolin club.
Solo, Mrs Godfrey.
Reading, Miss Seeley.
Maznrka, Mandolin club. .
Miss Jennie Davis has been quite in
disposed with an attack of grip.
Henry Taylor and William Sherwood
have each a new horse.
E. N. Sipperly has received a truck
manufactured by th Kirkwood Wagon
Co., Kirkwood, N. Y. It is consid ered
j the best made truck in the town and is a
credit to the manufacturers and will
I prove eminently satisfactory to the own
' er, in all probability. Sipperly's mill is
turning out a great amount 01 rye Hour
which is largely used by Lounsbury &
Bissell of Winnipauk in their factory,
and the mill has not done as much work
for years as at present. The well busi
ness is already starting up and the busi
ness prospect is already very good.
' Sipperly has adorned the front of his
mill with a couple of signs of a business
character. His brother has bought a
trotter for his own use.
Mrs Jane Mallette has returned from
Easton, where she has teen caring for
Mrs George J. Banks.
Mrs Albert Clark has visited relatives
In Newtown.
Mrs Josephine Seeley has returned
from a week's visit with her cousin, Mrs
Orestes West of Bradford, Mass.
The meeting of the L. T. L., postponed
by storm, will be held to-morrow at 3
o'clock. s
The March meeting of the Stepney
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
S?& 3g,3g5v ySgSh g. gSlt. MlgS.
Nif w B0r -Sa
8L, Boston.
1 rf m
will be held Wednesday, the 13th, at the
usual place and hour.
When this disease gets hold of you
i with, all its accom pan ring tortures.
j you require a remedy about which
lucre is no uacenamiy suiucmiuj
I that will quickly drive out the cold,
i restore the blood to a normal condi-
tion, leave you free from aches and
I pains, and prevent any distressing
j after effects. That's
I T7n nffir wmnli sn effective, none
so certain of results. Teaspoon ful
doses in hot millc or water, every
2 hoars, will break It tip in ain-
!gle day ti ten wnen nrst mcKco.
PERRY DA St SOU Proridtnct, It. I.
Oar inducements to purchasers
are nothing more nor
less than "
Oar annual mid-winter sole of Clothing and
Gents' furnishing is now in toil blast.&nd on
the low tariff Principle, which win continue
to be the great Issue with those wbo wish to
see a tumble In clothing daring the month ol
February. Oar whole stock is marked down
to the lowest living prices, and
Are offered In Ulsters, Overcoats, IT&ta, Caps
and 8ulta.
- We hare a fine line of Genu and Boys
Suits that are put on the Low Price Schedule.
" L2. rJoianor,
26 Cxnk Ct, He HiL'crd, Ct

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