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The Distinguished English Orator and
The Newtown Bee
FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1895.
JiKTJART 1882,
Last week.
AiTairs About Town.
For cloaks, millinery and fancy good
don't forget to call at the store of Stern
& Harris, 180 Main street, Danbury. '
K. F. Htwley is giving away a sterling
silver Knife, forK or spoon, triple plated,
with two pounds of choice tea. Try it
Tnere U a greater treat in store for
Newtown people and vicinity In the lec
ture of David Chri-tie Murray on March
28, than most people are aware. Until
quite recently Mr Murray has been al
most unknown to American audiences,
but wherever he has appt-arerl, this win
ter, whether in Boston, Buffalo, Toronto
or Philadelphia, the verdict has been
everywhere the game the most eloquent
and charming speaker ever heard on the
public platform. It will be a lecture long
to be remembered and talked of by those
who attend. Read what the Boston Her
ald says of his flrst lecture in the United
State :
David Christie Murray's flrst lecture in
the United States, delivered last night in
Association Hall, wa an unqualified suc
cess. Anything so spontaneous, so many
sided, so rich ia moods and oratorical
power, has not been heard In Boston in
many years. Everybody felt that a new
veil in the lecture Held had been opened,
and Mr Murray held his large audience
with such magnetic power that, even af
ter he had spoken an hour awl a half,
they were manifestly loath to let him go.
The source of the attraction is soon evi
dent to any one who has the good for
tune to hear the man, who, not without
reason, has been called "The flrstcouin
to Dickens and Thackeray, and the legit
imate successor to Charles Keade." He
has in the flrst place a very pleaing per
sonality a fine Intellectual forehead,
thoughtful features, a flexible voice of
(treat range and power and a mobile face,
which, once seen In action, is never for
gotten. Then Mr Murray is a splendid
mimic. He has a command of personal
peculiarities, such as tr'cks of frature
and voice, that Is very rare among lec
turers. He shows, b-s'dns thia, not onlv
the capacitv to convulse his audience in
humorous situation?, hut al'O the power
to make them feel the pnthetic side, of
ll'e. The dramatic fenae In h'm is strong
He seems to keep the attention of hi au
dience without the slightest difficulty.
Iast night, for his running flre of wit,
eloquence and pat.ho, his delighted lis
teners gave him back a running fire of
laughter and applause.
Father Daly, who has been assistant
to Father Fox for some time past, has
been transferred to East Hartford bv
Bishop Tiernev, where he Is to be assis
tant In St Mary's church. During his
stay In town he has made many friends,
who wlh him success In the new field as
signed him.
Father Hiulth, who was at ec Mry's,
takes Father Daly's place here. He is a
pleasant gentleman to mee t and comes to
Newtown very highly recommended by
the Hartford papers. The Times says of
him :
Father Smith ha been connected with fit
Mary'schuruh tor is mouth, ami during that
time hail become very popular.in the parish,
and It u with general regrettliat thecbange
was learned. The beat wishes ot the entire
community lor sucness In his new Held ot la
bor no with Father Smith."
Tne Courant also makes favorable men
tion a follows :
Father smith has made many friends In
Kaat Hartford. Ilia address at the anniver
sary lof the Woman' Keltet Corps ot D. C
Hodman post.recently krld at "ells Hall, was
a fUrrlng, patriotic speech, and will not soon
be forgotten by those present. "
Father Fox is to be congratulated on
securing so able a co-laborer.
Father Finn from Derby wag present
at the service at St Rose's church on last
Wednesday night and made the address.
On the evening of next Sunday, which
Is 8t Patrick's day, there will be a veper
service at St Rose's church, and Father
Smith, tbe new curate, will deliver a lec
tcre. A small admittance fee of 25 cents
Is to be charged, the proceeds to be ad
ded to the fund of the church.
Birthday parties appear to be "all the
go" In this vicinity, this winter. Last
Friday nigbt a large company gave
Charles Benedict a surprise. It was an
enjoyable event and pasped oft'aa tbe pre
ceding parties nave cione, wun music,
games and social chat, ending up with a
bountiful spread ot tempting refresh
ments. On Monday night the good folks of this
neighborhood, assisted by parties from
ether districts, gave Daniel Kdwards a
birthday surprise party. D. B. Parme
lee took a large load with his coach and
lour (oxen.)
Leonard Payne of Bridgeport has been
a guest or William r Isener.
Mrs John Stillson, who has been very
sick with the grip for about four weeks,
la Improving slowly. J? Stillson and Mrs
C. D. Stillson have been suite sick with
the srrlD but are much better.
Mrs C A. Pratt, Mrs Charles La vine
and little boy of Naugatuck have visited
at il. A. Pratt s.
Miss Emma Mellen ot Danbury Is with
her sister. Mrs .Jotin summers.
Mr and Mrs Charles Hawley of Monroe
were guests of Ralph Benedict, Sunday.
Edgar C. Northrop IS again clerking
for B. Hawley A Co.
Arthur Lovejoy, who has been visiting
with relative.! in Zoar, Is at home sick
with the ffrln.
Miss Jennie Banks of Cold Spring has
been at J. Stlllson's.
Mrr John Bthn has been entertaining
her mother, Mr Miller of Bethel.
George and Irving Taylor of Bridge
port expect to spend a few days with
their father, O. C. Taylor.
Edward Clark has been tbe guest of
Mr L. A. Baroum.
Mrs Andrew and son and Mrs Hate
Novelist Who Will Lecture In Newtown on
have been spending a few days w ith their
Darents. Mr and Mrs Georee (Jrane.
Mrs Andrew Nash sDent Sunday with
her sister, Mrs Frederick Andrews.
The marks for the winter term of New
town Academy were given out yesterday
The number in the honor roll was da per
cent larger than the fall term. The at
tendance during the term just closed has
been good and the markings the highest
of any term yet. Among those who
nade the highest marks or showed the
blgzest trains over previous terms were
fhilo Piatt, Jessie Taylor, Fannie Case,
Bessie Beers, Alice Beers, Lucretia
Kussell, Florence Lake, James Betts,
Clarence Burr, Henry Sanford, Gertrude
Beardslev, Mabel Bradley, JUlam uorn
lng and Edith Minor. Others who made
above 90 per cent were : Fannie Beers,
Louise Hawlev, Bessie Jonas, Charles
Gay, Hobart Warner, Birdsey Sniffln,
Arthur Heynolds, Laura Mitchell, Klttie
French, Harry Curtis, Katie Houlihan,
.Tessie Payne, Maude Blackman and
I'homas Coles. Roy Piatt, Michael
Kane, Clarence '-Beardsley and Curtis
Hawley were within a few points or tbe
honor limit and showed decided Improve
ment over any previous work.
The new line of spring gentlemen's
furnishings and ready made suits have
arrived at Warner, Taylor & Curtis' San
dy Hook store, and are waiting to be car
ried away. Nobbier styles than ever;
also hats and caps for young and old in
tne latest styles.
Full line of cough syrups and patent
medicines can be found with Warner,Tay-
lor & Curtis, Sandy Hook.
Mrs M. C. Rodgers has been passing a
few days with Bridgeport friends, this
Mrs Albert W. Fairchild is visiting her
daughter, Mrs Ernest Wilson, In New
Warner, Taylor & Curtis of Sandy
Hook have put in a larger and finer stock
of wall papers than ever, this year, pre
paratory to the housecleaniDg time.
Don't forget this little Item.
W. L. Mitchell has reached Bridgeport
with 25 fiie looking horses which he
will sell at auction, this week Saturday.
See hia ad.
Miss Lillie Fairman has severed her
connection with the Plumb Hardware
Co. of Bridgeport, for the present.
Nathan Shepard has just recovered
from an attack of grip and visited Bridge
port, this week, the first time in some
Miss Clara Drlggs from Brooklyn has
been a guest of Misb Florence Warner at
he Hook during her stay at home from
chool duties at St Margaret's, Water-
Lawyer W. H. O'Uara from Bridge
port passed Sunday in town as a guest at
Taylor'B hotel at the Hook.
Mi's Elie P. Nichols has a position in
the New Milford bank. She left for her
new duties, Monday morning.
Hobart French and family and Mr and
Mrs Lynch, of Bethel were guests of
George French, Sunday.
Misses Mary and Maggie Corbett of
Bridgeport were guests of their father,
James Corbett, over Sunday.
Austin Warner from Vick6burg, Miss.,
who has been spending a week among
Northern relatives, spent last Tuesday at
tbe home of J. II. Warner at Sandy Hook.
Hobart Warner of Sandy Hook has
been laid up with the grip.
The Kickapoo Indian doctor and his
company left Sandy Hook on Monday,
after a very successful two weeks' en
gagement at Costello's hall. Sandy Hook
ought to be pretty free from aches and
paias for some time to come, judging by
the large amount of the medicines that
were sold during their stay.
M iss Ruth Bradley came from Hartford
on Tuesday and is spending a week at
the Hook with her sister, Mrs S. C. Bull.
Genuine and imitation haircloth, grass
cloth, chamoisflbre and all the trimmings
lor a dress waiting to De purcnasea on
the counters of Warner, Taylor &. Curtis
at tbe Hook. -
Make your hens lay early and often,
and get ground oyster shells, 90 cents for
a hundred pound Dag, at warner, rayior
& Curtis'.
Orville Johnson remains about the
same. He riJes out most every day, out
is not able to do any labor. Carl Frank
is with him this winter.
Mrs L. C. Gilbert received a telegram
Saturday from .Niagara Falls, tsoutn un
tarlo, notifying her of the death of a
nephew, wno aiea oaturaay ana was uur
ied Monday. He was the owner of a
large factory there and employed about
100 men In the manufacture oi silver
ware. He had only just completed a fine
residence and moved Into it. He leaves
a widow ana one aaugnter to mourn uis
loss. .
EDhraim Briscoe has resumed work at
Keane's button shop, after nursing a sore
hand about two weeks.
Hobart Fairchild has visited friends in
Brooklyn and New York.
Messrs Perrv. Hubbell & Co. chased
gray fox up into a tree, last week, in the
swamp near Botsford and was able to se
cure -tne fox before ne couia ges away
This is the second fox that has been
found in a tree In that swamp, this win
The families of James W. Daley and
William Veness, of Lake George, have all
suffered from the grip.
Mass Grace A. Hawley spent Sunday
with relatives in Brldgewater.
Mrs M. E. Botsford of Lake George
was the guest L. M. Bradley ot South
Britain, recently.
The appraisal on the estate of the late
John J benermernorn was maae on rv ea
nesday by Ex-Sheriff Aaron Sanford and
E. L. Johnson.
Have yon fried the popular blend of
coilee sold by Merchant Morrisr
The Drominent announcement of Ewen
Melntvre & Co.. the wide awake New
Haven merchants. In another column
speaks for Itself. Peruse it.
Seats for Christie Murray's lecture
(From HaverliTuTN. H., Courier)
"1 have had for 27 years past, a badly
diseased ankle bone. Dr David Kenne
dy's Favorite JKemedy and his Salt
Rheum Cream healed it when all other
medicines had failed, and medical au
thority had said the limb could never be
used again.
- A sore broke out on the ankle bone,
and for 10 months the aged writer suf
fered day and night beyond the power ot
words to express. A friend advised me
to try Dr David Kennedy's Favorite
Remedy. I had no faith that any medi
cine would help me, but suffering as
did I thouarbt 1 would try it, and pur
chased some ; also a box of Dr David
Kennedy's Salt Kheum Cream. I used
these medicines but a short time when
my limb began to heal. I will further
add, among the many medicines I have
tried for a diseased liver' and kidneys,
noue has ever proved so helpful to me
as Favorite Remedy. By stimulating
and strengthening the pnfeebled organs,
even the encroachments of advanced age
seems to be checked by its invigorating
I have thoroughly tested its true
worth, and I know whereof I affirm, hop
ing all who read this will prone thereby,
as the aged writer has, by using Dr Dav
id Kennedy's .Favorite JKemedy.oeen giv
en very comfortable health for a person
70 years of age. Favorite Remedy is an
invaluable n.edicme for cniidren as wen
as adults.
This testimonial is given from my own
experience or tnese invaluable medicines
I Mrs Belinda tlodson, ilavernui, . a
No tribute to tbe efficacy of a medicine
could be greater than these words of
Mrs Hodson, who voluntarily tells tbe
story of her recovery. Thousands of
men and women whose daily life is mak
ing severe draughts on their vitality,
need Dr David Kennedy's Favorite Rem
edy, none are too old to be helped by it.
It permanently cures dypepsia, rheuma
tism, kidney, liver and urinary troubles,
for the ills peculiar to women it has no
March 16.
The date of the lecture is
March 28.
Reserved seats for David Christie
Murray's lecture go on sale on Saturday
noon next at E. F. Hawley's in Newtown
Street and Warner, Taylor & Curtis, in
Sandy Hook. Mr Murray's subject for
his Newtown lecture will be "The novel
ist's note book." The Boston Times says
speaking of this particular lecture. "He
is an orator, an elocutionist of skill, and
raconteur of great piquancy. He
carried his audience with him, swaying
them to tears or laughter as he willed."
The farmers of the valley will be glad
t" learn that Wheeler & Co., whose store
and mice 19 at tne corner of Gold and
Middle streets in Bridgeport have added
to their business that of seeds and will
carry a complete line of high class seeds,
for the garden, farm, and flower bed.
It will pay to visit them, this year, for
they can furnish any quantity, and their
seeds are only the best. The reputation
of the firm is in its self sufficient guaran
tee of what the public may expect.
You cannot afford to buy carpets until
you have been to see A. G. Baker's stock
at Hawleyville. Ninety new patterns
ust in at prices lower than ever reached
Read what E. F. Hawley has to say in
his advertisement and go and get some
of tbe rare bargains at once.
Mrs Cbarles Minor, and Miss Saidee,
were in Bethel, last week.
Miss Carrie Skidmore of Bridgeport
was the guest of Mr and Mrs illiam
Botsford over Sunday.
John Gaffney of Sandy Hook was quite
ill the fore part of the week.
Mrs C. N.
Shepard has been a victim
ot the grip.
E. R. Sipperley, of artesian well fame.
was in town on Thursday. Mr Sipper
ley is rushing business at his mill at
Tell your wife to order abarrel of
Ceresoto flour befora the price advances.
Cereota has proved itself to be the very
best bread making flour that can be pro
duced, for sale only at R. H. Beers & Co's.
Mrs C. H. Northrop is visiting her sis
ters In Brooklyn.
Mrs F. L. Northrop is on the sick list.
Mr Tomlin is once more on duty in the
store of R. H. Beers & Co.
On Saturday, March 23, beginning at
11 a. m., the Danbury & Bethel Horse
Railway Co. will offer for sale at auction
the balance of their horses. Bargains
can be had at private sale previous to
that date. :
You cannot afford to buy carpets until
you have been to see A. G. Baker's stock
at Hawleyville. Ninety new patterns
lust in at prices lower than ever reached
R. H. Beers & Co. have some of the
thinnest skin, handsomest color and
sweetest California navel oranges you
ever saw. - ...
F. F. Johnson is prostrated with the
grip at tbe Berkley divinity school, Mid
dletown. The assault cases against G. W. Brad
ley, and others in tbe Gray's Plain casp,
are to be pushed now it is understood,
the case, against Mr Bradley being taken
up flrst.
Miss Honorah C. Carey of Cornwall
was before the school board, last Thurs
day, for examination as teacher for the
Gray's Plain school, sne failed to pass,
her average being very low.
We will open our new Spec-
ialty Cloak Store, Thursday,
March 14.
We guarantee satisfaction if
entrusted with your patronage
Thos I. Ceary I Co.,
449 Main St ,
Bridgeport, Ct
Sewing Machine Operators.
Also experienced buttonhole makers,
sample buttonhole required.
G. P. HADLEY, Long Hill, Ct.
Friday, March 15, 1896.
Tie Jlozvland. Gotv. Stark
Bridgeport, Conn.
Opening ot -spring wraps
and iackets. caDes. suits and
j ' j.
waists all this week.
We have a number of, gar
ments from foreign makers;
besides a large variety of
American g-arments -of more
modest pretensions, accepta
ble. we hone, to the women
of Bridgeport and vicinity.
Canes are in all manner of
combinations, colors and trim
mings fancy run mad.
ackets "are not shown in
the large number of styles,
that have distinguished for
mer seasons, out tnere are
some beautiful things to see,
lhe prevailing lengths are
from 24 to 27 inches. The
materials used are black chev
iots, black and colored broad
cloths and Clay diagonals.
Collars are mostly plain or
inlaid with velvet. Some of
the jackets are richly lined
with silk, and all have the
madolin sleeves.
A great orator is said to
make statistics eloquent, but
he'd stumble if he tried the
fine art of language on the
silk waists now here. Don't
expect to learn about them in
any other way but by seeing.
We are showing an elegant
ine of separate skirts, in ser
ges, wide wale cheviots, crea-
pons, plain and figured satin
duchesse, moire antique and
black taffeta silk. The prices
are as extraordinary as the
variety. 2. 75 to 30.
We must have at least 20
different qualities of black
crepon now, say nothing of
colors. 89 cents to 5.00 a
Heavy black brocaded satin
n patterns ranging from pin
head dots to magnificent
Send for samples of some
thing or other in dress goods
or silks. State about the 1
price you wish to pay and
about the colors desired.
The Howland, Gow, Stark
Main and
Agents tor
Bridgeport, . Conn
Is extended to readers of THE
BEE and their friends to inspect
our large and varied stock,mark
ed in plain figures, at the lowest
G. W. Fairchild,
Dealer in Diamonds, Watches, SU
verware, Jewelry and Clocks.
357 Main Street, near John,
Bridgeport, Ct
On March 28. I shall receive a loal of
blooded horses, answering to the tollow
ing names and descriptl n ;
IO. i. acidiu ntxy KJulllKt juaieu ionvt
15 1-2 hands high, siren by Royal Fearnaueht,
1501, first dam by Magna Charta, standard
bred, will welch about lino. Is toopv. veiy
handsome, (rood driver single or double, never
been worked ior speed, paces and trots, good
saaaier. ....
No. 2. sabln. liav (reiainfir, loaiea in aoai.
sire Howard T. 7318 Dam Luna Coffman by
Alarm 17309, standard, win weign aoont iuou,
15 hands high, broken single and doable.
no. 8. buzz .(ones uay mare, loaiea is;ti,
sired by Clay Jones, dam Canovie by youne
K.tlian 2184. 16 hands high, broken single and
double, been worked but little, kind and gen
tle. '
iNo. 4. Mattie isoggrs. - juay mare, loaiea
XHl.15 1-2 hands, will wel -h 1050. sired by
eoree Franklin, dam Canovie by young
Ktnan nas oeen uro&en, -.wurxeu out.
No 5 Mary Endicott. Koan mare, about 15
hands, weigha 1050, sired bv George Franklin,
dam Kathleen by Mambrino Archey 6517, i
broken, worked bnt little, goes very last at a
pace. . - -.- ".- ..-
no. u. Agnes, iron gray mare, iohihu low.
15 1-2 hands, weighs 1100, sired by Frank P.
2.21, gieat race horse, dam Pt, of unknown
breeding bnt a very eperdy mare, Agnes win
trot fast if handled, she Is broken single and
double, never worked for speed
No. 7. Lome nattier, imy mare, loaieu
1891, 15 1-2 hands, weighs about 1100, sired by
Howard l lisiB.iaam Alcyone oy uasnawman,
bas been broken single aud doable, never
worked ior speed. :
No. 8. Nellie w Brown mare, 16 hands.
weighs 1150, good driver, works kindly any
where, rears noimng goes penevuy, mo ior
a lady, she is well bred.
No. f. Gait. Chestnut gelding, 15 bands,
weighs 1000, sired by Saturn 2605, could trot in
2 20, dam by McLeod 2.19 1 2, will drive any
where ana wm De last li u-ainpa.
No. 10 Pallah. Chestnut mare, 16 hands
weighs 1200, has trotted in 2.30, great road
ma oeneeuv leariess -
Noril. curley. Chestnut mare. loaiea in
1889. 15 1 hands, weighs 1100. sired by 8aturn
wm. dam fatsey by Krougnam.curiey is stan
oara ana registereu iuii sister to rat xosiei-
ibinyi, a norse tnat wui trot ciose to i ia.
No. 12. GiDsev. Bay.mare. sired by Brent
wood 71)6. sired ol NewStSov 2.12. this is a black
mare, very stout, good every where, tbe best
piece oinorsenesn on ine runcu.
This Is an onnortunltv not O'Jered before in
this section and they are to be sold. JAMES
8. COLE, Bridgeport, Conu. Horses on Bale
at Frank Bronson'g stable 102 Fairfield avenue
T. J. CORBETT, Insurance Agent
New York Life and Hartford Lite and An
unity. .
Box 74. Sandy Hook, Conn.
Ion at Law.
0'HAUa, Attorneys and Conn
stat ttrMt. imiiport.
Ia speaking a'jout Hats we wish to say that
the best factories in the country are uneqnaled,
uirect from the manufacturers. Our new line
blocks and are the correct shapes of Tonman, Dunlap, Miller, Sherman and Harrington
styles, in black, brown and London brown. We are determined to keep np tbe standard
quality ot the different lines, and you are guaranteed the best hats in the market tor
$1.25, $1.45, $1.90, $2.40, $2.90 AND $3.50.
Any hat that proves unsatisfactory we will exchange. If you will give a little time and ex
amine our $2 40 hats you will And them the equal of any (3 hat in tbe city, and are as well
trimmed as the best. To give our patrons the
has been in the past our highest aim, and the
ly attests the success we have met, and confidence reposed in us by tbe army ot customers
we serve. We still continue with the same
ways ahead.
now on our counters and are ready for sale.
Fancy and Negligee Shirts, laundered, at 50c. 75c. $1 and SI 25-
Oar special sale of heavy Suits. Overcoat and Ulsters continues while the
stocn lasts- -
A few Pants left at $2 and $3.50.
A few 33, 34 and 35 breast measure
iszu ana $23 lines- we put them all in
439 Main Street, corner John streeti
Money refunded on all unsatisfactory purchases. We are
headquarters for Popular Shoes at Popular Prices. New
Spring Shoes and Oxfords in all the Newest Styles and Nov
elties. Our prices lare lower than any other house for the
same quality. A nice line of trunks and bags just arrived.
Take them at lower prices than ever before named.
367 MAIN
We've lots of them. Here's a
few of them.
White Check Apron Lawns, 7c was
Outing Cloth, 6c yd, was 10c
Ginghams Dress Styles 6c was 8c.
Outing cloth best, 10c was 12 l-2c-Bleached
muslin, 6c was 8c,
Merrimack and Cocheco Calico, 5c
was 7c. -
White outing flannel 5c was 8c.
Boys' Duck suits all sizes 50c
Gents' New Summer neckwear 25
and 35c, was 35 and 50c, newest
New line Hamburg edging at half-price-
4 lbs Nice Prunes 25 c.
3 lbs choice California Prunes. 25 c
4 lbs choice soda crackers, 25c.
4 cans choice corn 25.
At the Leading Store-
cH7NTY The undersigned hereby applies
tor a license to sell spirituous and intoxica
ting liquors, ale, lager beer and all fermented
cider uruaa upon uie premises or suju w Humi
lities less than one gallon to be delivered at
one time, and rhii.e wine only, pursuant to
the laws ot the state now In force relating to
the sale of Intoxicating liquors, at the build
lng known asCostello's Hall.Dayton Street,in
the town of Newtown, in said con- ty.
Dated at Newtown the 11th day ot March,
1805, ' '
Endorsed by the following five electors and
taxpayers ol said town, none ot whom are li
censed dealers in Intoxicating liquors, and
are lot endorsers ot any other application.
William J. Kirby. Charles Hawley. 8imon
p.rw a . w. Ortfp.lman. John Schumacher.
TOWN, this 11th day of March. 1895 -
1, 'I'own Clerk at. saia xown, oereuy oeruiy ,
pursuant to the statute in such case provided.
tnat mis application euuorwu kuimwui
has been siihmitted to me. and I further certl
ty that each ot said endorsers is an elector
and taxpaper in said town, and that a copy ot
the foregoing apnlicat'on, including the
above written endorsement, has been filed
with me, and that 1 have advertisea tne saia
.. ti the endorsement in THE NEW
.wa n tr i,- . vAnblv nAwnnLtwr in said town
at least once a week for two successive week",
commencing on the 15th day of March, 1895
M il. nuuLiti&n, iuwa vun
nrairt. March 1. 1885.
Katate ot PHOEBE DIBBLE late of
Beading, in said district, deceased.
ding hath limited and allowed six months
fmm tiin dat hereof tor the creditors of said
'I'lio .niir -rvT nmnmi' inr i.iih iiiniiiiuii ua.
oatiitn to eihihit their claims lor settlement.
Those who neglect to present tneir claims
properly attested, wunin saia nme, wm ue
debarred a recovery. All persons indebted
to said estate are requested to mane immeui
ate payment to John W. Nickerson, adminis
trator. ' - -
TV8T11ICT OF NEWTOWN, ss. Probate
1 1 Court. March 11. 1895.
Estate of LEMUEL F. CAMP late Of
Kavhtwn.ln nftkl dlstriet.deceased.
Upon the application ot the Administrator
pra ing uiu cerium i wti oomwj imuu.u'e
said Camp may be sold as per application
n Al. wtgtTa tiillv annpniB. it ia
Ordered That said application be heard
and - determined at the Probate Office
in said Newtown on tbe 20th day-of
Mar., 1895," at 2 o'clock in the after
noon, and that notice be given of the pen-
.1 ... aufH annlionHnn. ftnd thfl ttmd and
place of hearing thereon, by publishing
the same one time in the jnewtown be
newsnaner having a circulation in said dis
trict at least five days betore the time as-
signed tor said hearin
d tor stain heai-lTur. ; . : -
WANTED Baseball stitchers. A. LEVY,
our faofltles tor obtaining the production ot
and we eliminate the extra cost by buying
of Hats for spring comprises all the new
best values in
volume ot business we transact very flattering
objects in view and will say that we will be al
were S3. $3.50. $5 and $6
suits have been left from $12. $15,818
at $7 25. Ask to see them.
Bridgeport, Ct
Our Business the Largest
We Ever Done.
Big Assortment of plain and fancy
in bulk and boxes, just in from the
manufactory. Among them are
Vanilla Wafers 20c lb
Banquet Wafers 16c lb
Salted Wafers 16c lb
Sugar Wafers 12c lb.
Graham Wafers " 15c lb.
Social Teas 20c lb
Vanilla Crisp 15 c lb.
Sultana Fruit Crackers 20c lb.
Cream Soda Crackers lOclb
Plain Soda Crackers 4 lbs 25c
Royal Milk Crackers 10c lb.
All goods fresh-
Don't Forget! x
A Fine line of
- Teas and Coffees.
Try Nutriotine for Your Hors
es and Cattle. '
A. B. Fancher,
. OF-
Saturday, March 22d,
The Danbury & Bethel Horse Railway Co.
win iftr for sale at auction at its stables
on . 'r '-.:'-;-r
the balance of their horses. Bargains may
h hari at. nriv ! to sale orior to the day set
for the acction. '""-r:-
I I rvinrt. March 1. 183S.
Fstate ot SYLVANUS P. SHELTOS late
rt iTnnHmrtnn.ln aatri district, deceased.
" r " : n i r . I. t .i ...- ... ...
Ine tjourt oi rruuaiv iw li.c .-. ... v.
Huntington hath limited and allowed six
........ u., ..m th a date hereof for the creditors
of said Estate to exhibit their claims for
settlement. Those who neglect to present
their accounts, properly attested, wunin saw
tin,,. win he (ihn.rred a recovery. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requested to
maba immediate nayment to Marietta
Shelton, Executrix. ' -
tmstrilT OF NEWTOWN, ss, Probate
U Court, Mar. 12, 189V
Estate of JOHN J. SCHERMERHORN late Ol
v.nirivn. in naid district, deceased.
The Court of Probate ior the District , ot
KTtam hath limited and allowed six
months from the date hereof for the Creditors
paata uitatAtn mwHAnt their claims tor set
tlement. Those who neglect to present their
annnnnta. nmnerlv attested within said tu
win na debarred a recovery. All persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment to saran. oonermer-
boin. Administratrix. 1 , -.
1K1M MILK For sale at Clover Farm An
nex, Johnson's Mtu.
MEN always seeem so backward
about buying at a dry goods store
Don't know why they should; they can
buy better and cheaper. Probably it's
habit "more than anything else- Or
they may be afraid to buy of a young
lady. Ladies have the best taste for
GLOVES though. There's men's one-
button Dog Skin Gloves, for walking
or driving, all shades browns, tans
andreds-$l quality for 59c- One
button dogskin driving, 50c- Two-
button Dog Skin, for walking or driv
ing ''AdlerV-for $150, Castor for
$1 50, and Dent's for $l-7--
For a good tarm ot from 30 to 40 acres with
will do well to call or write.
HFLotxl Estate, llonta and. HioaxiS
8 Sanford Building,
Come and see the Waeons and Buggies we
have on hand. Popular prices and quick
dales. Now ia the time to buy.
D- G- BEERS & CO., Newtown, Conn-
P LASTS FOE 8 A LK Straw berry plants, al
tbe o d and new varieties, Knapi erry
plants all the best kind. Blackberry plants
all the good kinds ana Kldon-da new. He
rare and get my price list before ordering
riHnts shipped the same uay as dug. miuak
BUfTEKY,LockiOxl26, tiorwaik, Fairfield
county, Conn.
Readers oi Tub Bee will find on Bale at
Kossuth St., Bridgeport, Ct-
A number ol horses. snltaMe lor larm or
road ose which must be sold at once.
j-No reasonable offer refused. Square
dealing. Money refunded. -
SEED POTATOES rown from the celebra
ted Aroostook County's seed and warrant
ed true to name. Early Harvest, the earlieBt
grown.and New Queen n-t tar behind. Write
lor prices, nun 1 r. ojii I n, t awnuwu,i.
FOlt SALE CHEAP Two mows ot bay In
barn on BoUtord Hill. G. F. DUNCOM BE,
flrst class young beast C. B. JOHNSON,
South Center District, Newtown, Conn.
FOR SALE At Berkshire, one and a halt
miles from Sandy Hook, the place lately
owned by James Leavy, comprising three
acres ot land with house and barn. Will be
sold at a bargain and on easy terms. For
further particulars inquire at NEWTOWN
1 stock and tools il desired, and one halfot
toe bouse. Situated one half mile from Haw
leyville Depot. Enquire on tn premises,
HRSR.S BLACKMAN, Hawleyville, Conu.
FIR SALE One pair ot steers, coming nve.
good workers. E. L.Goodaell,Newtown,Ct.
furnished; on Mt Pleasant one half mile
west ot Newtown street, with barn, garden
and small rrnits In abundance. Finest sum
mer location in town. Large veranda. Ex
tensive views, fine shade trees, etc- Address
till April 1. D. C. PECK, Lake Placid, N. Y., or
C. G. PECK, Newtown, Conn. ,-
WANTED All to know that t am selling out
my entire stock of diamonds, watches,
iewelry, clocks, silverware, etc., at a dis
count ot from 10 fen -25 per cent, previous to re
moval to Main ef-eet. It will pay you to in
vestigate JOHN H. REID. 11!) Fairfield
avenue, Bridgeport. Conn. a
WAKELtE PLOWS Manufactured at Box
bury. Conn. It yon want a new plow
this year buy tbe old reliable Bronson, strong
and durable, warranted to work m stony land
or clay soil. All plows and parts kept at the
leading naruware stores. . c who hid uwoi
kind ot road w-rapers, light to handle and
durable. We also make the WAKELEK or
South bury plow and parts, same as was man
ufactured at Southbury.- All parts carefully
fitted before leaving our anop. oia cast iron
taken in exchange tor plows and parts
H. &W BRONSON, Roxbury, Conn.
VO&t : ALE-
x trade, one new buggy in first
class order. Will trade tor cow or heller.
J.A.JAMES, Hawleyville, Conn.
-ru H a a I.K Or exchange lor larger tarm.
J; house, barn nd 15 acres of land near step
ney Depot. W.J.JAiiiE.K..atepney uepoi,--i.
mn rent A nrst class blacksmith snop
1 with all the modern machinery. Also a
cowl frame tor shoeing oxen ana a wood
shop that furnishes plenty ot wagon work tor
a blacksmith Terms reasonable. Enquire
of OSCAR E. BEE MAN, New Preston, voun
rpo B S A LE Potatoes,
seed potatoes, hav.
J? tine cider
Innuire ot JOHN H. C1IAUT-
EMS. Broadview Farm, .one mile north of
Botsford Depot.
TjtOR SALE Pair of stags coming five, good
JL workers, nusua t,mjan aiii., now rre.
ton; Conn. -
TXR SALE My black mare known as
X Nell." She is kind and gent'e, a splendid
driver, bas trotted in lens than 3 minutes,
has done all kinds ot farm work, weighs 1 ISO
pounds and is a bargain for some one. Also
a meat cart that is almost new and in good re-
gatr I offer lor $50. H. W. WRIGHT, Sbelton
TJOR SALE Four year-old grade
A i
cow and calf two days old, good ones
H.Jt. rliUM, Stevenson, txinn
FIR SALE Bay Ally coming lour, sired by
Hurllngham, sound, broken to harness
and promises sneed. will exchange tor work
horse. TCRNET NORTHROP, Newtown
TXR SALE-Tbe tarm of S. L. Bloss contain-
JT ing about 120 acres of good land suitably
divided into meadow, pasture and wood
land, about 100 apple trees all grafted and
mostly winter fruit, a house, barn, horse barn
and shoo all in good repair, running water at
bonse and horse barn. For price and turther
particulars enquire oi n.u. blu, cetuie
hem, Conn.
It's this way, once in a while yon .
get good Coffee; then again you don't
You don't oftener than yon do. And
it is to overcome the don't that we of
fer the "GEM" coffee pot at a reduc
tion from regular prices.
One-half the quantity of our brand
of coffee and the delicious flavor and
clear color and fragrant aroma are all
yours- No grounds- No mud- No
complaint whatsoever-
The "GEM" does it alL
And we' give to every purchaser a
half-pound of our pulverized Java and
Mocha Coffee-
Try it- There is an exhibition ef
its merits, in the crockery department,
for the remainder of this week, FREE
good bnildidgs ; anyone having such property
Bridgeport, Conn.
Ill be
J at ntv stablea every Wednesday to clip
norses. imarges $z.au per norse.
LEY. Sandy Book, Conn.
FOR SALE Good bouse and barns with 45
acres of pasture, meadow and woodland,
bituated one mile from Easton Center and
nine miles from Bridgeport. Will be sold on
reasonable terms or exchange tor city pro
perty. Write M RS S. B. PA TTISOX, sbelton,
Ct.. or call on UKoUUK Ulii-liNSKY, Kaston,
-QBIN'G FULLY EQUIPPED With a 40 horse
Lf power portable engine, we are now pre.
parnu to laxe contracts ior sawing
Ties and
litnnertnthe woo-ls. Mone'
;v e-innol buy a
belter outnu
NOTICE 1 will be at the Brick outlding, on
Saturday, September 15, and every Satur
day tneraatter till further notice, to receive
taxes, hours 1 to 5 p m. RuBKKT A. CLARK,
Collector, Newtown, Conn.
BARBER SHOP Near tbe residence ot
Tneodora Bronton. Ladles' and Chil
ean's hair cutting a specially. A. A. aMITU,
Watertown, Conn.
LEY. Sandy Hook, Conn.
HAT FOR SALE Can be seen at barn at C.
C.Warner place. J.H. WAESEH, Sandy
FOR SALE Good house and three barns,
with 3S acres ol good pasture, meadow and
woodland, situated in Bridgewater, Ct , about
two miles north ot Souibville. Will sell
cheap to close an estate. Can inquire ot G.
A. HOYT, South Britain, Ct. Estate of
GEORGE MINOR, H P. Downes. executor.
141 Dwigbt St-, New Haven, CU
FOR SALE A tew young fresh cow and
forward springers ; also a good pair ot
tarm horses, good workers and drivers. F. S.
FKl-sBlE, Brook Held Center, Ct.
rpo RENT Good large bouse, barn and IS
JL acres nt land in Koxbury Center. Inquire
of Dr PONS, Koxbury, Ct.
TXJR SALE- 37 good sheep.
Inquire of or ad-
A dress, MUKIIMbKHL'll
BELL, White Hills,
P. O. address Derry: Conn-
Main SL, Newtown, Ct.
For particulars address K. K. MORGAN,
Bridgeport, Ct, or C. H- PECK. Newtown, Ct
VOTICE Repairs for the Crown Ha- ge, lor
il sale atC. K. OSBOR-ES, Southbory, Ct.
XJOTICE AU claims In favor ot the late
i.1 George W- Botsford remaining nnsettled
after A pi U 1. l-'Ji. will be put in an Attorney'
bands for collection. A: tt
Five young cows due to calf In March or
a j-Furu and skins bought at the market
J. B. STILLSON, New Preaton,Conn.
FARM FOR riALfc Coulalning urn acn-s, slU
nated in the west part ot tbe town ol Tram
bull. 1 34 milts from Long Hill depot on Berk
shire DivUion ot New York, New Haven and
Hurt lord railroad. 1 mile irm postomee,
miles from the cityof Bridgeport, near scbool
and church, suitably divided into meadow
and pasture, well watered, lavge two story
house, two barns with shed containing SS
stalls, one hall box.otfaerneceasarv buildings.
The farm has been used lor i years for ooard-
ing gentlemen's driving horses, summer and
winter- - would matte agr od null I arm. AU-
dress J. HOBART MALLETT, LongiiilLCU
At half nrice. Now Is the time to buy I al
so have a nice stock ot men suits. Spring
goods are now ready . Popular goods at
prices lower man ever, l nave maue a gen
eral reduction in all heavy geods to close out.
CUARLES CRANE, Bethlehem, Conn.
FOR SALE At halt price, 3 aires churns, a
10 can creamer, easv road cart, milk cans.
coolers and a large lot ot other articles in
first class condition. HOLLISTEB SAGE,
The Creamery, Stepney Depot, Ct.
HOUSES- Auction sale ot i5 head of general
purpose fain ly and tarm horses on Satur
day, March 16, at ISO p. m-, at stables at 41
Elm street. Each horse warranted as repre
sented. Buyers ahall have every advantage
of a private sale MITCHELL & SANFORD,
21 Elm street, Bridgeport.
New timothy and clover seed; onion sets
and air kinds of garden seeds at . F. Haw-
ew spring designs in paper hangings;
oyer 1 200 worth just in at t. r. ttawteys
from 6 cents per roll and up.
Bargains In outing clotb and dress ging
hams tt cents a yard at E. F. Hawley's
Two hhds choice new -crop Porto Rico mo
lasses just in at E. F. Hawlev 's.
DISTRICT OF REDDING, ss. Probate Court
March IS. 18H&
Estate of LACRINDA GRUMMAN, late ot
Redding, In said District, deceased.
The Court ol Probate tor the District oi
Redding hath limited and allowed six months
from date hereof, tor the creditors of said
Estate to exhibit their claims tor settlement.
Those who neglect to present their accounts,
properly attested, within said time, will be
debarred a recovery. All persons indebted
to said Katate are Teqneetea to make Imme
diate payment to William H. Ummnitn, Cor.
nelia Jennings, Executors.
will be put on sal on Saturday next.
TT 11 Park avenue, Bridgeport.

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