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The Newtown Bee
, r KID AT, MARCH 82. 1895.
. 010
Last week.
Affairs About Town.
Newtown buyer of $10 worth or over
prevented with a crayon of yourself or
friend free at Stern S Harm', 1S5 Main
street, Danbury. Sizs of crayon 16x20.
We are now showing the newest spring
garment', at trie Dottom pricen. The
Easter opening occurs on or about March
28, at Stern & Harris' leading millinery
and cloak house of Western Connecticut.
Have you bought vour new neckwear,
hat or cap this soring? E. F. Hawley Is
making a big drive In them. Scarfs and
four in bands at 2.1 cents ; regular 50 cent
goods. Ills window Is full of 'em.
Pure rich blood Is essential to good
health, because the blood is the vital
fluid which supplies all organs with life.
Hood's Sarliaparilla Is the great purifier.
Hood's pills are purely vegetable,
effective, do not pain or gripe.
Thomas Cook Wordin, of Bridgeport,
who has heard David Christie Murray
lecture In several places, U coming to
Newtown, next Thursday evening, to at
tend the lecture here. He has been asked
to Introduce Mr Murray to his Newtown
audience and has consented to do so. Mr
Wordin Is president of the Contemporary
club of Bridgeport, and several other
members of this club are expecting to at
tend the lecture here. liev (j. fuller
ton writes to a Newtown friend : "He is
one of the most charming speakers that
It has ever been my pleasure to hear."
Henry Morgan has placed a street
lamp In front of his residence, which will
be very acceptable on dark nights, guid
Ing travelers along the muddy thorough-
lares ot Newtown nrtn ward.
Misses Nettie M. and Annie Benedict
have visited In Bridgeport, .the guest of
ur c. A. Menedict.
A magic lantern entertainment was
given at the school house, Saturday ev
ening, bv I. C B. Hansom.
Mrs William Fl-cher and daughter,
Miss Mattle C. Fischer, have been sick
with the grip.
i:erved seats have been selling fast
for David Chi istle Murray's lecture in
the Town Hall, mxt Thursday evening
There were over $'20 worth sold the flri-t
afternoon at E. V. Hawley's. The hall
will undoubtedly be crowded. A num
ber of good seats may be had yet at San
dy Hook, as well as in the Street. All
who wl.'h to hear this fnrnouH lecturer to
good advantage should not delay too
long In procuring reserved seats.
Ilev II. W. Jones will preach in the
Baptist church, Sunday, a'. 3.30. UN
theme will be The ttrft appearance of
Christ after his re-urrectloii."
The celebrated Bradley' phosphates
for crops can be hud of Warner, Taylor
A Curtis', at their Sandy Hook store.
The special phosphate for potatoes is
popular among the farmers.
The apron and necktie social atCostel
lo's hall on Monday tn,lit was attended
by about 40 couple and an etj yable
time was the verdict ot all who were
Sandy Hook now has a bowlirg club,
recently formed. Their meeting night
la Thursday, when they repair to the new
alleys In Coscello's building to get in
Jeweler W. li. Si ifl-n of Sandy Hook
went to Stratford on Monday to attend
the funeral of George 11. Spall, who a
comrade In his regiment, the Connecti
cut 2d light battery.
Another sch Ol teacher comes before
the board of school visitors for examina
tion ,on Saturday, as a candidate for the
Gray's l'lain fcliool.
For seed p troe anil garden seeds
consult Wheeler & Co , corner of Gold
and Middle street-. lMrfgeport.
Lewis E Hill hold- an auction at his
place at Botsfnrrt on s itu'riay, March 30
A.C. McArthur has recently purcha ed
a very handsome pair of three-year old
Her ford steers. He bought them of N.
I . Beardsley of Hoxbury.
Jerome Judson and George Tavlor of
Sandy Hook visited Brldgport and New
York on a pleasure trip for two days,
this week.
Contrary to all reports, no rat traps
have been put out from the factory at
Sandv Hook at yet, but next week Mr
Beklen expect to have the first lot ready
ond put out upon the market.
Edward Tavlor of Handy Hook spent
Tuesday and Wednesday In New York,
and while there was lu attendance at a
large horse tale.
E F. Hawley' hustling clerks, Arthur
8. Hawley and Patrick Keane, sold 82
pounds of Dunham's shredded cocoanut
In two days.
Mllo F. Todd has been In Ssndy Hook,
this week, a guest at Landlord Taylor's.
William Win ton of Gray's Plain is laid
up with a broken leg.
Mr and Mrs Dennis Troy of Sandy
Hook welcomed new daughter to their'
borne on the 80th.
Mr and Mrs Jsmes Meehan of tlawler
yllln are entertaining a 'new vUltr in
their home, a daughter, born on the 19th.
Improvements are the order of the day
with . Landlord Leonard. The parlor,
ball and reception room at Dick's have
peen handsomely re papered.
The usual Wednesday Lenten service
at Trinity was omitted, this week, as
iiector Llnsley was suffering with a cold.
Michael Honan and J. B. Falrchlld are
driving new steppers, bought of Dan
bury parties. ; -
Charles H. Northrop entertained a par
ty of eight gentleman at his residence,
last Saturday evening. An enjoyable
time was the verdict of everyone.
Rider, Bryant & Co. have)nst started,
this week, a great reduction sale at their
handsome Jewelry store at Danbury. It
will pay to look over their quotations on
watches and other afic'e of iewelrT.
1111 1,1 '
Mrs Lwrence Taylor haa been quite
aick during the pat week. ,
L C Gilbert, Jr., has assisted Law
rence Taylor In his duties at the depot.
John Dillon lias assisted William Ryan
In cutting his wood athis door.
Mr and Mrs Julius Benham, Mr and
Mrs Charles Potter of Bridgeport, Mr
and Mrs George Colev of Stepney, Mr
and Mrs Charles; McE. Beardley and
family of Eist Village, Mrs Jennie Beach
and children and Mr and Mrs William
Coley of Bridgeport were guests of L. O.
Gilbert, last week.
Edward Ives holds the reins over
handsome dapple gray horse.
Doctor II. R. Fish, of Gravols Mills,
Mo., a practicing physician of many
years- experience, writes: Da Wltt'g
Wlfch Hsatel Salve bas no equal for In
dolent sores, fcalila and burns. It stop
pain instantly, neait a ourn quicaiy sua
leaves no scar. Edgar F. Hawley, New
town; S. C. Bull, ISandy Hook; A. B.
Blakeman, liott-ford.
While others of our neighbors may
view Newtown through different glasses
from the many sensational articles that
have appeared in the outside press, this
winter, the Bridgeport Farmer said In its
issue of Wednesday lastr
"The people of Newtown show great enter
prise in procuring such a talented speaker
there as David Christie Murray. Among the
speakers no Iiave airenuy lectured in the
Newtown course this season have been such
men as l)r Lyman Abbott and William 11am.
uton uinson. iarge auuiences nave Kreelea
alt (he lecturers there. Mr Murrav is a very
charming speaker as all the members ot the
Contemporary club ot this city, who have
heard nun, will testify.
Eugene Lake and John Sagendorf,
members of Brookfleld Grange, visited
Puhtatuck Grange on Tuesday night
D G. Beers & Co. have lust finished
sending out 10.000 circulars, covering
tne carriage trade throughout New Kag
iana and New lork.
Edson N. Hawley of Whlsconier.
Brookfleld, favored The Bee office with
a call on Wednesday.
Dvid Christie Murray in the Town
hall, next Thursday eveniDg. Every-
ooay win De tnerc.
A good many people In this section of
trie state were familiar with the famous
Hartford agricultural firm of II. D. Haw
ley & Co., and have a warm feeling for
Messrs Cad well & Jones, the young men
tor many years associated with Mr Haw
ley and now succeeding to the business
of which he was so long the head. The
extent and high character of the firm's
set d trade has long been a special fea
ture ana tne same courteous and square
d?aung win De continued by the new
managers. Their advertisement will be
read with interest.
Rev J. E Goodhue, one of the oldest
and best known Episcopal clergymen in
the state, died at Newark. N. Y.. March
17. He was for many years rector or St
Paul's church, Brookfleld. Rev Mr
Goodhue married a daughter of the late
Booth Hawley of Hawleyville.
The road from J. Kussell Smith's to
Peter Rel ley's in Lake George has been
dug out, but needs repairs before it can
oe traveled.
Miss Jennie E. Shepard spent Sunday
in South Britain, as the guest of Mrs
Charles Manville.
Lyon t Grumman, the bulling hard
ware merchants or Bridgeport, are going
to tlx the farmers out with farming tools
this year, If called on. Get their prices
on plows, harrows, mowing machines.
any kind of agricultural goods, bicycles
or nardware Derore purchasing.
The ladies' prayer meeting will beheld
next Tuesday at is with Mrs Jfimuy A.
Mealinc soap cures chapped hands.
J. A. Richard-on, of Jefferson City,
Mo., Chief Enrolling force 38th general
assembly of Missouri, writes: I wish to
testify to the merits of One Minute
Cough Cure. When other so called
cures failed. I obtained almost instant
relief and a speedy cure by the use of
One Minute Cough Cure. Edgar F.
Hawley, Newtown; S. C. Bull, Sandv
hok; a. B. llaRemsn, Botsford.
In the fall of 1893 a son of Mr T. A.
McKarland, a prominent merchant of
Live Oiik, Sutter Co., Cal., was taken
with a very heavy cold. The pains in
his chest were so severe that he had
spasms and was threatened with pneu
monia. His father gave him sever
large doses of Chamberlain's Cough
Kemedy which broke tip the cough and
cured him. Mr McFarland says when
ever his children has croup he invarl
nbly gives them Chamberlain's Coueh
Remedy and it always cures them. He
considers it the best cough remedy In
be market. For sale by E. F. Hawley.
N'ewtown, and 8. C. Bull. Sandy Hook.
B. H. Bowman, Pub. Enquirer, of
Bremen, Ind., writes: Last week our
little girl babv, the only one we have,
was taken sick with, croup. . After two
doctors fnil'-d to give relief and life wa
hangl g on a mere thread, we tried Ore
Minu e Cough Cure and its life w
aved E. F. Hawley, N-twn; S C
Bull, Sandy Hook; A. B. Blakeman,
Butsroro. -
No need to go without a good dinner
when thcpuii.g in Bridgeport, for a'
Brennan's restxurant, 20 and 28 Cannon
street, they give excellent service at
reasonable figure, and that is the rcaor
o many patronizn this restaurant.
E. F. Hawley and S. C. Bull desire u
to publish the following extract from a
letter of Charles jvi. Uutfeld, or Keed
ley, Fresno Co., Cal., as they handle thi
remedy referred to and want their cus
tomers to know what a splendid medi
cine It is: "Ic is with pleasure I tell
you that by one day's use of Chamber
lain's cough remedy l was relieved or a
very severe cold. My head was com
pletely stopped up and I could not sleep
at night. I can recommend this rem
edy ." A cold nearly always starts ii
the head and afterwards extends to f h
t hroe t and lungs. By using this remedy
freely as soon as the cold bas been con
tracted it will cure the cold at once and
prevent it from extending to the lungs."
Union business college, Main and Con
gress streets, has provided positions for
eight persons in the past four weeks;
few are here noted. Miss Mamie Taylor
as bookkeeper with the Imperial Phar
macy ; John Lurher as clerk with G. W.
Smith; Miss Llllie Cordon as cashier witb
Geary & Co.; and Leslie B. Davis av
t"ncgrapher for the Monumental Bronze
W. J. Martin's advice; Beware of any
school or business college that bas tr
employ a solicitor to secure students.
No nrst class, properly conducted scnooi
or college has to resort to a paid solici
tor to secure students, solicitors make
many promises to prospective student
that the proprietor cannot fulfill. Over
50 pupils from other schools In Bridge
port, that have been promised good posi
tions by these solicitors have asked as-si-tance
from W. J. Maatin during the
past year to secure them positions. Ite
meruber that Martin's business school
does not employ a solicitor. We do not
believe tnat students rhould bn dragged!
or begged to attend school. The spring
term will open at the school on Monday,
April 1.
Fairfield County News.
Gentle spring seems as far off as ever,
huge snow banks still remaining as me
mentoes of the blizzard.
H. 8. Osborne, J. B. Sanford and sev
eral others from West Redding went to
Ha'tford. last week, in order to appear
before the railroad committee and ask
for better facilities on the line of the Dan-
bury and Norwalk railroad. As it is
now, Redding is cut off from all commu
nication, except by two trains, which on
ly stop twice a day, and at most Incon
venient hours. We especially desire o
have the train restored which for more
than 30 years stopped at West Redding
at 10 30 . m , and with which the mail
stage connected. '
Arthur B. Hill has sold the Turkington
place, in Lonetown, to Christopher l-iove
ly. This piece of property, years ago,
was one of the most desirable in Heading,
but like many others In town, from fre
quent change of owners, bas deteriorated
in value. It anybody can restore it to
Its former fruitful condition, It will be
ChrW. for he Is a hustler.
Mrs Mary J. Miller has visited her
aunt, Lorinda Beers.
We are sorry to say that E H. White
head does not Improve, and his friends
have grave fears that be will Dever be
any better.
T. M. Ryan, who bas been in St Jos
(From Haverhill, N. fl., Courier)
"I have had for 27 years past, a badly
diseased ankle bone. Dr David Kenne
dy's Favorite Remedy and his Salt
Rheum Cream healed it when all other
medicines had failed, and medical au
thority bad said the limb could never be
used again.
A sore broke out on tne anaie Done,
and for 10 months the aged writer suf
fered day and night beyond the power of
words to express, a inenu nuvwcu mc
to try Dr David Kennedy's Favorite
Remedv. I had no faith that any medi
cine would help me, but suffering as
did I thouerht I would try ic, and pur
chased some: also a dox oi ur Lavia
Kennedy's Salt Rheum Cream." I used
these medicines but a Bbort time when
my limb began to heal. I will further
add. among the many medicines I have
tried for a diseased liver and kidney
none has ever proved so helpful to me
as Favorite Kemedy. By stimulating
and strengtbering the enfeebled organs
even the encroachments of advanced age
eeems to be checked by its invigorating
I have thoroughly tested its true
worth, and I know whereof I affirm, hop
mar all who read this will profit thereby
as the aged writer has, by using Dr Dav
id Kennedy's Favorite itemedy,oeen giv
en very comfortable health for a person
70 years of age. Favorite Remedy is an
invaluable Diedicine for children as well
as adults.
This testimonial is given from my own
experience of these invaluable medicines
Lairs Belinda Hodson. navernui, s. p..
No tribute to the efflcacy or a meoicme
could be greater than these words of
Mrs IIodsoD. who voluntarily tells the
story of her recovery. Thousands of
men and women whose daily life is mak
ing severe draughts on their vitality,
need Dr David Kennedy 8 Favorite Kern
edv. none are too old to be helped by it,
It permanently cures dypepsia, rheuma-
tism. kidnev. liver and urinary troubles,
for the ills peculiar to women it has no
eph's hospital, New York City, was home
over Sunday, returning Monday. His
health i about the same.
Miss Emily Hill is with her sister, Mrs
J. W. Osborne, in Birmingham. Mrs Os
borne was quite ill at the time of her hus
band 8 death, and is still connnea to the
Rufus A. Lyon is in Bridgeport lor a
few weeks' stay.
The attendance at the churches on Sun
day was very slim owing to so many be
ing sick.
James Brothwell has moved from G. F,
Banks' shop Into the shop owned by
Stephen Sanford. Mr Brothwell is
good workman.
W. C. Sanford is painting a new ped
dling wagon and will after April l run
two wagons, taking in more extensive
R. S. Hinman's house is bright as the
result of the application of a new coat of
colors. Its looks finely.
J. Scott and family expect to move to
Newark, N. J., about April 1.
Beach Downs has had a shock. There
are doubts of his recovery.
A party from Shiloh came over the
line to have a social game of whist one
evening, this week, and returned with a
load of defeat, as they did not win one
game out of five. We wish them better
luck next time. The main jike is that
rhey took your correspondent's hat.
We suppose to have it learn them the
Fred bherman is home for a few days.
1 he Sewing circle, met at C. E. Brad
ley's, last Wednesday. All enjoyed a
good time. This week at J. B. Downs'.
Sunday school at 12. preaching at
David Christie Murray will deliver a
lecture in the Town hall, Newtown, next
1 nursoay evening, March 28. tie la a
lecturer of rare ability.
In New Haven County.
W. E. Piatt and family are Quite sick
with grip.
Mrs G-Beers from Danbury spent a
few davs with her sister, Mrs George
Henry Dittus made a short trip to
DanKury, this week, with farm produce.
jii. a. i-iatc is DuiiaiDii a large addition
o one of his barna.
Isfael Luca expects to build auite 8
large corncrib and woodhouse combined ;
iiso a wide veranda across the front ol
tils house.
Mrs John Pierce has returned to ber
ld borne after spending a few weeks
with her son, G. E. Pierce, of Portland.
Mrs .Elizabeth Wakelee is visiting
friends In New Haven.
Gideon White and family attended the
ld fashioned costume dance held in
Woodbury, last week, and report a very
fine time.
We are sorry to hear that Mrs E. B.
Perkins is on the sick list again.
Gottlieb. Kunne has had a severe attack
of the grip. He is improving under Dr
cor.ley s care.
Miss Mary stiiison was sick, last week.
with the grip.
Miss Dora Squires is home for a few
Mrs Rebecca Squires, after spending a
few days at home, has returned to Gran
ville Welton's, Bridgewater.
A. M. Bradley and wife spent the Sab
bath with his father. Miss Lettie Stod
dard and Walter Morris were also guests
of L. M. Bradley.
T. A. Bishop had the misfortune to
Ioe a horse a short time ago, it being
found dead -in the stable at Brookfleld.
where Mr Bishop had left it to go to his
wo'k at Danbury.
Henry Dittus has commenced to assort
his crop of "94 tobacco, and others will
nave to loiiow suit There baa only
been three crops of '94 tobacco sold here
at 4 1 4c, 5c and 614 cents per pound re-
Adolph Scbielke has sold his '93 crop
to New York parties for 7 cents per pound
pew weign and no pay lor cases.
Mrs Ezra Pierce gave a very pleasant
whist patty the evening of the 15th.
There were about 30 present.
Mrs Caroline Pierce was home for a
few days the first of the wepk.
G. A. Hoyt, S. P. Averili and Isaac
Wentseh have been summoned to New
Raven on jury dury. Anson Ward is at
tending jury in Waterbury. "
The celebrated lecturer, Divld Christie
Murray, appears in thp Newtown Town
hall on Thursday evening of next week.
March 28. It Is worth going a great
distance to hear him.
0 " - .
The Ladies' Aid society met, this week
Thursday, at the house of Miss Ellen
Ward. There w&s a large attendance
and everyone seemed to erjoy themselves
as is always the case when they meet at
Miss Ward's.
H. C. Hayes bas a fine pair of four-
year-old steers In use ; weight 3800
pounds. Wbo cant-match them? They
certainly are a fine pair. . - :
Peter, the file cutter, seems to be busier
than ever with nig work, baying many
orders ahead.
8. J. Bennett is In Quaker's Farms with
his sister, Mrs Skidiuore, who is quite
SICK. -'
Rev Mr Barrows is expected to preach
In the Congregational church as uul,
Sunday. He is very much liked and is
doing a good work here.
Prof Beecher, besides tending to his
singing school", finds time to attend to a
large dairy which he has on bia farm.
He make the flnet butter In thi section,
all of which is stamped with bis staanp
and it sells readily in this place and out
, Friday, March 22, 1
Howland-Stark Lorn
Bridgeport, ,Conn.
It is not a bit too early
see the new spring- capes-no
not a bit too early.
We doubt verv much if
there are any prettier sil
waists in New York than what
we have here. We judg
from the exclamations oi
visitors, travelling- salesmen
and others who go about.
' beparate skirts were sure
of a run. There is nothing
in the market between 2.00
and 30.00 that we haven't the
best of. The materials are
crepons, plain and figured
silks.plain and figured mohairs
serges, cheviots, diagonal.
1 wenty dinerent grades ot
black crepons; say nothing
of colors. Fancy taffetas
and Gros de Londres of every
degree of richness.
' The variety of plain colors
in staple fabrics is quite con
siderable. We have in
French serges for example
20 colors and shades at .39
24 colors and shades at .50
30 colors and shades at .75
25 colors and shades at 1.00
and no fashionable color want
ng. uon t know now many
T-v t . 1 1
colors of henrietta and other
plain cloths a great many.
In sending for samples
tate about the price you wish
to pay and the color desired.
A hundred different styles
of Scotch gingham. x What
can be said of a hundred, all
different? 2, 20 and t,k cents.
Japanese Rugs. Remark
ably accurate copies of Turk-
sh, .Persian and Indian rugs
at one tenth of the price.
Japanese mattings greena
and pliant, not winter dried
and brittle as they are in stores
that carry their stock from
season to season.
Floor and table oil cloths
entirely new designs.
Very low prices.
The Howland-Stark Com
Main and
Agents tor
of town at a good price. Others would
well to follow Mr Beecher s example
and thereby secure a profit.
Merchant H. R, Stone is handling the
Mapes and other successful brand of fer
tilizers. Look for bis announcement,
next week.
Amos Treat bad the misfortune to fall
and break one of bis legs quite badly,
last week. '
Mrs John Osbbrn of New Haven visit
ed ber parents on Hull's Hill, last week.
A. T. White spent last- Sunday with
Charlps Tomlinson, Huntingtown, and
Mrs Abram Purdv in Srppnev.
Now is the time to beautify your
homes. You cat. buy framed pictures
for exceedingly low prices at Northrop's
closing out sale. If you,, have any pic
tures that need framing take them to 31
John street and you can get them framed
in any style to suit. Second hand school
hooks are bought, sold and exchanged.
You will find bargains in blank 'books,
stationery and school supp.ies. When
you visit Bridgeport do not forget "the
little store around the corner." -
Arago, Coos Co., Oregon, Nov. 10.
1893. I -wish to inform you of the great
good Chamberlain's Pain Balm has done
my wife. She has been troubled with
rheumatism of the arms and bands for
six months; and bas tried many remedies
prescribed for that complaint, but found
no relief until she used the Pain Balm ;
one bottle of wblch has completely
cured her. I take pleasure recommend
ing ic for that trouble. Yours truly,
C. A. Bullo d. 50 cent and $1.00 bot
tles for sale by E. F. Hawlev's, New
town, and 8. C. Bull, Sandy Hook.
NOTICE A.Ij Hawley has started his bpw
Sawmill. Sawincr done to order. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Five pr cent discount tor
cash on delivery. A. L. HAVVLEV, Hawley.
villH, Conn.
Friday, March HI, at 11 a. m , Car load ot
Working Oxen. These Oxen are ot my own
selection and special attention has been giv
en to their working qualities. ThOBe re
maining unsold Friday will be sold on Satur
day. W. S HINE, Derby.
Aaron Sanford. Auctioneer
1 William C.
.Johnson's your horses shod
new all around $1. . Ox shoeing, wagon re
pairing of all kinds. Money is scarc with
all and we will give you good" Wrong work at
low prices. Give us a chance to prnv it.
Court, March 20. 1895.
Estate of ORR1N C. TAYLOR late of
Newtown, in said district.deceased.
The Court of Probate tor the District ot
Newtown hath limited and allowed six
months from the date hereof for the Creditors
of said estate to present their claims for set
tlement. Those who neglect to present their
accounts, properly attested within said time,
will be debarred a reoovery. All persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment to Irving C. Taylor,
Administrator. -
FOR SALE OR REITSunset cottage delight
fully situated at th head of Newtewn
street, apply to J. A. BLAGKMAN, Newtown,
Conn. - -
Court, Mar .81, 1891
Estate of JOHN I. 8CHERMERHORN late oi
Newtown, in gaid district, deceased. '
Upon the application ot the Administratrix
pra ing that all the real estate belonging to
said Seherme'-horD may be sold as per appli
cation on file more fully appeals. It Is .
Ordered That said application be heard
and determined at the Probate Office
in said Newtown on the 25th day ol
Mar, A. D. 1895, at 3 J o'clockjin the-after-noon,
and that notice be given of the pen
dency ot said application, and the time and
place of bearing thereon, by publishing
the same one time in The Newtown ISkr a
newspaper having a circulation in said pro.
bate district belore the time assigned for
said hearing.
' M. J. BRADLEY, Judge.
AUCTION Parauant to an order from Pro.
bate Court I will sell at public anction,
Wednesday, "arch 27. 189S, at the residence
of the late John J. Schermerhorn the follow
ing personal property, unless previously dis
posed of at private sale, 1 lot of bay, 1 horse,
10 cows, 1 yearling, I Dick 4 feed cutter, 1 car
riage, 1 platform spring business -wagon, 1
two horse farm wagon, 1 heavy bob sleigh, 1
ox cart, 1 bnrse rake, 2 plows, 1 cultivator,
chains, crowbars, lot ol carpenter tools,
1 churn, harnesses. 1 corn shelter, 2 arrain
cradles, 1 lot, of pine lumber, 1 lot of chestnut
lumber, 1 wheel harrow, I water barrel, milk
cans, 1 saddleiand a lot of other things too nn.
nrnrous to mei'ti.m. 8ale to commence at 10
o'cirok a m It stormy Wednesday sale to
take place next fair days Terms . cash.
SARMI F SCHERMEKHORN.ftdministratrix,
dron oauxura, auctioneer - -' .
r k f a r
" 11 Ull II U
In speaking about Hats we wish to say that
the best factories in the country are uneqnaled, and we eliminate the extra cost by buying
jur new une Of Hats ror spring' comprises all the new I
blocks and are the correct Shapes of Youman. Dunlim. Miliar, swrmnr. n,rfr. I
... u,vwuno liUDuoo orown.
" " "juciem. lines, ana you are guaranteed the best hats in the market lor
1.25, $1.45, $1.90, $2.40, $2.90 AND $3.50. "
any nai tnai proves unsatisfactory we will
amine our $3 40 hats you will find them the
uiiuuicu aauiB ueui. to give our natrons the
has been in the past our highest aim, and the volume ot business we transact very flattering I
ly attests the success we have met, and confidence reposed in us by the army ot customers I
we si vo. n e huh continue witn the same
ways aueau. .
now on oar counters and are ready for sale.
Fancy and Negligee Shirts, laundered, at 50c. 75c. $1 and $1 25.
Our special sale of heavy Suits. Overcoat and Ulsters continue whiW th
A few Panta left at. R9. .nJ ftS Kfl.
Afew33, 34 and 35 breast measure
On n-A (OH 14-- TTT j. A. 1 H
uu. oaj mica- yy o uub ueiu &u
4d Mam btreet, corner John street,
Gents 14k Gold filled 20yr cases.Elgin, Waltham $17.50 was $22 50
lUk 15yr
10k 5yr
adies 14k 20yr
14k 20yr
adies' Sterling Silver,
Gents' solatair ring 11-4,1-8,l-16k
11-4, 116k
3-4; 1 16k
1-2; 1-8
1-4; 1-8
large assortment all these are
m i Ml
we oner ana it wm pay every one
259 MAIN ST-,
Sewing Machine Operators.
Also experienced buttonhole makers,
ample buttonhole required.
. F. HADLEY, Long Hill, Ct.
Come and see the Wagons and Buggies we
have on hand. Popular prices and quick
sales. Mow is the time to buy.
Q- BEERS & CO., Newtown, Conn-
. the
Main St., Newtown, Ct.
For particulars address E K. MORGAN,
Bridg eport, Ct. or C. H. PECK, Newtown, Ct
I want to call your attention to the tact that
I have secured a nrst c-1hs blacksmith lor my
new shop aud will sho horses tor SI and
alia pen then for 60 cents. Particular atten
tion paidwfci overreHching and interfeiing
horses Ox s.iot-ing $2 SO. AH wagon repair
ing both wood and iron work done at reason
sonable prices and work guaranteed. Try us
F. W PLATT, Newtown. Conn.,
Reduction in price ot flsh.lOlb pail best
herring 60c. 20 lbs 9"ic; choice mackerel 10c at
E. F. Kawley's.
FOR SALE Plymouth Rock eggs 'rom -selected
-tock, 60 cents a setting. M. C.
ROGERS, Newtown, Ct.
I?ORSiLE House furniture, one cow, two
' tons of hay Call belore the 28th. WIL
LIAM "SCHULTE, Bushy Hill, Newtown,
(iood farm ot 110
acrrs at Washington, Conn , one halt mite
trom railroad station BRADLEY NICHOLS
& SONS, room 1, 57!) Main street, Bridgeport,
Uonn. '
FOR SALE New and standard varieties of
potatoes grown from northern seed. Early
Harvest, Six weeks, 4merican wonder, Early
Northern etc. Ready tor delivery after April
1. I. C. PECK, Newtown, Conn.
I TOR SALE CHEaP 90 acres of meadow
' and pasture land of the best quality tor
grass and crops known as Jeremy, belonging
to the estate ot Amos Hard. WILLIAM
HARD, San'y Hook,
FOR SALE A bang up pair ot driving horses.
Fine lookers, Fast black color, sired by
Oxtord Chief, 2 2; 1-2. A bargain for some
one. JOHN H. DUNCAN. Gaylordaville. Ct
SCOTCH COLLIES One very intelligent pup
tor sal , six months old, spayed, dam "Tip"
TO -RENT OR FOR SALE A house and 17
acres of land wiih large apple orchard,
three miles trom Sandv Hook tor particulars
inquire of MRS S. W. STODDARD. Zoar, New
town. '
Court, March 7, 18H5. .
Estate ol SYLVANUS P. SH ELTON late
of Huntingtnn.in said district, deceased.
The Court not Probate for the District ol
Huntington hath limited and allowed six
months trom the date hereof for the creditors
of said Estate to exhibit their claims for
settlement. Tnose who neglect to present
their accounts, properly attested, within said
time, will be debarred a recovery. All per
sons indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment to. Marietta
Slielton, Executrix. "' "" '
FOR HALE A First Class Market, Hav
ing a Good Trade in a live Manufacturing
Village. If sold at once, the price will be
right. The owner bas other business. Ice
protiaea ior tue year. is. tx , muxujoii, w at-
ertown, uonn,
TXR SALE Pair of stags coming five, gi
f workers. EDSON COGSWELL, New P)
ton. Conn. - ' A '
TX)R SALE-My black mare known as
X "Nel1" She is kind and gent'e, a splendid
driver, has trotted in less than 3 minutes,
has done all kinds of farm work, weighs 1160
pounds and is a barsrain for some one. Also
a meat ca.rt that is almost new and in good re
pair I oiler tor $50. H. W. WEIGHT, Shelton,
Conn-. v
T. J. CORBETT, Insurance Agent'-
New York Lite and Hartford Life and Ad
unity. . .
Box 74. Sandy Hook, Conn.
0AVEKPOET & 0'HAEA, Attorney! and Coon-
lori at Lav Stats street. Bridgeport.
FOR SALE A cow that has been fresh for
two months, tour shoats, and several brood
sows, three that are due In about lour weeks.
JAv-KS A. REID, 66 Beaver street, Bethel,
CORN MEAL Yellow corn, heavy : white
oats, wh at. provender of our own grind
ing, middlings, bran nd cracked c rn tor
?iultry. Thi teed is all the best and sweet,
dnr stock will like it and you. will like the
price Custom grinding done. WILLIAM C.
IMPORTANT NOTICE I am prepared to do
all kinds ot repairing and painting ot wa
gons and carriages at my shop at Sandy Hook
having securea cnaries i,ann"ui to uo mo
painting. Nothing but . satistaclory work i
turned out, and patronage solicited. A. A.
BAS'ETT, Sandy Hook. Conn '
TfJOR SALE Two yonng tresh cows four and
n-e year old. NIELS RASM.USSON, Bots.
lord Ct., Huntingtown district.
x. r n n p a my
our faofltlns tor ohtninin th nn... . I
we are determined to keep np the standard I
exctaansre. If von will irfva a 11 m h n
equal of an v S3 hat in the r.itv. and r n
best values In
objects in view and wiU eay that we will be al-
9 Q Krt K A c
suits have been left from $12. S15.S1R
. ttt .1. .. '
in at, 3 4,0. A.6K io see tnem.
Bridgeport. Ct
13. 17.
9. 12.
14. 18.50
19. 25.
5. 6.
perfect stone $117.50 was
io up to 265
but a very few of the bargains
m - w I
to examine our stocfc belore buy
NOTICE I will be at the Brick budding-, on
SatUTdav. Sentemher IfL anrl AVArv Ratur
day thereafter till further notice, to receive
taxes, nonrs l to a p m. UOisKiiT A. CLARK.
Collector. Newtown. Conn.
LEY. Sandy Hook. fSonn.
TTAY FOR SALE Can be seen at barn at C
XX C. Warner place. J.H. WARNER. Sandv
"DOE SALE A lew young fresh cows and I
j lorwara springers; also a good aair ol
farm horses, good workers and drivers.
FIR SALE- 87 good sheep. Inquire of or ad-1
dress, MORTIMER HUBBELL, White Hills, I
J otice Repairs tor the Crown Ra ge, lot
.n sale at c. K. OSBOK - ES, Southbnry, Ct.
NOTICE All claims in favor of the late
George W. Botsford remaining unsettled
after Apiil 1, lh93, will be put in an Attorney's I
uanua ior collection, a. a isLaiit.aiA, ad-
Five vountr COWS dne to calf In Marti or I
-Fura aDd skins bought at the market I
pi lets.
J, a. htilLiSON, New Preston, Conn.
FARM FOR SALE Containing low acres, sit
nated in the west part oil he town of T rum
bull, 1 3-4 miles from Long Hill deDOton Berk
shire Divi-ion of New York. New Haven and
naruoru raiiroau, i mile irm postotuee, 8 1
uiues iiuui me cnyoi uriueepom, near school I
and church, suitablv divided into meadow I
and pasture, well watered, large two-story I
nouse, two Darns witn sned containing is I
stalls, one hall box. otbernecessarv buildim?-. I
The fai-m has been nsed tor -20 years for ooar. I-1
in gentlemen's driving Horses, summer and
winter. Would make acrrod milk farm. Ad
dress J. HOBART MALLETT, Long Hill. ( t.
at my stables every Wednesday to clip
horses. Charges $2.50 per horse. C. E. HA W-
LEY, Bandy Hook, Conn.
T70R SALE Good house and barns witb IS
X acres of pasture, meadow and wood land
Situated one mile from Easton Center and
nine miles from Bridgeport. Will be sold on
reasonable terms or exchange for citv tiro
perty. Write MRS N. B. PATTISON. Shelton.
Ct., or caU on GEORGE GUERNSEY, Easton,
Readers ot Tus Bee will find on sale at
Kossuth St., Bridgeport, Ct-
A number of horses, suitable for farm or I
road use which must be sold at once. I
i-No reasonable offer refused. Square I
dealing. Money refunded.
SEED POTATOES Grown from the celebra
ted Aroostook Countv's seed and warrant
ed true to name. Early Harvest, the earliest
grown.and New Queen n"t far behind. Write
tor, kses. EDWIN E. SMITH, Watertown.Ct
-Two mows 'ot bay la
X barn on Bo t lord Hill.
FOB 8L,E At Borksbire. one and a halt
miles trom Sandy Hook, the place lately
owned by James Leavy, comprising three
acres ot land with house and barn. Will be
sold at a bargain and on easy terms. For
further particulars inquire at NEWTOWN
TO RENT Farm, mill and cider mill, ith
stock and ools it desired, and one half of
the house. Situated one half mile from Hiw
levville Depot. Enquire on th premises,
MRS R 8 BLACKM AN, Hawleyville. Conn.
WAKELEE PLOWS Manufactured at Kox
burv. Conn. It Ton want a new plow
this year buy the old reliable Bronson, strong
ana uuraoie, warranieu iu worn mewiiy inu
or clay soil. All plows and parts kept at the
leading hardware stores. We make the best
kind ot road srrapers, light to handle and
durable. We also make the WAKELEE or
South bury plow and parts, same as was man-
ntiv tured at souuiDury. au pans caremny
fitted before leaving our shop. Old cast iron
taken in exchange for plows and parts
H & W BRONSON, Roxhnrv, Conn.
TH)R SALE Or exchange ior larger farm.
X house, barn and 16 acres of land near Step
ney Depot. W.J.CANDEE 8tepney Depot Ct.
mil rrnt A first class blacksmith shop
1 with all the modern machinery. Also a
good frame for shoeing oxen and a wood
Hlion that tnrnishes nlentv ot wagon work ior
a blacksmith Terms reasonable. Enquire
of OSCAR E BEE MAN. ew Preston, conn
TXR SALE Potatoes, seed potatoes, hay,
r Ann niriar Innntrx of JOHN H. CHAUT-
KMS, Broadview Farm, pne mile norjji of
"DOR SALE Four year-old grade
cow and calf two davs old, good ones.
H. IS. PLUMo, Stevenson, wonn
EGGS FOR SETTING A limited quantity ot
eggsrompen ot selected Barred Plymouth
itocRS rnce ow cents irr-.i v
BEERS. Mile Hill, Newtown.
1 UCTION SALE At Lewis E. Hill's farm,
jr. Saturday, March so rarnimg uiensns,
household goods, one three year-old colt, etc.,
will be oflered for sale. LEWIS E. HILL,
Botsford. Conn.
ijlOB SALE! A new milch cow, tour years
J? old, with' calf. E. V. 8WARTZ, Stepney,
HORSE TO LET 1160 pounds, strong and
willing worker, kind and honest. I will
let no person take this horse, except T am
uii.tlnrl that, tin will receive hind treatment.
For terms apply to WILLIAM C. JOHNSON,
the t m read roMPAiw
- . ,
I Cfnrnn r.r lil. iAZi
KMVVJl CO dl C 1'li.O iliUI VI"
dlialS: SOUie STOOd: SOmfi
I 7
not quite as good. Ev
ery community has
both. Some stores give
better value for the
money than others; oth
ers try to but can't. All
depends. Ladies' Mus
lin, all new; cambric,
lawn and nainsock un
derwear. - Nightgown,
Chemises, Drawers, in
cluding extra sizes, Cor
set covers, short and
long skirts,and umbrel
la skirts, extra width,
Infant si nntfittino-c
Christening , Dresses,
SJips, Long skirts, cam-
brie NainSOOk and flan-
nel Bands etc
1895 ILvIXXIILTrOIESr 1895
(Successors to R- BALLERSTEIN & CO )
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March 26, 27 and
28. We will place on exhibition the largest and most se
lect assortment of Trimmed Bonnets, L&rge Hats, Round
Hats and Toques of our own importation ever shown in
Bridgeport; also many choice and practical designs from
our own work rooms. We respectfully invite inspection.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fine Millinery,
360, 362 Main St.
(E H Dillon, formerly manager and business partner.)
Good Seeds.
HARROWS, and every kind of small tools.
Hartford Agricultural Warehouse
and Seed Store,
498-500 MAIN STREET.
Ce,sli Buyers !
For a good farm of from 30 to 10 acres witb
will do well to call or write.
H.eal Estate, IToats cx.-Ly.cSL
- 8 Sanford Building. Bridgeport. Conn.
On March 28, I shall receive a load of
blooded horses, answering kto the follow,
ing names and descripti n ;
No. 1. . Actual Bay gflding, foaled 18S9,
15 1-2 bands high, sir"d by Roval FearnauHht,
1501, first dam by Magna Charta, standard
bred, will weigh about 1UO, is toppy, veiy
handsome, good driver single or double, never
been worked for speed, paces and trots, good
So..' Sabin. Bay gelding, foaled in 1891,
sire Howard T. 7318 Dam Luna Coftman hv
Alarm 17309, standard, will weigh aliout 1050,
15 hands high, broken single and double.
No. 3. Buzz Jones .Bay mare, foaled 1S90,
sired by Clav Jones, dam Canovie by youmr
Ethan 2184, 16 hands high, broken single and
double, been worked but little, kino and gen
tle. SNo. 4. Mattle Boggs. Bay mare, 'foaled
1891,15 1-2 hands, will wei h 1050, sired by
Oeorge Franklin, dsm Canovie bv yonng
Ethan 2384, has been broaen, worked but
a Mflrt-v Endicott. Roan mare, abont 15
hands, weighs 1050, sired bv George Fronklin,
dam Kathleen by Msmbrino Archey 651", i
broken, woraea out. niut, goea very lust m a
'''no.' 6. 1 Agnes. Iron 'gray mare, foaled 18B0.
15 1-8 bands, weighs HOfi, sired by Frank P.
2.21, gieat race horse, dam Pt, of unknown
breeding but a very spe dy mare, Agnes will
trot fast if bandied, she Is broken single and
double, never worked for speed
No. 7. Lottie Hunter. Bay mare, foaled
1891, 15 1-2 hands, weighs about. HOO, sired by
Howard T 7318.dam Alcyone by Baxbawman,
has been broken single and double, never
worked lor speed. -
No. 8. Nellie W Brown mare, 16 hands,
weighs ll&n. rood driver, works kindly any
where, tears nothing goes perfectly, safe for
a lady, she is well orea.
No. P. Gait Chestnut gelding. 15 hands.
weighs 1000, sired bv Saturn 3605. could trot in
. . . . 1 I. ... 1 .1 4 I, .1 ..I n .. n
Z 2U, uaui oy wuueuu s-ia I i w,, uiiTg cujr-
otHava And will be fast it trained.
No. 10 Palish Chestnut mare, 19 hands
weiarbs 1200. has trotted in 8 SO, great road
marrtnenectlv tearless .
No. 11- Curley. Chestnut mare, foaled In
1889, 151 S hands, weighs 1100, sired by Saturn
2601, dam Patsy r-y urongnam, uuriey is stan
dard and registered full sister to Pat Foster
25002, a hors that will trt close to 2 15.
No. 12. Gipsey. Bav mare, sired by Brent
wood 798, sired ol Newsboy 2.12. this is a b ack
mare, very stont, good every where, the best
piece Ot horseflesh on the ranch.
This Is an opportunity not oflered before In
this secti-m and thtyare to be sold. JAMES
8. COLK, Bridgeport, Conn. Horses on sale
at Frank Branson's stable 102 Fairfield avenue.
Rumor has it that new
Spring Capes and Jack
ets should bear our
In the first place, they
never were so cheap.
Secondly, they never
were so well made.
Thirdly, they com
prise the very latest
and most desirable sty
les ever put upon the
reasons together and
youVe one powerful ar
gument for getting a
garment that'll com
fort you both in mind
and body.
Capes in Silk, Velvet
and Cloth, black and
colors, various lengths.
Bridgeport, Ct.
We sell Garden,
Flower. Field and
Grass Seeds that
are pure and will
grown in Maine.
from pure Seed
Successors to r. d. Hawut A Co.,
good bnildidgs; anyone having such property
nonsE s, -
Saturday, March 22d,
The Danbnry A Bethel Horse Railway Co.,
will offer for sale at auction at tta. stables
the balance of their horses. Bargains may
be had at private sale prior to the day set
for the anction. -
COL'NT V Tue uutieraigiied hereby applies
lur a license to suit spirituous and intoxica
ting' 1 quora, ale, lager Iwi-r and all fermented
culeruiuuk upon the prcuiisesor sold in quan
tities less tunui one gallon u be delivered at
one time, and rhiue wine only, pursuant to
the lawsot the slate now in lorce relating to
the sale ot intoxicating liquors, at Lue build
ing known as Costello's Hail, Dayton Street, In
tile town ot Newtown, in salu county.
Signed. JOHN H. COal'ELLO.
Dated at Newtown the liLh day ol March.
endorsed by the following five electors and
taxpayers ol said town, none of whom are li
censed dealers in intoxk: tiling liquors, and
are not endorsers ol any ether application.
William J. Kiruy, Charles Ha Icy, Simon
Cor-y A. W.Oryelinan, Jonn Schumacher.
TOWN, this IRQ .lay ol March, Isas
1, Town Clerk at said Town, hereby certify,
pursuant to the statute in such case provided
that luia application endorsed as aforesaid,
bas been submitted to me, and I further oefli
ly that each ot aid endorsers is an el ctor
and taxpaper in said town, and mat a copy ot
the foregoing ap-diunt on, . including toe
above written endorsement, has been filed
wit ll me, and that I have advertised the said
application and the endorsement in Tub Xkw
town Beb, a weekly newspaper in said toM
at least once a week for two successive weeks,
commencing on the 1Mb dav of March, Igfea.
m J. Houlihan, Town cierk.
ANTED All to know Uiat I am selling oat
my entire stock oi amuiouas, watches,
iewelrv. clocks, silverware, etu- at a dis
count ot from 10 to i") per cent, previous to re
moval to Main street. It will pay you to In
vestigate. JOHN H. UiD, 118 ralrneld
avenue, Bridgeport, Conn.

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