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TM. MMiTtmim l cri
r&IDAT, MUCH 22. t8BS.
JitUAKt !. 1882,
- mo
In Fairfield County.
Mr and Mm Henry B. Gilbert of Dan
bury, former retidenu of. ihU place, are
000 10 remove here again.
IUiV J. U. Jamea will aoeak at the tem
perance rally In National ball on April 7.
Arthur V. bheppard and family of
Burnalde are to remove to Wentport
again nxt month.
Mrt William Baker died at her home at
Konevllle, Monjay, after a abort Ulneaa
with blood poisoning.
Mr and Mra George K. Downei of New
Yoik are guettt of lira A. W. Bradley.
Frederick A. Mill and Frank M. ltay
moud are serving on the jury at the court
of Common Plea, criminal side, at
Undertaker Charles Fable had In
charire. 8aturdav. the funeral of Martin
Carngan, wboe remains were brought
here from New V ork. Interment was in
Willow Brook cemetery.
A number of the voudjc people from
this place attended tbe barn dance at J.
F. Dlngee'f, Friday evening.
Itev 8. II. Wat kins of Grace church,
Nor walk, will offlclate at Trinity, Friday
Kev George W. Birhydt-of ChrUt
church is, during the Sunday evenings in
Lent. nreachlDff a series of sermons on
tbe 'Sanctiflcation of common life." Hi
subject, lant Sunday evening, was
"Auiuoements" and tbat of next bunday
will ba 'Politics."
Mist Esther St John Chapman Is quite
ill at her home at Cross Highway.
Georee S. Adams Is tbe gueat of his
inn. Ir H. F. Adams, in Brooklyn.
Th Chantauaua circle met, Tuesday
evenlnor. with Dr F. D. It u land at tbe
Rev Edward II. Coley of Stamford has
been vlsltlnff bis father, icev James is.
A whUt oartv was Klven, Saturday
ivenlnir. bv Miss Eva T. Allen, at ber
home in Sauffatuck.
Rao Kenneth Mackenzie of Trinity of
delated at St Paul's church, Bridgeport
Vridav evening. '
Mrs Iliram JelU'ffe Is visiting relative
at Asburv Park. N. J.
Miss Lain Kemper spent Sunday with
friends In NprwaiK.
Mrs Charles Godfrey has been spend
Inir the week in Norwalk.
Robert Beellng has visited friends In
, Mrs V. H. Nash Is visiting friends in
Nw York.
Mrs J. Edward Crawford ha been the
gueat of !rlends in Darlen during the past
. ween. .
Miss Llxzle K. Adams, who has spent
the winter In New York and New Jersey
ti.a rptnrnpd home. '
After a two weeks' vacation, Miss Fan.
nln Morev re-ooened school, Monday.
E. Fitch has been appointed executor
on tbe estate of the late Sybil Lock wood
and administrator on the estate of the
. kt 8mnel Iekwond. Hiram Scofieid
and PhlllD Ge-hrdt are the appraisers
The buae occupied by Wilbur Sturges
ciueht fire from a d-f active cbimnev but
the fire was extinguished with little aam
A sura of money was found near D. L.
The photograph shows a sample half-dozen potatoes taken from the 1893 crop, raised by Mr. C. W. Stone, Andover, N.H., on Stockbridge Potato Manure exclusively.
The interesting part of the story is that they were raised on land that had been planted to potatoes on Stockbridge Special Potato Manure exclusively, for eight consecutive years, no other fertilizer or
manure having been used ; and the yield for the eight years averages 384 bushels per acre per year, thus proving true what we have always claimed,-that, while stable manure has not been excelled for
many crops, the Stockbridge is the best substitute for it in growing potatoes.
The Stockbridge Manures are the original and strongest Special Manures made, and one ton will go twice as far as many other kinds that sell for almost the same money.
Send to-day for our handsomely illustrated Catalogue of Fertilizers, which will be mailed free of charge to any farmer's address.
43 Chatham Street, Boston.
fcoley'B which can be had by applying to
to E. Fitch
Truoibull Grange la In a very prosper
ous condition. There was quite a full
meetlug, last Fiiday evening, there be
ing a class of four instructed in the third
and fourth degrees. Tbe lecturer's hour
was very acceptably takn up by a rarce
entitled "A Day in a Doctor's Oflice,"
with the following cast of characters:
lr l'hvslo. Ezra Smltli.
1'at Mi-Ginty. (always In trouble) James
Hill, the tramp, w . li. jjrinsmaae.
8olomon. the 8heny, (with everything to
sell), Willi m Cooper.
Old Mwelleu loot, tii4 patient, en oom.
Nllie Love, (an accomplished singer), Miss
AlUla Hawley.
it mav be repeated in tne luture lor
the bencrlr. of the public. At their next
meeting Prof. Phelps, from tbe totorr s
agricultural school, will lecture. A full
attendance Is requested, uome and Dring
a friend with you.
One night last week, while on duty at
Tail's millo, Frank Riling came very near
1 os ng dis arm, 11 not nis me. m
clothing became entangled in a machine
and be succeeded in extricating himself.
In the excitement 01 doing so be allowed
his arm to be caught in other machinery.
He called for help but before tbe macnine
could be stopped he had made three rev
olutions around a shaft and had been
drawn In so far that some of the liga
ments of hi arm were greatly injured
and bis arm lacerated. Fortunately no
bones were broken, yet the iDjury is about
as bad as broken bones as far as time
necessary for recovery Is concerned.
Had the machinery not been stopped at
that Instant the results no doubt would
have been most serious.
Mrs Charles Sterling and Mrs Fred
.Sterling, who have been very ill with in
fluenza, are elowiy recovering. Jxir
Sherman of Long Hill has been with ber
mother, Mrs Fred Sterling, during ber
On account of the storm, Wednesday
evening, the entertainment and pink tea
given by tbe Young Ladies' Mission Cir
cle was postponed to Thursday evening.
The parlors were decorated witn pins,
and tbe people were served from little
tables daintily laid and illuminated to
carry out the pink effect. Each peison
received a delicate (;moa cup ana saucer
as a souvenir of the evening. Tbe stage
represented a scene in a wood where on
a rustic seat sat a dreamer. As she re
cited her dream the vlcions of fair women
passed before her. Miss Mary Beacn
took the Dart of the dreamer, and the fol
lowing are some of the many characters
represented : Bopeep. Mis Grace Goul
den : Red Riding Hood, Miss Eva Riling;
Cinderella, MUs Olive Watrous; Fairy
Godmother. Mi's Jennie Patchen; God'
dess of Night, Miss Mary Tatt: Rebecca,
MUs Nellie Brlnsmade: Ladv Macbeth,
Miss Irene Wakeley : Portia, Miss Katie
Nichols: Cleopatra. Miss Alice Burton
Joan of Arc, Miss Anna Leodeveg; Po
cahontas, Miss Nellie Wilson; Maud
Muller, Miss Lizzie Walker ; Grace Dar
ling, Miss Lena Nichols; Lady Clare,
Mls Iva Brlnsmade: Evangeline, Miss
F.Hlr.h Nichols: Morning, Miss Jennie
Khnrwnnd : Rosamond. Miss Mary Wills
Bertha the 3olnner. Miss LUlie Wilson
E. II. Smith is flashing off Edward
Oxborne's double tenement bouse aDd
hopes to eet the south half in readiness
for occupancv abont April 1.
E. H. Smith has rented the front half
of his shop to E. S. Gray, who will carry
a full line of plumbing goods.
Mr and Mrs Theodore Turney have re
turned from a to 1 days' visit with their
daughter, Mrs A. T. Thayer of Newark
M. J.
Lvman Turney of New York has
mde a flvlng visit at his old home at
Theodore Turney's.
Miss Battle Turney li visiting her
aunt, Mrs R. C. Loveridge of New
Theodore Turney has added to the
convenience of his residence by enlarg
ing the front ball, building on to the
Naught but the most pleasant recollec
tions linger as a result of Mi38 Frances
Seeley's entertainment at the Methodist
church, Tuesday evening, under the aus
pices of the Ladies' Helping nana soci
ety. A crowded houe gave every indi
cation of appreciation of the interesting
program. Miss Seeley luiiy met tne ex
pectation of the audience and proved her
elf to be an elocutionist of much talent
and culture. J. S. Seeley's baujo solos
were the first to secure an encore. The
music by tbe Mandolin club of Bridge
port delighted everyone, alao the solos
and duets by Mr and Mrs Godfrey and
Mrs Lena Bulkley gave great satisfac
tion. There was probably no one pres
ent who would not hail with joy a repe
tition of the entertainment. The ladies
realized $52 as their portion of tbe pro
ceeds. Saugacuck Herald.
Miss Mae Seelev was detained from
school all last week by a severe cold.
Mrs E. Seeley has visited ber daugnter,
Mrs G. A. Sturges of Weston.
The many friends of Mrs A. M. God
frey and herdaughter,Mrs Arthur Clark,
will be glad to welcome them again at
heir old home on tbe bill, as tney are in
tending spending the coming spring and
summer there.
Frank Lane conducted the prayer meet
ing exercises of the Norfleld Y . P. S. O
E. on Sunday evening. The meeting
will be led by Miss Li'lie Adams, next
Sunday evening.
The social committee 01 tbe jNorneia
Y". P. S. C. E. deserves great thanks for
the creditable manner in which they con
ducted tbe entertainment, which was
held last week at the houe of Mrs tmraa
Sturges for the benefit of Eugene Carver.
It's success, socially and nnanciany, was
unrivalled the sum of 8id being realized
It was presented to Mr Carver tbe next
murniDg Dy tne secretary ui me suuieuy.
Miss Louisa Jar via nas returned irons
a trip to Virginia.
Mrs Oliver Perry nas been quite 111.
Miss Georgie Banks of Greenfield has
visited Mrs Frederick Banks.
The Aid eocietv of the Norfleld cburcb
met on Thursday evening, with Mr and
Mrs Vanderbilt (jrodrrey.
Mrs Harriet Godf rey la III with pneu
monia at the bozne 01 Per daugnter in
r&nnoni. - . -
Charles Godfrey of Cannons and
Eugene Beers of Danbury visited Weston
friends on Sunday.
Master John and Miss tmiiy rease
have nhioken tjox.
Miss Minnie Williams is tne Ruesv ui
Mra Sidnev Williams of Bridgeport.
Mrs Sarah Brown has entertained ner
sister. Mrs Miller, from Greenfield.
The 29th dav of this montb will oe tne
60th anniversary of the marriage of Mr
and Mrs Matthew Bulkley.
Miss Mollie Morehouse of Congress
street is taking musio lessons of Mrs E.
M. Carr.
A steam saw mill has been moved into
the woods near J. R. Jennings'.
Francis Perry of Merwln's Lane has
spent a few days with hi3 cousin, A. W.
Mrs F. B. B'dley has visited ber
uncle, William Nichols, on Pavement
Hill. "
R, B. Jennings of Greenfield was the
. ; v 5 'Si
guest of his daughter, Mis Pease, on
Sundav. .
Mrs H. E. Dowd is on the sick list.
Butter, choice creameay print 23i25c
lb, choice creamery tubs 18a21c, choice
dairy old 14nl6c, choice dairy new 18tl9c,
common lOVi?; factory cheese llal2o;
fresh eggs 1618c doz; chickens alive 11a
12c, dressed 14al6c; fowls alive lOillc,
dressed 13iloc; turkeys dressed 1518c;
geese dressed 13al5e; ducks dressed 14a
16c; calves alive 50c lb, dressed 9allc;
sheep dressed 7a0c; hcig3 dressed 5a6c ;
hides 3 1 2a4 1 2c lb ; calf skins each 60a
80c; hay baled per ton $14 1I6, loose ton
$17h19; straw loose ton $1516, baled
$12il4: potatoes per ba 7075c; onion
red and yellow 90e$l,- white $2u2 50;
winter ( quash per lb 2o; cabbage per
100$37; beets pprbu50c; parsnip bu
75e; carrots bu 30 50e turnips bu 20i
30c; spinach bbi 22 50; kale bbl 81 50
2; lettuce doz 30.50e; celery doz $la
1.50; radishes doz 25a30; peas dried
bu $1.101 20; marrow beans bu $2.50
2 60, medium $2.49; peas bo $2a2 10;
honey 12nl4c lb; beeswax 30c; choice
apples $3 50h4, common $2 50a3 ; dried
apjjles 5n6e, evflporafed 8al0c; buck
wheat floor per 100 $2 15; maple sugar
old 8al0c lb; maple syrup 75c gal.
At, the monthly meerinst ot the Shelton sav
ings bank two loans were voted.
Charlie Lee. or Ling Honor, has opened a
tea store in Cotter's block and will carry on
tha business in connection with hia laundry
I e has a younger brother, 14 or la yeais 01
age whom he is euueaung.
The contractor tor carrvincr the mails be
tween thin postofflce and the various routes
lias aecmea mat ne cannoi snora 10 aoine
carrying longer at the price he receives,
New bids are called lor.
The borough board met and organized, last
Tuesday evening. The oath was admlnis
terea to the wnraen ana nurgeses ana tney
elected E. J Kelr clerk, K J Brlnsmade
borongh engineer, E. L. Staples borough
con 11 hi.. Gideon Tomlinson chief or police
The usual committees were appointed by the
warden. ---.;- -. ..... -.
D. H. Bentlev lias opened a grocery store
on Elm street in the. store recently erected
by his lather.
The Whitlock Machine Co. have to work
over time they are so crowded with orders.
runnixsr part of their works until 10 o'clock
A iso tne Birmtntrnam Brass uorapanv are
at nignt.
Oranses from the erove ot A. B Buggies ot
Eedlands, a lormer resident, nave Deen. re
ceived here. -.
Dr G. A. Shelton gave a very interesting
ana instructive tectnre, last w eanesany even
ing, in the Methodist church, upon "Hawaii"
which was illustrated with a stereoDticon
The church was crowded although the night
was unpleasant.
One night, last week, there were 40 lodgers
in the lockup but it was so crowded tbat
some ot tbe tramps left tor other quarters.
Charles Galpin in walking across the canal
on the ice one dav. last week, went through
hut by catching on the ice got out and went
nome a wenui xi uut t wise uinu. :
The Shelton Praving Band gave a supper at,
their rooms, last Wednesday evening, to
help-aise money tor Hev Mr Zeiter ot East
Mrs W. P. Arbuckle, who has resided here
since her husband's death, left on wednea
day tor her former home In Pennsylvania.
J. B Shaw is traveling lor the Derby Plane
Co., of Shelton.
Mrs L V- B Hubbard, who has been quite
ill, is able to be out again,
The selectmen have made a contract with
the Berlin Bridge (Jo. to erect an iron bridge
on the Farm ill river in niace of the wooden
bridge which recently broke down and it is to
be done In two weeks. A temporary bridge
has been erected. - ..t
Frank M Brooks is another who has left
here and will live in Southtord and work In
the new box fchop there. .m-,
The wagon ol Cook & Co., broke down, bat
urday night, the iron axle having parted.
E L. Staples is able to be out again after a
severe wrest.e with tbe grip.
Sick headache, constipation and Indi
gestion are quickly cured by Ie . Witt's
Little Early Risers, the famous little
pills. Edgar F. Hawley, Newtown ; S.
C. Bull, Sandy Hook ; A. B. Blakeman,
Botsford. . '
RE lym
Litchfield County News.
Each week brings its changes, some
pleasant, some grievous and sad.
buice our last writing mucn sick-
ness has prevailed in this vicinity,
and last week, death occurred at two
houses, although really taking two of
one family. On Wednesday afternoon
at George C. Hopkins', at Lakeside, H.
C. Lemmon, formerly of Bridgeport,
whose sickness has been recently report
ed, breathed his last. His death was
most peaceful, apparently witnouc a
struggle. Pneumonia developed in him
during the last three days of bis life and
Hastened nis deatn. xne primary cause
of his decease, as reported, was poly
raeningitis. His age was 44 years. Tbe
funeral service was held at Mr Hopkins'
on Saturday afternoon, Rev Mr Fuller
ton of the Park street Congregational
church at Bridgeport," of which Mr
Lemmon was a member, and Rev Mr
Evans of this village, officiated. The
floral display was profuse and all the
Dieces mst appropriate. tev Jir rui-
lerton's remarks were most touching and
impressive, and be expressed himself as
feeling tbat he had met, in the death of
Mr Lemmon, a personal loss, ine inter
ment followed the service at the bouse in
the cemetery here; So ends a life which
till recently seemed so full of promise
and cheer. So we trust, begins a life
eternal "in the City of our God."
On Saturday morning, at the home
which has been his sioce cnildrjood,
with short intermissions, occurred tne
death of Charles C. Lemmon In Chris
tian stree.:. Mr Lemmon has oeen close
ly confined to bis home since the early
part of lat year from the effects of a
Daralvtic stroke. He has been attended
hv a rturse for nearly a year. At the
verv last, it is thouebt bronchitis devel
oped to that degree as to produce heart-
failure. His age was nearly m jran
Hia funeral wa attended at Mrs C SSa,
Lemmon's on Monday afternoon, of this
week, and his remains were afterwards
laid to rest in the village cemetery
Rev FTenrv TTnson officiated at the funer
al and burial. Mr Lemmon will long oe
rempmhered for his geniality and ex
treme c-entlemanlv deportment with all
who knew him and hevcas one of the
last,., (a a remarked at the funeral) of the
former residents on Christian street.
Every house we think on that street nas
hnpn visirpd bv the death angel, in the
last 30 years. Some of them again and
again, and the entire neighborhood near
ly, is changed in families, since Rev Mr
U pson came here in lobJ.
George C. Hopkins and son are making
preparations for much alterations and
additions to Mr Hopkins' residence and
the house also known as the E. R Bee-
man place, during the coming summer.
- Freddie Sherman, Miss Bertha Schultz,
and Mr and Mrs Henrv Katon are at
nrpsspnr, on the sick list.
. At re auction sale of the late David
,acus house on Monday, Msjor Walter
Buckingham was the purchaser of house
and barn.- Mr Buckingham afterwards
sold the house to George McCan and his
son. Horace McCan, expects to move In
to the same about April 1. William
Marvin, who has occupied the house for
several years, expects to move to. merryan
from whence ne came nere.
Ti. B. Halcomb. with William McHan
are at present busy with saw and plane
at the out buildings of Edward Gustave-
son at Ash Grove.
Mrs A. E. Corning Is visiting Mrs J
H. Marcy in Litchfield.
The theme ot Rev Mr Evan's sermon
at Village church, last Sunday morning.
was noon "Tru' sympathy.
. J. A. Glover was again prostrated, last
Sunday, bv neuralgia in his stomach and
his daughter, Mrs W. G. Grannlss of
Lltchfleld.swaB called by telephone on
27 Beaver
Monday morning to attend him and her
mother. He is at present more comfor,
It is rumored that F. P. Johnson of
Warren Intends soon to erect a tenement
house on his premises here near the
tenant house now occupied by Silas
Mr and Mrs Jerome E. Edwards of
Rnrlinc ton. Ct.. were the fruests of Mr
and Mrs G. B. Howland over last Sunday
till Wednesday of this week.
Mrs lillzaoetn Fellers or xaoic hock,
Neb., has been here among her pa-t
friends and acquaintances for two weeks.
Horana Rriat.oL a resident - also of
Nebraska but formerly of this place, I
canvassed mis vicinity lor two wetw
for the aid of tbe sufferers at present in
'NTohrnebii- W havn not as pf. learned
the financial result of his efforts.
Miss Mabel Holies came pome, last
ITnilan fom ft-tio Pnnnpntlnnl-. T.lf PTftrv Tn.
stitute at Suffleld, sick and has been con
fined to the bed since witn symptoms 01
appendicitis," but under Dr Marcy's
cbill aho ia now hplinvpri to. he convales
cent and hope is strong on tbe part of
ber many irienas mat sne win soon re
gain her usual -health again.
Alired uaoie was connnea so uis uuure
most of last week by increased ilness,
but lis seen this week again as far as the
.Samuel Benedict has bought ofiF. H.
Turkington his farm on Hard Hill and
will live witn His orotner, js.agar . xau
edict. .
nharles H. Randall has gone to JNew
Raven tn fir. nn a store for E. H. Clark
for a cream and dairy business.
. . . . . . . -1, . j
Miss saran tiuat nas oeen nmiuivu
with a felon and Dr Martha Pike of Mor
via hua nt-.rpnripfi her. -
Capt J. B. Strong is abont again after
several weeks connnemenc.
Carr Watson has rented nis larm to a
Mr Campbell, who has moved his family
into the Smith ; tenement. He comes
from Prospect, Conn., but has spent sev
eral winters In Florida, where he owns a
hotel suitable lor tne accommodation ui
winter sojourners. - As he has four child
ren tbe scnooi will uavn a nquuiuuu.
The Nonnewaug school, which has
heen tftiicht hv Arthur F. Minor, closed
ou Monday, March 18.
Miss Mary, daugnter 01 a rea l. juynn,
received the prize for the greatest profic
iency in penmanship.
MiSS .Nellie Li. rjierce euiereu uiuu u
new vocation in Waterbury on Monday.
Miss Mabel waiaron 01 tnomasiou is
engaged to teach the Center school,
which will open in a lew weens.
Mrs Rice Stamy and children leave for
their borne in Lancaster, Pa , on Friday.
Mrs David H. Judd and daughters, af
ter having a pleasant visit in New Haven,
have returned nome.
Miss Abbie Kilborn has returnea to
her home in Bantam.
Wallace P. Hayes has had a severe a-
Hand in Hand
go grease and indigestion that's why physicians con
demn modern lard. Hand in hand go health and Cot
tolene that's why Cottolene has received the endorse
ment of the leading lights of the medical profession.
When you feel that it would be a pleasure to eat any .
kind of pastry or fried food, without fear of indigestion,
Street, New Yorf
I. . ..." .... .
cacK 01 innuenza, due is rauiuiy mui- 1
Mrs Samuel P. Hayes, after returning
from church and while goijg into the
bouse, fell and injured her back, but it is
hoped tbe result will not be serious.
Menara Ransom F. and George R.
Smith were in New York, this last week,
buying spring goods.
. Josepn Memmotc was uuuic imm
Bridgeport over Sunday.
William !art.wrirht has lust purchased
a Am Hartford hicvcle. from C. M. Hall
who is agent lu tnis piace 101 we mmc.
Miaa Annie A mnnrlnon of Lime ROCk
spent Sunday with her grandparents here,
BUT ana Airs iiames iwuiauo.
A rfonnhter fame iio the home Of Mr
and Mrs Theodore Sturges, the 16th.
George snepara was id aew iur
few days this last week on business.
George jiecR was nome over ounaay.
Miss Lvdia Merwin commenced ber
school on the Sharon side, last Monday.
. Miia vv M.rae went to Torrintfford.
Ct , last week, to visit her sick sister.
Miss Delia N. Cochrane entenainea a
number of her friends, last Friday even
incr. The occasion was a card party, and
was much enjoyed by all.
One of the most erjoyaoie woisi panics
of the season was the closing one at Miss
noiio "r nnohrane'a. last Friday even
ing. Owing to the inauspicious weather
a number of tne guests lauea to appear.
viva tohlna however, riarticioated in tbe
business of tbe evening until seven games
bad been piayea. ine nrsi prizes, iwr
fully decorated whisk-brooms appropri
ately aio-nifvlnc "a clean sweep." were
awarded to Mrs F. B. Wood and George
W. Cochrane; second, pioducts or tne
facta and skill nf the hORtpRS. MiSS Edith
G. Dean and F. B. Wood, and booby, Mr
and Mra J. A. Cochrane, tne latter re
ceiving, as a timely hint, an egg-beater,
narofnttv enveinnpd. together With an
egg bearing the inscription "Something
you can beat." we snan long remem
her the kind hospitality of the "good
folk" - and the pleasant evening spent
with them. ASnest.
Tha iri-in has miiilptt.R annparance here
Mra S. F. Clark is suffering from it. Dr
Wfllidma vm PAllpd- -
Henrv C. Northrop and sister, Miss
M illv am visiting friends in Danbury.
A. M. Wordin and family and Miss
Hattie Bristol attended a party In Bethel,
last Friday night. "
Mr and Mrs Ira Pierce were guests of
J. ol. y oruiu over ouuj
TLXwa Pharlaa na urpl 1 has RO mnch lm.
in kadlth that atie ar.tottripd p.hurch.
last Sabbath, the first time in nearly two
School commenced here last week for
get cottoiene. bee tnat the trade
mark steer's head in cotton' ;
plant wreath is on every pail.
Made Only by 3 7;
Th0 N. K. Fair-bank Company, :
Kxdunge, H. I., tSA Stat St, 1
the snring term with the same teacher.
Ml 88 Mary warn.
Cough 1 Cough I 1 It's the
hacking- couch that often ends
in the most serious trouble.
stops the cough at once by
removing the cause and thus
prevents the trouble. Put two
teasooonfuls of this good old
witikIt in a small cup of
tnnlaittes. take XA teaspoonful
nfVeri. and TOUT COUgh will
rmicklv cease. Sold every
where. You now get double
! the quantity of Pain-Killer for
; the same old price
Perry Davis fc Son, Providence, R. X.
Our inducements to purchasers
- are nothing more nor
less than
Our annual mid-winter sale ot Clothing and
Gents Furnishings Is now In toll blast,and on
the low taxiH Principle, which will continue
to be the great issue with those who wish to
see a tumble in clothing daring the month of
February. Oar whole stock is marked down
to the lowest living prices, and
Are offered in Ulster Overcoats, Hats, Caps
and Suits. '
We have a fine line ot Gents' and 'Boys
Suits that are pnt on the Low Price Schedule.
S f
i. - i ...
vO G
s U

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