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The Newtown Bee
FBISAT, HOV. 8. 1H05.
JABDABt 1, 1889,
.. (110
Affairs About Town.
A KDOclal sale of cloak", capes. Jackets
and furs of the latest styles Is going on
at the store of Stern & llarrio, 185 Main
street, lanbury. Now is the time to buy
Next week Tueday and Wednesday
November 12 and 1.1, is th time for the
fl-.wer show at the Town hall. The ma
siual program for the tirst evening will
! very unique and entertaining. The
doors will be opened on Tuvsrlay even
Ing at 7 o'clock and the concert will com.
mence at 8. The kinder symphony
promises to be a great success. The mil
slo Is beautiful of lUelf and the diUVrent
instruments produce In harmony mr-
prislngly pleasing effect. After the
symphony is over, which will last half or
three-quarters of an hour, there will be
the siueing of familiar ballads by
double quartet, and also violin playing.
One feature of the musical program, this
year. Is that It will be rendered by home
talent entirely. There will De choice ex
hlblts of cut flowers from florUts of Dan-
bury, Bridgeport, New Haven and Green
with. These will bo for sale-after the
concert. The adraUsion, Tuesday even
ing, will be cents. Noreserved seats,
On Wednesday afternoon and evening
the show will be continued and the ad
mission will be free. A supper will be
served at 5 30 and after on Wednesday,
at 25 cents per plate, under the charge of
the ladies oi Trinity cnurcn. ice cream
will be served also. Many of the chrys
anthemum plants will be for sale both on
Tuesday and Weduesday. The proceeds
will be for the organ fund of Trinity
church. Plants should be brought to the
Town hall on Tuesday morning, and
should be marked with the name of the
sender and whether tor sale or not.
Michael Corbett, who has been evad
ing arrest for some weeks, sleeping In
barns and other places, was arrested on
Wednesday afternoon near Taunton lake,
lie was lying by the side of the road,
curled up like a woodchuck, with a jug
of cider not far away. The arrest was
made by Constable Charles B. Johnson,
assisted bv K. L. Johnson. Slippery Mr
Corbett did not have an oppoitunity to
run, this time. For before "Mike" was
aware of the situation he was placed in
the wagon by the two stalwart gentle
men and the cheery voice of Constable
Jonnson ringing In bis ear. "llavearlde, I
Mike?" brought him to his senses. He
was brought to the Street and later was
taken In hand by Sheriff Kodgers. lie
will be brought to trial to day (Friday)
at 2 p. m., before Justice Wakcman,
charged with complicity In the Taunton
arson case.
Newtown Is to be favored by another
fiopular course of entertainments, three
n number, under the auspices of the
Men's club. The first will be bv C. E.
Bolton, M. A., on November 2'J, on
"liussla and the Romanoff's." That this
will be a treat Is evident. George W.
Cable says of this lecture: "I heard your
lecture on Russia and the Romanoff's and
found great pleasure In the beauty of
your Illustrations and the easy treatment
of your subject." The New York Tri
bune says : "Chickering hall crowded.
Style fixes attention ; applause hearty;
views artistic; coloring charging." Rev
I)r Lyman Abbott, who delighted a New
town audience last year, will also appear
this season, as will the Wesleyan college
glee club.
The committee which was recently ap
pointed to mke selection of new books
for the Newtown library is to mpet one
week from next Monday evening, Novem
ber 18, far the purpose of filling out their
order. Will the patrons of the library
kindly send in lists of new book3 which
they would wish to tee on the library
shelves to any member of this committee,
which Is composed as follows: Rev Otis
W. Barker, chairman, Rnv George T.
Llnsley, Mrs Aaron Sanford, Mrs Charles
II. Northrop, George P. Sanford and Mrs
C. S. Piatt.
Two men hailing from Meriden have
been in town, this week, and have been
making their headquarters with Land
lord Taylor at the Hook. Most of their
time days has been spent up among the
rocks on the hill back of the Rubber
shop where they have been looking for
specimens and prospecting. Wbat kind
of mineral they expected to find could
not be ascertained.
Have you ever heard a Klnder-Sym-
fhony? What do you suppose it is like?
t you are at the concert, Tuesday even
ing next, you will know all about it and
be glad to know too.
Get your supper at the flower show,
next Wednesday evening, it will be like
a summer garden, bright lights and beau
tiful flowers ail around you, and plenty
to eat and nicely served.
Miss Nellie Northrop has been on the
sick list.
Mrs II
W. Wright is visiting In Shel-
Mr and Mrs R. M. Montgomery of New
York have been stopping at Dick's.
A. F. Clarke has been having some sub
stantial and handsome stone walls laid
ou his property bordering on the Hano
ver road.
The cases of John W. Fitzsimnions,
Frank Handrirn and Adolpb Sandrim
asainst K. L. Smith will be tried on Fri
day at 9 a. m., before L. Dwigbt Lane at
Monroe. Mr Smith has lately returned
from Texas, and it is understood will
fight the cases. The cases of Earl H.
Scrlven, Martin Troy and George Oa
born against the Fairfield Copper Co.
will be tried on Saturday before Justice
Lane. In all of these cases Messrs
Beecher & Canfleld appear for the prose
cution. In the cases against the Copper
company, Stoddard, Gooanart uraves
of New Haven appear for the defense.
E. R. Botsford has been busy for some
time doing carpenter work for Mailed
Sanford in Easton.
Mrs Oliver Northrop and little daugh
ter have been vlsltiplg friends la White
Hills. ;T
Bertha Mattagatt from Bridgeport
spent last Thursday with her parents,
Mr and Mrs George Mattagatt.
Don't miss the flower show at the
Town bail, next week Tuesday and Wed
nesday. Novemberiaandl3.
Miss Marcla Taylor is losing her poul
try In some mysterious way. She
thought to save them by putting them in
a different place, so put five Into a coop
t night and in the morning there were
but three left. It's an old adage that
thieves have no respect for persons and
In this case It seems justly true.
Warner. Taylor & Curtis of the Hook
are offering a bargain in men's solid ul
sters for 9, $10 and 912; also In heavy
winter calf and heavy grain boots. The
quality is high and the prices low.
Blood and nerves are very closely re-
lated. Keep the blood- rich, pure and
healthy with Hood's Barsaparllla and
you will have no trouble from nervous
Mrs Bridget Blake, nee LIllls, wife of
ratricK liiake, a well known and highly
respected resident of this town living iu
itanover district, died very suddenly
lhursday morning, October 31, 18SJ5, of
neart failure. Sho had retired to sleep
me previous ntgnc at cue usual hour,
arcer spending a very cheerful evening
in social joys and converse with the other
members or tier household, with no pre
monition of the 111 to follow. The next
morning at the time of rising, failing to
respond as was ner custon lor years, the
hubband sought her bedside and found
her unconaclou, though alive. The
son, Thomas, then tried to arouse her
without success. ' Messengers were im-
meJiately dispatched, both for medical
and for religious ministration, but her
stupor had turned to death before the
arrival of priest or ductor. Her passing
away was so quiet, that those gathered
around the death bed could not tell the
exact time of the upward flight of her
spirit. The news of her sudden death
spread with lightning rapidity, and its
announcement, was a shock to the citl
zns of the community and town in
which she was well known and liked.
and like a blow to her many friends and
relations who knew, loved and admired,
good, motherly "Aunt Bridget" as she
was known to old and young.
ine deceased was about uu years or
age, Dorn in Ireland and came to tnis
country while quite young,living always
In this town. More than 40 years ago
she was married to her husband, who sur
vives her, together with a son. Thomas,
and granddaughter and three daughters,
rurs jonn . Lerjtnan or Bridgeport, Jt.,
Mrs P. Keating of this town, and Miss
Nellie Blake, unmarried, who resides at
home. Of her own kiusfolk here, the
Lilli8 familes, once so numerous in town.
only one brother is alive, John Lillis of
Wapplng dl8trlct,althou2h the descend
ants of the other families are to be found
In every walk in life of this community.
Of her husband's family, he is the only
living representative of the family name
of the first generation, although chil
dren and grandchildren are many. At
her funeral three nephews, Thomas Lil
lis of Waterbury, eldest child of Law
rence Lillis, deceased, Thomas V. Lillis,
son of Griflla P. Lillis, also deceased,
Thomas Lillis, son of John Lillis, living,
together with three of her husband's
nephews, Martin F. Blake, son of Daniel
Blake, deceased, P. F. Blake, eon of
nomas Blake, deceased, and John
Blake, son of John Blake, also deceased.
acted as pall bearers. To a retrospective
mind this was a very singular coinci
dence, and reminder, and was much
commented on by the vast throng of
people who flocked to her funeral, which
occurred Saturday morning. The body
was Dome to bt nose's church, where a
mass of Interment was offered up, thence
to the Catholic cemetery In the Glen
where interment was held. And thus
ended a well spent life. Keqaiescat In
The Young Ladies' Mission Circle
will meet on Saturday afternoon of
next week, November 10, at two o'clock
at the parsonage.
The ladies of the church are to meet.
Tuesday afternoon of next week, No
vember 12, for the purposed prepar
ing the missionary barrels that are soon
to be sent away. Any old or new cloth
ing or a l aunt any sort will be accept
able and may be brought at this time.
At the prayer meeting, next
Tuesday evening, Rev Mr Barker will
give a report of the missionary rally
which he attended at the First Congre
gational Church in Danbury November
6. At this meeting Rev J. K. Browne
vividly described the manner of travel
ing in Turkey, Mrs C. P. W. Merritt
poke or the degraded condition of
women in China, and Rev C. C. Creegan,
D. D., District Secretary of the Amer
ican Board, warmly combatted the as
persion often cast upon missionaries
that they are living In luxury and are
having an easy time. The Danbury
meeting was an Inspiring one to those
who attended.
A handsome line of hoods, fancy to
boggan caps, and a variety in plaid dress
goods at 12 1-2 cents a yard can be found
with Warner, Taylor s Curtis at Sandy
Newton Curtis of Curtis Hill has been
on the sick list for a few days past, but
is improving.
Taylor & McGran of Sandy Hook are
winning an enviable reputation for sel
ling some very handsome and substantial
furniture at exceedingly reasonable
prices. One of their latest drives is a din
ing cbair that they can sell for 90 cents.
They have just sold four dozen of them
In two days sales. Call and examine
their furniture and the handsome roll-top
desks they are showing. Thev are sel
ling nice ingrain carpet for M cents a
yard and have a number of expensive
curtains that they are closing out at 35
cents each.
Mr and Mrs Charles Henry Peck are
anticipating with pleasure a visit from
their son, Arthur T. Nettleton of St
Paul, Minn. It is expected that he will
arrive on Saturday.
The great clothing firm of Meigs &
Co., of Bridgeport, who believe in liber
al advertising, and goods which back up
their claims, have taken liberal space in
this week's issue. They talk of a timely
subject, overcoats, and doubtless many
win pront tnereDy.
Call and see the new banquet lamps,
beauties, and while in the store ask about
Longman & Martinez pure prepared
paints and that white enamel paint for
fancy work, kept at Warner, Taylor &
Curtis' at the Hook, where also you can
get animal meal that makes hens lay and
first quality groceries of all kinds.
Word was received that Paul B. War
ner, eon of J. H. Warner of the Hook,
who lives in Chicago, was Hi, but it
proved to be but a slight attack of mala
rial fever,from which he rallied in a few
M. Culhane, the shoe merchant at the
Hook, has moved his family here from
Danbury and is occupying the other half
of the house in which Jeweler W. "B.
Sniffen resides.
The machinery is now nearly put in
running order at the Niantic mills for the
Sandy Hook Woolen Co., and it is ex
pected to start the wheels of manutac
ture within a few days time. James
Broadhead, who is at the helm of the
new enterprise, has spent some time out
of town, this week, arranging necessary
details ror the opening or business.
John Frank, the veteran charcoal bur
ner of Huntlogtown, has just finished
burning one pit. He recently received a
large order from Philadelphia parties for
alder charcoal and would now be glad to
have' somebody's alder swamp turned
over to him to clear np. .
Mrs R. N. Betts, Sr., from Woodbury,
was a guest at the home of her son, Dr
R. N. Betts at Sandy Hoek,,during a part
of last wesk.
jiIIsb Margaret Shea, daughter of Wil
liam Shea of Berkshire, has been very
seriously 111. '
Warner, Taylor & Curtis of the Hook
are selling the Royal Worcester corset
and have a full line. These corsets are
very popular. -
Miss Edith Whee.U-r passed the mid
term examination in Latin at the Kimball i
Union academy, Meriden, N. H., gaining
the high mark of 100. There were but
two in the class of 40 gaining this mark,
and Miss Edith is the youngest member
of this academy.
It'sja't as eaiy to try One Minute
Cough Cure as tiny thing else. : It's
easier to cure a severe cough or cold
with it. Let your next purchase for a
cough be One'Minute Cough Cure. Bet-
Joseph McGiffert, one of our prom
Inent hotel proprietors, has reason to
extol the merits of Dr David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy. Jn speaking or it ne
said: "I was alfrun down from kidney
and liver trouble, three physicians treat.
ed me but I grew worse. A friend said
tome. 'Why don't you take Dr David
Kennady's Favorite Remedy? it cured
me.' So I began its use. The result was
I gained daily, and in n little while I was
sound and well again. -1 suppose I have
reccommended it to a hundred or more
of my summer hoarders, and in every
instance it has done them good." FCats-
&ui in. i ., jieuuruer.
TkT V -n . T-
ter medicine ; better results ; better try
it. Edgar F. Hawley, ; Newtown ;
S. C. Bull, Sandy Hook; A. B. Blakc-
man, Botsford.
A wedding of great interest in Catholic
circles occurred on Wednesday, vctober
30, when Miss Catharine A. McCarty, be
came the wife of James E. McGuire.
The ceremony occurred at 10.30 o'clock
at St Rose's church, Father Smith officiat
ing. A nuptial high mass followed the
marriage ceremony. The bride wore a
gown of cream brocaded silk. The brides
maid was Miss Mary Keane of Bridge
port and the best man, William McGuire.
A reception followed at the home of the
bride's father, Michael McCarty, on Wal
nut Tree Hill. They were the recipients
of many handsome gifts. Among the
guests from out-of-town were Misses
Mary F., and Esther L. Hughes of Shel-
ton, Misses Katie and Mary Higgins of
Brookfield, Misses Maggie and Mary
Killbride of New Haven, Mr and Mrs
Earl Jennings, Mr and Mrs John Smith,
Simon Dolan, Sr., Simon Dolan, Jr., of
Bridgeport, and Thomas McGuire or
Brooklyn. The wedding journey of Mr
and Mrs McGuire included stops at
Philadelphia, New York and Yonkers.
A book-club of 35 members has been
started by the people of St John's parish,
Sandy Hook, by meansof which each
family represented will have the reading
or 70 good books, in paper covers, for 2o
Among our new advertisers, this week.
is the firm of The J. M. Ives Co., of 257
Main street, Danbury. Their name is a
guarantee that goods purchased of them
will be right In every particular, and
readers or the bee are invited to call
nd examine their fine line of goods.
The "Majestic" range is creating quite a
stir among housewives and The J. M.
Ives Co. are agents for this 'popular stove
in this vicinity.
At the Grange meeting on Tuesday
night, the third and fourth degrees were
conferred on Charles G. Peck and Mr and
Mrs George W. Northrop. Mr Burr and
Miss Wheeler of Monroe were among the
Twenty seven tubs choice Vermont
dairy butter, sweet as a rose, just in.
Special price bv the tub ; also choice
farmers butter 25c pound, at E. F. Haw
ley's. The ladies' prayer meeting'will be held
at Mapieton, next Tuesday, with Mrs
The meeting with Miss Abbie, this
week, proved to be one of Interest and
nmrort to her. She is glad to see her
friends and it is pleasant for them to feel
that she is cheerfully situated.
Mrs Henry French has spent a week
ith her daughter, Mrs Botsford Cur-
tiss of Ansonia, and also called on Sey
mour friends.
Hood's pills are the
best after dinne!'
prevent constipa-
pills, assist digestion,
It is a truth in medicine that the smal
lest dose that performs a cure is the
hest. De Witt's Little Early Risers are
the smallest pills, will perform a cure,
and are the best. Edgar F. Hawley,
Newtown; S. C.Bull, Sandy Hook; A.
B. Blakeman, Botsford.
Sunlight soap is the best, 5c cake, at E. F.
tiawiey s.
Despite the chilly driving rain that
had a tendency to keep one near one's
own hearthstone, a goodly gathering of
representative Bridgeporters assembled
at the North Main Street Methodist
church, Thursday evening, October 31.
The occasion was one of the popular
album socials and under the skillful su-
perintendency of Miss Daisy Hubbell it
passed off with such a degree of perfec
tion that none were sorry for venturing
out despite the inclemency of the weath
er. - Many of the figures were arranged
in garments representing the style of
dress in vogue in our ; great (great
grandfather's time, and if our ancesters,
especially our female ancestors, resem
bled in the least their ls'Jo prototypes.
then is it no wonder that the Americans
are a race of such goodlooklng men and
women as they are. Although the hair
was gray (varied with 11 ghts and shad
ows, streaked witn gray one might say)
the faces beneath were so bright and win
ning in their expression as to.suggest per
ennial youth as their lot. All parts were
well taken, owing, no doubt, to thorough
drilling and practice In posturing before
the event. Applause was frequent and
generous. On account of tne storm
many or tno3e who were to take part
were not present and owing to this fact
the entertainment was not as complete
as its promoters Intended it to be. How
ever, it is to be repeated, we understand,
sometime next week, when It will be
given intact and better, if possible, than
ever. A special feature of the evening
was a whistling solo, especially well ren
dered, by Mrs Theodore Bradshaw,
w,hicn was heartily applauded.
At the recent convention of the Ep-
worth League at New Rochelle, Rev Al-
vm r. Knell was elected first vice presi
dent. This convention ia reported as
most remarkable for enthusiasm and
spiritual power. Rev Mr Knell is the
energetic young pastor of the North
Maiu street metnodisc cnurcn. under
his administration the church is extend
ing in influence and importance and his
efforts, during the short time he has had
charge of the cnurcn (.less than a year,)
have been attended with a degree of suc
cess most gratifying. JJrs iuiory J.
Hayes and James M. Buckley of New
York City and Dr E. A. Schell of Chica
go were at their best. Dr Scbell Is the
National corresponding secretary of the
Ep worth League.-
A call at the store of Walter E. Matsh
at 132 Fairfield avenue, Bridgeport, re
vealed the fact that he has all kinds and
sizes of safes, the test makes in the
world. If one Is wanted for office or
home use correspond with him, he will
make the price well worth your while.
Saturday and Monday were very busy
days at the great closing out sale of
shoes, boots, slipppers, rubbers, trunks
and bags at C. H. Bennett & Son, 367
Main street, Bridgeport. Such Induce
ments as are here offered cannot help
but meet the approval of all who know
a good thing when they see it. Men's
shoes 99c up, ladies' shoes 75e np, boys'
and girls' shoes 69c up, children's shoes
18c up, men's first quality hip rubber
boots $3 50, men's first quality Boston
rubber boots S2 50, ladies' tailor made
gaiterettes 19c, are among the many bar
gains which are absolutely, beyond the
reach of competition,
William Kelyea, who has had charge
of the farm of Mrs A. M. Godfrey for the
past two years, leaves next spring;.
Mrs A. M. Godfrey continues to tm
prove in health. She is still in Brooklyn
with ber son.
Mrs G A. Starves and little daughter,
Marguerite, are spending a fewf days at
her old home on Sport Hill. .:
Miss Bdna Warriner has gone to Hunt
ir erfr, , L. I-, to attend school. Mrs
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castcrla.
t Friday. November 8, 1895.
The I low land-Star k Com
pany Bridgeport, Conn:
Those who do not know of
our wavs need to be told that
we give satisfaction, if you
expect so much ot us that ". we
can't satisfy you, we give you
vour money back. I here is
a ood deal of satisfaction in
livery lair day now our
cloak department is " fairly
lammed with buyers. It is
scarcely hospitable to seek to
increase the numbers, at the
same time we want, you to
know what we are doing.
1 he reason for such a big
business is this: We provide
the newest things and then
say: tome back lor your
money if you think you can do
better with it.
The sale of dress goods
now going on here has set
the women talking" all over
town. What wonder!
French all-wool Jacquafls worth 46 cents at
'29; lsiuas, Greens and Browns. -Fancy
Silk and Wool goods worth 37 1-2
centsjatii'J; eight oolor combinations.
Fancy all-wool Jacquaxls worth 60 cents at
87 1-2; Blues. Grees and browns.
Mohair effect worth 60 cents at 37 1-2 Black
and Green, Bed and Black; Brown and
Green, Rose and Brown, Red and Green,
Brown and Blue. -
Navy Blue Cheviot worth 60 cents at 37 1-2;
all-wool and SO Inches wide.
Check Suitings worth 60 cents at 371-2; 50
inches wide.
Frenob all wool Armures worth 85 cents at
60; high grade goods; Blues, Greens and
German novelty weaves worth 65 and 75 cents
at oo; lavorcte mixtures ana colorings.
Boucle Suitings worth 75 cents at 50; Browns
and Green, Brown and Black, Brown and
wavy. -French
all-wool serges, worth 75 cents at 60
48 inches wide; .Tans, Browns; Blues and
English Mohair and Wool goods worth 1 at
on; ixrays, crowns, xsiues, Greens.
Silk and Wool goods worth $1 at 75c; lav.
orite colorings.
Boucle Suitings and Mohair effects worth
$1 at 75o; Stripes, Checks, Figures, etc , in
Foodie Cloth worth (1 at 75 cents; 52 Inches
Cloth Plaids, worth 1.25 at 75 cents; 64 inches
The I lowland-Stark Com
Main and
Agents lor
Bridgeport, , Conn.
Pure Linseed Oil, Pure White Lead, Best
and Strongest Colors, Lowest Prices. Every
thing as Represented or money returned.
(Successors to SWAH & BTJSHXEUi.)
362 Water St.. - Bridgeport, Conn
Warriner returned, Saturday, from visit
ing friends In New York and Huntin gton
Horace wneeier is making quite ex
tensive improvements on the house he
recently purchased of Thomas A. Marsh.
Mrs rU. .uimer Downs has visited ner
mother, Mrs T. A. Marsh.
Miss Jessie Turney, while playing at
school, had the misfortune to fall from
some boards and broke her arm.
Ellis Wheeler is quite sick with a se
vere cold.
Mrs Alice Bright Burr has sent out
cards announcing that she will receive a
limited number or. piano pupils. . - .
In town recently : James iTerrill from
Woodmont, Truman Judson from Hart- i
ford, . Mr Goldsmith from Providence,
R. I., Mr and Mrs John A. Woodward
Irom WaterDury at U. O. JNettleton's;
Maurice Boyd fiom Florence, Italy,
Stiles Smith from Cleveland, O., Mr
Moseley from Boston at Dea Linsley's ;
Lawyer Sweeney and son from Nauga
tuck at William Cothren's ; P. B. Hulfe
and daughter, Miss Alice, from Brook
lyn at Mapieton.
Mrs William G. Moseley of Boston, a
former resident of this town, died at her
home In that city, last week, aged 95
years. - There was to have been a cele
bration ot the - 75th anniversary of ber
marriage, November 6, at her home in
Boston, xne interment was in Soutn
bury, last Saturday.
It is reported that the late Charles
Woodward was insured for 82500 in the
Equitable Life Insurance Co.
.New cross walks are being laid near
the store of L. E. Dawson. The stone
for them was quarried in the 'Ville by
Messrs Saxton & Frink.
The missionary meeting of the North
church, last week, was well attended
and was very interesting. ' . . .
Maurice Boyd Has arrived borne from
S trip to Florence, Italy. r
Tne meeting or tbe w. '. T. u. at tne
South church chapel, last Tuesday, was
well attended, delegates were present
from other towns.
There was an open meeting of the
Grange at Strong's hall, last Wednesday
Out of town recently : W. r . Cole-
paugb, wife and child in New Milford,
W. Nichols and wife in Bethel, Mrs-
W.J. Wells at her daughter's, - Mr
Peck's, in Brookfield. - ' . '
Fine weather, this week.
J. and 'N. B. Burton have returned
from a trip West.
lax collector J. w. jnicdois com
menced the duties ot that office, Novem
ber 1.
Meesrs Stone and Hicock from South-
bury have been putting in a te'ethone
througn tne street. .
Postmaster Colepaugn has added some
new lock boxes to bis postouice case.
Mr and Mrs U. a. cowies bad a
daughter added- to their family, -last
The O. IT. A. M. had a clam chowder
supper at their lodge room in Strong's
ball, last week.
The hose for the fire district has ar
rived and other improvements will soon
follow. .
The Ladies' Aid society held its
sociable, Octooer 31, with Hallowe'en
games for amusement. Although a
rainy evening there was a fair attend'
Tbe C. E. society held a social at the
parish house, Tuesday evening, Novenv
ber 5. There were about 30 young peo
ple present. Mrs W. H. Wakelee and C.
B. Pierce furnished music.
Rev J. D. Smiley has a brother visit
ing him.
Mrs Sally Curtis, : who bas been quite
feeble for nearly a year, is very sick
Mrs E. A. Potter and G. A. Hoyt are al
so under tbe doctor's care.
Miss Alice Wile of Danbury has been
the guest of Misses Abbie and Susie
Born, October 31, a daughter to Mr and
Mrs s. Li. fierce.
Those Interested in tbe Magazine club
Beecham's pills for consti
pation io and 25. Get the
book at your druggist's and
go by it.
Aanml mm Hum fcff&CH
Larger business
better clothes.
It's safe to say our $3 all wool
- It's a pleasure paving 2-50 for Children's Suits that used to be 14.
It s a pleasure paying 2 50 for blue Chinchilla Reefers that used to be $4-
It S One Of the Cherished ends Of OUT hninoa ni-n1nn4n Hn
Bright catchy ideas in style, goods and tsimmings. Prices ahead, of the times.
$d for choice suits Above that you pay for fineness and fancy, $4,$5,$6.$7.
Its like finding $5 to g;et our Standard Black Cheviot Snlta 10. Every size 34 to SO.
Longs and Stoats. -
It's like finding S3 to get our Clav Worsted Rnitm in
breast sacks. Weight extra heavv.
The great magnet to draw trade Is our
Retailed everywhere lor S10.
You'll not have done lull, fair duty to yourselt until you see our famous 10 all-wool
Black Kersey Overcoats. Every size in regular longt and stouts. Si to 60 all the same price
It's a pleasure a'ter months of preparation - to know Inr a. iwrtjin th.t
" v"" iu uroaucers oi onr uiotnmg, cutters, sewers, makers, turn
out good work-no question about it. Courage and Cash are magnificent helps, no question
349 Main Street, corner John street-
You may search the
World over but you'll not
find a better Flour than
We wouldn't go so far
as to say that it cannot be
equalled, but we have
never seen its superior.
Ceresota as we own it to
day is all old wheat, and
sure to give perfect satis
taction. We gaarantee every
pound of Ceresota Flour to
give satisfaction or money
Just to Call Your
To our line of Boyal Worcester Corsets, Lad
ies' and Children's Hoods and Fancy Tobog
gan Caps, Plaid Diess Goods, Men's 9.50, 10.00
and 12.00 Ulsters, Men's Winter Call and
Heavy Grain Boots. Banquet Lamps. Long
man & Martinez Faints and White Enamel
Paint for Fancy Work.
Is still on top. Bread made from this flour
took the first premium at the Newtown Fair.
A. fresh carload Just in and for sale only by
us. We have the timber for Fan cakes ana
now is the time to use it. The best 50o Men's
Wrapper in town. Also the best line ot
Gloves and Mittens for the prices. Our Gro
ceries are as all my customers know the
freshest and best that can be had. Best goods
lowest prices and HONEST DEALING makes
The Leading Grocer,
Newtown, Conn,
Absolutely Pure
.ATIl4-ai P
GIVEN FOR TraoeMarks
The Greatest Amusement for Yona
Folks. We tave Just brougW ; out, I
Rubber Stamps, a complete set of Sol
dlen. BoftUw. Soldiers ou Horseback
vpnts Flaies. etc., so that Batu
FlS"s Encimpment". n" 5un,
. . ..,..rtir tl.t-in c&ubedevlsed
ZZiZZ enJto the variety of e titer
fainment. Our Soldier Stamps
t j 1 i n.rfona .nil npw tnis seafl
Vr miS, Ink Pad, Paper Tablet, $1.00: o.
lwr iti, ia different Stamps, Ink rsa
Psner Tablet, Mcts.; No. 1 with 8 different Stamp!
InkTadrPapCT Tiblet, 28 cts. Any of the above pn
in ileal 'boi will be sent prepaid on receipt
are asked to meet
at B. C. Bradley's,
Monday evening,
November 11, at
The remains of Mrs William Moseley
of Boston were brought to Southbory on
Saturday and placed in tne lam 11 y vault
in White Oak. Kev Mr Freeman officiat
ing at the burial service. The floral
ottering were verv numerous and beauti
ful. Mrs Moseley was the daughter of
Stiles Smith of Woodbury and passed
ber 97th birthday the Wednesday before
her death. Tne-diamond wedding ci
this aged couple and five other wedding
anniversaries in the family were to have
been celebrated .November t. xne Tam
il y resided here before their removal to
Boston, and until a lew years past nave
snent , tbe summers at tbe old Moseley
homestead, on which they had made
many improvements, isne leaves a nus
band. who was 97 years of age in August,
a son and daughter and a large number
of descendants.
Married, at the parsonage ef the Con
gregational church in soutbbury on sat
urdav evening. .November 2, dv jkv
H. Barrows, James B. Kichardson and
Miss Laura E. Dawson, both of South-
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorta.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorta.
When she became Kiss, she clung to Castori.
When she had Children, she gave them Castorta.
ri 1 mm 11 ' 1 1
1 - iH mm a m
I - x. x
Making big profit is no road to big
business- There must be satisfaction
with the goods, satisfaction with the
prices, satisfaction with the war of
the clothes through months of service.
It's not enough to make sales to-day
There must be value that will be talk
ed about to friend and neighbor. We've
1 reached that point with oar Clothing.
Children's Suits are as good as anybody's
Cutaways, single and doable
extra h awn
B. Mixed Cheviot Suits at 7J0.
Bridgeport. Ct.
Evidence that Proves a
Consistent Method
to Save Money.
I buy shoes for myself and familf- of W-
f.yon, ana nave always bad perfect satis
faction. D. K. LOEWK, Hat Manufacturer.
Mr Lyon; Yours received, asking me to say
how your goods suit. In reply I am pleased
to say your shoes wear the best of any I have
ever worn, J. G.IHVING, Awning and Tent
We buy our shoes at "The Lyon Shoe Store,
and always find them to fit and wear well'
McGBAW & BALDWIN, Grocers.
My feet are no "Trilby's," but I can always
get fitted at Lyon's. Quality and price all
right f. c. OLMSTHAD, Architect and
J am able to deliver my mail promptly and
with comfort, becuse I am wearing a pair of
"Lyon's" 3 .shoes. W. B. BENJAMIN, Mail
Carrier. ,
Lyon's shoes suit me in every way. HAR
RY NICHOLS. Bridgeport Market.
I have found Lyon's a good place to buy
shoes. JOHNH.BENBDICT.Back Builder.
I can highly recommend "The Lyon Shoe
8tore" for honorable and courteous treat
ment. His goods are of the best stock and
well made. WILLIAM SHERMAN, Hatter.
I have bought shoes at Lyon's for the past
threa years and am satisfied with the price,
fit and durability. HARRY W. HAWKEY.
Bookkeeper. ,
I,alw,ayS.etmy money's worth at Lyon's
I have found Lyon's shoes durable and "up
to date." ANDREW N.GRIFFING, Lime Man
ufacturer. I goto "The Lyon 8hoe Store" for stylish,
welJ fitting and good wearing shoes. R. C
BEAL.Pahquioque Bank.
I tbink I SaVA mnTlAV Tw hnvln. atj&a a.
Lyon's. ALBERT HcKAY. Farmer.
We could fill a book with testimonials like
the above but a trial of our goods will be
more convincing. Our stock of high and me
dium grade Boots and 8hoes is one ot the
largest and most complete in the city. We
can fit any foot large or small wide or narrow
and our prices will fit any purse.
49 White St., Danbury.
Purchased before the advance in prices
a nice assortment of
which will be sold at small profits. Yon can
buy Black Clay Diagonal Suits for less mon
ey than von can at the larsest Clothinir hous
es in the city at the - , .
We sell you Fine Wall Paper, White
Lead, Tinted Lead, Mixed Paints, Oils,
Glass, Brushes, etc , at Hard Time ,
Prices. Grangers allowed 20 per cent -discount
on all paper bought ot us.
500 Vain Street Bridtrenort, Conn.
Buildinsr on West Street in rear ot the store
of B. H. BEEB3 & CO. Boots and Shoes
skillfully repaired. All work guaranteed.
DISTRICT OF NEWTOWN, as Probate court,
Nov. 5, 1895.
instate 01 rai tuuiv uuiMLA.it, iaie 01
Newtown, in said District, deceased.
Upon the application ot Mary McMahon
praying that letters of administration may be
frranted on said estate as per application on
nie m-re roiiy appears it is
ORDERED That said application be
beard and determined at tbe Probate Office,
in Newtown, in said district, on the 13th
day ot Nov, A. D. 1895, at 3 o'clock in
tne aiternoon, ana mat nonce oe given 01
the pendency ot said application and the
time and p'aoe of hearing thereon, by pub-
lishing the same one time In some newspa
per having a circulation in said district.
and by posting a copy thereof on the public
sign post in wi
e town of Newtown, in said
M. J. BRADLEY, Judge
Court, November 1, 1895.
Rotate ot MIRANDA D. JENNINGS, late Of
Reddinir. in said district, deceased.
Upon the application of John J. Jennings
ot Bristol, praying that an administrator may
be appointed on said estate as per applica
tion on fl'e more fully appears it is
Ordered TUat saia application ue neara
and determined at the Probate Office in satd
Redding on tbe letn any ot jmov., ltrao, at x
o'clock p. m and that nonce of the penaen
nv of HftUl annlicatlon and the time and place
ot bearing thereon be given by publishing
the same one time in some newspaper having
a circulation in saia aistnot, ana oy posting
a copy thereof on the publio sign post- in the
town of Redding in said district.
R BALK Thoroughbred Bronze Tnrkeys,
from the Best Strains.' They are very fine
ones, one torn weigning nearly lorty ids,
w. H. 8HEPABD, zoar. Newtown.
A handsome Argand
J? parlor stove,
in perfect order. Reasons
for selling
no use tor it. JOHN T. PORTER,
Stepney Depot, Oon-
driving and
r work horse. 3 Tear Ol
)ld, safe tor Iadli
weight 11B0 lbs; would exobani
for good
sorry. EDGAB T. ANDREWS. Bethel, Conn.
SALE Thoroughbred Pekin Duck
X' I
Drake s. H. W. Wright, Newtown.Conn.
tit anted Ox cart, nearly new. Address.
W stating! pries, MARLY, Box 66, Newtown
Bead what B. F. Hawley ha to say about
nndnrwear, gloves, nianKets ana caps ana au
winter goous, mnu go mm. win w ub h v
What the People Say
Thanks to the faultless productions In
this season's fabrics and the ease with
which they can be had. Tbe skillful
gettlug together of such famous weaves,
colorings and eflects as characterize the
Dress Goods . department, and the re
markable freedom from excessive prices,
has served to heighten the demand and
satisfy the longings for the beautiful.
Like all good opportunities which
suddenly "take wings and fly away"
those Colored Dress Novelties will soon
be of the . past. They are going; at a
rate that is sure and speedy.
It has been another busy 'season with
gloves, and lucky is the man, woman or
miss who bave bought theirs here. The
best makes of the world, in connection
with RIGHT prices, has made our glove
business famous in this locality; per-
hapg further away from home, we cant
tell many strangers buy of us every
(Successors to B. BALLEBSTEIN A CO.)
We are ottering some extraordinary values this week. SO dozen cloth Tim
O'Shanters, 25o. 50 dozen cloth Tarn O'Shantera 33c 50 dozen Tarn O'Shanters tso.
150 dozen cloth Tarn O'Shanters from 62 l-2c to 1.48 every one worth nearly double
the money. 200 Trimmed Hate at fSc. 200 Trimmed Hate at IAS. 360 Trimmed
Hate at 1 98. 150 Trimmed Hats ranging in price from $2.50 to $20. Bargains In
Ribbons, Ostrich Tips, Ostrich Boas, Felts Hats. Felt Sailors, Felt Walking Hats,
eto. We sell only high grade millinery goods, prices we guarantee to be always
the lowest.
360 and 362 Main Street,
' CX
On Saturdays October 26, and on each succeeding Sat
urday until further notice,we shall gira to some one of the
customers who has made a purchase at our store during
the week, ONE TON of COAL, free of any charge.
j . (Succssors to BALDWIN STAKDISH.)
402 Main St.,"
B. A. GLIDDEN, Manager.
eoJL instate, 3Et.o.ixt
8 Sanford Building, Bridgeport, Cobb.
Realty sold or exchanged in all parts of the NewIEngland States.
Tonnir and toiurh white buts 2 to S3 Inches
long and 6 to 9 inches diameter are worth 3c.
lor eacn incn oi aiameier. ducks iw lquuob
and over 8c tor each inch ot diameter.
Best and clear but logsone foot diameter and
over and 7 to 9 1-2 feet long, are worth $11 per
cord. AH billets are measured under bark at
small end and all logs in center over bark.
Delivered, subject to inspection, at dock or
depot New Haven.
Come and see the Wagons and Buggies we
bave on hand. Popular prices and quick
sales. Mow is the time to buy.
D- G- BEERS & CO., Newtown. Conn-
flat nenter and Builder. Having been nine
years with the Savage A Smith Building Co-,
fn Rrirlirerjart. I am DreDared to do any work
in my line. : Cabinet work repairing, etc..
attended to. EUUJHtE Jt. BOisrunu, sew
TjK)H SALE CHEAP One six horsepower en
I; glne and boiler, mounted on skids, easy to
move from nlace to Dlaoe. fit tor sawing wood
enttlng or grinding ieea or. running any smau
nlant. Would exchan.ro tor wood or timber
lot near some railroad, or other stock or pro
duce if salable. J. D. DIXON, North Bridge
port. -
TJOB SALE New top buggy, good horse;
harness, blanket, whip, halter, eto. Al1
for $90. Or will sell separately. FRED L-
SEARS. Monroe tenter, conn.
TR SALE One large parlor stove tor
X burning coal. Will sell cheap lor casn
M. . OTIS, Hewtown, lT-
FR SALE 1M good eider barrels, is barrels
oi vinegar at 6o per gallon in quantity .and
new elder at 40 per gallon. - L. 11AW J.S.X,
uawieyniM, uonn. -
TX)R SALE About 13 acres ot wood land ait-
r nated in Gregory's Orchard district. Mew-
town. RALPH BENEDICT, P. O, Stepney,
Holatein. s-year old. Broken to work
single In harness.- Kind and quiet. FEED
S CURTIS, Brookneid Center. Conn.
TX)R BA LE A new milch sow with calf by
X ner iuv, -j vnn aana, nuauujnuvo.
X I . .... U . Ann a .-A
TVK SALE A new bmrry. never baa been
X run. One ot the late stylos. Roomy and
convenient lor ni-i"-mi or iwrm-F.
em--p. Addreaa j-.v F. lit. Ava.9,
tm, Conn.
We giye the lightest, brightest part
of the store over to our Furs, Jackets
and Capes. You can see what they are
like, how good they are made and how
handsomely they fit: all those things
you want to know about.
If you look into the matter of Dress
Trimmings, and study them up a bit,
you'll grasp the situation and buy no
where else but here.
Our new system of weekly payments
at cash prices is doing a Carpet business
for us which seems to have been hold
ing back for some such chance as this.
By 'good rights we ought to have
thought of it before, It's such a help for
those who don't care to pay the whole
amount at once. It applies to all grades
axminster, wilton, brussels, tapestry
and ingrain come in and let as explain
it farther to yoa.
The Upholstery department is carry
ing tbe largest stock of Shades, Oil-
cloths and Linoleum that was ever
known, for this store; biggest stock
and littlest prices.
Bridgeport, Conn.
Bridgeport, Conn.
only tew times. Will sacrifice for quick
cash. CHARLES WTNTON, Easton. Conn.
R SALE At a banrain. My mm vroner-
tv. situated at Morris DerjoL on a rood liv
ing stream, good power, excellent place tor
factory. For further particulars caul or ad
dress, CHARl.ES H. I)W Y, West Morria.Conn
Swiss watch maker, located at D. Davis',
near Botstord Depot. All kinds ot watches
and clocks repaired in the best manner,
charges moderate, HENRI BOUBQUKXEZ,
Botsford. Ct.
REMOVED To 151 Fairfield Ave, eorner at
Bridgeport, Conn. First-class table board by
the day or week. Dinner SSo.
FIR SALE One piece ot land containing 19
acres more or less situated in Gray'sPlain
district. Will be sold cheap for cash. Ia
quire oi L. v. HUKKis, Bewtown.
bastard of the Krain. Prion as ner thou.
and and guarantee measure. C. S. & F. B.
WKTMOttK, Judd's Bridge, Conn.
NOTICE No. 41 Wall St, Bridgeport, Ct, ia
the address of JOHN H. RKID. the lewel.
or. New Store, New Goods and Low Prioea.
I nspection Invited. Watch Repairing a Spea
FR SALE Or to exchange lor a new milcn
cow, a large farrow now, now giving t to A
quarts of milk daily. Is fair beet now, and,
being an excellent feeder, can be made very
fat in a short time. C G. PERRY. Nichols
Road, Stratford.
WANTED A girl for general housework.
DR PONS, Boxbnry, Conn.
R 8A LE A horse vears old. weisht 1300.
a good worker and an extra good road
horse. Am overstocked and will sell him
cheap. A. C. LAKE. Bethlehem. Conn.
P)R SALE Mare years old. weight 1000.
good looker, tree driver, line ladles horse.
H. W. FAMCHEB, Hawleyrllle. Conn.
F)R SALE One fine driving mare, yeai
old, sound and all right; also a few tarro
cow. F. 8. FRiSBlE, Brookfield Center, Cu
rrUEN PIGS For sale cheap.
1 NORTHROP, Hattertown.
envelopes. FRANKLIN 8. COOK, Bridgeport.
FIR SALE Young eows do to calve: alo
Bronze tnrkeys for "breeding. M. hi.
THO-lPB, Stepney, Conn.
' u 8 4LE Chickens in good o-"'lr-i
l' v-rrwt. wmas C. O. D. koW AjD G.
aeu kewtown. Conn-
ktvts-bmdxvd pocr-l etoo" 9r Or-w-i
rai..s la at k- k. s-mmy . lww-

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