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FRIDAY. SOT. 8,1895.
JANUARY 1,1883,
Town Topics.
showing that even in Nature's most fav
ored regions the trial of the twin ser
pents of Disease and Death is not absent.
When it comes to mineral water there is
a wide range for choice all the way from
Glen wood Springs east. I like the soda
water of Manitou myself, a summer vil
lage of boarding houses and hotels at
the very base of Pike's Peak, clinging to
the hillsides like a village in Japan,
Switzerland or
But you may easily find sulphur, iron
and what not if you like, both hot and
cold and at different elevations all the
way" up to Wagon Wheel Gap in Eio
Grand county at 8449 feet. Denver, a
city 150,000 strong, has been exploiting
these and many another of Colorado's
attractions this week in its first festival
of mountain and plain, given under the
direction of the slaves of the silver ser
pent, a three days carnival opening with
the days of the cliff dwellers, depicting
the Indian, trapper, pioneer, miner and
all the later development on varied lines,
followed by a military and cycling day
and closing the last day's sports with an
evening allegorical parade by these
Slaves of the Silver Serpent. ' Colorado
Springs might easily furnish a col
umn's description in itself. Founded by
Gen Palmer as a temperance town in
1871, before he had built the first 75
miles of the Denver and Bio Grande to
connect it with Denver, it is proud to
be without saloons still. It's people now
number some 17,000 and would numoer
over 20,000 if the city limits included
Colorado City and Manitou, as they will
some day, since the three are side by
side and closely banded by steam and
electricity. This will always be a fav
orite resort for invalids, especially con
sumptives, many of whom have recover
ed health here and are now prominent in
the city's activities. The streets are
wide and regularly laid out, with alleys
between every two streets, a desirable
feature which obviates the necessity of
driveways through each lot. It i
in its substantial blocks, comfort
able and even elegant homes,
with cottonwood trees furnish
ing abundant shade, and remark
ably fine school buildings, the Colorado
college located here furnishing a fitting
compliment to its educational system
Such drives and attractions are rarely
excelled, most noted being that to the
Garden of Gods, with soft red sandstone,
variegated with white gypsum, rising
straight and high into the air in all sorts
of fantastic shapes, including Balanced
Rock. Monument Park presents these
fantasies of Nature, with a larger top
piece of dark rock capping a smaller,
lighter column. At South Cheyenne can
yon, a mountain clift with perpendicular
walls over 1000 feet high, a boiling tor
rent dashes down. Seven Falls and
William's Canyon, with its Cave of the
Winds, lis nearly as interesting. Whether
it is mountain scenery, pure air, medi
cal springs, convenient travel or all
grades of good society, Colorado Springs
possesses a charm that is constantly ad
ding to the desirable inhabitants. Its
elevation of 6000 feet is hardly noticea
ble to one with a strong head, for its
rolling acres give more the impression
of plain than mountain, until your look
toward or penetrate its western moun
tain barriers. It evidently is destined
to a prosperous future, as is all this
great rugged empire of the skies.
Reuben II. Smith.
Miss .Slocum : "Oh, Mrs Markham,
have you seen Mrs Woodley lately?"
.Mrs Markham: "Yes, she called yes
terday. By the way, she seemed chang
ed in some way lately. While always
graceful and courteous, still she seemed
more charming than ever yesterday ; and
she seemed really pretty, if not hand
some. You know she has always been
considered rather plain looking.'?
Miss Slocum : "Yes, I've noticed the
change and that is what I intended call
ing your attention to, when I mentioned
her name. The corners of ber mouth
used always to be drawn down, giving
such a doleful expression to her face that
it almost induced an attack of melan
cholia in one, simply to notice it. As you
say she is greatly changed."
Mrs M. : "Yes, she certainly is chang
ed. She looks at least 10 years younger
tnan sne am tne last time sue called, a
week ago. I wonder what made the
Miss S. : "I havn't heard, but I'm al
most sure I know. I think It's pride.
Some rich relative has probably died and
left her a lot of money. That would
make anyone feel young. I shall call on
her to-day and find out. I'll broach the
subject cautiously so she won't suspect
I'm really curious about it." . ;
Mrs M. : "No, Miss Slocum, it isn't
pride. Mrs Woodley wouldn't be proud
if she had a million dollars. I know her
too well to even think that of her. How
ever, if you find out the cause of the
transformation, let me know. Perhaps
she has been making the acquaintance of
Alladin." - .h-- .
Miss S. : "Yes, I'll call to-morrow and
let you know. Well, I must be going.
Good morning."
. Act two. Scene, same as scene one.
Miss Slocum : "Well," I've discovered
the cause of the change in Mrs Woodley."
Mrs r Markham: "Have you indeed?
What was it?" :
Miss S: "Well, I was surprised when
she told me. I was all wrong in my sur
mises. It wasn't due to inheriting rich
es, it wasn't due to pride, or anything of
the kind, but it was Just think of it
teeth, simply teeth." v
Mrs M. : (Wonderlngly) "Teeth?"
Mrs S. i "Teeth and nothing else.' I
called on her yesterday-after I left you
and I gently approached the subject, not
too abruptly, you know, for I thought
she might possibly be a little sensitive
about it, in case it was caused by a sud
den accession of wealth. 8o I said, 'Mrs
Woodley, excuse me if I seem inquisi
tive, but might I inquire the nature of
the change that has taken place in you.
You look several years younger than you
did a week ago, and, excuse the compli
ment, more cnarmlng, 11 possible, than
ever.' Smiling sweetly, she said she was
only too glad to tell me as she wished the
author of the change to have the honor
due him for it. It seems she had all her
teeth out several years ago and the den
tist in cnarge oi tne case, in violation oi
all anatomical and physiological laws,
made her artificial teeth In some dark,
mysterious way. that threw her lips out
of their normal position and thus spoiled
trie expression or ner wnoiexace. a lew
days ago she called at the office of the
Boston Dental Co., 420 Main street,
Bridgeport, to see about one of the
plates, as it troubled her a little, and Dr
Warnes, the manager, expressed his sur
prise that any dentist should place such
a disfiguring denture in a patient's
mouth. He said plates could be made
that would restore the mouth and cheeks
to their normal position and impart a
perfectly natural contour to the lips. He
offered to do the work and, if unsuccess
ful, make no charge whatever. The re
sult is apparent to the most careless ob
server. She is just the bappiest woman
in mv circle of acauaintance to-day, and
I don't blame her for being happy. She
says she seems to have a new lease of
life. I was much impressed and I have
made up my mind that I shall call and
see the Boston dentists about some
crowns. Mrs Woodley says they make
beautiful crowns at one half usual prices
and they guarantee all their work in ev
ery particular."
Mrs M. : "And I will accompany you
when you go."
Around the Fireside.
I have a baptism to he baptised with. Luke
li :zu.
We think of baptism as one, the New
Testament teaches us of three baptisms.
Here in our text our Blessed Master
speaks of a baptism which was yet to
come upon him, though it was long after
be bad been baptised with water. Search
carefully the different passages of the
New Testament that speak of baptism
and you will speedily see that the word
is by no means uniformly used, as we
commonly now use it, to speak of the
baptism of water, nor, on the other
band, is it loosely used to cover a vari
ety of spiritual experience : it refers al
ways to some one of three different ex
periences. There , are three 'separate
and distinct baptisms taught in the New
Testament : we have fallen away from
the New Testament thought in the meas
ure that we .have come to let two of
these drop out of our thoughts and
teaching, and think only of the other
one. These three baptisms open before
us the threefold duty of the Christian
life, which Qod lays upon ust and at
the same time witness the threefold
promise which the Christian life holds
out before us. They are symbolized by
three different material elements. The
coming upon us of each One of these el
ements symbolizes the coming into us of
a corresponding spiritual experience.
These three baptisms are(l) the baptism
with water, (2) the baptism with fire, (3)
the baptism with blood. To put op
posite these the corresponding spiritual
experience, wecan,name,(l) the baptism
unto personal purity of, life and char.
acter, (2) the baptism unto spiritual
power, (3) the baptism unto self-sacri
fice. Unto one of these three every pas
sage in the New Testament that speaks
of baptism can be referred. These three
were the baptismal - experiences of
Christ's life ; that life is not to be under
stood if we neglect any one of them
they are and ought to be taught and
considered the experiences of every
Christian life it is a great loss if any
one of them be belittled or neglected
To this fact of a threefold baptism and
to its great importance the Apostle John
bears fervent testimony when, after em
phasizing the fact that Christ came not
by water only but by blood,he adds, "In
deed, there are three that bear witness
the Spirit, and the water,; and the
blood." Fire for the burning zeal of
his life, water for the purified character
of his life, blood for
these three bear witness unto our Lord
Je&us Christ. These three claim their
witness in our Christian lives.
And, indeed, these three find their
witness in our Christian baptism ; we
have only preserved the one symbol,
but our words in baptism recognize the
three facts ; for while the original bap
tism with water that of John was
only in the name of the Father,; we bap
tize with water only, believing that in
symbol the Apostle was altogether
right, and that these three will agree in
one ; but we baptize in the name, not on
ly of the Father, but of the Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit, in 'the name of the
holy One above us, and of the Spiritual
Presence who is with us, ' and of the
loving One who gave himself for , us,
so making to agree under the One' sym
bol three great facts of baptism.
From almost the very first, this sig
nificance of the baptismal formula has
been discerned. I know that the words
in b John's letter preceding these
which we have just quoted about the
earthly witnesses, and pointing up to
the tnree Heavenly witnesses, are net
genuine; they are rightly Omitted in our
revised version, and it is all wrong for
us to use them as proof-texts for a doc
trine of the Trinity. But even then,
though they were not written by St
John, and are not really in our Christian
Bible, they were written very early in
Christian history, and were written by
one who, like us here, felt that there
was a truth in the triune manifestation
of the Godhead ; and that one, whoever
it may have been, and with whatever
measure of authority he : may ; have
spoken, saw that the three baptisms of
the Christian life on earth were In a way,
bringing the experiences of the human
life into conformity with the triune ex
perience of the divine life. Man must
be baptized into the service of God as
the righteous One, and into the service
of God as the present, living, speaking
One, and into the service of God as the
patient, suffering, loving One.
It is not necessary for me to speak at
length of the baptism with water; it ts
the one of which we most often think
and speak. It was also called the bap
tism unto repentance. It was the full
consecration of life unto holiness, the
washing clean. Its supreme message to
men In formal symbol and in practical
teaching was their duty to themselves,
their obligation to personal parity of
life and character, that obligation recog
nized, acknowledged, undertaken.
CHURCH. 7 ,.; ,
is witness of how Intimate the connec
tion between the baptism with water
and the personal purification of charac
ter has always been considered There
were centuries in the history of the
Christian church when, before baptism',
the one to be baptized was always pre
viously exorcised; that is, the rlta of
exorcism, of the casting out of evil,
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spirits, was first performed, on the
cnance oi any sucn having taken up
abode in that : person. In the , Greek
church of Russia it is still the practice
thus always to exorcise before baptism
there is a relic of the practice in German
Protestantism, when the one baptized or
the sponsors for that one are instructed
to say before the ceremony, "I renounce
the devil and all bis works ;" and even
in English Protestantism the practice
of exorcism was retained for some time
after the Reformation. The thought
that evil spirits are waiting around to
possess folks, and may do so even with
out their being conscious of it, seems to
us ridiculous and superstitious, yet it is
a witness to the idea that baptism with
water was essentially a ceremony signif
icant of personal purification, and has al
ways been so understood ; it is a wit
ness to the fact that when people did
hold that superstitious notion of the
presence of evil spirits, they thought it
essential to get rid of them before they
would think of baptizing.
Tne baptism with water, then, is a
baptism unto cleansing from evil. It
means these things: God's promise of
forgiveness of sins, man's promise of
struggle against sin, and the promise of
the Church to be the aid and minister to
those ; who are : thus struggling. It
means through and through, so far as
lies in us, consecration of ourselves, or
of those whom we thus bring before
God; consecration to righteousness of
character. It is the baptism of repent
ance for the remission of sins.
But even he who first gave this bap
tism with water, even John the Baptist,
saw that there was to be a different bap
tism when the Messiah should come, and
prophesied that he should baptize with
the Holy Ghost and with fire. There is
a whole class of New Testament texts
that speak of baptism, where most ev
idently the baptism with water is not
considered; ' They point out this second
consecration, the coming upon men, not
only of cleansing grace, but also of
spiritual power. You will remember
ho w, when those in Samaria had been bap
tised with water, the Apostles sent some
of their number down to them especial
1 that this further baptism might be
given to them. That the Apostles them
selves received it was abundantly man
ifested on (Pentecost, and, Indeed, not
then alone, but many times. The sym
bol of this second baptism was burn
ing fire ; the effect of it was.always some
increase of zeal and effectiveness iiin the
divine service. - It was often intimately
connected with the gift of eloquence in
proclaiming the Word, also with the
gift of great" enthusiasm for the cause
of the Lord's kingdom, and always with
the gift of heroic consecration.' It made
the early Christians preachers, mission
aries, it sometimes made them miracle-
workers, it sometimes made them speak
with tongues, it always made them
ready to live or - '
. JESUS. .
How evidently, thus, it was a -baptism
of spiritual power 1 As water gave sign
oi tne purity oi tne Unristian lire, so
fire gave sign of the zeal of God which
ihould( come upon the true Christian
There ihave been long periods in the
history of the Church when in a meas
ure the symbol of the fire baptism was
retained in connection with ..that of the
water-baptism ; it has been often the
custom In past centuries for the admin
istrate of baptism not only to pour
water on the head but also to blow the
hot breath upon the head, so retaining
even In symbol the thought ' that not
only water of cleansing but the
breath Inspiring was besought of
God in that ceremony. L . There
was no barm, either, .- in the cere
mony, except always the danger which
has not been absent, for that matter,
from the iorm of baptism with water
that the foolish and ignorant or super
stitions should come to think ' that the
ministration of man was the' potent
thing, and so forget to look for and de
sire the real, inbreathing or onbreathlng
of the Spirit of God. :
But most important is It, whether we
ever symbolize it or not, that we have
this second and greater baptism of the
Spirit. I pray God your life and mine
may not only be spiritually clean,
cleansed by the forgiveness and the
grace of God abiding with us. Receive
from God, not only gift of pardon, but
also gift of power ; claim your right and
take your portion, not only of a purified
life,' but also of an uplifted spirit. Fire
baptism, the coming into your heart of
enthusiasm and burning zeal and warm
affection and fervent devotion and out
going energy- that is part af your Chris
tian heritage;. Not only God receiving
you, pardoning you; also God continual
ly present with you, ministering to you,
enthusing' you, , and. Working through
you: Pray God for the' baptism of the
Spirit. It is worth while waiting at
your Jerusalem, your place of thought
or place of prayer, 'until the power, of
the Lord shall come upon you. If you
Breckbill Benedict
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have been given unto sin, now receive
the baptism of repentance ; if yon have
been given unto the world, now receive
the baptism unto the service of the glori
ous Lord. Shall not we say unto our
selves, not only, I will recognize God's
loye and receive his forgiveness, but say
also, I will seek for God's presence, I
will receive the Spirit of God?
when the presence of one on earth whom
we have greatly loved or greatly ad
mired is with us ! You are a different
man, a different woman, when you allow
the influence of this true heart or that
noble life to come over you ; shall we
not be different men and women as more
and more we recognize and receive the
Spirit of God, allow his influence to
come over us and dwell within as, and
as a loved one rule our lives ?
Then there is the third class of New
Testament baptismal texts, among
which our text of this sermon lies.
They refer not to the baptism with wa
ter, the baptism into purity of life and
character, nor yet to the baptism with
fire of the Spirit and power of God, bat
they refer to the baptism of blood, the
coming upon us of the spirit of self-
sacrifice and service, of the spirit willing
to pour out the life unto death for the
glory of God and the service of man.
This is the baptism, not only into the
purity of Christ, and into the spirit of
zeal in Christ, but it is the baptism into
the cross of Christ; ot this the Lord
Jesus spoke as here he says, "I have a
baptism to be baptized with,' and how
am I straitened nntil it be aecomiiiished '"
Again of this he spoke when to the am
bitious brethren he said, "Are ye able to
drink of the cup of which I"Bhall drink,
and to be baptized with the baptism
wherewith I shall be baptized T" We
are to have come upon us, not only the
power of Christ's holiness and the power
of bis spirituality, but also the power of
his love, the baptism of the Jordan, and
of the open heavens, and of the cruel
cross, all for us to take, as they were all
for him. x s
, Into the fellowship of this baptism we
enter peculiarly at the Lord's supper.
The symbols of his body and bis blood
we there partake, entering into the fel
lowship of his sufferings and his death ;
and yet, in the sacrament of baptism,
too, the church for centuries remem
bered, and in many of itB branches still
remembers, that the whole baptism is of
blood as truly as of water ; for in the
sign of the cross the catechumen was
baptized a custom, it seems to me, not
inappropriate in any day or in any
Christian church; for we truly are In
baptism consecrated to enter, not only
into the fellowship of his purified life,
but also Into the power and communion
of his sacrificial death. But whether
we ever in form or symbol signify that
in the Chirstian life there Is a baptism
Into the cross, Into the death of Christ
or not, in Christian fact we must take
upon our lives such baptism. We must
It is not all that we be forgiven and
purified; it is still not all that
we add to - this that we " be exalted
and energized, even inspired; it must
still further be given to as that we
bring our bodies a living sacrifice, holy
and acceptable unto God,, that we bear
in our bodies the marks of the Lord
Jesus. .
The Son ot God goes forth to wai, a kingly
crown to gain ;
His blood red banner streams alar" who lol-
lows in his train?
Who best can drink his enp of woe, triumph
ant over pain;
Who patient bears his cross below, he follows
in his Brain.
It may be that to-day, to some
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heart or life here, the Lord is stooping
down and saving, "Ye shall indeed be
baptized with the baptism wherewith I
am baptized withal;" and if it is so, may
CinU a'tw won oraf P and Bt.rpncth tn v.
o j m B J , I
with his Apostle, "Tea, and if I am
offered npon the sacrifice and service of
faith, I joy, and am rejoiced, rejoicing
that ye are accounted worthy to suffer
in the name of Christ."
And yet how lar are we all, bow far is
the Christian church, bow far is my own
life as I speak to you, from any real par
taking of the baptism rf the cross! We
are so comfortable, nine tenths of our
living is so selfish, even our sorrows we
take so selfishly, we grieve so deeply at
the least thing that does not satisfy us
or that goes wrong with us, the depth
of the mystery hidden from all ages is
so much to us still a depth of mystery,
that the unselfish way is a joy and a
hope and a glory. Have we not, every
one of us, a baptism to be baptized with,
an experience of Christian life other
than any we have yet attained unto to
begin? One who bad probably sacrific
ed more for his faith than any one of
us has done looked far back over all that
he had given and far forward to all that
he would be, and said: "I see that if
man snail give ail nis suostance, it is as
nothing ; and if he should practice great
repentance, still it is little; and if he
shall attain unto all knowledge, he is
still afar off; and if he should be of great
virtue, and of very fervent devotion, yet
there is much wanting: namely, one
thing, which is most necessary for ns.
What is that? That, having left all, we
forsake ourselves, and go wholly out of
ourselves, ana retain nothing of self
love, now, tnis is impossible with man
and yet even here be rideth easily enough
wnoin tne grace oi uoa carrietn."
Such, and only such, is the full idea
that lies in the Christian baptism, and In
the light of such we must understand,
not only the obligation over ourselves,
but also our teaching unto others. When
the Master sends us out to baptize all na
tions, it is not the baptism with water
alone that he has in mind ; it is some
thing far greater, grander than that
which is laid upon his Church and his
people; it is the baptism of water and
of fire and of blood ; it is the bringing of
tne pussiuie purity aaa toe possime in
spiration and the possible self sacrifice,
unselfishness, among men that this mis
sion oi Christ nas before as. We go un
to men in this ministry of Christ with
threefold message and power; we to fill
them with light and purity and t-.uth-
m in is try oi rennement oi character; we
go unto them to fill them with enthusi
asm and zeal and devotion a ministrv
of exalted spiritual grace and power; we
ao unto tnem to nil utem witn unselfish
ness, with the martyr spirits a ministry
of self-sacrificing love. Poor, deluded
missionaries of the Jesuits among the
Iroquois Indians were burned with fire.
and bad their nails bitten off by savages,
and their bodies scarred by knives flung
to see now near the vital part the aim
could be made without killing; and all
tnis tney oore only tnat, in passing
through the woods with the savages.
they might shake the trees wet with the
rain, and, as the water fell on the heath
en beads beneath, might, all unknown to
tnose cnuaren or tne wtias pronounce the
baptismal formula and so save them from
everlasting torture. If for such super
stitious, ridiculous, and magical idea of
baptism these men were able to go
through persecution unremittant, tor
tures unspeakable, to die Drakina- and
glorifying. God if these men for such
foolish thoughts would gladly make sucb
glorious sacrifice, now much more shall
we be glad with this nobler, truer idea of
what baptism is and what the baDtim of
Christ is meant to bring to men ! -How
shall we rf jolce to go throughout all
God's world "making disciples and bap
tizing them in the name of the Father of
righteousness, oi the Spirit of his power.
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