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F-ilDAY. M'HIL 1 s
Jiuiurv 1, ls
1 ,i'M a e id,
ISiiiin".s M inniii'i Tin-: l!i-:ic.
IViir Sir :
l'!eu-t iln not mivt'ifi-Je inv t'nw
lt in in xt, lii-i: a I Imvc
i'l her. I'liU w tlir tliinl tiini'
- in veui ion Unit I h".vr ikIvit
i'il :i I'n'.v f r -nil" iiml uulil her
S I lif -!i:ni' il.i Till: I I t i-:i in- I'll'
t ' , .in I hi' ".III." 'I 'Mir - t nil v,
.1 lin Kr.'iiik,
Mihi'y, 't.
rrv ri n
Is u hat givex I IoihI'h Sarsiiparilla its great
popularity, its constantly increasing
null's, mid enables it to accomplish its
wolidrilul ami unequalled cures. The
com hinat ion, prupiirt ii in mid process
used in preparing Hood's SarsHparilla
are unknown to ot her medicines, and
imikii Hood'H SnrsnpurillH
Peculiar to Itself
it cures a wide raiic of disensea because
of its power as a blood purifier. It nets
direct ly and posit ively upon t he blood,
and t lie blood reaches every nook and
eornerof the human system. ThUH all
tin- nerves, tntisi-Jrs, hones and tissues
come under I hi hem tieent. influence of
77c lo.olond Dry Goods Co ,
(formerly the How'aiul-Stark Co.)
1 n n?
i n
X X N N N - S X N
Town Topics.
Tin- II:,.- Tn. '.,,t I'linlier
Mood's Pills I ."
l.ivrr liN: easy to j ;UU
I . 1 jll . . J .1 I .III. ,
M . M r; i'h i r nil i i ' ti I ! , week.
in spoii: j.ckeH, capes a ml Mi ii - a ml hip I TIIK i;ASI,;i: SKUVN.'KS.
1 lie- it -ilk 1 1 -1 -. Capes from 1. IS mi) ; K itrr wiil be oh -ervi-d with t.)m usu-il
i' ti S's iris li 'ii ed liril i.-int inc. for $1 UN ! -erviees on Sunday.
up; i- r i iv ti-t- limn u. W hen j vice in i tie tn,i inn at 11 w ith an appro
oii sic in 1 inutility call on us. i, j priite lvister sermon by Keol'or ImsJev
trouble to show irootN at. M. Stern's, ls." , A elii'iil ren'o ?
Main street, I i.itiliiiry. 1'. S. : Look out 1 o'clock.
lor the Knuu millinery 0i.tM.inK. T)e ttnnua p.,lrj8hc,.tjnK wiH ,. ht.1(
in thti Sunday school room on Monday tit
At iih: sasii iniiiK ipki:a hoi sf. un
TthMiA Y I I'.MNi; M I .
.N 1 i ui's ii :i e ven I u , . pri I , L lie I e , v ... . r r, .. r -
will I... -iv. ,, at. the Sandy Hook opera I ' Th,,r(. w,' b(. srvi(.es on Monday and
Yon remember the; old say-
"1 f you wear three thmjjs
new on Kaster, you will have -luck
for the rest of the year." h?
One of tne new thinos must
l r 1 ' I ' '
oe ;i air .t gloves. -v
I he new shades for Spring
summer are all in: and
they are a beautiful sight.
i hiM-t in stock ! .New wraiis must be thought
of, new jackets, new capes,
new shoes.
The new jackets and capes
are in great variety. At no
riiere will be ser- J time probably will the variety
be greater than it is now. At
vici! will of held at 2 :it j any pi ice you name, amiost,
we have more styles than you
will look at; because vou will
ThHse. am tiiisttin day itb uk. 'I l)f spring
trade liftH opened with n rush. Wc don't know
the reason why wo aru wo busy when other
merchant s arc "kicking" about dull trade.
Peihiips it'a our largo stock that tilings so
many people, to ua.
Perhaps i. 'a honest iK-aUng. You k-o.v
is a thing that an hoiif-st woman" appreci
ates in these days of misrepresentation.
Is that every day we get nearer and
nearer to the customer's wants. Thi
great quantities we buy and sell cut I
profits smaller and smaller- Every ;
item saved means less price to our '
enstorrers 1
"T?T?um 1 3 in it tf 1 1 Trtra:i,!"rar
( '1
4 ' J v V
'i 7
hni a n;i!i.le ''.n; II u'tf
w lieli he would he j;!;id for intemit iij
till V it -I tu illM'i i1' .
r-f' Tipped
if iiii' Gloves
I 2 p. 111.
'I t it; room for t.h;1 reeeotiot of the or-
Kiin 1im been gotten reniiy, and the in- j
J r-trtiini'i.t in expietiHi to arrive here from '
j find just what you want before
Soi-iiil it:ul literiiry eluli, Oiie of the he.-t
inn iril 1 1 1 1 1 v-i iet.y entertiiiiiiuiTits that
hii" ever I ' I. ;ven helore I he fit). Its ot
Tuesday i ext at In : a. id.
; Hi .Motul.'ie at 2.. Ii ' p in., the lit'-l iueet
of t tie Vom:ins' Auxi'i.'try for fli"
Benson will lie held at I.he rectory to ;i;uk
a Imrrel of hkIs for it missionary.
t half way through.
n;o kind tM DON'T wear -out
A -.TUARAN TrW hi every pair.
io you wfiur Gloves? Then buy good
glovpa. Our Key&er Paten Finger Tips are
guaranteed. A new pair if the fi gers wear
out first Have you been to our Special Sales.
Hall price is a lair price at one ol our
liresM Goods, tress Trimmings, Black Silks,
Fancy Hilka, Table Lln3Tis, Napkins, Hosiery,
Unilerwear, llloves anil Laces, Carpets, Hugs,
Linoleum, Mattings, Lace Curtains anil eveiy
u: ativantaije vou nave in !u'u'5luucan DuPe(i into "'irotg store.
buying shoes here is, first; in!
the assortment; second, in the !
e.VtO'AII ;i?,i S. Hilly Ilooii; IKlli. ill-
l;iniij;h ;iii aiiiiiieiir iri)iluetiiiii ni;iilc up
Ml It.-! , t , I, , I-, I. .1,1 il lllllJl
Mi.iiy ii. t - i.-tmi ell ir't. in the sain.- . HAPPENINGS AT . THE CONGREGATIONAL j Slll'tMlt'SS of the quality; and
hue,, .i -. ,,;i'..- all previous attempt chuecm. 'third, in our mode of makintr
I ""i mi i i ii'' or stMintpiiilit. As it o .. ........ . , .,1 . . , . &
i' ' lir-t. p.. ; -i-.it.en eiite.-taiuiiieiit ami of i in1 i ouhk i-'oiii- .Nu-stun circU; will ( prices. there isn t another
-.1,1. aliicli i.iil-T. aulas the proceeds j ""'et at the pat .-oiiat;o on S it u id ay af t er- 1 . ; n f n 1(T
r ,i , . -,i i , noon of next vcek or'i ii Mt 'o'-io-k- si Lii coin oination in oricuje-
!i re tor a woi i Ii y oli et . it w il 1 no doubt ' 1 1R xl 1-1 1 K' I" ' 1 1 1 ' lc - u 1 lllui- I
he liherallv pitroi.iz d by all ela-es. Any of the ehureii people who have j port.
Th- i.riiv of .i.luiii-ii.h tws h.-.-u i.taccd l":ll,ts 1,1 ,jl"(,ll ;"v rtquostea to brinr
W li h III the lee
adMiNsinp Jn-.
it all iiiiiiielv. itie:al ' h' 1,1 t0 lhr '!uri'li aoy time tit-fore '-'
Notice, if you please, some
Mi l(-
h Mi,
' I- i I' l
77r ,-'ln mi Pry Goods Co.
Jirideport , Conn.
-ervrd M'lts H.' ex'ra , " 'ocu to-inon'ow ( u rua y ) al ttM'liooti . ! C) the tleV StVleS at 2. O.
.... .... . ... . ' ..r,,r- in I l.f, ,.ti--r.,,. i. ,(-,,,- i, ,.n, , J
. 1 1 r lie- pr i l ol ll i hi ice i III re will In ll r ) vi ,.i , l
Kmiid hop. the adiiii-sion licitijc J.'.i' wx ! l'v "l,wial 1)1 -' and a sermon in keep-i -I'ltl
couple. K.-lovs i jivi'ii ,u -luiit sym . - ; "Z Wli'' t!"" ,ljV-
of i In' pn t;i in (., he p' e -eiiti d : " -'
l. it.- ti.f M : --i .i.,.i," lies, i ,, Mi ,li:ior Sini.h and children, who;
1,1 ti-n, i n-iic-t in ric-ntly moved to tow n, are now located '
',!mi'hM:iViV!,iVrVi;!.ri"e'i':" . in their new home at Sunset cottage. !
M ale l li iu, l,-i S -Jiiii ' !
',. svii,,,:, . no M.-iie-n.K iinisii hi ,u. Miss l.iz.ie Sculler returned home
. I .Meinl.ers '.I I. lull , f ,-,,iii si. M I. ,..,. r TiwH-. h..!...
'i, : Mi& it tu t iiv n eariior K ister vacation
M ' nil "'i si M iri'i s am i 1.. e! ill) ' ttluti 0 ll ; I -it : . v'.n: : i' OS u s''V- 'r il ! tildi
!' i '. " ii-l si Hi ll , . w !.i,k.- si.i-, " ,,f ,
. l1 H I 11,1'! I'll . r nil!, I iji.'l .l I.i'ii
Siiter. " I In' I.-"- 1. , i . "
Km-. i o-i ,- sj, -1 .,-,. she i s ! Th" n lt ' i l.i r ii ti 'tC of t'urnaiii IViiii-
"l: '" f ..-ms'm.f," . ni-iiM- i.-e No. .", I. will he held Sunday, April ... i
s ,!',"''i..s, Ten Tli.'.ii Ti,.,t ,m! s.'i'w"m ',''''"" . ';vur.V member is nii'tested to he ,ir-s- ;
M irOi iiml -oils.,,! imimiH, Coniinny ' as business of importance will be
" I'.iMeiiii," Ciniipaiiy t.ratisiicted. 1
It would I he 1 1 I , ii e lie well for all tore i I
m-mh . i h.il this I'litertaiiiiiient w ill take r nlnu Mc' irau, of the linn of Taylor &
plai'it ram or -hiiie on next Tut" day even- .' McOran. w i'l remain m tow n till about, j
Inic, ami i.iore.iyiT 1 1 a the si veral selee- A l,nl 1'' vv'u 'i)(aa;e in business j
tion, re.-idei.-d by a I nil orchestra of 11) ''i-aiwhere on ieavmK Sandy Hook. As (Vlhiloid starch'!,. PParl tani-
t.iecei is w.ir'h aliitie the urice of admis- 1 tfviously 'tated in the-e columns Mr 8naH' V t,elluloirl starch ,t, 1 earl tapi
1 ' ,. , ' " .' " ni( - , V , ; i, (;,-.,n's il. iei- tiire is , , . r, ,r r , .,1 r, ..n oca best tnmee meat three packages
gum. I lie d oih will he open at 7 .10 and 11 I '" l regretted on all . " ,. (, ra
-nil -,. in- u,t i; linn 111 11 l!'illli ill i mil- 1 -
die circles', as well tt-j axionir the busi- ;
ness men of the town. THE SONGS OF DIXIE.
W. S. DENSbl,
177, 179 Main St , Derby, Ct.
Wc have the largest stock ot Paints in the
eity and haiitlle only the best. Jl you eontem
phile usint jjaint, get our prices and color
cards. Kopct. Wit cks, Latder, Chains, etc.
362 Water St. Bridgeport, Conn
the pet forinaiice commence at S l." p. in.
Tickets cm now he purchased from any
of the meniber-i of the club or at Terrill
A Uetls' store. Sandy Hook.
i V. II. SnitlWi. the i..w,.ir v. ho is i.ir. I A quartet of Jubilee eineers is to give
1 ir.g a si.-ire with rheumatism, i Hill eon- ' H t'0UL'('rt lre on Tuesday evening of
AH EX HIBITIOH OF FANCY DRIVING 1 lined 10 his le d. Hi " i ins bu t slo ,vly ( next week, April 7, in the Congregational
" ' church. These sirjgers come from Wit-
which km. i,i. in Diiii-. iiKsAhi-Ki:. Mr ;tr,,i m ,n-ii,. i. (tonstantine are I bet force, Ohio, and are singing in the in
There was an exhibit ion of fancy dnv- , r, j Ms v,.r the rrrival of a son. Mas- ' terens of Payne Theological Seminary,
ing at S.indy Hook on Wednesday after- ; ter ; ;on-1 nui ine a rrived in town on Sun- j which is connected with that institution,
noon thai is no! olien excellul. John ; ,i i v. '1' i- ent v-ni.o -h i j hence !n' liopp-s Ttiey come bv the strong reconimenda
l.eavey I It-rk-i.irc, with Stephent(;rif i to ,.. ;l V)u.r, tion of Bishop W. A. Arnettof the Methc-
li.i as a pis-enger, came driving at a - i dist church. They come to Newtown aN
high iK'f of sp-, ,i p.t. ! i tic Mine nf War- , 1 1 n y Taj lor of Online, X. J , wili j most direct from several days of singing
ner, Tavl'.r A rir ti . The h..!r desired pass K ister Sunday witii lui father. with the annual Methodist conference,
to go on tu I- i k-hire. loir I. -un y and his ' , , ' which has just been held in Trinity
friend wani-d to go up (ias ntreit ! "arry Orgelm m "f ?uc Methodist church. New Haven. They
There wa- a uii-iiiider, ; ana mg some ti- u. risiiei men on . e..u,eday. He do- have a,so be,,n singing in many of the
where, and in le,s than a -econd th- car-i" he caught -ne trout wuiglnug l.hurehl!8 of tlli3 vicinity, giving a con
riage w.i re'ing im one win-el in a g'iice- j !-' 'I ui'-'i-- ! p-una. ! eijrt in the Congregational church of
fulciicle. ii.-i- they went, In r-'e. wag-. l , ,(( vj1(.,.i,.r , f , r , Hrookfi-ld Center on the evening of
on and men. The h- r e ami m n w-i , ' ' . .' .'. " March :J I . Their rendition of the old
unh.nt, ton the p,.,r carriage was f, '' to c ut ( h.s h...ia b,.di y, last tiin(. p,Hntation wi.oie those songs
wrick, there wa . a rush to the scene j v ... which so quaintly expressed the deep re-
of the aci iii.-nt. Some one .at on the i Mr- P. Finnell of An-onia U the aest ' i'mious sentiment of the negro race dur
lioisis' head, who.' the horse vviis unliar- i ,,f i, ,r I, ... . -,-.,. " Inm rl-.e ihiva of their mmmQuiiMi. will
ri''Hsi d and the wrick drggeil away.
Tin' -kill nf Mi'xn lt.ic .e and Tavlor
win tin.iig'it inio piny, nod il deinoli-hi d
wheel was righted. .Mr l. iivey's high
spirited eh.i'er tool, a l-iwer g.iit as he
drove away. He does nor, fa: cy oii!ti::
! doutities emptiaiz"? in a new way the
it home f or the j truth that religion is the last feeling that
Ari.tiur nold i
I'. i-ter vacation Ir on .-c'lool duties at can he deadened in the heart, of man.
j W iHi.ston seminary, Knstham pton. i The colored people were born with song
I ... , ,, . ; . j upon their lips : it is natural for them to
Mm. Ju la J4jJj'Ji"teseriou8ly ill ; Mng, and when their voices are well
J v';i -ner, Tavlor- & Curtis have made a ' ft,,,i,ied' th('' nlake. 8wet tuelody indeed.
! reituet ion of :! rc on every pair of men'- ! Tn(' admission to this concert
i b iys' and children's shoes in their store. "v.lil ,K' - cents ; children under 12 years
There will h a t.oicheis' me-ting at i They have put tn a splendid Hue of wall 01 Hge' ccnts- 1 icKets may be Dougtit
Urn Academy on Friday, April 10, at 2 ' paper for the spring trade i at the church door on Tuesday evening.
o'clock in the afternoon. J. T. Corlew, ! 1 Thf! concert begins at S o'clock. The
principal of the High school, Stratford,1 Sp -ci U h.trg lin-,,i- the rule now ia I orocecds go to the work of the Congre
will address the teacher noon n-hool ! clothing for men and boys at Wuruer. : gational church.
work. Mi (jrace Lake, a teacher in the i Taylor & Curtis'. Thev are furnishing a
kindergarten department of the same j day diagonal suit, tor .J12, and English
-e'ge ior -si.,. iney mo take orders tor
tailor-made suit-, by a New York artist,
guaranteed to lie.
school, will give a paper upon primary
work. These talks will be ot practical
value to our teachers, and it, Is hoped the
attendance of teachers wiil he large.
They will not be rtipjired to make up the
time taken for so doit.g. A cordial invi
tation is given the public to attend the
Mrs Orlando Piatt and Miss Frances
have visited friends in this place.
Miss Mattie Fischer rode out, Satur
day, for the lir-t time since her severe
Hiram liailow was in Litchfield coun
ty, last week, after oxen. He recently
sold a pair of handsome cattle to lleury
O.horu In U"dding.
10. C. Northrop is working with Car
penter George Northrop in Newtown.
Congratulations tiave been pouring in
on Mr and Mrs Allison P. Hmith on the
birth of their daughter by every mail
Owing to the serious condition of M S
Smith it has been impossible for the
"happy pa" to return pergonal ac
knowledgement, tie, however, tak 8
r bis opportunity of acknowledging witti
thanki the kindly expression of good
will. Mrs Smith has been suffering frf m
the effects of the nervous shock attend
lint upon the birth of her child, and her
rendition has alarmed her friends. With
the best of nursing and medical care,
however, it Is believed her condition will
ra'ly Improve.
The fees of the witnesses in the Cor-bett-Nichols
arson caes are now in the
hands of the town treasurer and can be
had on application.
.Mrs Michael Culhane of Sandy Hook
has been seriously 111 since Sunday.
There wan some Improvement In her case
on Wednesday.
R. S. TomJInson bought a fine Morgan
stallion at the horse sale In New York,
la t week. He is of very stylish build
And a great roader.
Mr Welch of Newark, N. J., a whole
ale dealer in old Iron and metals, has
heeo In town, this week.stoppingatTat
tor's popular hostelry at the Hook, lie
buys largely ot the Itubber factory and
otaer concerns.
MmiV fs-niT are placing their
order fir fprti" Warner, Tavlor A
Curtis ha rhe B,dly phophate, and
will be g'ad to till larg j snd small or
ders. Druggist S. C. Bull wishes wheelmen
to 'fni'. that he ha taken thesgeney for
tto Columbia and Hartford wheels. He
The ladies' prayer meeting will be held
with Mrs Giaham. n-xt. Tuesday at 3.
The Academy closed yesterday after
noon for the Easter recess, and will re
open one week from next Monday.
E'.am Ii. Corning of Stepney is attend
ing the Academy again after an absence
of a few weeks.
Miss Jessie W. Payne of Sandy Hook
has reentered her classes for the spring
will bo absent.
It is expected that there will be no ser
vice in the Methodist church, next Sun
day, on accouut of its being conference
Sunday, when the minister ana others i Miss Cornelia Beare, preceptress at the
Academy, ieic cms morning ior rorimuu,
Me,, where she will pass the vacation
with friends.
Principal William H. Hoyt will spend
the greater part of the recess in New
York City, returning to Newtown on Fri
day, AprilLO.
L. B. Lake has been very poorly tht
past week.
Sherman Crofut has been shut in at
home for several days past.
Robert Dutcher expects to spend con
ference Sunday with friends in New Ha
ven .
In New Haven County.
Services in the Episcopal church in
the Center are to be held each Suuday
through April at 1 30 p. m., and in the
Farms church at 11 a. m.
Good Fridav services at St Peter's is to
be held at 10.30 a. m.
Mrs M. O. Johnson, who has been with
her daughter, Mrs W. H. Perry, has re
turned to her home in New Brunswick,
N. Y.
Mrs William O Davis visited with her
sister, Mrs F. E Snell, in Ansonis, over
'diss Fanny Davis is visiting with her
cousin, Miss Etta Snell. in Ansonia.
A republican caucus to choose dele
gates to the state convention which is to
be held in New Haven on April 21 and
22, is to be held in the Town hall on
Tuesday evening, A pril 7, at 7 30. At
the state convention delegates are to be
chosen from Connecticut for the National
convention in St Louis.
The rain of Sunday had the good effect
to draw the frost from the ground and in
a few days roads will begin to eettle.
The rocks in the roads in Oxford are a -ready
Orley O-born has arrived home from
Mount, Berruon, Mass., for a fortnight's
vacation and Birdsey Sanford is al o
home for a vacation from Williston.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria
Thepeople no longer doubt the goodness of cur Elack Clay Worsted Suits, ;
They buy and send neighbors and friends- It has enabled us to cloths the i
people at prices unheard of before- $10 for all wool extra heavy elay worsted
suit, in single er double breast sack or cutaway. Other grades for $12-50, i
$14, $15, $16 50, $18 50, $20, $24. This department contains the nrst
complete lines of sizes that can be found in the city. Sizes 34 to 50 regular-!
Long sizs 34 and 44- Stout sizes 34 and 50 No extra charge for special'
extra sizes- At $10 yau can buy size 50; at $20 you can buy size 50 at same !
price as the smaller sizes- Same in Trousers, 50 waist or 32 waist, same j
price- Any length leg from 27 to 37. Come any time and we can lit you M" " ''"iNtis
This department of Black Dress Suits is always complete, always bright and ' T, ,
sparkling, with the gems of styles
Spring Styles of Hats in the leading shapes- choose
Youman, Dunlap, Knox, Lamson, Hubbard, Harrington- , .
la the Curp-t lit e ijuality and price.
Direct from makers a saving of 50c to $1 on each hat- No iobbers' profits ,,
, , O'l ' ' unusually good, the other ex-
tackedon- From makers to wearer- The saving to wearers. Oar Special
Hat $1,90 and $2.40. The equal of any $2 50 and $3 hat in the city- All : n,orUin u ilv low-
the leading shapes. Tourist and crush Hats for Men and Eoys. Ken's
Tourist Hats, $1.25, $1 45, $1-90, $2-40. Boys Tourist Hats, 75c, $1, SI 25-
Special offerings in Laundered Negligee Shirts, 50c and 75c New shapes
in collars on each. Extra good values-
A few Winter Overcoats at $10 and $13.50; worth double. An extra ef
fort to avoid carrying them over-4
Spring lines of Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits and Overcoats now in.
Tiiilor-mar'e Suits, Separate Skirts
and On pes. Hut bardiy any two tell the
-' iij story, xceptir.g maybe that the
po-iMhilitie? are great.
349 Main Street, corner John strer t
Bridgeport, Ct.
(. hcviots. The demand fur a high
grade cheviot appear? greater this season
( than ever. To meet this demand we
j have imported, from two of the largest
.Scotch manufacturers, the very newest
' i fleets in light cheviots, Oxford madrr.3
! and basket webV-'S ; price 10 and 33 cents
a yard. Wash Goods department.
1890, il. saris :e3ht, i83S.
In our Millinery Department you will find all the latest Novel
ties, including Ribbons, Laces, Flowers, Fancy Ornaments, etc.
Cloak and Suit Departments. All the latest styles lin. Spring
Wraps, Sacques, Suits and Skirts; also a fine assortment in Silk styl(;?
Waists. We are carrying a better line of good sthan we have ever ' beat wearing waist? on the market,
shown heretofore. You are invited to call and inspect. No trouble :
to show gOOdS. Dainty Kaster Gifts, at the Jewelry
Gloves special shades for Easter
special shades for new gowns and tft'-'cts.
Put them on your ouying memorandum
'Monarch' Shirt Waist?, for ladies.
One of the largest and prettiest assort
ments ever shown ; newest fabrics and
Considered the best marie and
Mrs Emily Watson, a sister of Isaac
Mason, a former resident, spent two
nights in Sandy Hook, lat week, and
was entertained at Maplcton.
Mrs Emily A. Ii ninett goes to Nc-v
Haven, this week, to spend a few days at
i he session of the Xew York Eat coc-fe-ence.
S Ins E. Kali-child Is still In feeble
health, but his friends Rie glad to se
him walking out short distances whenev
er the weather Dd hi strength permits
Terrlll, Betts & Co. invite the ti-her-tuen
to visit their store. They have a
tine line of fishing tackle, and ready to
hear the fish s t'iries.
You'll find all the noo styles in Ea-iter
hats and ties at K. U. Beers 3fc Go's.
Dry goods at city prices for sale by
M irris. Call and look at the samples
llusd E. F. Hawley's adert!ement f y
cash bargains, thti week. Evapora'td
peaches 8c, Caro in i rice 4c, York Stat
corn 5o can, soda crackers 5c, gingpr
bf iocal spnlleiitlonR.ftsthoy cannot rtibthf
(Haoasml portion ot the ear. There tacm-Ivone
way to cure deatnesa anil that is by constitu
tional remedies. L)e.afns Is cause ftyan i
ftftmeil tiomlltion o' the mucous Hm-ntf of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube gwtninflam
eil you haven rurnbllnif dounil or Imperteet
bearing, Rnd wla it la entirely eloaei Deal
m,m tn the result, ami unleHi the iutlamnia.
tion 9n be taken out anil thla tube restored
to It" normal condition, hearing wilt be des
troyed forever; nine ease o it ot tun am
raus'iil by catarrh, which Is nothing but an In .
flamed condition of the miieoua surface.
We will flve line Hundred Dollars for any
cane of DuatneMS (caused bv catarrh) that ck.
not be mired by Hall's (J at ami Cure. Send l!wr
circulars, tree.
P. .1. (ill KN K V A CO., Toledr O.
tf Sold by DruKgialH, Tm.
Miss Nellie Symington of New Haven
has been passing a few days of vacation
from school duties at the home of Mr and
Mrs S. S. iScudder in Dodgingtown district.
George it. Wilson, of Taunton district,
injured his :rm on the wagon, recently,
and has been suffering from the effects,
of bloc d poisoning.
F. E. Eenham, the hustling Waterbury
horseman, has ; an important announce
ment, elsewhere. Horsemen are especi
ally invited to give it attention.
Do not forget that the dissolution sale
is still going on at Taylor & McGrau's.
Thev are having a big drive on their
$2.Si springs. Only a few more left.
Having made arrangements with one
of the largest dry goods houses in the
state I am prepared to take orders fo
anything in the line ot dry goods, oil
cloths, etc. .Morns, tne leading grocer.
Choice Queen olives In bulk, only 40c
quart, pickles 50c hundred, at E. F. Haw
ley's. Complete line of fishing tackle at
special cash prices, just In at E. F. H&i
ley's. C. W. Hawley. the Bridgeport hard
ware merchant at 4-17 Main street, has a
new advertisement telling about the cel
ebrated Gibbs' Imperial plow, the b st
plow in the world. Mr tiawiey seeps a
full line of everything for the farm in
tools and machinery.
Hugh Fee, who has been quite sick dur
ing the winter, having suffered from ap
pendicitis, Is some better and hopes are
entertained for his complete restoration
to 'health.
The children of Mr and Mrs T.ee ruck
25 HORSES 25
189, AT
Nr 1 H.nd 2. riRlr of black mares, low down
hlocka. well matched. 6and 7 years old, weight
2 9 .0 lbs. Bay horse, years, weight 1,300 lbs.
Bay mare, 8 yeais, i,sz3iDS, ana an exxr goou
one. Bay Horse, o years, weignt. i.ouu h;b,
good coal cart horse. Dapple (tray ma-e,
aood chunk. vears. weierht 1.250 lbs. Black
horse, good block, 1 450 lbs, 6 years old Gray
mare, 5 years, 1,100 lbs. Brown mare, 6 years
l,auuiu8. naymare,oyBttiii, wiu, tw
men chunk. Bav hors. 5 vear3. l.!60 lbs
Bay horse, 5 years. 1 ,100 lbs. Browu horse.
7 years, 1,400 ids. Kay norse, years.i muiiw,
good block. Black horse, 8 years, welsrht
1 .250 lbs. Bav mare. 7 years, weieht 1 ,3 0 lbs.
good family mare. Bay horse, 6 years, weight
1,140 IDs. Uray pacer, o years, weignt i.uouiua.
3ay horse, years, 1,100 pounds. Bay mare
5 years, weight 975 lbs nice driver. Bay
horse, 6 years, 1,200 lbs Bay horse, 6 years
i .son ihs. and several second band horses.
Horses will arrive Saturday morning and
can be seen and tried .in all harness np to
date nt sale
The usual two dey' trial given, and horses
net as represented cn be turned and the
meney will be refunded. 8ale to take place,
rain or sbine, and commence promptly at 10
o'clock. Jr. tu. HMHaM.
WARN I KG Is hereby givn totle legal vot
r nt t.h own of Newtown, that a spec
tal town meeting will be he'd at the T-wn
Hull eald town on Saturday. April U,1898,at-
o'clock p to. tor the purpose ot taking Into
consideration tne an- lsaDiiuy oi uumuug
Iron or wooden bridge, near the residence of
Kames key in Land's End district, nd to
appropriate funds to defray the cost ot same;
also t appropriate funds for the purpose of
rebuilding an abutment at the iron bridge
near the residence of the late Dennis Cavan.
augh in Pohtatuck district; also to take into
considaration the advisability ot increasing
the appronriation for mnintaining and keep,
ing in repair the h ghways of the town the
present year, and, if necessary to instruct the
selectmen to borrow money lor the above
purposfts and doing any other proper dufi
$2.75 Rugs reduced to 2.50. A big ill ive
in Brussels Carpeting at 75c a yard.
Cocoa Door Mats :15c were 50c, and 5oc
were 00c.
Big value in Ingrain Carpeting at 50c.
Regular J-2 Patent Leather Tip Ladies'
Shoes, we are selling them Ior 1.S. Reg
ular $2.25 Shoes for $2.
Give us a call.
That will make a sportsman's heart, jump
with Joy; lines, reels, sinkers, hooks ami
poles; best sinkers ever usi il-a new kind.
Finest gut, trout ana bass nooks ever seen
in the city , made to order by an expert.
Pocketbooks to carry all the lHUe tilings in
to keep them together where you can Unit
what you want the very minute you need it.
Prices right on everything.
department; odd, neat and bpautiful
no expensive either. As pretty a line
DANBUR . CONN. t0 choose from as you'll find in a whole
day"s shopping. And we'll li
;p you
Raisins 5 ll. 2f.c, Prunes, I lb for -23c, choice . select if there's any doubt regit! din,
2 lbs -J.-fC ; Clmns, :1 cans 2.V ; Condensed Milk,
cms 25c ; Salmon, choice,. 2 cans J.V ; Corn, . -nice
Be can ; Rice Mix Pure. Spice, Sciir It. ! ll"u-e-
Pure linking Powder, 2-ic lb. Best Oat Flakes.
h ll ior 2ic; .1 oiiiatoes, choice, -. cans J-.c: ;
Mallard, :i l-vls 2k-; strip Cod, 7c lb: hue
Herring, 4c lb; Soap, 7 bars 2"e ; Hakcd l'.eans
2 cans 2"c ; lluryeas Corn siat eti, lbs 25c:
Choice I lolon. or .Japan Tea, 35c lb: Collee, 25
to :;sc lb; Nnti-iotoiie, best tor your stock. At :
the Old Stand.
Fine Organdies, very choicest select
ions in French designs; patterns that
are particularly suited to this beautiful
fabric, 2" to 40c. a yard.
New Swisses, white grounds and col
ored spots exclusive colorings, 50c. a
Black Sateen Skirt aniline black
warranted: a Sfl.00 skirt for 73 cents.
With the 'Keystone Beater," the work
of an hour is reduced to one minute ; the
-iviEg one-half. Daily exhibitions in
the Crockery department.
In the Crockery and llousefurnishing
department we are seeling 10 qt. retin
i:ed bread raisers, extra special, for 2.x;.
Japanued tea and coffee c.ins 1 lb. 5c
Jib. So. Zinc covered wash boards, full
si. 10c. regular 25c. goods. Fibre
water pail?, l'Jc.
Granite iron ware at the lowest price3
any w here
White porcelain covered vegetable
dishes, 2")C. each. Step ladders, 4 ft, lite.
5 ft. .7.1.2. Carpet beaters, 10c. Brass
bird cages, i;;e. up. Gas globes, 25c.
a new lot ju-t i:i. OSo. jardinieres for
-l!ic - special sale at a special price.
Haviiand china dinntr and tea sets,
and a full line of farcy pieces.
Percales in dark grounds. An entire
ly new feature is the printed warp
fleets; a most satisfactory cloth for
house d: esses because the co'ors are
v ar-uMted f 'i t -'12 inches wide, 12 1-2
cvi.r ; a j ard.
A. B. Fanchcr,
ISAAC D- HALL0CK, ! it has always been our rule to make the very lowest prices on
Hydraulic Engineer, goods when most in demand; this week's exhibition includes the
finest collection of Easter Millinery ever seen in this city and at
prices that are one third to one-half less than corresponding qual
ities elsewhere We will mention a few of the Easter Bargains.
Water Works, Mill Dams, Wnti r Win el
Pmni'H:; Systems, Llot Air Pump-, das
Enui'-e-1, Pollers ant1 Eiil;;:i. Ne-v
an.l SL-eon.l Ham'.
nTs7- Spring Sliapes!
Fine Hair Braids. 42e
Rider Sherwood Co
Telephone Call, 546-i.
DISTRICT OF IS'EWTOWPi ss. riouaie iuuu,
March 81, 18t.
Estate of CHARLE' SKIDMORE late ol
Newtown, m said District, deceased.
Upon application oi unino ' omu
MORE praving that an Instr iment in writing
,..,i.,.;t. i.otiiA last will and testamem
ol said Cbarlea Skiduioie. deceased, umy be
proved, approved, auoweu mm uwunnu..
probate as per application on rile more lully
appears, lt Is
iiRiiKRRii-Tliiit, said application be
heard and determined at the. Probate Oiliee
l N,.wtnvn in said district, on Hie bit
ikv nt Atiril A. D. 189(1, at 10 o'clock in
the lorenoon, and that notice be given ol
the pendency ot said application and the
time and p'ace of hearing thereon, by pub
lishing the same one time in some newspa
per having a circulation in said district,
and by posting a copy thereol on the public
sign post in the town ol Newtown m tan dis
trict M.J. BRADLEY, Judge.
It is a tunny mime but ijimlity makes goo.!
nouular. When-viiv mi::i: lintier is used the
buyer aoon becomes proud to have it under-! ol. n,.or,r oilnr 1Q mnrlli "if
t..i. To,, i,,,t. u ,.,..! tr..,iit.n mi-., i.nvin- ice Strew chapes, every color, iac wortn ooc-
it more and more ami whenever n is sold tnm i roorth 6 'c- New Fine Fancy Braid colors and black 69c worth SI. Flam
i'ies ot ilelieate tas'c ore er it to other butter. . J. , . , no . ono - ..n,
e hav just s... -uri-d'two iarg.; iion.s tiut ! and Farcv S'raws ii every shape and color, from 988 to i ao, every ore wortn
will !i""t; il I'lij I'll, ;t 11 (..; f n.' i (. j ' i n. r i iiu l nmin i
l zc ouncn worm oc
15c " 29c-
withFoiace 25c 42c-
" " 3Sc " ' 62c.
' ' 4Sc " " 75c.
.All our fl-ior flowers marked proportionately. Wide Silk Persian Ribbon?,
25c, 38c- 49c, worth double- We always make Trimmed Hats a specialty, our
stock is larger than ever with most exquisite creations.
several new pat.-ons. just begim-intr to brii
milk. SS'e uiv agoo.l priee tor milk but nni-t
have it sweet. "SOL'TH KlilTAlX CREAM-EltV.
50 per cent more
Fine Silk Roses
Fine Rose Sprays
by luii inn; your i ro( (,-ri tj., Drurs a?il Pal i' 1
Metlicine.-i at J I :i id's. No nejtl of troin to t ho
city Un- tlicui an hi a prices arc as low and t-v.
en'lowur than city priced
W. N. IiURD'S,
Come an1 se the Wajrnns antl Bug r'ef we
have on hand Popular prions an i rjuirl
sales. Now is the time to buy.
D- G- BEEES & CO., Newtown, Conr.
It you nectl a new one remember the old
Bta:uUjVd. the
We have the new plows and all the parts tor
them, .so il you can't get Ihem of your dealer,
or prefer to gret direct, the Dest easMngs c n
the market, drop us a line.
W & H. BR0NSON. Roxbury- Ct .
IlK SALli Mare, 6 1-2 years old, sonnii,
. gentle, Jree ilriver, tine ladies' liorse; also
one, tre.ntleinau's horsf , threat roadster, sound
in said district, on tne stU and all right. . These horses will be sold rtifhl
as 1 nave no use ior mom. tan or auuress.
II. VV. FANCIIKR, Hawleytille, Conn.
IO R RENT - The William Osborn place on
N'elvet street, near Mill river, 60 acres ol
land and good buildiiiffs. Rented with or
without the. farming tools, situated 2 miles
from Stepnev Deput Want to rent it netore
May 1. Apply at nee to WILLIAM OSROHN,
Stepney Depot, Conn.
Court, March 2U, 159B.
Estateof GEO. N. TYRRELL late ol Mon
roe, in said district, deceased.
The Court ol Probate lor the District ol
Bridgeport, hath limited & allowed B months
from the date tiereol, lor the creditors ol said
estate to exhibit their claims lor settlement.
360 & 362 MAIN STREET,
At Taylor & MeGran's Only a short time left before we will have all our
stock sold out- Do not wait until the bargains are all gone- Come now and
get your choice We have a large assortment to select from: Springs, Mat
tresses, Dining Chairs, Easy Rockers, White and Gold Chairs, Single Beds
Chambers Suits, Parlor Center Tables- Pictures, Easles, Mirrors, all must go
below cost- Do not miss this sale if you are in need of anything in the furni
ture line. We have sold a good deal. We are selling every day. Come and
sae what a little money will do- We reluse no reasonable offer- We want the
money, consequently we must seU the goods at any price.
rrv.Qo -urVts. ntartrt. to nrsen t, t heir accounts
properly attested, whiuo. sain nme, win ue
aeoarrea a recovery
All nt-.raons Indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment to
Sarah A. Peck, Administratrix.
DISTRICT OF REDulNG ss. Probate Court,
March 28, 1898.
late of Redding in said district, deceased.
The court ol Probate tor the district ot
Redding hath limited and allowed 6 months
rrom the date hereo! tor the creditors ot said
estate to exhibit, their clalir for set
tlement. Those who neglect to pi lent then
accounts properly attested, witbin iaia time
wIU be debarred a recovery All persons in
debted to eaid estate are requested to make
immediate payment to
a cininfllA ttlllrfrv Am) llATTieSS that I Will
ln.tha ,V,na otnf.l.nl- aifli A. VlAdrOOtn
ln.iu have been on trie sick list,requ Ir'wg j s,Sjt, t, seii very cheap, a. H fiiESCii, step-
OR SALE One borss 8 ears old ; 1 cow,
sbotea. BlRDSJSr i5JSARLi.i!.x, muo
MIDDLE A(?el woman desires a DOit.
fV tion to do hmwework. Address X. Y.
care The Bee Office, Newtown, Ct.
FOR SALE Broadview Farm, situated ote
mile north of Botstord derot. 90 acres ol
excellentland, saltable lor dairy stock, fruit
or truck tarming, 24 acres oi meauow, bia
ani-fm in clover, ffood snrines. tour wells, ex
tensive orchards, 160 trees; young trees, 845
peach, 115 apple, 60 pear, oo Japan sun au
ronean dIdiu, 24 quince. Fine nine room
house, two large barns water at bam, lari?
sheep stable. Rare mrHdinar site. View un.
surpassed. JOHN H. CHAUTEMS, Botsfoid
Conn. .
FOR 8AL.E 4 young fresh eowa and several
forward springers, a good lot to select
trom. and prices riffht. F. S. PBISBIE.
Brock lie Id Center, Conn.
LOST A shawl at or In the vicinity of the
Baptist hall. Eastou, on the night of the
social, March 23. A reward to the finder,
SitORGE 3. BANKS, Eaaton, Ct
wNi y 7 t have a sound ana genne nortni.
h p ijsioiau's attention.
i uey Depot, Conu.
FORS'iLE Hand some dapple gray mare, 7
vears old. works anywhere,
good driver; weight 1050 pounds
fine young guernsey cow, one in pru, n n
straw, nay. seen potatoes. ji. jx.i.v
tems, tsoisiora.
rOVA SCOTIA PLASTER -I shall have on
i.y nana a supply ol Nova scoua nosier
and orders sent in early will be attended to
OFFICE TO RENT Over K. U- Beers & Co -s
store two rooms, lor terms apply to R II.
BEERS, Newtown, Conn.
FOR SALK-An excellent tract ot grazing
land, fittv-two acres watered by never,
lailing springs ; a quantity ot wood and tim
ber thereon ; two miles sou hwest ot the vil
lage ot Newtown, on main road to Betlii
will be sold cheap to close an estate. WII
L1A.M N. NORTHROP, Administrator. March
24, 1896.
FOR 8ALF-2 lull blooded Berkshire boar
pigs 7 months old, 2 spayed lull bloo tnl
Bull terrier pups 3 months olf, 1 trio silver
Spangled Hamburgh, 1 pen barred Plymouth
Rocks, 8 second hand buffalo skins in good
order, IS Silver Spangled Hamburgh egs by
express to anyone lor f l. ivr.iN.-Nci ocnij"-
UORD, Aew i reston,
FORS'LE IfK) bush seed potatoes true to
name New Queen raised Irom seed direct
from Jin ard, Oiirabou, Maine, last sevson;
not scabby or a-y other imperfection ; Iwu
experience the best potato I can find. Give
me an order. B. R. BRADLEY, Roxbury, Ct
FOR SALE A lit'er ot the nicest pig in
town, ready to go. Come and see tiie r.
HOMER E. CLARK, Monroe, Conn.
MADGE'S RACKET, SS.so.i Jersey bull tor
service. Grides and thoroughbreds, tl,
common fPc. UEOKGE W. NORTHROl',
Palestine Dist let. Newtown.
FiRM FOR SALE The tarm ot the late
Aaron Tread weil, consisting of 125 acres ot
good and product ve land ; large house aud
convenient barns and other outbuildings,
1 1.2 miles north of Redding Center, very near
to P tnam Park. Good markets in Bethel
and Dinbury. About Si) acres meadow, pro.
tie MOV ED To im F airfield Ave. corner
Bridgeport. Conn. First-class table board by
the day or week. Pinner 25c.
"VTOT1CE Until further notice I wil be at
IN tne Town Clerk's office on every S&tux
day afternoon lrom 1 to 4 o'clock, foi the
purpose ot receiving taxes. ROBERT A.
CLARK, Collector, Newtown, KovemDer 9,
hand. Best stove on market. C. K. OS
BORNE, Southbury, Conn.
Three second hand stoves for sale.
WANTED A few bushels ol potato onio s
Address, BOX 212, Stepney Depot, Conn.
IjiGGS For Hatching, lrom barred Plymouth
ll Rochs. Hawkins strain, 15 for 50c. S. P.
BRINSMADE, Daniel's rarms, Trumbull.
ducmg good crops oi nay. lnisiaim is con ittanted Everyone to take advantage oi
sidered one ol the best in town . For sale lhe ftt Siaughter in prices ior the next
with the above it desired or separate, 1.15 2o days of Watches. Diamonds, Jewelry, Sil-
aeres pasture land known as the Jarvis tarm, TerwJare etc. JOHN H. RE ID, Jeweler, 43
lying about one mile from homestead also w t Bridgeport, Conn.
92 acres ot w oodland east ot Couch Hill, ad. .
iacent to the Newtown road. 10 acres wood " " "
,irio,,eo r Theron E. Piatt. r AN S Y SEED Finest mixed . only 10c. trial
This is an opportunity to get a very desirable A package. C. E. OSBORNE, Stepney, Conn.
FOR SALE 96 acres of land, divided Into
meadow, pasture and woodland, situated
home at a reasonable price.
HILL, Administratir.
FOR SALF A good vonne new milch cow.
GEOEGE ME VERS, Hattertown, Conn.
WANTED A middle aged woman lor gen
erai housework -small hotel. Call or
Address, JONES HOUSE, Brooklield Junction
The plaster will be ground fine in bags ol
1UO 108 eacn, ana guarantefa equal n any
Agent tor Stockbridge manures. I am anx
ious for. and fully appreciate "-hat trade I
can secure- WILLIAM O. JOHNSON, New
town .
mo RKNT Two tenant, houses in a good lo-
X cation where a man can get. plenty of
work; also tor sale l good work norse. pair
good drivers. S. SANFORD, Redding Ridge.
FOR SALE Pair of oxen 4 years old. weU
m itched, weight 2600 lbs. H R. WHEEL-
ER, Easton, conn.
FEED AND GRAIN A lair commission
This yon are willing we should have.
Notice quality nrst, men prices, inu see ii
you do not receive good return ior your
money an our giaiu auu iodu u..... . -"-n
el ot oats weighs S2 lbs. A bag ot oats
weigh 80 lbs. WILLIAM C- JOHNSON,
fKHt SALE V tenement house suitable lor on Pepper Street, near Edson Tarney's it be
two lan.ilies, situated on Dayton street, ing land belonging to the estate oi Abel Haw-
spring water in ine uuusc yuu rv. . . . i . . iey, jr. xuiuixo oi o. i. xxaxco, owpucjr.
qtlll D Ui .,,. 3. L l , Kjn.n.Aj .uuub.,
A FARM OF 75 ACRES More or less with
building thereon, located about 1 1-2
tnilrfs lrom snetton Depoi.posioince.eourcues
high school, tc, 8-room house, nearly new,
desirable property; sure to increase in value.
Inquire ot HORACE WHEELER.Shelton, Ct.,
March 17, 1896.
TANDARD BRED White Wyandottea,
Knapp strain yards headedbv males direct
from Knapp Brothers, Fablus, N. ., area ior
size and points, eggs i, i-oo per ia. .u. a.
TRASK, Middle.burv- Conn.
DRESSMAKING Ladies will And my work
and fitting to t heir satisfaction. All gar
menta cut bv system. Prices moderate, MRS
PAUL BE LOT, Botatord, Conn.
FOR SALK-Good butter cow; also Regis
tered Cheshire how, and Rural New Vork
er seed notaioes at tl 50 per barrel. II. W.
WRIGHT, Newtown.
FOR SALE OR TO RENT A" good larm of 75
acres, good buildings a"d well watered,
well stocked with fruit, situated in Head ol
the Meadow district, two mile west ii New.
town street. Inquire of ARTHUR L. PECK,,
Newtown, Conn. -
POKBPNT-Double hoiir on Curtis Hill.
J? Enquire MRS L. 1. CURTIS, Sandy ilook.
FIR SALE The farm belonging to the late
J. Hobart Mallett, containing about 100
acres, situated in the west part of the town ol
Trumbull, IS 4 miles from Long Hill station
on the Berkshire Division, 1 1-i miles from
postofflce, 7 miles from the city of Bridgeport
near school and church, suitably divided into
meadow and pasture land, never lailing
water, large two story bouse, two barns with
shed containing 2i stalls, one-naif box, other
necessary buildings. The farm has been
nsed r 20 years tor boamin gentlemen's
driving horses, summer and winter. Would
make a gno& milk farm. Address MRS J.
HOBART MALLETT, Long Hiil, Conn.
FIR 8 ALE Ea-irs for hatching, from Light
Brahmas, Plymouth Rocks, Silver Laca
Wrandottes, Black Spanish. Bnff nd White
Leghorn, l lor 5. HAWLEY A LAKE,
Box 42, Hawleyville, Conn.
'VO RENT A furnished cottage with mod
1 era Improvements, on the main road from
the station to Newtown Street, opposite of
William Terrtll's. Possession given at one.
Kn.imre ot WILLIAM l.KOSAKl) ol Dick's
Hotel or adddreas MARY K. DIoK, Newtown.

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