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our line Huh Kpi'liiH l li'Br Hum uv
er be to ami before making a purchase
we shout be pleased to have you look
ttiimi over. We can please you ami you
will nnil the prices bottom.
Wo curry Disc, .spriiiKloolli. Acme
smoothing ami sqiim-n am', shall no
pleased to talk lnia!m' it you need
miythltiK in tills lino.
Wc ImvithiH year us litiiTtotnic ta.u.n
pin lu utiii- ptuiH to buy Dm bciMt nvv.tX In
the innrkrt ami air selling it us low rm
tosMihl quality eon Mtlcrcil. Our aim
is In turn 'mIi t ho Iwt net-il possible, not
Ilio liU'K'' qinuitil (or tin lea1! money.
Vi'1imc un packi'tl tho flni'St uMorl
incut itmt wt; have cvrr rcccivt. and
ran .-Mill anyone ; I'oltr.s Ironi I Or to 7.
ftniif mill hu.k tln in uviT. Whu-m lie
niv hilly.
Cor- Main and Chu'ch Street,
. K II -v V 1'. ST A I'll.
loll .. A s
" . .ii .-InuiM I.miIv ill ,-, t our M il
I'uii r I '.i i 1' i Oi ir ;ji h n- ;i n
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I'.ii.'i-hN on, I Sun I'mln'i ii.i-,
(hi' Hip -I Inn' i ii I ' i n ; i ii'i i'ii
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Fur ' ; i r j m t .M i 1 1 in;:'-. ui -
I 'i i iw H I ';i iit- i' , .1 II ' I Ji'
lii'aliil. ( .ill ill mil' -Imr .ili'i l'i'
C(ll ihl l'll.
W. (j. BARTON (U,
tii k ! n i. a i: i nn i.i i j t . h'-k.
ti In t I 'i
Good Dinnor!
TAURANT. i i tt Ii -4-1 ion pry, Ktml, rtr. I lot ton V
t flt iiiul' ti l r rruni iUwh) s, ,,n
nvr i i i i xi o i' ,
Second Floor,
No. II ltAM sr., NKW M It, FORI).
Nhurp Inlying Klves iih a blx case Ladies'
Fine lllnck. How, made to null at I'.'ic, offered
next week I.V-, z pair lor ifc.
Ladles' Itilil'i'il Vests another simp line
combed KKyi'tlan yarn, kooiI Mr. vesta, you
take them less ttuin imiker'ti price, '2."c. It
you wish vests lor 10c, we have tliem.
Laundered nhlrt WalxlH. This Mtoro l the
ttopot lor .shirt Waint Supplier; got a royal
stock tor you to pick from, anil the best In
!ivr too kooiI for our public ami wo've ot
thu bCHtol each klm! anil nearly i II the kin. 1m
Nice Cambric, Nn-, 7c ami !. Dimity an. I
Lawn, 1. l.'ii. I.N.
Woulil like your oplolon on our new SII.K
Nooil we mention COK8KT3. You all know
tho reputation ol this ilcp&rtmcnt ho well.
Have a Htcycle Corset $1.
Clean, lrtmli stock PKHCA LKS jusl arrived,
th yard wtilo ami taut colored kind.
You will kImo find bargains In Hud (Julltn,
IlamlkcrchUifH, ,Ladln' Capea and Jackets,
Wall Tripe, Window Shade and Curtains,
CarpotM, Millinery and In tact good goods at
an low figures as such goods can be bought
lor with ua.
Bank St.,New Milford.
Farmers, Attention !
Car Seed Oats Just In; All Kinds
Fertilizers & Phosphates
Bradley's. Mapes', etc Prices
Down to Hard Pan. Write for
II. E. STONE, Southbury, Ct.
The Hotehkiaaville Cash Store,
Ladies' Shirt Waists, Blazer Suits and
Capes; also an entirely new line of
Dress Goods. The Best Quali
ty and the Greatest Quan
tity for a Selling- Price-
1. U ij u
iFKIDAT. MAY 22. IB93.
JeHuAE 1 1883,
Litchfield County News.
I.nwroiicc Ciitifu'ld, tlie most extensive
fanner in New Milford ami a self-made
man, was born November ;, 1S2.1, upon
tlie farm he now owns and occupies,
flis parents were Heth ami .lerusha
(Odell) rii"ll.'ld, his father having been
a direct ilt'seendMiit of Thomas and l'he
!c (Urane) Carlield, who moved from
VVetiierslield to Milford, onn., in lfilii
Thomas ( '.in Ii, 'Id became a very large
land owner and a prominent man in the
community, and was a 1,'epreaentat ive
to tin- (Jeiit-nil 'curt iii the year UiTl
and lioi!. lie reared a f.innlv of eight
chiidri'ii, one of whotn, named Jeremiah,
settled in New Milford in 17:27, and pur
ehascd three land rights. .lereminh ( an
ticld died on M uch Is, 17;!!- 10, his
wile, Alice, having (lied in January I he
same year. Samuel, one ! iheir 10
children, who was born in 17n, came to
New Milford previous to hi- father'
jcttlctiietit lu'ie, aid itrelia-'-d 'ar.d.
upon which he n
th r ol his life, lb
itlcd lor I he rem:
,i as a very ' ili'i-'-.
i.iriiin, aim m, - - .
which In- divided among his ehi!dri n, a
part of !!'.' properly b ing the farm now
owned by his great grandson. Law
rence 1 aoli' l.l. Samuel ( antieid was a
lleprescntat ive for several terms, s-urved
as a Justice ol the Peace for many year-'
and was a deacon of thu 'org rega ional
i lituch. He . one of the most active
men in the village, and few residents of
his day were held in higher legard.
lie died in 17.", I. survived by his wife,
Alegail Pet k ( infield, who died in i7nl,
utm years of age. They .had eight
children ; and of I hese lleih ( 'anlield. Sr ,
M r ( anlield's grandfather, who was horn
on January 7. 1712 -1!, was the young
est. He was a fanner by occupation and
a lifelong resident of New Milford. His
son, lletb, Jr., Mr CantieUFs father, was
the last born of eight children. He
succeeded to the possession of the home
stead, and was successfully engaged in
farming until his wife's death, whieh
oceured in is:!.!. His wife, whose maid
en name was Jerusha Odell, had borne
him 11 children, as follows ; Alanson W..
Cornelia M ., Sarah M., Nelson 11., Harry
and Clara (twin?,) Uiama and Oiana
(twin?,; Laura P., Pawerence (the sub
ject of this sketch,; and Bruce. The
mother died on June (1. I.s(i2, aged 7.",,
and it wa gllju of her that she had "as
many children, grandchildren, and
great-grandchildren as she was years
Lawrence Canlleld was a mere child
when his father died. He attended the
schools of his native town, and at an
early age began to assist in carrying on
the farm. Having grown to manhood,
he acquired posse? ion of the homestead
by purchasing the interests of the other
heirs, and assiduously continued the cul
tivation of the soil and the improvement
of the property. His untiring energy
being well directed, his labors have been
rewarded with success; and he his
added to his estate till he now owns up
ward of (100 acres of finely located land.
He has several acres covered with the
choicest kinds of fruit trees, and he is
the largest apple-grower in New Milford.
lie occupies a handsome residence, which
he built in l:si;:i, situated opposite the old
farm dwelling in which he was born, his,
grounds being tastefully laid out and
shaded with evergreens. He has also
built a large and convenient barn, and
availed himself of every modern appli
ance to facilitate his agricultural opera
tions. He keeps a herd of CO fine cows,
the same number of sheep, and 1 1 horses,
and has made farming a financial suc
cess. Mr Canfleld and Sarah A. Marsh,
daughter of Chauncy Marsh, were united
in marriage In April, 1818, ana have
three children: Mary ,L., Urania, aad
Heth. Mary L. resides in Colorado with
her husband, I. Phillips', and their two
children, named Edgar C. and LeonJ.
Urania married Allen P. Hill. They re
side la New Mi t ird, and have five chil
dren: ;MamIe, Joseph M., Mabel C. and
Clara and Carrie (twins.) Heth married
Louise Smith, lives In Florida, and have
Bix children : Thomas, Lawrence, Le-
roy, Sarah A., Beth, and Anna.
Mr Canfleld attend the Congregational
church, of which he ia a liberal support
er. He occupies a position ol prominence
among the Intelligent and progressive
farmers of 4New Milford, and as bis suc
cess In life is the result of his own per
severing Inaustry, it la all the more
merited and noteworthy.
Capt Alanson Canfleld, after numerous
oceBti voyfiKes, settled In Texas with his
fauiilv. He, with two of his sons, served
in the War of the Rebellion and he sacri
lieed to the ( Confederate cause an nrnount
of property iii shipping:, whieh he owned
in Ijavncea harbor. C?apt .Nelson Can
field, afr.er iivnv interesting ocean voy-atcs.sei.i!-d
with his family in his plesant
home in i'mihkeepsie, N. V., where he
died. At the time of his death he was
the greatly beloved superintendent of a
large and prosperous Sunday school.
Bruce Can field went out in the early
days of l'ike's J'eak gold mining and
died there.
The old Y. M. C. A. building has been
entirely rejuvenated and is now known
as the Lincoln restaurant, or which A.
Borelli is the proprietor. Mr and Mrs
Borelli opened their new restaurant
about the last of March, and have re
ceivvd a large patronage. As well as a
dining room for to,- general public, they
have a private d'oing mom for ladies.
People driving into New Milford from
the adjoining towns to spend the day
will find Mr liorellfs restaurant very
convenient. The front ro m in the store
is given up to the store purposes for the
a!e of confect ionarv, fruit and the like,
lie has the agency for the popular Ilor-tan'-ice
cr. a n. Mr F.orelU's establish
ment is located on I". u k st'pcf, directly
oj.;n-'fti' Mtf i vi"g !,:,!:, o that evcry-
one who
tr nie am
i N,
hi.' d
le v I
Sund iv.
Pule will preach here next
y -2 1
... en
of Pennsylvania has
vis, ting her cousin, Orlo More-
V., cpe,
if Pleasant Valley. N.
.-hurt time here, Thursday,
at Nelson Kinney's. Mr Dotv. accoui- I
K ninny's. Mr Doty, accoiu-
j.-anicd by his moiher. had attended the
iunera! of Mrs A. K. Sheldon, a sister of
I'heodore Buckingham at Povei. Mrs
Sheldon's parents resided here hi her
youth l.ut for a number of years she had
lii.cn a resident of Illinois.
Mrs pspvard Thompson has been quite
iii. Mr and M rs Thompson ate expect
ing to make their home with their son
j in Philadelphia.
Mrs i Mr i.yon and Mrs Bowers t-pent
Tuesday in New Haven.
Mrsvv.c. umc and Mrs fiill went
shopping in Danbury, last Thursday
Mrs Irwin Piatt, accompanied by two
of her children, has gone to Wisconsin
She was summoned by telegraph on ac
count of the illness of her father. Word
was afterward received of his death.
A new kiln was completed at the Grif
fmg lime kiln on Saturday, which will
give this concern an output of 1S0O bar
rels a week. C. K. Grilling, the genial
proprietor, reports a large demand for
the Housatonic Valley lime, the brand
produced at. this place, which accounts
ior the activity.
Mrs Mai y ina BosiwicK has sold her
farm in Merryali to a Mr Hunting of
Cured by Dr. Miles
A fe w yea r-
s a -ro, V. r,
I,. W. Giilhiicr, war
an e-tei.sive
fart.urer of ku
epilepsy, ho w
ness. The :u t :
Mrvi-s::ul cxpprt man u
w products. Alt;i;;kcd with
s oMrntJ i.o ;.ri v,j v.t hi.; busi-
1. ; r:i mo upon him rpvxsl i n
opportunely. ( ;u- timo falling from a curri
ae, at mint it-v down stairs, and often in the
slroi t. Otr. c h'i U down a shaft in the
mill, his injuries nearly proving fatal. Mr.
Giilluher writes from Milwaukee. Feb. 16, '05.
"Here are none more miserable than eol-
ieptics. l-'or 2U years I suffered with eplferr
tic f.18, having as high as five in one night. I
tr:cd any number of physicians, paying to
ene alone, a foe of $500.00 and have done
little ior years but search for something to
Iclp me, and have taken all the leading
remedies, but received no benefit. Ayearago
my son, Clias. S. Gallaher, druggist at 191
Iveed St., Milwaukee, gave me Dr. Miles'
Hotitotative Nervine, and I tried It with
gratifyiticr results. Have had but two fits
siiioo I began taking it. I am better now la
every vray than I have been In 20 years."
Dr. Miles' Kennedies are sold by druggists
on a positive guarantee that the first bottle
will benefit or price refunded. Book on the
Heart and Nerves, free. Address,
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
Dr. Eiles' Remedies Restore Health.
$ mm
Brooklyn, who has already taken posses
sion. Mr Hickey, who is now on the
place, will remove to Kent Hollow.
Blacksmith Henry A. Hubbell, who
had quite an illness with a bladder
trouble, shod his first horse since his
sickness on Friday last.
Mrs Samuel Waldron was the guest,
last week, of her father, William H. Ives.
"Woodbury's apostle of temperance"
is a title which might be appropriately
given to the genial blacksmith, M. F.
Skelley, who for i years has pounded
the anvil in this town. His voice is fre
quently heard in the temperance meet
ings in this town, and he is not afraid to
state plainly where he stands.,. Mr Skel
ly is a member of the Catholic Total Ab
stinence I'nion of Connecticut and was
for thrte years treasurer of that organi
zation. He is also a member of the Na
tional Caiholie Total Abstinence Union
of America, and was a delegate to the
national convention in New Haven in
August, ls."i. lie hates intemperance
in all its forms, and is auxiou3 to see the
power of the saloon on the wane. What
is netded is more men of Mr Skelly's
stamp in all the towns, then there would
be not the spirit of deadness on temper
ance. It is strange so many people are
afraid oi this question, when the liquor
iralUc is ruining hundreds of men every
year. Three cheers for Mr Skelley, and
may he live long to wave the temperance
The I'.x-asles still hold their own up
r.ov.n. Members of the family of X. M.
Strong, lr Karrman and at the Methodist
parsonage i'.re on that sick list.
Iirliorton proposes to extend the field
,.f his operations by opening a dental of
fice in V iitertown.
William II Graham is on the sick list.
Mrs ,I,- ?e li. Burton has returned from
visit to her daughter, Mrs W. II. Mor
rison, in Torrington.
Wiiliam (i. Tutido lost a barn by light
I ning in (he shower ef April 17. It was
i'i - u red through the oilice of Mrs S. W.
' l !! win fur S.'iOO. Proof was sent to the
j company on the L'0:h and was paid two
' days later, ijuick and commendable
! work.
I M i ;s . Mi llie? A. Sheiton, daughter of
Ui )i'; Willi tin Nelson Sheiton, was
! ma'T'nal to Ralph I.. Smith at the South-fo-d
chapei, on Wednesday, May 20, at
! I ,'M p in.
It i- said licit Jim Sing
. hiii. se laundry in North
is to open a
Woodbury at.
the tin shop.
i A h-rse d 'ivi'ii by Arthur Buckingham
' with tt ietoi. a few days ago, on their re
, tiii" 'i from Naugatuek became frightened
and ran away. Both men were thrown
; on! uno severely injured and the carriage
I wrecked.
! -lames W. Boyce, proprietor of Boyce's
; st;.ge line, also suffered a runaway aeci
'"' I eidi-DC. lie was thrown out of his vehicle
Milford to I and severely injured, and the wagon
! wrecked.
l f Barnes is a ilelpirn te to the
national prohibition convention.
Summer visitors will find excellent ac
commodations at the Curtis house, Par-
j kei house, Central hotel and Mapleton.
I Visitors will also find good accommoda-
fions at some of our private residences.
One of the attractive places of Bridge
water Center is that of Mrs N. li. Hatch,
whieh has recently been improved and
renovated. Mrs Hatch formerly resided
on the New Milford road west of the
Center, but wishing to be near her son,
who is of the enterprising firm of Mallett
& Hatch, she came to Bridgewater Cen
ter, bought I he Sarah Treat place and
hH3 had.it rejuvenated. The painting was
done by Daniel Wheeler and the carpen
ter work by Philo Wooden. Mrs Hatch
enjoys her new home and the people of
the Center are gratified to have her in
their midst.
Mr and Mrs George Erwin spent Sun
day in Bethel.
Dr Bostwiek entertains his mother
from Brooklyn.
Rev Mr Wallace occupied the Congre
gational pulpit, Sunday. Daniel Can
fieid was appointed delegate to attend the
ordination of Rev J. O. Jones at Bound
Brook, N. J., May 27.
Mrs Burr Mallett recently spent sever
al day3 in New Milford with her daugh
ter, Mrs Dr Staub.
Glad to see D wight Wheeler's Dlace
open for the summer.
Mrs Frederic B. Stewart and daughter
from St Paul, Minn., are ac Eli Sturde
vant's. Frank Frost is home for the summer.
Mrs C. A. J. (jueckberner from Brook
lyn is with her parents, Mr and Mrs S.
A. Lyon for a few weeks.
Messrs David and Smith Beers from
Danbury were in Bridgewater, Sunday.
Mrs L. F. Burges3 has returned from a
visit of several weeks in New Jersey.
Every river has its eddies, so every day
has its neap tide and flood tide. Health
gives place to sickness. The grip and
measles arejwith us. Fanny Humphrey,
on her second year as teacher In South
east Cornwall, was suddenly taken with
the grip, attended with paroxysms of
coughing quite remarkable, has been un
der her mother's careful nursing, and was
able to ride home on Wednesday of last
week. There is some prospect of her
being able to resume her school again in
a week or two. Ella Eaton is down
with the measles in the Northeast dis
trict. Some of the families have taken
their children out of school to the great
discouragement of the teacher, Miss
Patterson, who has succeeded in gather
ing a very large school for the district.
The measles are never a welcome guest,
however favorable the season may be.
Many people are reluctant to run into
them, for sometimes it requires years to
outgrow the effect of them, even with
the best of care. The same disease is
also in the College Farms district.
Johnnie Angevlne wa3 better at last
report and it is hoped he will soon be on
his feet again.
Passing along the banks of Lake)
Waramaug, last Wednesday niorniug, at '
an early hour, one was deeply ira-
pressed with the beauty and grandeur of
the scenery. The lake itself was per
fectly tranquil and reflected in its com
pleteness tlie whole outside world along
the margin. Such a picture is seldom
seen and would indeed have paid the
connoisseur or even the lover of nature
for a long drive to look upon a scene so
magnificent. Returning along the same
road, the trance was broken, since the
bosom of the lake was rullled by the
Rev Mr Evans of New Preston occu
pied the pulpit here on Sunday, on the
interesting subject "Seeking a Country."
The words of the text are found in Heb.
People in going to church found it dry
and dusty. All were anxious for rain.
A few drops fell about 9 a. m. No more
during the day in this immediate section
The sun looks red and fiery. The rain,
however, will come, and sooner perhaps
than we now think.
In Fairfield County.
The rum dealers of this city are not
having everything their own way, as the
past week all entrances to living apart
ments above saloons have been boarded
up; also the Kalamazoo and nickel in
the slot gambling machines have been
tsken out and the s iloon keepers lined
:1U apiece. Pet the good work go on !
More than 20 have gone out of the hui
ness and when a bill similar to the Raines
bill in New York is pas sed in this state
t mse who remain in the business will
have to conform with the law or go out
of tlie bu iness. In fact, Bridgeport Ins
always had too much rum for i s own
The Traction Co. are laying a double
t rack from Washington Park to Beardsley
Park, and will have cars running to the
park by alemorial day. This is good
news as many hundreds have wished to
visit this park, but have never had an ac
ces- ible and cheap way of getting there.
W II. Joslyn is having a large pavil
i n built at Bearsley Park to accommo
date menagerie, aquarium and curios.
He is also fitting up the ice cream and
lunch pavilion in good shape as now
the vi'itors to this beautiful rural park
is expected to be very iarge this sum
mer. Fahlield avenue is being widened,
which makes the walks rather narrow.
The improvement was n eded as trallic
on this avenue is cry large; at the same
r.ime the Cili.en.s Gas Co. are putting in
12 inch mains to supply gas for heating
and cooking purposes ai less cost to con
sumers than coal.
Hydraulic Engineer Hallock is having
many calls and inquiries regarding high
duty turbine water wheels. Any one
contemplating putting in a water wheel
should write Mr Hallock for prices.
Also hot air pumping engines which are
low in price, and more reliable than
wind mills during an seasons or trie
Twelve new open summer trolly cars
h ive arrived for the Traction Co., of the
latest designs, for use cn Noble avenue
and Sea View avenue, as the new ferry
at the foot of Sea View avenue for Pleas
ure Beach will increase travel on this
line more than double.
The highway from East Bridgeport to
Stratford has been macadamized and is
now in good order, being a much needed
improvement. The latest report is that
the Milford Electric Railway Co. have
sold out to a firm in New York, and the
road will be built at once from Wood
mont on the east to Burn'3 Point and
Washington Bridge on the west. This
will give a through line from Southport
to New Haven touching all the summer
resorts' along the Sound. This will be
ECace TSetween the Sr8 for Education.
Healtft Impaired by Incessant Study.
The race between the sexes for edu
cation is to-day very close.
Ambitious girls work incessantly
studies, and are often
"brought to a halt,
through having
sacrificed the phy
sical to the mental.
Then begin those
ailme.ots that mult be
removed at once, or
they will produce con
stant stiff ering. Head
ache, dizziness, faint-
ness, slight vertigo,
pains in the back and
loins, irregularity, -L
loss of sleep and
appetite, nerv
ousness and
blues, with lack
of confidence ;
these are positive
signs that wo
men's arch enemy is at hand,
The following letter was
received by Mrs. Pinkhamin
.llay, one month after the young lady
had first written, giving symptoms,
and asking advice. She was ill and in
great distress of mind, feeling she
would not hold out till graduation, and
the doctor had advised her to go home.
College, Mass.
You dear Woman:
I should have written to you before,
but you said wait a month. We are
taught that the days of miracles are
past. Pray what is my case ? I have
taken tho Vegetable Compound faith
fully, and obeyed you implicitly and,
am free from all my ills. I was a very,
very sick girl. Am keeping well up ia
my class, and hope to do you and myself
credit at graduation. My gratitude
cannot find expression in
wrn-is. Ynnminrwrfl jis
friend, Mabt --t8
P. S. Some
of the other i
girls are now o!
using the Com- I v3)
l T f,an. U? Ax V S
cuts tnem an. .
Lydia E. Pinlc . y
nam's Vegetable
Compound, is the only
safe, sure and effectual remedy in such
cases, as it removes the cause, purifies
end invigorates tbi tystein, and givei
energy and vitality.
over their
J. ffnW NU
3 jfi
The only complete line of PETEH HENDERSON &C0.'S Garden and Flower .Seeds in
the city. Also a FERTILIZER specially adapted for Lawns, which not only gives quick
but lasting results. Special Fertilizers for Gardens, Potatoes, etc.
The largest and finest line of BASE BALL SUPPLIES, including Victor League Ball,
Masks, Catcher's and Baseman's Mits, Body Protectors, Bats, etc.
Don't forget to look at our BICYCLES and Sundries.
90, 94 BANK ST.,
a great convenience to those owning
shore cottages and those who wish to
visit the shore to bathe and dig clams.
Tlie American Ordinance Co. have
paid 110, 000 for the Sanford hat factory
and are putting up many extensive
buildings. Also the largest ar.d highest,
brick smoke stack In the city. When
all improvements are made and this
plant gets settled down to business it
will be the largest in the city, it not in
New England, and will help with other
large concern- in this city to adverti-e
Bi idgeport over the whole world. After
the next pie? ideniial election Greater
Bridgeport, is goirg to he the largest
city in the rtate, as everything is now
lookieg that way. !'. Know.
TDK ri.lMit M KMliIll A I. l.ll'.iiAHY API'KK
Cl 1TK1).
The directors of the Piumb Memorial
library held a meeting, recently. and plac
ed the new h 'ok- on the shelves for use,
having issued a snpolementary cata
logue. There are now- nearly :i:ini vol
umes in the library and the patronage is
iicreasir g.
lt.r 1 I
:i:cn istkkests
At the Baptist, church. last Wednesday,
there v.-a-- a pleasant recpMon to the new
pastor find wife. Rev and Mrs I.ndding
ton. SIkm" ;u!ri'"'s ,.f we'coiiie were
made by Rev Messr- Hong of the Meth
odist church, Keneston of the l .orgrega
tional church and Sutler of the Bapti-t
church of White Hi!'-.
Dr K.
ain have
i!. I.yon and wife of New
visited Dr G. A. Sheiton.
A policeman is to be kept on du'y all
night for a few weeks to come.
In the residence of Lewis W. Booth,
last Tuesday, some curtains caught fire
from a gas jet but a timely discovery pre
vented a conflagration.
A lad by the name of Horace Tripp had
his foot badly mashed between the bump
ers of the cars on a switching tram on
which he had climbed for a ride. He was
taken to the hospital.
The cave in at the sewer ha? been re
moved and the work progresses slowly.
The flowers at the Congregational
church, last Sunday, were very fine.
Mrs H. B. Bartlett and child left, Sat
urday morning, for her future home in
Michael ICondis, the tramp who was
sent up to the Superior court from here
two weeks has since received a sentence
of five monihs in state prison.
The measles still continue their fun
with the children. None of the cases
have proved fatal.
Arthur C. Booth lost a horse, last week,
from pneumonia.
Ferdinand F.bel, who was sent to the
hospital two or three weeks since because
of wounds he had received from sorre un
known person who had attacked him, is
now at his hut again, he having recover
ed. A forest fire in the woods in the vicin
ity of Knell's Rocks and in French dis
trict from last Saturday to Monday burn
ed over a large amount of woodland and
destroyed seme cord wood.
The Messrs Sterling, who have charge
of the fish hatchery here, report that the
water in the river is so foul that it sei i
ou9ly pffects the fish and the li-hirg- Th'
water i polluted by acids from the fac-1
J. C. Pickles of Manchester has been a
guest during the past week of Mr and
Mrs Robert W. Post.
Rev Kenneth Mackenzie is on a 10 days
vacation at Fishkill, N. Y.
Rev George W. Barhydt conducted the
services at Safeguard chapel, Cross High
way, Sunday afternoon.
Miss Minnie Elwood of Brooklyn is
visiting at the residence of Mrs Charles
Mr and Mrs Arthur F. Sheppard have
been visiting friends at Jersey City.
Owing to the illness of Charles E
Sturges, who has the contract for taking
care of the roads in East Norwalk,Thom
as Glynn of this place is doing the work
for him.
Rev Charles M. Selleck of Norwalk of
ficiated at Trinity church, Sunday.
Jesse Taylor of Cranberry has accepted
a position with the Westport Electric
Light & Water Co.
Miss Anna S. Curtis of Bridgeport has
been visiting Miss Rose B. Beers.
Miss Mary Pilling of Waterbury Is vis
iting her sister, Mrs Nathaniel Gault.
Arrangements are being made for the
third annual bicycle race In this place on
June 10. The race will be under the su
pervision of Frank A. Honneker of Nor
wplk and Harry S. Hall of this place.
The government mud digger has com
pleted its work in the channel and left on
Monday for New Jersey. 1
Notices have been posted about town
LTsfP i
forbidding bicyclists from riding on the
Mrs Homer S. Beers is spending a
month with friends at Hoosac Falls and
Albany, N. Y.
The parish of Christ church has grant
ed the rector, R v George W. B irhydt, a
two weeks" vacation in June.
Mi-- Mary flubbl! of Stratford is vis
i ing .li-s Fannie L Gray.
Robert T. L"e has had built at the ter
minus of his lane a depot for the conven
ience of his workmen and others who are
waiting for the trolley.
The Greer ti'.'hl Hill dramatic cluh cn
deri d '"The Deacon" at the Wcsfport
opera luisi , on Thursday evcr.ii g. fur
the h oi. li; of the 1 .c.al G-as'gc.
The HV-t; r il-!!t:,it;c clot, r. -
der th"ir p'ay. r:.'--. or i-'irir the
B one ar e," a' 'he i ' q O"' 0 . i '.i . u e,
next 'iiie-ii ,v , v; r i, -r. f.T Ihe teo;. tit of
the Smigai m k n-oili'ig room. Tin
the clt.li '.-ho 'Alii fake pari are ; in
Mi- es Edna G Bradley. Kva C. Sturg-ss.
I.' i'ii M. Mori h oi-e. II, ttii R. Sherwe d.
M r Gould I), .feilitl '. Arthur B. .'!
lilt , J. Charles S .iU'oa S iiart W. Sht-r-w
aal. ( Jet rge T. D a ton as.il Kieil K.
To ill t. The club attended "The l'.-a-cOii."
J'ii 'i t dav evening, i.o a ho.lv.
Charles B.-'wiik of New York lets t. ei
the eo -: of We-li. ti fiie-ois u'l,-it.g hi
past we. k.
': nc li'.n - eh,,!,! roiods f Mrs I.on bzo
, Tuttle v as 1 1 in o.'i ,l to her home in St r a t
li'.'lii. lasi , rk
,i '-- n.j
has bi i-i; v
i i
Ulll N'.rwa'k
friends h.
re' during the
The annual meeting and election of di
rectors of tlie Widow Brook cemetery as
sociation was held, Wodne-day.
The marriage of Mi-s Jennie I'. Kirk
of this place and Fred B. Fillow of Nor
walk will take place early next month at
the Congregational church. Miss Rose '
IJ, Beers will act as maid of honor and
the Misses Flora and Mamie Blaifdel!
will be the bridesmaids.
Mrs G. 11. Bunnell of New Haven has
been visiting Mrs Daniel B Bradley, Jr.
Charles Adams of Brooklyn spent Sui -day
with his parents, Mr and Mrs George !
S. Adams. Sunday. i
F. Parker I.c is of New Haven spent!
Sunday wit a friends in town. j
Mr and Mrs John Johu-on of Bridge-!
port spent Sunday at the residence of K. i
A. Beers.
Mr and Mrs A. T. Beers of Greenwich
are guests at the residence of capt Henry
P. Beers.
Mrs Charles Fable is visiting relatives
at Hastings-on the Hudson.
Miss Hattie Ogden is the guest of
Southport friends.
N. J. Clark is adding to the appear
ance of his house by a fresh coat of
white paint.
Horace S. I.yon has returned from the
Bridgeport hospital after a stay of near
ly 12 weeks, having had a successful op
eration by the removal of a cataract
from each eye by Dr Wilson. Mr Lyon
can see perfectly weli and rejoices over
so successful an operation.
r makes mince pies, fruit cake 3
va. and pudding possible all the JZ
9year 'round. Always fresh, al-
1 ways in season. Always good,
hg that's the reason. Accept no
'Ft E,uu:5Uiute. ooia everywnere. i
Iff Send name and address for booklet, 'lira, Poo- 3
Inns' ToariksiriviiiflV bya noted humorous vrilcr. F
M K It R K I.F.-SO rl. F. CO., jttffs
Mowing Machine Oil.
Lawn Mower Oil
Sewing1 Machine Oil
Bicycle Oil.
Harness Oil.
Axle Grease of every descrip
tion at
Pythian Hall.
C. W. ATWOOD, Water-town.
Tjumber, Shingles, tatb. Brick, Tiling, Lima
Cement, Coal & Wood and a general line ot
Masons & Bullilers' Supplies, Flour, Hay,
Grain & Feed. Office and yard near Depot.
Jiist arrived, a trood stock ol Lumber. Feed.
tsrain, etc. for Spring trade, at prices as low
as can be bought anywhere in this vicinity
itjL mo otniiu gieit: ui guuua. Apmia, io'Jb.
SEvery Wednesday at the Rectory. Rox
bury Conn.
A l-'ifs!', i;i-io-ltt Stuck
My Silt'lvrs ;irr full i ,f oo i, s tllllt
Will J.lt'itr-I- tllf I.llllit'S.
A.llen Joyce,
Tim Le.-t.linf,' Mere l.ant.
Roxbury, Conn
For a Birthday Present!
Ixold or Silver!
Hundreds of 'Em!
Beautiful ad Cheap!
Then we Eav DIAMONDS, and
,j Lots of Beautiful Goods in Silver and
Go.d. Call at v:y Store-
Litchaeld, Conn.
A rpt?c:u!ty
At r-a-onablc pik-es anl of
lie iatc.-.t ilesitriis.
At S; Micfcael's Ctmetery, Sua
ford Ave.
Bridgeport, Coaa
Kiv" laiiiut- s' rtle on strat
for.l Ave. ti-oilcy cars from do
I 1
- sexIOTl, Sr
M. II. sexton
Reynolds Bridge Granite Monu
mental Works.
Monuments ami 1 1 , 'Oilstones of all kinds
made to order from Foreign and Domestic
We actually manufacture at our yards more
monrments and head stones than all tie monu
mental works in the entire Kaugatnck Valley
and Bridgeport and KeT Haven combined.
Monuments, Haads Stones in Marble or Grecite
Write for designs and price.
Manufacturer ot
and Ladies' Hair Work.
Combings straightened, roots all oneway.
Write tor intormation ; enelosa stamp.
Great Reduction on CAPES, CLOAKS
Prices Way Down to Suit
The Times.
The Bethlehem Diy Goods Man.
gerlinjron fridge Qo..
Cah Fua.vl.su Yun A liiuin
For 2 1 per Fqnare foot. This price reduced
iroin a 3 4c to hold good until July 1 only.
; f
sf- ;ii-i-!iui iiiuurtr.
n 1. 1 fcjrrx iy u in p-
ill I r :
Z$yi7 AValuable
jpGiVTN FDR TaAor Marks
jSuiDEYAll ERnCER3A75"sj.g
, Ox
:cV'' w ' . ',
It-. v,-v.rV s ' ;
.'O '.V. V C" - -
;- ' -- . ' .-'" r
I .. . P; ...X i '-
cfRi:. . : : ... - f ip
i i I kf I I I I

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