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' t- TV T'.' V , f '; V'",
I the Hook. They also have a nice Releet
" I flock of oMve (ill and bottled o1Ivm.
Bishop's, 702 Chapel street, New Haven,
giving full description of all their tour,
u, ii iw' -oi oo.n-i.avj lis :"u-'vt ly ail our
17 l M
1 1
l J I Lie
! T,
il .!,
I ow n lopies.
MAi ri.it 3 or pusinehs.
M . Si cm' , .n i : ! -'t Is- nf Kh'n t W!ii-t .
All ntir i -lii I. wh'Mh I'd ;
'!." ini n 11! di-couid on all uur trniMiii'il
Hat Ht M. Mrru', Is-' M-tin atn-ft, 1 .an
bury. I en, lie 1 1 1 H 1 i ; u r y ami i'UviU l;r-u-i
If Is doubtful if ever in Ni'WlinMi's I'ii
f r r V lla a more In l-i'l'rois ami tiii,y
1 1 1 if f i t pri'i odi il the Fourth of .'lily t)i:m
was tlic riw li-f Kri'lay nijrlit- The
rm-ki't l"','rin wt :i'"'if 1 .-' o'clock :i i-isif.
II -11(1' l..ti-i- iTi' slutted, ill which
boxes :i.-it h-iru-lt UvU'-K'-K '" '' !":
nit'l'cliaiits wt'' ou rdii" il.'tihl il n f il nun 11
I ti tin' iSiti a - Ki it, up. lii'i. ! lie on
Hrritt ii iiuil '. bun 1 1 I ''Il wasn't In , i rn "e;
by lujic hunt; convenient lv out el the
Wltil'tlW oht ,1 He' - il'' ; k , im II II' il! iTIIl'k-
i'h I',", tu iii. li i il II ' i iii i'- '!r ijC
K-il ni 'ii il ,.wii tin' U'X amuse
1 1 1 1 I r . Ilotwve; iii hi thr eon ciotii-o it
Was hard -del ,n U III t.T -ll.'h tend'! i "II-
n iii! if this k tt-it! "I : larUfl. hm come t
Htiiy our ill i f nf p. lit hul Infer sin w
hM hand innl iii.iKi' tin' lii'V-i i l'i'V tl"'
luw, which ftll- h halt til! I ii cluck tin
in 1 'I'll ri o I ih" fourth. It. w.n-1 nl-o re
ported a - p
. i.
tin !o, 1
I,'. . Kipori,.
.Smith, M r i ml M ' -Mrs
1'. I'.. I i, (, i
; a r nit'K s
V M. V. a
Sin. tli.
l . ' I,,
a in!
:. i .
v. .
in r-
'K '
A 1
r, i.,
Loon,l , M.
loan, M is- i
i N v il
W tlii in, 1
P.i nl. p,,, i
nip, ni a 1 i
W it'' I ' : ' 1 '
s -i 1 : , 1 . i ' 1
I ,v
kel ' o Inn: ill
- - Kiln K I '.-it i
:' d Mr I ' i::i'
1 !, i, .i: i o,
l , , -.p. :1 '.!:" !,o
: I : u ti ,1 :i ::, nn
r. Mr .m.'l Mi
1 1 , : nt r in town
I Ni
M :
Pear .ii ,
oi' r, 1 ...
tit t ' ,
ell:, til
i II 1 1 a -
st, ppii.j;
i P.
1 ml,- M .
,1 io.y r
I i(e I o '
1., ..lav. i
si., 1
.Sum; , t .'
M ...
llol. .1 1- ,
Koti ' h n li
Mi I.. 1 1
past. Wt : k I
KO'ne ot I tie j
ly. She s', ,
CllU-etl ipnte
inove fl out h
runt the
en tool,
I V ti.ad
whieh a 11 t ll O t I: (
!' f. IC
Mr ami Mrs Krm.:
wit h relat i ves :i !
A t the a n ri 11 a i -eh
(i Ite ! hool holi-e. 1
en e mi 111 i I ' t e . ! ! , -h.
I. .-;-, M .11. K , , .
,K,.r .j,
nt sirid iy
triipit M iildle
1 v,s f t hos-
reh:' ! t i-'i k and
ii a- d !..., ii'.T
for tie
e 11-111
l-'rmiU ( anli' ld 1
the linnhlni; tone!'
L. t '. ( filberts In, u
a lilt IT. It
on I he
im! i id! iix
interior if
Mr SI, oil, M-- 'ted Mi
and two - on- and M r a :
Short of Pe l hel were eij,
M rs John II . I'd civilian '
I. M
en y
Mrs IP in (;t
- i.f Mr m,l
i' the Kourl ii.
Firecrackers d d snn
inns spent', r .if . ni 1
business 1 n the II ,, k,
11 'H'l ' 11'' w i fe sit , ;,
ill); I be horse, in t' out
building, while M r --p
the stores v. ben .1 , , 1,
too 1. en r rnade 1 be hoi -ciine
uiiiu iniii, aid, .
tlumim- for I: -!n!e
he v is on
1-'. we, k I I Ida',
C c il". i'llTe belli
f I he p-,. 1 lliee
ei-r was in one 1 f
'f cr'iel.i r ' Iii i d
s. pill'.e,- ,l be
lt il.i-!iid ov.-r
tfbl lip HfcT'i ill-t the
T11 y lor .V. ( tu t i i'
v rei ki il cai rinee
la .v ns but li nn 1 1 y bn
stone ind at Wariie:'
tOO'-e wi'h a b.nlly
wheel. MtS Spencer Win si:il;,'Tl
Boinewhat senn d, but not seriou-iy hurt.
Meichant. K. J. II. ill was in Minhury
On Weill, es-ilay to -ar hi - iiieth.-r, who is
ijuite sei ieu- ly ill.
Mrs Harnh Uuil and children from Kent
were Independence day visitors at. the
home of Mr ,1 ml Mrs S. '. Pull at. the
A lo pound boy came to gladden the
hnii'ts of Mr and Mrs Jo-iah Tillson and
rilak" nnl.de in (heir li,;ma W'eth.esday
"The Deacon," with the same eact of
character that, recently appeared at the
Town ball, will iippear nt the Sundy
llook opera house, Thursday evenit'a',
July .10. Io not make any other rn
jfaKi'tnent for that 'venin.
Frank (iahler is riding a handsome
Waverh-y bicycle, hmiitht. or Arthur S.
Mrn I'at.rlck MeNamara has beaten the
record, thai week, klllinn; snakes. Amontr
them was one larie II it headed adder.
Mis Oracle Claik of Monroe is the
guetit of Mini Mabel Clark of oar.
Bradley rrmelee and family of An
onla, Mrt Bradley, Mi Kverett of Shel
ton, C!harle Gilbert and wife, Birdsey
Beardnky acil family were at II. W.
Bradley'8, the Fourth. Such reunions
are pleasant.
Come and lee what A. S. Hawley can
do for you In the bicycle line.
Carriage and bath sponges; alo a fine
line of hammocks at Warner, Taylor &
Cui lU', Sandy Hook.
A bargain In ladles' phoes at $1.25 can
had of Warner, Taylor A Curtis.
You can buy a wheel cheap of A.
Thoie Lowney'g celebrated candles you
can get at Warner, Taylor & Curtis' at
I ll '. I : llll' "I
N. .1.,
t w i ck mid will peml Uin sum- j
lucr Ht their reuuli r h. 'lie in this i,lnep. I
MrM'Inr.'i Shit. Inns rf Bethel is a ie3t
i f her to-other. iNlpli IU nedict.
Mrs Marti. I'-tync Inc visited for two
m i U . n i, iicr li ici.it,
n p. in I'nlt'-tii.c.
M r l'.'iiil y North-
i;oi-.foril wiia a
- , J.ine SuuiiuoiM
1'oiK'Uc Uri-ci'
'ii . r :a. t he horih
v i r 1 In Koin lb
It. "'in unii -im ily iiiit r in l.hU village
tie 1'ourth. Ihi'ie wtie few visitors.
Several of t or youn pecilc went to
I'.-iiljjeport atiii I'tlicr; attci.tletl the cele
tuatii.i' in I i t s.1 it 1 1 k A JU'.-cc?sfu! family
'eiiic v-.ns- In :! a! the Inniic of .lohli
-M ii I -on .
' ! I . S'iiiiie: i ; 1 1 1 j , ! o v
! I'H ll i:: t; on ,.c . i.l,..j;,
i his In ,u -e
iiiit. etc.
M r- lieni y .Iiick-im ami son of i;io
Imi' V liu'.e i iti ,1 it I I'Hi 1: loitn rt.;'.
M -
i lit
1 M-
mi :
ertained M r aiid
1 rs i 'lie
Mis l'i
-I. It.
I 'a I lilell
I'm iiielet
inis v i -i t.t 1 1 h
in ! , ni, u i y.
vi- been put
e Ka! i child fa
". ,'r::ii.
tirol her,
A .
la-K" 1
roofs i:
riK on t
upon the
I'll, occu-
pi tl l v Kraa!. I-,
Mr ai.'l M. . I..
"1 -s .1 u i ni I'.eV'i I
4:-e.-t- l..r -Hi',
ll.'l'i tIN'CiGS AS
11. r.- vii , , Had i,i, d
:' "t le'liiel have been
: if.iy- at John St ills,,), 's.
Tliii 00Ji!7UKOan0&AL
-lli'.'e I:
v. ml !!
ini.i "
lo ,hf
e i , " a t
! La ' 1, -:,.
,t p- w-
,;ue -r t
I. :i nil
1 t,
".' I e -
t . Ilt.w ,t-
11 speak of
- !. t,L s ,.f
the - :- !
rested will
' meeting .
,0111 i f the
.i!',,'. I!
li) i'. lll. li I
f el , Pro
All who i,i
! We'f.if.!
ill1 tea
th l; 1
,'a it'll,
b. hear
1 1 1
The 1
he 1
: . . v. it I l::,: ;..s U. .Northrop :in i-
end I '. x-sen.a1 or !l,.uiihan to .New
,ik on Sat urtlay . who j-nneil the 1 on-
! ll ll'
Uflt'tcation In tin tia' 1011a! den 11
ni sen: ion at the Murray Hill ho-
N or' ir op 'on ehed ivi.li the iL 1
1 1.. re i !e pi'i.'' a- a inemerto
sip (:. of ,'.. I. .11,1! nine ait ,-r-
: I.
I- "i , a p., -I,,; . -'i','
,, e ' ten d in -add a; u
1 !l a lien Ill;',,;, . ll:
: -o ' - -v n;;s buhl..
, 1 .1 . A . .! em's nt Hawley-
i terta i lied
i laiitnu y ,
am! :
Mr and
Blackmail. Mis
Flora 1
I M -! r Arthur pa ised t! 1
t.h M rs II. K. Ulm-k nan in tin
I.' tel..
d H;i
I. '
ai y
I 't
.li'leim were
l's Jackson--.
1 Jul
in Hr
II. T.
. ( it y iv.i
1 k.
F. K H
Mi- I.
in 111 : -,
th, l:
hi r
Mi tnd Mrs ); 1 u.ii,
I Mi-s M.l'.el of N 't IL
i iirth v.iih Mr mid Mr- I.
h a!y Nook.
id daiiiih
1. -pent the
Ma-Ol). i t
I'.ddie 1 ;
N.'W Villi,
,.d Mi
trie ( Piver of
P.. Lake. I
are e.,1,
"lrs Pindier of Bridgewater
iay w nh their son, K. l'itch-
pa -
er. ot llawli y vil'e.
A. O. Baker's collection of animal
triads ijuitca crowd daily.
I hr i
1 IVi'll
... t. Fast Village school, Monroe, has
.!. S. I i.'i'w passed last Tuesday with arrived from a two weeks' visit with
h'e parcnt. ; unuoina in Brooklyn. MiS3 l'opejexpccts
i co make a short, stay with her parents at
'''he progr,,rn for the celebration of the , Cosey Nook and from there go to II art
Ftairth at St John's rectory was carried , ford to spend the summer with her aunt,
ou: very successfully until the rain came Mrs Baett.
in the eyt nirg.iuterferins
with the lireworks.
quite seriously
Particular attention is called to the no
tice in this issue of the popular excursion
of the Consolidated railroad to Pleasure j
Beach on Wednesday. In addition to the i
regular sea side features, special attrac
tions have been provided at the beach
ft); this day. Make up a party, purchase
your tickets in advance and arrange for
., .'i:,.i,ii,.i .1..,. tl,,.
",-i,s..i,.,. uJ - "- 1
A grand family excursion will he giv
0 by the employes of Kwen McTntyre
,v Co., the titti rpi ising New Haven
dry goods merchants, to lloton Point,
Friday, July 17. All.arrangements have
been made as catering to a first class
t t. iily excursion. A first class orches
ta will furnish music during the trip.
The Mendelssohn quartet will rendtr
many selections ; also solos by some of
the best local singers may be expected.
On arrival at Iloton Point the orchestra
will be transferred to .the pavilion and
furnish regular dancing music. This
party will be confined to immediate
friends and customers.
The readers of The Bee should
read the advertisement of the Rec
reation Tourist Co., in another column,
giving a list of short outings which
many can testify are most enjoyable,
embracing Saratoga, Ausable Chasm,
Thouand Island, Niagara Falls, White
Mountains, Quebec, Montreal and Block
Island. No on should decide on their
summer trips without Including one of
the above tours on their list, and a popu
lar chord was certainly touched when
this delightful series of outings was ar
ranged. The Ilecreatioa Tourist Co.
have iust issued a very attractive edition
of the N. E. Tourist, which can be ob
tained of any ticket agent or at reck &
i ( i i'"ii- .-'I 1 vice wlU he belli lull
Minilny ii tU i -noon, July 12,al 3.3U o'clock
in the f.. liuolli.ju-t' of 1 .odgingtown diH
triet. It will he conducted by Kcv Otis'
j V. Iturker of the (,'orgregational church.
; Thure will bp iwlK slnginf? and earnest
Pu,aUint. 'i'hese religious services in the
; i!i-it.iicti; occur so seUlom, will nut those
I who n iitl this nohct, speiik to their neigli
t ,rs about it. and attend themselves, that
the schoolhouso may he li lied .next Sun-
! tli".
i Mr and Mrs T. K. Iorey, Miss Mary
V hul,. n. Ni w London ; A. H. Hawley,
I.', s Todd. New Milford ; John Dillon.
1 Mrs J. J. Kay, Mrs j. ,;. Kennedy, Mr
in d Mr; N. J. rhelmi. I), olihan, 11. 11.
T .,1,!. V. . l.ti - :eil. i '. I.'. Hublieil,
Ur iilfjjt port ; John Ki-liy, T. T. Koudcr, I
('. S. lumbar, K. I,'. Kin.l)erlcy. New
(lav n ; J. K. t i,ll. Mis? n. v. iu'dui,
( ha: le; W ehster
him a -'f for two ni,
New llavcn.!
has been enjoying
Us with friends in
Lots "t cash bargain?! at K. K. II a w
! ley '- llcst foodr, at lowest prices.
Thu ceiiiiinc National ha3- rake, best
; innl lihe.st, rn nr. i ntC rakemauo only S20 ;
tii o all kinds li.iviii tools at our low
ca ti p; ic ' V, V ! i a w ley.
I ;! K. F. iliwSey's ail about some
thiiii? i-fH-1 to Urhik. as he is ready to
serve dei i. a, us -iwlu water, .as cold as
.an niak,- jt wiih fruit and cream
svru: '. at. .e 4: i-s : also M oxie, diamond
i; "i; '. i;e. ;i'!,,:t ami vahy waters, etc.
If imi w'H't rtc tinest candies made
I'liv Wuiiac-'- c iehra'.eii chocolates sold
I'V t.l.c p.-niid or in Iioxps only at K. K.
II , ,vi, y"n -''. evry week.
I 1. you .'.,1.; ": te.iii.i .- All I he money
m ,.'--;.. ry v il' ': loa'aid to you by War
i;;. !!. l.ii i -on .V I'm, :!i 1 Mam street.
!!, ..l'i the i.d'.s it :;-i m dit of this rntcrpri. -int;
linn a' tin top 1 f the tii'St p';le.
Children Cry for
Fitchew's Castoria.
Try the Ilaiasy tablet, jotjuires only
a yln
( ,.'t
- of c
1. ,;
:i bout :
Id water to make instantly a
it rvt'sccnl drink. All llavors.
Ic trla s at K K. I law ley's.
Oiir Ninliors
liiAIIl 11!' Yil.-S I i A'uUl l; I' HiCAlU.KV.
A rarely lovely and useful life went
mi: from ic iii the j, nth of Mis Harriet
ilradley on Monday. July ', after an ill
ness of three wet ks. Kndowed by na
ture with ere, ;t- -weetucs?, ehecr f u 1 nese
ami unstdli !m"; , added to these the gra
ces of the Christian faith, made a char
acier of uiit:''uai beauty. She will be
scrrttly missed and deeply mourned.
Mi-- Itr: dley for some time had been
livii.t; with her brother-in-law, Henry I.
iiiekok. ' .i Tliur-day t",f last week she
liiid an. opor.dioii l'"r appendicitis and
was i;o:i:i.' well til! Monday, when death
en u: ti. Besides her brother-in-law. II.
1'. !Lckck. she leaves two sisters in New
Haven, Mrs George Hickok and Mrs
Uoujy ii:.'iditif. The funeral was held
f-0111 the 'u in" ol Mr ilictok at '2 p. ni.,
rt't tlne-d.iy, !Iev Mr Siailey clliciating.
;:ii: I'U im n in iiti; ham lkt.
'I'll'- Fourth passed .juie'ly until after
n cm w hen the catiiio.a voiced the patriot
in, 1 f a j .or' ion of the community. The
htll atal lirevorks in the evening added
em j)hasi . A party of about '!() of the
young people had a picnic, which was
sp; ken of as a pleasant occasion, graced
by a very line supper.
Pi.- dt legnt e f"r Washington left, this
week, ith hiith anticipation? which we
hope may be mo;e than realized.
Both of Mrs t dan, s sisters are with
I Miss Pop", who so .successfully taught
A baby girl made her appearance at
Bert Clark's, last Monday night, July 0.
Mr and Mrs F. S. (toe welcomed a
daughter at their home, Monday, July C.
vn,P.:ll.,nsd,l. we .r her rWnrhL.
When shit was a Child, aho cried for Castoria.
When sho becniuo Miss, she clung to CiiKtorla.
ftlmn slio liad CliiUren, slip gavothein Castoria.
The Travelers' Guide.
NEW HAVKN North. 9 SS a. m, 4.00 p. m.;
Soutli.lo.tW a. m., 7.60 p. m.
8H KbTON North, W.oS a, m., 4.24 p. m. South,
10. a. m., 7.24 p. m.
8TEV KNSON North, 10.16 a. mn 4 30 p. m.
Unuth, 10. IS a. in., 7.11 p.m.
MONKOE North, f 10.22 a. m, f4 41 p. m.
South, tlO-Ml a. ra., f7.05 p. m.
BOTSKORU North, 7.88, 10.31 a. m., 12.05, 4.47,
6.58 p. m. Sunday, 8.10 a. in. South, 10.06
-a. na., 7.00 p. rn.
NEWTOWN North, 7.44, 10.39 a. m., 12.20. 4.5S
7.00 p. m. Suntlay,
8.18 a. m. South.
V.Uw, H., 11.44
m.,4.27 6.15, 6.51p.m.
DtlUUMy, D.l, I). IU.
HAW LEyViLLE North, 7.52, 10.48 a. TO.,
12.4IS 5.04, 7.14 p. m. Sunday, 8.27 a. m.
Soutn, 7.01, 8.39, 9.48, 11.19 a. m., 4J9, 6.00, 64
p. m. Sunday, 5.57 p.Sm.
BbOOKFlKLD JUNCTION North,"g:63, 11.05
a.m., 1.10, 6Ji3, , 7.2tl p.m. Sunday, 8.38
a. m. South, 6.52, 8.30, 9.40, 11.10 a. in., 5.35,
4.106.35 p.m. Sunday 5.43 p. m.
BttOOKFIEIiD North, 8.08 , 11.13 a. m., 1.20,
5.33, 7.28 p. in. Suntlay, 8.41. 6outh, 6.47,8.20,
1I.U2 a. m., 5.11, 6.22 p. m. Suntlay, 6.37 p.m
LANEaVILI.E and STILL, ElVEIt North, 8.15
a.m., 5.40 p. in. South, 6.40, 8.10 a. mn
5.02, e.12 p. in. Sunday, north, f8.47 a.
south, t5.26 p. m.
NEW MlUPOitl) North, 8.22, 11.28 a.m., 2.05,
5.IS, 5.1S, 7,40 p. in. Sunday ,8.56 a. m. South,
The I lowland Dry Goods Co.,
(Formerly the IIow aji.1 Stark Co.)
And it will be a Sale worth
coniin; to so conic.
VVc Iozjnintl Dry Goods Co.
Bridgeport, Conn.
6.H5, 8.05, 9.23, 10.4S a. m., 3.52, 4.50, 6.20 p. m.
Sunday, 5. 20.
MEKWJNSVI LLK North, 85, 11.38 a. m., 25,
li. Oi; p. m. Sunday ,9.09 a.m. South, 105 a.m.,
4.2ti, 6.47 p. rn. .Sunday, 4.57 p. in.
KENT North, 8.49, 11.49 a.m., 327, 6.20 p.m.
Siunitay,'.l.24 a. m. South, 10.23 a. m., 3.27,4.0(i,
5.35 p. m. Siinday,4.37 p. m.
CORNWALL BK11UE North, 9.05 a. m., 12.02.
11.35, p.m. Suntlay, 9.39 a.m. South, 10.11
a. ui., 3.15, 3.4:, 5.23 p. m. Sunday ,4. 14 p. m.
iV EST CORNWALL North, 9.14 a. m., 12.12,
4.42, 6.55 p.m. Sunday ,9.47 a. m. South, 10.03
a. m., 3.u7, 3.20, .0.15 d. m. Sunday ,4.01 p. m.
80TSFOKD North, 7.30, 101 a. m 12.05, 4.57,
ti. 5s p. in. Suntlay, S.10 a. m. South, 7.17,
b.55, ll.sti a.m., 4.30, 7.00 p.m. Sunday, 6.26
p. in .
STEPNEY Xortli,7.28,10.1C a.m., 11.45 m., 4.48,
0.4H p. in. Sunday, 8 a. m South, 7.28, 9.03,
1 i .45 a. in., 4.47, 7.09 p. m. Suntlay, 6.38 p.m.
LDNci HILL North, 7.22, 10.11, 11.33 a. m., 4.42,
0.43 p. ni. Sunday, 7.54 p. m. South, 7.34,
9.09, 11.49 a. hi., 4-53, 7.14 p.m. Sunday 6.43
TRUMBULL North, 7.10, 10.05, 11.2 2 a. m..
4 .36, 0-:7 p. m. Suntlav, 7.47 a. m. South
7.39, 9.14 11.54, a. in., 4.59, 7.19 p. m. Sunday
ill .50 p. in.
BR! DtiEI'OUT North, 7.05, 9.55,11.06 ft. in.,4.25,
0.25 p. m. Suntlay, 7.35 a. m. Arrive, 7-50,
9.25 a. in., 12.05, 5.10, 7.30 p. m. Sunday 7.0f
p. m.
DAN1SURY North, 6.40, 7.45, 8.20, 9.15, 10.48, a.
ui., 3.45, 5.15, 0.55, 6.10 p. ui. South, 6.00, 7.30,
9.4.S a. in., 11 .4ii, 4.20, 7.33 p, m. Sunday, 8.05 a.
in., 0,10 p. in.
BETHEL North, 6.48, 7.37, 10.39 a. n...
2 .34, 5.07, 5.49, 0.39 p. m. Sunday, 10.04 a. m.,
.S.ltp.m. South, 6.06, 7.37 9.56, a. m., 11.47,
4.29, 0.53, p. m. Suntlay, 8.12 a.m., 6.17p.m.
REDD1NU North, 7.22 a. m., 2.28, 6.33
p.m. Sunday, 9.58 a. m., 8.0S p.m. South,
6.12 a. m., 11.54 5.27, p. m. Sunday, 8.18
a. m., 0.-J3 p. m.
8ANFOKD North, 7.17 a. m., 2.24, 6.29 p. m.
Suntlay, 9.54 a. in., 8.04 p. m. South, 6.1fi a,
in., 11-59, 5.32 p. m. Sunday, 8.22 a. m.,6.27 p.
BP.ANCHVILLE North, 7.10, 10 27 t. m., 2.17,
5.37,0.23 p.m. Suntlay, 9.48 a. m. 7 58 p. m.
South, 6.21, 7.52, 10.13 a. in., 12.05,4.40 2 t6p. m.
Suntlay, s.28 a. m., 6.33 p. m.
GEOUCETOWN North, 7.0'i a.m., 2.13, 6 20 p.
m. Sunday, 9.44 a. m., 7.54 p. m. South, 6.?5
p. m., 12.09, 5.14 p. m. Sunday, 8.31 ft. m., 66
p. m.
November 19, 1893.
BETHEL Leave 10.45 a. m., 5.13 p. m.
Sunday 8.12 a. m. Arrive 9.52 a. m., 4.20,
p. m. Sunday 6.10 p. m.
HAWLEYVTLLE North, 11.00 a. m., 5.28 p. m.
Sunday, 8.27 a. m. Leave tor Bethel 957 a.
m. ,4.07 p.m. Sunday, 5.55 p. m.
SH EPA UG North, til -12 m., f5.44 p. m.
Suntlay, J8 -48 a.m. South, f9.23 a.m.,f 38 p.
m. Suntlay, 5.36 p. m.
BOXBURY FALLS North, fll.20 a. f52
p.m. Sunday, fs.57 a.m. 8onth,f9.15 a.m., fS.45
p. m. Sunday, t5.20 p. m.
ROXBURY North, 11.28 a. m., 6.00p.m. Sun
day, 9.10 a. m. South, 9.C6 a. m., 8 'SO p. m.
Suntlay, 5.15 p. m.
JTjDD'S BRIDGE North, fll.34 a.m., f6.06 p.
in. Suntlay, ff.17 a. m. South, f9.C0 a.
(3.30 p. m. Suntlay, f5.03 p. m.
WASHINGTON North, 11.45 a. m., 6.17 p. m.
Sunday, 9.37 a. in. South, 8.48 a. m., 3.18 p.
m. Sunday, 4.51 p. m.
NEWPRESTON North, 11.49 a.m., 6.21 p. m
Sunday, 9.43 a. m. South, 8.44 a. m., 3.14 p.m.
Sunday, 4.38 p. m.
ROMFORD North, 11.58 a.m., f6.30 p.m. Son-
day, 9.54 a. m. South, fS.85 a. pt-05 p.m.
8unday, 4.26 p. m.
MORRIS North, 12.ft3, f65 p. m. Sun
day, 10.02 a. m. South, 8 .SO a. m., f3.00 p. m.
Sunday, 4.18 p. m.
BANTAM North, 12.12,p.m.,6.44 p. m. Sunday,
10.20 a. ra. South, 8.22 a. m., 2.53 p. m. Sun
day, 4.07 a. m.
LAKE-North, fl2.15 p.m., f67 p. m. Sunday,
tl0.24 a. m. South, t8.20 a. m f20p.m. Sun.
day, 3.66 p. m.
L1TCHFIE.LD Arrive 12.20 p. m., 8JS2 p. m.,
Sunday, 10.30 a. m. South, 8.15 a. m., 2.45 p.
m. Sunday, 30 p. m.
HA WLEYVILLE East 7.29 11 46,a.m,7 13 p.m.
West 8 54 a. m, 2.4j, 6.32 p. m.
NEWTOWN East 7-34 a.m 17.17 p.m. West 1847
a. m, f2.3, te.26,p. m.
SANDY HOOK East 7.40, 11 60, a.m. 73 p. m.
West 8.43 a. m, 2.30, 6.21, p. m.
SOUTHBURY East 7.00, 12 04. J-88 p.m. West
8.35 a. m i 2.21, 6 12 p. m.
fTralns atop when signaled only
Bridgeport Steamboat
Leaves Bridgeport every night (except
Sunday) 12 o'clock, from foot ot South avenue.
Leaves New York every day (except Sun
day) 11 a.m., from Pier 39, East River.
Leaves Bridgeport at 7.30 a. m. Return im?
leaves New York Pier 39, East Elver, loot ot
Catherine street, at 3 p. foot ol East 81st
street, East River, at 3.15 p. m.
All men's fancy cheviot worsted
suits reduced in price as follows:
18 50 suits, now $lo
16 50 suits, now 10
15 00 suits, now 10
Every suit bought since March 1,
1899. The best style and fabrics in
13-50 Suits now $8.50
12 50 Suits now 8 50
8 50, 9.00 and 10 00 Suits all
put in for 6 50
At the regular price these suits
were the best in this city
Only TWO prices on Children's Suits
2.50 and SI
We are in earnest- Wo use m subterfuge. No inilated prices to make '
reductions appear greater than actual- Our patrons are our friends. To our j
friends this clearance sale means a saving of 50c on the dollar, either gold or '.
349 Main Street, corner John street
are the bent panto paints In the worl.l. Thf-y
are made by F. W. Ievoe Co., in nil ylnulcd. i
You add pure linset.-d oil, tir thoi-ouhly and ;
the result Im a paint that in remarkable (or itn j
Ix'-auty ar.d durability. Kxperts who have j
urted all kinds pioiiounro th; HomcHte:id tlie
best. Color cards on amplication.
We have everything in the line of i'liint.s
and Painteia .Suppiien. I'ricod arc low and
eveiy article is warratited to be exactly an
362 Water St,. Bridgeport, Conn.
Groceries !
Alwttys Fresh. Alwtiys IioIi;;l .'.
E. H. BEERS & CO,,
There Are Xo Others That Kcjiial Our
In iii'C'ul m.'iking e;iiacity. Tu li'htin'ss ami whileiicss of
product. In rii'hnoss ttml for k-i ii il;' vimi-'i . It is lu'a.l aipl
shoulilors tibove them all. SoM here milv I.-iO iihl.
There's ;i Coll'ee sold here at ."lOc a poninl thai we'e liin-ii
told is better thaii sniiie stmessell at .')") ainl .'IT'- jinuiii!. If is in
tlie berry and we grind it to order.
This wcll-knoun ,-unl vcrv (inc ir;uil uflMiltcr i iu.-mIc hv the
new seiar;itor proet.
re h,'t e
Purchased at half price to be
sold to you on the same basis.
15 doz Misses' Waists, for
29c, worth 50c.
25 doz Ladies' Waists for 39c
worth 75c.
449 MAIN ST.,
On Saturday, Pier 39, 2 p. m., East 31st street
FARE 60 cents
(Good Until Used.)
Boat connects with the Berkshire (division
train leaving Bridgeport at 6.25 on Saturday
evenings only.
Western and Southern Freight taken from
Bridgeport at New York rates, and bills lad
ing given.
Agt. - Supt.
Now boyg you can have a camera, and
take your own pictures. Mr Northrop
of 63 Fairfield avenue, Bridgeport, has
just received a consignment of $2 50
cameras taking four pictures at one load
ing which he will sell at the introduction
S'? 50 Suits S4
6 50 Suit", S4
6 00 Suits S4
3 50, 4 00. 4 50 and 5 00 Suits,
all now 2 50
This is a determined effort to clear
our tables for fail and winter goods
now in hands of tailors. Early buyers !
have best choice Plenty of sizes 34 :
to 50- also suits fcr tall men and stout
men at price of regular sizes.
Men's Trousers, 3 50- This prico
buys any pair of trousers that former
ly sold for 85, S6, 6 50. !
Bridgeport, Ct.
Have You Tried hir
I ! Viol do si, Uiey w ill ,lo
you g,i,nl
TEA, 60c per pound,
COFFEE, 38c per pound.
(.'all on us or unylhmg lr
the House or I-jurin,
is here and wt: are ready 10 ;rn et Hit- demands
01 the tanners tor ad kinds ot lools. We ,ue
ft) 'cuts tor the Keluinle p.n.-keye .Mowers, lie.
luemlier we Tret.ji all the lott.ra iai ts an it yon
nny a maeii int: . - t 11- and it la eii k s yon , lo 'no;
liiLVe to w a: I :i wta 1, or more tor your nev.'
luis I nave one PovhI lloi-e Kuku on hand
Hint I will stdl worth the. money. A. I'. ,v Co.
M atiiiine K uiyes are iteknoivh-deed by ail lo
tit: 1 ktl lit--! . N'l I'll: U't'lUI ilK; W ll ilOilT. t il till,!,
inai'H-, A. P. .it Co. They w-re tie er as eheiip
a- this yetu-. kifiiiiiiiit'i we are in tin: oro
eery business ami lire neve;- mid, rsold .
The I.e;i'!in!jr. O rocer
Newtown , Conn.
e 11 I re.-1 1 Iwice a wee
25 doz Ladies' Waists for 75c
worth $1.25.
20 doz Ladies Waists for 98o
worth $1.75.
These waists will not last long
at these prices. "A word to
the wise is sufficient. "
prices, !75e. The best musical instru
ment for trolley rides, parades, etc., is
the Zobo. Northrop has a full line from
10 cents upwards. He also lias cam
paign badges, button, and pins. If you
wish any music he has some fine new
songs, marches, etc., for his popular
price. C3 Fairfield avenue is also head
quarters for pictures and frames.
An error appeared in the advertisement
of the Danbury Dry Goods Cjiast week,
for they are selling those summer corsets
at 35 cents a pair instead of 30 cents.
' I I I : I
Thi PeU i d.e ( Uoth that we are selling
o. ii'-. a yard mak.-s the best kind of
-hirt . wiii-1. -. Think of it, ;t',-iu wide
i: .d 0H5 Pa:, yd.
ive- Laundry Soap bcit on the lu-trkt-t,
d 1. -ikes pT l()e. Kitelti-nwari! depatt
'!". nt A . a special d days' sale M
'oiirt B'-end Kaisers at 2 cents each ;
n uiitr j rc- is ..i cents.
B.ui.h Skirt IVoiector. never frays,
1 leans ea-ily and iaU longer than the
i-i't. : ' -.'ids a yard. It is an ideal skirt
ic'idector anil inect with the heartiest
ndorsemeiir fd every woman that has
.1 i'd it: li'ls every rciiuirnment.
I, die.;' white Shirt Wai-ts. id .on ,.u:, 1
dy lor ','1 tent-; 1..:", si :,d and sl.7e
"'lies for 7-, cents ; -S-.i'd. S2,.,u ones for
!.o". 'i here has been a big rush for
thorn ever since it cuiie oil' hot acatn.
The Sllir den;o-tuie,.r -,r, -elli,., HVin. !
pera- when they are not selling suits.
Then again they are busy with both;
there's goo 1 buy ing in both.
One cm, (it "U" tile liii'drei: !;:.: wnt
- rn ir, "it;
lit tl t in- ,v
m t: s as ,. :y ..iey en;; j
a 'i.- neriiap-. Ad avre-. I
... I
eluded. I'retty and eain things.
Utiite liui'ks ami I'iijUc. best ; Uircing j blarot-'t . hammock--, p .lows, matting
-mods, for in. 12 1 2, !d. P' and -j.". cents';;::,! rugs.
iia: .in -?t i 1 m ; I'imii---, in tt ir j.v, choit 1
.1 cm) i i Siilmon, choi'-c, i-hii.-- -J."c . o:::,
:i:ee'".c e;ut, Uiee rj Ib.n.Se; l'n'-c sniet-, ,v.r ,
1'inv. Iiitkiiir l'o'A .It'.r, ..... K, , i;.-- i);i! h !
Ii) loi' "Jric , Toiliillot.-, c'.if ' i-Hli.-
.Mii.-lHrd, :J hnwlij :?. ; ., I. 7-.., it.; Y u
fj ri nit-', 4i: !h;t:(Hii, , 1 turs ." ; l;i.k.-i I '.v.m i
. mils '-."h.-. ; ihiryr-ii.H ( nrri Tti-cii, ' lii-i ,
. ;Ki:i-c 'Oi'-i: or JH';:t ii 'I ca, :.c ' : , O c! ee, .:
: t ! h : ' ul i-ii ine, b-'-', nn your -t- t. k . A I
t he i 'iii .VouM.
A. B. Fancher,
T'- uTcai cciteTn'?i; i.s tivf i it; : I.i
1 1 ! :tni:;i. is 1 he I loss ami trie count rv is
c.inis or husiions or Vivnin uMiis on;.-
1'ihl uway M'iifk to Lot-kwoo-i nml wr:i
sell yon a shoo f r Hint o)ii!r- -ell msi n
fjoo'i lor ' ; ;u-o Miorfi tor i:nit !;i,o.'-e uin!
ljciiIh ami lof iht; huMit - i s u i ; chenp i
IlKTl! !.! CT .
, K r.l'hl;
voni- l.nn
I I t
I ) h ...
l'o:' ,,le. , !c i,li .tntilon. Mil'TH I'.UITAIS
tl' I'll r.UITAiX
IdiKAMKIiV. A lew 11,,11't ,! ilnilie., ivaiit
ee It! itiini! i'trie,.;'. Sot'.' i Ihe'.inieto -tftrt hi
tor III,- year.
Wnat ! My Roof Got Holes In It?
Well if it liab it has not leaked in Ax weeks,'
ar.'l when it rains 1 will have Sanford oi Haw
leyviile put on a bteel Uoof, they .-ay that
won't leak.
Come an,l hoc the V-gons anil Bugles ne
have on hand. Popular prices and tiuiek
sales. Now is the time to buy.
D- O. BEERS & CO., N8WtOWn, COS!!.
'OTICl Will be on premises near Cutler's
IN Farm School House, Stepney Depot, on
Tuesday, July 14, 1W at 8 o'clock a. m. to sell
staiidinV yrnss loi- Hay or pasture to the per
son showing the most money. E. B. SEE
LKY, :i'.-2 Bai'iiuiu Ave., Bridgeport, Ct.
FOI NO A lie iw grey horse blanket, near
P. Keane's button shop. The owner can
have the same by calling at Tin-. Bee oi hce
ami paving advertisement.
lrANTEH A I, right young man with small
capital to take active interest in a first
class retail business. Address P O. Box 4ij,
Bridgeport, Conn. Give name and resilience.
yoTlciS 1 will bo in Newtown with cattle
iN on Monday. July 13, at the usual place.
FOR SALE Three young new milch Jersey
cows. A very promising 8 year-old mare;
sired by Silver Chimes, dam-' Roll Call, J.S.
MAY HEW, Bethel, Con-
FOR SALE ? ,.od second hand -l norse
power. VaTED A light circular saw
mill. Address E. G. SEELEY & SON, Rox-
liiiry. Conn
SALE OF GRASS Will sell at auction, the
grass on about '10 acres, on the homestead
oftne late Stephen u. .sicnois, on monoay,
July IS, at 2 o'clock p m. rain or shine. MRS
E. M. NICHOLS, Administratrix.
Court, July -2, lyini.
Estate ot EDWARD MURRAY, late ol
Newtown, in said district, deceased.
Upon the application ot John F. Murray
tirayiiig that an instrument in writing pur
porting to be the last will and testament of
said EDWARD MURRAY, deeoasetl,may be
proved, approved, allowed anil admitted to
probate as per application on file more lully
appears, it is
Okoebko Thai said application be heard
and determined at the Probate Office, in
Newtown in said district on the 15th
day ot July, A. D. ls0, at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon, and that notice be given ot the
nendencv of said application and the time
and place ot hearing thereon by publishing
the Biime once in some newspaper having a
Inv. 4. d,.1,I tiiarfit.t. l,tYrv sat.! t.innA
IUUCUintatJlA n Otlv .iiu.i.v. w.vv mm.u
31. J. BRADLEY, Judge.
r- 1
- K. SMITH. WaU:l tos ii. t v
M- I
t -, f-u l ITT I
..t. 0 , 1
a yard. Navy blue and black Puck
Siiit.ugs. 1 .' I-.: -, L'i and - cents a yard.
Wuoi cihallie. with satin btripes and
colored ligurc-'. :, cents u yard.
F.-etich Bati.-te, full lo in. wide a very
sheer cloth only Pdc. a yard.
Those remnants of tine French Lawns
and liimity that we are -elling for It! 1-2
cents a yard arc worth double the price;
2 tri i yards in each piece.
Any shade you may happen to want
111 those new leather Skirt Facings,
1 -" yd. Fair and Square Dress
Shields -1 en s as though, everybody is
buying them, we sell so many.
Horse Hair Whisk Brooms, ii."c.
Window Screens, ai, the different
si.e ready to deliver right away, from
T'C up. on stoves, nothing like them
from l .Vi titi. Another new lot of
xUoiv -w ike-, to-up br:ght-and-earlv-
A, arm ( d a k-, n cents. Kuby globe
Hall Lamps, t.s ect.t-;.
'.. ut glass salts kikI Peppers. Inc.
Sugar Shakers, ."a-. Mustards. 3:e.
i Mason's Fruit Jars. Lightning Fruit
Jars. Jelly Tumblers.
Have you stopped t.t the Jewelry
counter lately . within a day or two'"
!o so. if is one of the brightest and most
p'.-.;his: earner; ;,j tow:: -so many new
.mods. l-i ;':''s that don't co,t much.
trnckciy. gia-swarc. kitchenware,
, S
' Pi
tiST CO.
-'..'. oh;.- ti ij s, .1 i.y , .,
sailvtimta spki;
' -say '-l il's, ever;, Mi-
A ni; I
S Vli A f( )'tA SPRI(tS
, j -.y t:-n,, t-v.-i' Mi-'uhw ! win ti.
, . i-- i . ' " "
I white lMofvi'ViNsi' ",,!
, s-jj ;, , i:il tnj-.s, J : 'y .': An- j tod.
T, .'I.
s : ., I il iv, I , A;iiT. I !, s i-,--:i,; train.
A,ir. J5, -o.-1-ii Train.
i -toy Ii il'-. Ant'. IT i!id Sept. 7.
Hit t"l TleKe ALlelilnt 'It-t'Ot (tr COJIV
t-'v Hiiirl-iiL.i TV.oi n-i a :d T; ke., or 1'e.eif A
o; rlnnn 7' - t i,m-: '.. Nevv Haven, Conn.
The i.iii'-i oiler ever in.iiH : neat and el fan
IiituiW' tlittre- no tirir-Pina eli troveroinr.
The only nr-e. oi :ta ki:nl for :iie in t His city.
' tl coui's. a ffiorc iike, this has blocks, ropoa,
0:11' find itii s "it'h i!unir-, iwoukiii t oe a boat-
m:Lir? "ton- iijit -Huii'i
love6t, tniu'- all.
only our prices are
Telephone Call, .Mvi
Vf Swiss, watch maker, loi-alftl at the Hmirv
KairchiUl place near Botstore- Depot. All
1 kinds ol watches ami clocks repaired in Uih
I hest mamier. Charges moderate. HENRI
l.OL'UOL t.h., liotslord, Conn.
LE You have any joiner work to be done
with dispatch anil in first-class manner,
Call on FRANK DCBY, Miuor'.own, Ct. Cor
vosoon'le.iit'e Solicited.
IpoR SERVICE one thoroughbred White
' Chester boar. 4 year old. GILBERT WIL
IJAMi, Garnet Works, Uo.tbury, Conn.
"ll'AN TED A lew cattle, horses or colts to
VV pasture nt owners risk. ARTHUR J.
WILSON, Palestine district, Newtown.
WANTED Everyone to take advantage oi
the great Slaughter in prices lor the next
20 days of Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Sil
verware, etc. JOHN H. RE ID, Jeweler,
Wall street, Bridgeport, Conn.
OFFICE TO RENT Over R. H. Beers A Co.'s
store two rooms, tor terms apply to R. U.
BEEKS, Newtown, conn.
H. HAWLEY. Stepney DeooLConn. Airent
. tor the Writer A. Wood Steel MowinsMa
chines and Wood Horse Rakes.
lUANTKU AT ONCE 20 hob calves. Will
V call lor them. Address E.TlIOMAS,Rox
bury, Conn.
FIR SALE One fine young cow and two
forward springers; also two dry cows lor
beet. V. S. ERtSBIE, Brookfield Center, Ct.
MONEY FOR YOU Here is a list ot the
stamps tound on oltl photographs and
the prices we pay lor each : lc playing cards,
red, 25c; 2e playing cards, bine, be; 2c playing
cards, orange, 2oc ; 2c proprietary orange, 25c ;
2c eerUiicate, blue or orange, 10c ; 3o playing
cards, green, fl; 4c playing cards, violet, $1;
6c proprietary orange, $5. Sea what you can
find and bring them to us on the photograph,
and we will remove them without injury. It
you have any kind not listed or old postage
stamps send them io us for prices. COOK Jk
DUNBAR, Room 20, Conn. National Bank
Building, Bridgeport, Conn.
1Kli SALE Three work horses, suitable tor
' Jarm work, mowing ln&chine, etc, cheap;
also 1 dog cart, 1 wood wagon and 1 second
hand ton carriage. HORACE WEEELKB,
Shelton, CL
Stepney, Conn.

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