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raiuAr. sept, is, iBa.
1 t''
J , ICM ,
. 100
Local Alhiiis.
sate rubber efcftfcf aWs' )eu in town this
week, stopping with Landlord Taylor.
A lew of the neighbors and friends of
Dr and Mrs H. S. Nichols dropped in on
them and gave thcni a little surprise on
Wednesday evening, it being the fifth an
niversary of their wadding day. The
company formed itself into a salmagundi
party, lu which prizes were contested for
and won as follows: Miss Florence
Weaver, first ladies' prize, Mrs It. N.
Peek second-, Frank Wright first gentle
men's and II. H. Curtis second. Ke
freshments were served. A most enjoy
able evening was passed and the com
pany in dispersing joined heartily ia
wishing Ir and Mrs Nichols iuat,y hap
py returns of the day.
10 days, having had all the guests he
could accommodate.
Thomas D. Lynch left on Thursday
for Gernmntowi), Pa., where he is to at
tend St Vincent's Apostolic school to
study for the priesthood. His many
friends and schoolmates wish every pos
sible success in bis undertaking.
Loretta, Gertrude and Victoria Byrnes
ot Brooklyn, who have been visiting
their fiuDt, Mrs J. H. McGrath, have re
turned to their home.
Mi S.eni'" -ciiil ll'-i .i.tli
Sclni-il u U.'l. . I !:. v and t.j
and tr.-'ii a:.,-. Hi'- V'r l:i;l"
line f uiu. i-i;c , i t iii'l J ''d i
i.nv p-
i it l!l ill!1
v .1! n M
ie : ' X
S 1 1 l-: ) , I
I U! '
. hit'
' new
rra M
'.i I -1Kb
.V I 1 li
.M.I ! Ill-'
aii: :
"'ou-ui '
At the lueetiug of Pootatuck Grai.gc,
Tuesday nijfh-, Uev O. O. Wright readau
ex. 'client p.iper on temiierance.
Mu.'h attention is being paid by the,
C. 11. Becuet Siioc Co. to their new fall
and winter lines of shoes. Tne new
etoeb is coming through the factories in
1 most satisfactory manner. They are
showing their customers many new and
The Howland Dry 'Goods Co.
(Formerly the Ho and Stark Co.)
The Avuiii'iiiv opened on Tuesday with
a K'Xd i.uiuber of pupils and an uiicout . i,(r nmKss a fa'l announcement, this
ig:isj outlook tor the year. woefc. The ladies with reed it with
Come and sec our new
dress goods. We gave you
the hint before the goods
are here to be looked at.
They call large companies
every day now. It is quite
evident that we have most
acceptable goods and that our
Hi -ikiug stylea of shoes at popular prices . j prices are regarded as most
i'tiip ftTi make a strong bid for business i 1 , . &T rr-Vl
lllUUCIdtC. ill UUC i ltnv-w
novelties it is perfectly clear
that we have a lanjer variety
Kaluga.!, th Bridgeport miili-: and choicer patterns than
what are in all the stores of
or: th
the if
very low prices they hove marked j
Pi of t'. K. (in!, loimerly principal of
:he Academy, h is in en out of health for
a veur. He has been engaged to teach
the village school at Kent for the i-muiut:
n. ::iid wwitir.
Mis rapid' 'I he gt:t
r.i m htiihlinj; and ju
ticillv (in! he) and Ih
ill couple! e-.l Th- i re
ivi i Ui : at i vnvy .In v i'l "r'l
' inli; proper !i:.r. S.-rvl h:
(1 (in I h h:u U 'ire' e! In im;
.lit I' M
:-'a 'ul a
horse t
i r'iek i
hlej an
) binii;
cii cart-it-
1 1 in
an I- I i. A V I".
I'u; nil-. niiKi
.v i .
U. S. .M.-i'tbt .
1 fe. U tncyi ie riii.'i h;i
! ive 'i exli il.il iu!1 of I:
r in , Timi !... 'c i :
l i ,'e: t,i inly ;. j'i'i'le. i,,
ii .t 1 ir! i.f iinr'.,
,v!,ri !. tiiil eil I.!' !.
i'liivi- .i l' t! : e . 1 1 i . I .
'.V nec.
'i! to
Mi Mi
hi.- line
ii i-
no "l e I I I- N i 1. 1 : -
Mrs. Kd ward 'l'aylor returm-d, last Sat
.iroiiv, from a brief sojourn in New York
and Itiooklyn.
Frank Mctirau ol New Koclielie iookeo
u on his. Sandy llook friends on Wednes-lay.
sun rirriv.
Ir ll.ii.ic! t..
lay Inst.
J at tile
Kcaiie h
i.iliii; 01 Ml' alio
the ( . lea, on Fri-
iitl. T.ii.-uo w; o unfortunate as to
catch hi.; arm in a power, one day recent
ly, hih; the wonder he did not lose his
arm. As it is he has a very sore arm.
Wiirocr, li.yior A C urti" expect tile
;jui:;l huu-ewivc tur Liiib'.' around will be
J I alter the Mi'nii liu:t :'ir? ility are ulier-
'cu.bi i -1. I "if? 1,ir "'"c r' 1 ibleii,
h,i .i ' i-ii- j
ie : '!,,'
One advantugf ot tiikiiis; Ayer's
Siii-paparilla to imrify the blood is that
yon need not infringe upon ycur hours ef
labor nor deny yourself any food that
agrees v, ith you. In a word, you are
nut compelled to starve or loaf, while
taking it. These are recommendations
worth considering.
K. H. D-ilo'j Co., of 3(0 Main street,
Bridgeport, ire showing all the latest
styles in fail milimery goods. Give
uhern a call f"r the new fall bonnet.
Good tituc to paint, never as cheap as
n.iw. .lewett',. finite lend f ,'t ie pound,
Vauipbell's anil Thayer's pure linseed
oi! U the be?t, special price hi fivo'gallon
iot-, or by Ibs.rreltat !;. F. Hawley's.
I ied at 8rMif!ii!l,;, Wednesday, .John
A. !'.!i;..tt, ftRcd ii" years. He leaves
: wife ami two children.
Bridgeport combined,
speak advisedly.
Just received new styles of
wedding invitations, mono
arams, etc, for the season of
1896 and '97.
Some of the surest new
things of the season are here
now in waists, skirts, suits,
capes and jackets. The time
for extreme novelties is a little
I V'Oti
ti. tt
pieiiiirim li t. fl
UX'-': Wlii ! e m,
day. .-epieiuber
lie- trui ' i:-'
Scptri.!'-! i .i
1 . . . -
it'.tu-e t'lvt-n in the
t. inih and -thin! privi
1 n'l I'u- gr'-uii'l-, Fri
ul 2 p in.
1 r i,e
upep Hood"? sarnAparilla when
.:' ;: medic'nc to purify your
r.rengthen yuur nerves and give
.ppttite. There can be no sutl
er U.ahVs..
Wilton rugs sold for years at
3. 75 we have on sale now at
2.65 apiece; same size, same
quality, same rug every way.
And we have ten of the new
est patterns.
BARD Blocks now on sale. Prices
1,25, $1.45, $1.90, $2.40, $2 90
A saving1 of 60c oa each Hat you buy cf us at
It equals the $2.50 Hats usually offered.
Tourist Hats in all Colors $1. to $3.40
Boys' Derby and Tourist Hats 75, $1 00 $1.25.
Boys' and ChildreB'a Golf Caps.
Children's Tain O'Shanter and Sailor Saps, 25c. ?;0c.
Still a good line of Sizes on the $16 and $.,13 HQ suits for $10.00.
It pays you nearly one hundred per cant, to buy these suits for
next season's use-
349 a? iiia Street, corner John street
Ei'Idgeport, Ct.
!!.: Ue.ir. j Hujli 5 J;i
1-nti Wurn.T, j 1'il . -c
iK a.t W, .".( and j
OL r OX i
iVIn! - 1'i.e (my?' l;.i.i: p -'1'm
.or .v i urrii am olleri:
;'. emh. i'lu v are M:
.'m il's I'l..: !. cliovirit tiilts fur , .s, s !U i
;i.l I J, Ti,ey albO invite tiisi'i cLii'ii ol
t'H'ir stm'k :.-f boy" .ii ' vbiidpi.'u'8 1ml,:
..ml xoif cii'.-.
.re the be
.itlca, jir-
lust received 200 pairs of
lace curtains that will cause a -watkust
! sensation at the rprices 75c,
t a.'U'r-d'mne.r I , .-.r, nnr 1 ir n nnir
The ct'.incnt enmas iv. imiiy izfs 5 ami
12 l.'2-lb t:iL!is. Hyoni root U-;iks ;i little ytm
can fix U yourS'. U nfi-t flici, uiucli it isj wii.n
Root 1 Vint. ii) so in haii'iy -i.e caii.s. Von
can mal'c your tool .-"icin c lnr wiiitt.ir at. a
very trilling t -oki ci t;nnT Mian hnviiir ii
leak. KvrryiMHiy that's uscul ihum uy they
are O- iv. That'll a jroo'l njcrr!.
Greatly Reduced Prices.
A ,-'
ski-: TFiKa.
That i.i the ijuiia object.; favorably
or anfavorably? They v.ero boiiKhc lor
k worn an. wfuaen Are to wear Iheni, 8Ed
women's taste and judgment will be the
controlling power which uakes or un
makes a prosperous Dress Goods sea
son. That point has been settled.
They approve.
They are delighted with the variety of
assortments, they are pleaded with our
prices, snd ihey like the cartful at
tention that Ms 'given toward selecting
pretty and iuiiable eilects. An unsatis
factory purchase would annoy us more
than it would tbe buyer hence the at
tention, the care we give to our selling.
khtf k eheviot
m.ii:i; formerly
ii!;!iii.Krni:i, ct.
l'( leylione Cull, M'-l.
en l constipa-
M :i,rt..v
.k .(. r
I nit"Dilir: jcbool in Auieoia. -S
Our xseiirhbors.
a i riv. (ji;i:aju:hy.
I'l-nplc who do not tend rnilb to the
This store has been a fam
ous place for school shoes,
We mean to keep it so.
Mcp.'s ii)d ymiti,"'
Hoiii at er'.M.iO i
Alun's BUtrk (..hcviot anil im.vtjil j
niiilri at i-LU, iorint-rly 1- ami lt.
tiiuft pam -tuitw i'r tin- loys at i-Z,
$ J .V; uih! $4 .:.-).
Knft: pili:.-, H(..:m -.trou.L t.jotls, finm
''' fi" COli! - V
t-Oti and tliey will lie letiit eeil s:-.f:ly af-j Kelly.
ter Lhe lair.
i reaoiery ' because- :.hey have not. yet !
,iwv,,f Hrkbrrnirf. i J in whether it pav, befjlu to notice!
l-'.xhiliiinrs living nut ef town, v,V are,
l,!i:il'i to jive peiHiuial itti -ntio'i to fl :ir I
eiit:!t-i ci.ii -end rbeiu pii paid cither by i An -is M..y 1'. (
in.ii! i.r . xim--. to the secretary, when j ;,(11i!ir,.r a few days, on Mile Hill as the " eorr,e interest that no less than three j
t.iey will In- properly phued on exhibi-j xm-t of h.-r friend, MUs Mararitc F. or four of the patrons haye bought and
j are running tine new wagons, every one
i of them beauties ; not cheap tilings. This
isn't because the new owners have any
T6 II oixi land Dry
Goods Co.
'Ilie line enilireiderien and other fancy!
1 id." will be pi-iced ui.d'-r jilas i, wheic j
the-- will lie secure from all handling and '
u:i.-i. j
Will Kill AieK 1'iley, ( iiimiiity or i'rysri '.
h. . Nurfhrop, the r.ridcport. music
Icaier, lias just published a new and
.-i.tcby m:.rch. It la entitled "The Sea
nlc ( iu'.i Maicii,'' anil was written by
iiiii.iu I,. VVeidenliaiiinier.
w in rbe (ie riiei '.'
mti reil.
Al IS,, 'i o;lu
-,! !K ,it es
f -e-f i'iviiri-1 I it
U euue -d.iy iimni
K v th. : h i 01 iiei ; i
I'l. 1 1(1111,1-- i ,l i I
lb.- bi ppy i ocp'e.
ill ( -ul- .1 li n h 1 1
h . olliet ,ti: ,.
li, id"poi t :iJ tie
horses arc all
I., v ! I.
d if.- ol
rflated ideas. Kvery one of them is a
onaervative. carefu! man, who pays as
ic s-'ies. Ir. i? because ready money is
8-i formerly. The lesson
the heeping of good
bar. any other branch
) Kit SO FOHrCt
j ' o '.j, b-arm-d i
! H.-A bt-tt.-r
sr Kot-:;
w i: in h:a. j
:le-n oriliiiMiy ii:-!
I ; i"i 's eh ii re'i on '
ii. d .
n et !
; - vi. )'. n li.-l .-ili-i
'it l!ridjrcmrt iiein
i'ie. e. u uiony was
!. i: ,i i-.i in-.'-. Kh !;,r
Hnir, (a:1.;!., a: of
L man and M..-3 Ma-
( rowe of (.;-tiury, In i,!esTi:.iiii. Tile
ti-ide -vhs ul to -ii in a faveiii, 'in of
royal p.iiple, with t; ioonii t m.itch,
a. id ci'.rncd. a bouquet uf lunii: ti'-i: with
lil-es of the vaUey. Tbe bridal p ut.y
pa-ned the day at the r.irde'.l. loon -tend
in I'.ot. ioid, and ill the i v''i:.it Ii it for a
v.-ei'.di'-.-"! rip which wi'l lee'ude 1'iiiladjl
plim, VVunhiri(;i)ii, II alt iinoi ! nil (ietty i-burj?-
Mr Uoran I the fn; of I'aiW Coin
i.ii.Hsloner liorau of llriiii p'i'-l. He has
had active charp of his ntlicr'. II iral
bu-iness for sevefal years ami has dem
onstrated his tact and bu iiie.-j ability.
ia the return from their wedding i ur-
liey Mr and Mrs Hoian svlll re.iiiU- at Slj
liancuck avenue, l'.ridjieport..
masojhj sorts-
Hiram lodge. No. 1H, was favored on
'I'uesday nijht with a visitation from
listrict Deputy A. .1. Ualloek of Hethcl.
The third degree was exeinplilled before
a larjce company of the members of Hi
ram lod'u and visiting brethren. Follow
ing the work supper was served and
speech making concluded the festivities
of tho .evening. Among the visiting
brethren were Messrs O, N. Thorpe, V.
W. Muimon and Albert W, Fairchild of
Eureka lodge o ltethel, Messrs James,
Smith ami Judd of St 1'eter's lodge of
New Milford, 'John McDonald of King
Solomon's lodge of Woodbury, ltev E. I..
Urtty of Southlngtan. It was a most In
teresting occasion for all concerned.
'. iiilirw
of soiiit- weei
, i :.i k t,..tc.
re I'liti-i't'inieii over j
,- r i.nd Mrs F ;
with rela
I ': urn:
.-nur (.'rufutt wafa in
; ;wn on V i .liieiia j and Thursday, niok
'. ig the ftuiiuiil esHoiinHtion of the a Hairs
. f our I.ich! savini'S banK.
My sU-i-e i3 a busy place those days, as
I am husLling oil" the Hour, '; i.--'-i barii).
f fsi-ining.
Mr? . i,. Mitchell and Miss Uuth
are vbiURjj a.i l.'uion City, l'a.
-. i- !':! a whk so uiitortunat-e as
" b tiirow irom a loaded wagon, re
..n.'.iy. lie va; cUMg'ir. m a precarious
oi.iiri'jji, aiid would have- met with a
. ennui .cei's!:t niid it, not: been for a boy,
vbo lit Led him up so li-. could extricate
.Select man Mitehc-11 has put in a lot
'icw carriages, this season, and has sold
them right along. II ia prices hit the
l ull's eve.
Alwav Fresh. AIwj.
-5! !
stock or I'j'i-sonul ru-rspe
t'uey are uoi ycu t-itiniot a
out h' c jroEiu'Lioii. Ii I jwii
ucwi'i purift'l l vs'ouhl iiirn
'ty ncjiiri'C ' II
i'-n'tl I ", Ko it li
art r.i-uv itu' t'
!; wnh yon
t rnriu!;u's.'d fjugar "JU pounds for 1 , at j
l he storr, and tots oX other tmrg.-iins j
i K. K. Hawley. !
JdiiiHi rihort, of the Transylvnnla dis
trict, has an acre and a hnlf of tobacco,
ihis ycai.
Harry Curth, who has been clerking,
t,ir II. II. lleeis oc Co. during the sum-!
mer yacation, uoiurueucod commuting be-
tweeu Newtown and Bridgeport, Jilon- SI rs Ooroline Crofut remains much the
day, having entered the Bridgeport high ! same as last week, very feeble. Her
reboot fur a year's scudy. granddaughter, Mrs W . L. Keeler, and
great-grandchild, Master Harold, of
North Wilton visited her on Sunday.
Mrs E. Davis and Miss Ever spent
Monday with Mrs Maurice White.
Mrs A lid a McChesney of Philadelphia is
visiting her brother, John Wiiliama and
family, for a few days.
T.eigh R. Hoyt and wife and their
- ' guests, Miss M. E. Hoyt and Milton
Hoyt of Danbury, drove to F. E. Silli
Mrs Aaron Hanford is at Atlantic City. ) m8fl,Si Bridgeport, on Saturday. They
. .. enen(j 8everai (jRyS ju the city.
Death has again visited the home of
Mr and Mrs Leo (..'. Lyon of Bridgeport
have been guests of Frank Uussell at the j
Morgan house.
V. Banks of Green tie Id Hill is visit
injj his sister, Mrs Charles Northrop.
aljuitl Kire. 1,-nmuice. I.ouk '.i;i your p.i
iey oiite Kii.l cco.ie anO. oe uib a lew .lay
lielur llis;y cxp::'i!
We nro Iiead-iiiai-tei H tor the .t.eH ami ;
mint (.'-oeoi ies that can lie IkiiihIiI, uml wo ,
are never imileisoKl. Our Teas and t:o Ileus j
are st ill in tlie lead. Our StorUiiK Joil'e is i
trie LuHt lhat rnoiiwy wiil bay. P.ny of tin arel
yiu wil! ai wayu have ilu- best in tlie, markut. 1
Special new designs in fine ci't work
Toilet Sets ; 5 pieces in a set, all to
match, for onfy .$.. 02. Never anything
like it befoie at that price, (t is a spec
ial offering.
There's a line of Separate Skirts that
most women want to see, tojknow about.
Not only because they are handsome and
of fine make, but because they are so
low priced. You'll llnd them up stairs
in the Jacket and Cape department.
Plain Black Lawns ;
LiviiriS; Lawns, 10 and 12 1 2o.
Dress Lawns 10 to l'"ic.
Every ;;rade warranted fast black.
Mob Moy PKids.. Lew. ia wonted mix
tures, double widths, 15c. a yard.
Down nalr i". the VVarti Goods depart
ment. And Liuen, for aulta and skirts
twilled and plaid all linen for U5 and
:10c yard.
French Dimity, Corded Organdie,
Scotch Muslin 15 and 25c. qualities .for
one price 12 1-2 cents a yard.
French Batiete, Irish Dimity and Fine
Organdies that have always been 30 and
j.'c. a yard cow one price 19 cents.
Cold Cream Parker's, small, 10c;
large 2."ic. Patey's, 1" cents.
Galatea Suiting, light and dark
grounds, twilled and plaid weave, 12-l-2c.
a yard. Makes the best ladles'
suits, best children's dresses and best
boy's suits colors are fast, and It Is
.'io-in wide.
Challie Del. aine, a material that is
heavier than the regular challie, and
wider: lu cents a yard.
Xeeded every day ;
Light Cambric. 5c.
Indigo Prints, and tic.
iiiiinmei Percale, 7c.
Dj'ide up of stripes and rlgures, fast
color1--, and ell'jcts in red and white, blue
and white, pink and white and green
and whif. Great values, and you'll
say so.
Shirt Waist and Silk Waist days are
by no rnvans over yet, mdglng the
Newtown, Ouna,
farm wagon
Frank J. Houston,
Charles Norton met with a strango ac
cldent on Tuesday, which might have
caused his death, fie was riding a bi
cycle, having In his hip pocket an ax.
He took a header, and in the excitement
the ax flew up and cut a bad gash on the
back of his head. Dr Richardson sewed
up the wound.
Merchant E. J. Hail and men have
just completed the pfitting iu of a heater
at Mr Stewart's new bcuse and re now
at work putting in a new Mice's Positive
heater iu the Beers place, soon to be oc
cupied by Merchant E. V. Hawley.
Miss Sally M. Beardsley has been con
fined to the bed for five weeks, from a
shock caused by a stroke of lightning
during the heavy shower several weeks
go one Friday, which was followed by
a severe case of lung fever, bhe is slow
ly gultilnz. Mi? Ada I'ciklns is caring
for ner.
I,, ... -
Michael G. Keating of Sandy Hook is
recovering from a serious attack of lum
bago. F. F. Johnson arrived in Newtowu,
Wednesday, from his trip to Colorado.
Men's four-ply linen collar.5e, regular
10 centers; too many of many of them
that's why IZ. V. Hawley Is selling at
that price.
Ten pounds best rolled oats 25o new
fresh goods. No cheap package goods
at E. F. nawley's.
New lot of Vermont dairy butter, lu
live and 10 pound tubs, just in at E. F
Warner, Taylor & Curtis are Belling
very low prime steamed geese feathers.
were guests of Mr and Mrs Will White
in East Norwalk from Friday until Sun
day. Mr and Mrs Williams attended the fu
neral of Mrs McChesney in South Nor
walk on Sunday.
are the best paste rinhits in the world. Tiiey
are umile by ' W Jtvoe & Co., ia all shade.!..
You add pure linseo.i oil, stir thoroughly and
the result is ft psint mat i remarkable tor iis
beauty at d durability Exnerto who have
used all klnda pronounce the, Homestead the
best. Color curd or, application.
We have everythiuir in the line o! Paints
and Pftintei s' Supplier, priced are low and
every article ie warranted to be txactly a.i
3G2 Water St.. Bridgeport. Conn.
ir.i !.. .v aVKii Till. FINK STOCK
Mt.S! i I) E i A Hut S tAi T lit Y UF THE
i.OKXI, Ml '-V..,j. en , N. V. TIIEV
UIC YiSK (..H'-ilii, AM 1 AM I'KE-!-A
KK1 I'll J-.iil.l. TIIKM AT I'hlC'E- Til
MflT THL 1 laiKS. U1.1MK AM) LOOK
Til rJM i
We are sew showing the uev?, Ciotn and Vc'vet Tamo' Shan
up-to-date Hails rV aarly jtHrllats.
wearl Pi&iu and bcratca soi't
The I'.vo great parties are now in battle ar
ay under the leadernhip ol General Gold and
i'i-ot.u.'tion and General Silver, ttl to 1. Isow
i eml:;ine.:. tane your ch.-'-t'e, but remember
eetore .-.ettinarout on bo ne:;',ous an un.leitak
icg it will be ueresi-ary for von to bo proper
17 shod. You will do well to proeeed to
i.otkwood'a. where he wul sell you Shoes,
Husset or lilaek properly protected, 10 to 1 101
-ilver or (ioid u.d then you c.m make your
escape by the way ol buying hhoes lor your
-vivos and ehildren as jjuml and ns cheap as
ynu cn ret aiij vliere, nnd eoujions for .Silver
Ware with every pair. Now is the time, and
tins is the place, and here aie the goods.
A. B- L0CKW00D,
Mi Tourist Hita. J
Cloth sijft Ci?own Tcurist andj
L'icycls liats
:,natcli Suits.
in every
Felt Sailors ia every color.
Bargains in Hibbons.
Watch fcr th8 announcement
of our Fall Opening,
fl. DILLON & CO.,
360, 362 MAIN ST.,
The 30th Annual Fair of the Watertown A- j Kai;j,1Si 5 jbs 25c ; Prunes, 1 lb for 45c, choice
ricultural and Horse Association, will be held j . n,s .sc; clams, Scans 25c; Condensed Milk,
at Hillside Park. Watettown, Conn, on d-, fA
nesday and Thursday, Sept. 23 and 24. toi j ,.llre ,5;, j.ow,iei. 2.1c lb; Best ()at Flakes,
program and Spocia; Attraction see rremium
List and small bills, .-end lor premium list
Mr and Mrs Hiram McConkey and taken
tbeir only daughter. The death occurred
on Sunday moicing. The funeral waa
attended from the residence of Isaac
Thorpe onDradley street, Tuesday after
noon at 2 o'clock, ltev A. Hamilton of
The auditors met with Selectman Jamee
Smith on Tuesday.
Mr and Mr3 T. W. Tregdwell enter
tained her mother and sister, Mrs E. Bra
dy and Miss Bertha Brady of Belden's
Hill, Wilton, on Sunday.
Mrs Maurice White gave a tea party,
recently, to friends from Pennsylvania,
Norfleld, Bradley street and from this
Mrs John Williams and Master Douglas
A very pleasant home wedding was
witnessed at the home of Mrs Harriet
Gibson on Wednesday, September 16,
when her youngest daughter, Miss Annie,
was married to Liucon Wanzer of New
Fairfield. At 1 o'clock they stood under
a handsome bower of clematis and maid
en-hair fern, while Rev H. B. Turner,
chaplain of Hampton Institute, perform
ed the ceremony. After congratulations
from the 50 guests, they were treated to
a bountiful lunch, and amid showers of
rice and old shoes they left on the 3 18
A. H. SCOVILL, Sec'y-
Watertown, Conn.
by local application as they cannot reach tbe
diseased portion of the ear. There la only
one way to cure deatuess, and that la by con
stitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by
an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of
the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is in
named, yon have a rumbling sound or ira
perfect bearing, and when it ia entirely
closed, Deainesa is the result, and unless ;the
8 Inflammation can be lakau out and this tube
! restored to its normal condition, hearing will
"" j be destroyed forever ; nine cases oot ol ten
Mr and Mrs Austin Warner and son,, are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but
who have been the ret9 ot Mr and Mrs f f, n'Tf:
J. H. Warner, left on Monday for their cast oJ Dessis,eBS (CttaSed by catarrh; that
home ftt Vicksburg. S cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send
i for circular; free.
s fca, j V. J. C R EN EY & CO., Toledo, O.
j-soia uy urugiBis, ;.
Ilev K. L. Bray of Southlngton paid a
brief visit, this week, to A. W. Basaett
II. O. Bi tfai, who has been with Drug
gist 8. C. Bull through the suinuier, has
left to begin hia studies at the College of
I'harruacy in Brooklyn. Howell Wright
is now with Mr Bull. .
Mr and Mrs Theodore Swift have re
cently entertained Mr and Mrs George
Law and child, and Mr and Mrs Da vid
Piatt of Milford, Mr and Mrs Seth Couch
and Miss Hattie Couch of Woodviile, Mr
and Mrs Langdon Swift and daughter of
Waterbury and Evangelist William Khul
Miss A. M. Daniels of North Main
street has returned from a visit to Prov.1
dence, Cottage City and Old Orchard
Landlord Taylor, at the nook, has had
Superintendent Cjjhman, of the Pas- ti8 popular hostelry lull for a week or
Tie fa8 ' '
ft ir. r,-,.' .."- ri nnuiKiHs. cnoice. a cans
Mustard, 3 bowls 25o; strip Cod, 7c lb; Fine
tlerrins. 4c lb; Soap, 7 bars 25c ; Baked Means,
2 cans 25c; lmryeas Corn .siiirch, 3 lbs 25c;
Choiee OolonjT or Japan Tea, 5c lb ; Cottee, 24
to:!tc lb; Nutriotone, best for your stock. Al
tin: Old Stand.
A. B. Fancher,
hy buying vour tirocei-uis. Drug and Patent j
Medicines at Hind's. No need ot going to the i
.K, , ur i H s,d We make line flour in the new bolt mill at
Have You a Good Rve
W. N. HUllD'S,
South Britain. All kinds ot grain ground
while you wait at reasonable prices, sawing
done at short notice. J. A. 1SA1RD, aoutu
Uritain, Ct.
It costs a little more than
PS ATT & HAWLEY, New Milford.
Dkaleus is FinkOabkiaoes waooss, arc.
! e-lf in want ol anything in our line come
and see ni or drop us a line and a represout-
i tive of our house will cri& upon you.
lim ! It's good
poor butter, but-
l' t!r,niT?(Vi; or
- -I..--. .--,:- "iii3UlU I r LI I urn.
K)tt SALE-10 good cows. Address. MOB
TIMER UulilitLil. sum, w nite inns.
. ,
.' -RVFN im Trademark:
ANTKD-To rent, a farm of about 20 acres
with good house and Darn. rite k
IIKNUi BARKER BEAD, Box lot). Bethel, Ct
rANTKii Native grapes.
IOJS, Newtown, ut.
IIOK SAIK-An extra good light, road cart,
1 nearly new. Injure of A. J. SMii'il at THE
Bkk Olhco.
IlUR SALE A nrst-class .(ersey cow wun
call b" her side EDGAR T. ANDREWS,
NOTICE On Monday, September 21, 1 will
be lu Newtown with a car ot young cattle
for sale. Give me a call. CHARLES M. HED
Caveats and Trade-Marks obtained, and all patent
usiness conducted for HODKKITK PRES. My
office is in the immediate vicinity ol the Patent Office,
and my facilities (or securing patents are unsurpassed
Send model, sketch or photograph of invention, with
description aud statement as to advantages claimed.
ti-fio charge i made for an opinion a to
patentability, and tny fee for prosecuting the
application .-tfi not l eall'd far until the
patent it allowed. "Invkntoks' Uuidh," con
tainine full information sent free. All Communi
cations Considered as Strictly Condiicnllal.
MiAV NOTICE The annual taxes on the
I grand list ol 1S5 ot the town of Hnuting
toIii i,e due and navableon Monday. Oc
tober 5, 1S06. The subscriber will be at his
office on Saturday, Oct. 3, lroin tf a. m. nutil 5
p. in., and at the town house. Center, on Mon
day. October 5, from 1 until 4 p in., to receive
r, ..c T TUMI IV.IIV. ncllee-lnr. Slittl-
3U1U laAua u ..... - .. , w ,
ton, Sept . 14,18'JO.
Notice to Farmers.
r nin now ready tor cider making, bring
on your apples. Custom sawing done on
short notice.
J t'DD'S 1J Ul DC, K, CON "S.
V? wi5 watch maker, located at xhm iienry
hairehild place near Botilord Depot. AU
kinds ol watches and clucks repaired In tne
best manner. Charges moderate. BLNKl
BOCIiyL KNEZ, Botslord, Conn.
TlTANTKI A lew cattle, horses or colu to
pasture at owners risk. ARTHUR J
WH.SuN, Palestine district, Newtown.
WASTE l Everyone to take suivantage ol
the great Slaughter in prices tor tlie next
iu da of Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Sil
verware, etc. JUU. ii. hmu, oweier, u
Wall street, Bridgeport, Conn.
li tr. i.ti.ihhl'a vour name
for my catalogue of supplies,
"" -4 containingeverylhingneeded
- JvJ 1 irom a polished section, ( a
luontoa complete nive, luove
a&lT tail complete 1 60, in flat 1.2b.
SJT will exchange beeswax for
n rrr irrr goods or cash. Samples ot
couib t-.uiiaatlon anucnuvioguo uco. "
E. SMITH, Watertown, Conn.
Come and see the Wagons and Buggies we
have on hand. Popular prices and quick
sales. Kow is the time t a buy.
D- G- BEERS & CO., Newtown, Conn.
FF1CE TO KENT Over R. II. Beers A Co.'s
store two looms, for terms apply to it. u.
BEERS. N'cwtov. ii, Conn.
If ONEY EOR YOl Here ia a list ol th
ill. stamps iound on old photographs and
the prices we pay loreacn: lc playing cams,
red, 2Ac; io playing cards, blue, 5c; So pi ay lug
cards, orange, iot-; ic proprietary orange,
2c certillcaU;, blue or orange, luc; So playing
cards, gieeu, Hi c pla-ing cards, violet, l,
(ie proprietary orange, ii. oee what you can
itud aim urmg tuem iu us on tne pnougnspu,
and we will remove them without lmjury. 11
you have any kind not listed or old potaga
stamps nuuu lunm w us lor prices, wvn m
UUNHAU, Kooni -i, conn. Kauonau isaiut
Building, Bridgeport, Conn.
tl ot the town o! Newtown, are requested to
meet at the brick building, Monday, Sept. 21,
at 730 p. m. lor the purpose ol appointing del
egi.tea to the Senatorial convention; also
nominate judge of probat. and do any other
business necessary to be done at said meet
ing. Per order Town Committee.
i tt-ou.sk w NTkD Five or six years old
it weiirht 10(10. sorrel or chestnut, 151-2
I hands high.
Must be best, of disposition. All
F OH SALE A gfol work horse, weight lltiu. ' RIGHT in every harness and cheap. C. E,
Suitable tor heavy team work. Will work ; JOHNSON, Newtown, Conu.
Single or dOUDie. A goou rauim . v I 77?Ti atH-Ko them tor sain hv C
.d1h teener. For orioe and parttcu-, Fi.oOV SHOA1S n e ot tnem tor sate Dy o
lai-s call on A. W. PECK, Elmshude Farm, or
adtlress P. ). box m, sawiown, iaiuu
. JOHNSON, Newtown, Coun.
tion w
i.ii rwn that, a Democratic conven- Newtown, conn.
.. v r., . .v. ... ir..ii i rt m,.w.
11 DO Qtlll l lim lunu
Ti'OU SALE Pive pigs weighing from 1M to
is 1 JL 2ti0 ibs each. Inquire at CAST-LiC RONALD
for its productivenesn both in grain and
straw. Price "iw per bushel. Sample on ap-olicati'-Ti.
CHARLES SAN tOED.l alley View
rarm, Redding Bulge, Conn.
T;OR SA LE t young horses from 8 to o year?
' i.i ti ir nirM arn said to oe rettistered
stock. Their dam At by Pairneld, record 2 ii.
Thev are line drivers ami amu ami Brain". "
E. PLUMB, Stevenson, Conn.
TjioR SALE Good A- No. 1 ladders from 10 to
r so tt in leturth. can on or auuiess jx. x
CAM P, Hawley vilie. Conn.
town T'l iinrsda- evening, Sept. 21, 1896, at 7 30 hyJOTlCP-Ia-n at jho old stand again at F.
tfZiw for ufe pnr so ot sboctW ttrar del-1 IN W. PL ATI'S l.lacksmitu shop, where
2f.te.fn aftinS the concessional conven- will do all kinds ol blacksmithiug. Je RANiv
STnlo be heidTt TangronTSo Sept.' 29; KORDMAN. Redding Ridge
also threo spnftw:ru uhikm-io w -' "" ;
also xnre BfimtA unpwvvB - ; -t vrfrT? A
15th senatorial convention to be called and N."Vved
dot i anv ol er proper ousineas. EliWAUll 1' lemoveu
TK(YCliairi.iRtilJi!uiocralio Town Commit bloc?, Nm-i u
tee. Puted atNowwwn, ct soptii, ia.
nis oaroer snop to ;,rongs
Woodbury, roar room, up stairs.
lront and rear entrance.
TXK SALK -Carriages, buggies, business
X and pleasure wagons; an uie latest anu
nn.t at.rloa at nrie.su about one Uiird thtt ol
tan ....o .-a :. A it h nil .'T of second hand
buggies and busine:-s wagons cheap. Ton
oot, 9u r-r cent bv buvinir here. MAY-
HEW'8. Plumtrces IMitrict, Bethel Conn.
"DOt 8 LB My plee atSanciy Hook. MRS
X J.I.IMJ1 II. om:i'f . v
-vTivrrr.re -1 will b at the Town clerks office
IN on Saturday afternoon,, September IS,
irotll 1 to a p 111., auu ever y CKtiumsy iwn-
intr. until further noUce. ROBERT A.
CLARK, CoUector.
Stepney, Conn.
xR SALE A 16 can Cooley creamer, in
. good condiUon. ROBERT ATCHISON,
Sherman, Conn.
vr-OTICE-Notice is hereby given to all per
il sons having bills against the Town of
Newtown, to present theiu to the Selectmen
on or beiore September 15, IS8S, as the books
ol sani town wm close on earn aaie a pwt
vole passed at the lost annual town meeting.
The selectmen will be at the town clerks
oiiice on September Hand 15, 1896, from a.
iiIt until s p. m., to receive saiu ui-is- t . a.
CUKTlfciS, Selectmen ol Newtown.
Dated at Newtown September 1, 1S9.
TOK S A LE Twelve horse power engine and
A' boiler. In line order. WUi be Bold cheap.
WILI 1AM DA KIN, Hotcbkissville Conn.
J ujH SALiS -An extra good farm horse, good
' worker and driver, 8 years old. weif
about 1HD pounds, all right lor any one to
aud prioe very reasonable, f. a. PR1SB1K,
BrooKfleld Center Conn.
IjiCYCI.E CHKAP I wiU sell my aatetr
1) wheel, a Columbia, coot $135, for i5, ca.-h
t,r work.l Used but little. HoLLlSTEH SAt E,
The Ceaniery, South Britain, Conn
TX1R8ALE A new breach loading Baker
T ahotguu. ARTUIIiJ.SiiaaVXulKkB
I oflioe.

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