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The Newtown bee. (Newtown, Conn.) 1877-current, December 25, 1896, Image 8

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Ult , S I I.
As well as our own, for they are idyntlcal.and that is just why
we recently purchased. .the ..biff, line of -clothing" bf WHITTEN, 11 "
BURDETT & CO., one of the largest B.toa Clothing Houses'tnat'" "'"
(''Was obligeiitq cqs &oqj$. ,Wfi gk, jibis stock at a barerain.
yfe are goinr to seJl it at a biggr bargain, and 'sb make for1 Our- ' " '
selves a host of newrinds. If you want'
A ? t
k f t
l4ii a , o -.
You can't find bettej, goods, at, so small figures, as wa...&ri 'making
by this big, purchase. of oursw " " '
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i". i
;Jr Villi Miitl - i-uH
jtM S J U!., Hit 1 ' i 44
. ... Ull li lifi
Of ready-for-wear clothing continues.
v' vi . w wl
JiNDA ' 1, 187,
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The Home circle.
TiiHiiW-trtviinr ijnj-: vviiut kI.h! 'l)lcing'
lit.i)- Spw tit; l)i in I Ji.ii.l lovf, k
'hn hciirls rtli uniiOx'' i.ViiftiSif vISiAnft,
Tl.t-lr pritlN.i to (Jo! who ri.:liiH above,
Kach yimr Hh uik! lrtnj owiiI'lii.nkHiviny
i , , .Which our ttucti-Ui"i prizi-tl ho wnlt,
i'i Atitl wk.'hb ftniii ydji- tifh K.,U.vlm ( ,
Hi'tit! lorlh th Hiicrril .ititiumj.H swi.ll.
Km h
For bouTiltf! w.i aro then r
Itoth I .I UI lll.l HlUl lfH W llOltlMOTllil looil.
All kIvIiik thin. kn lo ilu'li ( r.-ator,
J.otli provn their ortjtlu illvlno.
t '"' "'fhuk, r tMoto Mi.t.h-1 !tur..' '
Uleh kmii.h poHH.-Mi. Iron. ill. jiv.'u'm uiliiti.
i , .... .V t ' tt ii ' .' 1
Aroui.il U.o fwHtrt. boxnls now nthiT
kwii.l u.tiMHhMiiltv,)'Kl'i-Ml.'(t call'"" ,M-'' 11
4V u.i I THtkttntl ' hlt'hilrrti lelli!Vir.
Whmi iHtor In tin-' r HPrinnim
What .. WnH W btt M.nKivrt, ' '"
Are Uimv amoiiK the thlna of ol.l '
JailJ til i I. . i. in i . i . i, .1 ,
"Tla not In t.nLhiK turkoye. p aililij ( .
1 1 a.) Jimiia wftlfli Ti.nlml1Y)4;(ilvilii onHit,
TbniiKli lliMSBarBcoiiiiUnl m tl)"Kuil IhingM'
If thin In nil wli.it liavo .v.o,W.-sni "
"TU In th ht'Hrt "lioulil lio thankaglvlnK." "'
"' 'rWeWrJ UlMMltilt .! U OWM,iii h nni
Kor all th hoiii.IUin we're ri.cuSvIng
t'(tuHj ttt rft-AlilUi trim m AIiph.
Juiiit!-! lt,'.anlHly Wheeler,
lli.i.llnKlim, Conn.
that gve hfm Intel est,'" looked' Mtfreritly
twrwt- tbv ciuuiuoB. At last he gnid:
'Come here mother, and tell me ff ctift !
h not the maul' Dorothy thut I see yon
der in the doorway of Gov l.eete's
utore. "'
The wife went to tin; wlmlo W,' fitid the
eitfi.t that she tiw caused her to be
silent, longing to see mono. Across the
comiuon, .200 yards away, sTOOd ttib
store where the K'venor of the colony,
Mr letp,' htlil hM btritti',' ThtsJjifj
had dran.te siOw,aft(itHt one tide of
it bo hih that, with the overhanging
fringe ri'o.li the roof, tVi'ere 'waa-foYfhiid .a
bank r white, broken in two ' places By'
ttie faint outlines of the window .
Fioiji the Uiy.r on another kU'.,i Dtioi .
liiru.s ,u heavily hooded head thut
sei rin-d to be slyly lm king each way a-
if fearful of di-covery. At ou Wnft'i
this head was hru-, out and thPUfOf Til
'P"'," Jitnaravpfp pf ptn puit out
a liule fuither. A'. Ian the door w
;n nay oi)riiHft pyi i in Tli nl(llnK. "Ii'Sifed Kle and There stepped out int
..hll,lr.,,iof,.hr Fath r. iA.l. ' ' ' ' ' ' Mt,t (nt lh f! ur(. f a w,lman. s,,
w- m vv.app. u auu sue waiKCU wail
'Thai is Dirotl.y,"' saidj. tM-ther
iuui if : ; i .i ii in ,
4 - iUii-1 (tirVE PMW"MW"ee,"said Ab-
ner. "Whv does she come ho slyiv
'rfi .1 .. i,,)iM . . ( i . i . i ... u - it
rrilrtl !h.i (H.riui,'i 0,1,1 u. rhij
ThankrttvltiK hriuut tliem, ou. lotcptliur I. ' . . . '
Within m.ml,oin.,'8laViflli;f wail. ' " f """. BOt all one to
break li'iad.-i'C' im v i!
' She has a bundle under hurf clrt - k.' f
IflifBrft fi'lPothy 'was'a oiMirr-tttpTiert
to be fond i.f frivolous tbig, brit 1 did
J?f J.hin' thji.t t..fte(i was; iy,""-ftHd 'tht;
" To be kry fcicWliK'efr"; that is some
thinjr thAt Kiut he pni4jtd. Ah, the;
tfajiiui: wIth tK Y,xt'a- ila breat
the path well. But now he Mh )nr
othy, Atiid'l,i Stow, top aud,?J)eak f.(
her, for I have surmised motheT, that he
likes that m Hid too well
"lie floes husband "
'tio kng as.heis ray apprejltjfpiAf. the
forge and anvil he shall woo no maid
leafC o ail this; orptmp-, who, I" greatly
feaV, w1A1iet46h' wVyV,4doea cauae our
(dvernor to relax.hia duty at times. He
'ftrf' perfrHHert'HrW ,to wear a brooch
upon the Lord's day. We must discip
Hue the maid to day. Truly I will sum
mon ht?p bfore the magistrate. I lie
'fltf, I'w1H.f Seer 'ttnuuil Jb 'speaking
wita nee:
; .The glfl tiad gon' through' ' t'lje mo if
Hunt bus nearvine tueeupg-uottse,
game oO yad(awayfrorn the'Storej and
mere tne young-WMiHxrnuel, met her
Ho had eeo lier. aa .she otuna from( !je
store, anu, aitnouzn Her head was well
hooded, vt'ttful'jWns: man knew her as
well as H hj sa-w hr8ye, that always
Mjst,owtid,ue.aifutiva srulip. Jletjjra tf)
W"5 XIMiA Mlt21H!t .fliucb goading
forced tuetu to b-eak a path from thf
gayjrrWif ru.se,,wlji3re, t-ha f?lrl . iiruds
to ens ptaesi 'wii)r .be-n:t 'herl'"
..'':tvVty'ntfw4r,''a.LBuiii!'' '
"Why? You kaiv"WMl .hjf, Xm
mnow what.ls t.lispic!a.th dty I,am
this td'titiirtfr yay D wothy, that I "wish
it, was to-daylVor'"!? have' your"iVfbtni3e
htrwiflff thntyotf a re oat! so early, nd
"'" V' ' " a 1. iui,i,.j ,ui
. . 1. Mil J
OVA biHik) j, iiu tVi.i4 "V-.. '.'-"V ",
i in,,,. ., . X iiea now had fallen In the plght,
' .1 1, o thai upon ti morning of the i'.th of
rtVlm-'.l;'ll'l?,., fod Mntt..i
Guilford tovra la Itix tJonwctlcut colony,
JKftl JlWden b Jtnd ftr as the eye
I . !. U, I.. j .. J
mil 1,. io "VH ("v, V"cJk, (annei, nau oeen
'!""!'''" i'1",!. 'broknn wicp-.by - trees pd hoasM.
y.n ft.,',,',V rViAbner Alatc,,' sterrj ruaii of authority,
iTm?""'.V. f t ,thj-y Ifidovr of ' h Is , kiukm-wt
1,1 , ,'i.(hti. woruln, looking . through the
"iV "w '''i'i' 'H'ttl panes ot 'rfarpd . that, he
iim.i tmnnun .in.
thing is that you wish me a merry
Christinas? What is that?"
1 1 f ' i ...... j . J , ,
'It is Christmas day, Samuel," said
she softly.
"1 do'not comprehend. It is Wednes
day.', , ;
"This day it was that Christ was
born, and in the countries acfoss the
sua a ii is thttJiiibitul the people to bring
it to ruind by saying as they , meet. "
wish you a merry ChristtnasJ'.
"Dorothy'y6u perpTex me". " Who
told you this?''
,'Ah, a heavenly-minded map did tell
me' oh. what have I saicj1! Pay no heed
to my chattering, Annuel!:' j t ,
'"rth? put her hand plesdihgly, opon.
his,, He perceived that. be was very
thoughtful, and there was Self reproach
in! her tone's asfhe said, " I c?arjti6t"'teil
you kilgw; 1 will some day," Samuel."
He wna made no answer, for Uu was
fVVph'xdd.' Phoy had ' sow' down
abreast the gate of the governor's house.
He lifted her from the sledge ' and her
gently dowd upon the doorstep. ' '
An hour after Samuel returned' tw hi
'lomtv having broken hia share ef phs.
, fje jjjttt nu his leather apron, ro,l,levl, .ii
-leuve over his mighty arm and blew a
ti e at the forge, and a moment later 'the
1111-ie of the anvil revealed his energy.1
and here the magistrate held court.
There were two or three who had been
convicted of offanaes, and among these
condemned Abner placed the sweet
faced maid.
The magistrate listened to the accusa
tions that Abner made, that she was de
ceitful and had spokerj- lies, and when
that was finished the magistrate said to
hei : "You have beTtrtl these accusa
tions. Do you deny them?"
"In that ! have said r( done evil know
ingly I do; otherwise it has btorf .as fie
. Si..
has k.aid."
, f'Djd you say a heavenly minted man
had said' to you, t wish you a merry
Christinas :
The srirJ seemed not to &f,"'trjes'e
words. She out out her hand aa if for
Dp ASjner.wnt t ly,a rfc nd re,-t pportd when 80me one Irift'eif'
..roved him. -'i'ou spoke too long with ,he 80emed - pht' to' know it. TtwaV
''Alt'a'grj'a'Xew fikkes'fluttered la the
i. yet they began to glisten ss the'-ray
i.i.,r. .T.i'..M-'"of the guailU 4r4'..'b'rktu ibV'ugh
SiiMVi't .,tt.'."ll!vtt,!;',,., .'ttf.,f."'rk',wiw
Abne... peoled .tluit ,U) day would
"T ioon bo floe he called, saylng't ysHauJueli
Smne)t nrmp!" "" '
m-tt im4i eye'b4U.ViW.Ai'.rlghte'4KtLVi ;'''l'W11t,aWeHridIcHt'f'tiof your qv
n. !itn I -Jj.d4.UjLt, UwlJiliUii.. . k .a .iwi -l-.'..rj'c''' '.''"' A- L.'J "''J11
. . . 'inB" nrpmeev oaving orusnea trie
now froiatol amis went to Abue ..that
, . . , . 1 , 1 he tot reoplva his master' 6tt)n4ab"dsl'
... .,.i.. ..w..Thw mglrat will came br noon.
. .g,verM- .BaoiueK
'V -notrupon lit Digoway atince.'
X".' lWmtoxW$it&M pe'f:te.r
t yet) heaty rnouvh fop. 6icb,"li'ri'p'fy1'
ytnj rocpiva tni ' eomtuand,. bat-.
,M,R'i!ii!!"on hl' haridr iweH
""Vagu'rata Will inot
timigu Ma tc 1 8a roue 1 . . ..' Are vo not can
&nt to'hkvi ai riafe t iome:Diiii,'bik on
m!4kKVll f,'ti?i$s'. back' to -Bft
Itu'l 1
$'.Stfli ; strong ar'm's
gnntly, ttteutiujr auMi'.ii'ffed her toVt'be
'WMii p,,w,.HiHUieo toe -snow
no-frupon tl) highway atiOnefe."' Tkel from-berfeetv thet)i,iiwith"an arm
U tallej to New
ow,,"iroun0l(il, fttte held "ae.
ICW:? started( the
oki . d'aan na om and wiflkaAJ
"i' uor uomeiic agur. ne AHfceti. ,,1L.
' ' tWMH W tKaf'ft'e- "wW half jesting,
WWf Mr4pnfi.!U9, would not ana
hrm,"bttt;sh Wi'fi Saruuel,',, you
4 ,aro Kmji
'ti,',, hut
made uie forget my purpose. I wleto
yau. . ilUrp j ,iLihrJ-.i! 'sjc.". ..
; . ,neJ'cUe'al?tf?i'; ft ;plexeet, ,woiit(er
iogr what fet.amefij(.i for. h- rmd ' never
heafd hiiij. wo.is ptf()r'e',,,and. haJknew
thafrto em"!n 'th to-wn 'had " ever "re-
peatea tr.em.
the maid, Samuel. I bade you go and
tra-p,tt,-not wrgbattgr"wtttrf i Huh tooTSy-for se. . His face- vJat'wfeit
u young woman. .. 1 , i .- ,,
'('The paths are brdfeen.' .. .
'What1 did you gad with the maid
abour? TeUme.. Did she tell you why
sie went out Into the snovV so early ?" .
-'.'Shrt did not. ' I asked her.v but she
would not tell.'.' i . - i , ' , '
"Oal there is some 'mystery. The
matrl-lH deceitful." ', i .
"Xay, master, Dorothy is not deceiti
fulj a. lia was never on her lips."
"I wili acduse her before the magis
trate, and when the governor returns
home -I will narrate this thing, she has
"There is no evil, I a'm sure ; but there
is some mystery. ,'I'eil' one, master, what
does it mean .when any person, says., l
wish you'a merry' Ce'ristmas? She-said
a beayeuly .minded ..man h&d .told. bier
that." - -..u
""Ob, Bhe sald tbatT' What heaven'ry
mended man? ' ' She " isr deceiving' 'yoti,
Samuel,, and, WA will Jtqow t,h truth 'of
it. ray oo heed to hee wordsJ'1 " 1
Then , Abuer . went away and with
inighty strides 'cifo'sled the common, and
having entered the honse of Gor Leese
demanded th'af Dorothy be summoned..
'.At, .this, mo"mert," there -en'teVed ' the
room a 8 weeb-Tface'd "fflkid leading a child
with whom s hc.was making merry, but
when,, looking np, she, ,uiet 1 tbe.,awfuT,
glanea wiia wbiah Oei Abner received
her she'-faite'red "and1 Stood waiting to
fi6ar;hm;ag.;;iM;, . " n A
'''tie'not to"me,'f said' he, "jQf-lt.-TlI
bevea swors tot you." .o. ,!
i . r.'I speak the- truth always or I speak
horatalt,' she Isaid'feeetly.;;.;,., ";;; .'
' 'Weil'tj'A will not denj; -'that .oa-
. l-V.,IJa,ill nni nb that ' ' ' . '
""Wnaj nad you under your cloak r
.''..VX baauoi say,;';;;; ; -,. , r,
there?'! 1.1 .n i., n I .K.mr!,.i
.t "Yoa eaidbese words 'trf' Skmttel, 'I
Wislt fou a' jmerry phrlstmaa.'-"
'kAt4. 'ls-aid those mordWtT.' ",?;,'
Well, wbo btde-tjon fy)nfc$$tk.
mas tljisday?- ,.;,';'.
i "Pla JTt jpo Sll Samuel It , was a
uMPta IFmS Jf,M.ffuth.
"wuor7 iis,,) worsL was otterJiiiB
u.must npt say." she i BpoW.'eieijHy,
but ber -tones, were fir.ax, and : when1 he
aaw thai ph would fibt reply ,'wni
wayi'and'it noori. the" magistrate'. had
coma. ''. ' I. ,1 n ;.!-. ; . .
j'.l'Ue'y c'aiufi for' Dorothy,' ap4 led 'her t
th& building-whence "she jcame1 so citti-
tiousiy in toe morning, lie re was the
office a3 well as the store of Gov Leete,
deputies consulted together. Ttidfltlie
constable was commanded to take the
girl and execute the sentence, but, as. he
approached her Samuel put her behind
him and faced the officer. His look was
terrible, and the constable knew the
strengthof his arm, so they stood silently
facing o'ne ari&ther." 'Suddenly a noise
like the coating ot i gorges was heard.
The door opened and there entered some
of the drag's officers, and with them the
governor of the colony, Mr l,eete.
'In his majsy'Sinameii if you know
Where Edward, Whalley and William
Goffe, tfwy of tfW ' fudges who caused
Charles I to be beheaded, lie concealed,
rhargyoujtg deiXve' them !" said the
. !The regieides !" said the magistrate,
speaking in broken tones.
they are coacaaied here." 1
"Had one a venerable beard?"
"Aye. wiiiiam uone."
"I said that.. It is true;- and he said,
'lli j ice,, for if, we Wjblce in the death of
Cnrist for us we may rejjice in His
birch.' " But she refwddkto HeWwfcA
thts" man was oTwby-Kherad slyly gone
to the store that morning. The magis
trate, therefore, looking sterniv "si her
said: , I . ' Twas he, Cr.omwe.l s general," said
j . JeUift 1 -kin'. " i-"?!.:. 1 ;'i.;. f
'mere 18 no qoujji. 01 it. , ou are
guilty, of. a Jie ftntj deceit,,,
taken hence, atid(ypu; will first receive
TO' lashes, and -after that will b'e'Dul fno
the piilory for one hourfeato'uV j
ounishmeot raav warn others con-!
vinee yourself "
of them was here an hour as;o
'But. is herie no longer, " said Gov
, jjiJ'JctB) ,( BpeaitiiJ 1 v r ( (,ue ursu Lime.
ne uau come muo tt.e room iu time lti
. . ..... i
hear the sentence., n : .... (
, V Let me take. he,r.- p.Icd. it. purustv
mtnt is neede I will'bare' my .oacKf to
the lat.h and. sit in the. ,stucks'lo'r 'b'er"
he said. - .-..'; M - :. . , . , 8
''Theft, le't'm.e sax here beforS yo'Sual
thai this, maid shall not ba-whipped and
pilloried. I will kill the man"
lpped and
w fcrfs
his hand against her,??i.and the young
man threw his arm around ttf'&irt''&hdi
held her in a firm embrace. '-Do you
wish to kill her? For if she iPHMrerf
Now, the magistrate and, deputies were
amazed, for they had never before seen
sa strange a sightaa,i4's'.!8o they pon
sulted'With eaeb other what thev shduM
.dQ,.anrLtb.exssaftBfliLji punlslyj!!.
for the young man.,
" But Wheh the looked up to pronounce
1:111 .3 tl Jf- ."5si J 1 . . ilj. 1 : ,rr
the magistrate, as though speaking to
himself: t ' 'X
A"Twa8 he," said therjebuties solemn
i'y". . Then bner'safd to the officer, "Oue I
These men came to me. many days. -ago
.;ii.i. 5li ,;ni aa7.i 1 ,
atd.asked for sh'ter. As I had not then
received the king s command to deliver
them,, T remitted thefu to 1 He" in1 'the
peiiaf 6eneath, this"room. For,,tDpugb I
hui .ua. (to jue, ttiug. aui) my people
'fionor (JfrdmWjell .and .his He'utetiirit".
My maid"lriQrotriy'"ia3 'for many, days
i jiiiiti ,jiil iuf. ! all"' "
taken thern food, and she and T alone
1 knew ol their presence. charged her
comjnunds I obey , " asci' 'l have brought
. "No, Samuel," thns Darothy spoke. the rfflcers here. Sfef fjim glad to say
,y'i"du b'a'DDdt.tisbtce'rpJiiace.'l a'aiS the' that wfthln'lhe 'bourl 'Deing cwarnetf 'of
escapeu. xuu "Y fj, jlUelr traciss in
the. snow, andflbey are now rapidly sail-'
ing in a vessel (on ijocg isiaua .ouna.
What doy6uer,.t5orbt.ny?"
ta.ittitUH.l' V'-un tjui ii ' ;i'-.li 1 .) '
rney nave septencea me to tne iasn,
;;tTT till ,(..,. , '
aster, because! kept, jny promise" to
and t1 was this neayenly minded man
As vtj can sell you for $0 are, rare in retailing history.
Splendid garments at this price, well-made and trim
med. The Kersey Overcoats we can sell at 7.130 ought
tohring$10. Splendid cloth from a New York mill,
made and trimmed right. Ulsters at 7.o0 in Frieze.
The $10 kind. Worombo Beavers, O'Brien Brothers'
Irish Friezes and Chinchillas in .fine Overcoats and Ul
sters at $10. Made with fine body linings and iron
wear sleeve linings. Ought to be $15. The maker
stands the difference. At $15, the finest Royal Ker
sey Overcoats of the year. Plain or lap seams, clay
weave or satin body linings. The Irish Frieze or Chin
chilla Ulstei-s it this price are all wool, made extra long
deep collars, good warm practical linings.
it will kill her, and it herme.- J81 i?ma&g with these
, - , I .in tfj, ..il ,
t. 1 . . . . . ,., w.i r nature m atnng: ica voir. xnepropniora
''pod'rsetVnt,'a'ntr'I' say thM fbrt hfulLd mr li mttmmtai."
. isi.n.i i.inr a..ii.L:n.ii ill'.' I ii.hmhii. iihi'xi ,h .
r-.7-"?r--:n7--r;-P7r.r,n-iir-r-i.r.p , . -
words, 'I wish you a merry Chrsttilas.!, "
"To the lasb? '
J'Yes master." (
rf'And wereahouV to adaiinister it?"
s )'BftyEor"44li1 lney vvould already
uave wuipptu me.
God be praised that this maid wouid
'8entenfegWfci4tt'lSMay,lar'4n)tB6t 1 Blttt 1 "Bavia sutKlrfefl th6 lasltather''th'an be
whicb a'maiedtlhyreeb more; for there iMf pitSdr bel-Word rJ these persecuted
sttfod 'b'efore'therti k'tdail b'f strpge up Infrngp&oiii&eA, MMe1 and Whalley.
paarance--tAis-Beara-WAS TW9M JTPfrvl henceforth be not my maid,
tbe8nowanaipfigr,,llj;ethatora proph bufciny, daughter.", said the governor,
et. mihst mvtipefa his sh'oqtdes!; UlracftgbW
His dre8s was coucealedby a YtAigWiyak,' 'magliiMe' M' 'sWdV't." Will remit her
and be had placeC' pnerhand upon therHeDteace, anarboause it.is; indeed ChrtstJ
twad of the ;:Bj4i??b2lfe. the oUJjjlw B'Sat.X'.WAihe 8ehnc:si ,6f.''ali
uplisted with admonHoiy 'gestufraa ttfewiitOBert'.-"Let all come and make
. JfJiku 'ae'sQMlk.''iaici was.g'afpi.b'u.V inerryS -,'i't g'ikai'ilbe made a merry GhtisU
'fie(hs..hdfia WMpW ?nd $MMfr$fflVti tnow'rt'.whetf I
uei was aoiemoy auu uoii irne tuimoner was c mid isjtiwgland;"
jTwxrWmfSltpi evej;i.3b,:,f8yeraor had order-
. , r.tKtt tjua. hu, atfnetoof. vu," he beltttftlute','tttf"ani 'tter. And; then
.V.".'. Deal's sufrin " alid
1 taught Jaec thlaioeroiBrg j tbAt-4or-ilieriiMbea4B-bat eolonv the hahir.
MVM?M1$mMW;toTiWi las trr other land., of Merry ' maiingwantr1
mmemeratesa Hi8--Wh. (T tbptj 0(A qfctt npbi that Cjbfistmas .y, ,
tl.e,riouiiWj?;.wbreMad rplfea J scn I i Ttfe pfooheM of thfe' regicide' Geffe
UJraitjaixgjrorTlpave Kept theJjflije rfhe children of Samuel
rwth.e,giast.'ien 'adversaries as you and Dorothy have became igtfH 1 vt atrH :-f
hv b,eyer;xa$li, J MwW(,y8tf,db'y4dtifiarity bd'fcef 31a c'klf ber blessed.-
Wjiamjtri'rm of paoiib- . . lv ; r
ment agaiBet tbU child; tor as truly as ' ? rig-iMiLi&'iL '
fcfoa'H4l'aft;A4ii.bJSkda la hers, s r' ,l lL 1f,?WARP V
WYfAWHii Mt,wlMivsw 'riKf fT1l o-feafiers of this Damn wl ta-.Wl.B
Slriiess , a . record - .a? ,,mortalB' aiS IWf i.4Jt,rithat there Is at IatonMMiMl dls.
rr.akpj . rrhrt'MidmntVn f ho nnno ease tbat science ban been able to oo.yim Sl
Sbl,IU.VDiprinUtaai be done.ithuTpH?.6 'lly Positive care Iwwruao .the
tional ;disease, requires a. oftiietltitlteoal j i- I
N B snoka aa Ann idnsn rerl. and . n h treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken in
. .n... ., .. .r... 'f rl tenrallv." uanau. direetls s nnon the
id araP ffiuffou .faoe..,rof, ,t)ie
system tnereDy aestroylng tUe-touivJauow
s aa tb iBnmdHioca B2 R,TrKIi!."i aaKUa
,f vxieaiaa magistrate! ana tne aeputies if UHIJiT f"A
KtM Iftil.il
magistrate) and the deputies
heard these WordsV,theyys'pok'vith7,on8-
Lt'i .-' f j :.
Aumuci ..v.. Buiuv uiumubs, uuu wueu intuu. in e-i . -i
i. .it. . ,:.!
l.":.(-.lla Vllni"! 7
j . ..1 w,i
in ml J
! I -w t.i,o
..ilf.,l w
wisy lilted tne.ir tyes-agalu the oJrMyr;-lrll. ; jJJ T'jr'7 ' ! ca , .
had gone 48'S.btlt.fc'tteiiOMly as rfr7$& iSwa."
he came.
For an hour the magistrate and tbs
Vre supplement the new purchase by audiDg a num
ber of odd sizes from lines already here all new goods
and made for the season's trade. Lines will run out
you know, and odd sizes must be sold at some price.
So we've taken the $18 Overcoats, odd sizes, and put
them over on the $15 tables, along a few $20 odd sizes.
A few blue and black Kerseys, that were $25 and 2$
are on the $20 table, odd sized men have the best of it
They'ie in the new purchase too. We got hold of
three lots of boys' short pant suits manufacturer's
samples- made to sell lor $a and $3.50, we sell for $2.
Another lot of Fine Cassimeres and Cheviots, to be sold
' at $5- our price is 3.00. Bring the boys in. And
Boys' Ulsters too. For boys from 8 to IS years, dark
brown Chinchillas, Canada Grays and smooth Cassi
meres,, warm and heavy with deep collars and extra
length, at just half price, 3.00 and 4.00.
We are not given to boasting, the clothes we sell do most
of our talking fot- us, but these goods we have here nowg
are really worth talking out loud about. ' Every piece ofS
cold weather clothing here is a genuine bargain and our .
guarantee of "Your money back if you want it" makesi;
buying as safe and as sure as it can be made. We will ,
have extra clerks here to wait on you, we will make buy-g
ing as easy as the prices. Open now until January 1
Mackintoshes, Bath Robes, Smoking Jackets, Fancy, vestsj
Cardigan Jackets, Sweaters, Leather Coats, Underwear,
Suspendei's, Initial Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, Full DressJ
Shirt Shields, .Golf Goods, Winter Caps, Dent's Gloves,
, '-t- !;:.!: . . d
Heavy Lined- Gloves, Fur Gloves. Everything in fact
oirtvould expect to find for a mail's wear in a man s com-S
plete outfitting establishment, is here.
i ' - f i r' ii'
I .,..., l-.-.n rl 1 ; 111
I 1. 1 '.(.
t, , -.. . -I
wmi.! -irj ; d '
tffl KMliq llil'i Ml-;
l J
ifOl 'il if U.i.
r . l . I,. ...-.I,
..It . 0 .,
.!-i(i 3,1 i I'll, 'ii' f.l ' .' f. ' ' ?
. .' i -w M.vuuu -- null I UUU tJ 11. L UX UU J T Ll-i-a '
""-'-" g.'i V . "J Br.idgepbrt,
.( 'Ol
'.,. I
i lllll.
f .
'. .jllJli"
- '
" 8
i I
tf I .'-i, ( ,T" w T( 1 "www ww w w w w w w w wwwwwww w w w w w w ''r .
-.f rt-iii liiW , ...... r.... .... . '. X ' .. "' ;'' W
w , ,. ,. .. r ... . , ,
j.i. j ..,t,.'.i .
n : A 1 J f. II I r-. I,,,- ' ' ' " " .
tl.X) .iKynjvryrt .ioiUMitl ltfVVVVVWUi'vV J J1 w i" i iiv til (fill C EifiJilU
!l'(l( '('HJ K'lt
!j "What do you mean by ttiatr vvba

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