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Saturday, January
Ssduction Sal!
Iu fact we propose this
Greatest Mark-Down and Clearing Out
Sale ever known in the history of
the Shoe Business.
sar--ie'xiL.insro- facts i
Men's Qo.t and Velvet Slippers reg
ular prices SI. $1 10. SI 15, $1 25,
Men's Goat and Velvet Slippers, re
gular price $1 50 reduced to
Meu' Goat Slippors, r.gu'ar prices
SI 75, SI 85 and S3 Dming this
81 40.
381 Main Street,
'l.ave the agency for Fairfield County for
the De Laval Separators, St Albans Horse Powers,
and Moseley & Stoddard Creamery Goods.
t&gf-I shall be glad to correspond with
any parties wanting these goods, or will call
personally if desired.
Beginning January 1, 1897, we will sell all our
At greatly reduced prices com ? and be convinced and save money
by buying at
The Travelers' Guide.
SEW HAVEN North. IU a. m., 4.00 p.m.
South.lO.to a. m., 7.45 p. m.
H K I.TON North, 10J 3 a. 4i4 p.m. South,
lo.iH a. m., 7.IU p. in.
STKVKN SON North, 10.16 a. m- 4 36 p. m.
South, 10. in a. ru., 7.06 p.m.
HON KOB North. 1lo.-u a. in, M41-P. ni
South. 10.10 a. m., f7.oo p. m.
BOTsrOKO North, 7 M, 10.86 a. tn., 12.05, 4.47,
M p. ra. Sunday, 8.10 a. m. South, 10.ua
a. m., 6.M p. m.
HKWTOWN North, 1 44, 10.43 a. m., 12.20, 4.W
7 .0 p. m. Sunday, 8.18 a. ra. Kouth,
7.UH, 8.47, H OT, Mil a. HI. ,4.2, JO, B.4U p. m
Similar, 6.13 D. m
HAWLKY V1LLK-North, 7.50,
10.83 a. In
tf.Wt 1.11 1J Ui OUUilH. O.A, , ill.
South, 7.1, 8.8!), 8.48, 11.19 a. m, 4.19, 6 00, C 89
Sunday, 8.27 a. m.
t. ra.
Sunday. SM p. m.
flELD JUNCTION North, 8.03. ll.W
m.4.10,6.23,&2H,7.20 p.m. Sunday, 8.36
a. ra. south, HJt, M), .40, h.iu a. tn., 6.30,
4.10 SJW p. m. Sunday 648 p. m.
BKOOKriKLU North, 8.06, 11.13 a. mM 1.20,
6jW, 7.2 p. m. Sunday, 8.41. South, 8473.2c,
11 M a. m., 5.11, b.'i'i p. m. Sunday, 5.37 p. to
LANKSVILLE and STILL, Rl V K U North, 8.J5
a. m., 64U p. ni. South, 8.40, 8.10 a. m,
5.02, 6.12 p. m. Sunday, north, 1847 a. ni,
south, 15.26 p. m.
MtW MlLFORb North, 8.23. 11.28 a.m., 2.05,
8.88, 6.48, 7 40 p.m. 8iuiday,8.6 a. in. South,
S.36, 8.05, 9.2S, 1048 . m., S.62, 4.50, 6.06 p.m.
Sunday, 6.20.
M UK WINS VI LLE North, 8.3ft, 11.88 a. m., 2.35,
6.07 p. m. Sunday ,9.09 a.m. South, 10.36 .m.,
4.20, 6.47 p. in. Sunday, 4.67 p. rn.
KENT North, 849,1149 a. m., 8.27, 6.20 p.m.
Sunday ,9.24 a. m. South, 10.23 a. m.. 8.27, 4.06,
6JIAp. in. Sunday 4.37 p. m.
COUNWaLL BUI DUE North, 9.06 a.m., 12.02,
442,8.36, p. m. Sunday, 9J9 a. m. Sc.itu, 10.11
a. m., 8.16, 8.48, 6.23 p. m. Sunday ,4. 14 p. m.
EST CORNWALL North, 9.14 a. m., 12.12.
442, 646p.u. Sunday ,847 a. m. South, 10.08
a. m., 8.07. 8.28, 6J5 o. in. 8iuadaT4.01 p.m.
OT8rORl North, 7JW, 1036 a. m
12.05, 4J7,
H.'j p. m. Sunday, 8.10 a. m. South, 7.17,
666, UJ8 an4 M, 9Mp.m. Sunday, 9M
SlfEPNEr-North,72ja,10.16 a.m.. 1146 m, 4.48,
846 p. m. Sunday, 8 a. m South, 76, S.iKi,
1146 a. m. 448, 7 ."4 p. m. Sunday, 68 p. m.
LONG HILL North, 5.22, 10.11, 1118 a. m., 4.42,
641 p. ra. Sunday, 7.54 p. m. South', 7J(4,
9.09,1149a. m., 43, 7.09 p.m. Sunday 643
TRUMBULL North, 7.16, 10.06, 11.22
.a. m.,
4JM. 66 p. m. Sunday, 747 a.
Ul. South
1M, 8.14 riJM, a. m., 49, 7J4 p. m.
BBJU4&PORT North, 7.56, 9.65,11 -08 m4J5,
6.26 p. in. Sunday, 736 a. m.. A ni ve. 7 50.
M a. ui., 1S.U&, 6.10, 7.26 p. m. Sunday 7. W
, P SB' .
DANBtIRT North, 640, 746, 8.20, 9.15, 10M, a.
m.,2.40. S4o.l8,6JtM.50 p. m.Sonth, 6.00, 730,
4a.m.,11404JW,6 45,7.23p,m.8unday,86P.
m., 4.10 p.m.
Mi rUL-North, 737, 1040 a- dl,
t H, 6.06, 649, 63 p. m. Bunday, 10.09 a. m.,
I j p.m. 6otil, 8J. 737 9.M, a. m., 1147,
', 9 p. m. Sunday, 6Jia.m., tJ7p.m.
C -.-w Worth. 1.U . pi. Lid, 638
p. -t. ". , P'la.BH8X4 P. I. South.
r, so
2, Wo Commence Our
year to Inaugurate the
EY to you when in
Bridgeport you can
save both by com
ing to our store on
your arrival.
1 lot Men's Hand Sewed Calf button
and lace shoes, regular price S6
1 lot Ladies' kid button shoes, Bizes
2 1-2, 3, 3 1-2. A to E widths. A lit
tle out of Btyle- Regular prices from
S3 to S4.
Boys' satin calf Lace Shoes, others
ask SI 25 for them-
100 Special Bargains to select from
First Quality, Freeh. Rubber Boots
and Shces-
Bridge p c 1 1 , Ct
Sunday, 9.59 a. m., 8.04 p. m. South, 6.16 a.
m., 11.69, 1:. 4 p, m. Sunday, 8.22 a. m.,6.27 p.
BBANCHVILLE North, 7.10, 10 87 n. m., 2.17,
6.37, .i p. in. Sunday, 9.63 a. m .7.68 p. m.
South, 6.21, 72, 10.10 a. m., 12.05,4.52 lup.m.
Sunday, 8.28 a. m., M p. m.
GEOKUKTOWN North, 7.06 a. m.,9.13, 20 p.
m. Sunday, 9.9 a. m., 7.6 p. m. South, .?6
p. m., 12.09, 7. 8 p. m. Sunday, 8.31 a. m., 6.36
p. ni.
November SO, 1890.
BETHEL Leave 7.87 a. m, 5J8 p. m.
Sunday 8.12 a. m. Arrive 9.52 a. m., 4.40,
p. in. Sunday 6.10 p. m.
BAWLEYVILLE North, 8 .18 a. m., 6.32 p. m.
Sunday, 8.36 a. m. Leave for Bethel 9.87 a.
m., 4.2.) p. in. ounaay, 0.00 p. m.
u nonn, t.14
4 n.
Sunday, 18-48 a.m. South, f9.23 a.m.,t 8.61 p.
FALLS North, 1931 a.m., tl
lay, 18.57 a.m. 8outh,t9.15 aan., t
QUt.v. t5.26 n. m.
XB CRY North. 10.10 a. m. R.nnn. m ni
day, 9.10 a. m. South, 9.C6 a. m., 8 26 p. m
Snndav. 5.15 n
rUUD'S BRIDGE North, fl0.20 a.m., t6.06 p
m. Sunday, f9.17 a. m. South, t9.00 a. in.,
12 53 p. tn. Sunday, t5.03 p. m.
WASHINGTON North, 11.00 a.m., 6.17 p. m.
Sunday, 9.37 a. in. South, 8.48 a. m., 2.40 p.
m. Sunday, 4.51 p. m.
SEW P K ESTON North, 1L10 a. m., 6.21 p. m
oun.iay, v.a a. m. south, 844 a. in., 2.19 p.m.
Sunday, 4- p. in. -KOMrORD
North, 11.23 a.m., 16 JO p.m. Sun
day, 9M a. m. South, f8JS6 a. m 12.03 p.m.
Sunday, 4.28 p.m.
MORK1S North, 11.S5, 635 P. m. Bra,
day. 10.02 a. m. South, f830 a. m., tl-63 p. m.
ay, 4.18 p.m.
IM North, 12.0rt,p.m.,644 p. m. Sunday,
l. m. SOUth. 8.22 a. m.. 1.89 n.m. Hnn.
10.20 a.m.
day, 4.07 a. m.
KE North, tl?M p.m..t647 r. m. Snndfto.
f 10.24 a. m. South, f8.20 a. fl.23 p.m. Sun.
LlTCJli'lELD Arrive 12.10 p. m, 6JS2p.
Sunday, 10J10 a. m. South, 8.15 a. m., fa
J5 p,
m. ouauay, aj p. m
HAWLEYVILLE East 7.2 1146,a.m,7 12 p. m.
Wet 8.54 a. in. 243. 8JUn.m.
NEWTOWN East 7J14 a.m 17a7 p.m. We8t 1847
a. m, rjw, io.zo,p. m.
SAVOY HOOK East 7.40, 11 66. ajn. 758 a. m
West 8.48 a. m. 1.30. 6.21. d. m. -
80UTHBURY East 7.50, 12.04, 7-82 p.m. Weft
o-io . iu, x.ai, o.fx p. in
tTralns atop when itgnalel onlv
Caveats and Trade-Marks obtained, and at patent
Vutinesa conducted for JHODErUTK FEES. My
office it in the immediate vicipity of the Patent Office,
and my facilities lor securing patents are unsurpassed
Bend model, sketch or photograph of invention, with
description and statement as to advantage claimed.
MNo cJt4rff0 4s mad far on opinion urn to
pat&tUabititff, and my fee for prosecuting the
application tvill not be calif d. for ntUUth
patent is tUtmtteOm "JirvsNToar Gvioa1 con
Uining full Information sent free. All fotnmnn!'
CAiloaft CeMere4 Ktrictly Coafldeailai.
; ij.i
JANUA 1.1887,
In Fairflekl County.
Rev W. M. Weeks gave bis people
very helpful and scholarly discourse,
Sunday, from the text "For be shall save
his people from their Bins," Matt. 1:21.
His subject was "Salvation."
Miss Maud E. Bawdy of Danbury,
with Mrs Weeks presiding at the organ,
sang a solo very acceptable, Sunday, in
the Baptist church. The weekly prayer
meeting will be held Wednesday evening
at the home of Mrs Lorenzo Clark.
The sociable at the hall, December 29,
was a success, socially and financially
The program was entertaining and well
rendered. Among the features was a so
lo by Miss Bowdy of Danbury, which
was encored. About $10 30 was taken at
the door. The program was as follows :
Duet, violin and organ, Prof Banks and
Mrs Weeks ;recitation, Minnie Sherwood ;
farce, "Courtship under difficulties," Ya
lu Tyler, S. D. Powell, E. T. Bauer ; so
lo, Mrs Andrews ; reading, S. D. Powell ;
boIo, Mrs Sanford; recitation, Mabel
Seeley ; trio, Mrs Sanford, Mrs Andrew?,
Mr Gillette ; recitation, Florence Candee ;
solo, Miss Bowdy ; farce, "A slight mis
understanding," Nellie Wheeler, S. D.
The regular monthly meeting of the
sewing society will be held in the hall on
Tuesday, January 12, at 1 p. m. All the
Indies are earnestly requested to be pres
Next Sunday mornirjg at the Congre
gational church, the communion service
will be held, Rev Mr Ayer officiating.
The topic for the Y. P. S. C. E. meet
ing, next Sunday evening, January 10,
will be "Spiritual power, whence it comes
and how to get it," Phil. 4 :4-13.
Rev E. P. Ayer was entertained at Mrs
Edward Hill's over Sunday.
John Macnae and wife returned, Tues
day, to their home In New York City,
after spending New Year's with Easton
f i lends.
S. D. Powell and Ernest Bauer have re
turned to their studies at Yale university.
Mrs Annie Bowdy and daughter, Maud,
of Danbury have spent a week as guest
of Mrs G. B. Tucker. Miss Bowdy has
gone to Bridgeport to attend the concert
"Messiah," on Tuesday evening.
Mra George Bassett, after a lingering
illness of several months, died at her
home, Tuesday morning, Dec 29. The
funeral services were held, Thursday, at
1 p.m., Rev E. P. Shaw of Redding of
ficiating. The interment was in the
Ridge cemetery.
Mr and Mrs G. B. Tucker entertained
quite a company of friends on New
Year's night.
The Christmas tree exercises which
bad been arranged to take place on
Thursday afternoon in the Rock House
schoolhouse were postponed, owing to
the impassible roads, until the following
Monday afternoon, when a very pleas
ing time was had. The room had been
very tastefully trimmed with, chains,
wreaths, and crosses of running pine.
The tree was ladened with gifts, each
scholar not only being remembered, but
the teacher, Mrs G. Burr Tucker, also
received several presents from her pupils.
Following is the program which was
nicely rendered : "Song of Greeting,"
school ; "Opening Address,", Freddie
Perry ; "Old Christmas," Ira Brockett ;
Kris Kringle," Alice Lyon; "Christ
mas is Coming," Lora Clark ; recitation,
EvaBevans; "The Night After Christ
mas," Stephen Hall ; "New Prince, New
Pomp," Fred Schunke ; t "Santa Claus,"
Stella Perry ; "Speech," Clifford Perry ;
"The American Flag," Minnie Sherwood ;
"The Old Kitchen," " Hattie Baldwin ;
"A Christmas Ballad," Grace Hall;
"Dumb-bell exercises," school. -
Miss E !z Rowland has returned to
her home after several weeks' absence
with friends.
At the business meeting of the Eater-
prise Society at the Hall, Monday after
noon, the old church carpet was disposed
of. The next meeting of the society will
be at the home of the president. Miss
Carrie Seeley, next Thursday evening,
January 14, when W, M. Gallup will
continue his Interesting account of his
European trip. Those who heard him
at the ball, will be pleased to hear him
David Reynolds' place was sold at
) can be nude from l 1 ;
Mince Meat.
Vtum Pudding, Mlac) Pie. I
0 Fruit Cafco. I I
Ba!W an mrr puW. Tow
tsyracuw, MY. j
auction, last week. It was bid In by hie
daughter, Mrs Willett, of Bridgeport.
Eoer Gould is the first one of the sea
son to get his ice-home filled with nice
Laura Grumman has been very, sick
for the past week. At present writing
she Is more comfortable.
Mr and Mrs Frederick billiman were
pleasantly entertained for a few days
recently, at the home of her uncle's, Prof
Wheeler, of New Haven.
The question is being freely asked at
this time, Where are the selectmen? Are
they hibernating? If so, wont this thaw
bring ' them out. Those of our people
who have to go to the Junction from the
lower part of the town ask why the road
leading from the school house In Whisco
nler to the Junction has been blockaded
now for 13 days without any effort
on the part of the town authorities to
open it to travel. The people in this part
of the town have their road tax to pay
and why cannot their roads receive prop
er attention. Let the authorities turn
over and sleep on the other side, dream a
little, rub their eyes, get them wide open,
shake themselves and go to work.
Mrs Horace Beers is quite indisposed
from the effects of a severe cold
The measleB still have full sway in
many families. ' In some districts, from
those who are sick and those who are
kept at home from fear of exposure, many
of our schools are very lightly attended
Miss Emma Mapes of Brooklyn is the
guest of her sister, Mrs F. H. Beers.
Mrs Samuel Sherman has been again
the victim of severe fall down a pair
of ttairs. One finger was dislocated.
She sustained severe bruises but now
promises a speedy recovery.
Mrs E. L. Whitcome was called to
North Haven, last week, to attend the
funeral of her brother, James Bishop.
He had been quite a sufferer for some
months from a heart difficulty. He was
interred at Woodbury.
The first of the week closed the holi
day vacations for our out of town .schol
ar?, who returned on Monday and Tues
day and everything in the social line has
relapsed into the ordinary every day rou
tine. Not in a great many years has
there been so large a percentage of our
young people away at boarding schools.
A. S. Mansfield has bought Charles
Pinckney's windmill, which he is having
set up on his stock barn for cutting feed,
The few who harvested their ice, last
week, are congratulating themselves on
their good luck, as the first crop of ice is
usually the best. Every thaw and rain
washes on more or less mud and other
undesirable material.
The New Year's party at Mrs Weld's
was In every respect a very pleasant af
fair, about 75 being present. The chief
entertainment was dancing, and as the
music was good, with every facility for
dancing that could be desired, the enjoy
ment of all present was assured.
The January thaw, always to be ex
pected and right up to time, has come
and gone ; now, perhap?, we shall settle
d jwn to some regulation winter weather
and good traveling. It may be too strong
a temptation for resistance, the concert
given by the. New York Male Quartet
Company in the Town hall of Newtown,
next Monday evening, Januaryll, at 8
o'clock. This is a regular number of the
winter course there, and the company is
spoken of as being unexcelled by . any
similar organization in the field.
. '
Miss Katie Camp of Waterbury spent
Christmas with her mother, Mrs Ellen
Camp. -
Jerome Thompson of Pcugbkeepsie is
being entertained by bis brother, Ezra
James Turner of Danbury, accom
panied by another gertleman, has been
in town, recently.
The week of prayer is being observed.
The general theme for the wetk la "Ye
are my witnesses," No meeting will be
held on Saturday evening.
An evangelistic meeting will be held
on Sunday evening, January 10, and
probably similar meetings will, be con
tinued during the week. Announce
ments will be made at the services. A
cordial welcome to the meetings.
The young people here decided they
must have a New Year's dance, which
was a very successful affair, although
gotten up at short notice. The new
Town ball Is proving to be just the thing
for a dance, good floor, pleasant seats.
The office, below makes a nice ladies'
room and the large room below a fine
sapper room. The musicians were Frank
Gilbert at the piano, Eugene Peck violin,
and . George Osborne bass viol. They
played remarkably well and in good time.
Among the older people present were :
Mr VanDuyne, Mr Baker, Frederick
French, Mrs David A. Nichols, Mrs G.
Bennett, Mrs Carpenter, Mr and Mrs B.
S. Hurd, Mr and Mrs F. VT. Wheeler,
Miss L. Clarke, Homer E. Clark, 8.
Clarke and others. One and all said that
they bad had a lovely time, It certain
ly was a pretty sight to see so many
happy faces ctrcllnz 1 the twottep, and
ti rtrj ri, trA y-r correspond
eac mines tne lookers-on enjoyed it as
much as those who danced.
Mrs Sophia Beardsley has presented
St Peter's church, with a very handsome
new prayer-desk and chair of antique
oak iu memory of her husband, Theo
dore Dehon Beardsley.'
Miss L'zzie Payne of Bridgeport is
guest at Dr J. G Stevens'. -
Homer Sherman and Arthur S. Wales
have started in a business venture . at
Glenbrook where they have taken a
meat market and grocery store and will
try a hand at the business. While
Monroe people regret their business will
take them from town yet they wish
them much success in their new field
Miss Ruth Beardsley of Shelton hag
been the guest of her cousin, Miss Loi
MU3 May Bailey is vUitin? wioh rela
tives io. Derby.
Muss Mibel Wooster, who has been
spending her vacation at home, left on
Monday for tha Colkge Preparatory
School, Mount Holley, N J Miss Ger.
truie Buckingham will also attend the
same school.
We are glad to see William S. Hooper
in town again after an absence of several
weeks spent at Quaker's Farms.
Mrs A J. Park has gone to New Jer
sey where she will spend Borne time with
her daughters.
Several df the young people cf this
place attended the social dance given in
the new Town hall, Monioe, Friday even
ing, January 1, andreport a very pleas
ant tirue.
Miss Alice Spear of Miamus, has been
spending her yacation at her home in
The district schools throughout the
town will open on Monday, January 11,
after a three weeks' vacation.
William Cutts of New York State will
spend the winter with his sister, Mrs
Anson Slie.
Marcus Mallory of Bridgeport, a form
er resident of this place, was in town,
last week.
Hiram Allen visited in New Haven,
last week.
Charles E. Quick's barn was destroyed
by fire about 7 o'clock Friday evening,
January 1. People came running to the
scene from all directions until a large
crowd bad collected, but nothing was
saved from the building. No stock was
burned. The building and contents
were insured.
Ard Biakeman sold his oxen, last week.
Celestus Webster took Christmas
dinner at his parent's home.
Edwin Gilbert of New York spent
Christmas with his aunt, Mrs James
Miss Flora Beard returned to East Ber
lin on Saturday.
Misses Phebe and Elizibeth Beard re
turned to school, Monday.
Thomas Murphy is home to spend the
winter after several years' absence.
Philip Dayis and Agnes Pehil were
married at the Shelton Congregational
parsonage, December 10.. They are
keeping house in Mrs Patterson's house.
Mr Divis still works for Mr Wilkinson.
Miss Vinnie Beard visited her brother,
Dr F. E. Beard, in New Haven, re ently.
Mrs Elizabeth Turney dined with ber
sister, Mrs Henry Wells,.New Year's day.
C. B. Nichols aad family of Nichole,
with Mr and Mrs D. A. Nichols and
Louise Nichoh of White Hills spent New
Year's day at Century Farm.
Miss L'zzie Wilkinson spent the holi
days at home. - .
Ard Biakeman has purchased another
pair of oxen.
Miss Anna Stuart is teaching the
winter term of school on Long Moun
tain, near Gaylordsville.
Five united vitb the Congregational
church last Sunday, and one infant was
Frank and Charles Johnson are ex
pected to attend school In . Washington
at the Gunnery.
A recent Issue of the Springfield Re
publican contained the following item
The marriage engagement is announced
of Robert E. McEnight, traveling sales
man for the Morgan Envelope Company,
to Miss EUzibeth E. Meikle of Balti
more Also the marriage engagement
is announced of Miss Rose O. Mcknight
to F. E. Fuller of the firm of Guy &
Soothing, and not irritating, strength
ening, and not weakening, small but
effective such are the qualities o;
De Witt's Little Risers, the famous little
pills. E. F. Hawley, Newtown ; S. C,
Bull, Sandy Hook A. B. Biakeman,
Botsf ord ; B. Hawley & Co., Stepney.
in Hood's SMi'.ninrilla wriinh crivoa
them pure blood, a good appetite and
new ana needed STRENGTH.
The length of life may$ increased by
lessening Its dangers. The majority of
people die from lung troubles. These
may be averted by promptly using One
Minute Cough Cure. E. F. Hawley ,New
town; S. C. Bull, Sandy Hook; A, B
Biakeman, Botsford; B. Hawley ft Co
After Acute Bronchitis
A VPP'Q Cheriy
r I JLflV -J Pectoral
"Three months ago, I took a vio
lent cold which resulted in an attack
of acute bronchitis. I put myself
under medical treatment, and at tv.e
end of two months was no better.
I found it very difficult to preach,
and concluded to try Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. The first bottle rave me
great relief ; the second, which I am
now taking, lias relieved me almost
entirely of all unpleasant symptoms,
and I feel sure that one or two bot
tles more will effect a permanent
cure. To all ministers suffering from
throat troubles, I recommend Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral." E. M. Brawley,
D.D., Dist. Secretary, Am. Bapt.
Publication Society, Petersburg, Va,
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Litchfield Cou ;ty News
Last Thursday evening about 60 mem
bers of the MidHebury Grange visited
Watertown. The program furnished by
them for the lecturers' hour was ;in In
teresting one and deserves more lhan a
pasting notice. Tbey cameheie with
two four-horse loads of patrons on run
ners via Waterbury and as the sleighing
was dscidely poor they did not make
their appearance until nearly 9 o'clock.
The exercises commenced with the firtt
selection a duet by John and Jay Wood,
and closed with a sons bv ih n-.'e
quartet. The whole program was full t f
in'erest. The solo by John Wood,
"Everybody take3 off tht;ir hit to me,'
was heartily encored, but owing t ifce
lateness of the hjurhsdid not respond.
A paper on Forestry read b? W. M.
Shepard3on and wan bith interesting and
instructive. The drama, "A Rni'i-ad
Entertainment," which .vas the cvont it
the evening, was participated in by near
ly 50 p op!e, and represented all elates
who travel by rail from the grand lady
with her waiting maid and fjjtman to
the Italian women with floe tooth c-:n;b3
for sale. All the characters were well
taken and the audience of 225 were con
stant in their applause. Middlebury
Grangers have proven themselves fully
capable of driving away the "Blues" and
all who were present Jain heartily In
thankisg them for the entertainment and
hope that they will again visit Water-
town ia the near future.
Last Saturday four young fellows from
Waterburywere brought before Justice
Dayton for drunkenness, theft and va
grancy. Is seems that about 3 o'clock
Saturday the four were coming through
Oakville and one of them stoppsd at the
house of H. W. Warner. He asked M s
Warner fur 10 cents which she gave him.
He then asked for something to eat and
while she was getting him something he
picked up a pair of rubbers from the
veranda and put them in his pocket. M -s
Cowles, a neighbor, saw him take the
rubbers and notified Mrs Warner. The
four fellows made toward Watertown but
before they got here Constable Peck and
Sheriff Scott were notified and they ar
rested them near the Brick store. Jus
tice Dayton fined three of them ?1 and
costs amounting to $17 each. The one
who stole the rubbers he Sued $3 and
costs amounting to $19. There was no
money in the crowd and they were taken
to Litchfield jail. The weather will pojs.
ibly have changed before they get out.
' ." FISHING. 1 ; ...S
Last, week George Freeman and Freder
ick Fitch caught one of the best strings
of pickerel in Lake Winneraaug which
has been seeD here this season. There
was about 45 pounds on the string, all
good sized fish. This lake is furnishing
the best fishing ground of any lake of
the same size in the state as all those
who have tried it can testify, One rea
son for the exceptional number of fish in
the lake can be found in the fact that the
well stocked pond of Morgan Morehouse
which is situated just above, gay e way
some time ago. Consequently the fisher
men are getting the benefit of both ponds.
R. N. Deland, our enterprising poultry
raiser, Intends to be on hand at the com'
ing poultry shows throughout the state.
Mr Deland expects to exhibit 12 birds.
He has some of the best Light Brahma
cockerels ever raised here. They were
hatched last April and tip the scales at
from 10 1 2 to 12 pounds each, which is
one and one-half pounds over the standard
weight. This grade of stock is excelled
only by bis barred ' Plymouth - Rooks
which contain all the necessary polntt
for tee highest scores. Mr Deland If
Well known in this state as a successful
breeder of fancy fowls and his orders for
them are numerou.
Miss Mabel Watrous of Hartford has
been visiting friends InO.kville. .
- Lewis W. Beardolee was In Hertford
several days, laet wetk.
The Congregationalists had their Christ- j
mas tree and entertainment, Wednesday
evening, and the Episcopalians on Thura-
day evenincr.
Miss Lillian Ruasell of Orange Is visit-
ing her brothers of this place.
The winter term of school ba cim -
Edwin E. Beardalee has leturned tol
Munroe's business college.
The directors of the Watertown Saving
bank have declared a semi-annual divl
deni of two and one-quarter per cent to
be paid or credited in January to its de
The M. Heminway & Sons' silk mills
were closed three days last week to con
nect the new boiler which has jut been
put In.
About 20 persons from here attended
the R?dpath grand concert at the Jac-
ques',last Thursday evening.
At the regular meeting of Deforest
Commandery held In their lodge room,
last Monday evening, the following
officers were Installed : N. C, George N.
Griswold ; W. N. G , Mary S. Rowland ;
W. P., Parmelia J. Lane; K. R., John
Dougherty; F. K. R., M. S. Dougherty;
t casurer, Ada J. Evans; W. H., Frank
Rowland ; W. I G., Mary S. Hart ; W. O.
G., John Evans. The officers and mem
bers of this commandery will attend the
school of instruction to be held In Water
bury, January 4, which will be conducted
by the grand and supreme officers of the
At the regular meeting of Columbia
lodge, No. 12, K. of P., held in the lodge
room,last Thursday evening, the follow
ing officers were installed for the ensu
ing term : C. C, John Evans ; "V. C, Otto
Roeskey; M. W.,Walter Straw; P., Ezra
Lawrence ; K. of K. S , F. L. Hitchcock ;
M. of F., George Trewren ; M. E , B. H.
Mattoon ; M. A., A. A. Daines ; I. G.,
Samuel White ; O. G., William Little.
George H. Scott is laid up with rheuma
tism. John Gaile left here, last Friday morn
ing, for Bowdoin college, where he will
resume bis medical studies.
New Year's eve a watch meeting was
held in the Methodist church by the young
people. At the same time a merry party
were dancing the old year out and the
new year In at the Town hall and in an
other place a number of congenial spirits
eat np to drink the health of 1897.
Mrs Anna Brennan, 65, died Monday
morning,December 28. Mrs Brennan be
longed in Woodbury and bad been board
ing at Mrs Bassett'a for several weeks.
The funeral took place at St John's
church, the Wednesday following her
Theodore Bronson was in Roxbury,
last week, the guest of his sister, Mrs
Catharine Seymour.
Mr and Mrs J. B. Wooster were in
Woodbury on Friday, guests at George
Oae of the prettiest weddings of the
8eaon occurred at high noon, December
29, at the Episcopal church when Miss
Lottie Crofut and D wight Atwood were
united la holy wedlock, Rev W. D.
Humphrey officiating. The bride was
dressed in white brocaded satin and car
ried a bouquet of orange flowers. Miss
Atwood, a sister of the groom, was the
bridesmaid. The church was appropri
ately decorated with evergreens, patted
plants, and a beautiful wedding bell of
evergreens and Easter lilies was hung
over the chancel. The wedding
march was played by Mrs J. Minor.
After the ceremony a reception was held
at the home of the bride only relations
and intimate friends being 'nvited. Mr
and Mrs Atwood received many beauti
ful and useful presents as well as tbe
wUhes of hosts of friends f Oi their future
The Leap Year party at the Town ball
on the evening of December 29, was
quite a success in spite of the doubtful
weather. .There were 60 numbers in all.
many people icuui. .oriugaw&ter, n ooan
bury and New Milford were present and
helped to make the affair a success.
The exoellant music was furnished by
Whitney's orchestra. v
Merritt Beers, who has lived in this
towh so many years, died last week. He
bad been an Invalid for a number of
years ana unable ta take any active part
in business. He will be missed' as a kind
and obliging neighbor. He leaves a
daughter at the old homestead, who has
cared f3r him during bia long sickness.
Mi-s Miry Bennett entertained a num
ber of her f inals on her birthday, De
cember 31. - -
A watch meeting was held in tbe Meth
odist church, New Year's eve.
. Mr 2 L J. Pjui, who has bseu sick tbe
past two month?, U slowly. improving.
Mrs Isaao Qsrrlson Is v siting relatives
at Jie Station. : . - . ' ''
Mrs Jennie Hadgj returned. New
Year's day, from a three week' visit In
Kensington and New Haven.
2raC Nlckeraon has been quite sick
'New IIaven'8 Popular Store.
834, 840 Chapel Street,
J jkw haven, conn.
JANUARY, 1897.
Will be remarkable for
the unprecedented Mark
down and Clearing-out
Sale at Mclntyre's.
There never was a Mle where you. ouold
boy no much lor your money aa yon oaa at
UUa sale. We a-e determined to etoan ap
everything thla month. The prioea marked
are tbe very low at ever rfeorded by a Dry
Goods Store, and U the crowd ot buyers equal
the tremendona loaee we have taken aad
magnificent ralnee we are giving, oar entire
stock win be sold be lore February l.
Cleaiance Sale of
Clearance Sale ol
Clearance Sale of
Clearance Sale of
Clearance Sale of
Clearance Sale of
Clearance Sale of
This Month.
Keturn Ballroad Tickets given ;to purchas
ers ol $10 worth ot goods within a radios oifSO
miles. Quick mail order service. Tnlnhnn
& CO.
but is improving under the care of Dr
The latest fad that bas struck the town
is taking etherand having one's teeth ex
tracted, without pain and while you wait.
Dentist Frank Thomas, who has been
with his sister, Mrs Walter Thomas, the
last two weeks, returned to Philadelphia
on Monday.
The Booth school opened, Monday, af
ter a two weeks' vacation.
Postponement does not usually help a
gathering, but there are times when It Is
unavoidable, as in tbe case of tbe enter
tainment originally down for December
23, but rendered a week later because ot
the storm. There was a good audience,
despite the ehange of evening. Tbe
friends from Woodbury, under the lead
ership of Prof Parker of New York, pro
duced excellent music and recitation, tbe.
entertainment concluding witb a aeries'
of exceptionally fine tableaux. May we
ere long be again favored with the pres
ence of the gifted professor and bis geni
al associates.
Miss Jennie K. Mo-se of Shelton la an
nounced to give a series of readings and
day evening, the 9th, at 7.30. The lady
has won honor as an elocutionist and
comes with full recommendation. Ad
mission 20 cents; children half price.
Miss Clark of New York City, who has
spent a few weeks at Col Hodge's,retorn
ed to ber home, January 3, accompanied
by Mrs W. D. Humphrey, who expects
to make her a visit of two week.
Many of the farmers were busy, last
wee&, vuitiog iue ana storing it at .nv
ice storage building at tbe creamery. I
Miss Alii 8 Hitchcock spent a few days
last week, with Mr and Mrs Humphrey!
: . v
The two sons of C. E. Senior are very;
ill witb pneumonia. Dr Richardson
tends them. ; ,
An item In the Enquirer of last week
has given George Throop a modest
rpMrinir lil.rl danirhtar hnt ftennre
made happy on the morning ot Januarf
3, by the advent of a son and heir. J
F. A. Powers bas enlarged his ml.'
room and tbe part formerly used as 1
store filled in with a stock of cor
oat?, middlings and mixed feed.
J. B. Sanford Is tbe happy father ti
son born January 2. -
Mr and Mrs Harley Bee man I
moved to Danbury.
J. B. Sanford was called to New .
en, last week, by tbe danceroua f
of his ancle, W. T. Sanford, fore
Ktl Morris.

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