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JAItJAaT 1,1889
Last week.
Local Affairs.
Grand prlng opening ot ladies' spring
alts, capes, jackets and shirts, the most
complete line ever shown la Danbury, at
?rlce to suit every body. Milliner? open
ng on Saturday, March 27, and Monday,
March 20. You are cordially iuvlted to
call and inspect ; low prices will prevail
to ktart the ball rolling. M. Stern, the
leading millinery and cloak bouse, 185
Main street, Danbury.
Rev E. H. Coley,who has many friends
In town, has been called to be rector of
Calvary church, Utica, N. Y. He was
for some years assistant to the late Dr
Tatlock in Stamford, and since his death
has been minister In charge of St John's
Services next week : Wednesday after
noon at 3.30; Friday evening at 7.30.
Rev Mr Llnsley will preach In the Len
ten course In Trinity church, Bridgeport,
next Wednesday evening at 7.30.
The death of John Cavanaagb occurred
at his home at Sandy Hook, last Friday
mornlcg, under very distressing circum
stances. Mr Cavanaugh was at the barn
caring for his horses and as be was ab
sent longer than usual his daughter went
out to look for him and found him under
one of the horses In an unconscious con
dition. He was taken to the bouse but
died within a half hour's time. Whether
he was kicked by one of the horses or
had a fit, to which he was sometimes sub
ject, and fell under its feet will never be
known, but the horse had stepped on him
leaving marks on bis face and body. He
was In the coal business, was a man well
spoken of, and his untimely and unfortu
nate end is sincerely lamented by his
friends. One daughter, Maggie, survives
him. The funeral service was conducted
from the house on Sunday. The pall
bearers were John McOran, Thomas Far
rell, William Egan, James McOuire,
Frank Kirby and Van Hayes. Mr Cav
anaugh was 4'i years old. The Interment
was in St Hose's cemetery.
Work is being done on the grounds in
front of the new parochial residence of
St Hose's church. This week excavation
ha been In progress for a circular drive
way leading up to the hou?e. Ah soon as
the weather permits some shrubbery wiil
be set out and other needed improve
ments be made about the grounds.
Lenten devotions will be held as usual
at the church this (Friday) evening at
the usual hour. At the service on Wed
nesday evenlug Father Crowley of New
Mllford was the speaker.
Father Smith was In New Milford,
Tuesday night, to assUt In a service there.
Mast will be said at St Stephen's
church. Stepney, for the next two Sun
days at the usual hoar of the service.
Congressman E. J. Hill has recom
mended the name of W. B. Sniffen as
postmaster for Sandy Hook and bis offic
ial paper will probably be -forthcoming
In a short time.
Ex-Assistant Postmaster Bradley of
Sandy Hook Is home from the New Ha
ven Jail, out on ball.
moved bis family to Mr Lyon's house,
which Clarke Page vacated on Saturday.
The D. M. Read Co., one of the oldest
and most reliable dry gooda and carpet
stores In Bridgeport, is showing a beau
tiful assortment of everything which a
progressive department store can offer
like, dress Btufls, ladles' suits, separate
skirts, carpets, upholstery, mattings,
lacecurtains, creckery, silverware, glass
ware, kitchenware, linens, wash dress
goods thousands of things which we
have not the space to mention here. The
name of this store is a household word
throughout all the surrounding towns
and communities by reason of the sterl
ing worth of its goods as well as reason
able prices, low prloes. II you want
anything to wear or for the house you
will not regret a visit to this well known
and reliable good buying spot.
The ladies will meet In the lower room
of the church, next Tuesday afternoon,
March 30, for the purpose of sewing.
The pastor will speak at the prayer
meeting, next Tuesday evening, on the
last division of Matthew's Gospel, "The
Path That Led to the Cross."
Attention is called to the change in
the professional card of Dr D. P. Rich
ardson in another column. The doctor
has been giving special attention to the
cure of rupture and is now prepared to
guarantee a cure In all cases he under
takes to treat, ine treatment i pant
less and does not detain one from their
usual occupations. Several well known
persons in town have already been suc
cessfully treated. All-who are suffering
with this trouble will do wen to give
their attention to this cure. Investiga
tion is solicited.
That well and favorably known New
Haven dry goods bouse, F. M. Brown &
Co., have a word for the ladies. Their
annual spring opening occurs on March
31 and April 1. They have many pat
rons throughout western Connecticut
and a great stock of beautiful goods.
Mrs Corbett, who occupies the house
with Mrs Margaret Gallagher, is think
ing seriously of moving to Ansonia,where
her children can Had employment.
Miss Julia Peck left for Brooklyn, last
Saturday, where she expects to spend
several weeks. Her friend, Mrs Thomp
Bon from New Hayen, spent a day with
her, last week.
Under the direction of P. F. Keating
the remains of the burned building at
Sandy Hook have been cleared away dur
ing the past week, removing an eyesore.
Mr and Mrs Minott Augur passed Sun
day in Bridgeport, guests of Mr and Mrs
Joseph Beach.
A substitute for coffee, Grain-O, in one
and two pound packages. Try this new
substitute and see how nice it is; also
Arbuckle's coffee bean, unground, at
Warner, Taylor A Curtis', Sandy Hook.
Dea N. W. Mitchell has a new span of
horses, gotten through J. H. Costello at
the Hook.
Henry Johnson of oar, while out in
the barn seelnt' what bis hens had done
for him, one day recently, had the mlsfor-1
tune to fall through an opening in the
barn floor, and when he landed found
himself In a manger on the fl jor below,
somewhat bruised about the head and
shoulders, though fortunately not seri
ously Injured.
The sharp shooter of Sandy Hook had
some fun with a hell diver, a tprcle of
duck that gets beneath the water so sud
denly that it is difficult to get a shot at it
before It Is out of light, on Tuesday.
Walter Crofutt was the successful cor
testant, giving Mr Duck a charge right
In the neck.
Mr and Mr F. II. Bates of Gas Street
have a new boy, born the 17th.
Ambrose Taylor has a new trotter,
purchased In New York. Judging by a
recent performance in the Street it is a
stayer. '
Photographic supplies, flash light cart
ridges, a new line card mounts, East
man's sollo paper, and a good many oth
er fixings can be had at S. C. Bull's drug
store at the Hook.
C. H. Brush of Danbury has been fav
ored with an appointment from President
McKinley. On March 23 his name was
sent in tor confirmation as a recorder in
the general land office.
Woolen dress goods in wide weave
st"rm serges at Warner, Taylor & Cur
tig'. It is a good time to buy before the
new tariff makes an advance in the price
of these goods.
L. Levy, of the clothing firm of Levy
Brothers, Danbury, was a visitor in town
on Tuesday, and during his stay distrib
uted a number of neat memoranda books.
The Hpivland Dry Goods Co. ,
(Formerly the Howland Stark Co.)
We are now showing the
latest and most approved fash
ions, in women's waists, skirts
and suits; also, additional
novelties in silk-and-wool
French dress goods, silk and
mohair grenadines, quadrille
velours, Louising checks and
liberty foulards.
There's a new man at the
head of our Upholstery De
partment, Mr W. H. Wright,
i f i r
wno comes to us irom w ana
maker's, Philadelphia.
Mr Wright comes to us well
recommended. He is a de
signer, learned in the princi
pals of art, experienced in the
application of it to upholstery
of the very highest order, and
with capacity to originate.
Let him know your wants with
Of course the first thing Mr
Wright wants to do here is to
clean house. He has been
through the stock and marked
all odd lots, short lengths,
broken assortments, etc., at
very low prices. Everything,
curtains, muslins, cretonnes,
tapestries; rugs, &c.
For a week, beginning Mon
day, March 29, we will make
a beautiful display of W B cor
set models, illustrating various
styles and shapes in the most
exquisite and fascinating rich
ness of silk and satin materi
als. An expert corset fitter
will be here to explain the ad
vantages of the W B corsets
with convincing argument.
The Howland Dry Goods Co.
Bridgeport, Conn.
House Wrappers.
We are showing a beauti
ful line of them at98c reg
ular 1.25 value.
Our 1.69 wrappers now
We are closing out the balance
of our winter garments at less
than 1-3 original prices to make
way for new Spring goods which
are constantly arriving. Ac
cording to present weather indi
cations, winter garments canaot
be dispensed with for some time
to come.
That Double Boiler Chain tolvea the problem.
Lees friction, more speed, no shortening, bind
ing or mod choking no noise.
The Grands oome in black, maroon and royal
purple enamel, striped with gold, and have the
celebrated roller chain. The Keating; for $75 is
equal to any other $100 wheel. I have a few '98
Crescents, V 8 in oh wheels, far $33. new and up
to date. A!s agent fir Sterling, Wsverley,
Stearns, Eagle and Belay Tiioyoles. Call and
save money, before buying elsewhere.
Newtown, Conn-
cure you. H. 8. Coinstoek, Warren; D. Burn-
nam, sew r-reton; wooaoury Drug co ,
Woodbury; Hotchkissville Cash Store, K F
Hawley, Newtown ; B. Hawley & Co., 8tepney;
Marshall Beach. Monroe: J. M. Sullivan. Red
ding Ridge; A. B. Blakeman, Botsford; R.I
Sanlord, Oxford, and E.J. Pott r, South Brit
ian, are sole agents and are distributing
samples tree. .Large packages 50c and 25c.
A Sick-Looking
Can Be Cured.
(Jive it a good dose ot Masury's R R
Paint and It will be all right. It won't
cost much and will look $300 better be
worth that much more it you happen to
want to sell 't. Barns look better, lenc
es loo better even the grass grows
greener it the other things look all
. Successor to
Rider Sherwood Co.
Telephone Call, 546-2.
Having disposed of my far.11
known as tae Samuel P. Buck
ingham Farm, I ofler all my per
sonal property for sale at auction
consist.ng of four or more horses
and cows, wagons, harnesses,
machinery and farming utensils
of every description. Sale to
take place Tuesday, March 30,
1897, at 10 a. m., on said farm,
situated in the town of Hunting
ton, one mile south of Center on
Bridgeport turnpike, Isinglass
District. If stormy, first fair
day. T. S. WOODING.
Straw mattings 15, 20 and 28 cents the
yard l also a nice line of wall papers and
window shades at Warner, Taylor fc Cur
Frank J. Houston hai an Interesting
advertisement for the ladles on bouse
wrapper!. In another column. Bead the
Mrs Albrrt Falrcblld Is visiting her
daughter, Mrs Ernest Wlleon, In New
Haven. "
Patrick Murphy of Brookfield has tak
en on shares for the ensuing year the
farm of William Fairchlld In Taunton
district. Mr Falrcblld will occupy a part
of the house. -
George Ferris Is Improving the appear
ance of his house by the addition of plus
At tbe nest meeting of Pootatuck
Orange on April 6, there will bo tbe In
Itl'Mon of members. -
The members of the Men's Whist club
will be entertained on Saturday evening
by C. W. SI oane.
Mrs Henry A. Hitch of Bridgeport
who was 111 with peritonitis at Dick's ho
tel, U convalescing.
Arthurs. Hawley, the local bicycle
dealer, has this week disposed ot cue
Keating wheel and three Crescents.
The ladlnt' prayer meeting wi!l be held
next Tuesday at 3 with Mrs Ezra Hall
Mrs Edwin Minor left for New York on
Tuesday to spend a few week, hoping
to regain her health.
Mr Piatt, the Sandy Hook station
ao-ftnt for the New En eland road, has
Davis & Savard say : "What Is done
cannot be undone. Therefore, before do
ing, think, investigate. Look at our
Stein-Block tailor made garments before
purchasing your spring outfit. You will
thus wear the best to be had in ready
made clothing and at the cost of the or
dinary kind."
Harrison O. Lamson of 392 Main street,
Bridgeport, has purchased tbe stock of
wall papers and mouldings of the Cole &
Ellis Co. He is going to close them out
at cut prices for cash. This Is a 'valu
able fact to remember during the spring
bouaecleaning when papering Is going to
be done. It may save you a dollar.
449 Main St.
better at any price, 40,50 and 60c per dozen.
You can get an excellent bargain in
bicycles this year from A. S. Hawley.
Dick: "Where did you get that fine
wheel?" Charlie: "It is one of those
$35.00 Crescent wheels eoid by A.
A good second hand ladies' wheel for
sale. Icquire of A. S. Hawley.
See what Quinn & Scott, the Danbury
dry goods firm, have to say about fancy
dress goods and silks. Their advertise
ment will be found very readable for the
ladles who have purchasing to attend to.
Father Fox was called out of town,
Thursday, to attend tbe funeral of
cousin, Mrs Smith.
Father Crowley of New Milford la a
guest at the parochial residence.
R. H. Beers & Co. are ready for the
SDrinK trade with a iiew line of men's
light and heavy shoes, ladiea dongola
and russet oxfords at low prices.
Genuine White Loaf flour Is still sell-
Inz at 84 75 at E. F. Hawley's. Every-
bodv known it's the best and makes
more loaves to the barrel. Every barrel
warranted or money Irefunded. Chris
tian's Superlative $4.50 per barrel. E
r. Hawley. , - -
E. F. Hawley offers for sale one two-
horse platform sprinir wagon, good as
new, and one single .carriage for $15
He also has for sale or rent - five acres
pasture land near tbe Street.
New sweet peas choicest kinds, 5 and
10c ounce ; Nasturtium seed, dwarf and
tall, Yellow Globe onion seeds and fall
kinds of garden seeds from Cadwell &
Jones, formerly K. D. Hawley & Co's
ust In, at E. F. Hawley's.f
Nobbv line of bats and .'golf caps In
latest spring styles just in, at E. F. Haw
Read ray ad this week about tbe
special cash sale for 30 days,, and get
some of the bargains. E. F. Hawley
Those "sunbeam brand" California
navel orange at K. H. Beers & Co., are
rich in color, delicious In flavor, full of
Juice; in fact It is impossible to find any
The beet equipped Paint Shop in the
state, Stages. Ropes, Ladders, Trus-
sels, Safe, High Desk, Roll Top Desk,
Cfflce Chairs, etc ; also a Stock of
Faints and Colors. This is an oppor
tunity to continue an old established
business, or if not sold in lump will be
scld in sections. To be sold at once
and cheap.
C. M. COLE, 405 State St ,
Bridgeport. Conn
D.P.Richardson, M. D.,
reatment of K.IIP TIIK.K a
Consult ation & Examination Free
Office and Besidsnes. Sandy Hook. 1
Telephone Connection at Bull's. Drug Store
Smith's worm syrup does children
good. It moves the bowels gently and
worms are piesenc win expeii tnem
25c at drug store.
Mrs George Dunham, the Bridgeport
milliner at 437 Main street and 88 Fair
field avenue, will hold her spring open
ing on April land 2 and will have ex
elusive novelties in imported ladies' hats
and bonnets ; also some original designs
In walking hats on exhibition. The
opening this year is und)r more favor
able conditions tnan ever Deiore ior
daring tbe past few weeks a new store
has been added giving an entrance on
Fairfield avenue. This addition has had
a thorough overhauling and is thorough
ly equipped for the millinery businesp
wen neutea and ventilated and witn its
handsome f urnUhings It is certainly one
or tbe best equipped millinery sales and
reception rooms im toe state, as
customary with this store courteous and
careful attention will be given each visit
or, and all old friends aDd many new
ones are invited to call and examine tbe
handsome spring styles.
Ackley, Hatch So Marsh, the bustling
feed dealers, have an important notice
for all farmers in this and adjacent
towns. They are also selling some fine
horses. .
After tbe big fire in Cripple Creek,
took a very revere cold and tried many
remedies without help, the cold only be
coming more settled. After of leg three
mall bottles of Chamberlain's cough
remedy, both tbe cough and cold left me
and in this high altitude it takes a tneri
rmious cough remedy to do any good
G. B. Henderson, editor Dally Adver
tiser. For sale bv E. F. Hawlev. JNew
town: 8. C. Bull, Sandy Hook; W. N
Hurd Stepney Depot.
From Sir to Soa-
At a family medicine Bacon's Celery King
tor the nerves passes from sire to son as a lea
ser, li you nave itiuney, uvwur omuu ui
order get a tree sample package ot thla reroe
lint. It mn have Indigestion. Constipation,
Headache, Rheumatism, this specific will
-.. Brings the need ol Black Cay Worsted 8uits. In this particular department we
maintain the highest degree in the art ot storeheeping. There lg no Bize missing. "
There Is no form that cannot be fitted from this department.
There is no better quality or manufacture be had outside the high priced cus
tom tailor's. No style but we can supply on demand. Sack snils, single or double
breast, cutaway suits. Prince Alberts. Eaeh style In all sizes lrom smaUest boy to
largest man. Prices 7.60, 10, 12.50, U, 1S, $18 50, 20.
8izes for stout men, for tall men, tor medium size men. Three popular priced
suits are $10, $12.50, $15. Worth more, but serve as substantial builders of business
An extra pair of trousers almost a necessity at this period. Ton will appreciate
the good values we ofler at $2.50. $3 60. $5 $1 to $2 under the usual price.
Hats Direct from manufacturer. Every expense eliminated. The power of
spot cash exercised in lavor ot consumer. Lowest margin ot profit. All tend to
make Hats we ofler the very best for prices. Qenulne Fur Hats, not "seconds."
for $1.25.
Either Derby or Tourist in all the new colors lor season ot 1897. Dunlop, Knox,
Touman's, $1.25, $1 45, $1 90, $2.40, $3. These are our fixei prices. All shapes and
colors in each price. Every hat sold is guaranteed.
Hosiery 500 dozens Men's Hosiery Just placed on sale.
Seamless Hose in black and tan 8 pairs for 25o. At 2 pair lor 25c places within
your reach former 25c hosiery. The price ot Hosiery will be materially advanced
under the prospective tariff. Ton can save a good sum by buying now tor future
N. B.-All heavy suits and coats lower than ever.
8pring goods daily arriving.
We must clear ou- tables for
349 ;ain Street, corner John street
Bridgeport, Ct
Plant Home Grown Trees
Perry's Bridgeport Nursery is the Dlace to hnv
tomers report remarkable growths and early fruiting trm trees purchased here Whn
freshly dug and immediately planted, they aft grow, and the planter Ul , eure . Lh w
ter giowth than lrom fees shipped from a distance. We have in varietv A nnles ThSJSS
Pears, Japan Plums. (5o varieties) , Peaches, riDening July 20 and continuation nf SZ?2S;
lasting until November. Quinces, Japan Chestnuts and walnnts S tl fl ?' 1
the same as exhibited at Newtown and Oanburv Fairs it .In niii.Pr"??.5he.8tnu.t
Currants, Raspberries, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Ornamental Trees! Shrub, Unill'.VZ ISSlSfJ!
vines, henu lor price stating your wants in this line orcali in An.n oVi Yi, .JL .V. 8
' trPMtn ...-. fmm trni., ,.11 . .. . : V ' " 111 11UU LIIOU
ovmis m irera iu seieci irom, irnm one year old to fruiting age. Let us hear tmm 7,
dress. 120 Park St. Nursery. Old Mill Ave. Cor. Rrn.,m r.-.S 'rom yu-
Grocery Store,
Now is the time to make your hens lay
it they don't lay abundantly your profits will
be small, as eggs are cheap at this season ot
the year. Ground Oyster Shells, Ground
Meat Scraps and Poultry Foods, for sale by
J H. CASSIDT, 8outh Britain, Conn.
Eggs for Hatching, 50c for 13. Drop me a
postal and I will b' ing them to you if on my
route. GEOKGK F. DUNcOMBK, Newtown,
Pursuant to an order ol the Probate Court
for the District ol Bethel, I will sell at Public
ueiion.onthe premises, it not previously
disposed of at private sale, on Saturday,
March 27, lbS)7, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon,
all the real estate belonging to the estate of
Charles H. Hurlbut, late of Bethel, deceased,
consisting ot a larm ot 110 acres, with the
buildings thereon, situated in said Bethel on
the Putnam Park road, one mile eat of the
Village. Said sale will be made subject to a
mortgage ol filbo it stormy, sale win laise
place on the following Monday at the same
hour. HENRY A. GILBERT, Administrator.
Bethel, Conn., March 10, mm.
,iOB SALE A farm of 200 acres, with large
house and barn standing thereon, suit- I
ablv divided into pasture, plow and wood ,
land with spring and streams of water that
ever tan, situated on tne mam rosa irom
Stepny to Bedding in the north part ot
Easton, two miles irom Stepney, four from
tennev Denot. 12 fom Bridgeport. A good
farm tor milk or dairy business. LEWIS ED
WARDS, Stapney, Conn.
IX)R SALE A pretty little tarm overlooking
' Sandy Hook. Will sell the whole or a
part. Three houses and a barn on the prem
ises. C. M. PARSONS, Sandy Hook.
OR SALE Several tons oi good hay, both
fine and clean Timothy. JOHN T. POR
TER, Ftepney Depot, Conn.
FOB. SALE -Or to rent on share, my tarm
containing 60 acres, situated in Taunton
school district in the town oi Newtown. Good
house and barn with other out buildings, all
in good repair. Farm well watered by never
failing spiings and running wa er in house
and barn. An abundance ol fruit, orchard un
excelled. Can be rented to responsible par
ty with all farming uteusils and stock it de
sired. Only one mile from postofflce and
railway station, located on high and healthy
round, part oi larm aujoining j.kuuiuii ijaite.
'rivate artificial poud on premises, led en
tirely by pure spring water. None but re
sponsible parties need apply. JOHN L.
Newtown, Conn.. March is, 18H7.
TIOR SALE One extra ood cow with calf.
X CHARLES SANFORD, Valley View Farm,
Redding Ridge, Conn.
Pillsbury's Best, Crosby's Superior, Jones',
Christians' and other brands. Have a large
stock and must move some quick- Will pay
to call and see us. Farmers desiriDg Cotton
Seed meal or Canada Hardwood Ashes, will
do well to leave orders now tor same. Can
pet Planter on a tew days notice uav nice
Seed Oats : also C'lovei and Timothy seed and
can get any other Grass Seed on one day's
notice, can ana see us.
49-Headquarters tor Feed ot all kinds, Salt,
Coal, etc. ' .
THJR SALE OR RENT One house and barn
J? with 10 acres of lend; also one other house
ana two acres ot land, nouse nearly new.
Plenty ot fruit, spring water, healthy and
pieasanc location, two minutes waiK irom
one Hill station on the Berkshire Division
Will be sold at a bargain. Inquire ot Frank
Jj. w heeler, rear the premises, or oi w . a.
COAN, Sbelton, Conn. .
TTjNiRSALE-About 10,000 feet ol good two-
11 ' v. i i. -.a 1 i . ...... 1 1 . .t V.
JL )JIMlDt J. I&UU IV V ITU 411 I 'IJfi 1 1 1 ,
and 2500 feet ot Chestnut plank, eight feet
long, at Sandy Hook. Any information ana
the price will be given by Mr T. Bradley at
anay hook, or orop us a line oi mquir
makci sunn, ew jrreston, lionn.
COURT. March 24. 1897.
Estate ol LAM SON B. LAKE, late ol New
town. In said district, deceased.
The court ot rroDate tor tne aisrrici oi
Newtown hath limited and allowed 8 months
trom the date hereof for the creditors ol said
estate to exhibit their claims for set
tlement. Those wno neglect to present tneir
accounts properly attested, within said time
will De aeDarrea a recovery- ah persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make
luimeuiate payment to .
o iiiVia jn.. UAna, jLxecuLi-ix.
rUSTRICT o' NEWTOWN, ss, Probate
JJ Court. March 23. 1897.
- Estate of JOHN CA V VNAUGH, late of New
town, in said (list net., oeceasea.
The court ot proDate tor tne District
Newtown, hath limited and allowed 6 months
from the date hereof, for the creditors of said
estate to present their claims lor settlement
Those who neglect to present their accounts,
properly attested wiuim san time, win De
debarred a recovery. All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make immediate
MICHAEL KILBRIDE, Administrators.
TI8TRICT OF NEWTOWN, ss Probate Court,
jj Karen Z4. iai. ,-
Estate ol ELLA M. L ATT IN, late oi New
town, in said District,
Unon tbe application of Horatio N. Lattin
praying that letters ol administration may De
granted on said estate as per application on
file more fully appears, it is
OBDEPED That said annlicatinn be heard
and determined at the Probate office in said
Newtown on the 81st day ol March, 1697, at 10
o'clock In the lorenoep and that notice ol the
pending of said application and the time and
place of hearing thereon be given by pnblish
inur the same once in some newsnaDer having
a circulation in Bald district, and by posting
a copy thereof on the public Bign post in the
town oi newtown, in buiu niBtricu
. M. J. BRADLEY", Judge
are the best paste paints in the world. They
are made by F W . Devoe 4 Co., in all shades
You add pure linEee.l oil, stir thoroughly and
the result is a paint mat is remarkable lor Its
beauty ai d durability. Experts who have
used all kinds pronounce the Homestead tbe
best. Color cards on application.
We have everything in the line ol Paints
and Paintei s Supplies. Priced are low and
every article is warranted to be exactly as
362 Water St.. Bridgeport, Conn
Stock or Personal property insured? If
they are not cu cannot afford to go with
out fire protection. II you are near the re
newal period would like to talk with you
about Fire Insurance. Look up your pol
icy dates and come and see me a few days
before they expire.
Goes to show that we have been
active in oar choosing?, active as well as
thoughtful. The richnest and beauty
of so many of oar offerings has quite
naturally misled a few into the mistaken
idea that we have none bat the very
highest priced grades higher than may
be they would Dossiblv care to Dav.
Others evidently understand our position
more clearly, as lively selling in the
following goods will prove:
Three lines of Wool Dress Fabric?, all
clean, nice, bright stuffs, varyioe in
width from 32 to 64 inche?, the patterns
being in smooth mixed effects, checks,
broken checks, stripes, mixtures and the
Scotchy looking designs, far 25, 39 and
50 cents a yard.
The most of them are Btrictly all
wool, although some of the others from
the nature of the weave have a little
cotton mingled in their make-up.
Then we also have a line of plain
every day Storm Serge Diagonals, 7
colors and a black, that we are putting
out at 39 cents a yard. Splendid values .
We have just placed on our shelves,
direct.from the manufacturer, a line of
plain serges exactly 44 inches wide,
honest measure and real value for 39
cents a yard. Id sixteen different shades
and colorings.
CARPETS. Nohandaomer, no better.
no cheaper anywhere than yon will find
right here. No matter how low the
run, or how high, our main bobby in
quality something that will suit you.
FOR BOYS' WEAR-shirts, waists.
blouses and suits. No better time to
make such things as we have received
our full lines of&oods particularly suit
able for boys' wear :
Fine cambric
Outing cloth
English percale
Striped brilliants
French cambric
Imp't'd madras
English check suiting
Figured welts
Scotch homespun
Plain col'd welts
Fancy piques
New cream silk Caps and Bonnets for
infants and Email children.
The Belt season has opered earlier
than usual because shirt waists are sell
ing earlier. Tbe display of beautiful
belts on the centre table, main flor, is
enough to make people buy whether any
thing else is selling or not. The cost is
so little.
Turkish Towels, high-grade Sponges
ai:d well made Flesh Brushes modern
articles for the bath.
, 6c. yd
Sc. "
0c. "
12 l-2c.
12 12c.
15c. "
25c. ;'
12 l-2c. "
12 l-2c. "
17c. "
25c. "
25c. "
and BLIND3-
Wholesale or Retail. Can give City Prices.
Shall be pleased to Correspond with any
Parties in any Place.
3E3. O. PIiATT.
S-Agent lor McCormiek Harvesting Mm.
Harness, Blankets, Robes and
Stable Goods.
S-Farm Produce taken in Exchange.
I have the aeencv for Fairfield Conntv tor
the Del.aval Separators, ht Albans Horse
Powers, and Moseley & 8 tod. lard Creamen
lioods. I shall be glad to correspond itb
any panics wanting these goods, or will call
personally if desired. E. E. (JOODSELLNew
town, Conn
Rrodnntant the American Veterinary col
Ipob. New York Citv. will be at the Grand
Central Hotel.every Monday where he will be
prepared to eitner castrate or spay or per-
foim any operations pertmning to tne sci
ence. Orders leit at ine omce ot noiei win
receive prompt attention at reasonable rates
Telephone New England House, New Miliord.
TRIN Your Old old and Silver to John
X) H. Keid. the Jeweler, 42 Wall St., Bridge
poit. lie will give you caau or buu iui ii,.
LOOK arouna aim se wuziu yuu utivo.
TOTICK Dissolution ot co-partnersmp.
Vi By mutual consent the co partv ers.iip
heretofore existing under the Arm name ol
umiitiit.n . Keane. SAW nrm oeintf comuoseu
ot M.J. Houlihan and, John F. Keane, doing
business at the Grand Central Hotel, New
town, Conn., has tms day neen nissr iveu. roe
business hereafter will be condujted by M J.
Houlihan, who assumes all bins oi saiu nrm
Ait mi n firm saivi nrm are Davsoie to ni . o
Houlihan. Signed, M. J. HOULIHAN, JOHN
Dated at Newtown, Conn., March 15, 1897.
FOR SALE A good farm ot 81 acres, wen
watered, situated in Roxbury about two
and one-halt miles south ol the Center and
witliln one.tourth mile ot Orton postofflce and
railroad station. G W. HURLBURT, Admin-
8 rator, Koxbury, Conn.
yjurf. lfi to the first Derson who buys
surrev.the lowest price is 87; $5 to the
first who buys a fine leather top carriage,
lAwAHt. niinft S4-2: in to tne nrsc wno ouvs a
buggy, lowest price $30. All new and fully
warranted. This ofler lasts for two weeks
on'y. MAYHEWr Bethel, Conn.
WANTED AT ONCE - A reliable young man
a tout 18 years old, quick at figures and
good penman, to clerk in a grocery and feed
store, uest oi reiereuutsa tcyuiiou. x xij "
LEY & CO. Stepney, Conn. .
titantED-A eood second-hand nay cutter.
VV Address, stating price and kind. LOCK
BOX 7, Newtown, Conn.
TflLBER 1211-
Becord 2.151 2: trial 2 12; sired
bv "Egbert," No. 1136, sire ot 74 in the list.
Dam sire, Blitzen by Mambrino Blitzen, No.
2053. by Mambrlno Chief, Ni. 11; 2d dam by
Kentucky Ulay. NO. li; win maae tne season
Ol Jrwi at jpzo at lob stau-u uj iu ouu;iiuct.
F.l,F.CTIONEFR. 14829 Sire Electioneer, No.
125; Dam by Piedmont, No 604; 2nd dam bv
Kitwrtm. No. 885. bv Hamiltonibn. No. JO, will
ake the season oi imi at mio at we iarai oi
the subscriber. . '.
H. O. WABHEB, sew Minora, uonn.
r saFjK Columbia Wheel. 1895 mode'
JC good condition, one new tire. Price $30.
Inn nlre of A. T. NE 1 TLETON, Newtown, Ct,
Lanndrv called for Tuesday, delivered Sat
urday. Shirts, dress or plain, 8c; Collars 2c;
Cults 2e. Send postal card to ALEX ALLEN,
Sandy Hook, Conn.
PANSY Seed. Best mixed, 10c. C. E. OS
BORNE, Stepney. Conn.
aster Millinery !
We are now showing all the new Spring
styles in Plain and Fancy Straws. Flowers
ot every description, Roses, Violets, Foliage,
etc. Fancy Ribbons in plaids and stripes
our prices always about one-half what small
dealers ask for similar goods.
380, 362 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn.
The Only Millinery Importing Ilouse in this City.
FOB SALE 45 acres of good land with build
ings thereon MISS SALLY M. BEAKDS
LEY, Hawleyville.
UARM WANTED Ot about 60 acres.
JC kmw of one please writeand let us
t you
Danbury, conn.
lf ANTED Lady and gentlemen agents
Tl ol H.iy pinpiu
St adv employment, good nav
F. H. DIBBLE, Ansonia, Coon.
X)K SALE Plenty of eggs it hens are fed on
: iresh green bone. F. W. Mann's green
bone cutter Is the best. Machine will be
shown at work by C. W. KEELKR, Agent.
Hawleyville, Conn. Single Comb White Lee-
horn eggs, tor sale; Sitting ot 13, 35c,
FOR SALE Farm 125 acres, Moses Botsford
place, Botsford Hill, one mile from Bots
tord Junction, said to be the best tarm In
Fairfield coui-ty, elevated plateau, season
much longer tf an low lands, comparatively
level, best ot soil, easily worked, fields well
wrtered, never snltere drougbt,12 room house
two wells, two orchards in their prime, stone
tences, au acres cnestnut crosstle timber, $150
dam wiil convert the only swamp into a deep
ten acre lake. Rent, sell or exchange tor city
village, or few acres near city. JOSHUA W.
i-ow cliIj, oi dames, i. i.,owner,or suw aku
HOOK, Botatord, Ct.
T A M now ready to book orders tor thorough
JL bred Chester white pigs, trom now on to
May iu. G..w.NOK,TtiiiUP, Newtown, ct.
111 capital, $800,000. Paid in, $600,000. Issues
6 per cent Debenture Bonds of $100,1200, $250
$500. $1,000 and $5,000, which are by statute
lawlul investments for Ti-ust Funds in the
state. L. D. SANFORD, Agent, IT Bi; hop
UARM FOR SALE The farm owned bv the
JC late Henry D. Burr, situated In the town of
Monroe, one and three-quarter miles from
Stepney Depot and two miles lrom Monroe
center, containing eu acres of iana, one good
sized house, barn, borsebarn, three poultry
houses and other out buildings, all in good
repair, a One peach orchard ot 150 trees, 50
plum trees, with prospects ot a large crop this
year Said farm contains plow, pasture and
woon ianu, is wen watered wnn running wa
ter and will be sold at a bargain. MILES B.
BURR, Administrator, Stepney Depot, Conn:
TIOB SALE Five tons of good hay. JOHN
r H. t HAUTE MS, one mile north ol Bots
ford station, Newtown, conn.
TX1E SALE A good working horse. Inquire
jj ox a. iiAOMusonn, isotsiora, conn.
TJABB FOR SALE Situated less than two
T miles from Newtown Village ana over
looking the same. Containing 47 acres of land,
house and other ont buildings, located on
high and healthy ground, never tailing
spri -gs of water, fruit In abundance, elegant
scenery. Very suitable for a summer resi
dence. For further particulars apply at our
ottioe In the Arcade. Bridgeport, Conn.
TOOMEY & LYNCH, Attorneys at Law.
Bridgeport, Conn., March 25, 1896.
TITANTED To buy a second hand ice waff.
VV on. CASLBADER, Washington Depot,
mo RENT A convenient house for a small
1 family, $5 per month- Also a location for
a small business, centrally situated. MRS S.
Aj BENNETT, Santy Hook, Conn.
TjtOR SALE One new milch cow and calf;
J? also six shoats. CHARLES SAP FORD,
Redding Bidge, Conn. - . - ' - -
poR SALEOr exchange lor farrow cows,
JC two new milch cows tm ee years old. I. B.
GOODSELL, Morgan's Four Corners, TSew-
tOWU. - '...-..'
FOR SALE Several new and
horse sleds tor sale. C. 8.
Judd'8 Bridge, Conn.
FR SALE At a bargain, one two-horse
platform spring wagon, good as new, one
carriage at $16 ; also lor sale or rent, five
acres ot land near Newtown street, tor pas
lure J3.. . nan LtB. I .
TX)R SALE A good noise, young, gentle and
A a great roaoster. vm De soia eneap
George uumu'iT, stepney, conn. -
TIOR SALE Two cows and one yearling
JL heller; aiso general purpose norse, six
years old, thoroughly broken in all hHttstieas,
very showy. EDGAR T. ANDREWS, Bethel
WANTED A competent
housework. MRS R.
town. - '
girl for ge
Closing Out Sale -
Having purchased the stock
of Wall Papers and Moulding
' of the Cole & Ellis Co. Mast
close out the same immedi
ately. Cut Price for Cash.
Harrison Q Lamson,
S.ti Main Street,
Have You a Good Rye
We make fine flour In the new boltfnlll at
South Britain. All kinds of grain, ground
while yon wait at reasonable prices. Sawing
done at short notice. J. A. BA1RD, South
Britain, Ct.
Old Postage and Revenue Stamps.
Highest Cash prices paid for same
Be sure and see me before selling
At Wenlworth's Furniture Store, 69 & 71 John
St., Bridgeport, conn.
MONEY FOR TOU Here 18 a list of tbe
stomps found on old photographs and
the prices we pay tor each: lc playing cards,
red, 25c ; 2c playing cards, bine, 5c; 3c playing
cards, orange, 2oc ; 2c proprietary orange, 25c;
2e certificate, blue or orange, 10c; So playing
cards, green, $1 ; 4c playing cards, vioiet, $1 ;
6c proprietary orange, $5. bee what yoa can
find and bring them to us on the photograph,
and we will remove them witnout lntury. If
you have any kind not listed or old postage
stamps send them to ns for prices. W. L.
DUN It A K Co, Room SO.Conn. National Bank
Building, Bridgeport, Conn.
By a Swiss watch maker. Hereafter I
may be found at the D. Davis' House
near Botsford depot, where I shall be
pleased to wait on my old customers
In a aaiistactory manner. Charges
Botatord, Conn
FIR 8ALE Three Farms, one 165 acres, one
125 acres, one 100 acres. All fitted tor the
milk business near New Miliord. M. W HILL
New Miltord.
Come and Bee the Wagons and Buggies we
have on hand. Popular prices and quick
sales. Now Is the time to buy.
D. G. BEERS & CO., Newtown, Conn.
WOffics at P. E. Stidmore'i Swidenea.
to exchange your name
for my catalogue of supplies,
containing everything needed
from a polished section, $3 a
1000 to a complete hive, 1 dove
tail complete 1.50. in fiat 1.36.
Will exchange beeswax for
coods or cash. Samples ot
couiu KiUvtdatlon and catalogue free. EDWIN
E. SMITH, Watertown. Cone.
DJtt 8ALK-A large dairy farm
three and
nnA hail ml'es irom Danbnrv. well water-
en ana wen lenceu, wier m unuco nuu ui-u,
buiidtne in best o. repair, soil will bear all
nrona raised in thifa climate, has been occu
pied by same man tor ihirt years, sohool
house near by, to be sold on easy terms with
out or within stock. Address J. U. KELLEY
411 Main Street, Danbury Conn.
FIR SALE OR RENT The Isaao C Crofot
homestead In Christian Street, New
Preaton.Conn, consisting ot a neat and pretty
cottage ot eight rooms and two barns, with
running spring water at both boose and barn.
It comprises a hundred acres ot good meadow,
plow, pastor and wood land. all. well water-
ea anu in guou suite oi cultivation. This
property has been occupied by MrCroint for
over titty years, and is Ln fine condition for a
small dairy, or general farming. Only two
miles from the beautiful Lake Waramaog.
It wonld make an elegent rammer home for
some city lamily, or parties desiring to keep
city boarders. It is beautifully located la a
leniie vaney, snrronnaea oy nign hills and
the celebrated Trout Stream, Bee Brook, runs
through the farm. It will be sold" tor a little
more than the cost ot the buddings alone, and
soia on easy terras. Aauress Key u. ij t oil,
Huntington, SuUolk Co, N. 1,
FIR 6A LE A large dairy tarm ln Newtown,
two miles west ot tbe village. It is weil
watered, well fenced, carries now 26 cows, be
sides oxen, horses and young stock. Mowing
can all be done with machine and the soil wi'l
bear all kinds ot crooa that can be raised In
this climate. Market for milk is convenient
and reliable. A large house In good condi
tion and two large barns, with running water
at the touM and barn. Plenty ot trait. The
owner has spent li years on li nd feels nna
b'e to work it any longer, Is bis reason lor
ottering it Jor sale. Address WILLIAM.
FAlRcdlLD. Newtown, Conn.
TX)R SALE -125 varieties of new and stand.
JC ard seed potatoes, at hard rimes prices,
send for fre-.' catalogue. THE RON K. PLAIT ,
Redding Ridge, Conn.
IHRS ILK two new milch belters, two and
three j ears old respectively, wito calves
by their side. D, C I'KCIi, Newtown, Conn.

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