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Bride's Gifts.
Utility is more and more a feature of the gift that one
chooses for bridal remembrance. Because alone a thing is
pretty, it is not selected. It must be useful; must have a
decorative value, be of service on the table, add to the fur
nishing of the new home. Such is the ideal gift, the gift
that is favored to a greater degree each year.
Of such gifts, the store offers an abundance. Of such,
it invites your critical inspection. And it offers a "collection
of exceeding variety and true elegance.
Cut Glass.
Latest design from Dorfllnger, Strauss and
other American manufacturers.
BmlmA Hnl. M n IO M
- Nappies, 1.50 to 4.00.
Spoon Trays, II to 13.
Footed Comports. 3 75 to 5 75.
Vase and bouquet holders 1 50 to IS 00.
Water and claret pitchers. 14.50 to 18 00.
Cracker Jars, 10.-
Baskets, 14 to 7 50
Candle sticks, 3 60 to 5.50.
Wine sets. 16.60 to 15.00.
OH and vinegar cruets, 1 75 to 3.00.
Rogers & Hamilton extra sectional plated
Spoons, IS 75 doz.
Dessert spoons and forks. 4.75 doz.
Table spoons and forks. 5.35 dozen.
Coffee spoons, gold lined, 3 50 doz.
Table knives, S4, IS and 8.50 doz.
Oyster ladles, 1 75 to 3 25.
Gravy ladles 1 to 8.85.
Meat forks, 75c to II.
Jelly spoons, 1 to 11.50.
Tea sets. 7 to 18 00.
Candelabra, 16 to 13.50.
' Puddlng-dlsbes, $i.
Pern-dishes, 18 to 3.50.
Fruit-dishes. 8.50 to 8.00.
Cake-dishes. 2.50 to 5.00.
Butter-dishes. 12 to 14.
Bread -trays, 1.00 to 3.25.
Crumb-tray and scoop. 12 to 4 50.
Ohocolale-pota, 8.50 to 3.75.
Gold-plated clocks, latest designs, fl to
15 00.
Candle -sticks, II to a 50.
Clock-sets, 3 pieces. 2.25 to 118.
Jewelry cases, 1 to 7.00.
Fancy 'China.
Austrian and French china of latest Impor
tation In new shapes and decorations:
3-plece tea-sets. 1.50 to 3.50.
Berry-Ice cream sets, 1.00 to 5.00.
Chop-sets, 3 75 to 10.00.
Chocolate-sets, 3.00 to 6.50.
5 o'c ock tea sets, 5.25 to 7.50
Salad-bowls, 1 to 4.50.
Bread-trays, 1 to 3.25.
Oelerv-travs. I. SO to 3 no ;
Cracker andjbiscult Jars. $1 to 3.75.
Brush and crumb- trays, l to 2. ',
u nop-trays, i.av tOBMi.
Mayonnaise-bowls, 1.25 to 2.50.
Havlland's French china dinner sets, green
borders, decorated gold edges, 137 pieces, $58.
Elite French china dinner sets, fancy pink
band, stippled gold, $45.
Havlland's china with pink and green de
signs, open stock patterns. 137 pieces, 136.
American porcelain, dark blue underglaze,
Angelus design, 130 pieces. 125.
Very appropriate wedding gifts are gold
band dinner-sets with any initial on each
piece, 100 pieces, 10 and 113.
The Howland Dry Goods
Among the Hills.
A fin place, near Lake Waramaug. 75 acres, 15 room bouse, water in house, nicely ar
ranged with bath. Telephone. New Preston Station 24 miles. An elegent summer home.
Oa banks ot Housatonlc, fine view of river and Long Island Sound, In Shelton, 5 mln
ntaa tn trol lev. 100 acres, flne B-rOom house. Beautifully situated. C15.000.
In Greens Farms, high ground, one mile from shore, 12 acres all with flne view, fine 14
room nouse, colonial styie, uarua anu uuiiuings, careiaKers cottage, uoug island tor ii
miles. 120,000.
40 others. Write to ma about selling your property.
BURROUOHS, Warner Bldg.,
P. O. Box 832.
83 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, Oonn.
Persons Having Farms C. B. JOHNSON, Wej2SEn
Deputy Sheriff, Auctioneer,
Notary Public.
Telephone 22-3
for sale will do well to apply to
giving a description of the farm and terms of
WANTED A girl for general housewerk
Mrs Henry G. Curtis, Sandy Hook. Oonn.
For Sale.
1 runabout boggy, 1
Eneumatlc tired buggy, 1 rubber tired top
uggy, 1 iteel tired top buggy, all In good re
pair: 1 Concord buggy nearly new, 1 good
driving horse and 2 angle harnesses.
PETER H. LYNCH, Long HU1, Oonn.
1TOR BALE The subscriber offers for sale
the propeety located In the village of New
Preston, at the foot of Lake Waramaug. con
sisting of elegant new house of 14 rooms, fin
ished in quartered oak and basswood. with all
modern Improvements, hot water heater, bath
room, 'closet, running water on both floors,
wash house, horse barn, large stock barn with
basement, stabling, silo; 87 acres of land, all
lo first class condition. All buildings sup
plied with an abundance of pure spring water
from large never-falling spring. A rare op-
Krtunlty tor a city gentleman to purchase a
icy farm with a pleasantly located, beauti
ful home, or a good Investment for a practical
farmer. House and lot sold separately If de
sired and possession given at once. G. S.
Humphrey, Box 13, New Preston, Oonn.
OTIOE Will pay Highest Market Price for
fat cattle ana calves at New Mllford De
pot, Tuesday. E. Mansfield.
B SALE 50 acres of wood and timber. En
quire of O. E. Gilbert, Stevenson, Oonn.
House 8 largerooms and store. Excellent
business location. Trolley passes. One min
ute to railroad station. J. S, 114 Plymouth
St New Haven, Ot
TJJTANTED To buy. hens or poultry of any
TT kind : highest cash price paid ; also want
ed a few turkey eggs.
pot, ot. Koute is.
S. Snow, Stepney De-
IiKR SALE-Ohester White Pigs. -Local Tel.
' 21-5. S. L. Pierce, South Britain, Oonn.
WANTED Horses and cattle to pasture tor
the summer. Charges reasonable. T. J.
Oavanaugb, Bandy Hook. Conn.
WANTED Cord wood choppers. Apply to
H. H. Wheeler, Monroe, ft. 1'. D. 14, Step
ney Depot, Oonn.
ANTED Oattle to pasture.
ley, south Britain, uonn.
F. D, Brad-
Only true fortunt revealer. Distance no obstacle,
KHT UVIMJ ! AL.rllHT. Hnrl On Btn.nn tAr- Bi,nni
outllt which takes ttxact palm impression. Addreof
an? mmmmu iw., km ui Brltlgrport, Vonm
Alexander Noe,
Veterinary Dentist
Mail orders promptly attended to.
FOR SALE Will someone buy my almost
new Unrlsht Piano as mv daughter in mar
ried and my home broken up and I need all or
gart of the money at ltast. Shall sell at the
rst reasonable offer. A great chance to get
a uraii uiaas instrument cueap. Address li. u,
D Bee Office.
NOTICE Game on to my place Saturday a
small white dog, shaggy coat. Owner can
have the same by proving property and pay
ing charges. Mrs Ida Hawley, Hawley vi le.
IOR SALE Two nice sboats. Charles F
Beardsiey, Newtown, Ot. Telephone.
LOST A large American Fox Hound, black
and white bo" v. light tan head and ears.
Reward for recovery or Information leading
to the same. W. W. Bliss, Stepney Depot. Ot.
ANTED Oattle to pasture, 75c per month
Henry rtruger, stepney, uonn.
nOK SALE AT A BARGAIN A steam run-
r about Locomobile, little used and all In
first class order, good as new. Address A. B.
O., Bex Office, Newton n.
WANTED A man and wife to work on
farm, woman to do general housework
for family of two and man to help with out
side work; light work, good home and liberal
wages. Address H "P. Gowans, R. F. D. 10,
Fairfield, Oonn.
F)U SALE One black cob, $75; 1 bay chunk.
1100 lbs. $150; 1 bay horse, 1200 lbs, 1125;
1 bay mare. 1050 lbs. $115; two low down milk
wagons: 1 handv waeon. tt5: 1 road cart. $10.
G. A. Barbite. 382 Warren St.. Bridue-
port, uonn. .
Iroa Age No. 6 Horse Hoe aad Cultiva
tor, with two levers as shown above,
$6. With oa lever $5.50. All cultiva
tor fitted with two set of steels.
Iron Age Rldlag Cultivator, Pries $53.
(Discouat for eaah.)
Pivot Wheel,
Ball Bearings,
Spring Pressure,
Lock Down and
Lever doing Adjuster.
Iroa Age Catalogue for the asking.
This week Saturday the Y. M. C. A.
team of Bethel will be on hand to try
conclusions with the home team. The
game will be called at 3.30.
Decoration day's crame was certainly
a gentlemanly contest. Not a kick was
made. Madigan umpired a fine game;
no partiality was shown. That's the
kind of umpiring we like to see.
"Nick" and Bishop make a great
some new men win be given a try-
out, Saturday.
it doesn't iook well to see people
crawl through holes in the fences
without paying their quarter.
we nave a pretty promising team
but we need Johnny Haugh.
On Friday at 3 p. m., the singing
class will hold its usual session under
the leadership of Mrs C. S. Piatt.
Sunday next is Trinity Sunday.
There will be a celebration of the Ho
ly Communion in connection with the
morning service. At 12 m., Sunday
school; at 4.30 p. m., evening service,
with singing by tne cnuaren.
Monday is St Barnabas day. Holy
Communion will be celebrated in pri
vate with the sick.
On Tuesday occurs the diocesan con
vention in Stamford. Rev J. H.
George, E. L. Johnson and Daniel G.
Beers will attend. The latter are tne
delegates. The alternates are Charles
b . Beardsiey and J. M. neresrora.
Next Thursday arternoon tne Trini
ty Guild will meet at the rectory. This
is the annual meeting for the election
of officers and the presentation ot re
ports. A full attendance is desired.
The annual encampment of the De
partment of Connecticut will be held
n Meriden, Tuesday ana Wednesday,
June 12 and 13. At 4 o'clock Tuesday
afternoon, there will be a parade of
the veterans. Grand camp fire in tbe
evening. One-half rate returning to
those wno nave a u. M.s certificate.
Admission to Post room for lunch will
be by G. A. R. badge or button. C. P.
The banns of marriage of James E.
Green and Miss Margaret V. Keane
were published at St Rose's, last Sun
day, for the first time.
Next Sunday is Trinity Sunday, the
last Sunday of the Paschal time, dur
ing which time Catholics are expected
to perform their Easter duty. Confes
sions will be held Saturday afternoon
and evening.
Two masses win be celebrated, Sat
urday morning, at 5 and 8 a. m.
At Mlcb Mass. last Sunday, tne nas-
tor kindly requested those who bad
not contributed their part toward tbe
annual collection to hand it in as ear
ly as possible.
Miss Daisy Kemble and Miss Evelyn
Welch are boarding at the Grand Cen
tral hotel.
Eleven of the little friends of Miss
Aileen Houlihan gathered at her
home, Wednesday afternoon, to help
her celebrate her sixth birthday, and
all had a very pleasant time. Among
tnose present were: Marina ueorge,
Vivian Lewis, Gladys Smith, Margaret
wnite, uiara ana Florence sneenan,
Anna, Virginia, Justine and Alice
A. M. Briscoe has had running water
introduced into his house, with bath
room, closets, etc. E. J. Hall had the
Mlfifi ljlimpr Allcmr baa rpr.nrnprl r.n
her home in Wood bridge, after a stay
of two months with Mr and Mrs
Minott Augur.
Glover's hall is receiving a new dress
of paint. Can held & Davis are doing
tne worK.
Shelton is to have a new High school
building at a cost of $35,000. Who will
be tne nrst to equip tne JNewtown
High school with proper laboratory
Dr Green of Southbury was in the
street, Monday, with his touring car
He gave ifix-henaior Houlihan and Al
lison P. Smith a ride down the turn
Tbe members of tbe Thimble club
of New Haven enjoyed a fine dinner at
the Sound view notel, Woodmont,
Thursday night.
E. W. Troy has been passing the
week in Woodmont.
T. J. Corbett and Miss Annie Tracey
were in uartiord, Wednesday, attend
ing tbe funeral of Miss Tracey 's father,
Michael Tracey.
About 25 members of St John's
Guild gave Mrs Minott Augur a linen
shower, last Thursday afternoon. Light
refreshments were served and tne ar-
fair was in every way a pleasant one.
You need an ice cream freezer, just
now. "The White Mountain" freezers
are O. K. E. J. Hall sells 'em.
The Methodist ladies held a 10-cent
tea at the home of Mrs George Stevens,
Wednesday afternoon.
Misses Loretta Houlihan and Ethel
Peck, students at Syracuse university.
returned to their homes for the sum
mer vacation, Wednesday.
Miss Lucy Wright of Boston, Mass.
is tbe guest of her parents, Rev am
Mrs O. O. Wright.
The hammock season is here and
Taylor, Curtis & Co. have them in el
egant variety and very reasonable in
So-Boss-So, the fly killer, is what the
dairymen need now. Taylor, Curtis &
Co. sell it.
For a limited time Taylor, Curtis &
Co. are offering special inducements on
teas in an blends.
Lawns, both figured and plain, crash
towels, straw matting, trunks, bags
ana aress suit cases at tne uricK store,
Sandy Hook.
Charles S. Cole and Charles Peel
passed Friday and Saturday in New
1Wiq TWarcrnrtot, T.cran arr Mioe Hlia.
after a week passed in Brooklyn and
Mr and Mrs John Haugh passed
Decoration day in JNew Haven.
Mr and Mrs W. T. Cole close their
home in Brooklyn and come to Sandy
Mrs George Stevens and Mrs Charles
Stevens passed Tuesday in Danbury.
E. H. Dillon & Co.,
Leading Milliners,
986 and 988 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn.
Great Price Reductions
Trimmed Millinery, Ready-to-
trim Hats and
TTntrimmed Hats.
We are showing an immense variety of White Chip Hats,
White Hair Braid Hats, Natural Leghorn Hats, White Roses,
Jack Roses and Pine Flowers, new Wings, Aigrettes and Quills.
See the new Braided Sailor Hats.
First Latin: Vivian Wet more, Elsie
Ferris, Annie Murphy, Mary Lynch,
Marguerite Cavanaugh.
Elementary Eneiisb: Annie Kuneiis.
Bychie Veness, Anna Houlihan.
.ungnsn uom position: uertruae m-
senboss, Lillian Troy.
First Year French: May ugan, ai
sle Ferris, Helen Houlihan, Nonie
Brennan, Mary Lester.
Advanced French: Jennie Kuneiis,
Margaret Keane, Lillian Troy, John
Houlihan, Edward Egan.
Cicero: Catherine Murphy.Randolph
Williams, Alma Williams, Ada Lake.
Vergil: (Jariton smitn, jonn Houli
English Reading: Edward Egan,
Margaret Keane, Jennie Ruffells, Gus-
sie Campbell, Eleanor Cavanaugh, John
Houlihan, uariton smitn, Aima Wil
liams, Randolph Williams, Lillian
Roman History: Margaret Keane,
Jennie Ruffells, Gussie Campbell, John
Houiiban, (Jariton smitn, Aima Wil
liams, Randolph Williams, Catherine
English Literature: Gussie Camp
bell, Helen Hawley, Ada Lake, Mary
Lester, Angeune waKeman, ier;y
First Year German: Ruth Mallette,
Catherine Murphy, Randolph Wil
liams, Alma Williams.
Third Year German: Carlton Smith,
Eleanor Cavanaugh, Jennie Ruffells.
American History: Lena uiase,
Theresa Weiss.
Modern History: Florence Beecher,
Nonie Brennan, Helen Houlihan, An
nie Murphy, Vivian Wetmore.
(Jivics: xneooore eearasiey,- uer-
trude Elsenboss, Elsie Gilbert, Ada
Lake, Madge Peck.
Commercial Arithmetic: Annie
Ruffells, Earle Taber, Gertrude Elsen
boss, Percy Piatt.
Algebra: Annie Murphy, Nonie
Brennan, Elsie Ferris, Marguerite Cav
anaugh, Lottie Behn, May Egan.
tteonietry: (Jariton smitn, i&anooipn
Williams, Catherine Murphy.
Physics: Jennie Kuneiis.
Physical Geography: Annie Ruffells,
Mary Kelly.
Botany: Annie murpny, ronie
Brennan, Margaret Keane, Marguerite
Cavanaugh .
Children's day exercises will take
olace at tbe Congregational church,
Sunday morning, at the usual hour of
morning service. An interesting or
der of service has been prepared. The
children have been drilled under the
direction of Mrs Hewitt.
Harder Round Silos
Chsapeas tks cost of fssd
aad pays for ltsslf ia on
ysar. Makss f rssa pastures
ths ysar round aad doublss
ths producing value of your
cows. Easily put up aad
absolutely air tight. Con
tinuous doors from top to
bottom, easily opened aad
closed without the use of
, 1
l nammer, wrencn or oiuer
"tools bo complicated fas
tenings. Strongly built aad fully guar
anteed. Illustrated catalogue ,for the
Sales Agents for Western Connecticut,
Newtown, Conn.
PROBATE BONDS With Individuals for se
curity are often unsafe and frequently un
satisfactory to heirs. Don't ask a friend to go
on your bond, for he would always rather not.
it is our Dusiness to act as security on re
bate and all other kinds of bonds. Telephone
for information any evenlne. U. S. Fidelity &
Guaranty Co.. Charles G. Morris, Newtown
The dog agent found 20 unlicensed
dogs in four school districts, the first
day out. According to this there are
a large number of unlicensed dogs in
town and 11 tnere is not quite some
registering done in a short time some
people will have a chance to pay a fine
01 $7 and costs 01 prosecution.
F. W. Piatt has been ill. this week.
at his home in Hopewell. Dr Smith
of Redding is attending him.
Chicken thieves stole about 40 hens
from tbe hen roost of John M. Beers in
Hopewell, last week Thursday night.
Our stock of men's patent leather
and tan shoes and Oxfords is complete.
All the latest styles. Prices right, if
you are in the market for these goods
please give us a can. isanay hook
Shoe Store.
Rev Otis W. Barker and Master E.
Lloyd Barker of Brooklyn will arrive,
Friday, at Pea L. W. Lloyd's.
Mrs Charles C. Barlow of New Ha
ven is .visiting Miss F. V. Daniels.
D. N. Clark, the hardware man of
Shelton, is having a special sale on
wire fencing lor nouitry r arms I and
barb wire. It will save you money if
you see him before buying. Notice
his advertisement in another column.
To the ioint board of Selectman and
School visitors of Newtown: It is
hoped by all the lovers of peace and
progress that the selectmen of this
town will see to it and make it worth
while to keep in our midst the valu
able and efficient principal and his
wife. Mr and Mrs Ross Jewell, with
their assistants. Never was a commu-
nity more blessed with a better couple,
Never was a scnooi, an tnings con-
sidered, in a better, a more prosperous
condition. Tbe children with one
voice all speak in their praise. When
children love their teachers they will
learn more, and take bold with better
spirits. No one has ever taken the in
terest or done one-nan as mucn ior
our High school as Mr and Mrs Jew
ell. Very few that we would like
would want to tackle it at all its best.
where things come so slow and so hard
as tbev do here. Now that we have
the right man in tbe right place, let's
keen him, whatever the cost. It's
money in our pockets. It's tbe most
noble and worthy object that could
occupy our attention, "building up
character." Taxes are always hard to
meet with most of us, but a few cents
with each one, we will never miss, and
see the lasting good it will do. We
want our children to have the very
best chances to get an education they
can possibly have. LA Tax Payer.
A nice line of ladies' and misses' tan
and canvas Oxford ties. Cool and com
f ortable. Also a nice line of the above
in patent and Dongola. Prices very
reasonable. Sandy Hook Shoe Store.
Miss Elsie Moore is spending a few
days in Bethel, this week, the guest
of Miss Rosie Ohler.
Tbe Probate Courts.
DISTRICT OP REDDING, ss. Probate Court,
May SI, 1906.
Estate of Sarah A. Beardsiey, late of
Redding. In said District, deceased.
Tne (jourt 01 rroDate ior toe uistrict 01
Reddlnff. hath limited and allowed six
months from the date hereof for the creditors
of said estate to exhibit their claims for set
tlement. Those who neglect to present their
accounts, properly attested, within said time,
will be debarred a recovery. All persons In
debted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment to
james Li. uiacKman, Administrator,
P. O., West Redding, Oonn.
Court, May 26th, 1906.
jtate 01 matnaa vvunaenicn, late 01 new
town, in said district deceased.
Upon the application of Samuel Wunderlich,
praying for authority to sell real estate be
longing to said estate, as per application on
file more fully appears; it 1s t
Ordered. That said aDnllcation be heard
and determined at the Probate Office In New
town, In said District, on the 9th day of June.
A. D. 1906, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and
that notice be given of the pendency of said
application and the time and place of
hearing thereon, by publishing the same one
time in some newspaper having a circulation
in said District.
William J. Beecher, Judge.
Court, June 2. 1906.
Estate of Burr M. and Clara F. Young of
Newtown, said district.
tIton the aDDlicatlon of Henrv M. Smith.
Guardian, praying for authority to sell real
estate oeionging to saia minors, as per appli
cation on file more fully appears; it is
Ordered, That said application be heard and
determined at the Probate office in Newtown,
in said district, on the 9th day June A. D. 1906,
at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and that notice
be given of the pendency of said application
and of the time and place of hearing thereon.
oy puDiisning tnis oruer one time in some
newspaper having a circulation in said dis
trict, and by posting a copy thereof on the
nubile sisn-DOSt in the Town of Newtown, in
said district.
William J. Beecher, Judge.
niSTRICT OFNEWTOWN,ss. Probate Court
u June za, iwo.
Estate of Matilda Wunderlich, late of New
town, In said district, deceased.
The Administrator having exhibited his ad
ministration account with said estate to this
Court for allowance, it Is
Ordered, That the 9th day of June. A. D,
1906, at 11.00 o'clock forenoon, at Probate office
in Newtown be and the same Is hereby
assigned for a hearing on the allow
ance of said account .with said estate, and
thisocourt directs the Administrator to
cite all persons Interested therein, to ap
pear at saia time ana piace. oy puDiisning
this order one time . in some newspaper
having a circulation in said district and by
posting a copy on the public signpost in the
Town of Newtown where the deceased last
dwelt,at least 6 days before said time assigned
uertinea irom icecora.
William J. Beecher, Judge.
U Court June 4th, 1906.
Estate of Edward C. Bramhall, late of Red
ding, in said district, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the
order of said Court made on the 4th day of
June. 19H6. all the right, title and interest
which said deceased had at the time of his
death In and to the real estate situated in
Redding, .Fairfield County, Connecticut, to
wlt: A certain tract or parcel of land being
and lying north of Redding Center, in quan
tity two (2) roods more or less with a dwelling
nouse ana otner Duuaings tnereon stanaing.
oounaea nortn ov iana oi Mrs a. J. A.Amnry,
East bv land occuoied bv Edith Burtress.
South and West by highway running from
from Redding Center to Bethel via Lonetown,
will be sold at Public Auction (unless previ
ously disposed of at private saie) on the 16th
day of June, 1906, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
Sale to take place on the premises at Redding.
xerms maae Known at time oi sale.
William E Hazen, Administrator.
Pineapples,new cabbage and bananas
at Beits'.
The F. E. Beach Co. of 962 Main
street, Bridgeport, are making a spec
ial drive on dinner, tea and toilet sets
We have just received a new line of
open stock, dinner ware where you
can buy just what pieces you need and
not be obliged to tae a wnoie set at
the same rate as though you took a
complete set. Now what would make
a better wedding present than a nice
dinner or tea set, something very use
ful? We have a very large assortment
to cnoose from, it will be to your ad
vantage to look these sets over before
buying. Give us a call. The F. E.
Beach Co.
Ground was broken, Saturday, for
the reservoir of the Newtown Water
Co., by Contractor Beck with, who has
tbe contract for the reservoir and lay
ing the pipe. He has a large force of
Italians at worn.
L. C. Nicholson and George R. Wil
son spent Wednesday in New Fairfield
Mrs George R. Wilson, who broke
her arm a few weeks ago, bad the
splints removed frorn-thearm.Tuesday,
Mrs A. D. Faircblld of Taunton Is
afflicted with the German measles.
Sound View Hotel,
E. W. TROY, Prop.,
Merwin's Beach,
Woodmont, Conn
The D. M. Read Co.
Established 1857.
For June Weddings.
If you are wondering what to give a bride that will be a joy to her forever,
come and see the lovely gift articles in the China Store, that were selected with a
view to weddings. Included are fine samples of Haviland French China, English
China, Doulton and Wedgewood, and some rarely beautiful Satsuma.
Fruit and Dessert Sets, large bowl and six saucers.
Chocolate Sets.
Chop, Fish and Game Sets.
Mayonnaise Sets, plate, bowl and ladle.
Vases, Candlesticks, Salad Bowls and Separate Plates.
New patterns in Cut Glass and Rock Crystal, among them many small
articles, useful and artistic, all at moderate prices.
rn -r r
luwtjis, jjuvv -ir rices.
A timely purchase enables us to offer some espectal values always to the
Huck Towels: Value 12 l-2c for 10c. Value 15c for 12 l-2c
Value 19c for 15c. Value 25c for 20c.
Bath Towels : A splendid lot at 12 1-2, 19 and 25c.
Do you know the value of Stove-Lusta? If vou are oin? to use last sea-
door and window screens, a coating of stove-lusta will crive them a finish
equal to new. Keep them from rusting, too. It will also improve the oil stove
and keep that in good condition. Easily applied. 25c a can.
The D. M. READ Co.
Bridgeport, Conn.
Telephone. STRATFOKD. oonn..
Are Selling
Rakes S Mowers
And in Quantities.
They R in It "KNEE DEEP."
U Better C I hem B-4 U Buy.
We say so a Eds.
When in Bethel at our
store for your Groceries and -Meats. Best
goods at Bock Bottom Prices. Remember the
Mcdowell & taylor,
Thumb hand tide or uenter si..
Bethel. Conn
Cattle For Sale.
xta.i.( vVkw cliIa liiiv anil
or trade any day but Sunday.
Frask Turkiagtoa, East morris, Ct.
Some cheap hay or corn stalks
at once. Want to rent a large tarm, not less
than 50 acres. S. Snow, Stepney. Conn.
IfOR SALE White oak and hickory plank
E for wagon timber. Walter E. House.
Bridgewater, Oonn.
I HAVE Improved real estate in Waterbury
which I will exchange for a good farm with
stock and tools. U K. Carter, 11 Eaut Main
St., Waterbury, Conn.'
lOll SALE CHEAP WpII made2-seated top
surrey. Mrs K U. ulKeman, Newtown, ju
FOR SALE Tobacco plants ready for set
ting. O. B. Buckingham, New Mi ford Ct.
Tel. 158-5.
GOOD ORGAN for sale cheap.
A. Sell, EastoD, Conn.
Call at G
IfODND On my place, last week, a horse
r Owner can have same by identifying it.
Fred L. Luf. Alfred Piatt farm,
South Britain. Oonn.
YlfANTED An honest, competent girl for
general housework in tne country, uoou
home for right party. F. M. Clark, Box 65ti,
Mllford, Ct.
DOR SALE Or will exchange for anything, a
t. McDowell fortaoieuaKeroi au luai capac
ity. Howard Mead, uetnei uonn.
TJORSALE, An extension top surrey In good
I: condition. Price very reasonable. R. O,
Mitchell, sanay hook, uonn
tTOR SALE, Good bass drum, also bass horn.
E both nearly new. Will sell cheap for cash.
William J. vaness, sou in Britain, uunn.
WANTED Boy 14-15 years old to do chores
for right boy. Call or address, Dr H. E.
Waite. P. O. Bethel or Dodgingtown, New
town, Oonn.
T) I. REDS A flne yard of ten hens at one
A.v uuuar eauii. vuuioc n". n .
outer and under, two dollars. E. P. Ayer, No.
uruiiiuru, v uuu.
WANTED A farmer of steady habits. Ref
erence. AduIv F. E. Ewing. West Red
ding, Conn.t
WESTON dOO NOTICE -All persons In the
Town of jWeston owning or harboring
dogs who have not complied with the law ana
bad their dogs registered, are uereoy uuuueu
that unless such dogs are registered on or be
fore July 1, WOti. they will be prosecuted ac
cording to law. Signed,
George F Sherwood, I
Wm. B. Osborne.. '-Selectmen.
John M. Lock wood, )
Weston, June 8, 1900.
IOR SALE A flne young Jersey Bull.
Sherman, ritepney uepot, uonn.
B H.
rR SALE Large horse 8 years, weight 1300,
price f 105. Pair 1300, age;10. price I'iOO. Pair
driving horses. 8 and 9. weight 950, (225. Ed
ward Edmonds, Volf.Plts, Bethel, Ot.
JJ ries five passengers. Just oeen overnaui
nri and nut In knlendid condition for the sum
mer, all worn parts having been renewed. Has
new cnain, new sprocKet. new iiire.uew pumps,
etc. Is one size larger . than regulation Loco
Surrey as it has 18 Inch boiler and extra wide
son.t.a. T.q nmnoth running, easv to manage
and a good hill climber. Just the thing for
lamiiy use in rural uiairncia wuuio uius auu
heavy grades prevail. Reason for soiling,
owner has iust ourchased a heavier and more
powerful ourlng car. Quick and only price
ror spot casn & uargain w quicK uuyer.
Oost $1400. new, two years ago. Demonstra
tions arranged with responsible people. Ad
dress Lock Box 13, Bridgeport, Oonn.
?OR SALE Brown road horse, kind and
- true tn all harness and good wind ; safe for
women or children to drive and can trot a
mile better than 3 minutes: also harness and
rubber tire top buggy. Price for all $150 if
so'd quick. Wm. A. Tator. In care Scott's
Livery Stable, Kidgefield, Conn.
flOR SALE The property of the late Wm.
B. Prlodle. W. H. Prindle, Newtown, Ct.
T OST Between my nome In Palestine dls-
Jjtrlctanoa point in Newtown street, a
pocket book containing money Finder will
be suitably rewarded upon returning book
and contents to owner Richard Egan.
CORSALE 1 ox cart. 1 set new cart wheels.
- iron hub: 1 new frame for Icart body: ox
yokes and chains; 1 hay cutter. Mrs Dennis
Cavanaugh, Hanover dlst., Newtown.
TfOR SALE 5-year-old Jersey cow with a
- can A uays oiu. ah ngut ia every respect.
W, O. Johnson, Newtown. Conn.
IOR SALE A good family Jersey cow with
A. cult uwif uajo uiu. . .an v j in. larnjw uuw
with fatcilf. Two yearling heifers. H. W.
Wright, Newtown, Oonn.
Farm Produce
BOUGJIT and SOLD for cash or oa 10 percent commission.
If you wish to get the beat market price put your gooda up honest and ia food
shape. Sead to 6. W. Coggewell. Also dealer in real estate.
Derby, Coun.
TTTANTED Reliable man over thirty to look
V f alter our uusiness iu rairneid county.
Permanent position at good wages. O. I R,
Burr & Co., Nurserymen. Hartford, Conn.
ANTED A girl for general housework.
Mrs Ju. li. MarDie, siewtown, ut..
Horses For Sale.
25 Horses weighing 900 to 1500 lbs. and cost
ing $35 to $200. Two of these have some speed
and live of them absolutely fearless of autos
or cars and sare ior anyone io drive. Also i
Iiamt waeons. one nearlv Dew. One nl.t.
form spring wagon and one Concord buggy at
very low prices. Edgar T. Andrews, H4 Elm
St., Bethel, ut. Telephone.
G. N. Clarke's Vegetable Liver Pills.
Best Remedy on the market for Constipation.
Sold by Druggiats. Free sample by mail.
3. N. CLARKE, ...... INIchol. Conn.
For Sale or Rent.
Factorv with 50-horse nower each of water
and steam, locate 1 1-8 mile from Railroad in
the village of Sandy Hook.
Factory has 12,000 feet or more of floor space,
large storehouse, and two-family dwelling
house. Two hundred feet from Post Office,
Churches, school. Stores. Hotel. Library, etc
This plant Is well adapted tor the manufac
turing of anything where a large number of
nanus are requireu us buoj tuv mjwv wt&iwug
for you.
Very liberal terms can be made with tbe
owners. For further particulars address,
Gledhill & Co.,
Bridgeport, Conn.
ANTIQUE FURNITURE bought and sold.
G. B. Tucker, Easton, Ot. P. O. Address
K. D. 25. Bethel. Ot.
HOUSEKEEPERS recommend Sllverall as
the best Silver Polish. Try It. Held
Todd, 1054 Main street. Bridgeport.
Another car load of those stylish
runabout buirgies to arrive about the 12th.
They I a re dandies. Stylish, durable, hand
some. Get in line and buy one. Our prices
cannot be beat. We buy for Cash, we pay no
rents, we sen on small commission ana give
the customer the full benefit.
Leading Grocers, Stepney, Oonn.
Blacksmithing and Wagon Re
pairing. I hereby irl ve notice that I have bought back
my old stand in Middle Gate district, and that
lam ready to do business and would be pleas
ed to see all my old patrons and the general
public. First class work guaranteed, at mod
erate prices. O. F. CONGER.
ttotsiora, uonn., uct 31, una.
Mrs James Gordon,
Violin, Piano, Mandolin,
Olass Lfusons. Ensemble.
Nkwtowh. ... Com.
Berkshire Pigs, also Sows
with good Utters. Boar for service.
Elm wood District. BetheL
Having bought out the mall route bet
New iPreston and New Mllford. I will run
stages as follows: Leave New Prestoa T a. nu,
and 3.45 p. m. Leave New Mllford for Sew
Preston, S.15 a. m.. and 1p.m.
FOR SALE One pair of cheap hoi see, one
spring wagon ana one carriage. Will sell
cheap for cash. Also pair double harnesses
JEROME E. GRANN1SS, New Preston. Ot
For Sale.
Good lEatsy orgaa, price
$ao, with stool. All ia food order.
Box 238. Derby, Oonn.
r)K RENT A good blacksmith shop at the
head of Newtown Street. For particulars
Inquire of Mrs M. J. Cavanaugh. Newtown.Ot.
FOR SALE 50,000 parcels of real estate at
Rock Bottom Prices, located in Western
Oonn. and Eastern N. Y. Inducements to
manufacturers to locate here. Money to loan
at 6 per cent. Enclose stamp or call for par
ticulars. James J. Brophey, 64 Grand St.,
Realty Broker, Danbury, Oonn.
For Sale or Exchange.
A number of
second hand carriages and wagons In good
repair, Horseshoeing and blacksmithing in
all its branches Also horse clipping done at
my shop at Upper Stepney. Fred Klein, Step
ney, Conn.
WANTED At once, experienced log roller
for portable saw mill; steady work and
good wages to a good man. Charles Gilbert,
Stepney Depot, Oonn.
ed prices. I have an overstock of Interna
tional Stock Food and will give three 50 ct.
packages for $1 for twoiweeks to reduce this
over-stock. The goods are fresh from the
factory and the reason for this they sent three
times the amount ordered. I have Chicken
Food, Gall Cure and other International Prep
arations and will make a reduced price on all
these good during this sale. Charles Gilbert,
Stepney Depot, Conn.
rpo RENT 5-room house, known as tbe Elli
1 ott place, near Taunton Lake, also near
school. John L. Hughes, Agent, Taunton
district, Newtown, Oonn.
WANTED, WOOL Highest cash price paid
for wool. A. T. Camp. Telephone 13-4,
Hawieyvllle, Oonn.
FOR SALE 1 pair bay driving ponies, 1475
weight, 1 pair roan driving horses 1900
weight, young, family broken, and nicely
matched: 1 three vear old colt and number of
other horses, team wagons, carts and trucks,
5 sets light double harness, single harness, 2
sets DiacKsmitn toois, 1 poriaDie ooiier ana
engine, 8-horse power, 2 large mirrors. 1
milch cows or close sprlngers4Beef and Bolog
na cows and bob calves, or will exchange any
of above. Hav.etc.bouicht if not to far to haul
or In quantities for baling and shipping or
win sen on uuuiuiissiuu iw nujr uiw. . .
Dixon. North Bridgeport, Conn., near Rail
road. Telephone.
POD SAI P Sled runners3led shoes,
rv"V JftL,Li. stone boat plank and
different kinds of lumber of all kinds sawed
to order. Log sawing done for the public at
my mill. John H. Frank, Huntlngtown dis
trict, Newtown, Oonn.
For Service.
Improved Chester White boar. Terms SI,
strictly cash, John H. Frank, Huntlngtown
District, Newtown. Oonn.
"UK)RSALE Rye straw, hand thrashed. Jonn
H. Frank, Huntlngtown distrlcWNewtowu,
Angora goats and buck for sale. 8. W.
Smith, Ansonia, Oonn.
F)R SALE 1 steel gray horse 5 years old,
nice driver, and several other cheaper
horses; also good cheap surrey. O. B. Weed,
Long Hill, Conn. P. O.: Route 3, Bridge
port, Ot.
OTIOE I will be at the Town Clerk's of
flce in the Brick building, Newtown, every
second Saturday and the last Saturday of
each month to receive taxes. Charles M.
Beresford, Tax Collector.
Our 1906 Wall Paper Samples ready to show to
our old customers and we hope to many new
ones. We sell direct from the manufacturer,
less jobber's profits. We have had yeaisof ex
perience In the business and can hang your
paper satisfactorily even if you have bought
elsewhere. Give us a trial and remember that
we guarantee all work.
Painters.' Stepney, Ot.
I Will Be Pleased
To show and illustrate tbe S tempers Fire Ex
tinguishers, the best on the market, Ito every
one wishing to protect their life and property
against fire. O. H. GroscheU, Plattaville Store,
K. D. 1, Bridgeport, Oonn.
TITANTED A good reliable slnzle
TT work on farm in Woodbridge. Must
aerstana tne care or cattle and be a
milker. Apply to Fannie B Peck,
t or M
bridge, OU,
linott Augur. Sandy Hook. Ot.
pKR RENT A tenement house, ti per
month. John B. Peck, Newtown, Oonn.
I Am WmnAnnnrtmrm far '
square piano, lot of household furnttureT4--, ... . . ,
wardrobes, 1 folding bed, 1 coach or rockaway Cambridge and Oil Ver
fit for depot use. I am open to buy or sell new I rm
Cutaway and Disc Harrows, Cultivators, etc
Swift's Fertilisers at Lowest Prices.
W. B. Glover, Newtown, Ct
(pOR SALE 160 acre farm, situated in Sber
L man. Ot flne land of hiirh irronnd. facing
east and south ; very smooth, level meadows
win Keep s bead cattle, 4 norses. s siury
bouse, veranda and blinded carriage house,
horsn ham fU) fnAt lonir. room for 7 horses: 1
barn 138 feet long, 1 barn 40 feet long, room for
40 head of cattle. Buildings all newly paint
ed. Nice trout brook running through the
farm. Will give possession any time. w. L.
dnedeker, Gaylordsville. Ot.
ORK WANTED Tobacco and all like
nlants transplanted ; 2a cents per thous
and; sure work guaranteed. O, W. Oole,
Brookfield, Oonn.
Farmers, Attention !
Take Advantage of This Offer.
Will sell eggs. S. C. Rhode Island Reds, Bar
red Plymouth Rocks, after June 1st. at
50c per 14. White Wyandotte eggs 75c per
14, until June 23d. Will have from June
1st to June 30th about 135 chicks which I will
sell at 10c each. Rhode Island Red, White
Wyandottes. Mrs Grace Mead Wellwood,
Bridgewater, Oonn. Telephone 134-2. New
Mllford division.
V?OR SALE Second-hand Acetelyne Gas ma
L chine, 50 lights. Gas pipes and fixtures
complete. Fit for hotel or residence. Inquire
of George F. Totams, Kox 105. Brookfield, Ot.
1 1 19 Broad Street,
Room 4 Taylor Block, Bridgeport, Oonn..
is the correct address of CORSET PARLORS,
where you can find any Corset desired.
Ask for
Mrs Helen MacMahon-Snowden
T ANTED Bob calves. Newtou M. Curtis,
f Xel. 41-3, sandy hook, uonn.
TJIOR RENT Pleasant sunny rooms, large
A yard, shade, rive minutes walk from san
dy hook Bridge, mrs margaret uaiiagner,
Stndy Hook, Oonn.
EGGS FOR HATCHING From pure bred
White Wyandottes, 75c per 13 eggs, 3 sit
tings 12. S5 Der 100 eggs. Sunny Brook Farm.
G. D. White, Proprietor, Prof E. F. Costello,
Manager, tsrancnvuie, uonn.
PIANOS AND ORGANS Tuned and Repair
ed. Calls answered promptly. F. K. Haw
ley. Hawieyvllle, Oonn. Telephone: 584-4,
Danbury division.
lOOO dozen Bnneas aevthe
rifles cheap. A lot of second hand wagons of
axi Kinds, .luuutonsotu-incnice.
F. J. HOSFORD, New Prestoa, Ob
New milch cow. Wanted, a few cattle to
pasture. A new lot of those wonderful boas
just arrived. Try one.
Edwards S. Beardsiey, Stepney, Oonn.
P. S.: Gibbs Imnerlal Plow for ax In oood
Artificial Teeth.
We make a specialty of all kinds of Dental
St., New Milford, Oonn.
17OR SALE A sow. Morris Leavy. Walnut
L Tree Hill, Sandy Hook, Oonn.
H'OR SALE National horse rake. Inquire of
L S. Patterson, over Postofflce. Newtown.
TOOK SALE One 10 horse power Columbia
1: gasoline engine, good as new. Bwsstwi tar
selling, have purchased a portable engine. H.
is. maurer, iramuuu, uonn, 1. u. isn age
port Route 52.
F)R SALE A flne five-year-old cow extra
good milker. MUkmen.) All right every
way. D. O. Welles, East Village, Oonn. Ad
dress Stepney Depot. Oonn.
TT land, good bulldlnn. Must be baraaln.
E. W. Nash, 451 Hollister ave. Bridgeport. Ot.
Fully stocked, good
UHJR SALE One 25-horsepower upright bofl
er, one 15-horsepower engine all lnjrannlng
order, horses weighing from 950 lbstoUM
pounds in good working order, one team wa
gon, 2 set doable harness Boston backers. All
of the above will be sold reasonable; no oaa
for the goods. Address. B. Wetmore, Shelton,
Oonn. Telephone, 5-2 HunUnxton,

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