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4. 4
Tliiirsilny June SSth, IS 77.
Cur Enterprise.
We present you this week with the
flroi Isuo of "The Dice," and ask your
Indulgence fur tiny error, typ -igraphlcnl
or (ilhcrwl-e, Hint may appear. Young
beet are liable In err, but at they advance
in age iliey acquire a better knowledge
of I lie duiies they r.re called upon to
perfurin, and we hope it may be bu with
us. Wc shall endeavor to do our purl
toward giving you a good, live, local
jiewspnpcr, one which you nmy be proud
to f Ikiw to friends or sirungers.
Our Hint proposition to you was tlmt
if, lit the i nd of a month, we hml secur
ed one hundred subscribers 'we would
continue the publication. As we huve
alreudy secured nearly Unit number the
publication of Tim Bee is an assured
fuel. Now, all liiul remains to be done
is for you to keep on in the way you
have commenced, and we guarantee you
.out best efforts in advancing the inter
ests of your beuulitul lowu, through our
It will he our aim to keep our columns
free from political, religions, and per
sonal strifes; to uphold right, and oppose
wrong, wherever we find it. We shall
Always be pleased to receive contributions
of a local character, that may in any
way advance the interests of the people,
,and hope Unit by constant attention to
business, and strictly honorable dealing,
we shall merit a continuunce of your
confidence and patronage.
We shall be pleased, at any time to
see any of our Mends w ho take an in
tenstin The Bee, at our office over
Sanford & ilawley's store, on Mun
Communications, subscriptions, ad
vertisements, etc., should be left at the
office, or addressed to Tiie Bee, New
town, Conn.
We shall be happy to make such im
provements and additions from time to
time, as your financial interest in the
puper justifies.
Village Improvement -
We have heard it hinted that a "Bee"
for village improvement has been talked
of, and that the ladies would have the
management of it. To our minds this
is a very praiseworthy enterprise, and if
there is really anything of the kind to
be done it will certainly be accomplished,
if the ladies command it. The love of the
beaulilul ii one of man's frailties, and
it is the love of woman, and the study
to please her, thai exposes man, and
brings his weakness to view, in spite of
himself. We await with pleasure further
developments, and shall be proud of the
opportunity to aid with our pen, the ef
forts of the fnir ladies to adorn the vil
lage as it seems best to them, feeling as
sured that their gentlemen friends will
heartily co-operate with them.
A ITew Walk.
The need of a new walk for the ac
commodation of our citizens living in
Sandy Hook, has long been felt, and a
proposition looking to the accomplishing
of this grand improvement is now being
talked of. There are hundreds every
Sunday that visit the churches, that are
compelled to walk, and in many places,
especially in bad weather, there is no
otlur place but the road, for pedestrians
to use. There is ample room, abundance
of material, and all that remains to carry
out this good object is the immediate
support and co-operation of our citizens,
which we feel assured will not be w ith
held. It is not for us to say what advan
tage this walk will be to this commun
ity, nor to the owners of property be
tween Sandy Hook and Newtown Street.
Still our judgment is that, whenever
the road has been thus improved, every
one nili appreciate it, and wonder why
it has never been done before. This
road, in time.can be made as handsome a
thoroughfare as any in the state.
An Accident,
A pleasure party, consisting of ladies
from Danbury, came to this town the
first of last week, and stopped at the
Central Hotel. In the evening, soon
after starting for home, an axle sudden
ly broke, which caused a slight delay.
II r. Douglas Fairchjld provided convey
ance, and the ladies proceeded home
without further interruption. The brok
en carriage belonged to iiawley Bradley,
of Danbury,
Ike Library.
Below will be found tn Item of in
b rent, which wo Call ipeclul attention
to. Till library, wo learn, was first
started by a contribution of one hundred
volume from Mr. Surah liildwln, an
old, and highly esteemed lady, who Just
prevloui to her death, which occurred
about one'year ago, gave theae book,
and luce then there have been ad' ltd
one hundred and twenty-nine, making a
total of two hundred and taeniy-nlne.
At the time of the formation or the
Newtown Library Asuwdatlon, tunny
person became members, by paying the
membership fee. Other gave only their
names, and for some unexplained cause,
many who look Interest In the organi
zation at first, have discontinued their
support. It Is to be hoped that our cit
izens will not let Ihl valuable Institution
go down, but that they will come for
ward ami sustain it with becoming liber
ality. The association has placed these
IxMiks within the reach of all, by the
very moderate c.uirge of ten cents for
the use of a book for two weeks, which
we hope will meet with favor.
The following is a list of officers of
the Newtown Library Association, orga
nized Jan. 1st, 1870:
E. L. Johnson, President; Charles
Bercsford, Vice President; M. F. Peck.
Sicrctary and Treasurer. Abel Slillson,
E. F. Iiawley, E. V. Faiichild, Trus
tees. M. F. Peck, Librarian. 229 vol
umes. Terms of subscription : per year,
$2; six months, $1.50 ; three mouths,
After July 1st books will be loaned
from the library at 10 cents per volume,
with privilege of keeping two weeks.
The Pic-nic
Of the St. Patrick's Tempr. e Society,
connected with St. Hose's trch, was
held in Gately s Grove, Sail iiook, on
riuir.-day last, lor the beiielit of the
Drum Corps, connected with the Socie
ly, anu was iu evety pmticular a com
plete success, and yu.lde.iJ a handsome
returu above all expenses. The receipts
were, as near as we could asCcn about
three hundred and bevcniy-i..,' ;.u:i rs.
The organization, Duiuhui ..: .i.j'.
forty members, headed by m . .j
Corps, under the leaders.; :. tfiwa,
of Southbury, march" a .'..ru-. ju the
streets trout the church u.wu to the
grove, and made a tine up; ..mice. The
Drum Corps, though a yean,.: organiza
tion, did well, uud is sa .! be rapidly
improving, and will be, with a little more
practice, all that its trieuds desire, and
we trust a u.-eful corps.
We have said that the pic-nic was a
SUCCeasfinauuialJy, -yet this was not at.
It was a success, also, in a social charac
ter, and reflects credit upon the good or
der and gentlemanly conduct ot all who
participated. We present the names of
the following officers of this Society,
which iu our next issue will appear un
der the head ot Public Institutions :
President, Ktv. Filher James MoCar
tan. Vice President, John Mooney.
Secretary, Thomas Egau. Treasurer,
Patrick Cain.
Worthy cf Imitation,
Last week, while canvassing for sub
scriptions to the Bee, aud takiug notes,
our business led us to the shop of Mr.
Wm. A. Sherman, blacksmith. While
there, Mr. S. commenced the shoeing of
a colt that had never had any shoes upon
its hind leet. Our first impulse was to
get out doors and avay from the heels of
the animal ; but after unserving Ino man
ner in which Mr. S. proceeded, war con
fidence returned, aud we watched witli
wondering interest the, to us, novel, yet
truly seusible mode ot dealing with colts
when being first shod Mr. 8 took hold
ot the colt, aud by gently smoothing him
with his hand, until he became Used to
the touch, he Caught hold of his leg and
raised the foot ; the colt sprang liguily
to oue side, aud endeavored to tree him
self, and being lied could only go iu a
sort of semi circle. This was repeatedly
done, Mr. 8. taking hold of each hiud
loot in turn, and not uttering a word to
the coll, or in any way disturbing him,
save to do as Slated above. After several
trials this way, Mr. 8. drew up his box
of tools, aud put the colt's fool into po
sition, and commenced work without
further trouble. We certainly think that
this kind of treatment is commendable,
aud certainly ol immense value to colls,
aud fully repays the lime spent in leach
ing the Coll submission. Harsh treat
ment should be avoided, and surely it is
worth the trial.
A Post Office Needed.
Passing through Dodgingtown last
Fiiday we called to see Mr. H. D. Shep
ard, who keeps a large s'ock ot groceries,
in a very neat store. While there, we
learned that Mr. Shepaid has for many
years taken charge of the mail belonging
to those in the iieiglilairhotMl, and that
he receives no compensation for his ser
vic s. There is a need of a Post Office
at this point, and we hope that oue may
be created, with Mr. Sbcpard aa P. M.
It ought to be done. -
Socond Anniversary of tin 0. B. J.T.
The " Olive Branch Juvenile Tem
plars celebrated the second anniversary
of the Institution of their Temple with a
very enjoyable plo-ulc, held In the beau
tiful on-hard belonging to Mr. John II
Toiiillnson, of Mile Hill, on Monday af
ternoon, the IStb lint The members of
Alpha Temple, of Sandy Hook, were
present by Invitation, and judging by
appearance the little folks had a deci
dedly good lime.
As Is usually the cae when the tern
perance people attempt anything of this
kind, there was a bountiful supply of
good things to eat, and plenty of iced
lemonade to drink, which was duly ap
preciated by the children after they had
spent two or three hours In singing, play
ing croquet, bise hall, and other game.
After the collation Messrs. E L. John
son C. II. Beers, D. G. fleers, and other
friends of the Order arrived with their
double teams, and gave all the Juveniles
a pleasant ri le lo the Glen.
Ton much prtlse cannot be bestowed
upon the Sup't., Mr. Beers, and others,
for their hupny management of this af
Proposed Excursion.'
The Daily Stantlard says that there is
some talk of an excursion from New
Milford and Danbury, to New London,
and return, via llousatonic ltallroadand
the steamer Laura.
A special train will run from the above
mentioned places, stopping at all sta
tions, giving excuisionlsts a pleasant
sail on the Sound, and returning the
same night The time of this excursion
will be made known as soon as the final
arrangements are made. Our friends of
Newtown and vicinity will bear this in
Pab'.ic Temperance Meeting.
Rev. Otis J. Range, Grand Worthy
Chief Templar of Connecticut, will dc?
liver a temperance ad dress at the Metho
dist Church, in Sandy Hook, on Sunday
evening, July 1st at 7-30 o'clock.
Services in the Episcopal church, for
the Summer, will he changed to evening
commencing July 1st, at 7.30 P. M.
The Bridgeport Quarterly Convention
of Good Templars will meet with Gran
ite Lodge. Monday, Jjtly 21,at 11 o'clock
a. M. All Good Templars are invited to
Dr. Wilcox, of New Haven, lias a
corps of workmen employed, repairing
the house belonging to him, situated near
the residence of Mr. Hezckinh. Peck.
Mr. P. ck has lind a new roof added to
Ids residence in the past week.
Mr. Charles Jonas, merchant tailor, in
order to meet the demands of his increas
ing business, will move from his pre
sent shop tnto the store formerly occu
pied by Beers & Peck, ain street. The
store will be filled up in a few weeks.
Mr C. Dayton, and Mr. Thompson are
preparing to build.
A new blacksmith shop has been built
between the grist mill and nxe-helv fac
lory of Wm. I. Sanford, Esq., and is oc
cupied by Mr D W. Snyder. The bridge
in front of ihe shop and over the mill
ruce will be re laid this week. Mr. Sny
der is doing the work.
Dr. Wm. C. Wile, having discontin
ued his drug store, has refitted the pli-ce,
ard iu future he will occupy it as his
office. The repairing, painting, and pa
per hanging was done by E. W. Wilson,
carpenter, aud Messrs. Smith & Perkins,
Thursday, June 14th, during the pre
valence of the severe storm, three fine,
young cattle, valued at one hundred and
sixty-five dollars, belonging to William
Teriill, Esq., were struck by lightning
and killed. Mr. Terrill did not discover
his loss uutil Saturday. 16lh, when be
found them lying dead beuealh a tree iu
bis ot.
Mr. Henry. H. Fairchild, In Taunton
district, recently built a fine hennery,
and enclosed it with a high slat fence, giv
ing his poultry a good range, at the same
lime protecting them from the easy grusp
of thieves. Mr. lieury Warner, builder,
did the work.
Mr. Wm. Piatt brought into market
last Friday afternoon, the finest lot of
strawberries that we ever saw, and we
heard a gentleman say, (and he is a deal
er and a judge) that they were the larg
est that he had ever seen. Mr. Piatt has
a large market garden, aud is a practical
Our enterprising merchant?, Messrs.
Sanford & Iiawley, keep constantly on
band a large assortment of Groreries.Dry
Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes. Hats,
Drugs and in fact everything that may
be found in a flrst-cla-s store.
Waaely Bros, are crowded with work.
These gentlemen have an upright boiler,
and machinery consisting of saws and
planing lathes, and other conveniences, j
Lait week waa busy one for our far
mer, and the mowing machine could be
beard to every direction. Iiye, corn,
grass, and In fart everything that makes
glad Ihe farmer's heart, and bring the
one thing needful In return, appears to
be in the beat growing condition powi
blo. ,
Measles has played sad hnvoo with the
attendance iu our school. In one, only
seven were In attendance, out of thirty
eight. In another, only lour, out of the
same number of pupil. Mr. L. B.
Cook ha had all of her chlldreu quite
sick with it. The little girls have recov
ered, but the little boys are still very fee
tile. We trust that all the schools will
be belter attended after the holiday.
Mr, L. B. Lake advertises a good sec-oud-haud
buckeye Mower veiy cheap.
Give him a call
Iu Sandy Iiook there Is much activity
in building of cellurs for new houses.
The repairing and adding to of many
houses (he past week, la ao evidence of
prosperity which we note with pleasure.
The residence of Mr. Phllo Nichols, near
the depot, is beb'g greatly eularged ; an
L, two stories high, added, the roof of
the main building, previously flat, has
been raised to a peak. There will be
two bay-windows also. When the whole
is completed Mr, N. will have a very fine
Mr. Douglas Fairchild was busy last
week reuovating, aud otherwise prepar
ing, for toe receptiou of summer guests,
who have made arrangements aith the
popular proprietor for the season, aud
will arrive soon. ,
The Trinity Benevolent Society, of
the Episcopal Church, intended to hold
a festival in Ihe basement of Ihe ciiurcb
Wednesday evening, but as we went to
press the same night we cannot speak of
its success until another issue.
Major Charles T. Greene, when visit
ing Bethel, last Monday, left a package
of delicious Coffee for us at the Bethel
Press office, for which he will please ac
cepi our sincerest thanks.
Mr. Henry Warner, of Taunton dis
trict, injured his band a few days ago,
by having an old wagon tire tall upon it.
The edge of the tire was tagged, and
cut his hand in three places, slightly.
Since then the Botes commenced run
ning, and the back of the baud is very
much swollen.
Smith & Perkins have contracted to
paint the building belonging to Henry
Sanford, Esq , corner of Main and West
streets, aud commenced on Monday. H
promises to be a good job, and will im
prove Ih. looks of the building," as Well
as being au ornament to the town.
The heavy storm of Tuesday night
was very severe. The lightning was
sharp and blinding. We have heard
nothing of damage by lightning, but we
notice that rye in many of the fields has
been beaten down. Hay makers will
have a little more work by having buy
to spread out, but then the rain was
needed, and fanners know how how to
appreciate such blessings.
Our enterprising and gentlemanly bar
ber, Mr. Charles Kinnisland, in addition
to the neat shop under Sanford & Uaw
ley's store, has a shop in Sandy Hook,
which he openB for the accommodation
of bis patrons every Wednesday and Sat
urday afternoons. Mr. Rinnisland has a
card in this is-ue, to which the attention
of Ihe ladies is called.
Union Hall, in which are situated the
offices of Judge of Prolmte and Town
Clerk, is in need of a mason's attention
A portion of the ceiling in both rooms
has lallen down.
The roads we receiving the attention
of the road workers, and where it will
do most good tile will be laid, to carry
off the water.
Mr. Wells, the boot and shoe merchant
in the Hook, was quite sick last week,
with bilious colic, but is getting along
finely now. .
Mr. D. C. Gately and lady, who are ab
sent on a visit to California, will return
home about the 15lh of July. They have
the bejt wishes of their numerous
friends for a pleasant and safe return.
We shall endeavor to note each week
the arrival in town of those seeking the
country air, and slopping at the different
hotels in town. At Dick's hotel we uo
liee that m iny have already arrived. Al
the Ceurui House there are a number al
so. Before this week ends it is predicted
that the city pleasure-seekers will arrive
in greater numbers, and we can but wish
that this may prove true.
Mr. D. M.' Reynolds was engaged in
paiuting the inside of the Central House
last week. This is the kind of weather
that pleases the painters, aud we wish
them all au abundance of work.
The Newtown academy, will be open
for the Fall term, Sept. 1st. Kev. J.iines
P. Hoyt, A. M., Principal. This pleas
atit institution is rapidly gaining' popu
larity, and is pleasantly situated, and we
wish the gentlemauly principal a full
share of the pnblic patronage.
We hud the pleasure of meeting Mr. D.
G. Lawsnn, one day Inst week, aud be In
formed u that he was engaged In eituli
llalilog agencies for a p tlent spring bed,
and lectured only now and then, but will
resume In the Fall. We hope that when
he come thl way again an opportunity
to speak may he offered him. lie la a
speaker of mei It, and la highly pukeuofi
by the pri M.
The Closing Excrckes at Newtow,
Academy, Jar.o 23d, 1377.
It whs our good fortune to be prestf
at the exercises which terminated
summer term, and also the acadc
year, of Newtown Academy, on Salur
last. At Ihe opening, the principal
ted to the audience that he did n it
lieve ! training a school on a o-rn
part for the purpose of making a fine
bibit of attainments and scholarship oi
set occasion, and that the exercises J
examinations which followed would
only fair, average specimens of the dii
recitations of the scholars.
The first in order was an exercise
spelling, which was listened to with In
rest, not umniiigled with some exci
merit, as one after another failed a
took his seat. At length the few etirU
vors went d wn on a rather unusual, J
not especially difficult word, and as 1 1
champion, lit lust defeated, sal down.u
noticed some rather ' quizzical" glanci
exchanged. Next came the English Ian
guage exercise, and most tully d. . Hi
t-cholarg show not alone I heir excellen
thorough, and careful training in Hi
grammar of their own language,
but also Ihe fruits of their individual dil
igence and careful thought. The niorcj
difficult sentences given Hum. were al-j
most instantly analyzed, parsed, and
handled with wondeiful exactness aud
accuracy. The principal lias t-peut much
lime and thought to introduce a valua
ble, and entirely original method of in
struction in English graiiimur into the
school, and has been richly repaid tori
his trouble iu the rapid, concise recita
tions of his pupils.
After this exercise came declamations
and compositions. In this department
the efforts of the graduating, or collegi
ate class, wire missed by all present, bit
the lime of this class had been so fully
occupied iu preparation for ihe coming
examination al Yule that Ihey ww kind
ly excused by ihe piincij al frout taking
part. These young men have our very
best wishes tor success iu study and in
nie. i ue class is suiail lo c mpanson
with the graduating classes ot 'many
larger acaueinies aud institutions o
teaming, it is tiue, but if ihe members of
it go out with principles firmly fixed,
and with the determination lo succeed,
the old Academy shall never have cause
lo feel ashamed ot her sons.
Alter the literary exercises came the
reading of the standing maintained by
the various members of the school during
the term.
The following is the report, as ob
tained from Ihe principal, of Ihe stand
ing sustained by Hie scholars iu the dif
ferent departments:
GuUtijiute Department (1st grade) Geo.
M. Judd; Picdt'rlck Marble ; Clms.il.
Noriliiop; Wilson 11. Pierce; Wm. II.
San tot d.
Acauemic Department (1st and 2J
grages)- Prank j. Gillette; Miss Ida J.
Gillette; Miss Clara Northrop; JlisB
Muiy 11. Sherman ; Frederick Fcriiil.
As a number' of the Primary Depart
ment were absent, and had be. u so tor
some lime past, on account ot sickness,
no grades were meutioued iu that de
partment. After singing the audience
were dismissed. Thus pleasantly ended
the academic year.. The Academy hs
never bceu under such excellent manage
ment as al the present lime. The princi
pal, Kev. J. P. lioyt, is emphatically the
right man iu the riht place ; and by his
earnest, unllinciiiiig faithtuluess, as well
as by bis high ability as au insti uclor,
richly deserves ihe success be has
achieved. Makion.
The case of Jno. F. Nichols, came up
before Justice Gilbert, but as the Slate
failed to prove the sale of intoxicating
liquors, Nichols was discharged. There
were many witnesses ou both sides, and
those present say thai it was interesting.
A barn, the property of David Lyon
Esq., was destroyed last Friday night.
It was in. ur.:d for $200.
Ex-Constable II C. Judd, has had a
suit brought against him by J. J. Myer,
who claims the loss of a certain bill that
he would have recovered against a party
in town, but for the neglect of Mr. Judd
in executing the 'writ of attachment.
The case came up before Justice Geo.
W. Taylor, but owing lo the sickuess of

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