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Loui Notice.
Brook's Road Scraper, the original wheel
ed scraper, and the ftbst still, in spite of im
itations, is advertised in another column.
D. Burns, Springfield, is selling out the
largest stock of furniture in that city at man
ufacturing prices to close out. You can get
a great bargain there till April 20th, as he is
in earnest to sell out.
Call at A. W. Walker & Co., and examine
their stock of Spring Hosiery. Over 100 doz
en received witnm tne past weeK. Also a
lot of good spring prints at 6 cts. yard.
Agent Joseph Jepson of the Southern
N. E: Telephone Co., is in town, looking
after the interests of the company, and as
a result several new instruments will be
put in. The line from this place to Mon-
son is under construction and will soon be
opened, giving more direct commumca
tion with Palmer, Springfield, Worcester,
Otis Fay had the misfortune to lose a
valuable cow last week.
Schools in this village begin on Mon
day next, with same teachers as last term
' Janauschek is to be at Loomer Opera
House, "Willimaatic, next Monday even
insr. in "Mother and Son," and many
anxious to see the great tragedienne desire
to have a train run down from Calmer to!
their accommodation. It will no doubt be
done if a sufficient number make known
their desire to attend, as they probably
New telephones have this week bee.
put in the stores of J. M. Chaffee & Son a!
Staffordville, and Anthony Adama in thi
Dr. J. S. Clark now has his residevtc
at F. N. Crane's on East Main-st., and ha
telephone at residence and also at his officii
in Rockwell's block.
Monroe Wardwell, of the north part
of the town, fell upon a circular saw Oi
Tuesday, and was very badly cut, the saw
going into the -knee joint. Dr. J. S.
Clark dressed the wound, assisted by Dr.
' W. K Clark and Dr. David.
Persons desiring sittings at Grace
church for the coming year can select from
the diagram to be fouad at J. F. Chamber
Ira's store. It is desired that so far as pos
sible people will objtain their pews before
Saturday night, that the new plan may bt
arranged. .
Episcopal services at Buff Cap school
house next Sunday afternoon at 3:30.
Preston's auction rooms are removed
to Eaton's block.
A revision of the telephone tariff now
gives privilege of talking to Springfield for
25 cents, former price 30 cents.
"Yeller" is the favorite color of the
season in dry goods.
"J. W. Horsey," the trotter, has beer
taken to Springfield, after having been it
the care and training of Gary Bros, foi
over a year past. The Republican says
that "the horse was never in better condi
tion, and shows even a stronger gait than
last summer."
Monthly meeting of the Stafford Fire
Department next Monday evening.
Rev. D. L. Sanford's removal from
this village to his new field at Thomas tou
has been retarded by two antipodal
events, the advent of a daughter in his
family and the illness and death of his
father, both occurring at Thompsonville.
His father, Rev. Dr. David P. Sanford.
for niae years rector of St. Andrew's
church at Thompsonville, died on Tuesday
morning of this week, aged 64. Dr. San
ford had not been strong for several years,
but his labors at Thompsonville have beers
energetic and successful. He was ckaplaL.
of the 20th Connecticut volunteers.
Selectman Dennis has been sick the
past week, and in consequence the regular
selectmens' meeting was not held last Mon
day, but will be held next Monday.
At the annual meeting of the ladies'
benevolent society of the M. E. church,
held on the 28th ult., Mrs. R. Patten was
chosen president for the ensuing year ;
Mrs. Julius Converse, vice-president ; Mrs.
Geo. King, secretary and treasurer ; Miss
Auner Converse, solicitor; Miss Genie
Converse, collector ; Mrs. A. Coleman,
Mrs. A. "Whiton, Mrs. A. Nichols, man
agers ; and Mrs. R. Patten, Mrs. O. Con
verse, parsonage committee.
Dr. H. P. Allen, formerly of this
place, has removed from New York to
Columbus, Ohio. He has for most of the
time 8iace his graduation devoted himself
to diseases of the eye, ear, and throat, and
already attained a celebrity in this special
ty. The Congregational church members
at the close of the service last Sunday even
ing took a vote expressive of choice for a
permanent supply for the pulpit, Rev. J.
. P. Hawley of Westerly, R. I., being the
ohoice of a considerable majority on the
first ballot, and of nearly all on the second.
"Esmeralda, last week, fairly took the
place "by storm," going beyond all expec
tation and sending two large audiences out
of Central Hall enthusiastic in praise of it.
It is surprising to know that the play was
arranged in detail, stage effects, drilling of
participants, etc., entirely among partic
ipants, without outside help. There were
three stage scenes, the old North Carolina
home of the Rogers s, the studio of the
Desmond's, and the saloon of the Rogers',
the two last being located in Paris, and
the transformation of eaoh was complete,
not a single article of stage furniture ap
pearing in any two scenes. The parlor
scene was particularly elegant, considering
the cramped stage room, the illusion of a
v brilliant parlor opening into a spacious
ball room being complete. But the suc
cess of the agoesaories -was but aside effect,
the acting was the main source of the suc
cess. Dr. F. L. Smith, as the . old mao
Rogers, completely hid his own identity,
and became to the simple, honest.old man,
attached to "North Carliny .ways" and ill
at ease among the rigid surroundings of
the fashionable life into which "mother"
. dragged him after the little farm had been
supposed to suddenly enrich them by its
development of traces of ore. "Mother,
(Genie H. Converse) high spirited, as be-
pame one who had in early life been school
mam at I4z'bethville, ambitious to have
her daughter, Esmeralda (Gertie E. Cham-
berlin) look merrier than to a union with
Dave Hardy (John M. Leach) from begin-
njng to end acted to perfection the pharac
acter of the ambitious shrew. - F. W. Pat
ten, to whom the credit of management is
chiefly given, ought to have mention near
the head of its list of actors, in the charac
ter of Esterbrook, but we cannot speak of
each in detail. Chas. W. Beckwith was
Jack Desmond, and K. E. Foster and
Alice M. Chamberlin respectively, Nora
and Kate Desmond. F. W. Preston was
grew? the speculator, and C. N. Eager the
j&arqujsV TPhe pathetig scenes ee admi
rably given; faUing to" "the roles of Dave
Hardy, Esmeralda, and "old man" Rogers.
Nora Desmond's aoting, good all through,
was particularly fine in telling to Dave
Hardy the story the letter brought, end
mg with the reiteration of "and Esmer
alda loves yoxl" It will be a pity if the
play, so well committed and so artistically
given, be not presented by this company
gn a larger an better adapted stage. Al
fa4y they have, urgent" nvjtations to give
jt at Soth Manchester and at Monson.
We do not learn tibat they think favorably
of so serious an undertaking as to go
abroad with it, but enoouragement is given
tuav uiey may uy-aao-uy repeotuat home.
f Re v. J. H . Goodell has somewhat im
proved since last week although he is still
very, sick. After an abscess, which had
formed, had been lanced he became some
what easier and has rained some. It will
be a long time, however, before he will be
able to again resume his duties as pastor
of the Congregational church. Windsor
Locks Journal. . - ..-
Asher Knowlton is quite sick.
The schools will commence the spring
term, of eleven week s duration, Monday
Aoril 16th. with the following teachers
Mrs. Sarah J. Booth, grammar depart-
meat ; Miss J. Eliza Chattee, intermediate
Mrs. Abbie S. Fisk, primary.
Th trustee's sale of the E. A. Con
verse & Co. mill at Staffordville, by auc
tion next Tuesday, at 11 a. m., will nat
urally attract many looking for desirable
'aill property, and the community is much
iutarested iu knowing into whose hand
the nrnnartv ia to era. If the veople of
Stafford could give vo c i to a preference,
t 1 - ; -
if. would be to have the mill in some way
"ttmain ia the hands of Mr. Converse,
whose -business misfortunes excite their
sympathy, and in whose integrity they
have the fullest confidence.
' The annual meeting of the Universa
ist society will be held at the church ves
try at 2 p. m., on Saturday.
Henry Whiton, who has for over forty
years been a constant resident of West
Stafford, has this month with his lamiiy
removed to Sprmgrheld. where he will taite
charge of the Davis Level and Tool Co's.
works, which establishment, located at 30
raylor-st., is devoted to the making o:
hardware aad tools, such as iron levels,
breaBt drills," bit stocks, etc. Mr. White
is under contract to do all the work of the
company, furnishing the help, (at present
about ten hands,) delivering finished work
at a fixed price per piece, the company
furnishing room, power, stock and tools.
-For a quiet hill-town like Willington,
irith its somewhat circumscribed field ol
action, aad the rather uneventful lives or
its citizens, for the most part, it has a;
present quite a large corps of newspapei
itemizers. If good people from out of the
country, or elsewhere, can be attracted tt
iettle m Willington through the publicity
of events happening here, these laborb
will not be in vain.
The Press must have -& few subscrib-
3rs ia distaat parts of the country. Re
cently one of its local advertisements wah
answered by a party in Michigan.
The statistical table of the Ashford
Baptist Association for 1882 gives a mem
bership of 2,192 for its 16 churches. Tht
church here numbered 143. The church
in Willimantic is the largest in the associa
tion, numbering 412. The church edificeb
there and in Putnam are each valued at
Joseph Tennant has leased the Wiilard
farm, Moose Meadow.
Many people hereabouts are afflicted
with hard colds.
Mrs. McCarty's little daughter is or
from Chelsea, Mass., visiting her mother,
at E. Morrison's.
Mrs. Newman S. Marcy was accompa
lied to the asylum, Middletown, on Satur
day last by her daughter, Mrs. Mary Snow,
and A. J. Potter.
The highway surveyor for the Hill
district this year is Dea. William Eldridge.
Herbert G. Preston was in town last
-Mrs. Tuohey, who was sent by tht
town to the Middletown asylum not lon
since, died there some two weeks ago.
She was buried in Stafford at the expense
of a daughter of Jas. Cooney.
-Xittle, if any, maple sugar is madt
hereabouts this season. That article it
now selling for 30 cts. per pound in Spring
-"Faith" is the subject for the union
prayer meeting at the Congregat'l church
vestry next Sunday evening.
-Mrs. C. Dunham Rider, soon after en
tering the B. & A. 1 p. m. train for Palm
er, Tuesday, discovered that she had losl
her pocketbook. The work of a pickpock
et, probably.
-The last reading circle for this seasor
was held at W. H. Holt's Tuesday evening.
Parties from here who attended tht
fellowship meeting at the Baptist church
Spring Hill, yesterday, report an unusual
ly large and profitable gathering. Rev.
Messrs. Chaplain, Kolman, Williams, Mor
ris, and others spoke. A good dinner wa.
served to visitors, in the town hall. Ai
the p. m. services the ohuroh was packed.
Courant : Mrs. Harriet Pease, wh
died at Somers, Friday, at the advanced
age of 90, had been remarkable for the ac
tivity which characterized her later years.
She was a woman of strong bodily and
mental make up, and retained good healtL
and vigor to a degree very remarkable foi
one of her years. She had taken pride i.
taking charge of the dairy on her son k
farm during the past winter, and had at
tended church and taken part in the sociai
life of the town up to her prostration a
few qays before her death with pneumonia.
The children and grandchildren of Dr.
E. E. Hamilton celebrated the 76th anni
versary of his birthday at the old home on
the 28th inst.
Capt. T.T). Johnson of Monson.Mass..
has hired Warren Kibbe's cottage for the
ensuing year.
Iu the death of Mrs. Emery Pease.
Somers has lost one. of those rare persons
who seem to have quaffed from the "foun
tain of perpetual youth," She died oi
pneumonia on the 2?th,baving nearly com
pleted her 90th year ; and being the oldest
person in town. She was the mother of
Hon. Leverett E. Pease, who at this writ
ing lies sick with the same disease, and in
a critical condition. ., -:m
We hear of a calla, owned by Mrs.
Samuel P. Hubbard, that in defiance of
weather, is doing marvels in the way of
buds and blossoms.
The skating rink closed the season on
the eve of the 29th with a conoert of vocal
and instrumental music, at -which Mr. F.
Brown of Hampden gave some fine cornet
selections, and Miss Emma Pease and Miss
L. S. Kibbe contributed songg,all of which
were enjoyed by a large audience.
" Rev. C. H. Gleason will supply the
pulpit at Somersville, recently vacated by
the resignation of Mr. Ayer, as their ser
vice is held in the morning, and his own
church has service in the afternoon. .
Miss Lee's seleet school is supplying
a long felt want in Somerfy and our people
feel bound to its support by instincts of
self-preservation. It la believed that Som
ers is coming to appreciate better the val
ue and need of young blood, and that she
will cooperate in the education and amuse
ment of her young people at home.
Mr. Orin T Burden spent Easter gun
day with friends in New Britajn,ahd. speaks
highly of tine, Bpeial' services rathe Various
churches on that occasion. ' ;
As sprjng opens the demand for ten
ements eem,! "'fo fce unprec'dntei, and
many changes are expected. Already our
street-has the appearance of old time New
tYoads on Modaft
A. S. PIbkeb, Local Editor and Business Agent. To
whom subscriptions and communication for tbe
aEqisteb snouia oe tiuureBBea.
If ability to impart musical knowledge
is a euase of one s ntness ior tne piace,
then W. O. Turner is the right man in the
riehfr place.
Rev. W. W. Ellis goes to conference
this week.
Mrs. D. F. Lathrop is again in town.
It is reported that Wm. C. Latimer
has purchased, the Ed. arker house.
Removals Geo. W. Glynn, the un
dertaker. to the lower village ; Mrs. Em
ma Grant to the Bovnton vellow house :
Mrs. Mary McCanh to her own place near
the old Catholic church ; cjuiien .rotter to
the foot of Monument Boll ; Mr, H. Wat
ers near the brick school house ; Mr.
Dodge, the meat peddler, to Mrs. R. B.
School in dist. 3 commenced Monday,
Mr. Isham. teacher.
H. L. Jeffrey's recommends the plant
ing of basswood slips on Arbor clay, say
i lg that they grow as easily as willow, and
will furnish food for bees.
Not long since a gentleman sent twelve
cents in postage stamps to James J. H.
Gregory, Marblehead, Mass., for their trial
packet of seeds, 12 kinds and one of the
packets was sent sealed without enclosing
a single seed. The package was returne 1
uaopened, aad by return mail came a full
packet of seed.
Mrs. John B. Cannon has a pelargo
aium, the blossom clusters of which are so
large as to be mistaken for the oleander.
Mrs. Sarah Spaulding, who has been
absent all winter, is again at home.
Eaeas could have located the oity,
Alba Longa, somewhere in dist. 2 if living
ia these days, providing Helenus gave him
the same directions now as then as regards
the place of location.
Some inlaid tables made by Mr. Rich
ard Hall are attracting considerable atten
tion. He does first class work every time.
D. A. French has sold his house to
Mrs. Eliza Loomis and her sister, Miss
Mary K. Hutchinson. Mr, French has
snoved into Dr. Bennett's house.
Mr. Bartlett of Manchester, son-in-law
f Mr. Risley. moves into the tenement in
Ir. Risley's house vacated by Mrs. Loom-
is and her sister.
Alice A. Kingsbury is engaged to teach
he spring term of school in the north dis
trict, Nellie Bass in the west, Alice A.
f urpie of Mass. the south. Ruth Brown
he north east, and Alfred W. Forbes the
There is a great deal of sickness in the
place, resulting from colds or a distemper
that is very prevalent.
See Collector Kinney's notice.
Rev. Mr. Betts and wife have gone to
conference, and there will be no service at
the M. E. church next Sabbath.
Died in Eastford. March 29th. very
suddenly of billious typhoid fever, Marvin
Howard. Mr. . was 57 years old. and
was for many years a resident of this town.
some two years ago he removed with his
amily to Eastford, his native town. He
vas an esteemed member of the M. E.
uhurch at Mashapaug. Firm in what he
bought was right, he was a useful man in
he church and the community. Though
modest and retiring in his nature, he was
ever ready for every good word and work,
and although teeble for many years his
beart was in the work. He leaves a devot
3d wife and two sons to mourn his great
loss. His funeral was attended March 31. i
from his late residence, the discourse
being delivered by Rev. -Mr. Bessey of
diastiora. l ae remains were brought to
this place for burial.
The sugar season has at last arrived.
and a good flow of sap is expected.
Mr. A. A. Wales is confined to the
house by a severe cold.
Chelsea Young and Orrin W. Smith
lid some good fishing on lake Mashapaug
Dne dav this wefilr. fh mnl innlnrHno- tn
bass averaging 2 pounds each, twenty-five
i i j i i " i
jiuii-tsxeji, auu a large numDer oi percn.
Thev recort the ice as bfiinc two feef in
thickness, over the entire pond.
Wesley Winch, son of John W, Winch
f Mashapaug, recently met with quite an
ujcident, being hit by a flying knot thrown
Tom a circular saw, while at work in a mill
it that plac3. He was immediately con
veved to the office of Dr. OrmtihAA -f t.Viin
place, where his wound was dressed.
Mrs. Snauldinff of Fastfnrd xvhn Aia-
located her wrist some time since, and was
reatea oy ux. urmsbee, has recovered.
The Rock manufacturing company are
arranging to increase their business. The
mill is to be enlarged, and twenty new
looms have been ordered, with more to fol
low, as soon as room can be made for them.
Willimantic Chronicle: The elegant
prize pitcher offered last year by Apothe
caries Hall to the base ball club in Wind
iiam or Tolland county which holds the
championship for two successive seasons is
again displayed in thejr show window. It
is a very handsome affair valued at $50,
and should be a incentive for the clubs in
these regions to a friendly contest for its
possession. The organization of a strong
club here last week makes this of special
interest just now. The newspapers pub
lished in Rockville, Stafford Springs, Put
iam and DanjelsonyojUj wdll please their
base ball readers bv calling attention to
the matter.
-. . .. , . .
Eight ladies received, the degree of M.
D. at the annual commencement . of the
New York Medical College and Hospital
for Women. , ;
There are over 10,000 places, licensed and
unlicensed, in the city of New York whejre
liquor is sojjdj . -
Queen -Victoria's health is worse, and
Emperor Wihiam's health is improving.
Mr. and Mrs. David Davis are home from
their wedding tour and inTitajjqns a,e, ejtf for
a SHHwug m-. Hm nqwever-, are not
much needed- this time of the hear, and mnst
likely thin is "only a blind, Mrs. Davis' oblect
"cmg vu gov ouuugu uexp w uiiuu a paivn ior
David's browsers.
Le Charivari, like the senate, has its little
project for discouraging dueling and has
formulated it in a law, the first sectiq of
which reads as foy.qw8i . gfery habitual
duelist shall fe confined in a solitary cell,
with'a parrot hung Qu'tjpda fa e&U him '"-Caw-ard
! cqw-tird lU fill he gets used q .
' " . --t.. .. .... .
A busy dootor sent in a certificate of death
the other day, and accidentally signed his
name in the space for "Cause of death." The
registrar says he wishes the profession Would
be as accurate generally. .
"Board wanted" as
lady, said
Xm m the side-
malari and Fever Md Ague.
McLatlCrhlin's Aune Pilln h tnr kaon
in nee in the Malaria-infected dtetrlcteoJ'Naw Jersey
ftfid HuQn ' If usiS aooopding to direc-
the Stafford Springs druggists, or by sending price
($1) will be. mailed, postpaid, by the proprietor, A. J.
MCLAUGHLIN, Keyport, New Jersey. Good Itn
Monson. '. . , r
Town officers chosen on Monday :
Clerk, u. M. uage; selectmen, Horace
Squiers, G. L..Topliff, F. H. King; treas
urer, iu. l). (jushman ; assessors, Omar
Pease, Horace D. Moulton, Henry E. New
Appropriations : Schools, $5,500 ;
highways and bridges, SJ.&OU : library.
$300 ; enforcement of liquor, law, $200 ;
soldiers monument funo, $200 ; new road.
$1,500 ; contingent expenses, $3,800.
Monson voted "no license," 221 to
101. '
Monson accepted from R. M. Rey
nolds a site for a new town hall and ap
propriated $20,000 for the building. J. L.
Reynolds and R. M. & F. Reynolds each
gave $5000 toward the hall.
The Monson TJniversalists have called
Rev. Albert Hammatt to minister to them.
and he is considering between their call
and one from South Framingham. -
O. W. ? Holmes. Jr. and f amilv are
about to start on a journey through the
west, and to the Jfaciho coast. .
Wales, died Sunday evening aged 70, after
a very severe illness of four . months, with
VidnAv rHupn.qo 1 He has manV times Hervfid
as selectman and assessor of the town and
waa much respected. ;
Annual Hampden town meeting on
Monday : Selectmen and overseers, D.
Beebe, A. Beebe, W. R. Sessions ; O. L,
Davis. M. Pease, JM. Uasey : school com
mittee for three years, A. B. Newell : col
lector, A. J. Tuttle. Appropriations :
Schools, $1,400 ; paupers, $900 ; high-
waysfc.$700 : permanent repairs on high
ways, $560: contingent,$600 ; enforcement
of liquor law, $100. No license was voted,
2 to 1. ' - - '
Holland, Mass. Town officers : Clerk
and treasurer, F.r E. Kinney ; selectmen
and overseers, Frank Wight, William Jj.
Webber, K. A. Blodgett ; assessors, Or. Jj.
Webber, F. --B. Blodget; Henry Vinton ;
school committee, F. B. Blodget ; collect
or, William L. Webber.
Clearwater, Minn., March 28, 1883.
To give your readers some idea of the
emigration into Dakota this season I will
quote a few items from the latest issues of
the Sleepy Eye Herald. Here is an item
in the issue for March 10th :
"At least eight hundred passengers pass
ed this station going west on Thursday.
Two trains were filled to their utmost ca
pacity, many ladies being obliged to stand
in the aisle."
From the issue for March 17th :
"The nisrht passenger train coiner west
has been from two to five hours kite nearly
every night, owing to heavy loads. Every
train has six or seven coaches and baggage
and express cars."
From the issue of March 24th, which I
have just received, are these items :
"Winona Republican, March 19th : One
thousand cars loaded with emigrants, stock
and emigrants' movables, were moving
west toward Central Dakota on the Winona
and St. Peter railroad this morning."
"One hundred and twenty-five car loads
of stock and emigrants' movables passed
this station every day during the past
week, all bound tor JJakota and western
Minnesota. This number is all the road
can handle with the present facilities."
"Eight new engines have been placed on
the Winona and St. Peter road recently,
for use during the present busy season.
The engines belong to the Omaha line, and
are only loaned to this line. They are
strong and powerfully built, and are able
to haul a larger train than any of the other
engines." .
From accounts given it appears that it is
an intelligent and enterprising class, most
ly Americans, from the older states who are
in this stream of human life which is flow
ing into Dakota. Dakota is sure to be a
great state, or rather it is sure to become
two great states, and it will not be long
before it either. The northern as well as
the southern part of the territory is rapidly
filling up.
Commenting on the items quoted above.
the editor of the Herald says :
"Now when the cmiorraTtt. '
kotah the question is, where is he to get shel
ter and supplies, seed, grain, lumber, and
feed for his stock ? There are orders with
dealers at Winona for at least a thousand car
loads of lumber which nnnnnf tut aonf. nnf.il
the emigrant rash is over. , It is pretty safe
mj ueueve wai ireignts win De very slow this
spring, ior tne emigrants have only com
menced to move west."
"The natural result of this condition of af
fairs will be that the settler on arriving at his
destination will be - dnmrjad
claim' with' n6t a tree within two hundred
miles of hhn, without lumber for his shanty
and without ffwrl fnr Vif a
be so bad if the time was May or June ; but
witn sucn aays as they experienced in the
earlier part of this week the introduction to
Dakota life must have made tham a liff.la
homesick." ..
The local paoers' contain msnv afA Inni'
dents, of serious aooidenta to emigrants in
this rush, but we have no room : for them
I - ITf 1 4 .
nere. women ana cnuaren should not be
taken, as a o-Armro.l rain intst
. 9 O -ww mm TV p UVU
tier country too early in the spring, or too
late in the fall.
Our serine comes on slowlv Thane ia
still much snow qu the ground, "We have
naq. no jams, yet, ana every indication is
that it will be show acain hAfnm niin "EV.
the present seeding is out of the calcula-
4-f rw
The cattle market has not been brisk,
and but verv few head havn hoon nnll sl-
long as beef can be sent in from the far
A j il iii m - ... .
west, irozen, tne catue nere will not be in
great demand. But the mnrW ia
high pnees are expected to rule. '
Detroit Free Press : "It is said that much
of the recent prosperity in the south is due
to the slip-shod manner in" which ftU northern
drummers play poker,
Real Estate. ForSale orRent
post-office and depot ; S minute's walk from church.
PAntfttna OK lM itn .
plenty fruit good house and barn, also blacksmith
tthnn O Aral nlnaa atnwxA rx VA anM rntU -
House, barn and three acres of
t. land nle
easantlT gitnated in tbe Borouirh. in u-ood
repair and nearly new. The above named trmwrtv
WW he rented together or geparately. Inquire of
Mrs. Chaunoy Smith,' Rockville, or A. Coleman,
Stafford Springg, (near the premises). . .
FAB VI FOB SALE Oontainiug 10 Aore.
with good House and Barn, near Moose Mea
dow. Wfllineton, on main road leading from Stafford
Spring to Westford. Frnit trees, good Wftter, cnta
hay sufficient for horse and cow,
Stafford Springs, J. 6 1 PBANK OECTJTT. ,
TO KENT Mrs B W Patten's Houk6ol
Edfrewood. partially furnished if so desired. Ap
ply to office of warren woolen Co.
U Sale, Inquire of -E. BENTON -
ANTED To exchange a Rood Hobm-
ln KocKTlile- for bouse in Manord uprtng.
Inquire ef
. Thm Harpers offer an award of $3,000
for the best original drawing to illustrate
Alfred ' Domett's "Christmas Hymn.'
The artists must not be over 25 Tears eld.
and the successful competitor will be ex
pected to use the money .for the prosecu
tion of art study in one or more of th
best American schools, including also a
sojourn abroad of at least six months for
the stadv of the old masters. The draw
ing will be published in Harper's Maga
zine for December, 1893. Mr. K. Swain
Gifford,Mr. F.D.Millett, and Mr. Charles
Parsons will act as judges of the compe
tition. The drawings aro to be sent to
tun Harpers not later than August 1st,
lets. v?
fl AROEN SEEDS-all kinds, In
X bulk at E. A. BUCK Sc CO.
pASTOR OIL 91.50 Per GalM
V , At Ut At BUCK OC fJO.
THE BEST Wardsworth, Mart
PAINT ntc is. A- buck & nn.
OIK OH REWARD.-A small Beagle
ed from mv rtrmi o.ia Thnvulaw otuk .
one returning the same will receive the above reward.
etc. Fnll lnetructions given. Inexperienced men
imuj icaiu bun uuBiucBB, aainrr Bua jisi
penwu paid. Address H. J. BO WD EN & CO..
Brighton, lv. Y., (1 mile east of Rochester).
. We yet need a few more reliable men to sell our
Nursery Stock. Any man of pluck, energy and per
severance can succeed without previous experience.
Situations permanexe.and pay large. Particulars free
on application. - Address, stating age, and enclos
ing stamp, R. . CHASE CO,,
(The lluue Konerle;, Oicnsva, N. Y.
"VSJAN TED Mechanics, in shops, fao-
" , .b. iuiucb, auu iu nil traus. : tne
T m Knr- Wrkvlfl tall urliaa .an i jt 1 ' .
and all the news ; shows how banks and corporations
wth nVK V. n 1 . . . .
uuvi , uuw inmi.ureB ana politicians are
controlled by capitalists ; how public lands are stolen
tract labor, and all forms of oppression ; It contains
reading for old and young ; established 4 years ; 6
WM1lB tNMt OUn-1 ,,a Ananta 1- . 111 1
t tAuw u pnj tut uiiiiiutr. auu
will PH(? tha T.flW HT.i-lil a .
siee of New York Herald. Address,
LABOR WORLD, Philadelphia, Pa.
2 Park-st, , Springfield, Mass.
All Graden-Lowett Prices.
Large stock of Second-hand Carriages. 6ap6m
7 and 8 Per Cent.
Three to Five Years to Run.
Before yoa Invest, oall and examine them.
Alvaraflo Howarfl,
At Savings Bank of Stafford
The Grocer,
" ' ' 1 ' ''' ' f ' ' " ' -,;
13 STILL LIVING! Ana his fadlitles for
doing business were never better than this
spring. His stock is hi good shape ; every
thing Clean and Fresh, aad no old goods to .
work off. , He has a few things which are
Among them a quantity of
Nice rUKE TAPIOCi at Sc. I t.
reenlarprice 16c; .- . i - v
Nice PRVNE8, enlf IOC,' the best thing
sold for some time. ' " - 1 i "
Cibbr & MNeilS) CORNED JBEEF3lb
ca-na.only 3Sc, acan
PORK HAmsris;tkt down low. -Firtlas
warranted , "" -
. In fact, it is nseless to enumerate, as it is well
known that he carries the I
Freshest and Best Grocery Mlii Town.
He has the ezclnsive'sale of that New LenduB
BREAD for this section, the best bread sold, SS
aH that have tried it can testify. , - - ' r.
A T a Court of ProbAte tiolden at Somen,'
ZX In and for the district of Somers, on the 88th day
of March, A. ., 1883. -J
: Present, SOLOMON-FULLER, Judge. v
On motion' of Levi Dart, administrator on the es
tate of LoviUoL. Dart, late of Somers, within said
district d-CCC&Botl w "m'"'
This court doth decree that six months be -allowed
and limited fqr the creditors of said estate to exhibit
their claims against the same to the administrator,
and directs that public notice be given of this order
by advertising in a newspaper published in Stafford,
and by postiug a copy thereof on the public sign-post
in said town of Somers, nearest tne place where
the deceased last dwelt. Certified from Record,
. 8m2w : ., - , SOLOMON FULLER, Judge. :
Now is the time to Buy you a
Slia.ll close tbe remainder of my Men'a
Touths'aud Boys' Overcoats at
Less than the Cost of
Look at some
Former Price $18.00,
"While they Last. Goods War
ranted as Represented, ox the
Money Refunded.
f A A T IT.
,M88 i m i p
ntirelv new, and is absolutely without a rival. Nothing has ever bees, sees ia
this plaoe that will compare with it for quality and finish. It combines all the
latest improvements, and has several useful devioes mot found in any other Range.
The "Bay State" bids fair to supersede all other Ranges bow in the market. It
has the largest oven, smoothest castings, and is the quickest baker on record. The
price ia fixed low, more in fact in accordance with the times than with the gen.
eral appearance and quality of the Range. We will be pleased to set np one of
these Ranges for you on trial, taking all the risk ourselves, aad guaranteeing per
f eot satisfaction. It is for the interest of all housekeepers to sail aad examine tata
marvel of ingenuity.
Our. line of Ranges include the MEW BUB, NSW BARSTOW, and a dosea
other different patterns, suitable to needs and means of all, aad prioea as low as the
lowest guaranteed. Oall and examine for yourselves, get prioes, aad be oon visaed.
OlfcOOKJSXfcY and j
Our shelves are full of Plain and Decorated Tea and Dinner Sets of Ike beat
goods and latest' patterns.
The largest lot ever received in Staff ord'at one shipment Baying ia Urge quanti
ties direot from the importers, our arrangements and advantages received la price
are aaeh that we defy competition in prioes. : We would say to all those who con
template the purchase of Crockery this spring that we will guarantee (hem a sav
ing of 25 per oent. in prices. Call and examine oar immense stock aad note prices
before purchasing elsewhere. 1 '
' Our line of Glass-Ware is more complete than ever. We have received a variety
of New Patterns in Sets, Goblets, Fruit Bowls, Ac Lamp Goods Library Bang,
ing Lamps, Table aad Band Lamps, Brackets aad Lamp Trimmings of al) kinds.
We always carry in stock a good line of Soger Brothers' Triple-Plated Goods at,
very low prices.
Tabl Cutlery, Granite Iron Ware, Nlekle-Plated
Tea Pots, Britannia Ware, Bird Cases, Fine
Dusters, Clothes Wringers, Bench Wringers, -Tin,
Stone and Wooden-Ware Flower Pots, &o.
JOBBING, done at short notice. Regretfully,
J. J. GALLM & CO., :
O O 5
ft ?
Manufacturing the
. i
of Our Prices :
shall close at 813.50
m w ruux
jTb k a a
RRR A A H & If O
It O C K. E JEM. Y.
i(i mn

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