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, V,
T II E I L LI NO IS Fit EE TR A 1) Ell .
" wit iTic ii tTFOlUI. I
Opposition to a Xitimml llmk, as fraught with
....;-r u , J'"i" ... trrent and
tin tif (lie penpte, from -.--
fontlliuii nnwer uvcr the general currency and
business, f the cou'iiry. U... --n,,m
ami unsafe in practice, and wpimng a nuhcalU
tT'!,'crnmcit from tdl Bunking listitutians,
nittittuc" u,"""j i v -
... f I . I w TSnrnMMiiritnirnt ft. till
i a ...-,ittp Tit iht nrPxPi'Mtmn n imr I
,,... iiwi principle, with the
Wi7y w disposition at tdl lima to redeem I
their bill Mfpwl ana tiurr, una anr x press pnt-y-
,;;, in nit Hank Chiuiers, requiring ample .n
security to be giccn to the State for the redewp-
tinnvf their initetm specie an demand, and the
verpcluul suhjecttun of all acta of incorporation
. 1...
to the control if the Legislature.'
. I" Oil f 'II TT I
Agent for the Illinois Free Tradrr.
Thfi following gentlemen arc authorized to not
as agents of this paper, viz :
M. Mott, l r La county, III.
F. M DiiHHiii, 5
D. 8. Ehkbsol. mail contractor.
C. (1. Milieu. Dayton.
A. O. Smith, Smith' Mill
Jasos (Schley, Troy Orovc.
I.. W. Dimmock, VcrmilioiiviUc.
HCN n v Piiii iir-s, Munson, (Indian creek.)
C. W. Hetnoi.is, P. M. Pontine.
IUe Mono at, Morgan's Mill.
James (' (,'i.app, Bristol, Kiinn Co. 111.
William Kinkv, near Vim Hurcii.
William K. nit-v, Simlmry, Illinois.
IIbsbv Hicks Hieks mill, Dc Kalh Co. Ill,
(j-jPost Masters, ami other inli ulunl.-s rei
iliiit; in I.n Salle nml the ailjoining counties, who
are willing to act ns iikciiIs in their res(ieelive
,i..;.'M.orhoocls. will please make the Mine known
to ns, by mail or otherwise.
To the Democratic Voters of La Salle,
Kane and 7)e Kalh counties.
We are upon the eve of an election in
this state, of the greatest importance to
the continued success of those principles,
that were advocated by the, immort;d Jef
ferson, and that are indelibly recorded on
the cornerstone of the Temple of Amer
ican freedom and independence.
We form but a small portion of the po
litical strength of the state of Illinois, and
a still smaller portion of that of the Un
ion; but wc should re (led before wc net
that the great Democratic, strength of this
nation, owes its success on all occasions
io the union of its elementary parts
Vith rxiON as Hie watchword, sucu is i
i i
the character of the mass of our citizens,
that Democracy, can never be defeated
It is not intended in this brief address,
to dwell upon the long established and e-
tcrnal principles of Democracy. They
are understood by Democratic Freemen,
and we kiuw, that at this time, when des
pcrato excitement actuates our opponents,
und their retiso.i is drowned in Jf'trd C'i-
drr hurras, wc heed net atle'mnt their con-
Wo wriiild remind cm that the Demo-1
t ....... .
crane majority in inn wmi m, ; -
aro, was about eleven hundred ; and that
the Whigs of La Salle County, one year
Vo, had 80 little hope of sucres-, that
' ,
they did lilt run candidates lor county of-
Jict'rs. It is as well known that a Demo-
e.ralic convention assembled at O'.Uiwa
this soring.
, . i i , i,
and nominated Abiam b.l
Dodge, a gentleman worthy in all respects
of your support, as their candidate for the
House of Representatives; and that a
large anil rcspeciaiue iiuiiiociain; nin un;
, ii.. i
in Kane has confinned that nomination ;
and also, that a JVhig convention has like
wise assembled and nominated L. W .
Imk as the Jlliig candidate, altbotigh
his circular to the Independent Voters,
eye," might lead you to think, from its
duplicity, that he would sustain the prin
ciples of bolli parties. J(
This Whig candidate' hwa been nomi
nated against the known Democratic
" .
, , , i , , - , it .i .i
strength ef Ibis District.
now (lieu uu
the Whigs expect to succeed ? Only by
the mis-statements, chicanery and false
assertions which they have commenced to
promulgate, and intrnd to continue until
the very day of the election
It is unnecessary to refer to the many
Colia hand-bill stories that they report
U . 1
and propose to publish. Sufiiec it to say,
that they will use the most desperate
means, that money and handbills ih a -
Jidavils and certificates can afford
The certificate and hand-bill parly
should be but another name for Hard Ci
dtr Federal JVhigs. Their candidates
and cause have been condemned in the
use of such vile measures upon more dis
tinguished occasions.
Then let us unite
and defeat them as signally this time.
Itis Millicient to remind you, that if
their ftorics were true, and published in
candor and honesty; thev would not have
promulgated them on the eve of an elcc
tion, when you cannot test their trntli in
hearing both sides.
Having failed in dividing us in the vi
cinity of the cnnttl by villifying A. R.
OTTAWA, Friday, July 11,
Dodge as its enemy, and as pledged to go
against the Canal Hoard, notwithstanding
his repeated assertions to the contrary ;
,1 - ... .1 , : l . . l 1. :., . a
mcy arc now iieieruiiueu 10 lessen uia iuj-
jority if they can, by acting in the remote
parts oi tne District, in sucn a .manner, wai
- ...
tIlc Democratic candidate, will not have
0mortunitv to reply. They would
our majority if for nothing else
than to produce an efl'ect against us at the
I're.idential election
... w
. . . .
Let us then beware of Ham icier 1' cu-
. triciiervand one 'and all go
" ' ,
the polls on Monday next, to sustain
, , , cause, and nothing
uw i Jui-,
i,ut the cause ol DCmocrac) .
ix ....II
Union wil
ensure us a urnuitui rmuij.
.. i 'ir..... ..:....,
Onliehalfof the Cenleral L'otrivnosulina Coin-
niiitec of La Salle Louuty.
Ottawa, July 31, 1810
Fur the lllinuh Free Trader.
To rorciiciirrit.
rtLLow-CorsTHTME am.I.ahohers; Heutl
this ami you will he fully satisfied that the 'hii;s
ate directly opposed to your heat interests that
of equality and the right of suilragc. hat tin
are at war with your inalienable lights, is a t ie
clearly proved by their own assertions and numer
ous rflorU to disfranchise vou,llo make you alien.-
ami reject you at the ballot-boxes. These facts
must be to you well known, as they are of great
importance to you, they should be written on the
tablets of your memory and ever vivid in your
recollection. The following is from John Davis,
a Senator from Massachusetts and an ullra-whi;r.
Hi- says : " L ilmrcrs arc a aimmwltly bought and
. i .. i i. i i'i , ii
Mild litic nurmtiM zc. nai expression eoum
be more revolting to common sense, decency and
humanity ! Another Mill worse,
Ili'iijainia 'Wiilkins I.ei:;!i, the personal enemy
anil rev iter ot .Mr. .leip rsoii, ueciarcn in me i ir-
gini.i Convention "Tha t the hii.k win rs la
iioitiMi mk ivtrc nulc'.ler uii'dld Ui the right if
si'Jiage tliuit the wire..
This is said of the laborer generally, without
reference to country or birth. You fellow coun
trymen, have been branded again and again by
these same federal whigs as cattle the ollseour
ings of the earth, &c, und even your holy reli
gion has not escaped the poison fang of their de
nunciations, but has been made the theme of rib
ald jest and vile blander. You are told by Whig
Senators, that u days labor in this world will se
me your salvation in the next for any crime you
may devise and commit
ly devise and commit.
What has ft Whig orator, I.. H. Knowlton of
l'eoria, lately on id in this state of you ? He des
ignates " W class of Irishmen who are cwidnyrd
mf n.y mnh amf f,,,tVj mahing ml
jhtcc,n LOW and YUI.GF.li herd w!m are ut-
tcrly unfit to be trunlcd to rote, and that I fin ran
he induced to vale any vay fur a glass of U7V-
These extracts nr" from n parly eluimintr. nil the
ileceiiey anit morality, fiiamr on sucu decency
shame on sueli morality.
Countrymen, let your votes prove the falsity of
their opinion ol you.
(ioaded to desperation by the liisl crv which
has been raised against their own intemperance
ami ism cuter linnciples, mie oniv liriiicniles
thev dare tlivulaxO thv seek to eliarne us with the
same crimes of which i In y sud so glaringly con-
victed. Hear wiial tne yelping spaniel ol inn
v :,,,... ,. I .lino sava on t los Milnoct. Here are
his own words.
I ......1. ....., l,i,.iK,'.,1 ii, .,,11 ntfM'iti- mi, it
I jiii ii I 'I '. 'tin i.-, ',.,,, ......
, ,Venev hac been doled out by the lailhlul, hv
'he conductors of the 1 eo loco piess and thi
!.,., t,', keep open bars ami groggers where its
adh.-rci.i5 might partake of Ardent S,-tm without
money and without Mint and where (hey have
became md unk ihev could not stand whim, we
';V.B fi"" k''"1 lllVir '7',,,0l! ;" o tt 1ml-
lot boxes, where loeo loco jutlu'cs ol 'he eecti,u
have ncirtrlwt vote wii'.out a word of remou-
sl.i!'e A", llos timn a ourlv whose adherents,
n. , ,i ...
infamous temple of then' more infamous idolatry,
Tammany Hall, actually poured a barrel of
t im 1 1 ii j i iii no n hp rviui i'uiii hi n mi i 'i iu.
roii'T beer into u hole ihi r out lo receive the hot-
tu oi the pole and then drank the beer from the
i ' " .....
drinking out tin ir content:-., upon their hickory
pr!:- in 1 rniiswlvani.1 ; ii party with many of
whoso adherents the iiniiiiiiling ypirit is derived
from the 'iikry h'lllle and Hum eon"
tin u may si'ti !v bii pronounced an ir'inutga-
tcd fulsi'hood.
Who are meant here! Is it net yourselves?
Arouse then and consign by your vole to uist olj-
livion, ihevilu faction of factious, Whiggery.
1 cu ll them again a lesson vou hi.vc tnught be
fore, but which they uro slow to perceive, "that
your votes cannot be bought for a glass r f whis
key us they have asserted, or at :ny other price
Icar once more and forever fiom your skirts the
vile and infamous assertion. Arouse then suns
-'!' ',( f G'"0"' ,r ''"l"'". w1i,,h n
Ihng back in their ter ih the ulamlcr, and by vour
i . . . . -
vote at tlic next i Icrtion, teach tliem that tliev are
known, notwithstanding they endeavor to keep
their principles from the public eye.
l.asalle, July 28, 18-10.
Fur the Ulinoii Free. Trader,
To our nlilel l' llow- ilicii.
( n .Monday next the election for repre
sentativc tind county ollicers takes place,
I i ...:n i. ii..
and great ellbrts will be undoubtedly
made by the wordy advocates of Log Cab
ins, Hard Cider and no principles, byev
Cry means which human ingenuity and
wickedness can devise, to obtain your
votes. Knowing that you cannot be gull
ed any longer by the stale cry of Reform,
no trick, however contemptible, mean and
dishonest soever iuaav be, will be left
unreported to, falseVbkcts, scattered by
our enemies w ill iiiidolrvdly be handed
you as you go to vote ;V Has always
been the case, sueli willrrigfigain. He
mr-nful fmiYi wlinm vnii nhtain nnr tick-
c d xaminc lhrm hcforP you vote
I?clic vo not the slanders which will then
be propagated concerning our candidates.
I hey will tell the labor.ng mau that tne
Democrats are in faVor of a reduction in
the prices of labor; the charjo is f.dse
and rebounds upon their own heads with
overwhelminz lorce, when we examine
the acts and words of leaders of the fed
cral v. hig party in times past. Senator
Newbury from Connecticut, a whig, de
clared in his scat in Congress, ' that wc
never should have prosperous times in
this county until the poor man, as in fc.u
ropc, was obliged to work for a sheep's
icad and pluck a day and lie under a cart
at night."
In Pennsylvania, under the administra
tion of Gov. lvitner, the whig Governor,
no laborer was permitted to remain in the
employ of the state unless he would
pledge himself to support ms (Iiitner s)
re-election. 1 lie poor man was deprived
of earning his bread by the sweat of his
brow, unless he would abandon his right
to feel, to think and to act as a free and in
dependent man.
Head the remarks of IJoot a federal
w hig senator from New York. Speaking
of Irishmen, he says: "they arc men who
swear fulacli with perfect impunity as it
respects punishment in this world, and
according to whose faith, perhaps the
price of a days labor gives them absolute
sccvntii for the next
Kead these and ask yourselves who are
your friends ask yourselves who have
treated you as men -who have called
you the cattle and offscourings of God's i
w hen have the lederal Imtish t
whigs treated you with common decency
unless just before election time and what
h;s been the conduct ot die Democratic
narty? Arc not the whigs at the present
moment necking to deprive you even of
the privilege of becoming citizens of A
merica seeking lo deprive you of the
blessings which you came here to enjoy
under the guaranty ot our constitution
blessin-rs which many of your country
men fouaht, and bled, and died lor ; bless
ings which rniffht never have been obtain
ed but for the glorious assistance render
ed by foreigners. Who signed this vile
petition ? Whigs ; in it they tell you
that they have used you cnoiurli and now
desire to deprive you of a participation of
the blessings of heedoin which you have
aided in obtaining. Kcllect then bolore
you decide whom von wiil vole for. Lcf
it not hereafter bo said of you, your votes
raised the men to power who have des
troyed you. Take not the viper to your
bosoms, lest when it becomes warm it
will inflict on its benefactor a vital injury.
Recollect that by your votes you decide,
not only your own destinies but the desti
ny of your descendants. That you not
only disenfranchise yourselves, but your
friends, your countrymen and your chil
dren, if you east your votes for the hard
cider party, and raise the monster whig
gory to reign over you. Experience has
shown that all their professions arc hol
low. " A man may smile and murder while he smiles"
To the polls then Democrats, and lei
your watchword be, " Down with false
hearted Whiggery." Let no man slay at
home we light for a great stake let no
man have it to say, " inv vote might have
saved the state." (,'.
Peru,, fill 'y 24, 18 10.
'E lie Testimony of one who Know.
The "I-;g (.'abin Sc Hard Cider" party i,i
Ohio, have claimed as a convert to their caiuo the
venerable and consistent Democrat, 1) i vi i l!nu n.
Mr. It. resi les in Zanesville, in that it.ite wa
one of the first individuals that built u " log cabin'
in Zanesville, and has always hccualiim and
consistent Democrat. 1 Ic has bee., acquainted
with Oi-neral Harrison forn number of years, and
has nlwavs !een on intimate t -rms wilh the Cen
j fear what he says :
"I cannot, however, vote for (Jen
Harrison under any circumstances.
presume i am better acquainted with the
General than any man in Guernsey coun
ty. I sat with, and voted with him dttr
i nir two winters and took a strong stand
aoainst iii.M in his plan of SELLING
frec white citizens of Ohio into Hlavkuv
fur the want of etbilily to pay fines and
costtfiHFtftC most Irihng offences sui ft
as assault und battery, selling xpritiuous
Uquors inthout license, riding faster than
, walk over a bridge, yc. 1 believe that
it is only necessary for a democrat to be
well ac(tninted with General Harrison,
to be induced to withhold his vote from
him. I for one cannot support him, be
cause I believe hint to fie a Fkpkramst
of tiik or.n stamp- because he is uppos
ed to the leading measures of the present
administration -because he is the HANK
candidate. Iri a word, because he is the
candidate of the party that is made up o
(lie factions of all factions, and the fag
i nds of all parties.
In speaking of Gen. Harrison, I must
be understood as confining myself to his
political principles and his want of quali
fications for the office to which he aspires.
As a man, I respect many traits in his
character as a citizen, I believe him hon
est in his dealings, and a friendly compan
ion, lie was my personal lnend, and
advocated my cause in several debates of
a personal character ; but as a politician I
never admired, him and I like him less now
than before because I think lie has lent
himself to serve those who during iho last
war, were his worst encmi's those w ho
then cursed him for a coward, and all that
sort of thing those who cursed the war
and all its advocates rejoiced at our de
feat, and at the success of the enemy
and who now, without any change in ei
ther his creed or theirs, cxtal his military
and civil qualifications to the skies when
in fact, I think, as they professed to be
lieve, he never performed any exploits as
a General. But what destroys my confi
dence in his pres'iit professed politics!
friends more than any thinir else, is thct
during the last war, while they cursad
him for his cowardice and imbecillity, I
and many others defended him, not that
w c believed him to be a great General,
but because we were willing to sustain
him for the sake of the cause of our com
mon country ; and that he was doing as
well as he new how ; and notwithstancl
in? they pretended to dread w ith holy hor
fror the elevation of a ' Military Chieftain
to the ofhec of President in 18'28 they
now predicate his claims to that office,
upon his military exploits. I say Jliat
there is somcthinir rotten in Denmark,
that it is not for the good of the country
that they wish to elect him, but to serve
their own party designs, in the overthrow
of our democratic form of government.
Neither do they take Harrison as a matter
of choice, but of necessity because he
is the available candidate, pliable and cred
ulous by nature; and in a word, think, u
elected, he wilf be President ex-officio
only, while Clay, Webster' it Co., will
be in fact; this I say of them as a politi
cal party ; as citizens and men I esteem
nt.iny of them as highly as any others."
Oil 1 1 T.tltY.
DIED At Pom. I.a Salle couutv. III., on the
xsth wst., -HttiTi II. CiimiKS
In the death of Mr. Charles, his w idow has lost
an nfl'ertionnto husband, a kind protector, and his
children (four in number) a ilutilul lallier. 1 lie
citizens of Peru have sustained an irreparable loss,
in the death of Mr. ('., but the Lord has seen fit
to take lii j n from among us and we must obey his
will, , tO-llMlMCATK.il.
D!i;i) At Palestine ( i rove, of iiiilainatoiy di:J
ease, on Tuesday the 2Sth ii.st. Mrs. Olivk
!ooiih.i., aged about 10 years. Her funeral
sermon will be delivered on Sabbath next, in the
forenoon, by the Kev. J. M. Clark, in this place.
DIED At Troy drove, on the "1th inst.WM.
Yetiicls, boh of Levi and Kmnia S. Kelsey
aged 2 vc.irs.
The friends of Democracy, F.qual
Fights, und the Suiramary of the Laics,
arc respectfully requested to meet in Ot
tawa Centre, to-morrow, ( Saturday,) at
5 u'rlork,.JI:, ..ff'ffi.L.
Corrected teetkly fur the Free Trader.
liacoii, r" t 1U
Ueef, per cwt. 00
Duller, 10 to 12
Hides, dried, p. lb
Deer skins. 3 to 5
Iron bar,
leens, white field, 1 00
Mails, cut,
Oil, linseed, p. gnl
Candles, sperm, C2
11 mould, -0
" dipped, 18
'listings, per lb. 7
lieeae, countrv, 10
1 75
Potatoes, Irish,
Kuuar, loaf, per lb.
(.oll'ee, Hi to IS
Furs, niuskrat, 12 to l
brown, A. O
11 meoon, i)
" beav. : Ml tof) 00
" otter, 4 (VO too 00
" mink, 23 ro a'
Suit, l,iv. blnv.n, 1 3
Aluin.p.husli. 1 50
Kanawha, 87
Shot, per lb. 1
Stone Coal, pci hush. 1
Flour. er bid. -1 00
Corn mnll, SO
Tallow, per ll. 12
Honey, 12
png:ir house, 75
W heat, p bush. 3710 1")
Oals, )
Corn, shelled, 3 1
From '.'" .. !, Armstrong's Ojfirc.
O TTAWA, J- i t, IS 10.
9 o'clock. 12 o'clock. 3 o'clock.
Jt-iv 24
7S 92
fonvfiilinn Nominations.
Ahrani It. ilur.
Lewis Y, I.iuli,
(e'f'W'c arc requculed to unumiiur WILLIAM
KKUDICIv uu it cuiidiiidc fur rc-ilytimt. to the
"JftC'tf her iff.
Q 'rWc arc requested to iinnnunec OKOKOE
V.. WALKEIt u.i a candidate for the office of
iTj"X'e etrr rriif.tut lo announce CHAHLEeS
O. HID DK N , as a candidate fur Ihc offiee of Sheriff.
iff- He are reiuinteil lj mount nee OI'nKOE
A. 01jT H WOKTJI as a candidate JW the offiee
if amnty nnhniwionrr.
fjVH'c are uutlui izid to annmuice 11 EM It V
OKI. EX us a candidate fur re-dctimi to the office
if niunly cvmiiiixsiuner ot the i.eu t Augutt ihc
tion. rTj,Ye arc rripirt.ti.il to nntiiiitnce ALsttlM
IM Wild. 1 i' m u canttitli.te Ji r county coimni;
(f 7' IW are rciw steel lo announce T. J. TH I i E,
ns it rood date Jur the office of em mm:
ITT We are rt'uested to nuoounre KI'-S'SELL
111 il. lil, as a cunrtntiitc Jor the opee nj coronet
7o Ihc Independent Voters of La Salle
Vhiin w-Citi r ; On account of the manv
solicitations of mv friends from many parts of
the county, permit me through th medium of
this circular to inoim you thst 1 a;ii a candidate
for the
for the county of La Saile, at the ensuing uj;ust
Were it not for my long residence in Viscoun
ty, and the general and extensive acquaintance
formed with the people, I could not for a moment
indnljre ii the idea of being elected. Feeling as;
I do, that a generous public will do me that justice
that I rjenorv. I submit my claims to their consi
deration without reserve. Entertaining this
view of the subject, I oirnes.ly solicit the aid of
my friends; and should I be elected, I will spare
no pains to rrod'T satisfaction to a generous com
munity in the discharge of my official duties.
On the subject of National politics, I am decid
edly In favor of the present Administration,
believing its principles to accord wilh those oij
w hich our republican institution are established.
Ouitv,i. ,lur 17. 1H0.
Arrivals anl Departure of the
The contract time for the arrival of the eastern
mail from Chicag3 is dailv, except Saturdays, by
0 o'cloc k P. M. Departure daily, except Sun
days at 3 o'clock A.M.
The south-western mail from Peoria, via Black
Partridue. Crow Meadow, Majnolia, Point ife
public und Ycruiihonville arrives 3 times a w?ek,
hv 8 o'clock P. M. and Mparts on the same dnys
at 3 o'clock, A. M. bv the way of Koine, Henry,
Laeon, Hennepin and Peru, every alternate uuy
ut the same hours.
Tri-weeklv mail up Fox River, via Dayton,
Northvillo. Peimtield, Bristol, Oswego and Auro
ra to l.a Vox (Ceueva) arrives every I ursday.
Thursday and Saturday by 8 o'clock P. M. nhd
departs every Monday, cdiicMlay ami I rmay
at U o clock A. .VI.
Week I v mail to Trov (irove arrives every Sa
lurdav by 12 o'clock M. and drpaits the same
.l:.v ill 1 o'eloek P. M.
"Weekly mail to Marseilles, goes out and re
turns 1-M-rV Siituril.lV.
Senii-m'ontUlv mail, via rontiac and Aoc.i to
Danville, departs cverv other Thursday at 12
nVl.M-L M nml arrives the Thursday following at
11 o'clock A. M.
Persons Bending lettiri East or South, Will
plea a- hand them in at as early an hour as possible,
as the P. M. is authorized to deliver the mail in
anticipation of the contract hour.
The Post OII'k e is open, on week-days, duinig
buisness hours, ami on Sundays from 9 to 10
o'clock A. M. und from 8 to 9 o'clock P. M.
Ottawa, June 2, 1810.
6 tf.
To the Independent Voters of La Salle
AT the request of numerous friends residing in
the ilill'erent precincts in the county, I am in
duced to oiler myself as a candidate for the
Ollirc ofSliorHi;
at the net Auuust election, and respectfully so
licit vour stidiages. C1I AKI.KS U. Ill 1I'1..N
Ottawa, July 3, IS 10.
Ottawa Chair .Manufactory.
mooni: & WAinum,
Al'OI-LD respectfully inform the inhabitants
of this vicinity, that they still continue to
manufacture CHAINS on La Salle Street, a few-
doors Xorth of the Market House, where they
constantly keep on hand
of every description, viz: Jf'indsor, Gre
cian and Hag -Seats of all kinds ; Ai.so,
Ilockinsr-Chairs, Cradles and ixttccs.
The subscribers fed extremely grateful for ihc
liberal patronage with which the community has
tavored them during the past year, ami they re
Kpectfullv solicit a continuance of the same.
1). L. W ATE UMAX.
Ottawa, July 24, H!0. " 0 tf.
l'rrnrc! by lr. J. Nli ! 1, OHrwii, Uliuols,
fHHIESE Pills ore admirably calculated to
leaiin! the stomach, restore tin; prope
functions of the biliary organs when impaired
and dispel with promptness the. piemonitory
e .i . II. I: I' I.. il.!u .).lfl
JYirKi II IIS Ol II e OIU'IIO. J ril-ll in iiiw
I'iein.' made expressly for tho use of persons in
ibis climate, and intended for a iamily meilicine
so thut every one may avull tliemsclves ol the
means of cure, mid apply the remedy wntn inc
first nvrntitoms ot disease make their appearance
which will be noticed by a bad taste in tho mouth
in the morning, with some headache, and a furred
Directions. Tho dose for adult is four pills, lo
It' taken on going to bed at nu;ht ; und if they
should not operate bv morning, take two or ibrcc
moie. and repeat them every night until relief is
obtained, lint it lour pills should operate mon
than two or three times actively, it will he? best to
tulvo but two or throe the next time. Childirn
from five to ten years old may tuko from one to
two pilla for a ilosS
For sale ut the Drug Store of M. E. llollisler,
noi ,'h east corner of Cunal und Columbus street,
Ottawa, La Salle couiitv, Illinois.
July 21. is 10. 10 tf.
11 II heirs of Xorlon (lum, deceased,
late of the county of La Salle, and
Stale of Illinois, are hereby notified that
I intend to present a petition to the Cir
cuit Court, to be holden at the Court
House in the town of Ottawa, in said
county, on the second Monday in No
vember next, nt the opt ning of the court,
to enable ine to sell all the real estate of
the said Norton Gum, deceased, to pay
the debts of the said estate, (the pcrf3nai
estate being insufficient,) when and where
the said heirs can appear and show cause,
if any there is, why the said petition
.should not be granted.
Administrator of the i-nid Estate.
July 11. 1810. 10 5w.
lYruaiHt lYoria laily PncLct
'j!3.V?s rsniiE siicmn - Host
J- l'K ON TIER ,
ni..Ki.LiT Dia-'er, will
:!!,?I"siri!n a. a rctjuUr r-ickct
a-?i3aitjjS be! wren Peru and Pen
tia. leaving fcni dsily, (s'uinlavs cxcrpte.l,) at
P o'clock, e. nnd l'eoria r.t ? o'chu k, . m.
rii'INK, WALKER cV Co.
July 17. 1?1'7. 9 tf.
i'initiitrator's rVollcc.
VLL persons having claims ngain?t
the cstnlc of lienjamin Lundy,
deceased, are hereby notified and reques
ted to atlcrd before the Probate Justice
of La Salle county at his oflice, in Ottawa,
on the 2d Monday in September, A. I).
18 10, for the purpose of having the same
adjusted ; that being the day fixed by the
subscriber, in pursuance of the statute, for
the purpose of scttlins and adjusting all
claims arjainst said decedent.
; ' tldi;uniitrator,
Ot'uw.1, J.,lv 17th, f A i- 0 fiw.
JJt.PECTFULLY informs the ciiiwut of '
Ottawj and vicinitv. that he hum mit rr.
ceive J from Philadelphia city, a larga assortment of
Broad Cloth,
of various colors viz : Blue, Black, Invis
ible Green, Brown, Dalia, Cadst, Steel-
mix'd, Drab, Ac. 1lio, 'a large assort- ;
Incut ol CASSiSlMJSKES, Fiuicy Stripe
and other ditfereiit colors. A variety of
batincttn, of various colors, such as Black.
Blue, Invisible Green, Brown, Ash, Ca
ih't, Sled -inix'd, &c. Also, Dombazine
of an excellent quality ; a splendid assort
ment of full-trimed Satin and Bombazine
Stocks; (icntleiuens Gloves, Gmnrlastic
Suspenders ; the latest style of Satin,
Marseilles and Silk Velvet, excellent ar
ticles for Vests. Also, Shirts, and a
splendid assortment of Tibamings. t
has also received a lot of Beaver and Pi- .
lot Cloths, and an excellent article of ,
Hue Flushing for Over-Coats, a variety
ol Mennocs, Corduroy, Fancy and Plain
Cravats, Pocket Ilandkerchiifs, Crape,
Lasting, and Summer Cloths
July 17, 1810. 9 3m.
7 V wife, A'(;ri Ann, has left my
L.l- bed and board without any just
cause or provocation ; ail persons are,
therefore, hereby cautioned against har
bouring or trusting her on my account,
as I shall pav no debts of her contracting.
Ottawa, July 3. 1840. 7 4w.'
State ol Illinois.
LA S.U.I-K ( Or.Vry, V
Circuit Court. To Xorcmber Term 18 10.
rpioTiiv HotiROtt, In Chancery.
vs. y rctiliori for a di-
Sakau Anx Hokkom, J vorce.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the
above named petitioner Timothy
Horrom, has filed in the office of the
Clerk of the Circuit Court of said countv
lis petition, praying to be divorced from
the said Sarah Ann Horrom ; that a sum
mons has been jssued in this Cause, re
turnable before the Circuit Court of Lit
Salle county on the first day of the next
term thereof, to be holden at the Court
House in Ottawa on the second Monday
in November next ; rvnd it appearing by
satisfactory aflidait, filed in the Office of
the Clerk of the Circuit Court of said
county, that the said Sarah Ann Horrcm
resides without the lint its of ihe state of
Illinois; Now, unless you, the said Sa
rah Ann Horrom, shall personally be and -appear
before the said Circuit Cotrrt on
the first day of tho next term thereof, to '
be holden at the Court House in Ottawa
on ihe said second Monday in ;Noycmber ";
next, and answer the -said petition,-the;',
same will be taken as confessed, and the
matters and things therein piaycd for will
bo decreed according to the prayer of the
said petitioner. J. CLOUD, Clerk;
Ottawa, Illinois, Jujy 2d, 1P40. ' ;
Dicktv it T&IXXD,
Solicitors for the Petitioner. ?
July II. 7 4w
Alitiiiif rator', IVofiro. ' .
A LL persons havinir claims aciinst
the eMate of-James G. Ilizgint,
deceased, are hereby notified and reques
ted to present the same to the subscriber,
administrator of said estate, or to the
Probate Justice of La Salle county, with
in nine months from the date hereof, for
seitl. inent. II. VANALKKNBURG1I,
Ottawa, July 3tl, 1640. T-W.
. o r i v j: ,
S hereby given, that, on the 8tli day
of August next, I will proceed to sell
to tne highest and best bidder the norm- "i
west qtu'rier ot fjerttcn AO. J4, in town
ship No. It, north of range six, west of
the principal meridian, in the county of
Putnam, State ef Illinois, as the property
of the late Samuel F. Aldrich, dee'd.. .
Said sale to be upon the said premises
and ort a credit of nine months, ?hc pur-
elin-icr iritmir rrnoil :i-'iiril-
Administrator. ..
.July 3. IS 10. 7:--4w. , "
rfniitii'.trator'h Notire.
VLL persons having claims against
. the estate of Ezra Ackley, dee'd.',
are hereby notified and requested o pre- .
slrator of said estate, or to the Probate
Justice of La Salle county, within uhe 1
months from the date hereof, for settle- i
I Jthi vn I nl v Hit tain - J.
tayrl frotii I'tira,
& f l N 11,2 14 lh inst- A BAY
y lT I10KSE, about eight
VT'J years old, 17 or 18 band
er-tesfcj&a high, wilh Mack mne and tail,
rather slender built ; no other- marks re
collected, except a final) h&h on one of
his ces. Any person returning taid
horse to the subscriber a: t'tic. La Salle T
county, Illinois,- or iriving information
w here be may be found, shall be suitably '
reward d, " ' ' ' -
Uttct, June 20. 1840. ' 0-4t .';
i-AvoE Paw nt BEAM ?CALE
' i drawini 500 U..,, by .
a. J une fi, IS 10 n tf. '

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