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OTTA W , Friday, September 13 , 1 10.
' Opposition to a Nutional Bank, as fraught with
t!ui"cr to our free institution and to the Her
ticsf Ihi people, fom it necessarily great and
controlling power orer the general currency und
business of the country. Opposition to the prev
ent Bmking System, as defective in principle
and unsafe in practice, und re;u'ring a radicul
reform. A total separation of the focal concerns
of Government from all Bunking Iittitutiow,
as the Lett guarantee fur the preservation (four
Sational Independence. Encouragement In all
Bunks, bated upon sound principles, with the
ability and disposition at ell times to redeem
their bills in gold and silver, and an express pro
vision in all Bank Charters, requiring ample
security to be given to the Slate for the redemp
tion of their issues in specie on demand, and the
perpetual sutjection of all acts of incorporation
to the control of the Legislature."
Agents for the Illinois Free Trader.
The following gentlemen arc authored to oc
as amenta of thia pnpor, viz :
M. M TT,
Peru, La Salle county, 111.
F. M'DiABMir,
D. S. Kueusoj., mail contractor.
C. G. MiLLF.it, Dayton.
A. O. Smith, Smith's Mills.
Jisos Gt'RLET, Trov Urove.
I.. V. Dimmock, ' ermilionville.
Hr.vnr lnt.iirs, Munson, (Indian creek.)
O. W. KrxuLU4, 1'. M. Pontine
RtEs"Mo'iiiAN, Morgan's Mill.
James O. Clap?, llristol, Kane Co. 111.
William Uhev, near Van Uureiu
William K. Baowx, funburv, Illinois.
Hsxuv Hicks, Hicks' mill, Do Kulb Co. III.
Jj l'ost Maaters U"J other individuals rcsi
tlin 3 in La Salle and the adjoiunqr counties, who
ure willing to act a i agents in their respective
neighborhoods, will please make the same known
to us, by mail or othcrwiaf .
From tho Chillieothe Advertise;.
lccch of Col. Johnson nt f lilllicoche.
When the veteran hv.ro once more pre
sented himself to the people, an intense
interest was visible on the countenance of
those who were present, and the quiet
stillness which prevailed, enabled them all
to hear and understand what lie said to
them, lie commenced by stating that he
had been a public servant for the people
for thirty-three years two years under
Jefferson's administration , fight under
.Madison, eight under Monroe, four under
John Q. Adams, eight under Jackson,
and three years he has been associated in
the administration of Martin Van liuren.
He then said that lie had been acquainted
with MARTIN VAN IJUREN for twen-fy-cight
years ; and that for the last
tw enty years he had been on terms of the
greatest intimacy and it gave him plea
surs to state that in the whole of his
political connections he never knew one
more upright in principle or of purer
morals, and very few possessing ulent of
a higher order than Martin Van Uuren.
No stronger advocate of the war policy
"Tvasrbe found
in lHU'J, and no abler
defender of it in 1812, than Martin Van
Huron, lie spoke of what he knew and
what he felt to br true, and of which he
entertained not the least doubt.
Having bepn frequently urged by the
Whigs to speak of the battle of the
Thames, he reluctantly felt compelled in
duty to state some of the leading fact
which came w ithin his knowledge. He
commenced by stating, that he did not
wish to claim any glory (or himself on
that occasion nor did he wisli in any
way to detract from the fame of any com
panion in arms, far less from his com
mander. At die battle of the Thames,
he raid his (Col. J's) regiment did pur
sue the enemy, marching considerably in
front of the infantiy. lie was in 'the
van at the head of three companies of
mounted men, which were brought up in
solid column. lie came up with the
en: my1 who wer? drawn up in line of
battle. The force under Tecur.isch was
about 1,200 or 1,400 strong the British
TOO. It wsis at first intended, he observ
cJ, by Gc42. Harrison, that the infantry
under his command should be brought up,
ami me enemy fought by our troops in
line. But Col. J. having practised his
regiment to serve both on foot and on
horseback having frequently dismounted
one half of them and fought sham battles
for that purpose, and believing that he
could successfully overthrow the enemy
by a charge of his mounted men, request
ed permission to make such charge ;
having obtained, he left Gen. Harrison
and proceeded to the front, where his
regiment awaited him. He never saw
Gen. Harrison afterwards, until the battle
was over; when the General came to
where he (Col. Johnson) was lying, at
the place to which his sodiers had car
ried him back after he was wounded.
When he left Gen. Harrison, he said he
UHoTigTithe swamp, which separated the
Indians from the British army, could not
be crossed. . He afterwards ascertained
that it could ; and he then determined
that his brother, Lieutenant Col. James
.Johnson, should attack the British at the
same time that he attacked the Indians.
His motto was to charge rapidly pn the
enemy in columns. In a few minutes
after his brother made the attack on the
? British, they surrendered. The British
force consisted of 700 men, and his
brother James's division consisted of 500
rata. He related a humorous anecdote
of an Irishman of the captured army who
asked his brother James if ho was the
commander, and what . they should do
with their arms. Why, replied James,
I had not thought about (hat. The Irish
man then proposed to stack them, which
was immediately ordered by his brother.
who, as James afterwards informed him,
was about A MILEfrom the scene or
action. James Johnson then received
permission of Gen. Harrison to reinforce
his brother, R. M., who was yet engaged
with the Indians. From the commence
ment of the action until he was carried oil"
the ground, he (Richard M. Johnson) did
not sec Gen. Harrison ; he did not know
where he was whether he was half a
mile, one mile, or a mile and a half in the
rear, except from report. His brother
James C7expressed his sorrow that he
could not come more speedily to his
relief, and stated that it was in conse
quence of having to take the prisoners
the distance of A MILE to give them
up to (Icn. IIarrison,JZi the comman
ding officer. He however felt it his duty
to say that, after he received permission
to charge the enemy, neither Gen. liar
rison, Governor Shelby, or any one else,
except himself und the other officers of
his regiment, had command of that regi
ment, or any part thereof. The fighting
was done by that regiment alone. He
passed no censure on any one. He
fought for his country. He voted for the
war, and he considered it his duty to
lake a part in that w ar.
The effect which the unvarnished tale
of the venerable hero produced on the
vast assemblage of the Democracy who
surroundeu him, the eager expression of
each countenance denoting their anxiety
not to lose one word which dropped from
the lips of the most honest, upright, brave
and patriotic statesman and soldier in the
land, may be imagined, but cannot be de
scribed. An unbounded burst of applause
as he took his rest testified the warm
feelings of affection and respect which
was felt by the thousands of the Demo
mocraev who surrounded him.
E.isl ol" Juror for I lie November Terui of lite
lY.t Malic Circuit Court.
Christopher Champliu' Oltawapreciicl.
Lewis W. Link, . do.
Charles Hayward, do.
Theron D. Brewster J ('extern.
Ezra M'Kenzie, do.
Nathaniel Kiehey 'ermilion.
James B. Beardsly, do.
( ' forgo y Ma.ts on South Oil a tea .
Kicha l&J Swift Troy Grove.
Samucl'&f Dickinson Utica.
Coleman Olmstead Dayton.
John C. Phillips Eastern.
Betheul Clark- Northern.
John E. Waterman Lisbon.
Jacob Seaman Lorain.
Alexander M'Clasky Indian Creel..
Charles II. Sutphen, do.
Joshua Evans Sandy.
KeubciLlIackctt Eagle
Jacob Patrick Franklin.
John J. Palmer BrookficU.
John L. Pickering -IVaupnnsee.
Daniel Newton Ottawa.
Downey Buchanan, do.
Cyrus Shaver, do.
George Low Western.
Jeremiah Hough Eastern.
Samuel Collins, do.
Deinarquis Misncr, do.
Lesley Kent Vermilion.
Archibald T. Ross South Ottawa.
Jesse A. Clark, do.
William Gentleman, do.
Asa Mann Troy Grove.
George M. Dunavan Dayton.
aac P. Ilallack Northern.
Horace Moore Lisbon.
John T. Carr Lorain.
Solomon Ilolden Indian deck.
Ileal I'umphrev, do.
Vivalda Morey -Grafton.
Ezekicl Warren, do.
Robert Brown Sandy.
Mvron B. Bennett Eagle.
James S. Pickens, do.
D. E. Strong
77ie members of the Democratic vartii
of La Salic County, are respectfully re
quested to 7neel at the Court House, in
Ottawa, on Monday evening next, at the
ringing of the belt. It is desirable that
there be a general attendance.
By order of the Committee
Sept. 18.
Time of holding Courts
Dcriuu Cocstt. On Tuesday after tho
fourth Mondays in March and September.
J I ft y n t 1ocsTT. On the first Mondays in
April and October.
fcr.tiK LorxTr. On the first! hursdavs after
the first Monday in April and October.
J KituiA Cues nr. On the second Mondays in
April and October, and the fourth Mondays in
Marshal Cocxtt. On tho fourth Mondays
in April and October.
PtTXA Coc.ntt. On the first Fridays after
tho fourth Mondays in April and Octolter.
La Sallr CocxTr. On the second Mondays
in May and November.
Kae CoirxTT. On the second Mondays in
July, fourth Mondays in May, and umt Monday
in September.
Da Kalb ('ocxtt. On the first Mondays in
June, and tho next Thursday after tho second
Mondays in September.
Onu CocjiTT.' On the second Mondays in
June and third Mondays in September.
June an1
Bushels of DRIED APPLES for
sale cheap by
Arrivals and Departures of the
The contract time for the arrival of the eastern
niuil from Chicago is daily, except Saturdays, by
t) o'clock P. M. Departure daily, except Sun
days, at 3 o'clock A. M.
The south-western mail from Peoria, via Black
Partridge, Crow Meadow, Magnolia, Point Re
public and Vermilionville arrive 3 times a wwk,
by 8 o'clock P. M. and departs on the same days
at 3 o'clock A. M.-by tho way of Rome, Henry,
Lacon, Hennepin and Peru, every alternate day
at the same hours.
Tri-wcckly mail up Fox River, via Dayton,
Northville, Pennficld, Bristol, Oswego and Auro
ra to La Fox (Geneva) arrives every Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday by 8 o'clock P.M. and
departs evory Monday, Wednesday 4ndFriday
at 6 o'clock A. M. V .
Weekly mail to Troy Grove arrives 'every Sa
turday by 12 o'clock M. and departs tho same
day at 1 o'clock P. M.
Weekly mail to Marscillos, goes out and re
turns every Saturday. . '
Scnu-montb.ly mail, ia Pontine anii'Avocivto
Danville, departs every bther Thursday at 12
o'clock M. and arrives the Thursday following at
11 o'clock, A. M.
Persons sending Ictterc East or South, will
please hand them in at as early an hour aspo;sibc.
as the P. M. is authorised to deliver tho mail in
anticipation of tho contract hour.
The Post Office is open, on week days, during
business hours, and. on Sundays from 9 to 10
o'clock A. M. and from 8 to 9 o'clock, P. M.
Ottawa, June 20, 1740. 6 tf.
ITlasouic Notice.
THE Grand Annual Communication
of the Grand Lodge of Illinois,
will be held at the Masonic Hall in Jack
sonville, on the first Monday in October
next. Bv order of the
W. B. Warren, Grand Secretary.
Walker k Sanjtr
Are now receiving their full tock of
Fresh Groceries, Liquors, Iron, Nail?.,
Castings, &c.
Embracing the largest and most complete Slock
ever onereu in tins market, which will be sold at
the lowest rates either at WHOLESALE or
RETAIL for cash or the Scrip of D. Sanger &.
Ottawa, September 18, 1840. 18 tf.
J; J receiving and for sale low bv the
subscribers. WALKER it SANGER.
September 18, 1840. 18tf.
1 o IIHDS. OF SUGAR, a prime ar
JLO tide, just received and for sale
September 18, 1810. . 18tf.
C O F F E EoirJiand-aiuUfor
sale by WALKER fc SANGER.
September 18, 1840. 18tf.
5X BBLS. of Smith's Cincinnati
crived and for snlc by
Sept. 18, 1840. 18tf.
$ Si I50XL:'S sorted Quality oj
jf TOBACCO for sale bv
September 18, 1840. 18tf.
L'SikVk M IjJv.M & TAL-
vrj t m,t f, . VI.r , , ,
A.! 0 I)A V r iTt All --. k V 1 r . . ... .
iv n uijLj?) lor sate iy
September 18, 1810. 18tf.
A ( BOXES OF SOAP, just reeciv
J; V ed and for sale bv
September 18, 1810. 18tf.
lltfU yj for sale very low bv the
subscribers. WALKER & SANGER.
Sept. 18, 1840. 18tf.
A few thousand chvice SI'tfXISII
CIGARS for sale by
September 18, 1810. 18tf.
Kud'alo ICobcs, Cordage, A.c,
rALKEU.t SANGER have just received
r &L their ivpll L'imvn Htnml nn (!:ilnil ulrppt
hetWPell LaSulln and (!illlmliia uml ulT. r
for sale at die lowest prices
10 Bales of Bnfl'al.) Robes,
5 Coils of Manella Rope,
40 Dozen of Bed Cords,
75 Kegs of Boston & Pittsburgh Nails.
20 Boxes of Raisins,
5 Barrels of Rice,
10 of Tar,
3 Tons of assorted Iron.
September 18, 1840. 18tf.
A f STOVES, assorted sizes, just
Jt j received and for sale bv the
subscribers. WALKER &. SANGER.
Sept. 18, 1840. 18tf.
White Lead, Oils, Ac.
JUST received and for sale at the store of the
subscribers on the south side of the Public
Square, in Ottawa, III.
40 Kegs of White Lead in Oil,
5 Barrels of Linseed Oil,
10 Ounces of Sulphate of Quinine,
3 Dozen of Tonic Mixture, '
3 Barrels of Winter Strained Spr
maceitti Oil,
2 Barrels of Tanners Oil,
2 Barrels of Saleratus,
2 Barrels of Rosin. 1
September 19,1810.
13 tf.
OwVf assorted sizes, just r?ecived
aad for sale by tho subscribers. -;
Stoves, Stove-Pi pe, Ac.
rpilOMAS J. RUSSELL, ascnt for tho late
J. firm of L. Wooiiri r & Co., oilers for sale,
for cash, at the old stand of said firm,
A large supply of Stoves, Stove-Pipe,
Sheet Iron and Tin Ware of every
Persons desiring any of the above articles, will
please call on the subscriber at the store of Hurl
but V Russell, corner of La Salle and Canal
streets. ' THOMAS J. RUSSELL".
Ottawa, Sept. 18, 1840. 18tf.
Administrator's Notice.
T T ,
r"""1'' iiavwi" 1 1. imm aunsi
XSL the PKimn r.f t j
. the estate of Benjamin Lundy, de-
ccatcd, are hereby notified and requested
it tl,..H,I 1,,.C. .1 -n I t ' -
iju persons navimr e mm n.r.nnct
w, ut-iure uie I'ronatc Justice lor
La.SalIe county, at his office in O'.iawa,
on.jhe first Wednesday in November, A.
D. 1840, for the purpose of having the
same adjusted : that beinir the dav fixed
upon by the subscriber, in pursuance of
tne statutes, lor the purpose of settling
and adjusting all claims ngainst said dece
Sept. 18, 1810. 18 Ow.
Administrator's Notice.
ALL persons having claims against
the estate of Jf'illiam Conway,
deceased, are hereby notified and request
ed to attend before the Probate Justice of
La Salle county, at his office, in Ottawa,
on the first Wednesday in November, A.
D. 1840, for the purpose of having the
same adjusted ; that being the dav f,Xeii
by the subscriber, in pursuance 'of thf
statute, for the purpose of settling and
adjusting all claims against said decedent.
Sept. 18, 1840. 18 Cw
Administrators Notice.
ALL persons having claims against
the estate of James Littlk, deceas
ed, are hereby notified and requested to
present the same to the subscriber, admi
nistrator of said estate, or to the Probate
Juslico of La Salle county, within nine
months from the date hereof, for settle
... : ' 'Administrator.
. U)ttava, Sept. 5ih, 1840. 17 1 w
' ' .'-Administratrix' Notice.
A LL persons having claims against the
i -estate otJames CT Edgecombe,
deceased, are hereby notified and request
ed to present the same to the subscriber,
administratrix of said estate or to the
Probate Justice of La Salle county, within
nine months from the date hereof, for
settlement. JANE S. EDGECOMBE,
Ottawa, Sept. 3, 1810. 10 Ow.
Administrator's Notice.
ALL persons having claims ngainst
. the estate of Pliney Bliss, Vceas
ed, are hereby notified and requested to
attend bcfoic the Probate Justice . for Lu
Salle county, at his office in Ottawa, on
the 20th day of October, A. I). 1840, for
the purpose of having the same adjusted ;
that being the day fixed upon by the
subscriber, in pursuance of the tuatutes,
for the purpose of scitlinjr and adjusting
all claims against said decedent.
August 14, 1840. 13 Ow
TBIIIE heirs of Xorton Gum, di reused,
J., late of the county of La Salle, ami
State of Illinois, are hereby notified that
I intend to present a petition to the Cir
cuit Court, to be holden nt the Court
House in the town of Ottawa, in said
county, on the second Monday in No
vember next, at the opening of the court,
to enable me to sell nil the real estate of
the said Norton Gum, deceased, to nav
the debtfl of the said estate, (the personal
estate being insufficient,) when and where
tne said heirs can appear and show cause.
if any there is, why the said petition
should not be granted. .
Administrator of the said Estate.
July 21. 18 10. 10 5w.
Srmzer A"
r HlHE orders drawn by
Sons, accepted und made payable
by us, will be. received as imual at par,
and we take this method of informing our
friends and the public, that nothing else
in the shape of Scrip will hereafter be
received by us at par for goods. The
holders of the above named orders or
acceptances, will please present jhc same
aiourntore as soon as convenient the
1, " .1
Scrip is ready to redeem them
Ottawa, Sept. 4, 1810. lOVtV
1I5HI.. Peach Brandy, just received and
for salo by WALKER k SANGER.
Aug. 21. lw ... j'
ig IJBL. l'orl Wine, a first rate ariic'.e,
just received and for sale by
Aug. 21. WALKER & SaSGER.
Jl I AVE just received at the old stand of H. &
I I tf if ..ii . .i. . - .c r . .:t . . i
i. iiumuri, ua lac corner ui ia caue alia
Canal streets, a large, and well selected stock of
Dry Goods. Groceries. Ilardwarr,
Boots & Shoes, and Crockery, which
they oiler to sell cheap for cash, or ex
chdnge for Dry Hides, Wheat, Oats,
Corn, Beeswax, &c. kc.
Ottawa, August 14, 1810.. 13 tf. ;
Ottawa Bakery;
rlHE subscriber would respectfullyiufonn the
I rttirens of Ottawa titl vieinilY tliul In. ti!l
carries on the above business in V tumbus street.
opposite the v agon 'makers Sluij,, where he
always keeps on hand a good supply of J .
Fresh Bread, ('rukrrx. Cakes, Pics, kt. "
He would likewise infom, tlw juiblic that he has
A Urocery -
Connected with the above establishment, and
constantly keeps on hand a good supply of
Liquors, Teas, Coffee, Sugar, etc., Lc.
. ,. .
1Ie resnectlully solicits a continuance of that
patronage with which the public has heretofore
favortdhim. ' JAMES ARMOUR.
tflt...'..,u A ...... a, 1, loll) in
Ottawa, August 14, 1810.
13 if.
jj&ESPECTrTLLY inform the citi.tus ol
Ottawa and vicinity, that he has just h
reived from Philadelphia city, a larjjc assortment of
It road Cloth ,
of various colors viz: Blue, Black, Invis
ible Green, Brown, Dalia, Cadet, Steel
iftix''d, Drab, &c. Also, a large assort
ment of CASSIMERES, Fancy Stripe
and. other dillerent colors. A variety of
Satinet Is, of various colors, such as Black,
Blue;" Invisible Green, Brown, Ash, Ca
det, Stecl-niix'd, &c. Also, Bombazine
of an excellent quality ; a splendid assort
ment of full-trimed Satin and Bombazine
Stocks Gcntlemcu3 Gloves, Gumelastic
Slispen.r3"; the J;tiest stylo of .S'll,
Marseilles and Silk Velvet, excellent ar
ticles for Vests. Also, Shirts, and a
splendid assortment of Trimmings. He
has also received a lot of Braver and Pi
lot Cloths, and nn . excellent article of
Blue Hushing for Over-Coat if , u variety
of Merinoes, Cordvroy, Fancy and Plain
Cravats, 'Pocket Handkerchiefs, Crape,
Latlings, and Summer Cloths.
Mr. Shuler respectfully informs his
friends and the public in general, that he
continues the Tailoring business in all its
various blanches.
July 17, 1840. 0 3m.
La Salle Cointy, :, 5
La Salle Cimuit Court, 7u yvvimbir
Tirm, 1810. '
' Attachi
-f $400"
Cr.oitoi: M. Bostwick.
- v .
fJ OI ILL is hereby given to the said
J dcorce M. Uostwick. that a W nt
of Attachment, issued out of the Clerk's
n,r, ,,,., . t, , c . .
wiiu 1- in iiiu 1. 11 i nn i. uiii i iii s.iiu iiiu my
ol Jia .Salle, dated tho 8th day ol July, A.
I). 1840, at the suit of George W. Ann
strong, against the estate of the said
George M. Bostw ick for the sum of four
hundred dollars and ninety-three cents.
directed to the Sheriff of La Salle county
to execute ; which said Writ .'has been
returned by the said Sheriff "levied upon
the East half of lot four (4) and the East
half of lot live (5) in Block twelve (12),
with me appurtenances thereunto belong
ing, in the town of Utica," and that wiid
suit is now pending before the Circuit
Court of said county of La Salle. Now.
unless you the said Gcoruo M. Berwick
shall personally be mid appear before tin.
l. lrcuil lourt ol said county on the lirst
day of the next term thereof, to be holden
nt the Court House iu Ottaw a, on the
second Monday in November next, 'give
special bail and plead totlie said plaintilPs
action, Judgment w ill be entered against
you by default, in favour of the said
plaintilf, and the estate, attached as afore
said, will be sold to satisfy the same w ith
-ostt. ; J. (JLOU u cert
Ottawa, September 10th, IS 10.
Dickey fc L'eland,
Plaint'ilPa Attorneys. , 17--lw.
State of llliiioK
LA kai.lk cot .VI V
In the Circuit Court if t aid county,
To November Term, 1810.
Charles Williams,
In Chanc'srv.
xv ..... u it at c f n 11 '
11.1.1 1 n . .11 .wi 1 1 c uiii 10 lorri' .ftwn
John C. Caldwei.i
EM.. J H."i
T appearing by satisfactory . affidavit
filed in the office of i'uc' C'.Vrk nf ,h
Circuit Court of. said coir.,ty, .that Wil
liam I). Martin," one of tjlc abovc named
defendants, is a l-on-rr tvuX (t( tw ri3l(J
of Illinois. N otice . H then fore hereby
given, that the sa.'.d. complainaht, Charles
Williamsons fd hii Bill herein, and a
summor.s ha.vlng been issued herein t.ccor-
Hinj to la,, rsUiniaWe before ih.: Circuit
Ccurtf La Salle county, on tho second
1 : '
" "'ay in ;vcinwr next. Aow unless
r !,. j . 1 . .
yJti, tne said Uilliam I). Mart 11. hall
personally be and appear before the Cir
cuit Court of said county, on the firm day
of the next term thereof, to be holden at
tho Court House iu Ottawa, on the second
Monday in November next, and mmver
the matters and. things contained, jn the
said complainant's BtU of pomplnint the
satno will he valicn as confessed, nnd the
matters arid things therein prayed for will
be decreed accordingly. , . , r, ".n j.
J. Ci.otn. Cirri.
Pern and Peoria Daily Packet.
i - - - - - 'a. ' - I .
eg" fmaC Steam - Boat
TTTrrfP ; ii ' FRONTIER .
Blaiiist master, will
f P run as a regular packet
ria, leaving Peru dailv, (Sunday xceptcd.) at
1 0 clock, r. n, and Peoria at 3 o'clock, s. v.
July 17. I !). J tf.
A 'aree 'ot of Saddles, Bridles, Ma-
tincalks and Collars just received
and for sale by the .aurweribers. . -HL'RLBUT;
Ottawa, Sept.' 4, 1810 v --Ifrif,
E. DEAN'S celebrated Ckcuiical.
1'laMcr 'i
IjV)U Kheumntiiiu, t'eicrtorts, WhitciV'eH.'rg:,
l ijlcmmiitivn in tht eye, B:nm, Swelkd
Tntvut in S (.il t t'evtr, Qu.nty, He. f
Tnjflwm U may emicern. This ' may Tfrtily,"
that I,- EaAsiis Uku, the proprietor of L.
Dcan'i C'heiiiical l'labkr, have for more than two
years been in u delicate state of health, so that 1
have been unable to prepare and circulate sukl
plaster to lhat extenf whi K"the interest of ibe
sulllrins comniuiiiiy demands; and feeling that
so valuable an article ought to be made known to
the allli. ted, 1 have ni ule arrangemcnU with JL
Harris & Co., of Aahta-ailu, Ohio, to manufacture
and vend it in my name as uiy sole successors.
This, tbeieforc, may be relied 011 as the genuine
article heretofore prepared- bv me. ' As witness
my hand. . ERASTL'S DEAN
VVesttleld, Chautiiu.jucco., ,.y., Jun.-l.18tK).
Tho Chemical Master is an important remedy 1
la all those who are atllictcd with inflammatory
complaints by tu easing pain, counteracting in
flanialion, and giving speedy relief, by its active,
strengthening and sudorific properties. An tU
fectual remedy for inflammatoTy rhcutnatisni, ague
in the breast, cramp, burns, bruises, scrofula, old
sores, ulcers of almost every description, cankered
and swelled throat arising ffoni scarlet fever,' fcl
nns; while swellings, elulbluiiis, Ic-lVrsous
nulloring from liver complaints, puVaonary diseas
es, iuflauiniaUon if the lungs, with pain in the
fiJe and breast, puin and' weakness in the back,
will tlr.d I'clitll In ail c'asvs it timy be uscJ with
The Plaster is now put up in boxes at 50
cents and 1 dollar each. . , . ' '
Made and sold, wholcsulu and retail, by ii'
Hauum & Co.,' Ashtabula, Ohio, sole proprie
lors.Xone gcnuitie unless signed by .11. Harris
on the w rapper, , ,
Pna Li.m, Pa., April 7.
Messrs. Harris & Co; Sirs: Since I was at
your storo in July last, I have used E. Dean's
Chemical Plaster, wtiiuh I bve received from
you at dillerent limes, and feel myself in duty
bound to you an proprietors, and to the public
generally, to recommend the same as a taio and
etFicacious remedy for those complaints for which
it is recommended. I have used it in several cases
of inflamed eyes, in some of which its effects as c
curative have been decided, and in no case has it
failed of giving relief where, it has been applied
according to directions, end alt who have ued it
arc perfectly atisfied with it so far us I know-.
I have also applied it in some severe cases of ague
iu tlu braasl with (be happiest WVee; -1
would ulso relate the cusw of Mr. Thoraus
Loganwho hasten alUictcd with the ibcO)i-
tism in one hip for thirteen veins, so that ha had
ivt( ."uii'MiiM iv Hiiaiuiuii luiHji. in m ltcdl mri.
compelled to abandon labor, in a fire a
sure. I let him have a box of the Plaster, be
! iniiea it, and for three davs found, as he ut
:ost'd' ho be"tlU bw alter that ho wrcweJ tit
pain was not so severe, ana in less than two
weeUii lie c
011 lit labor hard ull dav and rest frea
from pain at night. He says he would hot part
wn.i iiie oox no nas lor uircc liunurcu (loliars,
providing he could not obtain another. He also
shj s to me, kwp it on hand and recommend it
wherewr you go. . .. , j
. I have used the Plaster in cuhcs of pains in tho
side, back, shoulders, eVc, with like good etfect.
MaHE, June 18, 1833.
MsrH. Horrit & Co, !Nr; 1 have. used E.
fit mi's Chemical 1'laMcr for four years past and
dn cheerfully recommend it to physicians and the
public generally as an invaluable rwnedy in chron
ic and acute rheumatism, sprains of the wrist,
ankle, shoulder, Ac. In felons, whitlow and
scrofuluiis swellings of all descriptions, it is gen
erally an eireclual remedy. In hort, wln-rrtver
there is pain; it is almost sure to give relief in a
few hours. 1 havu used it in ; great number of
rheumatic n'.t i lions. One of my pntient aged
10, full hu'.iit. had a rheumatic swelling 011 oiw
leg. He li.nl Iktii unable l get out of the hau
lor three nionlhs; his leg was swelled, !pai enor
mous siw, twice its usual iigmM Wery riling
bad been done without success, -.ntil We com
menced using Dean's CluiiihrJ Plasler. ' We
eiiNeloped the knee and a portion of the liuib in
the Plaster, and in three dux' thew. lUngentirelv
ihsuppi-ared, and in ten uvs he went about hi
ordinary' busine is; Sw j,, ouf ,urcr
with the article, ami We n.iw wUliiwlv recom.
mend it to the publi- for n Ulj
ours, Ac J, H..-TEYKOLDS, VtJvS
flO I'or sale ,y M.E.IIoUiator', OlU, 'the
ruiiRMts at Mncai olu Juli,.,; j. . Ejf
leru, "ml !ame. Durlcy, Hcnnibfu. 111. All or-"l-rs
nl t HOUrihifu, Ashtabula, Ohio,
lor urn 'above. Wdiciiir, will b promj.tty attended
o. ,'.Je
nd PlBr. .
Ottawa, Auu-t U, KS10. ' 13 tv. 1
W ILL be offered at private 'sale,,
after this 'date, the follow n:A.
scribed property, in th town of Ottawa.
vi?.: Lot No. 2, in Block No. 16, in the
tow n of Ottaw a, on which arc erected
TWO HOUSES. In addition to the
building, which arc csiueuicnt and well
ftnifhed, there are ,t1o a Barn, Smoke
Huiise, mi rlwfw well known to all tho
inhabitants, the vcry'best iveUof pur
water in the town. - One ofthh houses
laces' oa. I 'rout street, ctnnvmding
beautiful view of the river nd surrouiifj-.,
1111' pi I'll. r - 1 11. ni iipt nn i nnni iinnT .
The sidccut, with the, twtflocksV W' im..
mediately on 'the, west'and trw iaTbia W'
u'vaw u pirccuy in irojii,, on ,j,nc Dfow ft
the bluilV As soolr' as the basin is put
unrlr ntrnrihrr9 Vill be no more
eligible situation for business in the plac.
. Alsoo lot. of exeeilcnt TIMBER
LAND, immcdiuioly in fiffht,1 on the .
' In'ths absns M tho
ft-jWe on th pro-niifsvapply w J .-OJoui, ,
Mq yrno unu jnv r,"-
t 1 Mr j. .

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