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THE Ill'IH'.
Toll me, ye winged wind's
That round my pathway rour,
Do ye not know some spot
Where mortal wep no morel
Some lone mid pleasant dell,
Some valley in the west,
Where, free from toil and jut'in,
The weary soul may rest !
The loud wind dwindled to a whisper low,
And sighed for pity as it whispered "No!"
Tell me, thou mighty deep,
Whose billow round me- play,
Know'st thou some favored spot,
Some island far away,
Where weary man may find
The bliss for which he nigh,
Where sorrow never Iivc,
And friendship never dies!
The loud waves rolling in perpetual llow,
Slopped for awhile, and sighed, to answer " No
And thou, serenest moon,
That with such holy lace,
Dost look upon the earth
Asleep in night's einhraec:
Tell me, in all thy round,
Hast thou not seen some spot
Where miserable man
Miht find a happier lot 1
Behind cloud the moon withdrew in wo,
And a voice sweet, but sad, responded " No !"
Tell me, my societ soul,
Oh ! tell nir, Hope and Faith,
' ' . Is there no resting place
From sorrow, sin and death :
Is there no happy spot
Where mortals may be blcss'd,
Where irrief may find a balm.
And weariness a rest?
Faith, Hope, and Iove, best boons to mortals given
Wav'd their bright wings, and whispcr'd '-Yes,
in Heaven."
IWirlj. lliinj.
Tiia air in the morning is more hracini
and bHlmy, than during any other part of
the day. Every boy or girl, who can be
spared from household affairs, should be
abroad with the lark and the robin, inha
ling it. What will your sons or daugh
ters be good for, if you allow them to bo
dozing and dreaming, and breathing car
bou in a close room, and dreading to gel
up, when they ought to bo out brushing
oif the dew drops from the flowers, and
listening to the nii'nstrelsv of the orchard
and grove, or with burning cheeks and
frost breath, dallying with the hoary locks
of winter. It is easier for a child to rise
at five o'clock than at seven.
.If you allow your children to become
sluggards when they are young, they will
probably carry the habit with them
through life, of .crying. "A little more
sleep, a little more slumber, a little more
folding of , the hands to sleep." Hcgin
early then to fix your hour, and adhere to
?k Let your child know that you are
fixed as the laws of the Modes and Per
sians, and lie will see that there is no use
in trying to plead off. In this way he
will become accustomed to early rising,
while he is 'yet a child. As the habit
gains strength, it will become more and
more pleasant to him. lie will be likely
t3 retain it when he is no longer under
your roof- He will live longer and be
more happy, and do more good, than if
he had been indulged when he thought it
a hardship to bo roused so early from his
slumbers. If your boy docs not get
sleep enough by the time yo-.i set for his
rising, send him to bad an hour earlier,
and ,the matter will soon be adjusted.
lnagrr of Female Society.
I cannot look full in a pretty girl's face
all a flashing so, without being kinder
dazzled an 1 scorched. It kinder wakens
mo up this cold weather, and kindles such
a pulse in my heart that the blood runs
ti rough it as hot as if it had run through
a steamboat pipe. And then the all-fired
things have so many sly ways ofcomiu
ft over a feller with them nrc crincum
crancumS of their' n, that I don't think
much of a feller that can see their purty
mout'is work and feel his own work. too.
If they sidle up, I can't help sidlin up
too, if I died ; and when their eyes full
flash on me, I wilt right down under 'em
as cut grass in Wcathersficld of a hot
summer dayr It's nature all this, 'and I
cannot help' it no howl Jo final ha n
Slick.'-'; ' ' 11 'MA
- 'I'rniiaulnntliiB
There is not a shrub, vine, plant, or
tree to be found in our fields and forests
that is not susceptible of a high degree of
improvement, if taken up late in fall or
early.' in the spring, properly trimmed,
and transplanted into good rich soil near
our dwellings. Their change for the
better soon becomes apparent, j Take,
for instance, young chestnut trees from
the mountain, top off as much of their
tops as you leave of their roots ; 6et them
out as you would your apple trees ; not
deeper in the soil than they have stood.
They then have a rapid growth, and if
well preserved, will spread and bear pro
lifically, producing a nut three times the
sue of those generally brought to market,
and pf better flavor. The hickory ' tree
will do the same.- . All will bear grafting
as well as the pear tree. . Experiments
in this line cost but little.
. Aacctlote t Patrick Ifmrr. ' )
Vi htn' tlio celebrated Patrick I lenry
of Virginia,! was near the close of his life
and, in feeble. health, he laid his hand on
lnj' tHblci'and addressing , an old friend
wh:a!wv'vvith Km, .Here is a book,"
aid'hsV ''Vorth "more tbaq U others ever
primed ; yet it is my misfortune never to
have read it with proper attention and
feeling, till lately !" About the same
time, he wrote to his daughter "I heard
it said Deists have claimed me ! The
thought gave me more pain than the ap
pellation of Tory, for I consider religion
of infinitely higher importance than poli
tics ; and I find much cause to reproach
myself, that I have lived so long and giv
en no decided and public proof of my be
ing a Christian."
IVtrolruiti Oil Well.
About 10 years since, whilst boring for
salt water, near Uurksville, Ky., after
penetrating thro' solid rock upwards of
'ZOO feet, a fouutam of pure oil was struck
which was thrown up more than twelve
feet above the surface of the earth. Al
though in quantity somewhat abated after
the discharge of a few minutes, during
which it was supposed to discharge 75
gallons a minute, it still continued to How
for several days successively. The well
being on the margin and the mouth of a
small creek emptying into Cumberland
river, the oil soon found its way thither,
and for a long time covered its surface.
Some gentleman below applied a torch,
when the surface of the river blazed, and
the flames soon climbed the most elevated
clifl's, and scorched the summit of the
loftiest trees. It ignites freely, and pro
duces a flame as brilliant as gas. Its
qualities were then unknown ; but a
quantity was barreled, most of which
soon leaked out. It is so penetrating as
to be difficult to confine in a wooden ves
sel, and has so much gas as frequently to
burst bottles when filled and tightly cork
ed. Upon exposure to the iir it assumes
a greenish hue : It is extremely volatile ;
has a strong, pungent and indescribable
smell, and tastes much like the heart of
pitch pine.
For a short time after the discovery, a
small quantity of the oil would flow
whilst pumping the salt water, which led
to the impression that it could always be
drawn by pumping. Hut all subsequent
attempts to obtain it, except by a sponta
neous flow, have entirely failed. There
have been two such flows within the last
two years! The last commenced on the
1th of July last, and continued about six
weeks, during which time twenty barrels
of oil were obtained. The oil and salt
water with which it is invariably combin
ed during these flows, are forced up by
the gas above 200 feet into the pump,
and thence through the spout into a cov
ered trough, where the water soon be
comes disengaged and settles at the bot
tom, whilst the oil is readily skimmed
from the surface. A rumbling noise re
sembling distant thunder uniformly at
tends the flowing of the oil, whilst the
gas which is then visible every day at
the top of the pump, leads the passing
stranger to inquire whether the well is on
liie. cw Orleans Bulletin.
Plant Tree.
If you icanl to thrive, plant trees: tiny arc money
at compound interest, whkh iiicreanrx whit)
you sleep.
Iii the year 1758, ninciytwo fir trees
were planted upon a piece of poor ground,
about three quarters of an acre in extent.
The ground M as waste, and poor : no
extra expense was incurred, and no furth
er attention was paid to the young trees.
n 1813, they were cut down and sold
for three hundred and sixty pounds,
(about eighteen hundred dollars,) which
was equal to an annual rent of thirtytwn
dollars, during the intervening fifty-five
years, or upwards of forty dollars per
A gentleman in England, whose lands
were more extensive than fertile, planted
fifteen hundred trees, on the birth of eve
ry daughter, upon his waste grounds
which were on an average worth one
pound sterling, on her coming of age :
thus enabling him to true a handsome
fortune to each of them on arriving at the
age of twenty-one, without any extraor
dinary economy on his part ; the regular
thinning of the trees, at proper seasons,
with barking, &c.,-paying off nil the
current expenses, besides yielding him a
small rent for the land.
In Scotland, a piece of waste land was
planted with sycamores and at the end
of sixty years, sold for a sum which paid
fourteen pounds sterling (nearly seventy
dollars) the acre, per annum, during that
long period.
The planting of the banket willow tree,
in wet, waste places, or along the margin
of streams, yields more profit, proportion
ed to the outlay, than raising of wheat, or
making of butter ; and when onco started,
requires no further trouble than annually
to cut the twigs. in a shame to put
it in print, and yet it is true, that annual
ly there a.c large quantities of willows for
baskets, imported into this country, from
Holland. . We also import annually,
thousands of dollars' worth of baskets,
ready made to our hands, from France
and other countries '.! Truly ours must
be a rich country indeed, to enable us to
perpetrate such an amount of folly every
year. Farmers' Cabinet.
An elderly maiden, meeting a newly
married man, who had onco been her ser
vant, carrying homo a cradle, exclaimed,
"Alu John,' these arc the fruits of maw
age." ' "No, madam," replied John,
"this be only therrn basket."
Illinois I..eiriluturc.-
Just as our paper was going to press we Tecui
ved the following letter from fprinfield :
SpuixcriELD, Nov. 21, 1810.
Messrs. Wiitek tc Hise
The Senate and House were in session yester
day for a short time, and almost entirely occupied
in qualifying their mcmliers. The Senate chose
for their officers as follows: M. L. Cotill, of j
M'Lcan county, Secretary j Dowxijw Bavoh,
of Jeflbrson, Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk :
Axurkw J. Witt, Sergeant-at-Arms all De
mocrat. To-day the House chose for officer C!en. Ew
ixo, of Fayette, Speaker, by a vote of 4G to 36;
Jon Calhou n, of Sangamon, Clerk, by a vote of
70 to 13 scattering; Geo ex Davis, of Cook,
Assistant Clerk, by a vote of 46 to 36; Korkrt
Smith, of Madison, Enrolling and Engrossing
Clerk, by IT majority; William C. Mchfht,
of Perry, Door Kteper, by 28 majority ; and Mr.
Kouturs, of Montgomery, Assistant Door Keep
er, by 14 majority also all Democrats.
The above account will assure you of the per
fect harmony and unanimity that exists among
the Democratic members of the Legislature, and
is a sure presage of the future. The mu.it cupullt
men have been selected and named by their friends,
and from them the above list lias been elected,
without n murmur that I have heard from those
who were not so fortunate as to obtain a nomina
tion from the Democracy.
There i an evident desire on tho part of both
parties, to make the session a useful one; and I
will endeavor from time to time to inform you of
passing events, which must possess more than or
dinary interest this winter, from the, important na
ture of the public business.
The Senate notified the House this morning
that it was organized and ready to proceed to bu
siness. This afternoon the Governor's Message is ex
pected. Vours truly, W.
Ailits A Cider.
1 rf uarkels or pmme ap-
lUU PLES, and
Olr DEIt, just received and for
sale at the store of the subscriber in Peru,
La Salle county Illinois.
Nov. 27lh, 1810. 28 tf.
Poekrt Book Found.
1710UNI) by the subscriber on the
. south side of the Illinois river,
about one mile from this place, a pocket
book, containing a small sum of money
and valuable papers. The owner can
have it by paying for this advertisement
and calling on the subscriber.
Ottawa, Nov. 20, 1810. 27 3 up
Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron
foic sals:.
milE subscriber, Administrator's
1 gent of the estate of Lucius Wood
ruff, deceased, offers at private sale the
establishment in Ottawa, lately conducted
by the deceased, under the firm of L.
Woodriff & Co. The ware, stock and
tools, will be sold at a bargain, and any
person wishing to engage in the business
cannot find a more desirable location in
the western country. The shop and lot,
situated on the public square and in the
most business part of tho town, will also
be sold at a bargain.
Persons wishing any further informa
tion respecting the above establishment,
will please address the subscriber, post
Ottawa, 111.
November 20, 1810. 27 4 w
ICork Itiver Seminar)-.
WE arc authorized by order of the
board of Trustees of this insti
tution, situated at Mount Morris, Ogle
county, Illinois, to inform the public that
the winter session will commence in the
new Edifice on the 20th inst., under the
direction of Joseph N. Waggonkr and
Lyman Catun from the Genesee Wes
lcyan Seminary at Lima, New York.
From the competency of our leathers
and Steward we are assured that we shall
be able to render ainnlc satisfaction to
patrons and pupils.
Jerms as follows: I he Ster.ard,
Iiev. John Shakp, will furnish boarding
in the Seminary, including use ot rooin9,
furniture, &c, at 1 50 per week, paya
ble monthly in advance. Students board-
ing in the Seminary will be required to
furnish their own beds and towels ; lights
and fuel can be obtained at the Seminary
as also washing in the neighborhood.
TUITION. In the primary depart
ment 3 00 ; higher branches of English
$4 00; Languages, itc, 5 O0, payable
in advance.
Female Students from abroad w ill oc
cupy a part of the building designed ex
clusivcly for their use, under the care of
a competent female teacher. Students
wishing to obtain rooms, will do well to
secure them before the time of com
menccmont. TIIOS. S. IllTT,
Ex. Committer.
Ml. Morrii, Nov. 4, 1840. 20 tf.
-fl FC BOXES Assorted Quality of
TOBACCO for sale bv
September 1 8. 840. 1 8 tf.
- Xew Store .cw CSoods
Direct from New York.
VI rl are now receiving at tho Brick Store,
f T No. 1, Cheap Side, directly opposite the
Mansion House, in this place, a large and general
Assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Crockery, Hoots Shoes,
Heady Made Clothing, Hats Caps,
Jflnes f)' Liquors, y-c., $'"
Our goods were purchased in New
York with the cash, and selected with
care expressly for this market, which
will enable us to make it an object for
any person to call and examine our stock
before purchasing elsewere, as we un
determined to sell as low as the times
will admit.
C7 Wheat, Corn, Oats, Pork, Beef,
Butter, Eggs, Hides, &c, &c, will be
taken for goods.
L. P. it W. A. SANGER it Co.
Ottawa, Nov. 13, 1810. 26 if.
IVotice is hereby Kiveu
TMlO the inhabitants of Kane, La Salle
JL and I)e Kalb counties, that there
will be a petition presented to the Legis
lature of the State of Illinois for a division
of the above named counties, to wit:
Taking in townships 35, 30 and 37 of
Range 50 and 7, all east of the third prin
cipal Maredian. W. P. BOYD,
Lasallc co., Oct. 10, 1810. 26 It
ruiiiiiiiK .11 ills.
iST received per steam boat Rich
mond, on consignment 8 fust rate
'.2XYAV; MILLS, which will be
sold low for cash, by J. HOFFMAN.
Peru, Nov. 10, 1810. 20 tf.
ISotieu of Dissolution.
111E Co-Partncrship heretofore exis
ting between Charles It. Sulphen
and J). C, liallard was dissolved by
mutual consent on the 1st of October
last. The business of said linn will be
settled up by Charles 11. Sulphen.
Indian Creek, Nov. 0, 1810. 25 lw
ti. Ij. Thompson
HAS just received at his New Drug Store, on
the east side of the Public Snuaro in this
place, a large assortment of fresh
Together with a few choice Wines and
The public, are respectfully requested to cull
and see.
Xovcmlier 0, 1810.
25 tf.
ISoots & Shoe.
IIE subscriber would respect
fully inform the eitions of
Ottawa nnd its vicinilv thnt he hns
commenced the business of
in this nluce, one door north of the
l'ost OHice, where he solicits a
shure of public patronage mid nsstires the Indies
and gentlemen that they can have
Every variety of line Pumps, Boots &.
Shoes,' made to suit their fancy ns well
as their feet. A. A. FISH Eli."
Ottawa. .November 6. 1S40. 25 tf.
Aolice This!
ALL persons indebted to the firm of
Walker S,- Sanger, either by note
or book account, are respectfully request
ed to call and settle the same, within two
weeks. Persons neglecting this notice
will find their accounts placed in the
hands of proper officers for collection.
Ottawa, Nov. G, 1810. 25-lf,
On Front St., next door to the Exchange.
4 harles I'ndeiin
ESI'ECTFILLV informs the cili7.cn ol
Ottawa that he has opened a Mail Market
at the
titirtttn lllfllttlJtimil 1 iLll'O -
where he
will krep consliiutly ivT
Ull 11U1UI WIC LIB IIUI.I1IV ui in u
nriri" Dinu vnm:rv; tc -ttw
By strict attention to business he hopes'
to secure a liberal share of public pat
ronage. Ottawa, October 'A lHlO. 2;t tf.
Pink IZxiiertoriint Syrup.
I11IC ca.tes of Consumption ore so numerous
I in all the northern l ititmlcs, that some reme
dy as a preventive should be kept by every family
constantly on hand, to administer on the first
appearance of so direlul 11 uisense. I Ins r.spcc-
hrtint cHiirui) will in every case prevent the com-
nlaint. It Is finite iinposfihle for any person ever
to have consumption who will use tins remedy on
the first opproach of cnimh and pnm in the side
it ml in many instances it has eureii when physi
cians had given up the ca-e ns incurnlilci
Sold wholesale and letail by Comstock ft Co,
wholesale druireists. 2 Fletcher sired, N. V., and
at the druff store of .V. :. 1IO LUSTER.
Ottawa, October 10, IS HI. 22-tf.
9999 LOW CANDLES for sale by
September 18,1810. 18 if.
Bushels of DRIED APPLES for
sale cheap by
September 18, 1 40. 18 if.
1VTOTICE. A petition will be prrs-
J entcd to the next session of the Le
gihlature of the stale of Illinois for a new
County, beginning at the south-west cor
ner of section IH in town 31 in range 0;
thence cast to ihe east line of range 10 ;
thence north to the north line of township
3D ; thence west to the centre of range
0 I thence north to the mouth of the Du
page, up the Dupage to tho north line of
township 30 ; thence west to the centre
of range 0 ; thence south to the placo of
beginning. ., '
October 10, 1840. ' ?ftlf.
i:w coops.
AVE iust received at the old stand of It. &
11. nulburt, on the corner of La talle and
Canal streets, a large and well selected stock of
Dry Goods, Urarrrics, Hardware,
Boots cv Shoes, and (.'rockery, which
they offer to sell cheap for cash, or ex
change for Dry Hides, Wheat, Oats,
Corn, Beeswax, ttc. etc.
Ottawa, August 11, 1840. 13 tf.
Ottawa llukcry.
rilllE subscriber would respectfully inform the
X citizens of Ottawa and vicinity, that he still
carries on the a!ove business in Columbus street,
opposite the Wnsjgon makers Shop, where he
always keeps on hand a good supply of
Fresh firend, frakrrs, I'akrs. 1'irs, ir.
He would likewise inform the public that he h:is
A iro'ory
Connected w ith the above establishment, and
constantly keeps on hand a good supply of
Liquor, Teas, Coffee, Sugar, &c, tc.
lie respectfully solicits a continuance of that
patronage w ith which the public has heretofore
favored him.
Ottawa, August 14, IS 10.
13 tf.
Walker & Sanirr
Ara now receiving their full Mock of
Fresh Groceries, Liquors, Iron, Nails,
Castings, fcc.
Embracing the largest and most complete Stock
ever olfcred in this market, which will be sold at
the lowest rates either at W HOLE SALE or
RETAIL for cash or tho Scrip of I). Sanger &
Sons. W'A f , K E K & S V N ti E R.
Ottawa, September 18, 1840. 18 tf. .
BOXES OF SOAP, just receiv
ed and for sale by
September 18, 1810. 18 tf.
for sale very low by the
subscribers. WALKER k SANGEH.
Sept. 18, 1810. 18 tf.
ltull'ulo Itoles, Cordage, Ae.
lirALKEK - SANOElt huve just received
T f ut their well known stand on Canal street,
between Lit Salle and Columbus streets, and oiler
for sale at the lowest prices ,
10 Bales of Buffalo Kobes,
5 Coils of Manella Hope,
40 Dozen of Bed Cords,
75 Kegs of Boston & Pittsburgh Nails.
20 Boxes of Iiaisins,
5 Barrels of Hice,
10 " of Tar,
3 Tons of assorted Iron.
September 18, IS JO. t8--tf.
4 "V STOVES, assorted sizes, lust
jl J received and for sale by the
subscribers. WALK Ell it SAN (I Eli.
Sept. 18, 1810. 18 tf.
While Lead, Oils Ae.
I LSI received aiul toi sale nt the storn ol the
subscribers on the south side of tho Public
Square, in Ottawa, 111.-
10 Kegs of Y lute Lead in Oil,
5 Barrels of Linseed Oil,
10 Ounces of Sulphate of Quinine,
3 Dozen of Tonic Mixture,
3 Barrels of Winter Strained Spar-
inaceitli Oil,
2 Barrels of Tanneri Oil,
ti Barrels of Saleratus,
2 Barrels of Rosin.
September 1H. 18-10. 18 tf.
assorted sizes, just received
and for sale by the subscriber?.
September 18, 1810. 18 tf.
Ufti Boxes of SOP just received and
09 r I,,. il. iiiui.riir).
Ottawa, Oct. Ti, 1810. 23 tf.
Barrels of S. S. Smith's Ohio
Hectijird Whiskey, just received
and for sale low bv the subscribers.
Ottawa, Oct. 23, 1810. 23 if.
SCRIP, for which we will pav the Chi
cago and St. Louis prices.
Ottawa, Oct. 23, 1810. , 23 tf.
DY, just received and for salt
'Ottawa, Oct. 23, 1810. 33 tf.
just received and for sale
bv the subscribers.
Ottawa, Oct. 23, 1810. 23 tf.
feather A li:iii.
I I .'ST received on consignment and for sala at
the stoie of the sulweriber in P"i. I-a SIU
county, Illinois,
80 Sides or Sue Leather.
50 " Upper Leather, 6up'(,r:..rr
10 Doen of Windsor Chairs, for ialu
Hides will le taken ie. u-hanirc for the above
articles. J. HOFFMAN. '
Peru, October 15, l.;o. S3 tf.
Barrels of Cinnrinati rectified
tJ Jfhukeu, an excellent article,
just received on consignment und for sale
low for cash by J. HOFFMAN.
Peru, October 15, 1810. 22 tf.
SASH, iust received on roi:sii'n-
ment, and for sale low by J. HOFFMAN.
Peru, Octolier 15, 1840. S3 if.
Barrels of SUPER FINE
FLOUR on, hand and for
sale liy the sulwcritar. J. HOFFMAN."
IW October 13, 1P40. 22-,-t?. i
. ....... . -
WanjeU at the Store of
1 -
r: - wv- i .- a-- I
- i.m.. t,r .
J. II Or FMAX, Forwarding fcmmiMitiii -Jimliaiit,
Peru, iluxcix,
which the highest market price will be
paul in goods :uid cash.. Also
fltSIf IP Bushels of Corn, and the
fill LIU UltlllL 1,1
Peru, Oct. 15, 1810. " 22 if.
:tlt. Liquors, At,
"I HOFFMAN has on hand in his store at'
l lVru, Illinois, and oilers for salo the
following articles, to wit :
200 Barrel of Kenawha Salt, "
100 Lake " ......
10 " American Brandyj
3 Cogniac ! "
I ' Holland Gin,
4 " American Gin,
1 Sweet Malaga Wine,
2 " Jamaica Spirits,
'i " St. Croix Iiuin,
3 N. E. " ' K
20 " Vinegar,
100 Bushels of Plastering Hair, receiv
ed on consignment and for snle low.
Peru, October 15, 1810.
22 tf.
sizes, just received on consign
ment and for sale by J. HOFFMAN. .
Peru, Oct. 15, 1810. . 22 tf.
a superior article, received ou
consignment and for salt' bv the subjrriber.
J. HOFFMAN. -Peru,
Oct. 15, 1840. 22tf.
(jy (jy Barrels of Gil LEX APPLES,
just received per steam boat
Gipsy, and for sale bv J. HOFFMAN;
Peru, Oct. 15, 18 10. . 22 tf.
lovter, rinl Stones
111 E subscriber lias ou hand nt his wcllltnowa
stand in Peru, Illinois, and oll'irs lot sal
low for cash the following items :
22 Kegs of Blasting Powder,
I " Dupont's Sporting Pow
der, 100 Grind Stones, , "i
20 Boxes of Raisins,
14 Barrels of Linseed Oil. .. , .
Peru, Oct. 15, 1810. - 22 tf.
NOTICE. The public are already,
aware that the county of Lasallc ia
much in debt, and stands greatly in noed
of all her rightful resources ; and it i
equally notorious, that no licenses -for
selling liquor or keeping tavern have been
paid for the current year. It therefore.
becomes the necessary duty of ihe Coun
ty Commissioners to see - tlmt the reven
ues of the county are collected : and for
this purpose, all persons liable to pay
censes are herebv notified that the name)
must be paid before the next term of tho
court, or prosecutions, without any uis
creminatioi;, will be commenced Dgainst
all delinquents.
Ottawa, Oct. 23, 1810..' i ': 28 f.
GAUTION. The public is . hereby
cautioned against purchasing a note
of hand irivcii bv me to George Cooler.
sen., about four yenrs ago. I have 'de
termined not to pav the same for reasons
which 1 will explain if called upon.'
( c 30-312 1 W . L. 1) U N N A VAN t
Positively Hie LaM Call! f.rl
ALL persons knowing themselves-indebted
to the late linn of JJt'coJ
rujj' Co., are hereby notified fur, he
last time, to call and settle their respec
tive accounts, as the subscriber intenjs
leawng this place in a short lime Per
sons concerned and nccleetiwo- Uiis uotict.
will find their accounts in the hands of L
proper officers for collection. No. mi&.
Oltawa, Nov. 20, 1810.
CAUTION ;ll persons against buy
ing a nolo of hand "for. (otlxt-fict
dollars, bearing date of September 15
1810, payable six months after date, gif
en by me to Hubert Iloinyt As it was
fraudulently obtained 1 am deicmincd
never to pay a cent ;n it.
JAMES wafer:
Ottawa, October 0, 1810.
Aotlee Ih hereby given, J ,
f BHAT application will be irtaclc tor
the Legislature of i'e state of' Illi
nois, at their next session, . for the forma-(
tion of a new County, to be taken oll'-of,
t''.c counlv of Lasallc, and bounded ' xJ foli"
. . :. . . . .. . '., ' I
tows, in wu: ucginning ai uic,souiii-casr
corner of Lasallc county; thence-. wejti'
pursuing ihe south line of said counly'H (
ihe south-vest corner of section No. thir
ty-four, (31,) township No. thtrty-enrj
(31,) north of Range No. fire, (S.VYci
of the third principal incrccliait ; thn;f
north through the centre 'of Range laj "
mentioned, to the tow -nship-Iina dividi
township No. thiriy-four (34) nnd thirty
five (35) ; thence withk'ul towusl iivltj v
cast to the riingc-linc dividing Ranges' NV !
live (5) and six '(C) ; ihcsicc with sai, ',
range-line north to thd Uorth-wcst cotnq
of section No. thirty; (30,) towKsliip N$
thirty-five, (35,) not 'h 'tangc-Imc eas
thence cast to. the littccf Wijl comitv;
thence south to' the place e.f I'-eginning J1
MSiiU cmtnty, tnc-tt, q(rwQfr I,
October i&

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