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The Illinois free trader. (Ottawa, Ill.) 1840-1841, November 27, 1840, Image 4

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Dickey & Lclaml,
Attorney vV counsellors ct Lu; Oltmva, lib.
One of the firm will always be present at the
dilTerent courti in Judge Ford's circuit.
Ottawa, May 23, 1840. 1 tf.
Ceo. II. I orris,
Attorney and Cuwuelbr ut Law, .V.cr in
Chancery and Notary Public.
Ottawa, Illinois.
May 23, 1U40. 1 tf.
J. J. Holt,
Attorney and CuunnEur at Luu: and Solicitor in
Office opposite the Mantion House, O'.tiwa,
La Salle coi.ntv, Illinois.
May 23d, 1810. lt!-
S. E. Farewell,
Attorney and Counsellor ut Luu:
Office over the new store of Cushinnti A Thomp
son, Uttuwn, Illinois.
May 23.1, 1940.
1 tf.
Milton II. Swiff,
Attorney and Councilor ut Luu:
0 lies on La Salle Strcft, a few doors North of
the Market, Ottawa, Illinois.
May 23J, 1810. l-;f.
John V. A. Uos,
Attorney and Coumt'lir ut L-nv and Solicitor in
Office next door north of the Tost Ofi'ue, Otta
wa, La Salle counts', Illinois.
May 23d, 1910. ' 1 tf.
John ('. ('huiiiplin,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
JIavinRnssociutod himself with Messrs. SritlNf!
and GOUDKlCIf. ofChir.iiro, will attend to ull
practice of their profession in the county ofl.u
Ottawa, Juns 12, 1310. 4 tf.
Vni. C'hignr.tscro,
Attorney and Counsellor at Lair, and
Solicitor in Chancery,
July 10, 18-10. h tf.
. O. GLOVER, n. C. COO'C.
CJIover & Cook,
Attornies and Counsellors at Law.
fl.T.ts two doors North of tho Tost Office, On
wa, Illinois,
August 8, 1810. 12---if.
J. II. KLME. A. II. 0ODCn.
Ili-lmc A ftodgr,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, and
Solicitors in Chancery,
Will attend to nil business confided to them in
ike 7th and 9th Circuit. :
Communications received at Bristol (Kane
ounty) or Ottawa (La Salle county) post olTi-
Autjust 11, 1810.
13 if.
Doct. J. G. AriiiMronsr,
HAVING resumed his practice will nttrnd In
all calls niaJe upon him in the line of his pro-
lessiou, unice at ins residence in street,
W. V, of the Public Square, Ottawa, Illinois.
May 30, 1810. 2tf.
Dr. O. ill. Clai li,
riiysiciau and Surgeon,
OTFER3 his services to tho citizens of Ot
tawa and surrounding country. He can he
found at tho Mansion H uf.r, where he wil he hap
py to attend to any professional business that mr-y
be confided to his care.
Ottawa, August 11, 1810. 13 0:n.
O. I Thompson,
East side of tho Public Square, Ottawa, III..
Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, I)ye-Stufls,
Paints, Oils, Varnish, &c. etc.
July 3. 1810. 7 tf.
n. K. HolliMcr,
North East Corner of Canal a:.d Columbus
street, Ottawa, Illinois,
Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paint, OhV,
Dye-Stuffs, etc.
July 3. 1810. 7.f.
O. Crosiar,
Forwarding and Com-
mission Merchant,
Utica, La JSalle county, Illinois.
May 23d, 1810. ltf.
'T'lIE Subscriber has on hand and keeps con
x stantly for sale a general and well selected
assortment of
JDrugt, Medicines, Paints, Oils, and
Dye Stutfs,
which h will sell low for cash. Amonj h:s
articles may be found the most tpproswd and
iTtcaciouf remedies for the
Fever and Ague,
such as
Quinine, Sappington's Pills, JlowamVs
Tonic Mixture. Green's 'fork Hitters,
Pierson's Pills and Bitters, and Under-
hiWs Diffusible Tonic Compound.
His Store is on the North East Corner of Canul
nd Columbus streets, at tho sign of the golden
Ottawa, June SB. 18-10. o tf.
v G. L. Thompson,
A T the old stand formerly occupied by D. N
' Tsbkii'x, on the east side of the I'ublir
, Square, keep constantly on hand a Urge and
' f rneral assortment of
Drugs, Medicines, Dye Stuffs, Pahxts,
Oils, Varnish, Patent Mtdicines, fyc.
and all other articles which are generally kept in
a uni; Btore.
Ottaioa, June 8, 1840. ; 3 if.
on hand and for eale by .
. . . ARMOUR Jk LAM D.
j ; Otuvt a, Oct, 23, ,1840. 23-tA
l 7)ChcsU Tea, assorted, juet received
-Wand foraalo by .
i Aug. 21. WALKER tfe. SANGER,
PIONSTABLES' SJt LE Si fart frinu
VsLy tdand for aale at the oflice of th '
mm iiiiiMiii
m n sjiih
City Hotel, Ottawa.
Subscriber t;ivfs notice to
lu-that he has t iken the
and splendid L'rrr I -
tiKf JibtTKi ut Ottawa, whore he would lie
h.iji;iy to meet his old f iends and the traveling
public ecneraltv, nsKiirin:? them that no cllort on
his inrl shall be spared to inal.e hi entertainment
superior to any other in the Wc.-tt-rn country.
Having been a landlord for many years, he flatters
lii:iiM-lf ilint ho ran st.it it 'peoolr v. ill on!v rail.
'f j' People wish n-jn:s will find hUMaUe par
ticularly desirable.
I). DO!, c; LAS.-.
May '.'3d, 1310. ltf.
Ottuva t3:aii .TZaaafatJci )'.
F )
Y'OUl.D respectfully infirm the iiihal.it.u.U
' of tliitt vicinity, tliat tfiev .till continue to
maiu'fai-ture CIIAIKN en La !n!le Street, a few
tloori North of the Mnilict lioUie, w'.ieiv tbvv
constantly keep en hand
of every description, viz: If'ir.hor, (lm
cian ami Flag Scats of :t!l kinds ; Also,
Ilmkin-L'hairs, Cradles an I Setters.
The tiubrcriliers feel extremely cruteful for t!(e
liberal patronate with which the eounminily lu-..-
favored tlu-m iloriii,; the .t-.l mr, and they re
fjieelfully solicit a coiitinuani c of the s.amr.
VV. MfblKi:,
K. I.. VVAi'Ll.'M.'N.
()tt.i , Julv 21, IIt". 11 tf.
V.. KUAA'S ee!el2ratel Cketuiea!
J.jMJ hi.'uumtili.nii, l'tu:nmi:s, Vi'.'iVf :rl!in y.i,
lij!tiii:mi;tiur in !:: t yr, JS iri;; Su-tila
'1,'iruiit in H'urbt l'trrr, Qtit:.y, .V.
Tn wh'im it cuh-rri!. 'i'U may cerllly,
that I, Ha Tt Di:i, t!i; piiipri-.tor of i.
Iean' ('he.-nieal Plaster, lune fur nuiw llicn two
yean hceu in n deiii-ute ittate of healih, ko that
have luvn uiikIiIo to prepare stid circulate said
planter to tint extent which the interest .f t!w
suhemur eomiiiunitv ciniiiids : and l.vHn t i:it
;o valuable mi Nrtiele. ouc.Iit to be made known to
the afllieti-.l, I hive ni'tile arraiiacmi iils ith II.
Ilarrm it Co., ofAbhli.btila.Ohio.toinaliiifiirii.fi
and vend it in inv name as mv sole snereNairi.
I Iiih, tliercfore, may be relied on ad the cemiine
nrtlc! lieretolcire lireiiared hv me. A wit;u-s
my bond. IMtA'Vn'S UHAN.
Vcslf;!d, Chauttuqiicco., S. V., Jan. I, 1STJ
Thi ChrmiiT.l I'l.-slrr is rn imnorMnf rcm.b
t rll those who ere elilieted r.ith inll.'inmatory
romplaiuta liy its easing pain, cni;nlract:n m
flamatiou. nnd itiviiiir niin i!v n bi-f In- it. ti. iii..
- - j , - j ... .... ,
Ktrcnt;theniiiq and utiilorifie piopertiei. An cf-
tectual remrily loriii!lamiualcry rbeumalism, a--iie
in t!ie bre.t. cramn. burns, bruises. KCfcfnl-i nl.l
sores, ulcers of almost every de.srription, c iukered
and swelled tliroat ariKinn rrom senriet lever, f !
oi!H, whitci swellini,'M, chilblain':. iVe. IVrsons
siinernnr l.i:in liver ronin ainln. nn inmuinr
ch, iiillaniMiation of the Iiiiii;h, willi pnitis in tfx
side r.iii lireast, pain ami weakness in the back,
will find relief. Li all caties it may be useil will;
nr'r The Plaster is now nut in in K.it ni rn
cents nnd 1 dollar cm-h.
Ma.lo nr. I cold. Stholes.-iln nml rnl-!l It
!I vnais cc Co., Ashtabula, Ohio, sole proprir.
tors. None cenuiiio unless siirncd l-e II. Il'irrl.
on the wrapper.
l'r.t Lifr, Tn., April 7.
Mcm. Harris . f !o. r"lr.i S"lnn I ...
your store in July lai, I have used f.. Dean's
v iieniicui i iii;cr, v.nicn i nave rrrnv.M Irn:n
VOU lit difli-rent times, nml
bound to you ns proprietors, nnd to the public.
Kriirmuy, ui recni'iineiKi inn sumo as a mlc ami
rn'11'lirionu rinioilv ftr fli.u.i ...it, ... 1. C ...1.: A.
............... .. , .... .ii,v ,iiiwi.iiiiia 1111 n liu II
it is recomineiided. I have UFcd II in several canes
01 inllameil eyes, m hoiiio ot which its elfectH us a
ruriitive have been decided, and in no esse has it
failed of Rivinir. reiief whero It tins been applied
uct uriiin-r uireciions, una all who have used it
nr perfectly natislied w'uh It ho ':,r c J ;,,w.
I have nliio iiiinlied It in some utvirt pjuiaiir.,Mi.i
in the breast with tho happiest eif.rR
.1 would also relate die caw o Mr. I nomas
I.oirau, who has been ulllicted with tho rheuma
tism in one hip for thirteen years, so that he had
1 - - 1, 1 . 1 . . -.
neeii coni(eueii 10 anaiulon iator, in a irreat inea-
Rure. I let bun have a box of the Plaster, lie
applied it. anil for three days found, sshes'u).
poicd, no benefit, but after that ho perceived that
inc mho whh iiih so severe, and in less limn two
weeks he could labor hard nil .biv m.,1 -..-I r,.
from pain at night. . He hiivs he would not part
with the Iwx lie has for tlireo hundred dollars,
providinir ho could not obtain another. He also
", nri i on innu aim rtcoiinneml it
wlierever von gn.
I have used the Planter ill rtittrm nf i,fiit,. in
. . ... ,j, fclJl:
ide, back, shoulders, oVe. with like ffnod rifeet.
lotim, A.C. UAIMtl, KNEELAM), M.D.
,! T,tonnr., June Ifl,
Mrsrs. Harris Sc Co. Sim? I h rival liswi.l P
Means C heimcul Plnster for four years past nnd
do rhccrfullv recommend it 1 11 tllll-nil't'tliM llt.1 1ln
pub!i generally nsan invnUiable remedy in chron
ic and acute rliuumulism. snraiiis nf il... .r.'t
ankle, shoulder, Ac. In felons, whitlow ami
scrofulous swellintrs of all descriptions, it is gen
erally an eireelmil remedy. In short, wliercevee
there is imin. it m nlmimt hui-x in r-;. .. i;..r :.. ..
irw iinurs. i nave used it in a great number of
riieuniatic aiiei lions. One or mv miimi. .,i
40, full habit, hiul a rheumatic swelling on one
ie. no nun neen unalile to get out of the house
for three mouth t his leu was swelled til nil Mristi
motis siiw, twice its usual birness; every thing
nan nvcu none wiinout success, until wo com
menced usimr llean'H ChemiiMl Pln.:i.r v.
euvelo)cd the knee nnd a portion of the limb in
.l.-iii . ir .
ino i niHier. nno in tiinv. nt. n., .,...n t..
umuiiiieareil. nnd in ten ibivs bn w,.i.i ,il,.o i,i.
ordinary business. Such him been our success
wnn ino article, nntl wo now willin gly recom
mend it to the public, for a trial.
Your. Ac J. li. in:v'OT.ns w i
(C For sain by M. E. llollister, Ottawa the
iiinis ni wnirnirii nnd Juliet; J. H. Elmoro
IVru. aild James Dnrlev. llonniiw II III k II
dersscntto II. Harris fe Co., Ashtabula. Ohio,
ior inn unove medicine, will be promptly attended
io. mc imrucuiar to cnnuire for in'.
cul PlaMnr. " ' ;
Ottawa, Amrust H, 1810, 13 ly.
A lurgo lot of Saddles, Bbidlls, Mau-
. .tixoalks and Collars itit reofivpd
and for sale by the subscribers. :
: Ottawa, Sept. i, 1810.,. : 10 tf.
nDBL. Vorl Wine," a first rate article
just received and Tor'aale)' ty . 1
Anfv tl. WALKER ft pANGER.
SI J llUtl 1 '
Jtz ''he fui
$j?'3 1 li.el'uhli
If ll':irbrt'' ""v ui
SOW AKI) C'A.E3.i;
raIii: I scriU-rs, in comiecliuii with their
1 MA! KF.T, intend herculu-r to iiiaiiutacturc
and keep on ii.uid a mi j lv of
Soap and Cr.iidk's,
which they will sell to .Merchants and
Grocer;', and others, who uiav wish to
j purchase by the ijuuutity, at the St. Louis
All ordt.s from the neighboring1 towns or
cou;ilry will be thankfully received and promptly
attended to.
hill a w ood.
.. li. C'u:!i "ill le paid for gri-a-r and ashts.
1'or uslics wil! :if 1' ecu! j-er bushel.
II. A W.
(U:a'n, f-ep:ei;ibir W.'., lilO. ID tf.
I!:iy E.i:Lt:t:-iit.
"V"0 nC'i'l'l.V. TIi u f.vtraordiniiry cherui-
c il co.nposiiioii, the result of science mid the
iur:. :ifn ol a celebrated iiadiei.l man, llin llitro-di.i-lii.ii
ul wlii'!i to the public w-j.i invested with
the !i-:ti.iily o( a deal'i bed lw.jiie.-t, ban miicc
gained a reputation un ji.i'.i!!eled. fnllv snstainiiijj;
ihc ftmvJiiesH of the lj.aent.-il JJr. Iiriifley taut
coi.t'i ioii, tlut "h. dared not die without iivimr
to pit .ieii'.v ll'.c Uueiil ol hit knowledge on thi.t
snlijeel,"' and 1c llici'i hire hetjliciiilled to his
fiie.ul i d altn.Jiiiit !Si4ouiuri H i;, a the wertet id
i!i::eii. rv.
1; u nu,v u i! in the principal liospilalx. nnd
llie pi'iva'e praeliec ill our country, lirst and nitst
certuii.lv. for the cure nf the I'ile-,, mi J uUo to
cvtens-vt ly ii-ii! ctf ctu.il'v :..!i h.ill.'e eredillitv ,
iinle.-.s where its i-ll'-i Is are wiliiocd. Extcrtial
Iv ia the !'!!(, Kile.; coniphiiiil.-.-
i' r Uroj.sy . t'lculio,; cxtruordiiiary a! sorb
tion at cm e.
All nvell.ii.rs i'edueiii iin-ni in a. few hours.
Ii'.iei.m.iilt ii. Acute, or Chronic, j.ivimr ijni L
ea e.
Jsore Thru; !. l!y eaiict-M, ul- ers or euM.
Croup and W'hoopiir; t'ouh. Uxteriialh,
ai.d ovi r ll.e ( hi s!.
.'. 11 bri.-,! .,, spr.ii;.i am! burns, cuioibr in a few
N)r-s and I h ers. Whcthtr !V. ,.'i or Ion .' rtan
iliur, -:id lev r "Ii-h.
pe opcr.iiienw upon adults nii-1 children in re
ihicim; rheumatic Kwellin,;tf, and lousi'iiiugroughs
sod li -hinesi; i flhe chest by rt lax ition of the
i;irts, has been uiirpiieiu-; beyotiil li.crij.iinn.
The iiii.iiioii remark i,l iIiom- who have Us.'d it in
(lis I iies, is "It act.-. I'M-a charm."
for ule hy E. L'cwrv, A jiofhecirv "s Hall, and
f'anver, Pearlnirn itieet thiea(i.
A bssf att-;iil-l has hcciw.lc to laiinilate If.iv'a
I.inement, ami infringe upon the copy and otiier
rights c;f the proprietors. .Never buy Hay's Lin
iment nnle.-.a it ha.i a sj,K'i:ditl enravcJ wrapper,
u;;.! l!i" w:i-!c:i, ir.ilid w riUen siiiatitrc of com.
hthi k A: Co.
A!! othrr: iruist b- imie.s,tion.s. Any perfin ven
i!in any r'her article, hy t!ie naiiR oI'11h's Line-jtit-f
it, eilhrr at holes.ilr or retail, will he prose
cnie l fur a viobiio-i of 'mircopy ri-tht. The oath
of Mr. Hays may be fonml ropied on our inside
wrapper, s farms; that no otiier person knows
any of the component or essential parts of this bin-i-metit
and that he v.ill not reveal the secret for
twrlilv veati;.
U. -S. f),'..V.V Court of 'he. ,i(c rf S.-w Y.d;
Olbre of the Clerk for the Southern
District of ?iew York 5
This i to eeuifv that the Coiv Krijihts for the
wrappers, tul fur the liiserip'.ion, and ilireetions
to use, Hay s l.im incut, v.rrc secured in lint olfice
in the year IS'.irt. by Coaistock Co. and have
not bet ti ohtaiiud hy any other person since that
date or before,
FK ED. J. IJin'TS. (Tk rf II. S. CourU
f'olo proprietors, Ssw York.
(C'A 11 pfreuiiH ordering this article from the
East il! ph ase ahvav s say, ('must, ,-,'-' Itn'ti Lin-
im.'nt. I-'or sale at the dr-ir store of
m. e. ii'.j.'.lwt;:):.
Ottawa, Mst SUd, 1810. ltr.
ON'riMYc s Kalai ef Columbia.
rjllIlM article was fir.it introduced intoth? .Xcw
i York marliet ubout 20 years iiincc, and from
i ti superior virturs in re-producin-j; nun when it
had fallen out, licrpinrr the l.tad frco from danJ
rulT, (a mn4 loathwinio atliclson uenllcmun's
coat collar,) ami (rivinir n softnrw nnd beautiful
lustre unknown h(Tore to the h3ir, has iiiihued
,nne persons to net un and udvertio inanv othei
nrtielen for the same purpose, none of which stand
the test of trial, profiMnjr. as liios-t of them do, to
be Oils of various kinds, a'.l of which nrs positive
ly injurious to the human hair. Let none 1 de
ceived,, no oilier article will make the hair prow
raw-lly ui-d of a fpicd iiuality ; but the rJ.iIm uf
(!njfiibi.i, ond no allele ptirpurtinr; to he rhe
llalm uf Columbia is genuine , itliout the iir.me
Coiiidock A Co. on the outside wrapper. Some
Inve been deceived and obtained a counterfeit ar
ticle for tho true and genuine Balm of Columbia.
Iii'ineinber to look for the name of Coin; lock &
Co., on tint wrapper, bern you purchase, anil cet
none but the. nr-u-.iine. Don't bo deceived with
tho aswirincc that any without tho name of Cor.i
stock ifc. (Jo., is made in the same v.-ay aiuI is just
ra (food, all such pretcimions re i;.se and kuuwn
to be so by the rtiniili ftitcrn.
r-old whol.'sale ond retail, onlv at Xo. 2, Fletch
er street, N. Y. by CO.MS'I OCK CO., rihI by
neiiriv every worcKccpcr uirouijnout America.
I or mie at tlie drug store ol M. U. HOLLIS
rr.K, O-.tmvn, III.
Ottawa, Oct. U:). 23 tf.
Elay'ft Liuicucnt.
rMHE only true and genuine receipt, and so dc
.4. chucd by the oath of Mr, Solomon ilnys, has
. I I.. L ... '
uuvt-r iii-i u iiiituo ituoHii iu any person or persons
except to Messrs. Comstoi k A Co., and ilien only
have the right to prepare t'.io said neiiuino'Liiii
iiieut, which has stulihed a repu'.t:ion forcll'cc
tii'illy ciRinj! tho .A every cuie, and in !l the
various stages of the complaint J alt o, liliumntism,
oar inr.wt, spra ns, nruiaes, fcouve uml I. Ivors
of long standing. All who liYe ever used it are
highly picked with its bciiehewl elfi-cts, and
all who are in ii'-c-d of cu:-e for aiy of the
complaints mentioned, io nvctidly requested
to ask any one tvlio ever ud it. Anil we refer
with coiilidencc to all who know of the article,
and especially o Matthew J. Myers. Esq., Athens,
N. Y., mid Ccii. lluU'tiniMi, Ule of N 'asliington
City, all of whom speai in the strongest terms
and with thr fullest conl'iieuce from personal ap
plication nnd kiiowh-djco of its positive and nevrr
failing rurcs.
Some swindlers hsic counterfeited this article,
and put it up ith various devices.. Do not be
impourd upon. One thiiij,- only will protect you
it is the name of Comstoik tV Co., that name
must always be on tho wrnpicr, or vou are ehev
Utd. Do not forget iu Take this direction with
you, and test by that, or never buy ; for it is im
possible for any other to bo due or genuine.
Sold wholesale by Cunmtocl; tV Co. N 0. 2,
Fletcher street, N. nnd hy nearly even- stoorl
keeper in America.
l-'or shIo at tho drug stor of M. E. HOLT.IS.
TEK, Ottawa, III. ;
Ottinvii, Oct. 23. , , 1 23 if,
BLANK DEEDS, just printed on a
. superior quality of . pajjer, and for
ale nt tjic oflice of the. , " .
CH ITTING ifHUd, Jlijiiiig, t'u:', and nli
I'xdiitonury D.tcuxrx, iiiied ly JA E.Y
PEtJTUIlA.Vr. uud S.niiiiur Comj.luiiits, Cud
r,o Miiiitu, DunlttiiU, Dyscntny, and ull tho
various affections of the Siuintieh and Uof.'.ls it
1 louse road the fullowiu-' letter J.
Dailiiig!,n, Deavcr County. Pa. '
February, lSJ'J. ,
D'tu- H'r I feil it due to you us the inventor
of the mcdiiiiio and lo the public, who may be
cricatly beurlittod by ii, to sl.de a ciiie that w as
pertoriiied l.i my l.imily, ty llie use ol oi;r "l.
,;iinatic I!,i! .am.''
,Iv little son, when about luu mouth old, aj
i-i.cd V ilh a tuivil Ciiiiij luiiit, caused, us 1 sup
j.ose, by a i.hani',0 ol 'dii t. It eoiililiued fur two
weeks with nil interniisdoii, and iiotwi'.hstandin:;
the remedies i.rosi nbed bv a iesi.ecta!ilc physician
we !;ave uji the child a victim, us wo supponetl, to
a fatal disease, but 1 J rovi.luiti.illy luuril ul
Javue'sfanninano." us H'l elfcctu.il curt- for
how'el comid.iin:. and iuiii.cdi..l: ly desiiatchcd a
m s-eu!'i'.- I a t.nvn seventeen mill ol) lor a !iol-
ilc. It v the use of this medicine, in less than
lliirtv siv hours llie disease was checked': and by
it continued use for a tew il. v.s the eliiiJ was
restored to pciint hi-Iili. Niortly afar till '
ihere occurred a similar case in one f the fami
lies of my ecngrojratiuii ; I proscrilied Jc lie's
Cariniiiative,'' and the result W:sai-pco.lyciiie.
Prom a knowledge tf t!io ollieacy ol your niedi
eiui in lumii coin) -laiuis, a disease t- whiili
children are constantly liable, I have ol taiaod ami
keep constantly in the house, a (jiuuitity i,f the
The same chili!, owing to exposure, when rec
ently (viuini; up llie Ohio, was. attached fv the
horrible malady, OliOl P. We lauded in the
iiiuiit at Denver Point, and w ht n our fours were
alarmed le.-1 the lioarao st puleliMl con. !i v. as t!ie
for. runner of death, we jiave liiui a tea poon fi.il
of th.t tIZ.c;rctirt.iit," (a bottle ( f which vou pre
srn'.ed me with when in i hil.idelphia) aiid applied
some lineament to t!ie throat and breast, und be-
t..v many miuiiles tho lioarseniss was oi:e, tho
child lieathed liei-ly and slept sweetly. OwLs;;
to t'io.-e cireuinslaneos it canmit bo wondered ut
why I have so hih an opinion of Dr. Jayuc's
n..uieiiie, and why 1 advi.o. every family lo keep
il on hand ready for ;:nv emerai ;u-y.
lie' jiectbdiy yours,
All Til l U D. IHtADFOUD,
Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Darling
ton, Pa.
Dr. D. JT.vr..
I.-imUrtmlli, ,N. J., Ami! V'nli, IsC'J.
Dr. J ,i t i. Dw . IS v the ! !e.-.;i:i- e,f Cod
your INDIAN EXPlUVnllANT has riucted
a cure in r.io of a most ilistrcssin coinjdo.int. In
December l.i.it, I vas sei.-ed with ureal severity
by a i'aroxysm of Asthma ; a disease with vx hioli
I had been aillictid for mai.y years past. It was
attended with a hoarseness and soreness of llie
ltin;;s and throat, together with u la!iorioiiscoui;!i,
and coinjilele pio.itratiou uf strength, ami whin
almost worn out with siilfocalion, a bottle of rout
Expectorant was sent lo my house. At ti.'st I
thought it was imlliiii'; but ijuai-Lery, but seeim;
it so hitjlily recommended by lr. (ioine;, wiifi
wlioin I was well a iiiainted, I was induced to try
it, and in a few days it completely cured me, nor
have I ever had any return of the disease tiiioc.
I have now formed so bih an opinion of vour
medicine, thai if 1 had but a low bottles of it, nml
could obtain no ujoro, I would no; part wi'.li them
for ten dullais n.-h.
Yours, most respectfully,
Pastor of tho Bamt Church ul Lan.berUviilo.
PmLAiir.i.riA, June 'Jill, lf3S.
7b my jitrnmal fikuth. 1 would say, that I
am well iv-i'iiaiuted with David Jnyne, M. I).,
and know him to be a retpectablo Physician and
Druiririst of this city a gentleman in whom en
tire coiilidencv may be placed. I have tested in
mv own case the beneficial effects of his CAR.
.V1NAT1V E DALNA.U, uud have urcati r emm
deiiecinit than ull the oilier medicines t.f tiieiind.
His E.VPECTOKANT is enual! v ceh-brali-d and
A;;etit of the Baptist Geiierid Tract Society.
The above valuable medicine are prepared onlv
by Dr. D. Jaytie, No. 20, Cont'd 'i bird etreei,
Philihlcbihia, where u!l orders vv'II bo uroinnllv
attended to.
For sale by etmoiutinent by
Ottawa, May 23, 18-10. 1 tf".
I'rrjiurcd ujiialy f r tic Witt utf.l Smth.)
riTIEfcn pills ar.t oll'ered to the public as a pre
1. tentative, and remedy for the Fevers of these
countries. Ly the proper use of these pills,
With all its varieties, of Chill Fever. Dumb (r.i
e. to jolhcrvritli Pcriolicul IJiiumalic Pains "Pe
riodica! Headaches, Ai'.it-Swcat.s und ell those
harassim; symptoms of debility all of which have
their nruin in the same came, may bo cither pre
vented or removed.
TENT FEVER, (which arc the most prevalent
in inc. miter pun ol summer nml tall,) TVPilUS
FEVER, (which generally commences as a re
mittent, but soon assumes u Ivulnis chanieii.r y
and YELLOW FEVT1U (that seoiirjjc of the.
noutn; win in tnese put, tmu a mc-t formnlablo
ioo, r . . . .:-:.! ,.; - - ,
Each Box in accompanied wilh full dimotions
for use.
For sale at the Dhist ?tor of G. L. Tliomimim
ct Co. Ottawa, Ills. . -
Aug. 28, 1810. : 15 ly. ,
WtMitcra Aiiti-UllloKH I'iKs.
rMIIESE Pills ore oirercd to the public as a
1 CATHARTIC, adapted more particularly to
Bilious Countries, and intended to supply the
pU-e of Calomel w hich is so extensively and" in:u
riouslv used; especially when administered 'by
unskilful hands, us it too livipiontly is, in new
and thinly settled countries.
As this phytic is ijuito us einciont in throwing
off a bilious attack, bciiij; at the same time per
fectly safe, ond altogether more proper, us a pre
paratory medicine, in tho treatment nf DIL
all the variety uf intermittents, incident to u bil
ious or ague country, il will certainly be found
preferable lo ull mercurial preparations; ut the
suine time their operation is ho mild that they
may be used with perfect safety and gtcH advau
They will nls-i be found useful in all BILIOUS
COMPLAINTS, Jaundice, l.'t-er Complaint,
Sick-llnidache., Agut Cuke, Colic, Cot,vt nets,
lMt if HPpetitc, and in all coach of Timor nfthc
B-vck . ' '
Full directions accompany each Bon. Price
25 cn(s. . Prepared bv "" .
, , , , .'DR. BOARDMAN.
' . , ' ' Wh'te Pigeon, Mich.
ft. B. These Pills ore entirely vegetable.
. For sale at the Drug Slum uf 6. L, Thompson
cV t'o., Ottawa, Illinois. -
, Aug. SS, MO'"-15J-ly.;: ';;
UNK SLT11P(KX.'1S, kept
tnutly on hand and for tale, n t ibia
Sifli. Ili'iidarbv Urinvdy
"JEV EU fails to yivc relief in lo or 20 minutes
XNl after taking the first dos-, and perseverance
accordinc to the directions soon effectually re
move all pain from the lieud and Hckncss from
the stom.icl.e, and tho person feels pertetly
cured. N ben the f.rst symptoms of mi attack of
sirk headache arc fell, the remedy should be re
sorted to immediately and one or two dose is
then suii'u lent lo remove every vestige of the
cempl.tiiit. It itives universal iatifaclion to ull
who try it; -1 i k and Nervous Headaches ure
oulv complications of the same disease, am! both
an- elli-ct uu!!; cured by this article w ti tit. lit ehanoe
of diet or occupation.
Sold wholesale and retail bv Couislock Co.,
Whole.-ale DniKtfiiUK, 2 Fletcher strict, N. V.,
and bv the principal Druggists in the Union.
.Inline I'aUrcAnii.
Read the lollowin from Judi;e Patterson, for
thirty years the fust JuJo;c of the Couiilv in
which lie lives.
M: ;MiL.ro w.v, 2i. J., March 12, IS 10.
Mt-sj-fs. C'oinstiH-k A; Co.
Hi iithiiKtt Vou are at liberty to make such
use of the follow in;; certificate as vou deem will
best subserve the purposes for which it is intended :
(Certificate of Judge. Patterson.)
I .-niriiY i ui riFV, that my daughter has Ik-ch
iilV.ietCe' 'tl lI'" ""'k hcudaehe for the spucc of
about 20 car.-. the attacks occiiirin once in
about Itvo' Wi'''l" frcipiently lasliin; 21 lioms,
durin-' which tl.'1'' tlie jnuovysins have u-en so
s;vcre, as apparen'..1 h!M,n to deprive her of life.
And after haviii-r trioi." -'duiosl all other remedies
in ui:i. I bavif lccn ii.'luccd as a last report to
try Spuhn's Hoaihi-ho ReuK'ly. a.- sold by you;
and to the irreat disappointme."' asul joy of her
self and a'! her friends, f und very mateii..! rrli. f
from the lirst dose of the iii -diciue. s'"; ""s fal
low od Ui the. direction i with tho arlii I and iu
everv ea.:e wneii an atue.t wum tun-atoii.
fomi l iinmedi.ite iclief. until siio is i.ir pCi .?
noiitly cured. The attacks are now very s: !dotL;.
and disappear inmost iiumeilia'.e'y nticr l.i!.i:i!i
tho i; ti.i ut i r v directed. A ho; e lhal others n:av i
he 1 eneiitt -d ly t!u- use of this truly invaluable
itic, Heine, lias indiiei d me to scud you the uhuve.
and iein;.iu vour ubedioiit servant,
J-.ide of the Court of C. P.
For sale at the dri! store of the subscriber in
Ottawa, Illinois. M. E. HOLLlSTER.
Ottawa. October 1(. 1S40. 22 tf.
ilvwv's Xvrxv &. iioisc Linicitoiit.
TJillS article is oilercd to the public as a never
S failing cure for the Rheumatism, uud il has
lor a number of u-ars sustaiiu d its reputation,
and accomplished cures which bail defied the
power'of every other article. In acute and recent
cases, the relief i.i invariable, after one or two
a plications of the l.iuimei.t, urn! in Chronic
Rheumatism, the cases uf cure an- numerous.
It id truly it remedy that reaches the vkhvi. and
hum, v.illi the most happy eli'ect.
Sold wholesale am! retail ly Comstock & Co.,
wholesale iliujirists. 2 I-Ii tclier street, N. V., and
bv the principal ill Heists i:i the Union, us also
iu Ottawa, by " M. h HOU.lSTKli.
Ottawa, October 10, 1S40. 22 tf.
Dr. NjoIih' I Ira! tij Elixir.
XfOT one case of Fever in a thousand mists,
l vvhicli may not be ell'ectuuMy broken up and
removed by ihc use of this Elixir. . It removes
all acidity indigestion, billions mailer uud consti
pation from the stomach ami bowels. It operates
itently and elVectually on the bowels, uud power
fully on the kidneys und the i-kiu. It removes all
iinpleasimt lV-elines after a hearty nieiil, und pro
motes n good appetite. It heeds only a trial to
-;ive perfect satisfaction. It has become a general
practice with many to tt;-e this article in all cases
of colds, pains in the bone , or heavy disagreeable
!ee!iii!;s, tciulcrintr to headai-hn oreh'illiiiesj. I-'or
hoarseness, if taken through the day. it completely
restores ihc voice without producing sickness.
Wlioooinn cough, and all eoutihs uf children r.re
curtd by it. The stomach is kept in perfect order
hy it. and it is quite import !e that any diseuse
should commence while a ta-rsoii is usinir ibis
Syrup. X'Ir taken daily it produces a ruddy,
healthy, ami young uppcarancc, by driving oli'iill
the humors of the system.
Sold g'-uuinc at 2 Fletcher street, one door be
low Pi arl street, .. Y., bv Comstock cV Co.. und
in Ottawa by J. JJ. UOLLlSTElt.
()lt.iwa. Oct. 10. 1S-10. tf.
J:y";s 'K8i!y Mediciups,
J 9 These medicines arc recommended und ex
tensively used by tho most intelligent pcrsonsnn
the United States, by numerous Professors and
President;! of Colleges, Physicians of the Army
and Navy, and of llo.qiiuls'iuid Almshouses, anil
by more than three hundred Clergymen of various
They areexjirc-itsly jirepared for family line, and
have m-quired un unprecedented popularity
throughout the United Smtos: and as they are
so udmirubly calculated to presci-ve HEALTH
and cure DISEASE, no family idiould ever be
w iihout them. Tho proprietor of these vulitulilo
prcpara'ious received his education at one of the
best Medical College iu tho . United Slates, and
has had lilloen years experience iu an intensive
and diversified practice by which lie has had am
ple opportunities of acquiring u pruclical knowl
edge of diseusea, and of the remedies beut calcu
laled to remove them.
Thrte preparations consist of
JA YM E'S E.Y PC CTOR A .NT, a valuable remedy
for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, AKthinu, Spil
ling of Blood, Croup, Whooping Cough, Bron
chitis, Pleurisy, uud Inflammation of the Lungs or
Throat, Diliiculty of Breathing, and all Diseases
'of the Pulmoiiurv Organs. . Pricol.
Also, J A V A E'S J I AIR TON H for tlie prescr
vation. growth, and beauty of the hair, und w hich
will positively bring new Hair on BALD HEADS
and prevent its fallingoITor turning fcrc-y.'1 Price
St. . ' ... , .' ;.; .-!
J A Y.N E'S TONIC VERMIFUGE, a plca.--aiit.
safe, und certain preparation for the removal
of Worms, Dyspepsia, Sour Stoinoeh, Fever and
Ague, Wont of Appetite, and all diseases of de
bility, especially of ihc Stomach and Bowels, and
Organs of Digestion. Price .00 cents.
certain cure for Bowel and Summer Complaint,
Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cholic, Cramps, Sick
hciuhiche, Sour Stomach, Cholera Moibun, and
all deraiigements of the STOMACH and BOW
ELS, Nervous Atl'ectioiiH, &c. l'riee 50 cents."
Diseases, Liver Complaints, Costivcnesa, Fevers,
Inflammation, Obstructions, Diseases of the Skin,
iVc, ami in ull cases where an appointed Alterna
tive or Purgative- Medioinc is required. Price
50 rents.
These medicines may be had of Jane and Pan
coast, St. Louis, general agents for tho Mississip
pi Valley, and of (J. L. Thompson, agent for
Ottawa. . , , ,
, received,' and for Bale bv v
June 12. f. ; , : ' 4 tf.
rT f BULS. ( Smith's Cincinnati
ceived nnd ito salo by ' ' t
' Sept. 18, 1840. i : 18 tf.
JUDGMENT IJONDS, just printed
arid for snlc at the office of the ' . '
Jlt'K tinut'H iiuprovrd roinpouaiit
lliiid rtart of
r - v -
For retnoM'nff disenHos nrivintr from art
alutsi? of Mercury, chronic and consti
tutional diseases, such as scrofula or
kings evil, secondary syphilis, ulcera
tions and corrosions of the throat, nose,
cheeks, lips, ears and other parts of
the body, eruptions of the skin, rheu
inatic allections, white swellings, paina
in the bones and joints, fever axires,
obstinate old sores, scald Lead, salt
rheum, ringworm and other disesaes
arising from an impure state of th
blood. Also, habitual eostiveness,
piles, chronic afll-ctions of the liver,
luncs and chest, pains in the stomach
tend tides, night sweats, &C. It is also
much recommended as a cleansing
Spring medicine.
51,U . ',rc"'"d fluid c tract is AZrritl'lf,
w Diurtlk. D.tifdwultc, LojcI iVf, AftiuU r,
and '' tin:lint .- and may v imt xii'ccs
flilly us.-' U1 rvfvi!cvi aud n'vvbili.id disvasi-11,
.ind'tlial slu 'Urctt AaW uf live cousUUtiiiu wbirh
so idu ii i'ollov, die imprudent use tif Mrrcuiy ;
co, to.,es or mori..'' CBlur:;cmeut uf ihc iiuiuv,
.-urpiiiii.ii pustules ir n;!wwtni; ulitratirns
Koiieiully caries of the fi.-1'"- taftiley- ut lb
iio.ie, mouth, etc . etc., wit'.' other distant
ubove mcutioiicd, und all disefi 'ii"S fcuni si
uiorbid state ol the blood.
There is hardly a plnsiciau who bk
occasion to L-bservo with .uin, tlio phttge.'''"
varkiy of herpes; und in upite of ull the remedies'
he could hrin;f against this cruel disease, Has
compelled to uckuoulcdiie their iiieilieucy, and
ullow the monster to corrode uud destroy the iioi,
cheeks, lips, eyelids, curs und temples purls for
which this malady ireiioiully ullocts a prdVrencs,
But in this extract will l e found ;i perfect remsily
iu all such ousts, uud where the disease bus net
produced u very fri al derangement of structure,
it will even yield lo this remedy in a very short
time. " .
('. V. Merchant tukiii udiuiitatis of lhrs
facts, has adopted un improved pioces foreitrai:-tiii-
the medical virtues from the actual inyrci'i
cuts of this compound lluid extract, which ar
nine in mimlier, without beat; that ia to sat,
neither ileeoctioii, lnlusioii or maceration are mad
use of; nor is llie temueruture of the meiistruiu
used, allowed to exceed 80 deir. Fall, until every
particle ol active jiriuciple is extracted, lesviiig I
tiisteitss men muss DeliinU ; tliereliv ultaiiunii tli
whole uf the Boluble active principle in a highly
concentrated state, leovim; out the feeula, woody
fibre, etc., wJiicl, encumbers the extract obtain
1 y decoction.
The proptiettir, therefore, has not only th sat
isfuetion of ussurini; the medical fucullv and tlis
public, that tills remedy is prepared according to
strict chemical uud pharmaceutical rules, but thst
he has also united some of the ollicinnle valua
ble and active ycgtables, ull of the choicest selec
tion, which materially euhur.ee its value iu lbs
treatment of the discueu nhove mentioned.
is therefore induced lo oiler this lluid e it tact to.
phvsiciuus end others under the fullest assurancs ,
of iis superiority over that in common imr.
i'liysieiaiis will find treat ad Mintage in the us
of this extract, and a gveul relief lioiu llie per- V
iloilies ultenduiit upon the treatment of tlios
obstinate cusea which bid ilcfiunce to t-very relii;
edy their lonlideiiec prompts them to prescribe ;
more especially nsbavintr the putient under their
immediuto care, they will prescribe such a diet,
and regimen bs in their judgment the case would '
seem lo indicate thereby giving the extract its
full influence. ' . '. '
Frejiared ut the Chemical Laboratory of O. W. "
Mcrchimt, Clicmisl, I.oekport, A. V. i t
.. 11. A liberal discount made- to Dralers and
(Tj" For sule by M. E. IIolliMrr, Oltnwa; ths:
Druggists at Chicueo and Juliet; J. II. Elmore,
I'eru, and James Darlcy, Ilcrinipen, IU., AU
orders sent to II. Iliuiis vV Co., Ashtabula. Ohio,
for the ubove medicine, w ill be promptly attrnded
Ottuvvn. Anenst I t. 1S-10.
13 I v.
J large assortment of Lambs' French'
Kid Slips nnd Gentlemen's l'lMrt
just received and for sale by ." '
Ottawa, Sept. 4. 1840. 16 tf. ; '
BL A N K SUMMONSES, kept con
stantly on hand and far sale' at thh
-i- jiijiiii ii.iiniuu wuiKicu ware, sucn-
T . c ....i i
-ZlLas l'lulsTubs, c. received and for
sale by WALK . R & SANGER..
Aug. tl.
Eeight Day, DPASS ,, CLOCKS,
just received and .warranted, nnd for.
sale for cash or country produce, on ;rea,
suitable terms, hy ' , '
: Taxes! Tuxes!! Taxes!!! ,-!! i ( t.
have reccivod tho .Tax Rolls for the.
year 18-10, and shall, as soon as pos-i
siblc, call upon each : person for (the1
amount of Tax due. Persons desiring'
to pay me in Ottawa can do bo: by calling
at my residence.. Those who may owot
me for A. D. 1838 and A. D.' 1839 will",
endeavor to make payment; as soon a'
possible. : AVILLlAM REDDICKv "
October 9, 1840. r. : .' Collector ii
'A O liBI'?' 0F MOLASSES;"noW
X v ' receiving and for sale low by the
subscribers., WALKER & SANQER. ''
September 18,' 1840. "'' ' 1 8 tf. "!
J Q IU1DS. OF SUGAR, a prime nr
J.O ticle,;. just received .and for sale
by ii ;! WALKER & SANGER
September 18 1840. - f - . 18-tf.t7 r
Ui) ( O PF E E on lia'nd and , for ,
sale by J ' .WALKER SANGER; '

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