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A - ...
difference between the two states of things,
that which now exists ami that which
would if the measure proposed by this
resolution should be adopted, is far, very
far, from being so immaterial as the sena
tor seems to suppose. The Sub-Treasury,
as established by law, be it wise or
not, is, at all .events, legal and constitu
tional. No one can deny that; but should
tho senator's resolution succeed, and the
act be repealed, he would restore the
state of things which he, and those with
whom he has acted, have contended, for
these three years, to be illegal and uncon
stitutional, and which placed the control
over the public money wholly under the
discretion of the Executive. Is that
Public I' lin.
Pursuant to previous notice, a large and
respectable number of the citizens oi La
salle county assembled at the court house
in Ottawa on the lllh day of Jan. 1811,
and organized the meeting by appointing
(Jen. A. McClaskey chairman, and ..
Leland secretary .
The object of the meeting having been
briefly stated, Mr. Reddick offered the
following resolutions for adoption :
Resolved, That, as citizens of the state
of Illinois, we feci a deep interest in the
prosecution and final completion of the
Central Hail Road and the Illinois and
Michigan Canal : knowing a. we do, that
when completed they will be- of great
utility to the people generally.
Resolved, That in the opinion of this
meeting, Northern Illinois is entitled to
one Commissioner in the Canal Hoard,
and whereas we arc informed that tin
south is willing to give us the Aetinu
C o in in i s s io i ic r , tl ie re Co re
Resolved, That we hereby request our
Senator and Representative to support 1'
Acting Commissioner, Alson Wooimuik,
of Lasalle county.
Resolved, That, reposing confidence
in our senator, the Hon. William St 'ad
den, and our representative, the Hon. .7.
. Dodge, we confidently hope they will
not sacrifice our rights and interests to
gratify the ambitious views of any.
Which, on motion, were unanimously
On motion, JJ'iUiaai Reddick, Geo. F.
Weaver, and Stilt F. Faricell, Esijrs.,
were appointed a committee to fonvan
said resolutions to our senator and representative.
On motion, resolved, that the proceed
ings of this meeting be signed by tin
chairman and secretary and published in
the "Free Trader" and "State Register.
The meeting then adjourned.
A. MuCLASK E Y, Chairman.
L. Lkland, Secretary.
DIED In Ottawa. III. of palsev. on the 8th
im-t., Mr. H.ijtuiKT CisaMAN, wife of W. II
V. (.'u:i!im:iP., ijil 22 yrur.i.
Mrs. Cu'hmaii wa. the ihlest dimeter of the
lutolicv. K.W.Gridlev, formerly of William to',tu
Muss. Her livini; character was a lovrly cxciii-
plilicntion of tho Christian irtucs. Habitually
cheerful, with a heart over ready to pvmpathirr
with the distressed, mid to iill'ord relief so f.ir us
wai) in her power, he was greatly endeared to a
numerous ein !o ot tnewH ami acnuaiiilaiice.s, wli
nrc left to in iurii h 'r early ileiurturi, hut u t in
those wlro mourn without hope. In the di i o
her youth she rememiiered her Creator, anil hv
mill he nrolessioii ot her lailll in the Saviour, eon
neerated herself to the service, of him who had n
deemed her to himself. 1 ler days h ive been few, but
rnoii''h. fhe sleeps with Jesus, and in the morn
of the Kesurreetiou will rise to a tjlorious inimor
talily beyond the grave. Com non-ATI.!'.
On Sunday the 10th ins!., Uuz i Whlius
infant daunrUcrof Uenj. and Margaret 'I'Iioiiii koo
nixed 7 weeks.
and August.
August and Sept'ber.
" Sept'ber ami OetolKT.
.. ..
" from October tu Fehr'y,
Attention, Farmers !
A P r l i: s.
21, Yellow June, ripening in Juno nnJ July.
-(, Prince's Harvest, " July.
17, Kiikbrid-e White, "
42, iSweet June, " ''
l'J, 1'iinee's Juniting, '
4ti, Yi-llew Uouidi,
12, Curoliiin Juae, " "
IS, Early Kcd,
8, Suimiior Cjuecu,
3, Carolina Swat,
10, Slimmer Pearmaiii
21, Ued Stripe,
31, Daniel Apple,
23, Maiden's blush,
17, How.' Apple,
4, Codling,
30, Wine Apple,
13, Kanibo,
7, Holland l'ippiu,
25, .Monstrous l'ippiu,
32, Spitsinhunjh,
311, Watson's Vundivre,
ii, ('uinberlatid Spiee,
M, i olden Hussrt,
37, Harrison Apple,
IS, Sweet U utter,
10, 13elllb)wer,
1 1, andivere Pippin,
13, lihode Island Green,
9, White l'ipin,
30, lioiiiaii Stem,
10, l'cnock,
I'J, French Pippin,
13, Ited II lldwm,
Aunt's Apples,
5, Smith's Apple,
l.j, Michael Henry l'ippin,
111, Dlack Apple,
2, Keil. or Nwret rippin,
I-, Whit Pearmain, "
(Jreen Kverlainir, "
II, I'ed Komaiute,
2(1, V.'ines:i;. "
Ti, NVverf.iil.
1, Norton l'ippin. ''
13, Anir.iein l'ippin, "
The time of ripening is calculated for
the lU'i deg. of latitude, but will vary
with different situations or changes of
Il .... .1. . ,.,,..u il.-,,..
Sv:s:-:i;i:-( 1 lam no; iimiui mjimo uhli
inches below the surface, which will
make one inch deeper than they grew in
the nursery. If dry, the first summer
after planting, water the trees.
The above, are selected from upwards
of 500 kinds of drafted Fruit, (the se
lection i.f the lias!.,) and believed to be
the best out of that number, which is cal
culated for family use throughout the
most of tho year. I have had, bearing in
my orchard for several years past, the
above variety ; and have, together with
the opinion of many good judges, made
out this selection, believing it to be the
best I can do to render justii e to all my
customers : as I consider the responsibili
ty great. ANDREW II AM PTON,
I- ix milt s North of liichinoiid, la.
Agent at Ottawa, 111.
IVrsons wishing to purchase trees, can
have them delivered at Ottawa or Peru
between the 1st of March and the 1st of
N. U. Anplieation should be made
January lo, 1811. li.V-Iiw
w wri'i
which the market price will be paid in
goods by J. HOFFMAN,
rem' Jan. 13, I Mil. 33-11'.
" A 1 .OT ( ) FTJ( K)T)iTK A N I) V "for
jtxi. sale by the quantity at cost and
carriage from New York, for canal scrip,
by tin.' subscriber. C. 1'. YVALKF.K.
Ottawa, Jan. 15, I HI I. :.V-:f.
ISarrels of superior Sugarhouse
MOLASSi:S, just received ami
for sale low for cash, by J. HOFFMAN.
Peru, Jan. 1", 1 H 1 1 . .'." tf.
J. Y. S A N O E 11 L Comp.,
'i' .i n ....,.i ..rvvii.iv'V'i; .1-sm:i::j !
& IIIC UlU ...urn ii - .-,
on the south side of tbe pui.'.io s.;.iare. liave !
just received from Nexv York and fi. I.ouis one
of tho largest anil lt s lecl.'.l sl.aK oi fus
which has ever been ol'.r.d in this :i;.ii,;.'!,
and which will be sold at mu m , n ai will suit
the times. Oct entire sloe!, havm,' been pur
chased for the cash at a li.ne when oots were
low, will ullow us to give our old tncnJs good
bargains. A part of our stock consists ot
350 pieces of Prints, newest styles,
Pi bales of Domestic Sheetings,
50 pieces of Hlue Drillings,
10 " llrown "
05 " K 'd and YYhile Flannel,
25 " 3-4, 4-1 & 0-1 Tickings,
5 " Iinsey,
10 linglish Merino,
12 " Kentucky Jeans,
30 " Cloths ad Sattinetts,
30 pair of lllankets ;
Also, Uleaehed Muslins, Cambricks,
Lawns, Lace Silks, Marines, Shallys,
neaverteens, Moleskin cc Repplant Cloths,
Diaper, Bagging, Uuekskin Mitts and
(Jloves, Woollen and Cotton Hose and
4 Half Hose, Cotton Yam, fcc, &c., kc.
W'hh other articles in this line, too numerous
!: mention.
Also A fine Lot cfUeadymadc Cloth
ing, Uoots, Shoes, Hats, (.'aps, &c
Also A large and well selected lot of
Shelf Hardware and Cutlery, Iron, Nails,
Plough Moulds, Anvils, Vices, Trace,
Log and Halter Chains, Stoves, &C.
Also Alaruestock
of (.uoci:un:s, at
I a ) emai:
! I t LaSa
mst or li:tti:ks
lEMAIMNO in tho Tost Office at Ottawa,
countv, Illinois, on the 1st day of
Januurv, IS II.
Allwiil John Kelly ltobl. L.
W.-eneur Lo Lewis Killiams H.
Adams J. A.
Anderson Ole
Ames Myron
Allen Ethan Z.
Heriy Richard
Heck with Yolney
Iiarnard N. P. 2
Kiltridge oratio
Letts David
Lewis John
Lamb Isaac .
Liings James
Lett Thomas
Latnero Thomas
Heardsley Henry CJ. Lint John
Hells Andrew Matson Frances Miss
Matson (.Jeo. 2
McDonald Donald, 3
Mitchell Jereiniali
wholesale or retail, HI
with W 1 N E S and
$$gBh. I (i V O R S of all ffi'iH
VKilkiius and qualities. U
All of which will he
sola very low lur casti, or on exchange
for most kinds of country produce.
Wo respectfully invite our friend undlhe pub
lic generally t ) call and e amiiie our ijoods and
prices before purehi,imr el -ewhere.
Ottawa, January 1, H-ll. 33 tf.
N. H. All persons indebted to the late
linn of WALK Kit & SANOER aie ear
nestly requested to call and settle the same
immediately, and save trouble. S. & Co.
P. & V. A. SAM.'L'K A Co. have just
Hrou n Joshua
Hurnham T.
Heirgc Knud
Huidett l'nima
Hattlry James
Harber Win. Col.
Hrisco Patrick
I'lackmoro John
Hrock Solomon, 2
Host wick C. M.
Hrown W'm.
Hi'own Charles
Hardriek Win.
Haruriek Henry
Harber David
Hurk James M.
Uullock Saiu'l S.
lJrov.n C. T.
Hailey Um. T.
Hereford John
Clark Jesse A.
Clark VnraS. 2
Cook John or Win.
( Mark Thomas
Clark Elbridge C.
Chase Sam'l Rv.
Carroll John
('alhoiiu D. N.
(.'asey Nicholas
Caldwell Win.
(.'rook Sylvanus
Conolly JdIhi
('iili iiiaii John
Collin (iordou
Casey Hlaekford
Crosier Simon
Conolley Michael
Ciilttm Mr.
Coyle Francis
Croiinin James
ho IJ rick store, :N'o. I, rhcai
!l on vcrv r.'asoie.ibb' terms, a
P. oc V. . A.
J, received at tl
side, and will
SU'Uilil Assort iiu lit
of Madioni, Cros Dfsurp fc (Jros Deuap;
Silks, figured and plain; a general assort
ment of Muslin De Lanes, Slial.'ies, and
Saxony Cloths, embracing 30 ditlerent
patterns, French Uomba.ines, Marino,
Hrocha, Muslin Delaue, Silk, Cashmere
and (.'ottou Shawls, Silk, Linen t Camb
ric Handk., Ribbons, ISroea, Cords, Lin
en and Cotten Edireings and Iusertiucs;
plain and lioured Sw iss and JokMusliii.
lobbenett-', Jai'kone'.l-, etc.
Oltaw t. Jan. I. IS ll. 3.!lf.
COD FISH.A lot of Codfish, in
boxes or at retail, can be had at a
bargain at the store of the subscribers.
Ottawa, Dee. IS, 110. 31 tf.
Mature Margaret
Morrison Win.
MeOee Philotis
MeClure H. W.
McKensie ector
Morey Ebenczer t.
McCiowan Patrick
McNett Daniel
McConnii'k Charles
McCullis L. F.
McMillan Align:!
McKeon Matt
Met i ill Arthur W.
Mi'Kinee Win.
Martin ("ha's
Matson 7eiirv
Mudge Cha's E. 2
Mudge Ann A.
Muuy John
Morgan Ebenfzer
Mason Marlow
Ma.-key Sam'l
Maxson Paul
Maxsou (Jeorgc
Moloney Pat
Morden I 'd ward
Monson Win.
Murrey J. C.
Moore John H.
Mtivsh Sam'l V.
Newton D. 2
Nugent McCling
Olmsted David
Ovcrspcor Mary
Peek David H."
Parmer John
Pierce Rob't
Ciotlis, .Hiirino, vc?.
UST received and foi sale nt the store oi the
tiubicribcrs on the south sido of tha Public
juurc, in Ottawa, 111.
10 pieces of black, blue, brown, olive,
ndelaide and claret Cloths,
J pieces of superior Heaver, Pilot and
Htill'alo Cloths,
20 pieces of French, dennan and Eng
lish Marittoes,
200 pieces of English, French and Ame
rican Prints,
H pieces of plain and fancy Cassimers,
HO " " " Sattinetts.
10 " Kentucky Jeans ami fulled
15 bales of Sheetings and DriHin"s,
300 lbs. Cotton Y aru,
00 " " YVickcrv,
13 dozen pair of Huckskin Cloves and
0 dozen pair woollen Cloves and Mitts.
10 " Socks.
L. P.vt W. A. SANOER .t Co.
Ottawa. Jan. 1, 1SU. 33--tf.
Dow Albeit V. or Pintiev ("oliiiiibiis
m GE.1EIUL STAGE DFFH'K. Oilawu. Ills.
rpilE public nra respectfully informed that this
JL lari;c establishment has undergone a thorough
repair from bottom to top, and is now open under
the direction of tho subscribers, recently from
Peoria. They intend that cvoiy attention shall be
given to the comfort and accommodation of quests,
nnd the patronage of the travellin g community is
respectfully solicited.
They feel thankful to the public for their pat
ronage heretofore, and nssure them they are now
nhlc to Rive more general satisfaction, havintr re
cently attached a large addition to the building,
which enables them to furnish rooms for families,
and single rooms for gentlemen and ladies. The
house is large, comfortable, and commodious, nnd
well furnished ; they except nono in the western
country. They have also first-iatc bUbling at
tached to the establishment.
W'liLLS & MLI.I.l'OIU).
January 15. 1841. 35 tf.
fjThe Peoria Register is requested to copy, tf.
Administrators IVoliw.
fTMlE subscribers having taken out
I Letters of Administration from th
Court of Probate of Livingston county,
Illinois, ou the estate of Samuel Morri
son, deceased, late of said county, request
all persons having claims against said
estate lo present the same to them or the
Court of Probate of said county for settle
ment within nine months from the date
hereof. All persons indebted to said
estate nrc requested to make immediate
payment to the undersigned.
Livingston eo., Jan. 7, 1811. 35 iw
OTICE. All persons who are in
debted to the subscriber by note or
book account nre respectfully requested to
call and settle the same immediately.
' U.' All kinds of produce taken in
navincnt at the market prices.
1 ' - 3 - - J. HOFFMAN.
iW Jarf. 19. 1841. : v 35-tf.
It S:ill fount', S
Id tin: ( imjit I'dint. la .May Term, hil.
Raciiki. Hashroi civ, -) In Chancery.
c.v. I Hill to foreclose a
D.win N. Ti unici N. J mortgage.
B T appearing by satisfactory affidavit,
.1. filed in the Clerk's office of the Cir
cuit Court of La Salle county in this
cause, that the above named David N-
Terheun is not a resident of the State of
Illinois, Notice is, therefore, hereby ojv-
en to the said David N. Tcrhetin, that the
Complainant, Rachel Hasbrouck, has
filed in the Clerk's office of the Circuit
Court of La Salle countv her Hill in
Chancery against the said D;Tvid N. Ter-
hetin for the foreclosure of a mortgage
and that a Summons in Chancery has
been issued against him, returnable beton
the said Circuit Court of La Salle county,
on the first day of the next term thereof,
to be holden at the Courthouse in Otta
wa, on the second Monday in May next:
and that unless vou, the said David N
Terheuu, shall appear belore the said
Circuit Court on the firt day of the next
term thereof, at the time and place afore
said, and answer to the said Complainants
bill, the same will be laken as coufcssci
iorainst von nnd a decree entered accor
dingly. ' J. CLOFD, Clerk.
January 3th, ISO.
Ci'okok H. Nonius,
Solicitor for Complainant. ,;M 1 w
r 'IMIE I'iKiNT Mil. I. of tho uiuler
i.;ni'd has been thoroughly re
JJIJ'i'f paired and finished, and is iiowinpcr
feet order for (,'iiiidinj! all kinds of
grain. Prompt ottcMioii will be uiven to all who
sec proper to tve in their custom, and wo are
confident, from lonir experience in the busi
ness, that wo can do woik eiiial, if not superior,
to any in the t.ttul. We hold ourselves responsi
ble for nil bogs entrusted to us that are w ell mark
ed with the'owwr's name,
Tho ubove. Mill is situated on Indian Crci k,
about, half mile from the mouth of tho same.
J. E. MvI.N'.NEIJ,
Indian Creek. Jn. l. UO. 33 tf
Pii';i1y mi;hIo lo tiling.
CsT KI'.CEIVEU at the store of the.subscri
bcrs on the corner of Canal and I. a Nalle
streets, a quantity id
Such as O.rr Coals, Dress Coals, Vots,
Pantaloons, Shirts, Ac, eVc.,
Which wiil be s dd much lower than former
prices, v e hope tiiese wisiiin:; lo supply llieio-
selves with uliv of the above u unci arliclcs, v. ill
favor in with a call belori' purchasiu; anwvhere
Oltawa, Dec. H, 1 10. HI tf.
IoiiH'ttic l'l:niii'ls.
S;! NELS, a fresh arrival, f ir sale
at whole sale or retail, at New York pri
ces, by IIL'RLHI'T oc Rl'SSEI.L.
Ottawa, Dec. 21, IS 10. 32 tf.
A xsv. Assoriincnt of
AUDWAh'l', Iron Nails, Crocke
ry, China nnd Class Ware, on
ind and for sale nt the Rriek store.
L. P. & W. A. SANOER ev, Co.
Ottawa, Jan. 1, Isll. 33 tf.
Jos. W.
Duy James
Dennison Hartley
Doininy Ezra, 2
Davaro Martin
Dart Sinai Miss
Paekenhain Joseph
Priest Win. or
Isadore Hurdo
Phillips J. M.
Porter ll'xy L.
Peek Sheldon
Dmiuaughtiuh Math. Pmley N.
Davis Robt. (J. Rodecker Sam'l, 1
Dunn John
Fi lls Hradford
Elswiith Eli)halet
Eclls Vcraiiccs
E.bersul D. S.
Rockwood liaura .
Rock wood Mr. or
David Strong
Redmond John
R;i:1lead H. 1'.
I-Irwin Christopher R idler Wm
Forsyth Mr.
Fishburn Jacob, 2
Fisher Win.
Fox ( 'alvin
1'iian Roger
Fanel Francis
l're;;e Jan
Cljiin Patrick
Callup Andrew II.
Oallagher John
(Jreen (iilbcrt
(2 ill Patrick
K'evnold-.'J'ho's .
Richardson Fred.
Ri dley Nathaniel
K-diiisnn Charles,
Rutherford Salmon
Robinson Joseph
Sawyer ( Jeorne
Saul yiuuer
St U y Jidin
Scjbaugh C. llo.
Sampson Squire .
Wanted at tbe Store of
J. il o t .ii .1 ,, I crwardiii? L Commission
!rrfii;in!. Ptrn, Uliiiois, .
6h r ili'h of good Clean
"inter Wheat; tor
which the highest market price willb
paid in goods and cash.- Also
lhisliels of Corn, and t(i
cairn; iiuaiuuy Ul UUIM.
Yru, Oct. 13, 1840.
22 if.
4ji Hoxes of SOP just received and
for sale by the subscribers.
Ottawa, Oct. 23, IS 10. 23 tf.
Parrels of S. S. Smith's Ohio
Rectified Wthlaii, just received
ind for sale low by the subscribers.
Ottawa, Oct. 23, 1810. 23 tf.
"j fj A ( ' K E R i: L. A pri me article of
If ti. No. 1 . Mackerel, for sale cheap
for c;h oi most kinds of produce by
Ottawa, Dec. 19, 1910. 31 tf.
CJ XJ v assorted sizes, just received
and for sale bv
J'. S.1XGER t,-' CO.
Sept. IS, 1810.
ITtlSlL 10 Harrels of AViiite Fish,
I. and MK) Lbs. Cod Fish, just re
ceived and fur sale low at the Hnck store.
L. P. ii W. A. SANOER &. Co. -Oltawa,
Dec. 1, 1810. 28 tf.
DY, just received nnd for suit
V A It.MU I K cV l.A.MIJ.
Oltawa, Oct. 23, IS 10. 33 tf.
)? P! Lbs. of LOAF SUOAR
' just received and for sale
bv the subscribers.
Ottawa, Oct. 23, 18-10. 23 tf.
Leather A 4 li:iirti.
I ! 1 received on consignment ami tar sals nt
t'ae slo: of the siiln-cribei in Peru, La flalle
countv. Illinois,
80 Sides of Side Leather,
uO Cpper I. father, a superior
10 Dozen of WimUor Chairs, for sal
Hides will l taken in cxcliaime for tho above
articles. J. HUM' .M.V.V
Peru, October j. H10. 2''-tf.
NOTICE. All persons ii
the subscribers will plea
indebted to
ease call and
make payment of their accounts. By
doing they will save trouble and costs.
Nov. 27-tf ARMOUR & LAMB.
99 m
1'iinwiiii; .Hills.
UST received per steam boat Rich-.
loud, on rousiirnmunt 8 hrst rate
F.IXMSG MILLS, which will be
sold low for cash, bv J. HOFFMAN.
Peru. Nov. 10, 1810. 26 tf.
Fiii-iiittiro lor Wale. -
r R II E subscribers have on hand a large
EL lot of Furniture, consisting of 7'a
Llrs, JJcdttrads, ll'itufi Stands, looking
Classes, S, c. c. Reef and Pork taken
in exchange for the above articles.
Nov. 27-tf ARMOUR vt LAMB.
Harrels of SUPER FIM
FLOUR on hand and for
sale by the subscriber. J. HOFFMAN.
eru, October 13, 1810. 22 if.
20 ;
ien, just received on consign
ment and for sale by J. HOFFMAN.
Peru, Oct. 13, 1KI0. 22 tf.
51 d I 'fT ''''"A Xcuhcr A Musk-
ZJ 1) rat C.l'S, just received and
for sab: cheap by the subscribers.
L. P. A. W. A. SANOER & Co.
Ottawa, Jan. I, IK 11. 33 if.
Mie oratio A.
Pieces id" Mats Lanes and
embracing a great var-
C1 Pieces ol
fJ J. Sa.ronics,
letv (d patterns, just received anil fur sab
low by L. P.tt W. A.SANOERtfc Co.
Ottawa, Jan. 1, I HI I. 33 tf.
(iraid (.'olipiolioun Suiiih Ahah O. i
(Jralf Dan'l D.
Orahui Mary Mrs
(Jri'i n John
( I'eoro'c Son Suir
( ii iiroe Jchn A .
Oriugs Calvin Sp ma r Sam'l
(irccntnaii Harimm Shaw Levi
Hoc John V. A. h SiUcy J.ilni
llaliiday Willi A. Sraiier Donald
Stickrl John Dr. 2
Stewart David
Strong New ton D.
Sly William
Siiaiihling Jane
Silk A Vrlv'tt.
UST received nnd for sale low by tin
i ,.. 1 1 i ri
Q$ siitiscriiiers, a lare stipjuy oi jr.nrrni '" i1-"11 1 '"
and plain SILKS, and blavk and ldr
L. P. k W. A. SA.NCEU & Co.
ft t
liooper .loim
Howe David
Hall Joseph
Hopkins J.
Hoisted Amos
Hunt Wm. H.
Hubbard John, jr.
Ileaveiihill ( 'yrus
Hubbard Eph. A.
Ilanley Patrick
Haiiiinell Sarah R. Thompson ().
Ilio'ins Seth II. Tracy Ann E.
Ilimiister Henry
Henry 'I'ho's A.
Irwin ( 'hristiiphcr
Jidinson Oeorge
Johnson Terrs
Staddi u Win.
Terbucn D. N.
Tucker Lucrr tia
'I'lioinpsou J . .
Trout John
Thorp Isaac
Tyler Sam'l
Tracy Silas
Th itchell orntoii
Thompson O . L.
Ottawa, Jan. 1, 1811.
.larvis II. H.
Viol Werley
bali'ii Jamr s
Wnodi nil' Ralph
Wallaev Major D.
Wri",!it Ann E.
V. ilcox Allen II.
Walsh James
Jennings O.H. Miss Wilson J. Osmau
Jolmson James Warner Troveim
Jackson Sam'l
Wade Robert
8 I
8 A Cilice at Newark, I, a county. Illinois,
ou the dlst of lleeembcr, Is ID.
Elf in Francis Moure Eli or L'aiJ
Fin d Xanrf if Mrs. iiion l .'Ihijah
h'rnctli.l. E. Miss Sryiivmr Mrs.
Kinnnj Falnfr Tremaini ,l:iliu i
Lea'hcrioan James U'iite ll'iln r
Lratherman Fred. Yrmmans .7. I).
January H, 1811. III. 31 3 w
I'lMtder, i iiMl Moim-s, Ac.
f Illl! nubHCiiber has ou hand at his wellkliowii ' " irnurn Jitin
I stand in Peru. Illinois, Mml olfer-i f-.r hiiU I H iH-rt J imti
Johnson John L. or Wiley William
Hamilton Ware Charles 15.
Keyes Elias H. Ware O'eorg'.' .
Keieber Patrick Web!i Doctor
Ken von Orlatulo L. Wilnietli (!eor"e
N. H. Person.-, calling for any of tin
aliove Letters will please ay "aiivertts-
rd." M. .'. HOLLlSTF.il, P. M
1 Ca n s of Silk and Woollen Hat:;,
' on hand and for sale at the store
of the subscribers.
L. P. it W. A. SANOER & Co.
Oltawa, Jan. 1, 18 11. 33 tf.
Hoots tV Miurs.
P. A V. A. SA.(ij:i A t'o. have just
it i'ccrid at their new liu'v Klore oil (,'a-
ir.i! sli . i I. I'lIw r.-ii J. a -ill.' ami i uluml.iiH blrs.,
ind otil r lor a'.- at the lowed piicei
30 pair of line Calfskin Hoots,
100 "
.Men s, lmy s, ami i ouins
( 'ourse wiid K i ji Hoots,
Men's, Hovs, and Yottt.bs
ti. L. Tlioinpooii
HAS just received at bin New Drujj Store, on
the east side of the Public Square in thu
place, a lars' C ussorliuent of fresh
Together with a few choice Wine end
i h public, ara resnertfutly icqucitcd to call
25 tf.
mil ketl.
Ottawa, November 0, 1S10.
15 HHL. Port Wine, a first rate article,
-1 just received and for sale by
Au'. 21. J.Y.SAN O E H it C O.
53 LAN K DEEDS, just printed on a
3 superior tpiality of paper, and for
sale l the ollice of tho
Injunction in
( 'ourse and K i p Shoes,
Ladies and Misses Kid and
Seal Slips,
French Kid, HronzeA: Coul-
t red Huskin Slips,
Ladies and Misses Calfskin
Together with i
Childrens' Shoes.
Cltawa, Jan. I. ISl 1.
lot of
lid if.
Dozen Pair of I i i: n i i, i: n i; n ' s
Wool 1 1: ll.w r llosi:, just rr-
. i ii i .i i
eciu ii, and lor ;-an low, iv uie r.o.eu or
single pair, at the store of the subr-cii-Lers.
Oltawa, Dee. 21. 110. 32 if.
Doen Pair of ( ; i: r i. k m r. ' s
W..,.i i-v- Si-i-i it i.- i v t c m citiii-ri.
or article, by the dozen ot single pair,
for .'alebv HURLHUT A. RUSSELL.
Ottawa, Dee. 21, JSI0. 32 if.
IIS T (IK LP, I "I KIiS iuiainiiirf in t. pH,
A Od'ice nt Vcrmiliouvilh', I,.i Sl. (-,niiiU
lllinow, on tin' ot I.) i', ndier, lso,.
II inilalht Til'IIIHII
II ..re J!, U.
low for rash the following ileins :
22 Kegs of Hbisting Powder,
I " Dupont's Sporting Pow
der, 100 Oiind Stones,
20 Hoxes of Raisins,
I I Harrels of Linseed Oil.
Peru, Oct. 15, 1810. 22 -tf.
j it In L'.wix
llhirk Atrrnnarr
',i!!;'n Jnhn Y'.
Ciiirrlt (inirK
UtUh Htrvfff
It tm'f J.txt ph
II dl Almra
J ,1,1a Lew Cut.
.Intks t.iv'itKt'i
K' nt l."lrj
K-flt-putrieh J 1 '111
l.itifnlii J ,11 tl.
I. miiti Simurt
Mi-l,iitliil Jti.irt
M Ir.hrll J ri in ii't
I'upt Unfit 1
11 tithi Willitfn Ii.
I' '- M. J.
H Mil hiits J.
II. 'c'un dfim S'cphtti
S'l' filwn! R h;'ca Mrs.
UrWiit lltz'i
Wil'tm Jiim
W'.trJtit It r im K.
i,C' Dozen of Twist, Hai k
) A Covas, by the dozen or at re
tail, at Eastern price, f t sab' bv the su1'
scnliets. Ill' I'LHUT k. RUSSELL.
Ottawa. Dec. 21. 1 10. "-
"vai; .ti itt !:.'.'.
Dozen Pair Yaks Minims, s:ii-
1 , 1 :. .. I
pet! and i.i:"M'.i, jum irceir.i
and for "ale clieap I n' casli, at the store
Oll iwa. Dec. 21. COO.
uiiilv i7 w v n.i.
fjBIIE subscribers will pay part cash
8 and liberal prices for good merch
antable Fall or Winter Wheat.
Ottawa, Dec. 21. H10.
An Aiiro:itie' WiiuKhI,
rflHE subscriber -wislies lo (ditain a
.3 boy between the age of l." and IG
to learn the Tailoring business. A boy
who will bo able to give good recominon
datious as to character, will find a pleas
ant situation by making immediate appli-
30 If.
I:s SaSfo 4'onuty, $
Iii lie Cirrait tourt, to Muy Trrui, lill.
Sami 1:1. M.ntt. sur-
ii ing iiilmiiiistrator
of Oeo. V. Howe,
Pnw Fur.r.MAX,
'ios Kt:t:M it. nnd
Jvmt.s Hai. 1..
U T appearing by satisfactory anidavit,
B filed in the Clerk's ollice of the Cir
cuit Court of said county in this cause,
that Pliny Freeman, Amos Keeler and
James Hall, three of the above named de
fendants, air non-residents of the state of
Illinois: NOTICE is, therefore, hereby
eivin to the said Pliny Freeman, Amoi
Keeh r nnd James Hall, that the Com
plainant, William ('.room, has filed in tho
Clerk's Ollice td' the Circuit Court of La
Salle county Ids bill in Chancery ogainst
the mid Samuel Marr, surviving admini
strator of Ccorce . Howe, deceased,
Pliny Freeman, Amos Kedir and James
II. dl, .".n l that a Summons in Chancery
has Im ii issued against them returnablo
before the said Circuit Court on the first
day of the next term thereof, to beholden
at the Court house in Ottawa on the se
cond Mom, lav in May next: And that
iinle-s vou, tiie said defendants, shall ap
pear before the said Court on the first
dav of the next term thereof at the time
and place aforesaid, and answer to th
e ;:;p!ai!!;!!i:'s bill, the same will be taken
;u eoufccd agains t you, ami ti decrto
t nt--rt '! peeordiiijily.
. vi'iVr Sih, 1810. ' ,
J. CLOUD, Clerk.-
II. O. ?Ii;kkim ,
Solicitor for Complainant. 34ivr
to m:t.
T fj 11 IE subscriber oilers to let
Jl. that well known TAv- t!t
I'lJY VIMVM 1 n,;t.,. trnm it!l!'
. Ottawa, Doc. .11, 1810.
Ottawa, on the road leading from QtUtrai
to Chicago. Attached to the tavern, is a
tract of laud, containing 10 acres,- on
which are creeled a large barn, aiurothci
convenient out-houses, together with a
tine Yoi no OnctiAHD of apple, peaeh, tail
chern trees, which yield anually an
abundance of fruit. - . .' ; "
Possession will be given by the' first of
March. Persons w ishinj to examine 0u
property, and ascertain tho terras,-can da
so, bv applying to the subscriber at Day
ton, Ill's. W. L. DUNAVATC . .
. January 8, 18IU ' : ',V: ..54v

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